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Oreo Truffles
I want to put up an Oreo Truffle business because it is one of my favorite sweet foods and I
know it will become a favorite of consumer who will taste it. This business has something to do with
my creative hobby, by putting some colorful and delicious looking designs above it; I can express my
creativity as well as my mood. One reason why I choose to put up this kind of business is because of
my mother, she told me that if I want to become a successful entrepreneur then I need to start a
business which can enhance my entrepreneurial skills, a business that will reflect my personality and
a business that will give me fun. It is more fun when I share it with my cousins especially when they
like it so much but since my main goal is to earn not to become the most charitable person XD, I will
just take a side of my cousins and focus on sharing delicious and joyful looking sweets to my
customers and it will be more fun if my first customers will be my cousins XD.

II. About the chosen business

These Oreo Truffles require only three ingredients but for me I want to add some twist,
twist which depends on the season or occasion like Christmas Season, Valentines

Day and of course Birthdays. Oreo Truffles is a No-Bake Recipe, all I need to do is to
Crush, Mix and Coat. Since my aunt has already a refrigerator and other materials
needed all I need to do is to think some of cooking tool that I will be using for the
replacement of Rolling Spin like Mortar and Pestle since we have that kind of cooking
tools at home.
8oz package cream cheese.
1- 15 ounce package Oreo cookies finely crushed (about 36 cookies) divided.
1-package vanilla flavored almond bark or white chocolate chips (If Christmas Oreo
Balls, all I need to do is to add or replace it with Green Candy Coating and Red Candy
Coating). Use good-quality chocolate chips. The taste and quality of these truffles are
dependent on the quality of chocolate you start with.
Optional Toppings (additional chopped Oreo cookies, chopped nuts, cocoa powder,
powdered sugar, Heath Bar Crunch bits, colored sugar or sprinkles, etc.)
1. Start by crushing one package of Oreo cookies (do not buy Double Stuff Oreos, just
plain ole Oreos will do the trick) by using a rolling pin, or a food processor. Reserve a
tablespoon or two of the crushed Oreos to be used as garnish. NOTE: Do not over
crush! You want a crumb, not a powder. If you do not have a food processor or
blender, cookies can also be finely crushed in a resealable plastic bag using a Rolling
Pin or Mortar.
2. Mix one package of cream cheese in with the remaining crushed Oreos until blended
3. Shape mixture into around 40-50 balls (If the mixture becomes too soft to work, place
the remaining mixture back into the refrigerator to slightly harden).
4. Refrigerate balls for around an hour to help firm them up. This will make them much
easier to work with for the next step.
5. Melting Procedure
a. Double Boiler: In the top of a double boiler over hot water, not boiling water
(don't let the bottom of the bowl touch the water), melt chocolate(you can use
the Green and Red Candy Coating); stirring until smooth. Be careful boiling
water may cause steam droplets to get into chocolate which can result in
"seizing," when the chocolate becomes stiff and grainy. If you don't have a
double boiler you can improvise one by placing a glass or stainless steel bowl
over a pot of simmering water. Remove from heat. Let the chocolate cool
slightly, but it should not set and begin the process of dipping each Oreo ball
into the chocolate. Using two forks during this step will help you get the balls
coated evenly.
6. After coating 1-2 balls in almond bark, sprinkle some of the crushed Oreos on top of
each truffle (you reserved these during step 1) or you can use other toppings.
Note: You can use different toppings if you want an assorted Oreo Truffles in one box,
but make sure to limit the amount you use to avoid excess or unused topping that
might be wasted.
7. Make packages which are attractive, elegant and delicious looking to get the attention
of buyers. Note: Place the Oreo Truffles in the package when there are already orders.

