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The 0. J.

Simpson Frame-Up

The Anatomv Of A
Conspiracy Of
Race Riots & Revolution
August 19, 1994 last thing in the world I want to be called with silly accusations of just a word,
is paranoid. It could ruin me, just the paranoia.
slightest implication alone is devastating
One more thing must be completely
if they p u t it on you. Webster calls it, 'A understood by loyal Americans in this
chronic mental disorder, characterized deadly, last chance, conflict to save Christians a n d their families. The enemy, this
by delusions of persecution."
But this is not so; for once, Mr. Webster single source must be glaringly identiThe O.J. Simpson Frame-up
is wrong. I came upon a n amazing thing: fied, a n d spotlighted under full beam
paranoia is not a shameful, to be shunned once a n d for all, unveiled for everyone to
by Gary L. Wean
mental disorder a t all.
see and know with no doubt in their
A man, Thomas Pynchon, who, to my mind whatsoever remaining as to who
This is a notice. Wednesday, August
19, 1994. A claim a n d demand for the positive thinking, will go down in history and what it is. And this will be done.
$500,000.00 reward posted b y O.J. as one of the greatest philosophers (the
Everyone who reads a newspaper or
Simpson, "for tips" (information) leading general laws that furnish the rational watches TV h a s heard about the Mafia
to the exposure a n d arrest of the killers explanation of anything) of all time, an- (the Italian Crime Family), and no doubt
of Nicole Simpson a n d Ronald Goldman. cient Chinese and Greek philosophers h a s heard about the J a k u z a (the J a p a The main object a n d purpose of O.J. included. Pynchon clarifies paranoia nese Crime Family), a n d the Triad SociSimpson's posting this reward is to con- rationally in a n eye-opening fashion with ety (the Chinese Crime Family) a n d the
firm to the public t h a t he i s innocent of merely a few words: 'Paranoia is the Mexican Mafia (The Mexican Crime Famall charges in this matter-this requested leading edge of the awareness t h a t every- ily). In my book, There's a Fish in the
confirmation to the public is herein and thing is connected."
Courthouse (first printed in 1987),Chaphereby made certain. Said above s u m i s
Suddenly you realize, you awaken, ter 40 acknowledged the existence of all
to be paid to Gary L. Wean no later than the picture is clear, you are not becoming these crime families operating in America
ten days after delivery (service) of these mentally disordered a t all. You have many years ago. We will get to the real
documents to O.J. Simpson or his de- been merely, slowly becoming aware t h a t enemy, the real 'Crime Family" shortly.
Early in h i s p r e s i d e n c y , Ronald
fense lawyer, Robert Shapiro or LeRoy all the dastardly, evil past events t h a t
Taft, his business attorney.
have been occurring a n d are still taking Reagan named U.S. Federal Judge Irving
This barbarous conspiratorial plot's place have emanated from a single source; Kaufman to head h i s new Crime Comfull intent i s the total destruction and everything: is connected. Holding this mission to crack down o n Organized
t h e takeover of city, county a n d state enlightening knowledge you can no longer Crime. Kaufman-secretly a high level
civil governments through unbelievable be frightened, intimidated or deterred member of the Anti-Defamation League,
chaos, massive uncontrollable racial ri- from your fight for t r u t h a n d freedom a vicious hidden foe of America a n d
ots, pitting white a n d black people against
each other, thrown a t each others' throats
Editor's note: This information on the Mishpucka has been printed b y
in deadly combat by lies a n d instigations
CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT and may be ordered b y calling 1-800conjured by t h e sinister provocateurs of
800-5565, or b y writing to: P. 0.Box 27800, Las Vegas, NV 89126. You may
a mysterious Crime Family. Looting,
order this complete issue of the paper (cost $2.00 ) or simply request this
burning, murder a n d mayhem in a n eradiMishpucka insert section (cost $1.00 ). The subscription rates for CONTACT,
cation of Christian Americans' values
which i s a weekly publication, are: $20 for 13 issues, $40 for 26 issues, or
a n d ways of life forever.
$75 for 52 issues. Author Gary Wean has asked that this information "be
But wait. Before proceeding further
spread far and wide, specifically to all law enforcement personnel and
with s u c h a n expose of the evil conmembers of Congress" and, furthermore, suggests frequent calls to radio talk
spiracy of America's destruction, a fears h o w s asking the question, "Do you know about the Mishpucka?" Gary's
ful word h a s reared i t s head. Paranoia!
'My God!", the Christians cry. We are
credentials speak with commanding authority on this sinister matter.
talking paranoia!! For God's sake, the

Page 2
against everything Christians stand for- this separation of Jews and Italians, or
after two-and-a-half Years of directing they can never fully understand and know
the so-called "Crime Commission", came who their
enemy is. And it is imposo u t with a n announcement denouncing sible to fight back until you have identithe Italians, the Japanese, the Chinese fied the enemy.
a n d Mexicans.
Quoting my book, There's a Fish in the
Quoting Kaufman's "great revelationw: Courthouse (1987),
Chapter 35, "The im"We have uncovered new criminal orga- portant difference is that the so-called
nization networks emerging in U.S. cities Mafia is a loosely knit group of Italian
in drugs, gambling, prostitution and ex- Criminals. They are loyal to the United
tortion. The operations are highly struc- States in the sense of having no contured and disciplined. They operate vir- scious intent to destroy America. But
tually unnoticed by the American pub- the Mishpucka is a secret organization, a
lic." Kaufman then emphasized gravely criminal bloodline owing allegiance to
his uncovering of these Italian, Japa- the Family alone. Their sworn declaranese, Chinese, and Mexican gangsters tion and evil goal is the subjugation of
with hypocritical, phony concern. Quot- the people and total control of the world's
ing Kaufman, "These crime groups must power and wealth."
be stopped." Then he identified dramatiThe Mafia knows where their best incally the criminals he claimed to have terest lies, they are more than willing to
uncovered, "The Mafia, the Jakuza, the be subject to protection under the fair
Triad Society and the Mexican Mafia."
laws of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of
But Irving Kaufman, a federal judge Rights. But the Mishpucka operates
a n d head of the President's Crime Com- under the Mishna, the Jew law, the law of
mission to expose Organized Crime, while the Rabbi.
falsely posing as a loyal American never
The Mishna is diametrically opposed to
once mentioned the Mishpucka (the Jew the United States Constihtion and the Bill of
Crime Family) the most secret, deadly, Rights except when in the event the Constitupowerful organized crime family in the tion can be used for their own personal
world and the only one dedicated to the benefit. And that is what is eating the heart
total destruction of America a n d the out of America right now, we are operating
eradication of Christianity. And why under the Mishna and not the U.S. Constihwould Kaufman cover-up and fail to alert tion and Bill of Rights.
America to this fearful enemy? Because
Quote (1987)of my book, Chapter 36,
Federal Judge Kaufman is a ranking "After the Crucifixion of J e s u s , High
agent of the ADL and a Mishpucka ac- Priests of the Jewish Temples were called
tively engaged in the plot to destroy Rabbis. Rabbi Juda wrote the "Mishna".
America and Christianity.
The Mishna became the law that all Jews
The Mishpucka is not something new, must study and follow in criminal, civil,
just well concealed. For thousands of political, religious and family matters.
years they have been a bloodline, a cult After this accomplishment Rabbi J u d a
practicing and idolatrizing usury, assas- was known a s "The Holy" and all Rabbis
sination, extortion, prostitution, drugs became spiritual heads of their commuand most expertly the undermining, pil- nities. This was about the same time the
laging and despoiling of innocent peace- Khazars of Asia converted to Judaism.
ful governments and their people. All the To be a Jew you must follow and obey the
while they eternally pose a s philanthro- Mishna. This has been the Jews failing,
p i s t s , do-good people. The word their problem in every country in the
Mishpucka (Family) is never uttered by world-if they follow the Mishna it is a n
Jews in front of Christians except on very impossibility for them to assimilate under
rare occasions. But I have discovered Christianlaws,valuesandmorality.Norhas
several articles wherein noted Jews have it been possible for them to assimilate under
slipped up, verified the existence of the the laws of any other established religions
Mishpucka and the meaning of the word and their governments.
So, immediately they set about unas The Family. Try it on Jews, see the
reaction; don't let them tell you they never dermining and bringing that country in
which they have established their 'comheard of it, watch closely their eyes.
The word Mishpucka and its mean- munityn under the domination of their
ing, 'Jewish Crime Family" must be Mishna.
brought out in all police communicaBut the Mishna, (Jew law) does not
tions, recognized by all law enforcement work anywhere; observe Israel, their own
agencies and the news media exactly like country which was handed to the Jews
the word Mafia has become common us- on a platter in hope that they would all go
age by law officers and news media when there and stop their depredations on the
labeling and describing the Mafia (the rest of the world.
Italian Crime Family). Americans must
In Israel the Mishpucka h a s proven,
become aware, alerted to the distinction, they can blame no one else for their


ingrained greed, their abject cruelty in
the manner in which they dominate other
the Mishna corruption in
the failure of their judicial, financial and
military affairs.
The Mishpucka hierarchy is over everything. They are all powerful, they
sacrifice the life of a Jew without hesitation, a s swiftly a s a Christian or Muslim
life is snuffed out when it becomes expedient to their agenda.
The evil brain of the Mishpucka which
controls evervthing is in the ADL B'nai
B'rith headquarters in New York City,
not in Israel as some believe. It was
located in New York City long before
Israel was ever created. All orders and
direction come from this location.
Their financial headquarters a n d
source of the Mishpucka's great wealth
is the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C. Mishpucka Alan Greenspan
is the head of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve Banks, but
strange as it seems, even in this seemingly top post Greenspan is stillonly middlelevel in the Mishpucka hierarchy.
The source of the Mishpucka's great
physical power, t h e i r u n b e n d a b l e
strength to overpower the U.S. Government and its people is their overwhelming superior numbers wearing the Black
Robes in every federal and state courthouse in the United States of America.
They have usurped the power to control
a t their will any and all criminal and civil
lawsuits or issues filed and to destroy
the people who filed them.
The gross, unmercifully evil brain of
the Mishpucka octopus whose slimy tentacles writhe across the breadth of the
land is in the ADL B'nai B'rith headquarters in New York City, New York. With its
head cut off, the monstrous tentacles
with millions of suctions attached everywhere sucking the lifeblood from our
country would shrivel and die. RE:
CONTACT, Volume 6, Number 3, ofTuesday July 12, 1994, page 40.
The Mishpucka has in their possession millions of tons of gold, precious
stones, ivory, bonds and securities,
deeds, and fortunes looted clear back to
WWI when the Mishpuckas from New
York City slaughtered the Russian Czar
and his entire family and stole the world's
greatest fortunes. And continuing right
up to the present day destruction of
America's Savings and Loans, banks, gia n t corporations, pension funds, a n d
devastation of individual citizens' fortunes-trillions and trillions of dollarshidden hundreds of feet beneath the
burning sands of Israel's Negev Desert in
their secret Dimona nuclear factory.
There in this monstrously huge subterranean chamber the fabulous treasure i s

protected by thousands ofnuclear armed
long-range missiles capable of reaching
and incinerating the heart of America,
Russia and Europe. The Mishpucka will
not allow the U.N. or anyone else to
inspect their nuclear warhead factory
where not only these world-destruction
weapons, but also their secret treasure
a s well, could be discovered. Israel refuses inspection even though the U.N.
demands that all other nations in the
world comply.
A high ranking Mishpucka in the I s raeli government, a madman, Shimon
Peres h a s threatened the entire world
with annihilation by their nuclear arsenal. Referring to the alleged Holocaust,
Peres tirades that, 'Next time we will take
all of you with us."
December 1992 was a fateful month
of events. Two brave, dedicated San
Francisco police detectives had been
quietly investigating the ADL B'nai B'rith.
Obtaining search warrants, they raided
the ADL headquarters in San Francisco
and Los Angeles and confiscated over 2
tons of secret files and records the ADL
agents a n d spies had compiled against
American citizens that went back over 70
This could have proved to be the end
of the vicious Mishpucka, right there and
then, not just in America but all over the
A vigorous, competent prosecution
would h a v e imprisoned a l l of t h e
Mishpucka hierarchy, with some of them
even being executed, for their horrendous crimes against humanity. The socalled war crimes trials of Nuremberg,
1945-6 would have been revealed for the
falsity and pretence that they were when
the truth about the Mishpucka was fully
But Arlo Smith, the District Attorney
of S a n Francisco, sold out not only
America but the whole world. One of the
Mishpuckas and a secret agent of ADL
B'nai B'rith i s U.S. S e n a t o r Diane
Feinstein and her accomplice Barbara
Boxer, also a U.S. Senator from California. With unlimited bfishpucka money
they bought off Arlo Smith and killed the
Grand J u r y investigation and prosecution of the insidious, treasonous ADL.
Quote (1987)of my book, Chapter 35,
'Unlike the macho Italian Mafia, the Jew
Mishpucka h a s always known the value
of women members to their organization.
The most powerful female Mishpucka in
California is Judge J o a n Dempsey Klein."
Feinstein presently overrides Klein a s
her power now is national since her advent to the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee and her Mishpucka ties to Ruth Bader
Ginsberg on the Supreme Court.

