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Email: EHSFunctional@Yahoo.com

My experience within the IT industry spans 21 years as a whole with the past 14 years spent extensively within
the SAP EHS (Environment, Health, & Safety) module (specifically within the EHS sub-modules of Product Safety,
Industrial Hygiene & Safety, Occupational Health, Dangerous Goods, and other relevant functionalities within the
EHS arena). This work has been performed in multiple industries, such as chemical, petroleum, consumer
packaged goods, utilities & government as a functional lead & architect. My responsibilities have included
analysis of business processes, blueprinting, system-study, designing new process requirements, outside
software package integration analysis, functional specifications, definition of scope, development, configuration,
ABAP designs, implementation, data conversions/migrations, testing, enhancement, business cross-training,
knowledge transfer, and production support in the SAP EHS module.

Project Experience
H. B. Fuller (October, 2013 - Present)

EHSM Functional Consultant - Responsible for installing and setting up the SAP EH&S Regulatory
Content Tool for both Product Safety and Dangerous Goods (includes phrases in unicode, specifications,
Expert Rules, & MSDS templates).

Americas Styrenics (April, 2013 - July, 2013)


EHS Functional Track Lead - Responsible for two overall objectives (1) Design, Build, & Rollout of
Product Safety & Dangerous Goods (2) Requirements gathering for EHSM Incident Management,
Management of Change, Industrial Hygiene & Safety, Occupational Health, Audit Management, Task
Management, Regulatory Reporting, Red Tag System, & Behavior Based Observations.

Rio Tinto (June, 2012 - March, 2013)


HSE Functional Delivery Lead - Responsible for deployment of HSE SAP system for Rio Tinto Minerals
(Incident Management, Action Management, Audit Management, Risk Management, Injury / Illness Log
with Time Management for absences & restrictions, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, and custom
applications for Suggestions, Managing Protective & Critical Equipment, Interaction Surveys, & Hazard

US ARMY (Jan, 2012 - June, 2012)


EHS Functional Consultant - Responsible for design around HQAES (Head Quarters Army Environmental
System) which included everything from Audit & Permit Management for facility compliance to Waste

Sadara Chemical Company (2011 - Jan, 2012)


Primary role included developing the EHS Statement of Work for a new joint (Sadara Chemical Company)
between DOW and Saudi Aramco that is to be sent out for bid. The Statement of Work includes Product
Safety, Dangerous Goods, Industrial Hygiene & Safety, Occupational Health, Waste Management,
Emissions Management, and Hazardous Substance Management.
Secondary responsibility includes development & documentation of Sadara's future EHS work processes
for all of the sub-areas included in the Statement of Work.

US Postal Service SAP 6.0 (Feb, 2008 - Feb, 2011)


EHS Architect & Lead functional consultant.

Responsible for blueprinting Accident and Claim processes / functionalities which included front-end web
application, back-end data structure, enhancements to the system, online repts, WWI forms, interfaces
between SAP & legacy systems, & other related items including upgrades.

Responsible for leading the testing for the National Rollout.

Responsible for guiding development team thru functional specs, cross-training with EHS specific items
(tables, dependencies, user exits, functionality, etc).
Responsible for production support following multiple go lives.

RIO TINTO SAP 6.0 (Sept, 2007 - Nov, 2007)


Lead consultant for HSE team for RTEA (Rio Tinto Energy America) Roll-Out.

Primary liaison between North America and Global Release Team regarding communication around
status, issues, & processes.
Responsible for coordinating all work for consultants and BU team members (from BU Specific solutions
to fill gaps that core solution didnt provide, data extracts & loads for roll-out, unit & integration testing,
business role mapping / security setup, training, etc).
Responsible for MERCURY script creation and testing (Unit & Integration Testing)

Responsible for management and dispersion of system defects out of MERCURY.

Responsible for life cycles application and processing of documentation using DOCUMENTUM.

Responsible for gap analysis related to business requirements for roll-out compared to Core & Common

TESORO Petroleum Corporation SAP 4.6C / EHS 2.7B (April, 2007 - Aug, 2007)

Responsible for working directly with the clients business groups to grow enthusiasm around the already
purchased and future purchases of the SAP R/3 product. This included presentations, training, and
numerous meetings to help turn the tide where the new business personnels attitude towards the product
wasnt positive.
Advised project manager on future directives regarding growing support between business users and the
SAP product.
Assisted with the acquisition of the SHELL Los Angeles refinery.

Supported production operations.

Knowledge transfer (for both the functional, development, & business groups).

Collaboration with fellow colleague on xEM application (Emissions Management) implementation.

EDISON Utilities of Southern California SAP ECC 6.0 (Oct, 2006 - Feb, 2007)


Team Lead, Developer, and liaison between IT and business departments at the client.
Responsible for working with client in gathering requirements and relating them to relevant
business process flows.
Definition of scope.
Responsible for supporting the CFOs purchase of SAP R/3 as the chief tool for running the
business which included ensuring that the various business groups understood and remained positive
around the implementation.
Responsible for presenting EHS functionalities to the clients EHS dept super-users.
Responsible for implementing and testing certain EHS functionalities in a sandbox environment to
ensure that certain business processes worked with standard functionality.
Knowledge transfer (for business groups).

