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FrozenCone technology

An unique system
for cold-pressing of
chocolate articles

Welcome to our world

provides the perfect shells
Whether your production makes centre-filled articles for assortment
boxes or straight shells such as Surprise Eggs for toy containers,
FrozenCone provides you with the competitive edge!
Centre-filled articles are especially
exposed to fat bloom, which can jeopardize your reputation as a high-quality
manufacturer. FrozenCone provides
your shells with the optimum protection against fat bloom. The complete
freedom to design a uniform shell thickness all over the article and the proven more closely

Perfectly shaped shells with any desirable

image print on the inside are unique
FrozenCone features. Surprise Eggs must
provide secure moulding of shell rims so that
toys containers are safely kept yet easily
opened. Both features are ensured with
FrozenCone which is the only cold-pressing
method providing the full freedom to design
the optimum shell edge geometry.

packed crystal structure in the

FrozenCone shell are some of the unique features providing the highest available fat bloom resistance. Others are
perfectly shaped positive shell edges
for welding of bottom or other parts.
Higher resistance than traditionally
against temperature stress is a further advantage, as are more glossy

FrozenCone unit with controlled humidity


With supercooled plungers and pressing periods

below 1 second impressive production speeds are
achievable. Ask our sales team for details.

cold-pressing of chocolate
Aasted launched the worlds first coldpressing plant in 1992 branded as
the FrozenCone technology.
FrozenCone maintains its leading
edge today as the only cold-pressing
system on the market preserving
supercooled plungers, perfectly desig-

ned shell edges, the highest possible

production speed and totally clean
environments without chocolate
waste. Our continuous strive to maintain the leading position has revealed
todays fifth generation
the FrozenCone V.

Use of scrapers and excess chocolate were eliminated with third

generation FrozenCone launched in 1998. Totally clean mould
surfaces and production environments were ensured.

Unique seal of content with

How would you like the design of your
perfectly shaped shell edges? With
FrozenCone you are free to choose.
Your preferred design is simply moulded directly into the shell edges!
As the only cold-pressing system on
the market, FrozenCone provides
you with ready-moulded shell edges
according to your own optimum
design and forget about chocolate
waste, knives, and roller scrapers!

FrozenCone gives you unlimited freedom to design exactly the shapes

and the shell thickness you desire
independent of the viscosity of the
mass. Shell edges are perfectly shaped
in the moulding operation for subsequent welding with other parts.
FrozenCone equals full control of all
surfaces and thickness of the shells
from the design phase to the finished

The sharp countersunk shell edge is the optimum solution for

shells such as pralines to be filled with a centre mass. The
inclined shape ensures a unique sealing with the bottom layer
not possible with traditional shell making. Shell edge design
with FrozenCone simply gives the highest reachable shelf life
to the optimum benefit of your brands.

FrozenCone gives you the full freedom to design the optimum geometry
of the important shell edge for
example for your new production of
Surprise Eggs.

Aasted Maxi
flexible moulding line.

The cold truth about perfect

chocolate products
FrozenCone is the original, patented method for cold-pressing of chocolate, which is as
simple as it is brilliant. FrozenCone exemplifies how a successful idea develops into an
entirely new production method that outmanoeuvres the conventional methods.
Patented precision
1992 was the year when the first generation FrozenCone found its way from our
laboratories and into the market. The method was as simple as it was original. By
quickly pressing a supercooled plunger into
a mould with liquid chocolate, a shell with a
perfectly shaped body was formed.

Well-tried technology
The technology is thoroughly tested
through the years as more than 300 different products are on the market.
Manufacturers and independent laboratories agree that the FrozenCone technology
provides shells with the highest quality achievable on the market.

The first generation of cold-pressing systems requires the use of excess chocolate and scrapers for
milling shell edges. Shell bodies are perfectly moulded, however, chocolate residues contaminate shell
cavity, upper mould surfaces and production
environments generally.

The second generation of cold-pressing systems lacks

dynamics for compensating inaccuracies in deposited
chocolate volume. Excess chocolate contaminates, and
shell rims are incomplete.

Perfectly shaped
Surprise Eggs and
totally clean mould

tools for
Surprise Eggs.

