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No.37-15/2008-SPB.I Dated : 28th July, 2009 requirements of the Circle, it is requested that Head
Subject: Optimization of direct recruitment to of the Circle should personally ensure that no deviation
civilian posts. is made in the matter and only such posts are filled
I am directed to refer to respective Circle's up by direct recruitment which have been allocated to
communications on the above subject and this the Circles. While filling up the vacancies the
Department's endorsement of even number dated instructions contained in the Department of Personnel
14.07.2009 regarding revival and filling up of 2712 and & Training's OM No. 2/8/2001-PIC dated 16.05.2001,
2478 vacancies in various Groups of posts in this DOP&T OM No. 14014/3/2005-Est (D) dated
Department by direct recruitment pertaining to the 14.06.2006 circulated vide Department of Posts letter
years 2006 and 2007 respectively, under Annual Direct No. 24-162/2006-SPB.I dated 4.8.2006 and other
Recruitment Plan in accordance with instructions instructions issued by the said Department, Ministry
contained in Department of Personnel & Training OM of Finance, etc. from time to time relating to recruitment
No. 2/8/2001-PIC dated 16.5.2001 and to say that should be strictly followed.
keeping in view the requirements of the Circles, 4. The Circles may recall that as intimated vide
computerization/modernization already done/being this Departments letter No No. 60-9/2009-SPB-II dt.
done, quantum of work load, existing manpower, etc. 8.5.2009 at present we are in the process of revising
in the various Circles and above all to ensure smooth the existing pattern of examination for filling up of the
Postal operations, the competent authority in the posts of Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant by
Department of Posts has allocated the number of direct recruitment. The same is likely to be finalized
vacancies to the various Circles to be filled up by direct shortly. Therefore you are requested to take necessary
recruitment in various cadres as per the enclosed action to fill up the vacancies of PA/SA after receipt of
statements. You are requested to reallocate the further communication in this regard from this
vacancies allotted to the Circle to the various recruiting Directorate. The Circles may however initiate
Divisions/Units in the circle. The vacancies so cleared recruitment process immediately to fill up the
for filling up in the Civil Wing have been communicated remaining direct recruitment vacancies allocated to
to Chief Engineer (Civil) separately, who in turn will them. For the said purpose the Heads of the Circle
allocate the vacancies to the various Divisions/Circles. should draw up an action plan under intimation to
2. Under no circumstances the Circles shall fill Department and closely monitor the same so that the
up the remaining direct recruitment vacancies posts are filled up at the earliest. The Department may
pertaining to the years 2006 and 2007 falling under be kept informed about the progress so made by the
the purview of Optimization Scheme. Further Circles from time to time.
instructions in this regard may be awaited. 5. The receipt of this communication may please
3. Since the allocation of vacancies to the various be acknowledged.
Circles has been done keeping in view the overall
YEAR 2006
SI. Name of the IPO PA SA Postman PA Jr. Total
No Circle. (Postal) (RMS) (CO) Accountant
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Andhra 11 88 10 70 02 02 183
2 Assam 03 50 06 22 00 18 99
3 Bihar 03 49 10 56 02 01 121
4 Chhatisgarh 02 13 03 11 02 00 31
5 Delhi 00 30 10 28 06 01 75
6 Gujarat 03 76 09 00 05 00 93
7 Haryana 00 23 03 19 02 00 47
8 Himachal 04 15 01 11 00 00 31
9 Jammu & 02 08 01 04 01 00 16

YEAR 2007
SI. Name of the IPO PA SA Postman PA Jr. Total
No Circle. (Postal) (RMS) (CO) Accountant
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Andhra 10 88 18 53 07 01 177
2 Assam 04 49 09 00 03 11 76
3 Bihar 06 32 10 37 01 01 87
4 Chhatisgarh 03 11 03 09 02 00 28
5 Delhi 00 64 11 40 00 00 115
6 Gujarat 02 62 10 00 05 00 79
7 Haryana 00 19 04 15 02 00 40
8 Himachal 02 10 00 09 01 00 22
9 Jammu & 01 10 00 03 00 00 14
10 Jharkhand 02 21 06 15 00 00 44
11 Karnataka 02 157 00 00 00 04 163
12 Kerala 00 94 17 64 01 00 176
13 Madhya 07 95 00 00 00 00 102
14 Maharashtra 00 155 13 128 00 00 296
15 North-East 00 12 00 08 00 00 20
16 Orissa 02 99 00 00 01 00 102
17 Punjab 01 40 00 20 00 07 68
18 Rajasthan 08 55 06 36 03 04 112
19 Tamil Nadu 22 164 18 109 03 04 320
20 Uttar 15 108 13 84 04 05 229
21 Uttranchal 02 16 00 14 01 00 33
22 West 02 59 11 68 04 00 144
Total 91 1420 149 712 38 37 2447
This is an area, we desires to publish with the motive to educate our readers on Staff rulings.
The gist of selective orders on each topic will be published regularly
1. Disciplinary Rules (DOPT OM No. 142/5/2003-AVD dt. 06.04.2004)
v When disciplinary proceedings have been v A final decision on Inquiry Report should
initiated and it is found that punishment is to be normally be taken by the disciplinary authority with
given, at least ‘censure’ should be awarded. in three months.
(Min. of Home Affairs OM NO. 22011/1/79-Estt (A) (DOPT OM No. 11012/2/98 dt. 11.11.98)
dt. 30.01.82) v All Ministries/Departments should adhere to the
v Disciplinary proceedings should be closed prescribed time limits and cut down abnormal delays
immediately on the death of the alleged employee in finalizing the disciplinary cases to avoid
during the pendency of the inquiry. harassment to the concerned officials.
(DOPT OM No. 11012/7/99 & Estt. (A) dt. 20.10.99) (DOPT OM No. 11012/6/2001-Estt (A) dt. 20.04.2001)
v In vineet Narain VS UOI, the Supreme Court v Appeal shall be made to the appellate authority
has directed that the time limits of three months for with in 45 days of the date of communication of the
grant of sanction for prosecution must be strictly orders. Appellete Authority can condone the delay if
adhered to. However additional one month may be satisfied with reasons.
allowed where consultation with the Attorney (Rules 24 & 25 of CCS (CCA) Rules 1965)
General, or any Law officer is required. v Specific accountability should be fixed on the
(DOPT OM No. 399/33/2006-AVD III dt. 6.11.06 & 20.12.06) officer (s) responsible for framing the charges for
v Censure kept in the C.R. Dossieur is ensuring issuance of charge sheet within a set time
considered as an adverse entry frame. Responsibility shall also be fixed for in
(MHA OM No: 39/21/56-Estts (A) dt. 13.12.56) ordinate delay in framing charges in cases where
v If an employee is found ineligible or not there are no valid reasons such as stay of the
qualified, after he is appointed, proceedings by court.