Page 3
Further Quote (1987), Chapter 35, hurdle is that she h a s to win the election
'Irving Rubin's (head of JDL-Jewish De- to the U.S. Senate in 1994. If Feinstein
fense League [and recently arrested,pro- wins the Senate she will easily become
testing apatriot gathering in Bakersfield, the next President of the U.S in 1996, the
CAI) predilection for murder and may- most powerful Mishpucka in the world.
hem was extremely evident when he ofWillie Clinton cannot figure out where
fered a cash bounty, of five hundred all the crap that is being dumped down
dollars to any Jew who kills, maims or his neck is coming from. He blames the
seriously injures any member of the Christian Far Right. But the Mishpucka
American Nazi Party. He added, 'If they controlled TV and press secretly is bebring u s their ears we'll make it one hind Willie's problem-they don't want
thousand.' To Rubin anyone who is not to entirely destroy him and maybe in the
a Jew is a Nazi. After the offer was made process seriously damage the Demo
a t a well publicized JDL speech, Rubin Party-they just intend to disgrace him
was prosecuted for solicitation of mur- enough to the point where the Party will
der, but he was found not guilty. All it in no way endorse him for reelection,
took was to get one Jew on the jury. To leaving it open for Feinstein.
Even though the Mishpucka political
make all of Rubin's plans for murder and
mayhem easier, [then]Mayor of San Fran- power and money was able to kill the
cisco Diane Feinstein and Congress- prosecution of the ADL, the two San
woman Bobbi Fiedler are trying to pass Francisco Detectives accomplished
laws taking hand guns away from honest much. The secret ADL files revealed that
American citizens. For many years Fiedler Diane Feinstein while Mayor of San Franhas been a close confidant of Menachem cisco had secretly arranged a liaison beBegin, the Mishpucka terrorist. Rubin tween the city's police department and
has taken over the militant Jewish De- the Jewish Anti-Defamation League in
fense League organized by Rabbi Meier 1979. She had ordered police to work
Kahane. Rubin trains preteen Jew boys closely with the ADL to smash a n outand girls, preparing them for paramili- break of alleged Anti-Semitism and detary operations against Christians after stroy everyone who was against Jews.
their guns have been taken. These young Feinstein finally admitted that she had
Mishpuckas are taught the fine art of strategy meetings with the leaders of Jew
killing while they enthusiastically chop communities about conducting secret
apart human silhouettes with sub-ma- sabotage actions against those involved
chine guns. Rubin boasts that police in alleged incidents against Jews. And
leave the Jewish Defense League alone had ordered policemen to make contact
because it would be 'anti-semitic' to in- with the ADL and its paid spy Roy Bullock. One of the San Francisco P.D.
terfere with his guns." End quote.
Irving Rubin's job of genocide against Intelligence officers, Thomas J. Gerard
white and black Christians will be a mas- turned traitor to America and performed
sacre after Feinstein h a s taken away all illegal covert operations for Diane
the Christians' guns and they have no Feinstein and the ADL. Gerard began
spying on and sabotaging innocent Amerimeans to fight back.
Jerry Brown, 'Governor Moonbeam", can citizens and making secret records,
was stuffing his pockets with Mishpucka (more than 12,000 individual files) which
money during his last days in office for he turned over to the Mishpucka spy,
appointing untold dozens of shyster Roy Bullock. Gerard's motives for treaMishpucka lawyers to the California son came about, he said, 'because he
bench, one being J a c k Berman, Diane had been told that his maternal grandFeinstein's ex-husband.
mother was a Jew and supposedly had
Further quote (1987), Chapter 38, perished in the holocaust. This led him
"Mayor Diane Feinstein, 'Queen of Aids' to want to become a religious Jew."
This is the same reasoning Jonathon
in San Francisco is chief designer of
legislation to take away citizens' guns. Pollard gave when he was caught stealShe aims one day to be President of the ing and delivering National Security SeUnited States of America." (This informa- cret documents to Mishpucka agents,
tion, received from my inside sources and now the great Mishpucka shyster
approximately 1979-81, advised me that Alan Dershowitz is attempting to get Polin the not-so-far future the time would lard out of prison. The fact that Pollard
be ripe for a woman, a Jew woman, to be was a Jew was sufficient cause for him to
elected a s President and that woman put a foreign country's interests and bewould be Diane F e i n s t e i n ) .
The liefs before America's. I just don't believe
Mishpucka has spent millions on this it would work for a high ranking Italian
project already. And the last info I got to approach a n American girl whose job
from my inside source was that the was handling secret documents in the
Mishpucka was ready to spend billions Pentagon and ask her to steal a secret file
more to get Feinstein in. The last big for him and she would do it because her

~ a g e . 4.
maternal grandmother was Italian. Why
does this work with Americans who have
a Jew ancestor?
It obviously is a serious problem.
Diane Feinstein c a n easily get Americans
to commit treason anywhere she goes
a n d her daughter, Katherine Feinstein, a
Mishpucka shyster appointed to the San
Francisco Police Commission to investigate ADL treason, covers u p evidence
exposing her mother's treasonous crimes
a n d s h e refuses to step down for having
a conflict of interest. With unmitigated
Mishpucka gall, Katherine Feinstein tells
America, "I don't have any conflict of
The evidence obtained from the raid
disclosed that more than one hundred
major U .S. city police and Sheriff depa
ments have been infiltrated by the ADL
a n d they have secretly and successfully
recruited strategic officers to steal confidential police records and sabotage and
frame honest citizens.
One city, Portland, Oregon, fell into
a n important category and the high ranking ,olice officer involved refused to cooperate with the San Francisco detectives and covered-up involvement of Portland City Officials with the ADL. Captain
Dan Noelle, Portland police, is a high
ranking police officer in the ADL setup
who covered-up and lied about their involvement.
But Noelle did admit that he was connected with the ADL organization and
also that he sent secret documents to the
ADL regional office in Seattle, Washington. A special directive of February 1985
was discovered in the confiscated ADL
files wherein "FBI Director VIilliam
Webster had ordered special agents in 25
major FBI field offices to establish liaison
with Regional ADL Directors in their division and cooperate with them fully," in
other words give the Mishpucka whatever files and cooperation they want.
One top FBI official, Oliver Buck Revell,
when asked about giving the ADL secret
FBI files, covered-up; he could only say,
'I haven't studied their methods of collecting information."
There is a n organization i n Oregon
called the 'Oregon Jews," very wealthy
influential a n d politically powerful
Vera Katz, Portland's present mayor,
a n d Neil Goldschmidt, past mayor, are
very high ranking Mishpucka agents in
the ADL. One of their operations, illegal
gambling, with the huge profits being
used to finance Mishpucka politicians,
goes back a long ways. Keep in mind that
being Democrat or Republican means
nothing; Ronald Reagan was once a
Democrat, it's only a matter of convenience when money and power are in-


volved. Back when Reagan first ran for
President there was a ltot a t stake.
In Portland, a church, the "Church of
the Conceptual Truthw,was a front for
illegal gambling. A reporter, James Long,
on the Portland Oregonian had been quietly probing the large scale gambling
operations and was going to expose it in
the paper. I knew that this operation was
part of Judge Jerome Berenson and his
law partner, Ben Nordman's gambling
ring covering the entire West Coast and
the huge profits were being laundered
through Nordman's Bank of A. Levy in
Oxnard, California. The proceeds were
then funnelled to Reagan's Republican
Campaign committee for his presidential
election. I tipped off Oregon law enforcement agencies, Portland, P.D ., State Attorney General and County District Attorney; combined, they raided the phony
church and the gambling operations. The
Oregon Attorney General filed State Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) violations against the
Arrested in the raid was Carl E. Ward,
J r . , a lawyer from B e r e n s o n a n d
Nordman's law office in Oxnard and
Michael H. Wallace, a n Oxnard businessman, both close associates of William P.
Clark, Reagan's right hand man. Wallace
in 1979-80 was Reagan's National Campaign Finance Director, a sensational
fund raiser in charge of contributions,
he and William P. Clark funnelled all the
laundered gambling money into the Presidential campaign funds. Oregon's two
U.S. Senators were unaware of this scam
and did not receive any of the money
derived from the gambling operations. It
makes no difference, Democrat or Republican-this time the gambling proceeds go to Diane Feinstein's Democrat
campaign. The illegal gambling money i s
still being laundered through the Bank
of A. Levy in Oxnard, Calif.
Oregon's Assistant Attorney General,
Timothy M. Wood took depositions from
Ward and Wallace (under penalty of perjury) wherein they confessed but the powerful ADL eventually won out, very similarly to District Attorney Arlo Smith in
San Francisco.
Carl E. Ward, J r . was involved in the
JFK assassination and also was connected to the Cabazon Indian Reservation gambling and murders, also the
Inslaw affai;. Carl E. Ward, Jr's. brother
Robert Ward was arrested by the Ventura
County Sheriff Department and Secret
Service involving a conspiracy to kill
Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Jimmy
Carter, Jerry Ford, Richard Nixon and all
their wives in one swipe when they gathered a t the inauguration of Reagan's Library in Simi Valley, California. The

killings were to be accomplished by a

laser weapon attack.
This massive assassination conspiracy
to wipe out a group of people who knew
too many secrets was covered-up by the
Secret Service and Ventura Sheriffs Department on theMishpuckasorderstoconceal the fact that it was a Mishpucka plot.
Illegal gambling still flourishes in Oregon under the control of Mayor Vera
Katz with millions of dollars being laundered through banks and then funnelled
into the Mishpucka's political campaigns.
The Mayor is closely associated with California Senator Feinstein whose husband
Richard Blum owns interests in Oregon's
huge trucking and Savings and Loan and
banking industry and is a highly influential
behind the scenes Mishpucka in Oregon.
During Feinstein's 20-million-dollar
1992 Senatorial campaign, 8.4 million
dollars became lost and was never found
or explained. Several millions came from
Bank of America President Richard
Rosenberg, another extremely wealthy
San Francisco Mishpucka. But in sequence to Feinstein's plot to discredit
Willie Clinton and t h u s eliminate him,
the Mishpucka scheme goes deeper. It is
a t Feinstein's powerful instigation that
the women's attack on Senator Packwood
is a scam designed to remove Rabert
Packwood as Senator, to replace him
with Vera Katz.
The "Oregon Jews" and Vera Katz,
Neil Goldschmidt and Richard Blum control the Portland Oregonian newspaper
which is beating it into Packwood. And
Blum during the recent Teamsters strike
made political inroads into the Oregon
Teamsters Union. Feinstein h a s another
ambitious political take-over scam going
in the State of Washington where Thomas Foley isn't near so loyal to Clinton as
he would have people believe. And this
would leave Feinstein in total control of
Washington, Oregon and California, the
entire West Coast in her run for the
Presidency in 1996.
On the TV in July 1994 Feinstein
made a serious, great big 'slip of the lipn.
She declared her true colors publicly,
"We (meaning Mishpucka politicians and
judges) are not afraid of gang members
with g u n s on the street, but of law-abiding citizens with grievances."
Who Feinstein is referring to is u s ,
present day Americans who, like the Colonists back in 1776, filed petitions of
grievances to King George and all they
got was ignored a n d further trouble
heaped upon them.
In 1776 if those Americans had had
their g u n s taken away from them there
would be no America of today. And if t h e
Mishpucka takes away our guns of today
there will be no America of tomorrow.


