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Tm ASSOCTATDD BOARD OF THE ROYAL SGROONS QF wusIc | The Jazz Piano and Jazz. Hnsembstes Syllabus secs out in detail the requirements of the exams, espe- cially those for scales, aural tests and the guick study. It also contains the assessment criteria, The syllabus is obtainable from musie dears or from ‘The Associated Board of the Roval Sehools of Music, 14 Bedford Square, London WCIB 33G (please send a stamped addressed C3 envelope). Scales, Arpeggios and Broken Chords Tis be played from memory, straight or swing as directed by the examiner SCALES: in similar motion with hands together one octave apart and with each hand separately, jn the following forms: Dorian on B and F; Mivolydian on E and By, Lydian on F, C, D and As; A and Eb majors (1v0 octaves) ‘Major pentatonic on D and By; Minor pentatonic on B and G (two octaves) Blues seales on A, FHand G (one octave} CHRoMatic SCALES: in similae motion swith hands rogether one octave apart, and with eaeh hand separately, beginning 01 any note named by the examiner (two octaves) ARPEGGIOS: the common chords of F and Ay majors, Ffand F minors, in root position only, in similar motion with hands together one ectave apart, and with each hand separately (two octaves) BROKEN CHORDS: formed from the chords of D7, F7, BA7 and Fm7, Bm7, Din7, with cach hhand separately, according to the pattern shown in the syllabus. Three Pieces ‘One choscir by the candidate tiom each of the thece lists: Blues, Standards and Contemporary Jazz. Heap. On the first playing the fully notated head should be elosely followed, but it may also be interpreted more flexibly, sith variation in. details of melody, rhythm, voicing, phrasing, ete. provided the result is coherent, stylish, musical and does not alter the technical level Soto. The guideline right-hand pitches and left-hand part are given solely as a starting-point and 0 indicate the style. It is eypected that candilates will expan! upon the givex musical n rials as their experience allows, also using other pitches, voicings and figurations. AFTER THE S010(5). Everything alter the solo(s) may be cmbellished in a number of ways, from a few simple additions or variations to a miore extensive reworking. Esaet repetition should be avoided, so as to achieve a more interesting. result. ‘At Grade [such embellishment might mean making smal! melodic or rhythmic changes or varying dynamics or phrasing. At Grade 3 players might change the octaves at which material is played, introduce fills or revoice chords. AC Grade 3 harmony may be varied or enriched with extensions, melodie lines may be thickened or orriamented, andl rythins and phrasing reinte preted. OF none of the aboxe and a completely different set of embellishments! Players have a range of options at all grades and may offer any’ nmusical embellishments in Keeping with the style Recarep Listenin. Every effort was made to ensure that the CDs listed at the foot of each piece were available at the time of going to press. However, jazz recordings regularly go in and ‘out of print, and if the one cited has now been deleted look for a compilation alla by the same avtist on the same record Inbel, or buy a relared album by the same musician or band, Quick study To play a four-bar passage and improvise a foxr-bar contingation (sce the syllabus for full details) The quick stady may be plaved at ight or by ear Aural Tests Sce the syllabus for fall details of the aural tests for the grade, ‘The volumes of pieces and scales are published by the Board, together with books of sample quick stucliey and aural tests and a range of other support materials, Full details are given. on