(i) His service shall be terminated if he is (DOPT OM No. 142/5/2003-AVD I. dt. 06.04.2004)
temporary/probationer. v In case of bribery, corruption, other criminal
(ii) If he is a permanent employee, disciplinary action misconduct resulting in loss of substantial pubic
should be started and if found guilty, penalty of funds, prosecution should precede departmental
dismissal/removal only should be imposed. action. In other cases of less serious offences,
(DOPT OM No. 11012/7/91-Estt (A) dt. 19.05.93) departmental action only should be taken.
v Two penalties should not be imposed for the (MHA OM No. F39/30/54-Estt dt. 07.06.55 read with
same offence. But recovery can be ordered alongwith OM No. F 39/8/64-Estt (D) dt. 04.09.64)
any other penalty. v In a case where disciplinary proceedings have
(D.G P&T No. 105/26/81-Vig III dt. 30.3.81) been held under the relevant disciplinary rules,
v If two punishments, one of lower order and ‘Warning’ should not be issued as a result of such
another of higher order are given, the later order proceedings. If it is found, that some blame is
should normally state whether the two punishments attached to the Government employees, atleast
will run concurrently or separately. If nothing is stated, penalty of ‘ensure’ should be proposed.
the two punishment will run concurrently. (DOPT No. 11012/5/2003-Estt (A) dt. 23.08.04)
(DG P&T No. 154/5/78-Disc II dt. 30.07.81) v The entire loss substained is to be recovered
v When disciplinary proceedings are initiated from the delinquent official but the recovery may be
against a person officiating in higher post on adhoc spread over till entire loss is recovered.
basis, he shall be reverted if the period of adhoc (DOPT OM No. 11012/1/2000-Estt (A) dt. 06.09.2000)
appointment is less than one year. v An employee cannot be reduced to a lower
(DOPT OM No. 11012/9/86-Estt (A) dt. 24.12.86) grade or post which he had never held earlier.
v Even in minor penalty proceedings, an accused (DOPT OM No. 11012/2/8-Estt (A) dt. 02.02.89)
employee may be permitted to inspect the v Failure on the part of CGHS card holder to get a
document, if he so requests. name of a child deleted from the CGHS token card
(Rule 77 P&T Manual vol. III) when the child is no more dependent on him will
v The number of cases a retired employee can attract action under CCS (CCA) rules, 1965 .
handle as Defence Assistants at any point of time is (OM NO. D 12011/2/78-Desk II dt. 07.04.78)
restricted to seven. v Subletting a Government residence allotted to
(DOPT OM No. 11012/11/2002-Estt (A) dt. 05.02.2003) a Government official or any portion there of in
v The charged officer may be allowed 3 or 4 days contravention of the allotment rules will merit action
absence, counting it as duty, for preparing reply to for imposing one of the major penalties.
charge sheet issued for imposing major penalty. In (Dte. of Estates OM No. 12032/2/83-POL II dt. 26.08.99)
such cases, no extension of time will be allowed. (To be continued……)
Letter No.: P/4-3/Recruitment Dated - 10.08.2009 It is therefore requested to consider revision
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak of financial powers to the Postmasters working in the
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 operative office considering the present day
l Postal Asst. Recruitment rules 2002. requirements in attending all the problems.
Request change in the recruitment condition - reg. A line in reply about the action taken is highly
A kind attention is invited to this union letter solicited.
of even no. dt. 11.12.2008 in which have explained the Letter No.: P/4-4/Advances Dated - 10.08.2009
need for the change in the recruitment conditions. addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
According to the existing recruitment rules Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
for Postal Assistants, the candidates who are l Allotment of more budgetary allotment
possessing plus Two Qualification in the state language for computer advance - reg.
shall alone be eligible for the recruitment of P.A. Posts During the last two years, the budget
in the department. allotment made under the head of computer advance
Many candidates studied in Kendriya was too in sufficient which could not meet the
Vidyalaya possessing higher marks & other requirement of atleast 5% of the officials applied for
qualifications and also knowing very well of the regional the same.
language are deprived and denied of their dues due to After the total computerization of the PO,
the condition stated in Para Supra. This is many officials desire to purchase computers for their
discriminative, unjust and against to the canon of own and this should be encouraged in order to motivate
natural justice. them further in the computer operations.
This recruitment condition should be removed It is therefore requested to take appropriate
and the candidates possessing higher marks should action to allot sufficent funds under this head and
be considered for the posting so that several creamy enable the officials to avail the advance for the purchase
candidates may get their due chances. of personal computers.
Since the Department is now initiating the A line in reply about the action taken is highly
process for finalization of revised recruitment rules for appreciated.
Postal Assistants, this may also please be considered. Letter No.: P/4-2/Pension Dated - 10.08.2009
A line in reply about the consideration is highly addressed to Shri R. K. Singh, Member (P),
solicited. Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
Letter No.: P/4-5/Operations Dated - 10.08.2009 l Non Supply of statement of Balance to
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak the officials brought under New Pension scheme
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 2004.
l Enhancement of Financial powers of Ref: - This Union letter of even no. dt. 21.06.08
HSG-I, HSG -II & LSG Postmaster. Apropos reference, it is constrained to state
Ref: - This union letter of even no. dt. 14.10.08 that neither the issue has been settled nor replied.
