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Alang, Olanie H.
Balt, Alaiza Mae
Backaraman, Junaynah
Bentangan, Sherihan M.
Concepcion, Jinky Boy
Nemiada, Steven John
Maute, Hamim M.
Pauto, Junaid P.


An Investigatory Project
Presented to the Faculty of the
Basic Education Department
St. Peters College
Iligan City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in

Science and Technology VIII (Physics)

Alang, Olanie H.
Balt, Alaiza Mae
Backaraman, Junaynah
Bentangan, Sherihan M.
Concepcion, Jinky Boy
Nemiada, Steven John
Maute, Hamim M.
Pauto, Junaid P.


The researchers wish to extend their sincerest appreciation to the following people who helped

make this research. They are the people who helped and contributed much for the success of this

To the Almighty God, for his gift of wisdom and understanding to us and for
answering our prayers in times of our need.
To our investigatory project adviser, Mr. Clifton C. Duavis for teaching us the fundamental of
and investigatory writing and for showing a great deal of patience through at times we tend to
be naughty.
To our Parents and Family members, for the unending love and support that they gave to
To the observer/respondents, for their integrity and cooperation.
And lastly to the, St. Peters College-Basic Education Department for providing us with
good environment and facilities to complete this project, and lastly, to all those who were part
of this work, we would like to extend our deepest thanks to everyone.

Jinky Boy

This study is lovingly dedicated to our Almighty God,
for the knowledge, guidance and protection that he had given to us

To our respective parents who have been our constant source of inspiration.
They have given us the drive and discipline to tackle any task with enthusiasm and
determination. When we were doing this project,

To our brothers, sister, relatives and friends who inspired us to make this study a successful
one, without their love and support this project would not have been made possibe.

And to the future research study and many find vital information for this endeavor.

Chapter I
The Sun is stable source of energy that is transferred to the Earth as light energey and
heat energy. Light Energy is a Radiant Energy is that electromagnetic waves while heat energy is
a form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature. We can use this energy by
the use of the solar energy. Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is an important food crop of the world.
It is used as vegetable, stock feed and in industries for manufacturing starch, alcoholic
beverages and other processed products.

Potato is a highly nutritious food. It provides carbohydrates, proteins, minerals,

Vitamin C, number of B group vitamins and high quality dietary fiber Potatoes yield about
97 Kilo calories per 100 gm fresh weight, which is much less than cereals. The net protein
utilization or biological value of potato protein (about 71% that of whole egg), is better than that
of wheat (53%), maize (54%), peas (48%), beans (46%) and is comparable to cows milk
(75%). (http://www.http://sikkimagrisnet.org/General/en/Potato.aspx Retrieved: October 29,

Potatoes offer more than just a valuable source of nutrition, now they can also power
your lights and computers, say Israeli researchers. The scientists from Hebrew University of
Jerusalem (HUJ) have discovered that potatoes can be used as organic batteries, providing a
cheap, immediate and easy to use source of green power to parts of the world that currently
lack electrical infrastructure. Its a development that could improve the quality of life of 32
percent of the developing non-OECD populations some 1.8 billion people
(http://www.israel21c.org/environment/where-theres-a-potato-there-could-be-light Retrieved:
October 29, 2014)

Statement of the Problem

This study developed that a potato can light a bulb that will help
us to conserve energy.

Specifically the researchers seek an answer to the following:

What is a potato?

What are the use of potato?

How does a potato produce electricity?

What are the advantages of a potato out of the other electrical system?

Objectives of the study

There are many food crops, including potatoes, which are wasted every day. Most of
the crops are discarded or thrown away. Potatoes are often discarded, being the fourth largest
food crop with only so many to buy them.

One of the researchers goals was to lessen the

wasted food crops by finding other uses for them. The researchers also found that this
investigatory project is an introduction to the potential of potatoes to generate an ample amount
of electricity fit for rural areas. According to the research of the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem, a slice of potato can generate 20 hours of light, and several slices of potatoes could
power a simple medical equipment or even a low-power computer.

Hypothesis of the study