the hack cover of this volume: Note: the Jazz Piano exams will initially be available only in the UK, © 19098 by Ihe Asunian Home of the Royal School Muse [Ne pact ofthis pubiron maybe cape repealed nny Kaoru by an means without dhe prior peas the pots Sie oriaation by Harney Muse Engraving Lad Printed in England by Caligeing Ea, Thetford, Nor &. y 5 Edited by Charles Beale Blues 1 Mites Davis, arr, Richard Michael All Blues 2 2. PETE SanERTON Crossover Blues 4 3. Nixsu ILes Lemon Cornette 6 4 ROLAND PERRIN ‘That Monday Morning Feeling 8 5 BRIAN PRIESTLEY Jamming with Jools 10 Standards 1 LEON BERRY, arr Martin Litton Christopher Columbus 13 2. Kenny DORIAM, ars: Eadie Harvey Blue Bossa 16 3. SoNNY ROLLINS, arm Phil Peskest Oleo 18 4 BILL EVANS, are: Nikeé Iles 34Skidoo 2 5. BILLY STRAYHORN, arr. Eddie Harvey e Nikki Hes fake the ‘A’ Train 24 Contemporary Jazz 1 Rickarp MICHAEL, ‘An Oscar for Oscar 7 2 Curis BATCHELOR So Long 30 3. TERRY SEABROOK ‘Mambo Country 32 4 TenRy SEABROOK ‘Waltz for Autumn 38 8 Canis BATCHELOR Chops 38 ACD for Grade 5 is available containing recordings ofall dhe pieces for the grade, rogethee with examples of aural tests, quick studies and seales. Three of the pieces, ‘Ail Blues, ‘Take the ‘A' Train’ and ‘An Oscar for ‘Osea, are also presented on the CD in “minus one’ versions, for you to play along with bass and drums. ALL BLUES Miles Davis arr. Richard Michael Swing 2)= 116 Smooth and understated G7 or con Ped. $& [HEAD G7 x : is © 0959 Jaz Hera Music. Copyright renewed. SESS seesinsnered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, § Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203. Beseseces by pemasion of the Hal Leonard Corporation and Music Sales Limited. Seseceecel Copyrigit Secured. Al Rights Reserved, AB 2636 DS al Coda p79 E7979 G7 Solo 12 bars in exam he: _ she: : ig: -Q copa repeat ad lib. to fade to nothing (approx. 8 bars in exam) LD DDL DD FADD FOF PSS Te: 2 + HOTNS: Also try improvising using the blues scale on Gs Flay the sexiquavers with @ slight triplet seel. RELATED LISMHMING: Biles Davies 'Al1 Bluest from Kind of Blue [Oolumbia) AB 2636 CROSSOVER BLUES Pete Saberton Straight 8s J =120 With intensity HEAD cr G7sus to Coda 5 cre/D F7sus 3 D7sus'9 GID G7 2 © 1998 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 2636 D.C. al Coda Sole 32 bars in exam cke/D = D7sus'? G/D C7sus + RSLATHD LISMINING: Soft tlachine: Alive and Well [See for btles] AB 2636 LEMON CORNETTE Nikki Iles Medium Swing J = 144 Joyful HEAD Db Cm7_ Bb BE 5 sy F i to Coda ) B7 BLT Bo F/C Bbm7— Ebm? ABT 3 ren 2a 4 Gm7 a Cim7 FT Amz p7 Gm? C7 “F — — = fi@ecy Salo 36 bars in exami |[last time only Gm7 cr Gm? c7 _—s _———~_ cim7 Fi? Am7 D7 “NOTES: Also tay smprovising using the blues scale on P. + FELATED LISTENING: Put uetheny: ‘Blues for Pat' trom Rejoscing [Boul AB 2636 THAT MONDAY MORNING FEELING Roland Perrin Swing J = 92 Stoical HEAD © 1998 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 2636 SOLOS Bb7 F7 c7 BT F7 Solo 2 Choruses in exam D& al Coda F c7 BL7 F c7 F c7 Bb7 F FA Bb7B° F/C C7 FT Se = A a So (80a) + HOTES: Also try improvising usirg the mjor pentatonic on F and ixolydian on © and on F in the appropriate bars. © RELATED LISTENING: Dr John: "Tipitina' from Dr John's Gunbo [Rhino] AB 2636 10 JAMMING WITH JOOLS Brian Priestley Heavy Swing J =112(minimum) Rumbustious G7 4 7 2nd time © 1998 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 2636 [HEAD Ker 2nd time Sea 4 1 SOLOS G7 o7 a7 E =a AB 2636 2 DS& al Coda Solo 24 bars in exam c7 G7 D7 ) copa ep rall. 8 G ne cow nn “+ NOTES: Also tay inprovising using the blues soale on Os ‘+ RELATED LISTING: Yeade Tax Lewis: ‘Honky Tonk Train Blues" from