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Automation & Drives

Air-conditioning &
Refrigeration Components
Project Supplies
Heating Components
Appliances Components

From its humble beginning in 1948, Khan Brothers have in
over a half a century evolved into a strong marketeer and
technical solutions provider. The Company has diversified
into five major business areas:
Automation & Drives
Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Components
Project Supplies
Heating Components
Appliances Components
Khan Brothers growth, diversification, and achievements
have not gone unnoticed. The Chairman of National
Association for Danish Enterprise in recognition of outstanding
services to trade relations between Denmark & Pakistan
presented our Company with Prince Henriks Medal of Honor
which was conferred upon us by His Royal Highness Prince
Henrik of Denmark in 1998.


Automation &
Automation & Drives ( A&D) department is responsible for the Sale and Service for Variable
Speed Drives and Soft starters from Danfoss Drives and Industrial Process Instrumentation from

Danfoss offer a complete range of frequency converters, soft starters and accessories, designed
to save energy, maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Danfoss specialize in developing drive
solutions for a wide variety of applications in dedicated business areas such as water and waste
water, chemical, heating & ventilation, refrigeration, food & beverage lift application and general
industry. The new generation of frequency converters are available in the power range from 0.18
kW to 1.4 MW and have an efficiency rating of 98%, dramatically reducing energy consumption.


Industrial automation
High dynamic applications
Safety installations


VLT AutomationDrive
The VLT AutomationDrive is a single drive
concept that covers the entire spectrum of
drives applications - a major benefit in
commissioning, operating and maintaining
the equipment. VLT AutomationDrives
comes in a standard version (FC 301) and
an advanced high dynamic version (FC 302)
with aditional functionalities.


The VLT HVAC Drive continues Danfoss
leadership in dedicated HVAC features and
applications for drives.
Advancements in energy monitoring, trending,
system maintenance and operation are
combined with a modular platform to make
the drive easy to operate while feeding back
all the operation information you need.


VLT AQUA Drive is the perfect match for

pumps and blowers in modern water and
wastewater systems, offering advanced
application protective features. Available
with cascade control of up to 8 pumps in
fixed speed mode or master/follower mode.

VLT Decentral Drive

FCD 300
The VLT FCD 300 is a complete frequency
converter designed for decentral mounting.
It can be mounted on the machine/wall
close to the motor or directly onto the
motor. The decentral design eliminates the
need for space-consuming control cabinets
and the need for long screened motor cables
is significantly reduced.

VLT DriveMotor FCM 300

The VLT FCM 300 Series is an integrated
drive-motor solution which combines a VLT
frequency converter and a high standard
quality induction motor in a single product.
The frequency converter is attached in place
of the motor terminal box and it is no higher
than the standard terminal box nor wider
or longer than the motor.

VLT OneGearDrive
The OneGearDrive is designed especially
for use in the food and beverage industry.
It comes in two versions, the HygienicDrive
and the Standard version. The hygienic Drive
is certified for us in clean rooms and the
pharmaceutical industry. The compact
construction of the OneGearDrive makes it
especially suitable for mounting on transport
and conveyor systems.

VLT Integrated Servo Drive

VLT 2800 Series
An extremely compact series of drives
designed for sideby-side mounting and
developed specifically for the low power

The new ISD 410 is a high performance

Integrated Servo Drive system based on PM
motor technology. The motion control is
integrated in the drive. The communication
bus is CAN. It is a system for applications
with a variable number of axis and it allows
flexible machine structure within food &
beverage and packaging.

VLT Micro Drive

VLT Soft Starter MCD 500

A compact general purpose drive for AC

motors up to 22 kW. It performs perfectly
even in complex application set-ups and
optimises energy efficiency and operation.

A total motor-starting solution with advanced

start, stop and protection features, Adaptive
Acceleration Control, inside delta connection,
4 line graphical display and multiple
programming setup menus.

VLT Decentral Drive FCD 302

VLT Compact Starter

MCD 200

The VLT Decentral Drive FCD 302 is the new

generation of the highly successful VLT
Decentral FCD 300, based on the VLT
AutomationDrive FC 302 platform.
It combines the key features of both products in
a completely re-designed enclosure, made for
best fit on direct machine mounting.

