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On to my questions, I wasn't asked specific questions as such, but I was asked to

expand on my other answers.

Candidates are assessed against Unilever's competencies throughout the firm's

selection process, so it's worth familiarising yourself with each of these, and
considering how you measure up against each one.
Unilever's competencies are:
1. Growth mindset
You have a positive attitude about the company's future and a passion for growth
and winning. You take the lead and seek fresh opportunities; insist on innovation and
never settle for 'good enough'.
2. Consumers and Customer Focus
You have a passion to improve the lives of our consumers and customers and bring
their voice into everything we do and the decisions we make. You are externally
focused and go the extra mile in order to exceed consumer and customer
3. Bias for action
You bring a sense of urgency to getting things done and making tough decisions,
avoiding over-debating or over-analyzing issues. You're results-focused, and drive for
simplification by keeping the end goal in sight at all times.
4. Accountability and Responsibility
You make commitments and hold yourself accountable for delivery. You take pride in
delivering work to the highest standards and acknowledges when things are not up
to scratch. You let people know clearly, at the beginning what is expected in terms of
performance and hold them accountable for delivery.
5. Building Talent and Teams
You inspire through action and lead by example. You challenge people to do their
best work and spend time coaching individuals and teams to ensure that they realise
their full potential. You constantly challenge yourself to grow and improve.

- you should refer to those situations when you have an opportunity to be a leader
or worked in a group - you should show your managerial competencies understand

as a leader abilities and other soft skills, but remember show that you were the BOSS
of a project - keep in mind Unilever 5 competencies and try to indicate them in your
answers, all of them or at least few

Why have you chosen to apply for financial management ?

Why have do you want to be a manager/work in management?

Why do you want to work for Unilever?

What is your favourite Unilever product? Why?

Why Unilever, and why this particular programme?

Who are our competitors, and what separates them from


What difficulties is Unilever facing at the moment?

1) What do you know about Financial Management

2) What research have you done on Unilever

3) What qualities do you posses that would be suited for the role.

Career Questions - Why unilever? - Why marketing and customer

development? - Why fmcg? - What research have you done about unilever? Unilever's competitors and unilever's competitive advantage - Key issues
affecting unilever - Describe a time when you showed leadership qualities

4) Why Unilever

5) Why FMCG

6) Who are our competitors

7) What edge do Unilever have over our biggest competitors

8) Why supply chain

9) What issues would they be facing now

6. why financial management

7. why FMCG

8. industry news affect FMCG

9. who are competitors

10. Unilever's competitive advantages..

unilevers competitors (give 4-5 examples),

unilevrs competitive advantage,

why fmcg, why financial management,

issues affecting unilever,

and the last question was something like why do you want to become a
leader ( refer to their standards of leadership)

4) Why Marketing?
5) Why FMCG industry?
6) Describe the main competitors of Unilever, and how Unilever has the
competitive advantage.
7) There are many different areas in the marketing programme, where do you
want to work in the most?

Describe a time when you showed innovation

Describe a situation where a project didn't go well and how you dealt
with it

Describe a time when you had a particularly challenging task

Describe a time when you showed innovation

Describe a time when you showed leadership qualities

Describe a time when you went out of your way to meet customer

Growth Mindset - time when you solved a problem creatively

Customer Focus - time you did something different from your norm, in order
to satisfy a customer

Bias for Action - time you had to make a tough decision quickly and
convince people to go with your decision

Accountability & Responsibility - time you have full responsibility for a

complex project

Building Talent & Teams - time you had to assign tasks to people based on
their different abilities

Also, few questions such as why Unilever and what are your weaknesses

time when you gave responsibilities to others based on their skills,

time when you had to plan/organise something (focus on the

planning/organising process, not the situation

time when you had use your analytical skills, did some research and proposed
a course of action;

4Describe a time you showed innovation

2) Describe a time when you showed leadership

3)Name a time when you had to make a difficult decision quickly

10) Describe a time when you've been completely responsible for something

Name a time when you were involved in a conflict

Explain why you would become a very good manager

Name a time when you were an leader or manager of project/task.

Tell me about a time when you took a difficult decision.

Tell me about a time when you showed creativity.

Tell me about a time when you leaded a team. What was the task, and what
was your role and what was the outcome.

1.innovation time

2. leadership qualities

3. made decision quickly and persuaded others

4. involve in conflicts

5. went out of your own way to satisfy customers

the questions were: time you solved a problem creatively

time when you made decision quickly and persuaded others

went the extra mile to satisfy a customer,

time when you showed leadership qualities

1)Describe a time where you showed innovation.

2) Describe a situation where a project didn't go well and how you dealt with
3)Describe a time when you showed leadership.

your answer using the STAR approach, however focus on what Actions you took
and give as many details as you can on how you convinced the group to go your
way or how you organised that task and so on. I can't stress enough how
important this is, basically that's the only thing that matters to them.

these will be divided into SIX different categories, and the interviewer will use a
layering technique - asking you about your answer and wanting to develop it further.
There were a lot of leadership and teambuilding questions and including one where
they'll asks you about how you contributed to a situation where the project did not
go so well, and how you reacted in it.
Read up on the latest FMCG and marketing news and be prepared to talk about your
favourite Unilever products and why you so passionately want to be one of their
Don't just say 'oh because I am interested in the way people think', it needs to be
more specific and related to Unilever.