Anent reference, it is constrained to note than Since the year of implementation (2004), the
neither the letter is acknowledged nor the issue is balance statement as on 31st March since 2005 to
settled so far. 2009 has not been furnished to the employees who
According to Directorate letter No. 18-7/92 CI are brought under the new pension scheme.
dt. 2.07.93, the Financial Powers given to HSG & LSG The officials do not aware of the balance and
Postmaster on each occasion has been revised to also the contribution made by the Government in the
Rs.60/- & Rs.40/- respectively. absence of non supply of these statements by the
The amount has been fixed prior to installation respective DAPs every year.
of computers and mostly the amount was prescribed It is therefore requested to cause appropriate
to meet any urgent requirements for the office. After instructions to the concerned to compile and circulate
the computerization, due to the shooting of many the balance sheet as on 31.03.2009 immediately to
problems, the urgent needs could not be purchased the concerned officials without any further delay.
with these financial powers and the Postmasters are Letter No.: P/4-5 /Postal Operations Dated -
facing problems in attending any computer related
10.08.2009 addressed to the Secretary, Department
problems and also during the power shut down periods.
of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
Even minor electrical repairs could not be carried out
l Minus balances in SB & harassing
with the present financial limit.
officials later under contributory factors - landlord for the post office and quarters does not
regarding. exceed even to the entitled HRA of the Sub
Due to the voluminous work in SB branches Postmasters. In many cases a token of Rs.50/-
of Head Post offices and the prevalence of shortage of likewise in being charged for the post office and in all
staff, there is an increasing trend of minus balances such cases, the Postmasters are compelled to stay
in SB branches. The following factors are contributing in the accommodation which is unfit for inhabitation
much for the minus balances. and also far below to the standards. There are many
i. Non agreement of Ledgers for years together post attached quarters lacking the basis amenities of
by control organization. Whenever, this work lavatories.
is being completed, there are minus balances. If the Department could not provide adequate
The timely agreement has to be ensured at accommodation for the Quarters as prescribed in the
first. SOA, and arrange basic amenities, it should provide
ii. In the absence of adequate staff, the work option to the SPMs to secure his own accommodation
related to data entry is being entrusted to and in such cases the due HRA may be paid to him.
outsiders on outsourcing basis; in such The policy of providing post attached accommodation
cases, there is a probality of misquotation of requires reconsideration after the services of Telegraph
accounts numbers by the raw hands and has totally been with drawn from Post offices.
improper handling of vouchers by such Suitable decision may please be taken at the
unqualified hands, deposits are being posted earliest and a line in reply about the action taken is
as withdrawals and vice versa. highly solicited.
iii. The major problem in creating minus balance Letter No.: P/2-5/New Delhi South West Dated -
is due to the tie up with financial institutions 11.08.2009 addressed to the Secretary, Department
without providing required man power and of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
making the work as time bound, which led to l Irregular application of Bench Mark in
many minus balances in computerized TBOP Promotion - case of New Delhi South West
offices. Division.
iv. Proper supervising staffs are not provided in Ref: This union letter of even no. dated 07.07.09
the SB branch to check the data entry made Apropos reference, it is constrained to say
by the ledger assistants and outsiders. that the issue has not yet been settled and the left out
Apart from the above, there are several other two officials who got average grading are still denied
factors leading to the creation of minus balances, of their due promotions.
detected at later years for which the innocent officials The Directorate in its letter No. 4-1/97-SPB II
are being made as scapegoats and the minus balance dt 09.09.07 clarified that the 'Average" grading need
is being recovered from them under the contributory not disqualify an official from promotion under the BCR
factors. scheme if he has been otherwise found fit by the DPC.
It is therefore requested to take appropriate The similar should be applied mutadis
action to ensure the agreement in time and also to mundatis in case of TBOP promotions also and thus
provide adequate supervisory officials to check the data the denial of TBOP promotion by applying bench mark
entries made by the ledger assistants and outsiders. is arbitrary, unjust and against to the canon of all orders
A line in reply about the action taken is highly on the subject.
solicited. It is therefore requested to cause immediate
Letter No.: P/4-1/Staff Dated - 10.08.2009 addressed orders to consider the two left out cases and cause
to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan orders for TBOP promotions at the earliest and render
New Delhi - 110001 justice to the aggrieved officials.
l Ensuring the standard of residential Letter No.: P/2-1/Hanamkonda Dated - 11.08.2009
accommodation to the SPMs provided with addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
attached Quarters. Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
Many post attached quarters provided to the l Arbitary denial of BCR Promotion by
SPMs are either sub standard or lack of basic application of bench mark - case of Hanamkonda
amenities. The schedule of accommodation as division, A. P. Circle.
prescribed by the Department has not been observed Ref: This union letter of even no. dt. 24.04.09
while fixing PO building particularly for the post Apropos reference, it is learnt that the Chief
attached quarters. PMG A.P. Circle has sent his report to Directorate on
In rural areas, the total rent payable to the 22.07.09.
It is pertinent to mention that the Directorate of TBOP promotion as per the Directorate instructions
vide its letter No. 44-1/97-SPB II dt. 09.09.97, has and grant notional promotion to the said posts with
clarified that the 'Average' grading need not disqualify retrospective effect duly recasting the LSG seniority
an official from promotion under the BCR scheme if he list, has convened DPC now for promotion to HSG II
has been otherwise found fit by DPC. with the available LSG officials.
In the light of the above said clarification, it is This will lead to denial of fair chances to the eligible
requested to consider the case and render justice to senior officials who will due for notional promotion in
the aggrieved official. LSG retrospectively for further promotions in HSG II &
Letter No.: P/4-2/HRA Dated- 11.08.2009 addressed HSG I and the juniors will occupy the posts. The issues
to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan that we are discussing over three years about the
New Delhi- 110001 arbitrary denial of LSG promotion to senior officials
l Non Drawal of HRA to the officiating SPMs and the decision of the Directorate after the perusal of
working at offices having attached quarters. records will be defeated if the DPC for HSG II is
It is brought to our notice that despite clear convened for the available LSG officials.
instructions issued by the department in its letter no. It is therefore requested to cause necessary
24/3/76/PAP dt. 20.8.79 also appeared in FR, SR Part instructions to the Chief PMG not to proceed the DPC
IV in chapter X that HRA may be grated for the for HSG II further but to first finalise the LSG notional
maximum period of three months when the official is promotions and recast the seniority in LSG cadre of
posted to officiate in a post to which rent free Orissa Circle.
accommodation is attached but not provided, the due Immediate action as if fire on the house is
HRA for three months has not been drawn & paid to solicited.
the officiating SPMs in many places. Letter No.: P/2-18/Ajmer Dated - 11.08.2009
For the period above three months, earlier the addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
power for suspension of Quarters has been vested with Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
the Directorate and proposals were forwarded to the l Arbitary & forcible allotment of Staff
Directorate. Now, the same has been vested with the Quarters - Case of Ajmer postal division in
Circle heads. Rajasthan Circle.