Weade Tux Lends 192741979 [Ciussics) CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Leon Berry arr. Martin Litton Medium Swing J =80 Bright [HEAD Bb Eb 1 mf’ © 1936 by Joe Davis Inc., USA Reproduced by permission of Keith Prowse Music Pub. Go. Ltd, London WC2H OEA, AB 2636 Bb BRIDGE BL/F EO/F is i mf cm7 F7 F7 Eb BL/F E°/F BG Eo BYF_ _—S BL/F ES/F cm7 F7 Bb7 BL/F EO/F cm7 F7 Bb6 Cm7 F7 B7 D.C. al Fine Solo 32 bars in exam F7 + RELATED LISTING: Teddy Wilson and His Orchestrat ‘Okristopher Columbus" from Warsin' Up ep Jaze] AB 2636 16 BLUE BOSSA Kenny Dorham arr. Eddie Harvey Straight 8s Bossa J = 168 Driving cm7 A s [HEAD A A 2 a - Sevents sim. De G7 cm7 p71 to Coda © 1959 by Prestige Musie Ltd AB 2636 cm7 Fm7 D& al Coda ld G7 m7 Db7#1 Solo 32 bars in exam rall. pe G7 Cmé EN7/BbAI7G7+ F13 3 it q a oS ae # HOTES: Also try improvising using the minor pentetonie on 0. ‘+ FELATED LISTINING: Ailchel Canto: "Blue Bossa! irom itichel Genito (Portrait) AB 2636 OLEO Sonny Rollins arr. Phil Peskett Straight 8s J =92 Light (HzaD] B/D, EDA BYD EbA CE F7sus G7sus Ab © 1958 by Prestige Music Ltd AB 2636 19 D7sus G7sus C7sus F7sus Eb — B/D EbA to Coda Cle F7sus G7sus Ab AB 2636 20 B/D EbA EWG BUF BA CE F7sus G7sus Ab D7sus G7sus AB 2636 EbA Bb/D EbA CE D.C. al Coda Solo 32 bars in exam F7sus G7sus Ab ‘= RELATED LIGTHNING; Sonny Rollins ‘Olea* Fram Saxophone Colossus [Original Jase Classics) AB 2636 22 34SKIDOO Bill Evans arr. Nikki Iles Medium Swing « = 104 Smooth and lyrical - Jazz Waltz HEAD Dm7 Be E7 Am7 Ee ALT+ Fam7 Cim7 Solo 24 bars in exam CA/B 87 Em9/B Go/B © 1962 by Folkways Music Publishers Inc,, New York, USA. Assigned to Kensington Music Lrd, London SW10 0SZ Intemational copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission, AB 2636, 23 HEAD continues Am7 Fim7 B7+ Em7 m7 eee Fre Bbm7 Emo Ebmg ad Z ‘+ NOTES: Try vaxying major and minor 2nis, Srds and 6the over the B pedal in your solo. ‘+ RELATED LIOTHRING: Bil Evans: '54Skidoo" from Res Feroon J Koew [Original Jass Classics] AR 2636 4 TAKE THE 'A' TRAIN Billy Strayhorn arr. Eddie Harvey & Nikki Iles Medium Swing + = 152 Ina solid 4 feel cla D7 C/G D7! C/G D7 C/G print or ont ar soa ay oo7 G7 cA Ay Gy7 G7 4 © Copyright 1941 by Tempo Music Inc., USA Campbell Connelly & Co, Lxd, 8/9 Frith Street, London WLV STZ, Used by permission of Music Sales Limited. All Rights Reserved, International Copyright Secured. AB 2636 G7sus G78 GA D7 ae Dm7 G7 AB 2636 26 DS&% al Coda Solo 32 bars in exam Dm7 G7 c Gm7 c7 ro c ram? So oe ST is 7 ‘+ MORES: Tho scale indicated in bara 31 and 47 Js called Iydian donirart on Dy and contains the &4 and 47 tosotuer, retleoting tae melody at thie point, FSLATRD LISTING: Dake Hilington and his Orchestra: Make the 1A! Train' fyan The Popular Dike Hilington (Roa Victor} AB 2636 a AN OSCAR FOR OSCAR Richard Michael Swing J = 184 (minimum) Bright HEAD 2 c C/E F7 G7 c CIE F7 G7 c OE F7 Fie c © 1998 by The Associared Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 2636 AB 2636 29 D7 G7 c CIE Fr G7 D.C. al Coda Solo 32 bars in exan Cc CE Fr G7 Cc CIE F7 Fie G7 c RMCATED LISTIMING: Oscar Peterson: ‘Hallelujah "ine! from Haljelajah Tine [kioon eoorts] AB 2636 30 SO LONG Chris Batchelor Straight 8s J = 116 Jazz Waltz - lyrical HEAD] | Kae Bbm7_ Am7 mf espress, ff nf) ira F ° t AT Dba G7 Ga C7sus G7 Fm14 Bb7 to Coda @ ?