OLIN Chlor Alkali Chemicals-TN (Oct, 2006)


Responsible for developing a PowerPoint proposal and co-presenting SAP R/3 EHS functionality
to the client.

HELIX Energy Solutions-TX (Sept, 2006)

Responsible for assisting SAP with sales of SAP R/3 functionality which included attending
meetings with the client during the SAP presentations and being responsible for answering questions
around specific functionalities and capabilities.

S.C. Johnson Wax (Mar, 2006 - Sept, 2006) SAP ECC 5.0
Team Lead, Developer, and liaison between IT and business representatives.


Responsible for tracking and communication of all issues and current progress of development
and business process flows.
Definition of scope and monitoring for un-expected scope change along with impacts of scope
Responsible for implementing (configuration) EHS functionality (Product Safety) along with
integration of development and design with other areas managed by various teams (including Document
Management, Recipe Management).
Responsible for creating functional specifications for new functionalities.
Knowledge transfer (for both developer and business groups).

Lyondell Chemical (May, 1998 - Feb, 2006) SAP 4.5B / EHS 2.2A SAP ECC 5.0
Lead Consultant on SAP R/3 EHS team Responsibilities included:

100% of all development (including full implementations and quarterly enhancements &
production support) - sole developer within EHS team.
Lead design & implementation of custom programming and web development. Included
management of personnels responsibilities related to EHS within the programming depts. (i.e.
ABAP, Visual Basic, or any person working on a related EHS project).
Responsible for proposals and white papers leading to new functionalities (both major and minor
in depth & scope).
Lead design on all EHS projects (both large and small) including implementations of all new
functionalities and all upgrades.
Solely lead and developed multiple upgrades (EHS 2.5b, EHS 2.7b, ECC 5.0 / ERP 2004) while
supporting all departments under EHS:

Product Safety Hazard communications group.

Dangerous Goods Logistics Compliance group.

Vendor documentation

Industrial Hygiene & Safety and Occupational Health Plant Industrial Hygienists.

Co-lead communication efforts between the business and IT groups.

Responsible for all communication and integration between BASIS and Development for EHS.

Member to the Tech Team group which was responsible for reviewing and approving all
enhancements and fixes that were requested to move thru the environments. Review included
integration issues, relevancy of change, classification of change (i.e. production fix vs.
enhancement), and standards guidelines regarding functional specifications documentation.
Responsible for all production support under EHS.

Responsible for planning, scheduling, & roll-out of EHS related softwares (namely WWI, WebInterface to R/3, service packs, upgrades).
IT EHS analysis for various growth phases:

Sale of aliphatic diisocyanates business to BAYER.

New partnership with BAYER for construction of Maasvlakte propylene oxide/styrene

monomer mfg facility.

Acquisition of Millennium Chemicals making Equistar a wholly owned subsidiary of


Acquisition of CITGOs ownership interest in LCR causing Houston Refining LP to

become a wholly owned subsidiary of Lyondell.
Responsible for creating all functional specifications for new functionalities (TDFs & ADFs).

Knowledge transfer to business groups.

IT EHS integration around acquisition of ARCO Chemical Company and partnership with
Occidental Petroleum Corporation.
IT EHS analysis and integration for sale of worldwide polyols business to BAYER AG and
preparation for world-scale Propylene Oxide plant in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Responsible for creating functional specifications for new functionalities (TDFs & ADFs).

Lead for Manugistics MTM bolt-on application onto SAP R/3 for Supply Chain delivery system.

Universal Computer Systems (Oct, 1992 - May, 1998)

1998 Manager of new technologies

Executing projects related to long-term vision of the company (including PEN based technologies,
Internet technologies, Kiosk designs, and other related projects).
Reported directly to the Vice President of Development related to projects for long-term growth
of company from a sales perspective as well as direction for the micro and business application
systems development as a whole.
1995 - 1997 Team Supervisor

Continued to design and lead largest projects within Service Team.

Managed all team members including semi-annual evaluations, salary increase appraisals, and
goal setting.
Continued to act as liaison between development and product managers for gathering technical
requirements regarding customer desires around new functionality.
Mentoring to new team members.

1994 Project Lead

In charge of all projects on Service Team to allow team supervisor to focus on long-term vision of
Service Team.
Managed up to nine other team members including:

Delegation of duties.

Development of core functionalities

Designs in-progress

Maintaining standards within programming, designs, documentation.

Quality Review & Testing.

1992 1993 Programmer / Team Specialist for the SERVICE development team.

Wrote software for new & existing functionalities.

Wrote technical designs for new & existing functionalities.

Promoted within first six months to team analyst.

Liaison between IT and product manager for communication regarding requirements from
customers, new designs, technical capabilities.

Leading, designing, & developing for large projects within completely new systems key to
the SERVICE team.

Managed change control migration thru all systems (from development to production

Managed creation of service packs for large projects including changes that integrated with
other projects on different time lines.