Despite the fact that the power of Ref: - This union letter of even no. dated
dequarterisation of a post attached Quarters is now 04.03.2009
delegated to Heads of Circle vide Directorate letter Apropos reference, it is constrained to note
no. 10-4/2003 - Bldg. dt. 06.05.03 the Circle heads that neither the letter is replied nor the issue is settled
are not according proper sanction for dequarterisation/ yet.
suspension of Quarters for the periods of such The officials posted as Sub Postmasters in
officiating periods exceeding 90 days. town sub offices of Ajmer are being forced to occupy
The officiating officials should not suffer a the staff Quarters in the Postal colony despite they
financial loss due to the administrative problem of non- are having their own houses and other arrangements
posting of a regular incumbent to the vacant post with besides their unwillingness to occupy the quarters.
in the stipulated period. Prolonged officiating The Quarters are not post attached and the
arrangements like in HSG II & HSG I posts are officials are loosing the HRA due to non occupation of
resulting to ultimate loss to the officiating officials for Quarters. The SPMs can be compelled only if they
no fault on his side. have been provided with the post attached Quarters
It is therefore requested to issue clarity as a service condition and they should not be
instructions to all Circle heads to settle the pending compelled to occupy the quarters which were not
issues accordingly and the copy of the same may be occupied by any officials.
forwarded to union. It is therefore requested to cause instructions
Letter No.: P/2-16/Orissa Circle Dated - 11.08.2009
addressed to Sri. R. K. Singh, Member (P), OBITUARY
Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 Com. Subhas Chakrabarti, trade union
l Recasting of LSG Notional promotions - leader and the Minister in the left front Government
case of Orissa Circle passed away on 03.8.09. He was a popular leader
A kind attention is invited to the frequent
of the CPI (M) party and the working class movement
discussions we had on the subject and it is constrained
in West Bengal. We convey our heartfelt
to note that the Chief PMG Orissa Circle, instead of
reviving the LSG Posts arbitrarily abolished at the time condolences to the bereaved family members.


to the concerned to withdraw the arbitrary procedure for the minimum of 6 hours and the present rate did
prevailing in allotment of Quarters to the SPMs posted not commensurate even for a single work hour. There
in town sub offices in the Postal Colony. is no revision in the rates over sixteen years. This is
Letter No.: P/4-3/DE Dated - 11.08.2009 addressed nothing but unjust labour practice which requires to
to Sri. R. K. Singh, Member (P), Department of Posts, be modified.
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 It is therefore requested to kindly cause action
l Abnormal delay in declaration of to revise the rates according to the current requirement.
Inspector Posts exam result. A line in reply about the action taken is highly
It is constrained to note that though the exam appreciated.
for the promotion to Inspector Posts was held from Letter No.: P/4-5/NREG Scheme Dated - 11.08.2009
05.11.08 to 07.11.08, the results have not been addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
announced so far even after the lapse of nine months. Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
The delay in declaration of results over nine l NREG Scheme Engagement of outsider
months is causing concern. This would have been to manage the excess work load - reg.
announced much earlier. Further, the calendar for The Chief PMG, Rajasthan Circle vide his letter
Departmental Exam has not been released this year. no. SB/37-8/NREGA /08-09/41 dt. 30.06.09 has
It is therefore requested to cause immediate caused instructions to the concerned BPM/SPMs to
action to declare the IP results besides circulating engage one outsider of his confidence to assist him in
the Calendar of Examination for the remaining months the above work at the risk and responsibility of the
of this year. concerned GDS BPM/SPM in case of payment of
Letter No.: P/2-22/West Bengal Dated - 11.08.2009 NREGA accounts exceed one hundred on any day.
addressed to Sri. R. K. Singh, Member (P), The Chief PMG has stated that such outsider
Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 will be paid only at the wages at the rate equal to the
l Abnormal delay in filling up of Residual rate of payment admissible to GDS.
vacancies - case of West Bengal Circle - reg. The above said local orders has caused certain
It is brought to our notice that the Circle relief to the toiling Postmasters in the existence of
administration of West Bengal Circle has not taken shortage of staff and over work. If the same provision
any efforts to fill up the vacancies kept under residual is extended to other circles, it will provide certain relief
vacancies since 2000. to the officials.
The repeated requests of the Circle union to It is requested to consider the same and
expedite the process of filling up of all residual cause instructions to apply similar provision uniformly
vacancies yielded with futile results. This causes a in all circle and arrange relief to the officials from
concern. overwork due to this new scheme.
It is therefore requested to cause appropriate
orders to West Bengal Circle administrtion to fill up all OBITUARY
the vacant posts kept under residual vacancies within u Com. Homi Daji, Ex-Member Parliament and
in a time from and alienate the sufferings of the officials Ex-All India President of Telecom union under NFPTE
prevailing due to unbearable shortage of staff. expired on 14.05.09 at Bombay. He was holding the
position as General Secretary, AITUC during 1990s. We
A line in reply about the action taken is highly
dip our banner in respect of the departed leader and
convey our condolences to breaved family members
Letter No.: P/4-4/Honorarium Dated - 11.08.2009
and comrades.
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
u Com. R. P. Chatterjee, one of the vetern of
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 UPTW and the first General Secretary of RMS Union
l Upward revision in the rates of under NFPTE has lost his breath on 18.05.09. He was
honorarium for the invigilation work in 87 years old and his service to this movement is ever
departmental exam - reg. remembered. We record our deep condolences to the
According to the existing orders which was breaved family members and comrades. We dip our
laid down vide Department letter No. 18/16/98-E dt. banner in memory of the departed lamented leader.
31.12.93, the officials brought for invigilation work in u Com V. S. Joshi, Former President, R3 CHQ
the departmental exam are being paid Rs.20/- per expired on 14.06.09. He was the Circle Secretary,
session which is very meager. Group Ds are being Karnataka Circle over 10 years. His loss is an
paid Rs.15/- per day. irrepairable loss to the movement. We convey our
The officials brought for invigilation work during heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members
the departmental examination have to perform duty and comrades.


