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The folks manning the genesis Culture Enterprise sure know

how to attract attention to their booth at the X Marketplace!
Story and pictures by NIKI CHEONG
NYONE who was at Urbanscapes last year can attest to
the multitude of stirring and exciting performances by
Kuala Lumpurs creative arts fraternity.
The 10,000 strong crowd who attended this years edition held
on June 27 at the
Kuala Lumpur
Performing Arts
Centre (klpac)
would say the same.
Then again, no one
would have expected any less from
organisers KLue
The big names
were a given indie
bands Pop Shuvit,
Gerhana Ska Cinta
and Couple, music
maestros Twilight
Action Girl, singersongwriter Zalila
Lee and even
Yasmin Ahmads
most loved film
Sepet (KLue Voters
Yet, it was the
little things that
made the day
Fabian Tans Message in a Crater piece
was a sight to behold as you enter the
Right from when main entrace of KLpac.
the event kicked off
at noon, the crowd
was already streaming in. Barely over an hour later, parking was
impossible to find and cars were double parking as far out as the
guard house at the entrance of Sentul West, in which klpac is
The X Marketplace, this year split into three areas, were as

Disagree are (from left) David Buri, Zahid Yon, Hamka Mohd Taufik and Aziz Abdul

Brand new

Enjoyable: Those who sent to KLs creative arts festival Urbanscapes 2009 had a great time.

Fun-filled affair
usual a hit local indie designers and the bazaar faithfuls selling
their wares.
Outside the main building, young budding thespians showed
their craft in comedy through AIIAs Improv Games, T4YPs Room
of Secrets and The Oral Stages The Living Picture project.
The gems were inside most significantly in the events
Cinescapes Stage such as when the beautiful sounds of the
gamelan by Rhythm in Bronze were merged with the load beats
of Tugu Drum Circle.
That said, it was another partnership, that would prove to be a

crowd favourite. Indie band Deepsets haunting music served as

the perfect backdrop for their collaboration with butoh dance
specialists Nyoba Kan.
At the X Lawn, it was the big names that would gather the
biggest crowds and Pop Shuvit, Pesawat and Couple, among
others, did not disappoint.
The organisers took a great event last year and brought it to
another level this year. If they can promise as good an event in
2010, then its bound to be explosive.
And Kuala Lumpur will be forever grateful.

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Two of the many DJS who were spinning

at Urbanscapes. Whenever a DJ played
a Michael Jackson song, the crowd
would go into a frenzy.

This performance by band Deepset featuring a collaboration with the Nyoba Kan
dance troupe was one of the highlights of the day.

Yes, so the big news is that Kevin, the oldest of the

Jonas Brothers is set to marry long-time girlfriend
Danielle Deleasa. Dont worry, theres still two left.
Sure, you could buys the standard edition of the
bands latest album Lines, Vines and Trying Times
and get a free limited edition A4 standee of the
Jonas Brothers (or you could buy the Malaysian
edition album to stand a chance to redeem other
Universal Music merchandise) but its not the
same is it?
Well, R.AGE has something up our sleeves. No,
we are not able to present you the three brothers
in the flesh, but we do have 20 of the A4 standees
and copies of the album to give out so you can go
to bed listening to them and wish them good
morning when you wake up!
To get your hands on the prizes, just log on to
rage.com.my for contest details.

After a three-year period of

working on their sophomore
album, Disagree is back with
a brand new record.
THE atmosphere at the Fat Boys Label is quiet on this
particular Monday afternoon three staff members sit
on couches in front of a TV, packing CDs and press
releases into paper bags in preparation for the following days the bands album launch.
First to step out of a glass-walled room at the far end
of the space and introduce himself is Hamka Mohd
Taufik, Disagrees drummer.
Minutes later the other members, lead singer Zahid
Yon, guitarist David Buri and bassist Aziz Abdul,
emerge from what the band calls their brainstorming
We havent been on a hiatus, Zahid says right at
the start of the interview. We wanted to take as much
time as we needed to come up with a quality album.
We didnt want to rush anything.
Their first album, At the End of the Day came out in
2004, seven years after secondary school buddies Zahid
and Hamka started the band with two other friends.
You might remember their hits Crumbs, Scarecrow
Adam and Suicide Note, songs which drove music lovers
to purchase 12,000 copies of their debut album. For the
new album however, the band say their sound is a little
more mature, more mellow compared to their earlier
We all have different styles of music Im into
grunge, Hamka is into the more heavy stuff and so on,
and you can see how all this converged into becoming
the songs on the new album, explains Zahid.
Throughout the creation of the album, thanks to
their different music tastes, it would appear that they
spent a lot of time agreeing to disagree on how the
album would take its course.
After the first album, we tried out all kinds of things
musically, writing seven-minute songs with long solos,
playing around with dynamics. Then we switched it

around and started writing three-chord, three-minute

songs. The new album is a product of all this, says
Clearly, as is evident by their performance at the
album launch at Hard Rock Cafe, KL, the next day, the
band have worked pretty hard on the album and are
ready to get back out there to perform.
At the event, Disagree performed their first single off
the new album, Osaka, as well as The One, The Greatest
Fall, Who We Are and a song about Zahids daughter,
called Haley.
Zahids vocals still retains that husky, grunge-ish
quality their fans know and love, going well with the
mellow mood of the songs and crunchy guitar riffs .
Disagree realise that though essentially their new
music is instantly recognisable as being their style, the
new album is rather different from anything theyve
ever done before.
I am a bit worried about how it will be received,
says David. Its not like anything thats been done
It doesnt look like Disagree are going to have a problem getting through to their fans though. On Tuesday
afternoon, a huge crowd turned up to fill the mosh pit
in Hard Rock Cafe, responding with cheers and claps to
the performance.
Having been in the industry for a relatively long time
(its been 13 years since their first demo), and going
from being an indie band to running their own record
label, theyve done well for themselves.
When our first demo came out my hand phone
number was in it, says Zahid. I still get people calling
me in the middle of the night and texting, asking me
about lyrics of our songs and what they really mean.
I really dont mind, were really grateful to have fans
that have followed us all these years.
At the release of their long-awaited second album,
the band hopes their faithful fans from long ago will
take a liking to it, and will pull their music fan friends
over to support them.
For more information about the band, head to www.
Want to listen to Disagree talk more about their album
(and their favourite Michael Jackson songs) in their own
words? Log on to rage.com.my to check them out on