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First Periodical Test in English V







I. Read the following sentences below. Write R if the sentence has a rising intonation and F if it has a falling intonation.
_____ 1. Ana loves swimming.
_____ 2. Do you like the beach?
_____ 3. Is she beautiful?
_____ 4. This place is wide and beautiful.
_____ 5. Are you crying?
_____ 6. People living in Japan are Buddhist.
_____ 7. Are the people in USA tall?
_____ 8. Do they eat their breakfast every morning?
_____ 9. The man in the mirror is fat.
_____ 10. Chocolate hills in Bohol is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country.
II. Read the following sentences. Underline the subject in the sentence and Circle the predicate.
11. Maria and Ben are busy making their playhouse.
12. The dogs are barking every night.
13. Mrs. Cruz is a good English teacher.
14. The house is big and beautiful.
15. The boys are very silent in class.
A. Read the following sentences and Identify its kind. Choose the letter of the correct answer from the box.

a. declarative

b. interrogative

c. imperative

d. exclamatory

_____ 16. Karens mother is a lawyer.

_____ 17. Why does she act like that?
_____ 18. Where are the people living here?
_____ 19. Go out and find some food!
_____ 20. Hey! The house is on fire!
B. Make the following sentences below correct by adding correct punctuation mark.

21. The children are playing quietly

22. How will you answer the interviewer
23. Get out of my house
24. Give me something to drink
25. Are you mad at me
IV. Complete the sentences below by supplying the correct compound subject. Choose your answer from the box below.

Either Mario, Romeo

Neither Rico, Alan
Neither restaurant, fast food
Mother and I
Roy, Ben
26. My _______________ and ________ are baking cake.
27. ____________________ or _______________ will be the president of the class.
28. ___________________ nor _______________ was late for the ceremony.
29. _____________ and ________________ are good friends.
30. _____________ nor ________________ serves fish as their main dish.

V. Fill out the information sheet correctly. (10pts.)

Information Sheet




Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Name of Mother:
Name of Father:

VI. Change the following simple sentences below to form a compound sentence.
1. Our backyard is wide.
It has a good soil.
2. The buildings are tall.
It is located in the big cities.
3. The people in the cities are busy.
They still have time to relax.
4. Our farm is planted with root crops.
It doesnt grow well.
5. The animals in the forest are wild.
They are dangerous to be our pet.

Good Luck!
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