1. French postal reform move set to stir sector has to open up in 2011, and La Poste's
more protest leadership has said it needs 3 billion euros ($4.24
PARIS, July 29 (Reuters) - France took the billion) to make La Poste more competitive, for example
first step towards reforming its state-owned postal adapting to the Internet and other new forms of
service on Wednesday, a move that unions and communication.
opposition parties fear may lead to the popular The operator employs about 300,000 people
operator's privatisation. and runs a savings company where most French hold
France's cabinet signed off on the proposal an account. The government says that if it does not
at its last meeting before the summer break, saying modernise, foreign companies will move in an take
the change of status to a public limited company was over once the sector opens to competition.
necessary to prepare for the sector's liberalisation in The opposition Socialist Party has called for
2011, under European Union rules. a referendum on the future of La Poste, arguing that
"In this context, La Poste will need big there has been no debate over the status change and
investments in the next years in order to modernise that neither EU rules nor business objectives actually
and develop and guarantee a high quality of service," require such a step.
Economy Minister Christine Lagarde and Industry 2. U. S Postal Service in Crisis
Minister Christian Estrosi said in a statement. For the fourth time this year, the Government
A heated parliamentary debate over the Accountability Office has warned that the U.S. Postal
change, part of President Nicolas Sarkozy's reform Service must slash its costs*, and each time, it has
agenda, is expected for the autumn. raised the volume of its warnings. This week it says
The government has promised La Poste will the very viability of the postal system is at stake.
remain 100 percent publicly owned and that its key The post office has a fairly simple problem
functions -- providing a postal service across the that's not that different from that which plagues the
country, six days a week, at steady prices -- will be automobile industry: Fewer customers and a lot of
guaranteed. stubborn overhead costs.
But thousands of postal workers have taken If the postal service is to be able to pay its
to the streets in protest over the past year, calling the way, the GAO says, it will have to lose tens of
plan a sell-out of an institution that most French want thousands of employees, shrink its network of post
to remain public. offices and distribution centers, and negotiate cheaper
La Poste said last year it was considering pay and benefit packages with its unionized work force.
opening up its capital to outside investors to raise funds And this is on top of the postal service's proposal to
needed to compete with rivals like United Parcel drop one day from its delivery schedule and to underpay
Service (UPS.N) and privatised German post office its health care benefit obligations this year.
operator Deutsche Post (DPWGn.DE). In a country beset by recession and struggling
Once considered a somewhat tranquil sector, to enact sweeping reforms to the health care and
postal services across Europe have faced an overhaul energy industries, the postal system is pretty far down
as the market moves towards liberalisation. the list of fiscal emergencies. But the postal service
Germany has ended Deutsche Post's tipped from profitability three years ago to accelerating
monopoly status and tax advantages, while Britain was losses, estimated to reach $7 billion this year. The
planning to sell up to a third of state-owned Royal country faces a significant choice: Is it going to require
Mail until poor market conditions forced it to put the the postal service to pay its own way, or is it going to
plan on hold earlier this month. limp along with a heavy government subsidy, much as
But to many in France, the state-owned postal Amtrak?
system is an example of tax-funded public service at The right, if painful, course would be to insist
its best, with La Poste carriers in blue and yellow that the postal service align its size and capacity with
delivering letters and parcels to even the most remote the declining demand for its services. Mail volume has
areas. been dropping sharply for the past couple of years,
Any thoughts of privatisation were swept away and the GAO reckons it's not coming back. The postal
by the financial crisis that erupted last year. service itself estimates it will handle 175 billion pieces
Under European Union rules, however, the of mail this fiscal year -- a drop of about 28 billion


pieces in a single year. Simply put, fewer people send The centers will combine unit and community
letters each year, and each year more businesses mail rooms, regional post offices, Army post offices
convert customers to online or autopay billing. These and official mail distribution centers all into one facility
are irreversible trends. for each military community, according to Installation
At the same time, the postal service has Management Command-Europe officials.
727,000 employees working at 38,000 facilities "We are really looking forward to this," said
nationwide. It recently offered early retirement deals Douglas Stewart, postmaster for Warner Barracks post
to 150,000 of them, but all but 3 percent elected to office in Bamberg. "Customers will be able to get
stay on their jobs. everything done at once."
And why wouldn't they? The GAO points out The Bamberg facility will nearly double in size
that the postal service pays very well, even by the and add a second floor to its postal service center as
standards of federal agencies. It shoulders the entire part of the consolidation.
cost of life insurance premiums, for example, although Several bases have already begun
most agencies pay about one-third of the premium consolidating their mail operations, including
costs. Postal employees also have a lighter health Grafenwöhr, Baumholder, Wiesbaden, Garmisch, and
care cost burden than most federal agencies. Stuttgart, in Germany, as well as Brussels and
The postal service also has 74 district offices Chievres in Belgium, and Schinnen, Netherlands,
and nine area offices, thousands of acres of real estate according to an IMCOM-Europe news release.
with a big backlog of maintenance needs. It's going to Officials also are looking at ways to hasten
have to jettison some of that property, though no mail delivery from the main distribution hub in Frankfurt,
community wants to see its post office disappear. Germany, to bases around Europe.
But the postal service is the perfect laboratory "We're looking at ideas like reducing the
for the federal government to enact all the big changes number of regional post offices and delivering all mail
it wants for the rest of the country. It can reshape directly to the postal service centers,""said Monique
health care benefit packages to give employees an Bagby, IMCOM-Europe postal transformation program
incentive to keep costs down. It can burn less imported manager. The transformation is scheduled to be
gasoline by eliminating vehicles and days of delivery. complete throughout Europe by 2014, according to
It can cut its use of electricity by closing facilities. Bagby.
These are things the government wants to 5. 2nd UPDATE: Deutsche Postbank Swings
encourage all of us to do. The least it can do is to let Back To Net Loss 2Q
the postal service show us the way. FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)--Deutsche
3. Postal Service Considering Branch Postbank AG (DPB.XE) Thursday swung to a net loss
Closings Printer Friendly Version in the second quarter, taking further hits on structured
(Washington, DC) -- The U.S. Postal Service credits and other fixed-interest securities, higher
is examining a list of nearly 700 post offices that could provisions for loans turning sour and lower revenue.
be closed to cut costs. Germany's largest bank by retail customers
During testimony in Congress last week, a also didn't benefit as much from a positive tax effect
high-ranking postal official said most of the closings that helped push it into the black in the first quarter.
would be in urban areas so it would not be difficult for Analysts focused on a weaker-than-forecast
people to find another branch. revenue figure. At 1037 GMT, the shares were down
Also suggested is ending Saturday delivery, EUR0.78, or 4.2%, at EUR19.25, in line with other
which could save an estimated two- to three-billion lower bank shares but underperforming the German
dollars a year. In a Gallup Poll, 66-percent of people mid-cap market, which was up 0.5%.
support the post office stopping Saturday delivery. (-Courtesy: UNI - APRO)
Mail volume dropped off five-percent last year.
