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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Batangas
District of Calatagan

Third Periodic Test

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I Direction: A. Encircle the letter of the correct answer
1. Which agent of erosion carries the greatest amount of soil to another place
a. Gusty wind B. flash floods C. fighting bulls
C. boys playing football
2. Why is sand easily blown in dry regions like desert?
a. the sand is dry
c. the sand is curse
b. the sand is wet
d. the sand is smooth
3. Which of the following activities done by some students does not cause erosion?
a. playing football b. cultivating the plants c. running around the field d. playing basketball in the gym.
4. What can hold best the soil from being washed away ?

a. Plants
b. container of soil c. slope of soil
d. kind of soil
5. How do you call the method of farming wherein low crops are planted alternately with tall crops?
a. terracing
b. crop rotation
c. strip cropping d. contour plowing
6. Why are there very few plants that grow in the sandy oil?
a. the soil does not contain rain water
c. the soil does not contain humus
b. only few plants grow in that place
d. Nobody watered the plants
7. Which method did the ifugaos use to prevent in Banaue?
a. terracing
b. crop rotation c. strip cropping
d. building dams
8. Lahar covered many farmlands in Tarlac, Zambales & Pampanga. What is the effect of lahar to the plants?
a. plants do not grow well
c. plants will not be fertilized
b. plants will bring more harvest
d. no plants will grown in this area
9. Which of the following soil is easily eroded?
a. clay
b. gravel
c. sand
d. loam
10. How does erosion affects farmlands?
a. farms become unsuitable for plants growth and development.
b. farmers become fertile thus enough crops will be harvested.
c. farmers gain in selling theid framlands.
d. Farmer plant cover crops in farmlands
11. The Conjuanco family has a huge farmlands. What method of preventing soil erosion is advisable to preserve the
mineral content of their lands?
a. crop rotation
b. strip cropping
c. cover crops
d. farm ponds
12. Flashfloods destroy properties and untimely deaths of many lives in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City in Mindanao
during the typhoon Sendong. What could be the probable reason why this happen?
a. The people are unprepared for this kind of calamity
b. Illegal loggings is rampant in Mindanao area.
c. Volume of rainwater is more than the numbers of trees in the forest.
d.All of a, b, c, d
13. How can we prevent soil erosion in an effective way?
a. reforestation
b. deforestation
c. farm ponds
d. contour farming
B. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blanks provided:
_______14. The air temperature in the daily forecast by PAG-ASA is taken____?
a. under the sun
c. inside the air condition room
b. under the tree
d. inside the non air-condition room.
_______15. You see a wall thermometer rising. What does it tell you?
a. air is getting colder
c. air temperature does not change
b. air is getting hotter
d. air becomes roistered
* Study the char below and then answer the questions that follows. Refer your answer from the data given in the
table: (16-18)

Air Pressure
Dec 01
2:00 pm
24 oC
Dec 02
2:00 pm
32 oC
Dec 03
2:00 pm
21 oC
Dec 04
2:00 pm
26 C
Partly cloudy
_____16. Which day has the coolest temperature? a. Dec. 01
b. Dec 02
c. Dec. 03
d. Dec 04
_____17. What happened to air pressure when the temperature was low?
a. air pressure is rising
c. air pressure continuously changes
b. air pressure was falling
d. no changes in pressure
_____18. Based on the table ablove. What can you say about the temperature?
a. temperature ranges from least to greatest
b. air temperature varies from time to time
c. air temperature goes with the wind
d. air temperature does not vary at all
_____19. If you are facing east and your hair is blown backward, where do you thing the wind is blowing from?
a. north b. south
c. east
d. west
_____20. If you are going to travel at sea using a small boat, in which of the following situation is the best time to do it?
a. when a small branches move
c. when the clouds are not moving
b. when leaves and twig away
d. when the smoke from chimney moves horizontally
_____21. In what direction does earth rotate on its axis as seen from the equator?
a. left to right
b. right to left
c. revolution
d. orbit
_____22. How does the earth move around the sun?
a. the earth revolves around the sun as it turns clockwise direction
b. the earth revolves and rotate around the sun
c. the earth revolves in a counter clockwise around the sun
d. the revolves around the earth in a counter clockwise direction
_____23. Which movements of the earth causing the day and night?
a. revolution
b. rotation
c. wobbling
d. orbiting
_____24. What unit of time is equal to one complete rotation of the earth on its axis?
a. day
b. a week
c. a month
d. a year
_____25. How does the planet earth revolve around the sun?
a. its north pole moves up and down
c. its north pole points in just one direction
b. its north pole moves from left to right
d. its north pole moves in many directions
_____26. Why does the sun seem to rise in the east and set in the west?
a. the sun rotates on its axis
c. earth takes 24 hours to rotate on its axis
b. the sun revolves to
d. earth rotates in a counterclockwise
_____27. How often do we have a leap year? a. every year b. every 2 years
c. every 3 years
d. every 4 years
_____28. The pull of the moon on the earths surface is greater because _____?
a. it is denser than the sun
c. it is smaller than the sun
b. it is nearer the earth
d. it is a non-luminous body
I- Matching type: Draw a line to connect the phases of the moon with its appearances

a. new moon
b. first quarter
c. full moon
d. last quarter


B. Puzzle: Fill this boxwith words or phrases described by the given clues. Each word or phrase begins with the last letter of the
next word:




III. Enumeration
36. S _ _ glasses is used in viewing solar eclipse to avoid eye damage.
37. S_ _ _ R eclipse is the eclipse of the sun
38. L_ _ _ R eclipse is the eclipse of the moon
39. N _ _ M _ _N when the moon comes between the sun and the earth, the side that faces the earth is dark.

40. A_X_S - is an imaginary line that runs through the earth in a counter clockwise direction from the north pole to the south