——— 1 2 ~ Eb7sus Eb7 C7sus C7 Eb7sus Eb7 D7sus D7 cw cm7 i 7 Bi7sus ES7 Aba b7 Dba orese. bas — © 1998 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 2636 3 G7sus G7 C7susCm7_—sF7 Bb7sus Bb7 C7sus C7 [solos] Solo 24 bars in esa Bi7sus c7 Bb7 C7sus Gobo be bat repeat ad ti.) TIEAD continues Bb7sus C7sus cr DS al Coda molto rit. B/F Eb7sus A/Eb F7sus BFS © FELATED LISTERING: ‘The BLLL Evans ior At the! Willage Vanguaid [Riverside] AB 2636 32 MAMBO COUNTRY Terry Seabrook Straight 8s J =84 Cuban style =P g--—$—es © 1998 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 2636 33 last time to Coda bel 7777 G7 C7sus c7 G7sus AB 2636 34 C7sus Eb DS al Coda Fr ADA Solo 24 bars in exam mf (ase time! only) EbA F C7sus c7 inf cresc, G7 Sea ‘* FRUATED LISTING: Digsy GAtlespies ‘uianteca’ trom Dissy Gillespie & Mis Big Band in Concert [an Crescerds] AB 2636, /ALTZ FOR AUTUMN rry Seabrook Straight 8s J = 144 Dance cm7 2 - py Sr J) Pra. simile © 1998 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 2636 36 AbA Fm7 DpA Pot Pt site G7 to Coda 4) SOLOS | (Stuing or straight 8s feel) Cm7 ree AB 2636 D.C. al Coda Solo 24 bars in exam Ped. simile noms: also try inprovising using the blues scale on © and, in the Du] bars, Dorian on D, Tho soale in tars 52 land 55 is @ scale of 'G altered". RELATED LISTHNING: 421 Evans: 1B adnbr Walla) fyoa You mst believe in gpring [Hamer] AB 2636 38 CHOPS Chris Batchelor Straight 8s J =72 Nice and easy HEAD c (loo) Om c © 1998 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 2636 —— 39 SOLOS Am7 pr * 2 G7sus G7 1,2,3 4 Solo 28 bars in exam Play 4 times Fo c Dm Dm 5 AB 2636 40 INTERLUD) Am? a1 D7 Am7 HEAD continues Straight &s c7 oA 2 g sub. p + PSLATED LISTMMING: Various artists: Intensified Original ska fliango} AB 2636 Ge ‘What good is msic if it ain’t got that swing?’ Duke Ellington The Associated Board responds with ‘Jazz Piano’, a comprehensive introduction to the world of jazz. A pioneering set of publications and a rigorously planned syllabus provide the building blocks you need to play jazz with imagination, understanding and style and to improvise effectively right from the start. Five books of graded pieces provide a wealth of jazz repertoire for you to play, from the great African-American tradition to the vibrant, dynamic and multi-cultural nature of jazz today. Throughout, there is a huge range of styles: funky rock grooves, up tempo swing tunes, calypsos, a bossa and other latin pieces, jazz waltzes, modal pieces, bebop style, gospel style, a rag, free jazz. There are classic tunes by the jazz greats including Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk. And there are brand-new pieces specially commissioned from professional British ja2z pianists and educators, providing an exciting snapshot of the contemporary scene. Within each album there are 1 pieces presented in three categories — blues, standards and contemporary jazz. Each piece provides a head which contains all the characteristic voicings, phrasing and rhythmic patterns needed for a stylish performance. An improvised section follows, where guideline pitches and left-hand voicings are given as a practical starting Point for your own solos. Accessible, student-centred and at the highest musical standards, these pieces will get you playing jazz confidently and creatively. Pieces, scales, quick studies, CDs, aural tests, how-to book ~ this set of materials provides a complete progressive method for playing jazz piano from serach. So ‘give that rhythm everything you got!" JAZZ PIANO TITLES Jazz Piano Pieces, Grades 1-6 (one book per grade) Jazz Piano Scales, Grades 1-5 Jazz Piano Aural Tests, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-5 (two books) Jazz Piano Quick Studies, Graces 1-5 Jazz Piano: The CD, Grades 1-8 (one CD per grade) Jazz Piano from Seratch: A how-to guide for students and teachers (book and CD) Charles Beale AUN ay EUSA ao (Pubizhing) Limited 1 Beton Square Condon CIB IG Uni King sn mabranpabiehingea ck Cageuy ovor TT AanwTs cows — qaryraoeey