The postal service expects a 15-percent slide this year, COM. K. K. SAINI, CIRCLE SECRETARY,
resulting in a loss of seven-billion dollars. HARYANA BEREAVED
4. Army moves to consolidate postal Smt. Nanki Devi, Mother of Com. K. K.
services Saini, Circle Secretary, Haryana Circle aged 93 years
BAMBERG, August 6, 2009. Germany - The lost her breath on 13.07.2009. We convey our heartfelt
Army plans to consolidate mailing centers scattered condolences to Com. K. K. Saini and the bereaved
throughout communities into centralized locations family members.
called postal service centers.
E-TECH NEWS-Department of Posts
Rural Technology Update.........
The Committee on IC Technology on Rural Post v The widest physical network of the Post office in the country
Office made a presentation before Secretary (Posts) and v Retailing of various services & products
Member( Technology) at Bangalore. The Committee v Bill collection
comprised the following members: Shri M.P. Ranjan, v Delivery of Government services
CPMG Karnataka, Shri A.K. Dash, DDG (PMU), Mr. Salim v Making Internet accessible to Rural India
Haque, DDG (Rural Business Division), Shri Kaushal v Delivery of information through web
Kishore, GM Finance BD Directorate, Dr. Ashok Jhunjunwala- Objectives
IIT, Chennai, Prof. V. Ranganadaan, Prof V. Sadagopan, v Rural ICT Network design
IIIT Bangalore, Professor IIM Banglore, Shri Shatrunjay v Power issues-poor power supply situation in many
Rawat, Professor IIIT, Hyderabad and Dr. Kushal Pathak, parts of the country
Director PMU. v Connectivity issues
The committee made the presentations on three v Device issues
areas, Rural Connectivity, Hardware option and Public v network security issues
private partnership model. v Software integration-multiple services are to be
COMMITTEE ON IC TECHNOLOGY ON RURAL POST provided on multiple software platforms (keeping the
OFFICE different connectivity and device options in mind)
Background: v network maintenance issued Redundancy issues
v Thrust of the Government on the social pensions v Remote maintenance
and financial inclusion in the rural areas v Network implementation issues.
Approval of the Cabinet Committee on Economic maintenance contract for the maintenance contract for
Affairs (CCEA) on the EFC (Ist Phase)-2008-09 &2009- the existing hardware and software Total outlay of Rs.
10: 628.66 crores for the years 2008-09 and 2009-2010.
Computerizing and networking of 6915 post of Funds allocated to DDG (Tech), DDG (PAF) and
fices, DDG (Estt) for implementation of the plan project for the
2222 administrative offices including divisional year 2008-09 and for the period from April to July 2009
offices and sub-divisional offices under the vote of accounts amounting to Rs 205.17 crores.
23 PAOs including the PA Wing in the Directorate, In the last financial year 1847 number of Post of
Upgradation of the software centre at PTC, fices were supplied with new hardware
Establishment of the project management unit Computerization and Networking of 6915 Post offices,
(PMU), 2222 administrative offices including division office and
Hiring of a IT consultant and annual sub-division offices


Phase-I phase.
Supply of hardware to the offices which have The existing software would be used in these
not been supplied by hardware, i.e. remaining POs with emphasis on consolidation of networking
departmental post offices down up to double handed and better training of the manpower.
Pos, administrative offices and remaining sections Phase-II
of the accounts wings, training facilities, Civil Wing Development of integrated modular software
etc. which will allow seamless flow of data between the
The momentum of computerizing the post various postal units, with other service providers like
offices, administrative offices and accounts offices is Telecom, Railways, Banks, State Governments and
continued by completing the supply of hardware on other postal administrations and setting up of a National
more or less the same lines adopted in the X Plan. Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre.
This will bring in the benefits accrued from Provision of hardware to the single handed offices and
computerization to the remaining offices. It will also the BOs/GDS offices and connectivity to the rural post
enable utilization of funds. It will also prepare the offices to enable payment of remittances and social
computerized offices to be in readiness for delivery schemes such NREGS, Scholarship etc.
implementation of the integrated software in the next -Extracts from July 2009 Issue.
Boosted by the strength of India and China, “We’re in the same boat brother,
developing nations would grow 1.2 per cent this year, We’re in the same boat brother,
but without the two these economies would shrink
1.6 per cent, says the World Bank. And if your shake one end,
Warning that the world is entering an era of You gonna rock the other
"slower growth", the multilateral lending agency has
projected the global economy to shrink 2.9 per cent It’s the same boat brother
this year. The lord looked down from his holy place
The World Bank in its latest report titled
'Global Development Finance 2009: Charting a global Said Lawd duh me, what a sea of space
recovery' has said that excluding India and China, What a spot to launch the human race
the developing economies would shrink 1.6 per cent
this year. So he built him a boat for a mixed-up crew,
"Developing countries are expected to grow With eyes of Black and Brown and Blue,
by only 1.2 per cent this year, after 8.1 per cent
growth in 2007 and 5.9 per cent growth in 2008.
So that’s how’s come that you and I
"When China and India are excluded, GDP Got just one world and just one sky……
in the remaining developing countries is projected to
fall by 1.6 per cent, causing continued job losses
Oh, it took some time for the crew to learn
and throwing more people into poverty," the report What is bad for the bow ain’t good for the stern.
The Bank anticipates the global economy
If a fire took place in China today
to contract 2.9 per cent this year but to grow in 2010. Pearl Harbor just gonna blaze away.”
Earlier, the Bank projected the world GDP to shrink -Paul Robson
1.7 per cent.