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Think about it-think real deep about other places with Benny Wong a n d victims to death and been back in Israel
Feinstein a n d the Mishpucka!
Abraham David.ian, nqtorious drug deal- almost before the bodies were discovered
Now, thinking about the present, right ers and smugglers, Abraham Davidian had it not been for the keen-eyed officer.
today, about Simpson, O.J., a n d the was a member of t h e International And then: who else-maybe some innoAnatomy of Race Riots a n d Revolution, we Davidian Crime Family which i s con- cent person accused and convicted-and
suddenly find ourselves speeding back nected all t h e way up the line to the all the while the Mishpucka laughing in
the background as they turned it into a
through time. Propelled back over 50 Waco Davidian holocaust.
years, into mysterious, dark crevasses of
Davidian and Wong had' a huge, mil- racially motivated crime (the intended
the past, and ever keeping in mind that a lion-dollar drug caper going with Mickey victims were Jews) with the able assissingle source is behind it all, "Everything Cohen, Pregerson a n d t he o t h e r s . tance of the TV and news media.
is connected."
L.A.P.D. and Federal Narcotics busted
The Rabbis Feld possessed detailed
We reach out, back and forth, travel- Davidian and he agreed to testify against diagrams of the intended victims' home,
ing the murky roads across a half-cen- Cohen and Pregerson and other top L.A. murderous knives, ski masks and plastury of years, back to early 1946. Al- city politicians and judges. Davidian tic handcuffs in their rental car when
though he wasn't yet even born, watch as was hidden out and protected as a gov- arrested. No one in their right mind will
O.J. Simpson emerges a s the catalyst- ernment witness by Federal Narcotic ever believe that these two Mishpucka
the international event the Mishpucka agents when he was murdered, shot and assassins had come all the way from
had schemed for-waited so long for, the killed. That blew the whole case and let Israel just to pay a friendly social call on
most fabulous Hollywood scenario of all Cohen and Pregerson off the hook. Pres- the victims in their bedroom in the middle
time-the gruesome, bloody murders of ently a federal appeal court judge, of the night. These paid assassins had
two young people, a beautiful white Pregerson, in the Rodney King trial, made powerful connections with ADL Headquarwoman a n d a white man, allegedly slain a key ruling to allow excluded evidence ters in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New
by the woman's former husband, a black into the federal trial of four L.A.P.D. of- York, who immediately secretlywent to work
man-a famous, popular, black man, a ficers which convicted Sgt. Koon and to kill the charges against them.
Several weeks after the arrest of the
football hero and businessman idolized Officer Powell. This was testimony which
and respected by everybody, both black had been given during the Ventura two Rabbis the two San Francisco detecCounty trial in which the four officers in tives came to Los Angeles with warrants
and white.
What better circumstances, and set of the King case were found innocent. The to search the ADL Headquarters and seize
facts could the Mishpucka ask for-or, judge i n t h e Ventura County, King a n d remove evidence.
had these facts not been by chance a t all, trial was Stanley Weisberg, who ma- Scheinbaum, the head of the L.A. Police
but precisely manufactured, made to or- nipulated and whipped the trial into a Commission, secretly gave Chief Willie
der-a setup, the greatest frame-up of all racial frenzy of hatred that incited t h e Williams acrimonious orders not to allow
time. A setup to instigate, foment and second Watts riot within a few short any L.A.P.D. officers to assist the San
Francisco detectives to enter the ADL
incite hate, horrendous hate between minutes after the verdict was read.
black a n d white-bloody
race riotsOne year before that Superior Court Headquarters.
death and hell throughout every city in trial started in Simi Valley and the secStanley Scheinbaum, a Mishpucka, is
the U.S.and a t the same time get rid of ond Watts riot occurred, I handed a n a secret agent of the ADL and of other
O.J., a black hero who everyone looked affidavit to Chief Daryl F. Gates, the organizations sworn to the overthrow of
u p to and who could be followed as a NAACP, and TV and newspaper services, the United States of America.
leader. What better reason to then "de- etc., with information and evidence of
Being dedicated law officers the two
clare" a Presidential National Emergency the Mishpucka's Race Riot and Revolu- San Francisco detectives bravely, withOrder placing the entire country under tion Conspiracy that was being precipi- out hesitation even though they had defimilitary control, halting and putting a n tated. A copy of the affidavit is part of nite qualms about their own personal
process and any this report. A s will be seen, this con- safety, entered the den of assassins.
abrupt end to &
and &
Rights in America- spiracy comes from a single source.
Without any 'backup officersn from the
L. A.P. D. Homicide investigated a L.A.P.D. they removed approximately one
we ourselves, inexcusably, both black
and white will have stupidly thrown our- double murder and, with the L.A. Dis- ton of secret files that the ADL had comselves right into the evil hands of the trict Attorney, convicted two Mishpucka piled on innocent, unsuspecting citizens.
Mishpucka, just a s they have planned we assassins from Israel, Joseph Yakaria These were files used by the Mishpucka
would; there will be no more Rights for and Jehuda Avital who were connected for purposes of sabotaging, framing and
white or black.
to Irving Rubin's JDL and the ADL. This blackjacking citizens and politicians into
Early in 1946 and through 1948 I was involved a drug deal and a large sum of doing their evil bidding in all sorts of
a Los Angeles Policeman working patrol money. Mishpucka drug peddlers, Esther treasonous scams against America and
in University Division and plainclothes and Ele Ruven, were killed with knives its people.
in Metropolitan Division out of the old and their bodies and pieces were thrown
It was way back in those days, 1946
Lincoln Heights City Jail, North Ave. 19. in a trash bin.
that I and other L.A.P.D. officers who
Then transferring to Hollywood Division
In Palo Alto, California, in November were interfering with the Mishpuckas
the first of 1949. I'd watched Harry 1992, a n observant police officer, in a n criminal operation sunknowingly became
Pregerson as a young law student, and excellent performance of his duty to pro- victims, case numbers in the ADL secret
later a s a shyster lawyer involve himself tect the safety and welfare of the citizens, files and marked for destruction.
and profit in organized crime, racetrack arrested two Israeli assassins on their
An associate of mine was told by Arlo
wire service, murder, gambling, prosti- way to commit a double murder of a man Smith, the District Attorney of San Frantution, extortion and drugs, etc. with and his wife. Two Rabbis, Austin Yoncy cisco himself, that my file dating back to
gangsters Mickey Cohen, Abe and Hy Feld and his brother, Scott Leon Feld, 1946 was among the ton of records seized
Phillips, Sidney Bocarsky and Nathan who had traveled all the way from Israel and removed from the ADL headquarters
Turkebtahn. I observed the above named to commit this double murder, would in L.A. in December, 1992. Also that my
gangsters meet in Old China Town and have sliced the throats and stabbed the thick, nearly fifty-years-old file was cur-

Page 6
rent, right u p to 1992.
In 1993 I spent two entire days trying
to contact Arlo Smith a t his office to see
my file, b u t he refused to talk with me. I
m u s t a s s u m e that my file later on, along
with all the others, was returned to the
ADL when Smith c u t his "deal" with them.
One L.A. officer, Sgt. Charlie Stoker
met h i s early, sad fate in 1947. Stoker
was assigned to Administrative Vice a n d
many times I had given him info on vice
activities in my division a n d worked with
him on it.
Prostitution we all know h a s been
a r o u n d for a long time, also Hollywood
Madams. Theirs i s a closed circuit, a
network, a n unbroken chain of hierarchy right u p to the present. Back in 1947
w h e n Charlie b u s t e d B r e n d a Allen,
Hollywood's p r e m i e r e M a d a m , a n d
snatched h e r little black book with all
her customers listed, it included some
mighty important "clients" from clear
back in Washington, D.C.
Stoker wanted to prosecute a n d convict them all b u t he grossly underestimated their connections a n d power. It
turned out, unfortunately for Charlie,
t h a t many of Brenda's clients were also
among t h e top politicians a n d drug deale r s a n d gangsters that Abraham Davidian
had squealed on, also even after all these
years some of them are still in high office
a n d have grown even more powerful
through their corrupt operations.
We knew nothing of the Mishpucka in
those days-particularly we didn't know
t h a t Mickey Cohen and his tight group of
Jewish judges and lawyers in the D.A.'s
office t h a t h e controlled were part of a
giant organization. And t h a t this evil
organization was led by Rabbis, a bloodline going back for thousands of years.
God only knows what we would have
done if we h a d known it-probably died
of fright. They confiscated Brenda's little
black book a n d Charlie Stoker was destroyed-he died a broken man.
Hollywood Madams are the best source
of information in the world, they know
everything t h a t goes on, even in Europe
a n d the land of Arabia. The FBI and KGB
a r e small time pikers when it comes to
comparing t h e extent of their information a n d ability with Hollywood Madams.
Recently a top Hollywood - Madam,
Heidi Fleiss was busted. S h e also had a
little black book listing her "clientsn, influential, wealthy bankers, judges, lawyers, politicians, Hollywood producers
a n d drug dealers from the West Coast to
the East Coast. Fleiss h a s boasted t h a t
s h e could have exerted enough pressure
because of who a n d what s h e knows to
have changed the NAFTA vote if s h e had
wanted. And Fleiss is a Mishpucka

In the early 1980s I got a phone call
from Hollywood, it was LeFleur, "The
Flowern (my book, 1987, Chapter 41).
"The Flowern was a n "old time" Hollywood
Madam, in the past she had given me
some fantastic information. I hadn't
heard from her in a long time. She was
very shook u p over something.
Marvin Pancoast, a friend of hers, had
j u s t been found guilty of murdering a
prostitute. The victim, Vicki Morgan,
was not just another beautiful Hollywood whore come to a bad end, s h e was
Alfred Bloomingdale's g i r l f r i e n d .
Bloomingdale was a n extremely wealthy
Hollywood Mishpucka, he a n d his wife
Betsy were President Ronald Reagan and
Nancy's best friends a n d their constant
White House companions.
Vicki had a t one time been one of
Flower's working girls. They were good
friends a n d Vicki had told her that Alfred
had been bringing his high ranking political buddies from Washington, D.C. to
her place a n d were carrying o n outrageous sadomasochistic sex parties with
Vicki a n d other prostitutes. Vicki hated
it a n d felt that Bloomingdale was going to
renege o n his word to provide her with a
large monthly s u m of money for the rest
of her life like he promised.
So Vicki and her boyfriend Marvin
secretly made Audio-Video tapes of all
the sex parties a n d the participants from
Washington, D.C.. Flower had seen the
pictures and one of the D.C. big shots
was Caspar Weinberger, the Secretary of
Robert Steinberg was the original lawyer for Marvin Pancoast a n d a copy of the
video t a p e s c a m e i n t o h i s h a n d s .
Steinberg told CBS N e w s that the individuals in the tape were from Washington, D.C., one was a businessman, three
government appointees a n d a n elected
official. He claimed that he viewed the
tapes with a lawyer and someone from
the Justice Department.
Pancoast then got another defense
lawyer, Arthur Barens, who he told about
the tapes a n d t h a t they were extremely
embarrassing to the Reagan Administration a n d involved serious violations of
National Security. This was because of
the Secretary of Defense a n d other government officials being involved with the
businessman who was a n agent from a
foreign country.
The attorney for Pancoast, Arthur
Barens made a lot of fuss a n d big noise
just to make the defense look good. But
it was all a pretense, a s h a m because
they knew that Mishpucka Judge David
Horowitz wasn't abowt to let any of those
sex orgies into the trial a n d reveal the
fact as evidence ,hat other suspects had
far greater motives for killing Morgan

than Pancoast had and Pancoast was

found guilty.
In context, the other night I watched
Larry King Live on TV, his guests were
Gerry Spence and former U.S. Attorney
General Richard Thornburgh and J a c k
Tenner, a n L.A. County Superior Court
Judge. The subject of their discussion
was, "Racial Discriminationn involving
O.J. Simpson's double-murder trial.
Spence o r Thornburgh said something
about the jury a n d Judge Tenner became
highly incensed, "How would either of
you like it if you were black and on trial
for murder and all the lawyers and judges
in the courtroom were white, or if you
were white and all the lawyers and judges
in court were black?" To stir the pot of
race hatred Larry King threw in a stupid
but deliberate comment.
But to review Marvin Pancoast's trial
for m u r d e r where t h e J u d g e , David
Horowitz was a Jew, the prosecutor
Stanley Weisberg was a Jew, the defense
attorney Arthur Barens was a Jew, the
witness, lawyer Robert Steinberg, was a
Jew and his lawyer Leonard Levine was a
Jew, and the Mishpucka they were covering u p for, Caspar Weinberger was a Jew,
and Superior Court Judge J a c k Tenner
didn't get even slightly indignant over
this travesty. And how far would Marvin
Pancoast have got if he had screamed
that the courtroom was full of Jews?
Even though Robert Shapiro, O.J.
Simpson's lawyer h a s raised the same
issue of other suspects and h a s evidence
and indications t h a t other suspects have
far greater motives and opportunity to
commit the grizzly double-murder t h a n
0.J.-what if this is all j u s t a big fuss,
and Shapiro i s just making a big noise
like Arthur Barens did to make the defense lookgood-then Lance Ito rules the
same way in O.J.'s trial as Horowitz did
in Pancoast's trial there will be no defense left-O.J. will be dead.
I s this what i s happening to O.J.
Simpson, are his lawyers just like lawyer
Arthur Barens for Marvin Pancoast, "just
making a lot of noise to make the defense
lawyers look good", like they are really
trying, but also a t the same time they
have a dual purpose of inciting the emotional issue of white a n d black racial
hate and discrimination.
Then when Simpson is found guilty
after all the black people have been convinced t h a t h e is innocent a n d h a s been
framed by the white people the Mishpucka
h a s accomplished their Race Riot a n d
Revolution Conspiracy; another Rodney
King setup, the L.A.P.D h a s another terrible, murderous riot on their hands.
But what if Simpson i s found innocent, Mishpucka lawyer Gloria Allred will
go ape (have you seen her on TV?). Will

SEPTEMBER 6 , 1994
Janet Reno, the Justice Department, in
the name of assaulted women and civil
rights and racial discrimination violations then indict O.J. Simpson and try
him again, this time in federal court,
convict him and sentence him to federal
prison like the Justice Department did
the two L.A.P.D Officers, Sgt. Koon and
Officer Powell?
After this the black people will be even
more convinced that O.J. Simpson h a s
been framed by the white people. The
Mishpucka propaganda h a s successfully
incited the most terrible race hatred tensions imaginable, TV, radio and newspaper propaganda of the most insidious
kind. Whipping human emotions beyond endurance, O.J. Simpson will be
used by the Mishpucka the same as was
the Rodney King case-the L.A.P.D and
the Police Departments across the nation will face the greatest Race Riot and
Revolution c a t a s t r o p h e ever to h i t
America-"it's in the oven.. .cooking."
Will this be the cause for the Presidential Declaration of a National Disaster and Emergency to be imposed-will
Willie Clinton suspend all Civil process,
Civil Rights and Constitutional protections? Will all Congressional hearings
and governmental process be halteds h u t down, and a panel of United Nations foreigners p u t in command of
But Robert Shapiro will still end up
living in O.J.'s five-million-dollar house.
The ADL of B'nai B'rith has a file on
O.J. Simpson; he h a s been a marked
man. Treasonous officers in the
L.A.P.D.-some are bloodline Mishpuckas
who have infiltrated into the Department
and others are motivated like San Francisco officer Thomas Gerard was into
committingclandestine operationsfor the
ADL. Officer spies have been turning
confidential police files and Intelligence
information over to the Los Angeles ADL
headquarters. And also turn in their
own personal reports on other officers
that they spy on regarding their racist
proclivities, a n d these reports go to
Stanley Scheinbaum who controls the
promotional list of the L.A.P.D.
The Mishpucka have long harbored
terrible fears that the black people were
becoming too smart for their own good,
and were getting wise to them and the
fact that they weren't really philanthropists, do-good people, like pretending
that they have the black people's best
interest and civil rights a t heart. They
fear the black people are becoming organized from the bottom u p and not from

