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WARSAW: Malaysias Team HDC
raised the Jalur Gemilang at the
Imagine Cup 2010 here when it
beat more than 60 other
international teams to make it to
the finals of the Software Design
Sadly, it eventually lost to Team
Skeek of Thailand, TFZR Team of
Serbia and OneBeep of New Zealand
which placed first, second and third
in that category. But our team is still
standing proud.
It is definitely a learning
experience for us. Although we
didnt make it all the way, from this
experience, we have learned how to
improve ourselves and our
application, said Team HDC
member Keith Khoo, 19, after the
results were announced.
The team, from The Asia Pacific
University College of Technology
and Innovation, is the first
Malaysian team ever to progress
that far in the competition which
has been running annually since
Made up of Khoo, Lee Chong Yang
and Choong Yen Yen, Team HDC
presented its Project Apple at the
event. Project Apple is a software
solution that encourages healthy
eating and food planning to help
manage wastage.
Team Skeek won for its software
that helps the hearing impaired,
while TFZR Team showed off a
program that enables medical
patients to communicate using
speech synthesis, SMS-es, or
Windows Live Messenger.
OneBeep demonstrated a method
to send educational content to
computers anywhere in the world
using the power of radio.
The other categories in the
competition are Embedded





harnessed great ideas. You built

wonderful creations and now youre
heading back to your respective
countries. But in a way, your work
has only just begun, she said in the
I want to challenge you that
when you return to your
communities, to be ambassadors for
innovation, to be envoys of
excellence and to be teachers in
your own right and your own ways,
and to share with others what
youve learned through this

It is definitely a
experience for

VALIANT EFFORT: Khoo presenting Project Apple during the grand finals of the software design
category at the Imagine Cup 2010 in Warsaw, Poland.
Development, Game Design, IT
Challenge, and Digital Media, as
well as six awards.
But the Software Design category
is the primary competition in which
its winners take home the Imagine
Cup trophy, and US$25,000
(RM85,000) cash.
Universiti Sains Malaysias
TEC4Life team came in third in the
Envisioning 2020 Award category,

where the students are required to

express their vision of how
technology can transform our lives
by 2020.
Also, Tunku Abdul Rahman
Colleges Team Hypo took third
place in the Windows Phone 7
Rockstar Award, a pre-event
The Imagine Cup is hosted by
software giant Microsoft Corp.

Grand finale
At the closing ceremony on July 8 at
the Teatr Wielki (the Great Theatre
and Polish National Opera) the
largest stage in Europe the
audience was treated to a prerecorded message from US First
Lady Michelle Obama.
She challenged the contest
participants to continue making the
world a better place. You have

wonderful voyage of discovery and

creativity at the Imagine Cup.
Her message held a special
significance to Team HDC, which
had earlier announced that Obama
played a role in inspiring the birth
of its Project Apple.
She is one of the people who
inspired our project ... she is always
encouraging kids to eat healthily,
said Lee, 20.
Team HDCs plan to deploy
Project Apple in Malaysia will go
We hope to deploy our solution
by year end, Khoo said.
More than 325,000 students
participated in Imagine Cup 2010,
and in excess of 400 of them made
it to the world finals here.
This years theme is Imagine a
world where technology helps solve
the toughest problems.