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Alton Lindsay Middle School

Home of the Mighty Lions
1636 Briarfield Road
Hampton, Virginia 23661
Phone: (757) 825-4560
Fax: (757) 825-4839
Dear Parent/Guardian:
We truly need your support as we move forward through the second quarter and gear up for our benchmarks. We need
you to encourage your child to be present, organized, and focused. We are well on our way to making our performance
goals for this year. For the first quarter, we had gains in almost every area of at least a 10% increase and we are looking to
do even better this second quarter. We need at least the following percentage of students to pass their benchmarks:
Math 70%, LA 75%, Social Studies (Humanities) 70%, and Science (Grade 8) 70%. We know with your support,
we can truly reach our achievement goals!
This year, seventh and eighth grade students taking high school credit courses (Algebra I, Geometry, Spanish I/II, or
Business/Marketing) will only take a semester exam. They will not take an exam and a benchmark as they have in the
past. It is important that any student in these classes passes both the exam and the class to earn their 0.5 verified credit
for this semester.

2nd Quarter Testing Schedule:

Week of January 12
Monday, January 12
Tuesday, January 13
Wednesday, January 14
Thursday, January 15
Friday, January 16
Monday, January 19
Tuesday, January 20
Wednesday, January 21
Thursday, January 22

Spanish I, Spanish II, and Business/Marketing Exams (Teachers: Osores, Coache, and Grady)
Science and Social Studies Benchmarks (during classes)
Science and Social Studies Benchmarks (during classes)
Algebra I 7/8 Exams (Teachers: Mitchell and Frazier)
Language Arts 6 Benchmark
Geometry Exam (Teacher: Ferguson)
Language Arts 7 Benchmark
Language Arts 8 Benchmark
MLK Holiday (Schools and Offices Closed)
Course I (Math 6) Benchmark
Pre-Algebra 6 Benchmark
Course II (Math 7) Benchmark
Course II Honors Benchmark
Course III Benchmark

In order for our testing to run smoothly, we ask that you plan in advance for your child to be present and to schedule any
appointments on a day that your child is not testing, before school, or after school. Also, please note that per benchmark
testing regulations, students cannot carry their cell phone, iPad, or electronic devices into any testing session as well
as any food or drink. These items will be collected by teachers prior to going to the testing site and then returned once
finished. Please talk with your child about these two regulations prior to testing.
Do not hesitate to contact the main office at (757) 825-4560 if you need to schedule an appointment to meet with or to call
to speak with your child's teacher to reinforce what is learned at school at home. Thank you for all that you do to
support your child/children at Lindsay Middle School!
Thank you,
Angela Byrd-Wright, Principal

Dr. John Caggiano, Executive Director of School Leadership

LMS Administrative Team
Mr. Shawn Hare, Guidance Director