Page 7
the top down a s in the past with the
phony, treacherous leaders like Mayor
Thomas Bradley and Reverend Brookins
who sold them out and kept them in the
dark a s to how they were used in their
scam with Rabbi Marvin Hier when they
extorted 25 million dollars from the Coors
The Mishpucka h a s put Jesse Jackson in his place-discredited him, he is
no longer recognized as a powerful leader
or threat to them.
But the Mishpucka have horrible fears,
nightmares of Farrakhan and his strong
leadership abilities even though they have
him contained. Then reports from their
spies in the LAPD began coming in to the
ADL that O.J. Simpson was a leader type,
a possibly powerful popular leader who
could unite the black people and also
that he had been meeting and talking to
Farrakhan and his representatives. Also
the black people were becoming too
knowledgeable, organized and influential in the Hollywood movie and TV industry. They now understood and had
mastered the Mishpucka agent and talent shenanigans-that part of the shenanigans and manipulations where the
big money and power lies and has been
monopolized by Jew lawyers since Hollywood began.
The ADL h a s a thick, active file on O.J.
Simpson and h a s spent huge sums of
money on tracking him and his activities
and the members of his family.
A f a n a t i c a l , t r e a s o n o u s female
Mishpucka, Elizabeth Holtzman from New
York, authored and forced an insidious
Amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act through Congress. This
vicious Amendment enabled Holtzman to
set u p what she called the Office of Specia1 Investigations (OSI) within the Department of Justice.
Holtzman then hired a crew of frenzied, fanatical Mishpucka shysters a t outrageous salaries (paid for by taxpayers)
to conduct witch-hunts and to slander
and frame people by calling them "Nazis". These were innocent people who
had immigrated to this country, gotten
jobs and worked hard and were loyal
American citizens.
The Mishpucka Race Riot and Revolution operation h a s one purpose only-to
fan the flames of race-hatred and perpetuate and bolster the Mishpuckas failing propaganda of the alleged Holocaust,
Chapter 40 and 4 1, (1987) of my book
There's a Fish in the Courthouse. Neal
S h e r b i n s k y , a k a S h e r , a crazed
Mishpucka fanatic was appointed the
Chief of Investigations of the OSI.
Sher and his Mishpucka associate
Stephen Trottsky, aka Trott (and now a
federal appeal courtjudge) accused John

Demjanjuk of being a Nazi war criminal

named "Ivan the Terrible". The 63-yearold Demjanjuk was unconstitutionally
transported to Israel where he was kept
in close confinement, (solitary) for years
under penalty of execution. Demjanjuk
was ultimately cleared of all the OSI
charges against him and allowed to return to America.
Chapter 3 1,34,44of my book (1987),
There's a Fish in the Courthouse.
In L.A. federal court, Sher and Trott
were forcing their insane Mishpucka
chaos and Holocaust propaganda on
Andrya Artukovic. They were trying to
extradite the 85-year-old Croation to
Yugoslavia for alleged crimes. Held prisoner during the extradition proceedings,
Artukovic is legally blind. Confined to a
wheelchair, he suffered from a variety of
heart and brain problems and is a victim
of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
After his arrest he suffered strokes partly
paralyzing his face. He also h a s aortic
aneurysm and brain atrophy.
The prosecutor, a Mishpucka Assistant State Attorney David Nimmea, hired
a Mishpucka psychiatrist, S a u l J .
Faerstein to testify that Artukovic was
competent and well able to be extradited.
Saul Faerstein is a master of Psychedelic, mind controlling drugs and takes
h i s o r d e r s from S h e r .
Based o n
Faerstein's false testimony Nimmea
claimed it was clear that Artukovic should
be sent to Yugoslavia to face crimes of
Artukovic's lawyer was a Jew, G.B.
Fleischman who took a strange stance
for a Jew; he stated, 'When I took the
case, I assumed Artukovic was probably
guilty but even so I would defend him. I
am a n experienced extradition lawyer
and I have been a Civil Rights lawyer a
long time. I am convinced Artukovic's
Civil Rights have been destroyed and
needs the best lawyer he can get. I take
the position you can't do this to a n old
man in America, and in the process I
have come to believe he is innocent of the
alleged war crimes he is charged with."
"As a result of his decision Fleischman
received unbelievable, cruel treatment
and threats of death a t the hands of the
Mishpucka. Frightening phone calls
threatening to blow him u p in his car if
he defended Artukovic were stark reality.
Fleischman's process-server, for 2 3
years, Armand Grant, a n ADL Mishpucka
who owned California Attorney Services,
refused to serve any more process for
him; he said, 'It is not in the best interests of my company to continue our business relationship."
"Fleischman also lost all his Jew clients who accused him of being a renegade Jew."


Page 8

"Irving Rubin, the murderous thug Hetrick was picked up in Hollywood."

the judge ordered Farr to reveal who had
who heads the Jewish Defense League
"A sensationalTV and newspaper dra- leaked the evidence; Farr refused to tell
(JDL) went to Fleischman's Hollywood matized trial followed the arrests. Law- him and was sent to jail for contempt.
condominium with three more gangsters yer Howard Weitzman represented De William French Smith, President Ronald
and threatened him. They had to be Lorean. Hetrick was a pilot for a Ventura Reagan's friend and U.S. Attorney Genremoved forcibly from the building by lawyer, Lyman Smith, who owned Maver- eral was involved in the conspiracy.
security guards."
ick International Airlines Inc. Smith
"Bugliosi wanted the inflammable, ex"The Simon Wiesenthal Center for owned two large jets that he was using to cluded evidence planted in the paper. It
Holocaustic Studies made harassing calls fly live registered cattle to Iran for the would further incriminate Manson in the
and Rabbi Abraham Cooper ordered Jews Shah and then bringing back cocaine to already sensational "multi-murder" trial
and bring fame to Bugliosi for convicting
to call Fleischman and express their an- the States in the jets."
ger and outrage against him. Hundreds
"Lawyer Lyman Smith, who was about to him, but there was another highly imporof wild, milling Jews showed u p a t the be appointed asjudge to the Ventura Supe- tant purpose which was to incite white
court proceedings to harass Fleischman. rior court, and his wife were both found and black race-hatred.
Screaming "Pig and Traitor", they spit in bludgeoned to death at home in bed."
"Bill Farr revealed to me that it was
"The District Attorney, Michael Bugliosi who had leaked the evidence to
his face. Several members of the J D L
were arrested for violence and U.S. Mar- Bradbury, framed a suspect and arrested him after he realized he was only going to
shals had to escort Fleischman to his him. The case against the defendant live a short while longer.
"Flower, the Madam, had also told me
car. Irving Rubin knew t h a t their smelled so bad that Bradbury lost it a t
Mishpucka demonstrations had to be the Preliminary hearing. The real mur- that, to her knowledge, Bugliosi was the
kept alive a n d on the front pages of the derers, t h e Mishpucka, were never person who took Vicki Morgan's tape
newspaper and on TV to bolster their caught. William Morgan Hetrick was recording back to Washington, D.C. He
Holocaust propaganda, he screamed out seen a n d heard arguing in a loud voice represented it a s being the original and
ridiculous, insane threats, 'Artukovic, with Judge Richard Heaton in his cham- only existing tape and got a large sum of
your .days are numbered." The 85-year- bers. Shortly after this Judge Heaton money from the people involved."
Not only the most evil, murderous
old mentally incapacitated man in the and his wife were killed in a mysterious
wheelchair did not even know what was airplane crash. They had taken off from organization in the world's history, the
going on. Some of the wild, violent Jews Santa Paula airport in their Beechcraft ADL is the "richest", the most highly
were arrested and others took a live pig Debonair and mysteriously crashed in financed. The San Francisco ADL Headto Fleischman's office where they turned Winslow, Arizona. William Morgan quarters h a s a fifty-million-dollar anit loose and continued the uproar."
Hetrick operated a n airplane repair and nual outlay of cash-spent on paying
There was a deep, sinister reason for maintenance company a t Santa Paula spies in law enforcement for intelligence
the tumultuous ruckus, not just the fact Airport and was considered a genius a t files, sabotaging, framing, and assassit h a t Fleischman, a Jew, was represent- making gadgets-things that could mys- nating people who get in their way.
ing a n alleged Nazi war criminal but he teriously cause a plane to unexplainably
This fifty million that they admit to is
had made the statement that, I believe crash. The real operator and brains actually closer to one hundred million
Artukovic is innocent. If Fleischman behind the cocaine smuggling operation fortheirsecretconspiratorialoperations.
should prove in court that Artukovic was California State Appellate Court Including the ADL's Headquartersin San
hadn't killed any Jews a t all much less Judge Hymie Blitzberg, aka Steven J. Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portthe 700,000 they claimed he had it could Stone in Ventura. And lawyer Howard land and Seattle their financial operatbe disastrous. It could presage the total Weitzman was cognizant of all the mur- ing hoard is conservatively estimated a t
collapse of the entire Holocaust propa- derous activities while representing John nearly one billion dollars. With their
De Lorean. William Morgan Hetrick never main headquarters in New York City,
'Rabbi Abraham Cooper tried desper- testified a t the trial and it is believed that massive Washington, D.C. operation, and
ately to force Fleischman to d r o p he h a s been hidden out by the govern- headquarters in every large city in the
Artukovic and extradite him as swiftly as ment. Chapter 3 1, 34, 44, (1987) my United States the ADL's huge "network
possible a n d dispose of him. In ultimate book There's a Fish in the Courthouse." operations" annually amount to more
than one hundred billion dollars, with
hypocrisy Rabbi Cooper made clear the [More quoting:]
'As most people know, Vincent another hundred billion instantly availpartition Jews must keep between themselves and the "country" they happen to Bugliosi, presently a Hollywood lawyer able if exigencies occur.
The magnitude of the ADLUspiderweb"
be living in. He ruled, every defendant and writer, was the L.A. District Attorney
had a right to counsel, but, people in the who prosecuted Charlie Manson and his of corrupt political campaigns, spying,
Jewish community are outraged that a Family. During this sensational Los sabotage and assassination is staggering,
Jew would take this case for Artukovic." Angeles multiple murder trial the judge very difficult for Americans to conceive.
In a n amazing answer Fleischman cas- had held back some evidence.
If you take just one individual Rabbi
tigated the Rabbi and the Jews; he said,
T h i s excluded evidence was a list operation, examine it closely and how
"I am a n American lawyer first and a made u p by Manson of some top Holly- much money it generates it i s then easier
Jewish lawyer second, if these people wood s t a r s who were to be killed by to see, to focus and realize the overall
can not understand that then there is Manson's ~ a m i l y .Frank Sinatra was on picture of this huge funnel of money
not much I can really do about it. I have the top of the list. These Hollywood pouring like Colorado River water through
murders were to be setup to look like it the huge Boulder Dam pipelines.
given up explaining it to them."
Rabbi Abraham Low was convicted of
"John De Lorean, the automobile was done by black people for the express
manufacturing tycoon was arrested in a purpose of creating racial hatred and conspiracy to launder millions of dollars
hotel a t L.A. International Airport for riots.
in drug money. Operating out of the
smuggling 220 lbs. of cocaine, valued a t
"This list of stars was leaked to a L.A. Mogen Abraham synagogue in the Fairfax
24 million dollars into the country. Within newspaper reporter, Bill Farr, who wrote Jew Community of Los Angeles, Rabbi
hours after his arrest William Morgan it all u p in melodramatic style. Angered, Low was laundering a s much a s five mila