"Global growth is also expected to be 500 POST OFFICES TO BE MODERNIZED
negative, with a expected 2.9 per cent contraction of The Government plans to upgrade and
global GDP in 2009," the report noted. modernize 500 post offices across the country with
Presenting an optimistic outlook, the bank an investment of Rs.65 Crore, a senior official in the
has projected the developing economies to grow at Ministry said, "Project Arrow is now being extended
4.4 per cent and 5.7 per cent in 2010 and 2011, to 500 more post offices, under phase - III, to upgrade
respectively. and modernize these post offices", minister of state
"Global GDP growth is expected to rebound for communications and information technology
to two per cent in 2010 and 3.2 per cent by 2011. In Sachin Pilot said on Tuesday.
developing countries, the growth is expected to be Project Arrow was launched by the
higher, at 4.4 per cent in 2010 and 5.7 per cent in Department of Posts last year as part of efforts to
2011, albeit subdued relative to the robust provide world-class service to customers, in phase -
performance prior to the current crisis," the report I of the flagship programme, the postal department
said. identified 50 post offices for upgradation on a pilot
Battered by the global economics recession basis with an investment of Rs. 12.85 crore. In the
and shaky financial markets, the net private capital second phase, upgradation of 450 post offices have
inflow to developing countries plunged to $707 billion already been completed and the third phase I
in 2008 from $1.2 trillion in the previous year. "Amidst expected to be completed by August end this year.
global economic recession and financial-market While reviewing the progress of the
fragility, net private capital inflows to developing implementation of the Project Arrow in post offices
countries fell to $707 billion in 2008, a sharp drop of Delhi and NCR, the minister said: "The objective
from a peak of $1.2 trillion in 2007. International capital of the project is to make a visible, tangible and a
flows are projected to fall further in 2009, to $363 noteworthy difference to the services of the post
billion," it noted - PTI offices that matter to the common man.
-The Hindu - 23.06.09 (The Economics Times, New Delhi dt.22.07.09)
No.51-09/2009-BD&MD Dated : 13-07-2009 articles are delivered without address data of the
OFFICE MEMORANDUM addressee being captured form the SpeedNet on
Subject: Outsourcing of data entry work related the delivery slip.
to booking of bulk Speed Post articles. 1.1 Most of the bulk bookings are received in late
1.1 SpeedNet software has been designed to track the afternoons. As most of the dispatches are in the
entire journey of a Speed Post article from booking evening/late evening, there is hardly any time
to delivery. The software provides for entry of name, available with these offices to enter the name and
address and PIN of the addressee at the time of address data of the addressee in the bulk booking
booking of Speed post article. This information is module of SpeedNet. The articles are therefore
tagged with the bar code number assigned to that dispatched without capturing this information.
particular Speed Post article. At the delivery point, 1.2.In order to resolve this issue, the matter was taken
when the bar code of Speed Post article is scanned, up with Postal Training Centre, Mysore to make
the full details of the name, address etc. of the necessary modifications in SpeedNet software that
addressee fed into the system at the time of would allow"deferred" entry of name and address
booking, are retrieved and printed on the delivery of the addressees in the "BulkBooking module"
slip of the postman by the Speed Net. of SpeedNet subsequent to their dispatch.
1.2.Whenever the address data is not fed into the 1.3 PTC. Mysore, has now prepared a suitable patch
system at the time of booking of the article, the for the SpeedNet software that is available for
same is not available in Speed Net for printing on download from the PTC, Mysore, ftp site (ftp//
the delivery slips of the postmen of the delivery ftp.ptcinfo.org/speednet). This will enable deferred
office. In all such cases, it is the postman who is data entry. The staff of the booking office will be
required to fill in the name and address details of able to key in the data of name and address of
the addressee in the delivery slip taking that the bulk mail processed by the office during the
information from the Speed Post articles of his lean working period of the office subsequent to
beat. Due to the rush to take out the delivery, it is the dispatch.
very rare that this information is filled up, in full, 1.4 However, in a number of cases, it would not be
by the postmen in their delivery slip. Once the possible with the limited staff available with the
Speed Post article is delivered, the Department booking office to enter this information into the
has no data of the name and address of the system well in time so that the same is available
addressee on which basis any fruitful enquiries through SpeedNet for retrieval at the time of
can be made subsequently in case of any delivery at the delivery point of the article.
complaint received of loss, delay, abstraction etc. 1.5 In such cases, it has now been decided to out
of such a Speed Post article. source the activity of entering the name and
1.3 The problem of non entry of address data at the address data of the addressee in the bulk booking
time of booking majorly lies with the bulk booking. module of the SpeedNet from the paper manifest
Bulk booking constitutes a substantial volume of in respect of bulk bookings.
Speed Post articles booked in major Speed Post 2.0 The Scheme of Outsourcing of Data Entry Work
Centres in India. In a large number of cases, the related to Bulk Bookings of Speed Post
Speed Post dispatch by bulk customers is not Articles.
received alongwith soft copy of the address data, 2.1 Directorate vide its communication no.43-41/90-D
dated 15-11-1995 on the subject of New Discount
instead, it is received with a paper manifest,
Scheme for Speed Post Bulk Customers' has
containing the name and address of the
defined 'Bulk Customer' on the basis of business
addressees of the articles posted. As most of the
in the shape of revenue.
bulk mailers do not provide the address data of
In the context of this Scheme "Bulk Booking" is
their postings in soft copy which could be defined as any booking of Speed Post articles by
uploaded directly in SpeedNet, such postings a customer (BNPL customer or otherwise) who
enters the Speed Post network without any entry provides Speed Post business of Rs. 10,000 or
of the corresponding name and address of the more in a calendar month to the Department.
addressees. 2.2 BD&M Directorate communication no. 40-10/2000-
1.4 This leads to a situation where we find that in most BD dated 29 August, 2001 provided following
of the delivery offices, majority of the Speed Post discount structure to bulk customers:
Monthly Speed Post Discount uploading of such data (second option under
business BNPL Menu).
Upto Rs. 10,000 NIL 3.0 The deferred booking data entry as envisaged in
Rs.10,001-Rs.50,000 Upto 5% of Speed Post Fee this communication assumes that articles received
with such bulk bookings are already booked with
Rs.50,001-Rs.1,00,000 Upto 10% of Speed Post Fee
minimum data viz. article no. date and destination
Rs.1,00,001-Rs.2,50,000 Upto 15% of Speed Post Fee special booking office and dispatched. It is the
Rs. 2,50,001 and above Upto 20% of Speed Post Fee
balance data of name and address of the
addressee that is required to be captured
subsequent to the dispatch of articles in deferred
The concerned Chief PMG/PMG were
entry mode either by the staff of the office or by
authorized to offer discount to bulk customers keeping
the Data Entry Service Provider.
in view the business of the client, profile of the business
3.1 The format of data in respect of deferred entry would
offered etc. The discount was to be offered on "case
be as provided in Annex B. This data structure in
to case basis" with a speaking order authorizing the
excel sheet would be provided by the Data Entry
exact extent of discount allowed.
