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Maria C.

English 4 Contemporary
October 13, 2014.
End of the world

Have you ever wondered what kept your home nice and cozy during the winter? Or
what were the costs for getting that fuel, according to Union of Concerned Scientists Fossil
fuelscoal, oil, and natural gasare America's primary source of energy, accounting for 85
percent of current US fuel use(ucs1). Not just America, other countries in the world use fossil
fuels as their main resources. Without even realizing that these natural fuels are causing
worldwide problems including sink holes, air pollution, and water pollution. Not one of these
where made by Mother Nature these disasters were made by humans.
In 1971 Soviet engineers were looking for a new oil field to drill, when they accidentally
found a massive underground natural gas cavern. When they opened the cavern poisonous
fumes began to come out. In the article International Science Times, Josh Lieberman claimed,
The blaze ignited a coal seam and spread throughout the towns mines, releasing poisonous
gasses and creating dangerous sinkholes. The town was condemned, and 1,400 Centralia
residents left; a handful who remained were recently granted permission by the courts to keep
their homes until their deaths. In other words, the Soviets created a hole in the ground, which
almost caused people their lives. The Scientist tried to get rid of the hole by setting in on fire,

but that backfired because the hole is still burning today. This ties well with the main idea
because the hole was man-made. Not an act on the environment that made the cavern.
According to people Mother Nature is the one to blame for all the disasters according
across the world, when in reality the humans are the ones that pollute Mother Nature. In an
article in the Washington Post, Simon Denyer stated, Since Jan. 1, the central government has
required 15,000 factories including influential state-run enterprises to publicly report
details on their air emissions and water discharges in real time, an unprecedented degree of
disclosure that is shedding light on the who, what, when and where of Chinas devastating
environmental problems. In simpler words, this quote is stating that the factories, which are
man-made, are polluting the air. If an individual were to read on in the article, he or she would
read about how it is affecting the air they breathe and also how it is causing premature deaths.
The opposing side, the one arguing that Mother Nature can wipe out the human race,
may say, As global temperatures rise, weather patterns will change, food will become scarce
and diseases will spread. (Mother Nature Network). That, however, is wrong. In a different
article written by the same publishers, exclaims, We are still in an arms race against many
diseases, but we stand at a unique period in human history where it's possible to imagine a day
when we have conquered disease. It is possible, with our technology advancing, us as humans
can create a cure to fight off that individual diseases. Although it may take some time, it is
To conclude, the Mother Nature vs. Humans causing the end of the world, the
humans are hurting the environment and each other by air-pollution from factories, and manmade poisonous gas holes.

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