Page 9

lion dollars a week. That is two-hun- against the U.S.. Two American watch- sition a s the clerk for Justice Sandra Day
dred-and-fifty-million dollars a year, and dog groups and the Government Account- O'Connor of the United States Supreme
it is unknown how many years he oper- ability Project aldng with federal employ- Court.
ated or in addition how much the Rabbi ees demanded a Senate investigation into
Volokh is in Washington, D.C. workseparately made in drug sales alone.
this Israeli saboteur's corruption and ing harder than hell at switching the
The Rabbis' operations handle any- treason.
courts from English to Yiddish, Oy Vay!
thing they get their hands on; Rabbi Low
"Former Deputy Special Counsel of Oy Vay! The extremely important queswas also convicted of depositing a stolen the U.S. Claims Court, Jessie James, tion is, is Sandra Day O'Connor part of
a n d forged c a s h i e r c h e c k for accused Kozinsky of making outright lies this treasonous scheme or is she just
$496,000.00. The Rabbi was operating and statements to the Senate Judiciary naive in t h i s Mishpucka operation
through crooked diamond dealers and a Committee a t Kozinsky's confirmation dubbed, 'A linguistic tribunal now in
'holy network" of phony Jewish charities hearing, May 17, 1985. All this had no session, Judge Alex Kozinsky presiding."
and nonprofit groups. These charities effect, understandably the head of the
Anyone who thinks a n American can
and nonprofit groups are a typical Judiciary Committee is the traitorous get due process in court is Nus.
Mishpucka scam-refer to the phony StromThurmond. Thurmond is the SenaThe ADL, the "strong arm weapon" of
church operation in Portland, Oregon. tor who covered-up the 50 calibre ma- B'nai B'rith was created in 1914, 80
It h a s to be understood that the chine gun for Reagan's National Security years ago and h a s been killing people
Mishpucka gangsters are allowed to op- Advisor, William P. Clark, who was one of ever since, Murder Incorporated. The
erate scams on their own but they are the original conspirators clear back in ADL's entire creation and purpose for
only allowed to keep a specific amount a s 1958 of the Race-Riot and Revolution existing is its specialty in secret operations of extortion, corrupt political camfor themselves. Of course this portion is conspiracy.
a generous amount but the balance goes
"Senator Thurmond was aided and paigns, drugs, money laundering and
to the ADL where it is joined with the abetted by two cowardly Senators on the espionage [spying, offensive surveillance,
money from other Mishpucka scams and Judicial Committee, Paul Simon of Illi- staking out people's homes, employment
transported to their 'super-safe" con- nois and Dennis DeConcini of Arizona." and activities of spies and secret agents)
cealment hundreds of feet below the surNow, in 1994, Alex Kozinsky, who sits and the destruction of any person who
face of the burning sands of Dimona.
in Pasadena, Calif., is firmly entrenched gets in their way, (assassination). And
Michael Milken, along with his small with Federal Appeal Court Judges Harry O.J. Simpsom was in their way, but in
crew of Jew confederates, all wizards a t Pregerson and Stephen R. Reinhardt and the ADL's twisted thinking there was a
stealing money in extremely complicated the superior numbers of hardened much better way of disposing of O.J.
scams, stole a minimum of a trillion dol- Mishpucka gangsters who have usurped than just cutting his throat and killing
lars from Americans-do you think he the American Judicial System and block him. The ADL loves the strategy, the
was allowed by the Mishpucka to keep it and thwart every legal effort Americans thought of killing two birds, (maybe even
all-certainly not. He got to keep his file in court.
a dozen) with one stone.
Alex Kozinsky presently has a real
Evewthinqis connected, (1987)in my
percentage; the balance, afantastic sum,
went to you-know-where.
insidious Mishpucka operation going book, There's a Fish in the Courthouse.
This incredible drain of United States wherein he is changing and replacing "Starting in 1960 when JFK was set up
money is replaced by the Fed, Alan the usage ofwords and terminology of by Mishpucka Joey Bishop to meet
Greenspan printing off more useless bills. the American Judicial system to that Marilyn Monroe a t Peter Lawford's house
It is catching up with us-sleeping Ameri- of the Mishna, the Jew Law of Rabbi party in Santa Monica. And Marilyn
Monroe was set up by the Mishpucka in
cans had better look around, see what is Juda.
happening to them-I won't be able to
Kozinsky has a program of interject- their evil, twisted conspiracy to pick JFK's
bear the shrill screams of, 'Why didn't ing words like Chutzpah, describing Rus- mind regarding his intentions toward Issomebody do something?"
sian Jew judges, schlemiels, nebbishes, rael."
This conspiracy required Hollywood
Chapter 46, (1987)of my book, There's shtick, kibitzing, tsoris, all these Yiddish
a Fish in the Courthouse: 'President words and more with their sly conflicting lover-boys to get next to Marilyn, pick
Ronald Reagan nominated Alex Kozinsky meanings are being set up to be used and her brain, learn everything they could
to a lifetime appointment to the U.S. eventually take over the English legal about JFK. Also in this operation were
Federal Appeals Court in San Francisco. language. They are presently being Psychiatrists Dr. Ralph Greenson and
A thirty-five-year-old Jew born in Rus- taught in American law schools by what Dr. Hyman Engleberg, deluging her with
sia, Kozinsky mysteriously had become the Mishpucka calls 'law professorsn.
psychedelic drugs and mind control maA s a n example Kozinsky defines nipulation.
a n attorney for Pres. Reagan and a law
clerk to Chief Justice Warren Burger. Chutzpah a s "brave", a brave judge but
The Mishpucka, in numerous HollyThis treasonous Mishpucka was actually the real Yiddish meaning is laid out by wood books and TV documentaries, push
allowed to ghostwrite decisions that were Victor Ostrovsky, a Jew trained by the the story real hard that Marilyn Monroe
critical to the people of America, then Mossad, and who wrote the book, By was very angry at Bobby Kennedy bemade law by Chief Justice of the United Way of Deception. Ostrovsky explains cause he broke off their romance and
States Warren Burger.
"Chutzpah": 'This is Chutzpah: you shit that she was going to hold a press confer'Ridiculously, Kozinsky had become in front of a guy's door, then you knock ence and expose everything about themChief Judge of the U.S. Claims Court on his door and ask for toilet paper, and that is the reason Bobby Kennedy
where this vicious agent provocateur that's Chutzpah."
killed her-but that is a lie. It was just
sabotaged and thwarted investigations
Kozinsky trained a Mishpucka, Eu- the opposite, shortly before she was killed
into military waste and procurement gene Volokh, to be his clerk and to work Marilyn had made desperation attempts
fraud (which had to do with Israel's gang- diligently at switching the English legal a t a pay telephone, using coins, trying to
ster gunrunning operations). Kozinsky language to the Mishna, (the Jew law). reach either JFK or Bobby to warn them.
then conspired to destroy loyal Federal Then it was arranged to place Volokh in Marilyn had discovered the plot by Mickey
employees who had exposed these frauds the extremely critical, advantageous po- Cohen and Menachem Begin to sabotage

Pane 10


the Kennedys-Marilyn had only the best extortion), would head the Trade Com- for years was Los Angeles shyster, Bruce
of thoughts about the Kennedys and mission if they succeeded in delivering Hochman. A t r u s t e d M i s h p u c k a ,
would never have harmed them. What the nation's Black vote which they ac- Hockman received money direct from the
got Marilyn killed was her screaming a t complished through the publicity and ADL and deposited it in his own account
Georgie Piscitelli that she was going to propaganda they generated in the Rodney then wrote checks to secret spies, infortell the Kennedys the entire plot, Piscitelli King case.
mants and assassins. Hochman admitClinton was elected and Christopher ted that he had been involved in this
got his orders straight from Cohen and
and Kantor got their appointments but secret ADL payoff operation for more than
Begin to murder Marilyn.
This is exactly what got Nicole Simpson we were able to stop Ordin through some twenty-five years.
ADL spies, agents and informants are
murdered-she had discovered that she back door pressure.
was surrounded by Hollywood loverClinton had to keep his basic promise used for every type of operation imaginboys, people that were pretexting her to to Ordin by nominating two more ADL able, the lover-boys pretexted Nicole
death, using her to pick her brain about Mishpuckas, Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood, Simpson in every devious way in the
O.J., his friends, relatives and other black who were also stopped, but the pressure world trying to elicit information from
people with whom she had friendships, mounted and Clintonwas able to force Janet her and make reports to their spymasters.
They obtained information that made it
contact and association with. Nicole had Reno in as the U.S.Attorney General.
When the two San Francisco P.D. de- very helpful in staking out individual
discovered that these people were paid
spies working for a mysterious organiza- tectives raided the San Francisco and homes and conducting surveillance of
Los Angeles ADL headquarters they ex- their marks (victims). The law firm of
tion, Mishpucka ADL.
Regardless of her marital situation posed a multitude of the treasonous Bruce Hochman acted a s a n intermediNicole still had strong family ties, loyalty Mishpucka's espionage and financial ary in these operations, both in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
and emotions. O.J. was the father of her setup.
children, s h e never a t anytime had
Roy Bullock in San Francisco who has
L.A.P.D. Chief Willie Williams received
wanted harm or danger to befall O.J. been a paid agent and spy saboteur for his orders direct from his leader, Stanley
either physical or for his commercial ven- the ADL for forty years had received hun- K. Scheinbaum: do not assist the San
tures or future success a s a business- dreds of thousands of dollars for his Francisco officers in any way to raid the
ADL Headquarters or help them investiman or for any possible connections with activities.
David Gurvitz was Bullock's counter- gate the ADL's operations.
The lover-boys constant picking of part in the Los Angeles ADL headquarS e v e r a l Black l e a d e r s , Mervyn
Dymally, former L.A. City Councilman
her brain about O.J. and his connections ters.
From a secret account in the City Robert Farrell and Arab Americans voiced
alerted Nicole and she began suspecting
National Bank in L.A. David Lehrer is- complaints that they were victims of the
their real motives.
Confronting them with these facts was sued large checks to Bullock and Gurvitz ADL spying and sabotage, also that Irvwhat got Nicole, just like Marilyn Mon- who cashed them a n d paid in cash their ing Rubin, the leader of the JDL, a branch
roe, Mary Mercadante and Vicki Morgan secret spies in law enforcement and of the ADL, was involved in the murder of
agents such as the Hollywood lover-boys a n Arab person who objected to the ADL's
One of the ADL's top priorities was for their services. The ADL also had criminaloperation. Stanley Scheinbaum
putting together a program binding and s e c r e t funds setup in various other then instructed Chief Willie Williams to
guaranteeing that nation-wide the Black banks, one secret account being under placate the complaints of these people,
vote would go one hundred percent for the false name of L. Patterson a t City Chief Williams told them, 'These allegaBill Clinton. Without this solid vote the National Bank. David Lehrer admitted, tions are taken very seriously, a n interDemocrats would never succeed. (Pres- 'We have lots of secret accounts and nal investigation h a s been undertaken
ently this Black vote is being manipu- funds, I'm the signatory." Lehrer and and the results of the investigation when
lated to go to Diane Feinstein.)
Hochman transfer huge sums from se- it is completed will be made public."That
Hundreds-of-millions of dollars were cret accounts to Gurvitz and Bullock was J u n e 1993, over one year ago and no
spent by the ADL to cover-up Mayor who make direct payments to the assas- investigative report or any results have been
Bradley's and Reverend Brookins' extor- sins. These payments are cashier checks made public yet, however, it is now high time
tion of Coors and the fact that Rabbi and checks that were cashed by the as- that action be taken-legalaction in the O.J.
Marvin Hier was involved in it. This huge sassins who took them to other secret Simpson double-murder case.
After many years in law enforcement,
source of money from the ADL was used accounts a t designated banks. The canby Stanley Scheinbaum to get Bradley to celed checks are kept concealed in criminal intelligence and also three-andsetup a Commission to investigate the Hochman's possession. The issue dates a-half years a s the Chief Investigator for
L.A.P.D. in the Rodney King affair. The of these documents correspond to and the Ventura County Public Defender OfChristopher Commission was a setup to tie in chronologically and in other ways fice I know how things operate from both
smash the L.A.P.D. hierarchy and put to assassinations and double-murders sides of the fence, how defense lawyers
and prosecution lawyers think-egos, poStanley Scheinbaum in command as head herein revealed.
pressures and whatever they can
of the Police Commission where he now
and years the ADL had made huge pay- get away with. At issue is, will O.J.
controls the L.A.P.D..
Warren Christopher, Andrea Ordin ments to him designed to disguise the Simpson get a fair trial?
From the very beginning it has been
and Mickey Kantor, all Mishpuckas and ADL Organization as the source.
Former Senator Alan Cranston, while trick and device-a secret Grand J u r y
secret agents of the ADL were appointed
to this commission. Christopher, a shy- a United States Senator, was a paid op- was in session, then out of the clear blue
ster lawyer, was promised the position of erator, a spy and informant for the ADL, sky a 9 1 1-tape is released by the police
Secretary of State, Ordin would be Attor- and had especially close relations with department featuring O.J. assaulting
ney General and Kantor, a shyster law- Irwin Suall, the Director of the New York Nicole-political
about it, I know how things like that are
yer who had hung around doing little ADL Headquarters.
jobs for Mayor Bradley (like the Coors
One of the ADL's secret paymasters worked behind the scenes-that tape,

never in a thousand years, would that suspect desparately on the run and they
have been released unless Stanley K. were in pursuit. If they had blocked him
Scheinbaum ordered Chief Willie Will- off and forced his car to a halt could the
iams to do it.
uniform officers, not having been given
Now what did that ADL strategy ac- the true facts, innocently, in the line of
complish, what was its purpose? First, duty, have shot and killed O.J. in a sceto sensationalize the case with 24-hour- nario duplicating Don Scott's death while
a-day dramatization.
he was holding a pistol.
Second, the prosecution and defense
This would accomplish the ADL
both agreed in harmony that the 9 11- Mishpuckas operation of killing more
tape had biased and prejudiced the Grand than one bird with one stone. Mission
Jury. That consequently the Grand Jury accomplished, O.J. would have been disshould be killed and a Preliminary Hear- posed of a s a danger to them-and White
ing held instead.
officers and prosecutors would have been
But, this is not [legally]so-the Grand blamed by the Black people-a certain
J u r y is not bound by the rules of evi- recipe for Race Riot and Revolution.
dence in this event-it was perfectly legal
The defense, Robert Shapiro, received
and not prejudicial for them to consider documents revealing that Detective Mark
and deliberate the incident of the 9 11- Furhman, eleven years prior had sued
tape to indict. But, the 9 11-tape might the Department for a pension, stating
- have been allowed a t a Preliminary that he had strong hatred for Mexicans
Hearing, so it had to be made public first. and Negroes and desires to kill them.
In a TV press release Shapiro accused
Now we have a full blown sensational
Preliminary Hearing set up on television Det. Furhman of "Nazi" tendencies of
for everyone in the world to see and hear. racial hatred and intolerance for Blacks
Think about this-both the defense and and of planting the incriminating glove
prosecution wanted this instead of a nice, a t O.J.'s house.
quiet Grand J u r y indictment and they
Now again, from both sides of the
both agreed to kill the Grand J u r y inves- fence, is Furhman a Nazi, consumed with
tigation on a phony premise. A question racial hatred and viciously trying to frame
arises, is the Mishpucka ADL pulling the O.J. a black man-or is Furhman a spy,
puppet strings on both sides?
a Los Angeles Police officer who secretly
Simpson's lawyer, Howard Weitzman h a s become a paid agent of the ADL and
allowed him to be questioned and make acting on their orders to frame O.J.
possible incriminating statements. Then, Simpson. Then again, maybe he is just a
putting on a phony act, declares that he loyal American, a n L.A. Police officer dodid his best to stop O.J. from talking to ing his honest duty in a n investigation.
the police. Weitzman and others, in a n
Very important, as O.J.'s life hangs in
attempt to set O.J. up so that he would the balance-is lawyer Robert Shapiro a
have to eventually plead insanity (which very clever, paid agent of the ADL, taking
means conviction), concocted a letter al- his orders from Stanley K. Scheinbaumlegedly written by O.J. They then caused is he a n Arthur Barens, who in the Vicki
it to be splashed across the screen in Morgan case was a n ADL agent who made
another astounding dramatic sensation a lot of noise and fuss to make the dewhere, to everybody in the world, it fense look good, all the while knowing
sounded for sure like a suicide letter. that the judge was going to exclude the
Then Robert Shapiro was brought in as critical evidence that proved other perO.J.'s lawyer to cover for Weitzman who sons actually committed the murder and
was getting too involved in the machina- could exonerate h i s client Marvin
tions, which might be questioned if he re- Pancoast. And though his client was
found guilty, Barens would shout to the
Now in another fantastic TV alert, world, "I did my very best for my client, it
0.J. is traveling down the freeway in a was very unfortunate that Judge Horowitz
white Bronco with a gun to his head and ruled the way he did, but look at the
being pursued by numerous police cars record-you can see 1 did my very best for
with red lights and sirens. Now, if the my client."
defense was setting up a plausible insanIf Robert Shapiro, a s a n ADL agent, is
ity defense they were doing great, but doing exactly the same thing a s Barenswere t h e i r s t r i n g s , a l o n g with and already knows that Judge Ito is goprosecution's, still being manipulated by ing to exclude all of Shapiro's TV and
the ADL puppet master? In my mind newspaper defense that reveals the true
there is far more to it than just setting u p murderers-then, after it is all over for
O.J., lawyer Shapiro will shout in TV
a n insanity plea defense.
Where did O.J. get the gun-was this press releases; 'I did my very best for
a prop that he had been given? The uni- O.J. Simpson-it was very unfortunate
form officers had been informed over their that Judge Ito ruled that the evidence
radios that O.J. was a declared murder clearing O.J. was irrelevant, but look a t