The VLT Compact Starter MCD 200 is a

compact and cost effective soft starter range
for applications where direct-on-line starting
is undesirable. MCD 200 is, because of its
size and functionality, a good alternative
to other reduced voltage starting methods
such as star/ delta starters.


The VLT Soft Starter


The VLT Soft Starter is a cost effective a

extremely compact soft starter for AC motors
from 1.1 11 kW. Due to a unique
semiconductor design it is a true fit and
forget product.

VLT Low Harmonic Drive

Meets the toughest harmonic requirements

under all load/grid conditions. The Danfoss
VLT Low Harmonic Drive is the first solution
combining an active filter and a drive in one
package. The VLT Low Harmonic Drive
continuously regulates harmonic suppression
according to the load and grid conditions
without affecting the connected motor.

VLT 12-Pulse Drives

A robust and cost effective harmonic solution

for the higher power range. The Danfoss
VLT 12-pulse drive offers reduced
harmonics for demanding industry
applications above 250 kW. The VLT 12pulse is a high efficiency variable frequency
converter which is built to the same modular
design as the popular 6-pulse VLT drives.

VLT Advanced Active Filter

AAF 006
A flexible and adaptable solution for central
or decentral harmonic mitigation. Danfoss
Advanced Active Filters can compensate for
individual VLT drives as a compact
integrated solution or can be installed as a
compact stand-alone solution at a point of
common coupling, compensating for multiple
loads simultaneously. Danfoss Active Filters
can operate at medium voltage level by
means of a step-down transformer.

VLT Advanced Harmonic

Filter AHF 005/010

Sine-wave filters are placed between the

frequency converter and the motor. They
are low-pass filters that suppress the
switching frequency component from the
frequency converter and smooth out the
phase-to-phase output voltage of the
frequency converter to make it sinusoidal.
This reduces the motor insulation stress,
bearing currents and eliminates the switching
acoustic noise from the motor.

VLT dU/dt Filters

du/dt filters are placed between the frequency

converter reduce motor terminal phase-tophase peak voltage spikes and reduce the
rise time to a level that lowers the stress on
the insulation of motor windings. du/dt/ filters
are smaller, weigh less and have a lower
price compared to sine-wave filters.

VLT Motion Control Tool

MCT 10

For managing drive parameters in systems,

the Motion Control Tool MCT 10 is the perfect
tool to handle all rive-related data.

VLT MCT 31 Harmonics

Calculation Software

With VLT MCT 31, you can determine

whether harmonics will be an issue in your
installation when drives are added. VLT
MCT 31 estimages the benefits of adding
various harmonic mitigation solutions from
the Danfoss product portfolio and calculates
system harmonic distortion.

The Danfoss Advanced Harmonic Filters

have been specially designed to match the
Danfoss frequency converters. The solution
is available in two variants, AHF 005 and
AHF 010, connected in front of a Danfoss
frequency converter, the harmonic current
distortion generated back to the mains is
reduced to 5% and 10% Total Harmonic
Current Distortion at full load.

VLT Energy Box

VLT Common Mode Filters

VLT Service Your way

Common mode filters are placed between

the frequency converter and the motor. They
are nano-crystalline cores that mitigate high
frequency noise in the motor cable (shielded
or unshielded) and reduce bearing currents
in the motor.


VLT Sine-Wave Filters

With VLT Energy Box software you can

both theoretically in project face estimate
and afterwards physically validate your real
energy savings and reductions in your carbon
footprint from your desk.

DrivePro is an efficient productivity

programme tailored to meet your specific
needs. All the necessary VLT Service
facilities are at your disposal, which will
minimize downtime and increase productivity
at your factory.


Siemens (PI) offers a comprehensive range of industrial process instrumentation for the widest
range of application. Bearing highest accuracy of pressure and differential pressure transmitters,
temperature, flow, and level are available adapting the latest technology. To complement the
range, we also offer electro pneumatic positioners, process controllers, process recorders and
process analytics. Whether there is a requirement for single instrument or a complete instrument
package, Siemens offers a solution for all customers.
Automation and Drives maintains qualified and trained engineering team in all offices with
reasonably equipped workshop facility. It offers complete pre sale support for selection, applications,
After Sales support for installation, commissioning and repairing.