The fourth generation FrozenCone ensures that all shells in your

production are perfect. The independently suspended plungers compensate for
any inaccuracy in the moulds and in the deposited mass volume. Excess mass is
totally eliminated.

The hard shell reduces

the risk of fat bloom
One of the most important advantages of
the technology is the hard, precise and
glossy shell that to a great extent prevents
centre-filled fat from penetrating. Another
side gain is increased resistance to temperature stress.
A FrozenCone product can resist higher

temperatures than traditionally moulded

No chocolate waste
Todays upgraded FrozenCone technology
eliminates excess chocolate and ensures
clean production environments. Use of any
knife or roller scrapers is superfluous.

Pralines and perfect depositing of differently shaped products in the same

With the latest generation FrozenCone V,
assortment boxes with differently shaped
products can be made in the same production. Of course you have the full freedom of
choosing different masses and centre fillings
as well.

FrozenCone V
provides complete flexibility for
exchanging plunger heads and
creating new products.

When ready-moulded, the FrozenCone V

made products are simply transferred directly into an assortment box maintaining their
mutual positions.

The happy clown was one of the

many test items. It brilliantly illustrates
that all contours and shapes are
printed directly in the chocolate.

mould plate
being turned
for welding
together egg

Design a new assortment box

configuration of your own
FrozenCone ChocoAssort offers you new advantages not seen before. As the leader
in cold-pressing of chocolate we invented cold-pressing of assortment boxes in one go!
All the differently shaped articles are moulded in the same pressing operation and
transferred in the same order directly from the moulds to the box. All traditional handling is superfluous.

A new world of possibilities

for making centre-filled articles
for assortment boxes is opened
with FrozenCone call our
sales team for more
detailed information.

Direct placing of assorted chocolate articles
without lifting a finger!

Details of the
Surprise Egg

Surprise Eggs
for packaging.

FrozenCone the direct way to

significant chocolate cost savings!
Praline production in chocolate mould with
8 rows each with 20 praline shells having a
target weight of 4,5 grams.

Investing in FrozenCone offers a safe and quick return on investment through

significant chocolate savings in the production. A direct investment in the future!
A traditional production of pralines with target weights of 12 grams for the
finished pralines was replaced by FrozenCone production. The shells have a
target weight of 4,5 grams - see the astonishing results below:
Histogram with traditional shell making
4,50 g
5,20 g
4,50 g
4,92 g
Deviation + 0,28 g + 5,6 %
- 0,43 g - 8,6 %
The traditional shell making system suffers
from major deviations in the shell weight.
Histogram with FrozenCone shell making
4,57 g
4,50 g
Average 4,54 g
Deviation + 0,03 g + 0,6 %
- 0,04 g - 0,8 %

Result to the benefit of

The increased centre filling weight with
FrozenCone production amounts to
0,63 grams per praline or a reduction of 8,7% in total
chocolate consumption to the benefit
of FrozenCone!
FrozenCone chocolate
production of 1.000 kg/hour
results in:
8,7% in chocolate saving, or more
than 87 kg of chocolate saved each
production hour, or 13.000 pralines
saved per hour, or more than 5 minutes of production saved per hour!
Upgrade your production with
FrozenCone call our sales team

FrozenCone ensures a 10-time more precise

shell weight than traditional shell making.

When the praline shell in a traditionel proces is thick, the centre filling has to be reduced to make
space for the bottom layer. However, this means that for the remaining lighter shells in the mould,
some of the centre fillings will be replaced by the bottom layers. Consequently, the bottom layer
will be thicker than desired! With FrozenCone this is history!
Traditional shell-making
The 12 grams praline
requires a minimum
bottom weight of 2
grams of chocolate to
cover the centre filling.
Then, the heaviest shell
with a weight of 5,20
grams limits the centre
filling weight of all
pralines in the mould to
4,80 grams.

The 10-time higher
weight accuracy with
FrozenCone makes
it possible to reduce
the weight of the heaviest shell to 4,57
grams thus increasing the centre filling
weight of all pralines in
the mould to 5,43


Protected by Patents: EP 0920810 B1, EP 0914775 B1, EP 0925720 B1, EP 0923876 B1, EP 0945069 B1, EP 1346641 B1, EP 1346643 B1, EP 1396191 B1.

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