Page 1 1
the record, just look a t the record, you
can see I did my very best for my client."
But possibly lawyer Robert Shapiro is
not an Arthur Barens, perhaps he is a
lawyer such a s G.B. Fleischman, who
states, "I am a n American lawyer first
and a Jew lawyer second."
Maybe Shapiro, who unquestionably
is a n experienced, able lawyer is really
doing his best for his client even though
he knows the ADL wants O.J. buried,
either in the ground or so deep in a
penitentiary cell that he will never see
daylight again.
But Shapiro h a s never come forth and
stated that he is a n American lawyer
first; and are all Jew lawyers subject to
the same frightening, intimidating treatment that G.B. Fleischman got, if they
defy the ADL?
Another incredibly evil strategy evolves
from all of this pretrial, sensational, manipulated documentary drama-a series
of top Jew defense lawyers have been
murdered and the ADL-owned news media very slyly attunes and primes the
public's mind to believe that it is frustrated law- and drug-enforcement agents
doing the killings. This is not so-it is
ADL M i s h p u c k a a s s a s s i n s ; t h e
Mishpucka is murdering Jew lawyers who
have dared to operate as American lawyers first and do not sacrifice their clients a s they have been ordered to do by
the ADL. Never forget that right in the
midst of all this political and race-hate
intrigue, O.J.'s life is a t stake-the question to ask is not will he get a fair trial
but, will he get a n even shake?
Now, of course, it becomes all important, is Shapiro a G.B. Fleischman, or a n
Arthur Barens; is he a n American lawyer
first and a Jew lawyer second; how brave,
how much Chutzpah does Shapiro haveis he willing to have a great big bowel
movement on the front doorstep of the
murderous ADL?-and
then knock on
the door and ask for toilet paper-or is he
an Arthur Barens, and just making a big
noise because he knows that Judge Ito
has already got his orders from the ADL
to exclude a s irrelevant any and all evidence that could clear 0.5.3 Again the
defense and prosecution combine, agree
in quiet harmony in selection and acceptance of a judge-Lance Ito. It should be
remembered that Ito's wife is high ranking, a Captain in the Los Angeles Police
Department, and a t one time was assigned to homicide. Was she involved
with any connected murder investigations or was she a paid agent or a victim
of ADL intrigue? A s a D.A. Prosecutor,
Lance Ito met his future wife a t the scene
of a homicide investigation.
Everything is connected-Americans
must start thinking, deep; this doesn't

Page 12


involve just O.J. Simpson alone, it predicts your future, and the lives of every
loyal, legal citizen of the United States of
Now, very euidentiary becomes the involvement of many ADL Mishpuckas appearing on dramatic, sensationalized TV
programs posing a s so-called experts in
legal matters pertaining to bloody, Hollywood double-murders wherein they sinisterly stir the pot of racial, black and
white hatred. And it is not just mere
coincidence that they spring out of past
connected murders and incidents.
O N TV...

The vicious fanatic ADL Mishpucka

Elizabeth Holtzman, the female responsible for the infamous OSI (Office of Special Investigations), stirring the pot of
race hatred unmercifully.
Howard Weitzman, lawyer for O.J.
and J o h n De Lorean and tied in with
drugs and William Morgan Hetrick in the
Ventura lawyer Smith double-murders
and the murder of Judge Richard Heaton
and his wife.
Gloria Allred, rabid ADL Mishpucka
shyster connected to the insane assassin Irving Rubin, .who threatened G.B.
Fleischman with death.
Jeff Wald, a n ADL Mishpucka on Larry
secret DNA tests, O . J .
King TV-RE:
guilty-Wald claims his confidential information came from a most reliable,
trusted source-a leak directly from inside the L.A.P.D.. This inflammable TV
propaganda was handed direct to Wald
by Stanley K. Scheinbaum, L.A.P.D. Commissioner.
Vincent Bugliosi, tied in to Vicki Morgan murder and National Defense Security violations and spreading incendiary
evidence of black and white race hatred
in the Charlie Manson trial.
On the Mary Tillotson TV show, three
female ADL Mishpucka lawyers stirring
pot of O.J. male brutality on wives and
black and white racial hatred bolstered
by insane percentage opinion polls propagandized to incite black and white racia1 hatred.
On Larry King TV, ADL lawyers Jos e p h Grod i n s k y , K u n s t l e r a n d
Dershowitz all stirring the pot of chaos,
black and white race hatred inciting
chaos, race riot and revolution and there
in the background the evil psychiatrist,
Saul J. Faerstein the psychedelic drug
expert, mind manipulator prescribing
dope, visits O.J. in his jail cell.
Have you ever seen or heard such a
weird performance of testimony as that
of Coroner Irving Goldman in which he
sabotaged evidence critical to pinpointing a more accurate time of the two vic-

tims deaths? Did Goldman do this a s a cated to the destruction ofAmerica. It is

paid agent of the ADL or.because he has not only the responsibility of the U.S.
a Jewish Grandmother? And for how long Senate, it is their bounden duty to stop
and in how many other autopsies and crimi- the treason and protect the people. The
nal trials has he testified for the ADL?
U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary
And Andrea Ordin on TV exhorting has failed their duty to the point of treablack and white race hatred. She de- son-they have not supervised or checked
stroyed evidence exposing major crimes the traitorous criminal activities of the
and was involved in the Christopher Com- Judges in the Ninth Circuit (both Federal
mission, where she fraudulently misled and State) for over fifty years. During
the black voters.
this time the individual states within the
To consider, in deliberating all the Ninth Circuit have become a foreign counabove political power plays, matter of try-ruled by the laws of an ADL Dictator.
record circumstances, deadly intrigues,
A "Special Senate Investigation" must
the toying of a man's life with evidence be set u p immediately. Experienced inmost obviously that of a setup and evil vestigators, h o n e s t people with no
frame-all this being perpetrated-while
thought whatsoever to harm or involve
all the time in plain view, highly visible innocent, law abiding American citizens,
multiple-causative factors far more must be selected. These would be tempoqualms about
blameworthy, with this direct evidence of rary employees who have
other persons' guilt, the farcical, ridicu- taking the Oath of Allegiance to uphold and
lous proceeding marches on.
protect America and the Constitution.
The trial, if it can be called that,
The defense must flle a comprehencannot be allowed t o commence-the sive federal civil suit (RICO) against
moment i t starts, O.J. Simpson will be the ADL, Stanley Scheinbaum, David
under threat of certain execution. The Lehrer, David Gurvitz, Bruce Hochman,
sword of this kangaroo court hangs over Saul J. Faerstein, Thomas Bradley,
O.J.'s head by a thread-all Judge Ito Rev. Brookins, Irving Rubin, Anthony
need do is rule all the defense evidence of Miller, Roy Bullock, Warren Christoother people's guilt irrelevant and the pher, Mickey Kantor, Andrea Ordin,
thread will snap. This must be stopped etc., etc.
This lawsuit must be filed in a U.S.
before the trial starts or it is too late, forever.
Some Recommendations:
District Court other than in the Ninth
A "Defense Action": a Declaration of Circuit and depositions taken from the
all evidence, suspects, information and above named conspirators and others
affidavitsat handandavailableasherein not yet named, before a criminal trial
presented and a s is otherwise available is allowed to commence against O.J.
from other sources.
A "Motion to Dismiss" all of the crimiThere must be subpoenas Deuces
Tecum issued and served on the ADL
nal charges against O.J. Simpson.
A "Demand" to the United States Sen- demanding the secret files on O.J.
ate for a complete and absolute investi- Simpson, Louis Farrakhan, the NAACP
gation of the ADL Mishpucka treason, and all the black churches and lawful
espionage and usurpation of the Ameri- organizations that the ADL h a s been
can Judicial System and invasion and tracking and sabotaging. All the files
sabotage of Civil law enforcement. The clear back to the Vicki Morgan murder
U.S. Senate h a s full jurisdiction in the and beyond to the Robert Kennedy asVicki Morgan murder and the total over- sassination, all the pavoff records,
all involvement of violations of National checks, and secret bank accounts mainDefense Security of our country by trai- tained by David Lehrer, David Gurvitz
and Bruce Hochman, etc.; these checks
torous secret agents.
Republican or Democrat, or personal and bank records showing large amounts
involvement it matters not, the Safety, being withdrawn, lead to killers.
Anthony Miller is a n incumbent Caliand Welfare of the United States of
America and its Constitution and Bill of fornia Assistant Secretary of State and
Rights is transcendent of all else when candidate for the office of California Secretary. He has criminally interfered with
America's future is a t stake.
No lone American, O.J. Simpson in the Superior Court of Los Angeles in the
this instant case, should have the un- O . J . Simpson double-murder proceedbearable, terrible burden of being placed ings by a conspiracy of manipulating due
in the path to withstand the total evil process of law with the intent and purforce of the ADL, a multi-trillion-dollar pose of illegally influencing and controlfinanced, secret, illegal cult organization ling the electoral system of free and fair
set u p within our government with thou- elections across the nation. This was
s a n d s of paid and volunteer agents perpetrated to amass the black vote for
planted throughout government agen- Diane Feinstein and others in the Democies and Congress and maniacally dedi- cratic Party. This attempt to close down

the trial during the election was denied
by the court but clearly reveals the activities a n d modus operandi of the
Mishpucka's intent to fraudulently attempt to manipulate the black vote.
This conspiracy is one and the same,
part and parcel of the Christopher Commission set u p by Mayor Bradley to investigate the L.A.P.D. in the high profile
Rodney King trial a n d to cover-up
Bradley's, Brookins'and Kantor's part in
the Coors Brewery extortion. A covert
agreement was made with Presidential
Candidate William Clinton and his campaign staff that if they produced a united
black vote across the nation and Clinton
won, Christopher, Kantor and Ordin
would be appointed to their desired federal offices.
The present conspiracy of amassing
a n d controlling the nation-wide black
vote through the manipulation of the
high profile O.J. Simpson trial is being
conducted and master-minded by Stanley
K. Scheinbaum and Diane Feinstein. It
is imperative that Feinstein win in November to be in a position to become the
next U.S. President in 1996.
All of the herein said "Defense Action"
must be taken. If Robert Shapiro proceeds to take O.J. into trial and Simpson
is stripped of all his defense and convicted, the results will be horrendous,
race riots and revolution-overwhelming
political and social upheaval will bring
America to its knees, the ADL Mishpucka,
Diane Feinstein will take over as the new
Now, i t i s imperative, all loyal Americans must think deep--stop everything
t h e y are doing for a few minutes and
think-think about what they are reading, and how very close t h e y are t o
losing their country and everything it
h a s given them.
The first Watts riot occurred in 1965,
precipitated by a black and white incident.
The second Watts riot started April
29, 1992 only minutes after the verdict
finding the four officers not guilty, but,
this was thirteen months after my affidavit was hand-delivered warning authorities and the news media of the Race Riot
and Revolution conspiracy.
Now, keep on thinking and reading
this again and againOn May 21, 1992, only a week after
the terrible, murderous Watts riot had
been quelled, while the ashes were still
smoldering, while the coroner was still
cutting u p the bodies of victims to determine t h e i r c a u s e of death-Henry
Kissinger, in Evian, France, expounded
his doctrine, "Today Americans would
be outraged i f United Nations troops
entered Los Angeles t o restore order;