Pressure Measurements
SITRANS P comprises a complete range of instruments measuring Gauge, Differential and
Absolute pressure. Siemens have a proven range of products for all applications.

Temperature Measurements
The instruments in SITRANS T are true temperature measuring instruments even under extreme
conditions. The SITRANS T with the options of communication capability can meet all demands
in industries.


Flow Measurements
Choosing the right flow meter for right application can dramatically improve your bottom line.
In all industries Siemens offers a comprehensive selection of Electromagnetic, Coriolis, Vortex
and Ultrasonic Flow meters.

Level Measurements
Siemens serve process industries including water , aggregate , cement mining, chemical, petro
chemicals , Oil and gas / Food and beverage and with a wide portfolio of technologies and
products choose the right solution for your application.

Positioners from Siemens guarantees safe and trouble free operation around the globe for nearly
20 years. They control accurately valve type and process while handling tasks with perfect
reliability. SIEMENS continuously developing the range to satisfy the exacting demands that
process requirements place on positioners.


& Refrigeration Components



Danfoss is a global company and leader in manufacturing

of air-conditioning & refrigeration controls.

Air-Conditioning &
Refrigration Controls
Solenoid Valve

Expansion Valve

Filtre Drier

Sight Glass

Shut off Valve

Digital Thermostat

Industrial Controls
Pressure switch

Pressure Transmitters


Solenoid Valve

Contactors / relays

Condensing Unit with Hermetic Compressor

Optima Slim Pack - with micro-channel heat exchanger
1st time introducing in Pakistan.
MBP / LBP Applications
super Markets

Milk cooling

Dairy & general

food storage


Fish markets




Petrol stations

Industrial processes

Emerson Climate Technologies is a USA based company having manufacturing facilities in all
important markets. Emerson Climate Technologies; manufacture hermetic, semi
hermetic and scroll compressors under the brand name COPELAND.

Air - Conditioning Compressors

Product type


Capacity (HP)

Compliant Scroll

R-22, R-407C, R-134A

R-22, R-407C, R-134A








R-22, R-407C

R-22, R-407C







Reciprocating Hermetic



CR6 High Efficiency



Reciprocating semi Hermetic

R-22, R-407C, R-134A, R-404A

R-22, R-407C, R-134A, R-404A

Discus Type High Efficiency

R-22, R-407C, R-134A

R-22, R-407C, R-134A

Refrigeration Scroll

R-22, R-404A

R-22, R-404A

ZF Low Temperature

R-507, R-134A, R-22, R-404A

R-507, R-134A, R-22, R-404A

ZS Medium Temperature

R-507, R-134A

R-507, R-134A

Reciprocating Hermetic






Reciprocating semi Hermetic

R-22, R-404A, R-134A, R-507

R-22, R-404A, R-134A, R-507

Discus Type High Efficiency

R-22, R-407C, R-134A, R-507

R-22, R-407C, R-134A, R-507





GEA Kba represents tradition and progress - as well as 8 decades of dedication to refrigeration
technology. Since 1927, GEA Kba has developed and manufactured its products in Germany,
setting worldwide technological and quality standards worked Made in Germany.


Rivacold is an Italian company,

manufacturing condensing units with
semi hermetic compressors (Copeland),
and producing condensers at its own
production facility. Units are specially
designed to cater for high ambient
temperatures of Pakistan.




Dupont is a global company based in the USA, producing refrigerants for application in
low temperature / airconditioning system such as R-22, R-410, R-407C, R-410 & R-134a


Project Sales
Our project sales division is supplying various products of the most reputable brands and have
installed them in various prestigious projects such as Hotels, Hospitals, Commerical Buildings,
Industrial and Educational Institutions all over Pakistan.


Greenheck is the leading supplier of air movement and control equipment that includes fans,
dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation hoods, and energy recovery and make-up air units. Greenheck
equipment is used in all types of commercial, institutional, and industrial
buildings in applications from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes.

