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English 101

Intersession 2015
English 101 Syllabus
Rio Hondo Community College

Professor: Awndrea Lassiter

Email: ALassiter@riohondo.edu
M-F: 8am-10:50am (LR 123), Lab: 11am-12:15pm (LR 118)
Course Description: (Formerly ENGL 001A)
Prerequisite: ENGL 035 with a grade of "Pass" or ENLA 100 with an "A" or "B" or appropriate
assessment Transfers to: UC, CSU
This is a composition course that enables students to generate logical, coherent essays and reports
necessary to academic and professional success. Students will become proficient in research
techniques, learn critical reading and thinking skills through expository and persuasive reading
selections, and apply these skills to creating original essays and a final research paper. The lab
component of this course is designed to assist students in improving and refining their writing and
language skills. Students will complete lab activities that enhance their ability to compose logical,
well-supported arguments that exhibit grammatical fluency and correct documentation form.
Students will meet with composition instructors through individual conferences that address
students specific writing concerns. This course is designed for students who wish to fulfill the
General Education requirement for Written Communication.
Required Textbooks: A Writers Reference: 7th Edition: Diana Hacker & Nancy Sommers (This
book MUST be bought new in shrink-wrap. There is a code you need for lab that is only
available in new copies) ISBN: 978-0-312-60146-1
The Norton Sampler: Short Essays for Composition 8th edition: Thomas Cooley, Norton. ISBN:
You must have your books no later than the third week of the semester, and BRING YOUR
BOOKS TO CLASS EVERY CLASS PERIOD!!! If you do not have them with youthere
will be consequences.
Recommended: English Dictionary

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOME: Given a topic, or by choosing a topic, the

student will write an essay supporting a thesis by incorporating evidence from various sources
and documenting said sources using MLA format. The student should be able to clearly
demonstrate a thesis, use good analysis of outside sources, incorporate source material smoothly
and accurately, and use MLA format correctly.

Attendance/Participation (10%)

COME TO CLASS!!! It is important to attend every scheduled class. If you have more than 3
unexcused absences, your grade will drop down one level. If you are sick, or have other
IMPORTANT matters you need to attend to, please email me! If the student must be absent, for
any reason, it is the students responsibility to notify me by email and turn in any work due that
day at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class or it may not be counted for points. Tardiness:
Students should be responsible and arrive on time to class. Arriving late or leaving early is
considered half of an absence. Class points will be deducted and assignments missed due to tardy
arrival or leaving class early may not be made up, thus incurring a loss of points and a lower
grade. If the student is tardy on the first day of class, the instructor may give his or her roster spot
away, resulting in an immediate drop from the class. As for participation, participate in anyway
you can. Show me that enthusiasm!

Essays (40%: Each 10%)

You will be assigned four different essays throughout the semester. Each one will vary in topic
and length. Further information on each essay will be given the day it is assigned. (Dont worry;
they arent tooooo scary). If your essay is NOT handed into me at the beginning of class it is
LATE. I do not accept papers through email.

Final Essay (20%)

The final essay will be an argumentative research paper ranging between 9/10 pages. Further
information will be given on the day it is assigned.

Assignments (5%)
Every essay will be peer reviewed on its due date. It must be revised by the following class period
to receive assignment points. If you have no work with you on peer review days, points will be
deducted on your final essay, so make sure to keep up with your work! Along with revisions, The
Norton Sampler, will have questions that are assigned to certain readings. These must be
completed, and turned in, the following class after it is assigned. Each class period a journal topic
will be assigned at the beginning of class. These will be periodically checked and due on the day
of the final. Late homework will be accepted no later than by Middle of the third week . The
grade will be marked down, and an appointment needs to be made with me in order for me to
accept the late work. Essays are due on the scheduled day, regardless of any type of absence. If
the essay is not turned in on the date due, then the student may receive a fifty percent reduction in
the grade earned. Speeches, journals, and peer reviews cannot be made up.

Presentation (10%)
Along with your final essay, you are expected to complete a presentation. I will attempt to keep
this process as painless as possible. Each student will be asked to present for 3-4 mins. The
presentation will take place on the day of the final.

Lab (10%)
YOU HAVE TO GO TO LAB. It is a requirement! If you miss more than three labs your grade
will go down one level and I will take attendance! Please do not leave until I dismiss you. You

are also required to do online tests based on A Writers Reference along with 4 conferences.

Grade Distribution:








Final Essay













Cellphones: Do not let me see them! Put them on silent. Put them away. I am as addicted to
my cellphone as any of you, and I can keep it hidden for a couple hours, as can you. You will be
given three warnings for cellphone usage. The third warning will take 5% off of your final grade.

Eating in Class: Bring a snack if you must, but CLEAN AFTER YOURSELVES. The
moment I find trash left behindno more food.

Cheating/Plagiarism: Just dont do this. Plagiarism is illegal; its not worth it. Please use
your own words. Learn; dont cheat!

Withdrawal Policy: Remember, it is your responsibility to withdraw from any Rio Hondo
course. If you do not withdraw yourself out of my class, and you never attend, an F will go on
your transcript.