Page 13
tomorrow they will be grateful! This i s
especially true if t h e y were told that
there were an outsfde threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated,
that threatened our very existence. I t
i s then that all peoples o f t h e world
will plead t o deliver them from t h e
evil. The one thing every man fears i s
t h e unknown." (This is where the slimy
Kissinger's sick ADL treason breaks
down; their evil is not unknown, like
some dark mystery to frighten u s into
surrender. We know-all America now
knows who our enemy is and how they
are scheming to smash us-their
plans have herein been revealed, laid out
in the open). Now continue with Henry
Kissinger, "When presented with t h i s
scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for t h e guarantee of
their well-being granted t o them by
t h e World Government."
Americans, Kissinger's tomorrow
(scenario) is here-Again, keep thinking-think about what Cicero said over
two thousand years ago-"A nation can
survive i t s fools and even t h e ambitious, but it cannot survive treason
from within."
All right, let's keep the dates clear in
our mind. Kissinger spoke his infamous
words on May 2 1, 1992, only a few days
after the Watts riots which were instigated through the Rodney King incident.
The ADL is right on schedule-on April
19, 1994, a t a Mishpucka conference a t
the Wilshire Beverly Regent more infamous words of treason were spoken, "The
New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, a s we are the
most significant single component.
Yes there will be a New World Order
and it will force t h e United S t a t e s t o
change i t s perceptions."
Now, we are thinking real gooddeep-only a very short time after the
Mishpucka's revealing April 19,1994 conference a t the Beverly Regent, Nicole
Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered on J u n e 12, 1994 in the most
brutal, bloody manner, their bodies left
lying in monstrous pools of blood in open
The husband of Nicole, a black man,
O.J. Simpson was arrested and charged
with the murders of the two young white
people. A scenario for Race Riot and
There was the Rodney King scenario,
(very successful), now they present the
O.J. Simpson scenario. There is no need
to tell you, you have watched it on TV day
after day, devastating, emotionally charging, mind-boggling propaganda, the Hollywood scenario, controlled and manufactured by the Mishpucka moguls of
film-a masterful scenario of Race Riot

and Revolution with United Nations

troops poised just across the Mexican
border awaiting orders to invade-the
New World Order will take over.
Hallelujah!! There will be chutzpah a t
every American's door-at the knock
bring the toilet paper!!
Henry Kissinger and his classmate
Alan Greenspan, tightly connected with
Stanley Scheinbaum, the designer of the
ADL's New World Order from clear back
in the 1950s when the traitor William
Parker was running to Scheinbaum in
S a n t a Barbara-everything
i s connected-connected in Europe to higherr a n k i n g ADL t h u g s , J a m e s D.
Wolfensohn, and Lord Rothschild.
From my book, (1987) the very last
page, 753, I quote, "Only the United States
Senate led by the Constitutionis powerful
enough to save America. Of the one
hundred Senators, the treasonous, corrupt and cowardly will desert the people.
The 'small group' remaining will have to
stand fast."
Kissinger's threatened tomorrow is
here, upon u s , America is down to this
final desperate point. But just like in my
book, (1987), "a small group of loyal
American Senators have come together,
standing fast."
It is not known who they are, but they
will soon be recognized by their actions
when they:
1. Abolish the Federal Reserve System
and Federal Bank and place the responsibility of America's money in the hands of the
people's elected representatives.
2. Investigate and destroy the evil
ADL Mishpucka and their treasonous
usurpation of the judicial system and
restore our law and our judicial system
under the Constitution of the United States
of America.
When this group of loyal Senators
have commenced these two actions, when
they make their move against the sinister enemy which is destroying America,
then the people of America will amass in
full behind them, millions of Americans,
a force that no evil can withstand.
Gary L. Wean, Serial No. 4 1 11;
Entered LAPD Academy, February
Worked University Division, Metropolitan Division and Hollywood
Det. Sgt., Ventura Police Dept.,
Ventura Calif.;
Investigator, Los Angeles District
Attorney Bureau of Investigation,
Criminal Intelligence Unit;
Chief Investigator, Ventura County
Public Defender Office.
Gary L. Wean
August 19, 1994

Page 14


Garv Wean's Further

On Jewish Mafia
Editor's note: Since you havejust read mation Leaguen organization r u n by figured he had shared the information
Gary's blockbuster expose on the O.J. Stanley Scheinbaum along with two more with some one on t h e plane or in San
Simpson frame-up, we are also sharing M i s h p u c k a [ J e w i s h Mafia] lawyers, Francisco who had quickly set-up his
important background information from Norman Dorsen and Ira Glasser. These murder to prevent him from acting on our
Gary Wean from p.31 of the 6/7/94 issue Mishpuckas were powerful heads of the evidence and information; consequently
of CONTACT. This will refresh your memo- "so-called* American Civil Liberties Union we had focused our thoughts on who
ries on Gary's outstanding credentials and (ACLU). For a period of several years those persons would be.
why he knows what he is talking about. during the late 1950s Los Angeles Police
However, just recently with the killing
For other background related to this mat- Department Chief William Parker was of Don Scott, a wealthy landowner in the
ter, see p. 15 of the 12/ 14/ 93 issue of running to Santa Barbara for secret meet- Malibu mountains, by the L.A. Sheriff's
CONTACT a n d Chapter 7ofJOURNAL #85, ings with this evil conclave of Anti-Ameri- Dept. in conjunction with the Ventura
called SHOCK THERAPY FOR A BRAIN- can Mishpuckas. Policeman Daryl Gates, County Sheriff Dept., I was delving into
DEAD WORLD. For ordering information later to become Chief, was the driver of several aspectsof the case. These aspects
please s e e Back Page of the CONTACT.
Parker's expensive City vehicles.
dealt with Environmentalists and the CaliParker was doing corrupt acts for the fornia Coastal Commission in which a
Mishpuckas (giving them confidential po- Mishpucka lawyer, Paul Zifren and his
Letter from Gary Wean
lice files on innocent citizens to be used family were and still are deeply involved.
I came upon startling knowledge refor blackmail by the ADL) and the ADL in
J u n e 5, 1994
t u r n was promising Parker that their ex- vealing that Kennedy had not just flown
To: Commander Hatonn, Rick 86 Brent: traordinary influence and money would in to the Oxnard Airport and left the same
be used to make him the next Director of way on the day he met with Patton and
In t h e CONTACT newspaper, Volume the FBI. This, Parker wanted more than me.
Instead, Kennedy and his family had
5, Number 10, May 31. 1994, p. 5, Com- anything else in the world. He sold out
mander Hatonn brings to the attention of the LAPD and citizens for these Mishpucka been staying a t the home of Paul Zifren in
Malibu and within one hour of Patton and
the American citizens the Ungodly terror promises.
A former Oxnard P.D. Det. Sgt., Ed I giving him our information he had conof the New World Constitution.
And t h a t , 'This Constitution was pub- Patton (who in 1968 was working for the fided it with Paul Zifren who was a high
lished by t h e 'Center for the Study of Wackenhut Security Company) and I met ranking member of Kennedy's political
Democratic Institutions' C1965), formerly secretly with Bobby Kennedy in an Ox- campaign.
Knowing what Kennedy would do with
located in Santa Barbara, California."
nard alley. We gave Kennedy phone comApproximately in 199 1 I commenced pany documents disclosing that a phone his new information when he got back to
a n addendum to my book, There's a Fish call had been received by the FBI fifteen Washington, D.C. the Mishpucka had an
in the Courthouse which was first printed minutes before the assassination inform- extreme emergency that had to be 'taken
a n d sold in 1987. This addendum when ing them that JFK was going to be killed. care of " immediately.
The decision and mechanics of elimicompleted will be part of the new edition The phone call was made from the law
Kennedy were a "rush jobn, but the
soon to be printed.
The following are excerpts taken from Judge Jerome Berenson. (The name of Mishpucka is capable of just such emermy addendum in context with Commander the woman making the call was given to gencies.
Hatonn's writings in above mentioned Kennedy.)
Kennedy was re-routed through the
of the Ambassador Hotel where a
In t h e mid a n d late 1950s I was a Det. the belief that Robert Kennedy had flown psychedelically, mind-prepared "killer
Sgt. with the Ventura City Police Depart- in to Oxnard Airport and from there had scapegoatn, Sirhan Sirhan was strategiment. Ventura is a small city situated driven to meet us,,then had returned to cally placed.
The critical re-routing through the
between Los Angeles and S a n t a Barbara. the airport and flew back to San FranAmbassador Hotel's kitchen which would
A t this time I learned that the Center for cisco.
Since Kennedy was killed within only a be free of any police or government prot h e Study of Democratic Institutions in
S a n t a Barbara was a secret "Anti-Defa- few hours after we had met with him we tection was repeatedly insisted on by

Frank Mankiewicz, a Mishpucka associate of Paul Zifren and a member of the
Democratic Party Campaign for Kennedy.
Mankiewicz was a longtime, powerful
member of the ADL and associated with
Stanley Scheinbaum, Norman Dorsen and
Ira Glasser, etc.
I came upon this Zifren connection
through looking into Irwin Lachman, a
richMishpuckaandlanddeveloper. Zifren
and family have inside control of the
Coastal Commission and are associated
with Lachman in developing the Malibu
Mountains which involves Don Scott's
Lachman claims he is developing a
campground for which he does not have
to obtain a conditional use permit or prepare an environmental impact report.
Going before the Coastal Commission
and the LA County Board of Supervisors
where the Mishpucka has already paved
the way it will quickly and quietly be
But Lachman does not intend a campground area for people to come to nature's
wilderness and relax.
He is going to make Lataigo Canyon
into a Ranch Resort with facilities for 400
people. It will sport a major restaurant,
fitness center, basketball and tennis
courts, two swimming pools and an amphitheater. Fees will be $125.00 a night.
This is a development that will project a
50 to 75-million dollar income annually.
It will be done without public hearings or
At this point it should be simple for
anyone to see how the Mishpucka becomes outlandishly wealthy-you simply
kill people-take their property and do
with it what you want.
Examine this scenario-could an Italian pull off this kind of operation and get
away with it--could the Mafia's top Mafioso Carlos Marcello sign and carry out
such a scheme??
No way, not in a thousand years, but
the Mishpucka has these operations going every day of the week.
A short time after Robert Kennedy was
murdered the Zifren family pulled off a
little scam-designed to take the heat off
them and make people believe they were
also in jeopardy from the Sirhan Sirhan
Arabs who had killed Bobby. They reported a phony bomb scare a t their home
in Malibu. The Sheriff came out and
roped off the scene and blocked off the
road in a big bomb investigation, but
that's all that it was, a phony Mishpucka
All of these Mishpuckas are ADL memb e r s a n d a s s o c i a t e s of S t a n l e y
Scheinbaum who also was a member of
the LAPD Commission. With their conspiracy of riot and revolution they manu-

Page 15
factured the 1965 Watts riots. And in the stroy America.
Daryl Gates has copies of the Vickie
meantime roped in Daryl Gates who had
become the Chief and made him the same Morgan affair and the treasonous acts of
offer they had made Parker to make him the Government officials involving our
Director of the FBI, which Gates wanted National Security.
just as bad as did Parker.
An investigation of this affair by a
The Rodney King episode and subse- secret Grand Jury-run by an honest,
quent Watts riot (which I had warned competent Justice Department Prosecuthem of one year before it happened), tor could open the door-free America
engineered by the ADL and Stanley from all the insanity, all the chaos the
Scheinbaum, was a scheme to take over Mishpucka has embroiled our country in
the LAPD Police Commission and to ap- for the past 50 years.
Perhaps someone like the prosecutor
point a new Chief.
Willie Williams, a black man, was ap- in the Rostenkowski case-reading off an
pointed the new Chief and was met at the indictment on TV of the ADL Mishpucka,
L.A. Airport by Stanley Scheinbaum and and its crimes of treason, murder, spying,
limousined to Stanley's Beverly Hills pal- drug smuggling, money laundering, and
ace where Andrea Ordin, Warren Christo- judicial corruption, etc. I realize of course
pher [A-51, Mickey Kantor [Clinton's U.S. that President Bush pardoned Caspar
Trade Representative] and other powerful Weinberger for his treasonous acts against
ADL Mishpuckas gave Willie his orders. National Security in the Iran-Contra afHis first priority was to confine all future fair so maybe Weinberger can't be tried
riots within Watts and other "black " ar- and put in prison for that but-perhaps
eas and under no circumstances allow Weinberger can be tried and executed or
them to spread to Beverly Hills and other imprisoned for something else. Bush did
areas where they could destroy the Jews' not pardon Weinberger for murder-and
for murder there is no statute of limitainvestment.
At this time they also promised Willie tions.
Then again perhaps George Bush himthat if he performed the way he was told
that in the future they would make him self was a participant of the orgy with
the first Black Director of the FBI. Assur- Vickie Morgan and violations of the N a edly the Mishpucka is lying to Willie the tional Security. In this event did Bush
same as they did to Chief William Parker have the Presidential right to pardon
and Chief Daryl Gates. They already have Weinberger and consequently himself of
their man, Louis Freeh in as FBI Director. violations of National Security and the
While Gates was Chief of Police, Alfred trust of the people?
You can see how the ADL Mishpucka
Bloomingdale and U.S.Defense Secretary
Caspar Weinberger and other buddies of entangle and entwine themselves with
Pres. Ronald Reagan were secretly filmed their terrible lies and conspiratorial evil
engaging in sadomasochistic kinky sex with machinations.
Did Weinberger blackmail George Bush
Vickie Morgan, Bloorningdale's mistress.
These audio-video tapes were being into pardoning him under threat of exused as blackmail and involved National posing him and the other government
Security secrets involving Israel (Iran- officials involved in the sick sex caper and
In the process Vickie Morgan was murAll these terrible facts and possibilidered and her boyfriend was framed for ties bring to full light the insanities of the
the murder.
The involvement of ADL Mishpuckas, revealing how they drag
Weinberger and other high-ranking gov- entire countries and governments through
a hell of Earth, and the misery and fear
ernment officials was covered-up.
Ramroding t h e cover-up were they pour into the communities of diverse
Mishpuckas Judge David Horowitz and races bearing on their conspiracy of racial
prosecutor Stanley Weisberg who refused riot and revolution ....
Our country cannot continue under
to allow any evidence of the tapes into the
trial. Then Stanley Weisberg became the these assaults of the ADL Mishpucka withjudge in the Rodney King trial in Simi out an all-encompassing Grand Jury inValley and was responsible for precipitat- vestigation and full blown prosecution of
ing the Watts riot in which hundreds of the treasonous criminals.
people were injured and killed and milThe only thing in the world that can
lions of dollars in property damage.
bring the country back to sanity is bringThis is just a tiny scenario of the chaos ing out the truth-the whole Truth and
in government and chaos among the people nothing but the truth for the entire people
that the Mishpucka is bringing down on of the country to see and to know that
America to destroy and subjugate the there is nothing, nothing at all left hanging over their heads.
The light of truth is the only thing that
There is one thing the people can do to
destroy the Mishpucka before they de- can save America.