Gravity Ventilators

Inline &
Roof Axial Fans

Laboratory Exhaust


Roof Mounted

Energy Recovery

Exhaust Fans

Utility, Centrifugal
& Radial Blowers




For over 100 years the

Hattersley brand has become
synonymous with quality,
reliability and excellent service.
We offer a variety of traditional
valves, including ball, butterfly,
check, gate & globe valves as
well as a wide range of balancing
solutions - for constant &
variable flow systems.



Crane Fluid Systems offers a full range of traditional valves as well as a wide range of commissioning
valves for static and variable flow systems. In addition we also offer a broad range of Public
Health Valves.




Proco Products Inc is a global leader in the design and supply of piping/ducting system expansion
joints and rubber check valves. We offer the most complete line of rubber and molded PTFE
expansion joints, fabric fan connectors, braided flexible hose assemblies and low torque sealing
gaskets to the piping industry.



Founded in 1874, the Watts Water Technologies Inc. made its reputation by "Setting the Standard
in Valve Technology". For more than 130 years, Watts has designed and manufactured innovative
water products and provided service around four application areas: Commercial & Residential
Flow, Water Reuse & Drainage, HVAC & Gas and Water Quality Control.




Socla has made its mission to offer a

specialized range of self-acting and actuated
valves to serve a broad range of applications
in various fields of water and control of moving
PROTECTION Protection of drinking water
networks against backflow of polluted water:
backflow preventers, other protection systems,
pressure reducers and water meters.
NON RETURN A unique range of check and
foot valves, from 15 to 800 mm, using up to
16 different closing systems.
ON/OFF Manual and Actuated Butterfly
valves and ball valves.
REGULATION A wide range of control
valves, air control devices and a complete
range of pressure reducers.


(formerly Danfoss Sauer)


Danfoss Power Solutions (formerly Danfoss Sauer) is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture,
and sale of engineered hydraulic and electronic systems and components for use primarily in
Agriculture, Functional Safety, Material Handling Automotive Control Solutions applications. We
provide mobile hydraulics serving the construction, agriculture and other off-highway vehicle




Danfoss Burner Components includes:
Oil Burners Control
Photo Units
Ignition Units
Oil Pumps
Oil Nozzles

Photo Units
Danfoss LD sensors are used to detect the flame in yellow
flame oil burners. The LDS sensors are based on the photo
resistance principle and convert light from the flame into
a photo current.

Ignition Units
The EBI4 series is electronic ignition units for intermittent
ignition between 2 electrodes or 1 electrode and frame in
small and medium size oil or gas burners.

Oil Pumps
The BFP range is a series of Danfoss oil pumps in
combination with a highly efficient permanent magnet
motor. The BFP Electronic Controller must be used for
controlling BFP motor pumps.

Oil Nozzle
Oil nozzles type H, S, and B are designed for residential
high pressure oil burners. H, S and B are available with
4 different spray angles and sizes range from 0.4 to


Our department forms part of the core activities from where Khan Brothers began
its business journey in 1948.

Fractional Horsepower Compressors manufacturer (formally Danfoss Compressors)
is a well-renowned manufacturer in technology and development with emphasis on
new refrigerant and system energy efficiency, especially with the revolutionary XV
series. After the purchase of ex-ACC in Austria, SECOP now is the largest independent
producer of compressors in Europe.




Very high specification thermostats and quality second to none make Danfoss
Thermostats an obvious first choice of appliances manufacturers the world over.


Provides fully integratable

performance testing and vacuum
line equipment with historical and
statistical reporting with
A'Gramkow charging machine,
and other ancillary equipment, all
data available to the management
and can include data of different
production lines or from other
production facilitaties owned by
the organization.



Specializes in production of high quality
glass for the refrigeration industry, specially
for super market, freezer, bottle cooler

Is technologically the most advanced
manufacturer of aluminum tubing with
major suppliers in the automobile and
HVACR business and producer of Hylife
tubing and resistant to corrosion.

Lucus Milhaupt
Is a renowned manufacturer for brazing
solutions for al-al, al-cu and cu-cu brazing.

Nolek of Sweden is the newest addition in our
list of partners. The company produces stateof-the-art leak detection equipment. Its 40
years in the business has made the company
a leader in the field of leak detection.
Our department philosophy is to provide and
recommend engineering solutions from world
leaders to our appliances customers .