Service Provider for import to SpeedNet 3.1
2.0 The above referred communication also
3.2 The data entry work would be outsourced to a Data
provided for special rates for VIC-A, VIC-B and
Entry Service Provider who would be asked to
VIC-C categories of customers.
provide the soft copy (in prescribed excel sheet
2.1 The Scheme of Outsourcing as elaborated in this
format as required for uploading in SpeedNet
communication would apply to Bulk Bookings (as
Annex B) of the paper booking manifest of the
defined in clause 2.1) of all Bulk Customers :
Bulk Booking within a period of 8 to 10 hours of
(i) that provide monthly Speed Post business of
handing over the paper manifest by the concerned
more than Rs. 10,000;
Office of the Department of Post.
(ii) that are offered discount as per clause 2.2;
3.3 The paper booking manifest of the Bulk Booking
would be handed over to the data Entry Service
(iii) that make bulk bookings with paper copy
Provider within an hour or receipt in the office.
manifest and do not provide soft copy in the
3.4 Each and every entry made by the Data Entry
required format (Annex A).
Service Provider shall include the name, full
2.2 This Scheme would not apply to Bulk Bookings of
address, destination city and PIN Code etc.
VIC-A, VIC-B, VIC-C customers and National
3.5 Such a Data Entry Service Provider would be
Account Holders as it will now be mandatory for
selected after a due tender proces in consultation
these customers to provide the soft copy of their
with Finance Advice by the Regional office or the
bulk bookings in the required format with effect
Circle office, as the case may be.
from 1 September, 2009 (Annex A).
3.6 Data Entry Service Provider that quotes the lowest
2.3 In respect of bulk bookings (as defined in para
per Speed Post article address data entry rate
2.1) that are received with a paper manifest only
would be selected. In no case, this rate, may
without soft copy, the amount of discount as
exceed Rs. 0.50 per Speed Post article address
offered to the bulk customer (as per clause 2.2),
data entry exclusive of taxes.
in respect of such bookings, would be reduced to
3.7 Data Entry Service Provider would engage data
half. This reduction would be enforced with effect
entry operators for this work who fulfill the following
from 1 September, 2009.
2.4 The booking office would keep an account of such
(i) Education : 12th standard
bookings as per the proforma at Annex D and bill
(ii) Proficiency in data entry and MS
the bulk customer accordingly at the end of the
Office application. (A certificate from
month (Annex E).
a reputed Computer Training Institute
2.5 Data entry work related to booking of bulk speed
of being trained in this regard would
post article would be outsourced in National or
be required).
State Speed Post Centres or any other booking
(iii) Ability to feed address data in respect
outlet that handles bulk booking.
of at least 60 Speed Post articles per
2.6 The format at Annex A is expected from the bulk
customer who is providing data in soft copy in
3.8 The activity would be conducted by the data entry
order to avail the full discount available to it.
operators provided by the Data Entry Service
SpeedNet is already having the provision for
Provider :
(i) either on the nodes available in the keep an account of discount made available to
booking office the Bulk Customers on a monthly basis (billing
(ii) or any other suitable office to be identified cycle) as per the format prescribed at Annex E.
by the Department. 3.14 The Head of the booking office shall submit a
(iii) or alternatively, Data Entry Service copy of the Daily Account of Outsourcing (Annex
Provider may get the data entry work D) duly consolidated for the calendar month as
conducted at its own premises/facility well as the Monthly Account of Discount to Bulk
within the time period to be indicated by Customers (Annex E) to the concerned Regional
the concerned booking office of the or Circle Office with recommendation of
Department. payment.
The concerned CPMsG/PMG would take a 3.15 Head of the booking office would recommend
decision in this regard keeping in view the availability payment to the Data Entry Service Provider only
of infrastructure required with the Department at that after performing the checks prescribed in this
office/station. communication and satisfying himself/herself of
3.9 The incharge/supervisor of the booking office the number of speed post articles whose data
would carry out a random check of 5% of the has been fed in the prescribed format and the
entries made with reference to the paper correctness of the data etc.
manifest. 3.16 An officer in Regional Office or Circle Office (as
3.10 Incomplete data entries will not be entitled for the case may be) authorized for the purpose
any payment. would check the account and issue necessary
3.11 At the end of the day, the Data Entry Service sanction of payment to the data Entry Service
Provider shall submit a manifest of work Provider on a monthly basis. It would be ensured
performed by it in the format prescribed at Annex that in no case the amount paid to the Data
C in duplicate. One copy duly signed by the Entry Service Provider exceeds the amount by
Postal Official will be kept by the concerned which the discount available to the bulk
Office of the Department and the second copy customers was reduced (by half) during the
would be handed back to the Data Entry Service month.
Provider. 3.17 The payment made on account of this outsourcing
3.12 The booking office would maintain a Daily will be debited to 3201 02 101.04 28.
Account of outsourcing in a Register as per the 4. This issues with the approval of the competent
format prescribed at Annex D on a daily basis. authority and concurrence of Integrated Finance
3.13 The billing branch of the booking office would Adviser.


Targeting improved Postal Services in India, software applications and computer hardware. The
the government has proposed setting up 12 automatic institutions also plans to spend around Rs.2300 crore
mail processing centres (AMPCs) in the country during on technology, according to the reports.
the ongoing Five-years Plan (2007-12). The AMPCs Two AMPCs are already functional in Mumbai
will have high speed sorting machines that will lead and Chennai, which were established in 1993 and 1996
to quicker distribution of mails. respectively.
"The government has planned to invest "All the AMPCs will have high speed sorting
Rs.275 crore to set up 12 automatic mail processing machines that can sort up to 30000 letters in an hour,"
centres all over the country," said a government official the government official added. Under automatic mail
on condition of anonymity. The AMPCs are likely to processing letters are sorted at a faster pace, leading
come up in Delhi and Kolkata by the end of March to quicker distribution of mails. All the letters meant
2010, the official said. By the end of the plan period, for automatic sorting must have a pin code and should
AMPCs will come up in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, be machinable.
Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Luknow, Ludhiana, The steps being planned to develop automatic
Kochi, Patna and Vashi, giving a boost to the efficiency mail processing centres is a part of the initiative taken
of postal services all over the country, he said. by the government to modernize and upgrade the
Recently, there were reports that India Post operations of the postal services and give a new
plans to invite consultants to help the loss - making corporate image to India Post.
institution acquire technology solutions, including (Economics Times, New Delhi dt.30.07.2009)