Page 16



Academy February 1946


Worked Univerrrity Divfrion,

Hetropolitan Divimion and
Hollywood Diviuion
Det. Sgt. Ventura Police Dept., Venturr, Calif.;
Investigator, Lou Angeles District Attorney
Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Intelligence U ~ i t j
Chief Investigator, Ventura Co. Public Defender

The four LeA.P.De officers indicted by the L.A. County Grand

Jury are not perpetrators of a crime, they are victims,
Judges, both

State and

Federal, have .et

the atandard


judge brutality.

In August 1990, I filed a

three Superior Court

lawsuit in Ventura County 8gainet

judges, two

Santa Barbara County



Court judges

and California

Halcolm Lucas



in mattere



Auguat 31,

secretly and

for conspiring

were destroying


State Supreme
to met-up


phony judicial


judicial diequalificationa



and were



in great anger,



1990, my process


Court Chief

whereby the

to fair and

their real


the three judges

estate and

aerved the




telephoned Chief

Halcolm Lucas in Sacramento and at 5 : 0 0 a.m. the very next

SEPTEMBER 6 , 1994

Page 17

o f f i c i a l o f t h e Ventura County S u p e r i o r Court.

t h e j u d i c i a l p r o c e e d i n g s i n Ventura County came t o

That day

a halt.

A l l judges met p r i v a t e l y w i t h Lucas behind l o c k e d d o o r s .

secret meeting,


Lucas' d i r e c t i o n t o

r e s u l t of t h e


a t Malcolm

judges c o n s p i r e d

d e s t r o y m y l a w s u i t by u s i n g v i o l e n c e .

s e c r e t meeting,

i n wait

t h e two judges

f o r m e and

my p r o c e s s

i n Santa

server t o


arrive t o

a e r v e them.



Democratic U . S .


judge's physical


elect, 20th

judge wearing a b l a c k r o b e

a b e r i f f s i n t h e courthouse







f o r c e and

m i n u t e s he



d i s t r i c t , w a s not

t r e s p a s s i n g , he was b r u t a l l y

falsely arrested for

b e a t e n by a



a s s a u l t e d and

and two uniformed d e p u t y

H e was handcuffed

o r d e r s , Michael


and w i t h

A. Thomas

j u d g e ' s chambers,

w a s beaten,




face, and

in the

t h r e a t e n e d by t h e judge t h a t he would be k i l l e d i f he t o l d anyone


he w a s


o u t of



chambers and back i n t o t h e c o u r t h o u s e hallway.

My p r o c e s s a e r v e r w a s
t r e a t e d by a
phone c a l l s

t a k e n t o a S a n t a Barbara

h o s p i t a l and

d o c t o r who w h i l e s h e w a s examining him r e c e i v e d two


t h e courthoume


minimize i n j u r i e a



euf fered.
We went

t o t h e S h e r i f f ' s Department h e a d q u a r t e r s

crime r e p o r t but an

o f f i c i a l refused t o take a

t o make a

report, stating,

"The judges a r e t p o p o w e r f u l , we w o u l d n ' t d a r e go a g a i n s t them.


Page 18


A report was made to the Santa Barbara F.B.I.





the Justice

media had

come out ranting


piranha against



that if

the AoCoLoU.,

Department, the P.B.I.,

and the news

they did





brutality sickens me", and that,

against the
(Keep in mind

officers, the judges could not have covered it up.



voracious blood-

and mcreaming like

the judges, like

That was on

numerous times



m m is above the law,")


Approximately 1958, wbile working as a Det. Sgt. for Ventura

Police Dept., I came

upon a plot by very wealthy

people; bankers, lawyers,

fan the





mastermind of

and judges, to foment,




people were

this evil plot, Federal Judge

Ventura County
instigate, and


with the

Harry Pregtrson and

his gangster associates, Hickey Cohen and Abie and Hy Phillips.

Cohen and Pregerson

were conducting burglaries of


Guard Armories, stealing large amounts of automatic weapons to be

blown racial revolution that police departments could not contain

or handle, the National Guard would be

called in and the roll of

I had received information that William P. Clark, a Ventura

County lawyer was

involved in the

and revolutions and a



plots to incite racial

participant in t h e burglary of

Amory and

that he


a 60


the Oxnard

caliber military

Page 19

SEPTEMBER 6 , 1994

machine gun which he p4-

in his house making mtatemente that,

"When the revolution comes 1'11 be ready, I'm going to kill every
nigger and Mexican t h a t comes within range of my house."



was running



Senator Strom Thurm~ndand I decided to get thim

evidence t o Jackson, as a candidate,

Senate against
information and

perhaps he could expose the

insidious plot to discredit and destroy law enforcement and


I met with a friend

of Jackson's,

a Reverend


Brookins, at

his o f f i c e in Los Angeles.

I explained



usid he'd


story to




Jesse Jackson and the




immediately, also that he had very good relations with leaders of

the Mexican community

have Mayor

and he

Bradley inform

would inform them

the L.A.P.D.

Brookins twice,

office, his secretary entered

the line.


They proceeded to

to take



everything, all



That he,

his people

ruin, destroy


who were

while in

for millions and

had taken

plane to
care of

were lined up,

that they were

the Coora

i f they



they'd be on

be able to take that



wa8 on

discuss a p l a n as to how they

the Coors brewery

working in conjunction with


and told him Mayor Bradley

through with the money they wanted.

was a

mince he

the second time,

easy street. ("Ha, ha, maybe we'll


policeman and would know how to handle that end of it.

I met with

and also

in a

didn't come

That they were being helped,

pressure on Coors by a Rabbi and his

also going

Coors to Kosherize their beer.


to make'

millions by


Page 20


the information,



exponing the plot to


black people

administration by having


that could

with Watts t m racial riots



which could

pit black people againat white

again face the L.A.P,D.

r h o destroy the


the National

Guard take over,

William P. Clark was National Security Advisor for President
Reagan at the

-overthrow the Civil


Harry Pregernon to

aame time he was plotting with


law enforcement

in the


in the

a amall




States and

that Pregeruon

Later Clark was

named to an

even higher Cabinet


Secretary of Interior, and was up

for confirmation by the Senate

I contacted

Senator Strom Thurmond through

Judiciary Committee.

connections and was notified







by Thurmond that he would

have his

covered up






the revolution



proceeded to confirm Clark as Secretary of Interior.

In 1987 I traveled to Washington, D.C.

I hand delivered
a Fish In


a 773-page name-indexed report (My book "~here'a

The ~ourthouscr)on


and with an aamociate

to each

judicial corruption, murder,


petitioning them

the people

control of

police departments.


100 United State

to investigate

the judicial

system and

planned to

The first would be L.A.P.D.


and protect

from an organization of gangster.



who had


Page 21-

My associate and


1 had

and letters




Senator Joueph


chaired by

Senator Biden and


that he

Senator Bowlin

corrup'tion in

investigate the judicial

p a g o But,

meetings with the chairman of

Beflin to

remponse to the peoples

Heflin proceeded to cover


the corruption.
The people again petitioned the U.S. Senate but again it war
covered up by Joseph Biden and the Senate Judiciary Committee.
years the officers of


the L.A.P.D.

to an invidious (Guyana, Jonesboro

have been subjected

Massacre type) mass hypnosis,

a conspiracy of mind conditioning, nlow, unrecognieed for what it

was, but steady and

deadly, always related to


shift8 heightened



streets and

looming buildings



were the

dangerous duties,
alleys, mhadowy


of the


conditioning plot, ready to shoot or knife them from ambush.






actions with simultaneou~ mind conditioning

fear and mistrust



of black people


officers and consider them enemies, a

potential for violence.

This fantastic plot

pitting black

people and white


against each other, constantly at each otherd throats wau kept at

a high,

leveriah pitch,


terrific tension, both

the other violently at

. i d e s ready


the slightest provocation

or even no reason at all.

This explosive conditioning of human mind8 was kept at fever







newspaper ,

Page 22


magazines, etc.

Propaganda of prejudice and hatred prepared by

profeesional expert

provocateurs involved

in a

plot to


racial strife, riots and revolution.

Further exacerbated by deliberate, clever judicial decimiona


designed to

officer8 and black

and frustrate




both poliee

provocateurs of the plot


cease their operations.

When this plot

up, I took

was heating

my information


evidence to the Los Angeles Federal Department of Justice.

Andrea Ordin,

the head

entire plot and destroyed

she never

got it, then

of the

department, covered up

the evidence given to her

refused to talk


and claimed

with me again.


a Federal Judge who is a cloae asnociate of

Ordin is the wife of

Harry Pregerson and Stephen Reinhardt in the plot.

I took
fire, in

which a man


information and

an L.A. Deputy

Palo Verde Nuclear Plant




Berenson and

Ben Nordman
a close

up files related

and the records of

Facilities Corporation which



Superior Court Judge Savitch,

fire which was set to burn

to the

Inter-State Bank

Reiner covered up thiu evidence

a close associate of his,

Jerome Berenson

was murdered, to

District Attorney Ira

wae involved in the

evidence . o f the

who own


the Ventura

is owned

by Judge

the Bank of

A , Levy,

of Harry



Savitch and a top person in the plot.

The four L.A.P.D.




manipulation and

officers indicted are




mass hypnoti~mof

not guilty of



both black and


white people

SEPTEMBER 6 , 1994

Page 23







i n auch

p s y c h i a t r i s t s and

manner as




r i o t s and

r e v o l u t i o n on s u c h a s c a l e i t w i l l dwarf t h e Wattu R i o t s .

D i n t r i c t Attorney Ira

R e i n e r ' a o f f i c e c a n n o t prosecute

o f f i c e r s because o f

p r o t e c t i o n o f judges

u p and p r e j u d i c e and o f f i c i a l

deeply involved i n
and i t s

o v e r t h r o w t h e L.A.P.D.

of i n t e r e a t

overwhelming c o n f l i c t

and p r e j u d i c e because o f h i r c o v e r


t h e incredible plot

lawful d u t i e s .


The F e d e r a l J u s t i c e Department c a n n o t p r o s e c u t e t h e L.A.P.D.

o f f i c e r s because of its c o n f l i c t of i n t e r e s t i n v o l v i n g t h e c o v e r

-up of the judges

b r u t a l i t y and k i d n a p p i n g i n t h e

i n c i d e n t which was

committed by J u d g e s

t h e i r criminal


S a n t a Barbara

involved i n t h e p l o t

i n v o l v i n g Chief


o f f i c e r s w e r e p r o s e c u t e d , it would

Lucas, and i f t h e



be a g a i n ~ t

t h e i r c o n s t i t u t i o n a l r i g h t s b e c a u s e t h e y would have no f a i r means

of a p p e a l b e f o r e t h e S t a t e Supreme C o u r t .
Keeping i n
Thornburgh, i s
t h e F.B.I.;

mind t h a t

an ex F e d e r a l


of t h e C.I.A.;



of t h e

J u s t i c e Department,

Judge;rs i s S e s s i o n s ,

a l s o Webster, head

an ex Federal Judge--all

t h e head

who are

t h e head o f

and Lucas

is a l s o

by Judge Harry P r e g e r r o n and



and have

u n t o l d m i l l i o n s of d o l l a r s a t t h e i r command.



Gatee r e s i g n i n g ,

ahould be removed becaume o f h i s

and h i s b e t r a y a l of

minister plot.

safeguard t h e people, t h e



and Brookins e x t o r t i o n of Coors

both b l a c k and w h i t e
I f Bradley


had done

people i n covering
his official

p l o t c o u l d have been exposed


duty t o
and v e r y


Page 24

The Grand Jury members are placed in o f f i c e by the influence

of judges and

Attorney in attempts for


many years to destroy

much as


Lt. Herman

uituation, a

and an

and the


of the

Chief Thad

Because. of this

special Grand

indepth investigation

against both the L.A.P.D.

honest competent

t o remove


Zander, which

totally independent

the District

been a t o o l of

to my knowledge have

Jury should

whole aordid



black citizens of Los Angeles,

and the real perpetrators prosecuted.

These indicted officers are victims.

They should not suffer

felony prosecutions and be sent to prision.

The real culprits,



the U.S. Senators and

their duties

monstrous plot; nuch



as Senators

up the

other politicians

Joseph Biden, Strom

of the


Howlin Heflin are the real villians.

now the lives of these officers

A s it atands





destroyed. No one can

With the





ever live it down, but they

and the lives



can be

proper defense they can be ~ m d .the light of the nun

can shine through.