Note: Students with disabilities, who might want special accommodations, please feel
free to see me. I am more than willing to work with you =)

Week 1
M: 5 Introductions and go over Syllabus/ Review (Sentence structure/Grammar)
Homework: Buy Books!!! And Read: A Writers Reference, Building effective paragraphs (1011), (16-20), (32-34), (39-45) & The Norton Sampler, Writing Paragraphs (pgs. 42-58),
Description (pgs. 59-70), A Writers Reference: Getting Ideas (3-10), Voice (123-125),
Subj. Vs. Obj. (202).
T: 6 Go over effective paragraphs and reading analytically & writing a descriptive essay. Essay
# 1 (Descriptive Essay written IN CLASS)

Homework: Narrative Essay assigned (Peer Review due Friday 9th). Read: The Norton Sampler,
Narrative (pgs. 123-134) & But Two Negatives Equal a Positive (pgs. 135-142)
W: 7 Go over Essay # 2 (narrative) and readings. Do in class activities. Start on narratives.
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, The Ashen Guy: Lower Broadway, September 11,
2001 (pgs. 149-153), The Back of the Bus (pgs. 167-175) Answer Questions 1-5 pg. 175
Words and Figures of Speech, & The Sanctuary of School (pgs. 177-183)
R: 8 Go over readings, in class activity.
Homework: Read: A Writers Reference Revision (20-27). Have essay # 2 ready for peer
F: 9 Peer Review essay. Fix essays in class. Start Essay # 3 (compare and Contrast) Essay.
Homework: Revise peer reviewed essay & Read: A Writers Reference Language (162-164), ,
A Writers Reference Research (432-435). The Norton Sampler, Comparison and Contrast
(pgs. 353-367). Read: A Writers Reference (357-359)

Week 2
M: 12 Go over Compare and contrast essay and research methods. In class activities.
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, Watching Oprah from Behind the Veil (pgs. 363-372)
Answer Question 1 pg. 372 For Writing.
T: 13 Go over readings. Create thesis and start outline.
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, Grant and Lee: a Study in Contrasts (pgs. 373-381),
and Like Mexicans (pgs. 390-396). The Norton Sampler, Using Sources in Your Writing
(pgs. 641-680) Write: Introduction and first body paragraph.
W: 14 Go over readings (Emphasis on using sources in writings) Peer Review intro and body
paragraph and work on other paragraphs in class
Homework: Have essay # 3 ready for peer review next day.
R: 15 Peer review in class. Finish working on essay in class (If you dont finish, finish for
homework). Start on Essay # 4 (Cause and Effect)
Homework: Revise Essay # 3 & Read: The Norton Sampler, Cause and Effect (pgs. 471-486)
F: 16 Go over Cause and effect. Do some in class readings (Read: The Norton Sampler, A
Giant Step (pgs. 499-503) & Why and When We Speak Spanish in Public (pgs. 506-509)). Do
some in class activities. And write intro and outline.
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, I Have a Dream (pgs. 634-639), & King, Kennedy,
and the Power of Words (pgs. 487-492). And first two body paragraphs.

Week 3
M: 19 No Class. MLK holiday
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, Climbing the Golden Arches (pgs. 493-498) Answer
Questions 1-5 pg. 497 Strategies and Structures & Long Beautiful Hair (pgs. 510-516)
Answer Question 1 pg. 516 For Writing, and Family History (pgs. 483-486). Add next two
body paragraphs to your essays.
T: 20 Go over assigned readings. Work on essays.
Homework: Have essay # 4 Ready for peer review
W: 21- Peer Review essays. Work on finishing essays in class (finish at home if do not finish in
class). Introduce Argument Essay (Essay # 5, The Final Essay!!!)
Homework: Revise Essay # 4. Assign Final Essay & presentation (First draft due: Thursday,
January 29th, Final draft due on the day of the final) & Read: Rules for Writers, (pgs. 84-110)
& The Norton Sampler, Argument (pgs. 517-534) & Read: A Writers Reference (78-86), (92100)
R: 22- Go over The argumentative essay in depth
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, Two Years are Better than Four (pgs. 534-538) &
Our Semi-Literate Youth? Not so Fast (pgs. 570-575). Come up with a topic for final essay!
F: 23 - Argumentative essay contd. Go over assigned readings.
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, Moneyball: Are College Sports Worth the Price? (pg.
577), Let Stars get Paid (pgs. 578-583), & How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life (pgs. 591601). Write: Introduction with an outline.

Week 4
M: 26 Go over assigned readings & peer review intros w/ outlines
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, Mind and Media: Is Google Making us Stupid? (pg.
558), Mind Over Mass Media (pgs. 559-562), & Hal and Me (pgs. 563-569). Write first two
body paragraphs.
T: 27 Go over assigned readings. Review paragraphs. Continue working.
Homework: Read: The Norton Sampler, Should the Batman Kill the Joker? (pgs. 545-549) &
A Modest Proposal (pgs. 612-622). Write: Next two Body Paragraphs. Finish rough draft for
peer review!!!
W: 28 Go over assigned readings. Review paragraphs. Continue working. Peer Review Final
Essay!!! Work on essay rest of the day and finish up all unfinished lab work.
Homework: Make sure final essay is done for Thursday and that you are diligently working

on your presentation!
R: 29 Finals Day!!!!!
NOTE: This schedule is NOT set in stone. If things change just go with the flow =) I will be
there every step of the way!

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