I only need at least P5,000.00 capital for my business so that I can make more Oreo
Truffles assuming that there are a lot of orders XD, but since I will just start my small
business then I will just use a small portion of my capital to avoid loss.
1. Magnolia Cream Cheese
2. Oreo
3. Chocolate Chips
a. Alternatives for Chocolate Chips
i. Green Candy Coating
ii. Red Candy Coating
b. Additional (only one)
i. Sprinkles
ii. Syrup(in small amount)
iii. Others
1. Packaging per one box




At the amount of P390.00, I can produce 4 dozens of Oreo Truffles which I can
sell it for P150.00 per dozen that will generate P600.00 sale.

Online promotion of a business is one of affordable or free way of informing people about your
Facebook Page
o Through facebook page I can create a page for my own business, this can help
promote my business to a large numbers of facebook users. I can post all the
information about my product in this site, I can get there orders online and
present my products which is Oreo Truffles to them through photos and videos.
The good thing about this page is that they can share it to their fb friends so that
many people will know about my business.
Instagram Account
o Instagram is a social networking site which uploads different photos and I can
also use it in presenting my products to instagram users.
o One of the most popular and creative way to show more information about my
business is to use videos. Through this I can put links about my instagram and
facebook page in the description of my videos.
Family and Friends
o They can also help me in promoting my business to their friends and encourage
them to buy my Oreo Truffles. lol
o I will promote or introduce my Oreo Truffles directly to the customers.


III. Successful Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur has its passion and a purpose of being an entrepreneur because
having a passion means that having fun operating the business and having a purpose means having
goals, goals that will measure the capacity and the ability of an entrepreneur and goals that will
measure his determination to achieve those goals. He must be a good innovator, an innovator that
will not just transform goods into a new look but to transform it into a better goods that will satisfy
and meet the customers expected satisfaction so that they can get what their moneys worth; an
innovator that have many creative ideas that will help the business to cope-up from immediate
changes of societys demand. He must be ready in facing difficult obstacles and have the power to
do whatever it takes to successfully surpass all those obstacles. He must have high social
intelligence so that he can provide his customers not just delicious sweets but also a good
relationship from him and an ability to build relationships that will aid his business growth. An
entrepreneur is a risk-taker; they devote their time, effort, money and ability to produce new goods
and enhance existing goods in order to provide goods that doesnt have 100% assurance that will
generate profit.
IV. How to Face and Conquer Challenges
Most problems occurs during the first time of operation because you need to experience
everything in order to learn and to solve the problem you already face before but if you are a true
entrepreneur you need to search problems that have been encountered by other entrepreneur and
learn from it so when time comes that the same problem rises you know to solve it.
Some of problems that will occur in my type of business are the following:

Problem when the price of ingredients rises.

When the price of ingredients rises, first thing that I will do is not to low the
quality of the Oreo Truffles nor decrease the size or amount of it but to
increase the price of it, because if I lower the quality or decrease the size of it
the tendencies are the customers will not have the reason to come back
because I did not meet their expectations, but if I will just increase the price then
they will just understand because I know that they knew about the price increase
and I will make sure that the price increase of the Oreo Truffles will depends
only by percentage on the price rise of the ingredients.
Problem of how to get lots of customers.
This is the major problem when I will start my business but I will just need the
help of my family and friends, and also my marketing skills in order to conquer
this problem.
Problem of how to give them reason to come back for more.
People will never be contented; they will keep on searching the best among best
but to conquer this problem all I need to do is to become a creative thinker, an
innovator, in order to come up a brilliant idea that will help me cope up from the
expectations of my customers.
Problem of how to make them believe that my business is not a scum, especially that I
use online promotion.

Well, well, well in order for them to believe I just need to post some videos about
the testimonial of my family and friends who are also their family and friends
Problem of how to give them their expected satisfaction or beyond their expectations.
I will not lower the quality nor decrease the quantity that I will give to my
customers. I will not overprice my product; the price should depend on the
ingredients and effort only. I will always innovate.
Problem of how to conquer a new business problem that never encounter by other
When this kind of problem rises all I need to do is to trust myself and my ability
to solve it, ask advice from Google about it or if Google cannot provide the
answer then Im sure Family and Friends can.

Note: Family and Friends are the most important ingredients in building a business.