Technical Expertise

Numerous global implementations (Americas, European Union, & Asia-Pacific) and upgrades including submodules Product Safety, Dangerous Goods, Industrial Hygiene & Safety, and Occupational Health. This
includes versions 2.2A, 2.5B, 2.7B, 3.2, and PLM ERP 2004 (ECC 5.0), ECC 6.0.

Extensive WWI (Word for Windows Integrator) work including:

Implemented and supported use of 33 various languages (including groups 1, 2, & 3).
Designed and built Product MSDS template for outbound documents.
Designed and built Industrial Hygiene & Safety templates for Employee Notification Letters and Chain of
Custody used for sampling with 3rd party laboratories.
o Designed and created symbol methods used for customized logic within standard delivered WWI symbols
(including custom symbol groups).
o Packaging and rollout of new WWI versions (Service Packs) for use of MSDS display in SAP.
o Configuration of WWI settings.
Designed data migration process for phrases for both pre and post go-live. The process worked with multiple
phrase libraries including CED from Technidata, LOLI from ChemAdvisor, and client phrases from a legacy
system. This included the entire gamete for the process from phrase imports along with ALE to migrate the
phrases including change pointer functionality, to translation processing.

Designed & processed data migration process for other data items as well including specifications headers,
identifiers, specification compositions, material allocations, WWI templates, property trees, dangerous goods
classifications, listed UN substances, industrial hygiene & safety work areas, industrial hygiene & safety
agents (exposure profile), occupational health protocols, MSDS PDFs (product, vendor, & intermediate
streams), and generation variants.

Designed, configured, & setup Industrial Hygiene & Safety work area structures.
Designed, configured & setup Industrial Hygiene & Safety Measurement Management (sample planning and
Designed, configured, & setup Industrial Hygiene & Safety Risk Assessment for both Qualitative and
Quantitative assessments.
Designed, configured, & setup Occupational Health medical surveillance protocols along with integration into
HRs termination process to trigger emails to a 3rd party medical provider to offer exit-exams to appropriate
Installed, configured, and imported ARIEL 3rd party data provider which was used for the Dangerous
Goods module.
o Setup ARIEL required configuration.
o Imported all ARIEL UN listed substance headers and identifiers.
o Implemented ARIEL STAGING AREA tool to allow business to download at will regulatory
information using the web to connect to Ariels regulatory database.
o Trained business on use of STAGING AREA tool.
Installed, configured, setup, and imported CHEM ADVISOR 3rd party data provider which was used for both
Regulatory data for the MSDS and Dangerous Goods.
Worked with setup & configuration of Expert Rules (including MSDS Maker Rule set).
Industrial Hygiene & Safety Incident / Accident tracking
Design and configuration of unit of measure tables.
Designed and created many IT and business processes for various functionalities.
Designed and created templates, configuration, and customized symbol functionality for Material Safety Data
Sheets (MSDSs) of type Product, Vendor, and Intermediate Process Stream.
Configured Listing / Exclusion functionality (used in conjunction with deliveries for control of outbound
products). This included both the configuration of the functionality and the import of the control records.
Blueprinted process for consolidation of EHS module into main R/3 environment from a separate server.
Designed and created TSCA 12b custom ABAP reporting to notify the Product Safety group to communicate
with non-US countries when a TSCA 12b product was being shipped.
Designed and configured MSDS delivery thru various communication methods (prints, emails, and faxes).

Configuration of MSDS document shipment thru subsequent shipping which is defined as automatic
document shipment for major MSDS revisions.
EHS Web development using Technidatas web tool which interfaces with the SAP Report Information
System. This included customization of the standard search fields for use with Vendor, Product, and
Intermediate process stream documents.
Created, designed, and configured process for keeping MSDSs current with CHEMTREC (USA), SETIQUE
(Canada), and CAN (Mexico) for emergency response. This process included:
o Automatic download of newly generated & released MSDSs.
o Conversion of downloaded files to PDF format.
o Migration of files using OPCON from SAP servers to business servers for processing of documents
by MSDS administrator.
Worked with Logistics Compliance business department to design and configure Dangerous Goods global
regulations. This included everything from configuration of regulations and other DG related configuration,
data imports, DG order and delivery checks based on rules in DG master, collaboration of business depts. for
DG data with mapping to MSDS Section 14.
Work with functionality of Recipe Management.
Work with xEM application (Emissions Management).
Extensive experience with data conversions / migrations Involved with design, creation, and usage of tool
dealing with:
o Specification Headers & Identifiers
o Specification Compositions
o Specification material allocations
o Spec property trees thru the Classification System (Classes & Characteristics)
o Property Trees
o WWI templates
o EHS Phrases and translations
o Dangerous Good Classification Substances
o Dangerous Good UN listed Substances
o Industrial Hygiene & Safety work areas
o Industrial Hygiene & Safety work area agents (exposure profile)
o Industrial Hygiene & Safety work area phrase descriptions.
o Occupational Health protocols
o MSDS PDFs (Product, Vendor, & Intermediate Process-Streams)


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Computer Science and Mathematics) degree from Stephen F.
Austin State University.
Supplemental leadership training through Dale Carnegie Training for Managers.