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The Dark Triad is an immoral trifecta of personality traits that results in immense personal
power which grants high social status, tight control over interpersonal social dynamics and
intense sexual attraction, its for these reasons that many men interested in red pill philosophy
have an interest in the dark triad and idealize ascertaining the psychological state of being

dark triad.
These men see power embodied within specific personality traits and they want to know how

can I be like that? the truth of the matter is if you did not develop neurologically into a dark
triad personality as a child, you will never be completely dark triad. The dark triad is not
something one can be trained to become, Ill elaborate on this later in the article however first
Ill outline what the dark triad actually is.
I mentioned that the dark triad is a trifecta of personality traits, to be more specific, it is
composed of three anti-social cognitive filters/traits which work in tandem to form the triad,
and these psychosocial components are as follows:
- Narcissism
Excessive self-love and ridiculously high obnoxious personal confidence, dark triad individuals
are egotistical incarnate, this component of the triad forms the superficial glazing to the triads
persona and is what achieves them baseline social acceptance in most social situations.
The narcissism is clinical; the individual truly believes they are superior to everybody else
because they are themselves. This has the effect of rubbing off on other people, despite being
completely unsubstantiated; people assume subconsciously that someone who loves
themselves that much must have a basis for their self-image and therefore wrongfully assumes
such an individual is high value.
The strengths of such concentrated narcissism are that the extremely high confidence
generates an abundance of courage which facilitates rampant opportunism and thus an ability
to have relatively high success when engaging in personal endeavors.
The average person is insecure/low confidence and regardless of that people naturally gravitate
towards someone whom is highly confident, this then has the knock-on effect of raising social
status and popularity and circularly fuels the dark triad individuals narcissism by giving it
logical and tangible reasons for existing in the first place; how this manifests is via all the

positive feedback the narcissist receives for being an audacious asshole. The contrast: nice
guys finish last.
Narcissism is very infectious and has a tendency to make people addicted to the individual
displaying it, especially those who are low self-esteem, people of low self-confidence can
vicariously ascertain confidence through the dark triad individuals own confidence and have it
rub off on them somewhat by mimicking said dark triad individuals mannerisms.
The weakness/negative aspect of the narcissistic element of the triad is that normally it is so
pronounced that the dark triad individual's ability to reason can become impaired as they value
their ego over truth. If they do not avoid or completely ignore an attack on their ego (which is
common they often feel above remarks and other shit) they will deny reality/logic outright to
preserve their ego and go about maliciously shutting you down to make you pay for your
insubordinate behavior/threatening posture, they will do this by framing themselves as superior
to you in a very aggressive manner, and highlighting a flaw (or two, or three) of yours to
rebalance the frame in their favor.
When a dark triad man is doing this to a girl, he essentially negs the fuck out of her, guilt trips
her, makes her qualify herself (jump through a hoop) then rewards her for being complicit. This
is a form of operant conditioning and ties greatly into the next element of the triad (as each
part of the triad is inherently linked with the others)
With training and self-improvement borderline narcissism (far healthier than clinical narcissism)
can be achieved to improve ones self-confidence which as previously briefly touched upon is
essentially all about forming positive feedback cycles.
- Machiavellianism
Machiavellianism is the tendency to see all social interactions, paradigms and scenarios as
inherently strategic maneuvers, Machiavellians are emotionally and socially manipulative, they
have a tendency to dehumanize and objectify humans down to their skills and utilitarianism
rather than perceive them as entities with personalities to be admired.
Highly skilled Machiavellians manipulate themselves via stoicism to attain the outcomes they
seek (something of a perverse form of delayed gratification) however dark triad individuals have
no need for stoicism because they possess an underlying psychopathic element. Machiavellians
quite simply are very tactical individuals who execute the vast majority of their social
interactions like hybrid metaphorical games of chess and poker.

The narcissism is their poker face for appearances and is the physical representative for all their
manipulations, their Machiavellianism is their core, their chess-like mind, thinking 10 moves
ahead of those around them, using smoke and mirrors (misdirection), leaving bait for you and
switching the outcome from the expected outcome (a nuance on misdirection), pretending to be
busy when theyre not to create false image/sense of importance, making their target feel
disposable when they value them, outright lying to achieve ends, jealousy plotlines (making one
person jealous by using another), dread game (making someone who values the dark triad

individual doubt the stability of their relationship with them, causing the target to supplicate
and be more malleable, this is not only limited to romantic endeavors), ignoring you because
they want to attract you, the list of maneuvers goes on and on, Machiavellianism is essentially
the intellectual component of the dark triad.
If you had to think of an animal that is inherently manipulative, itd be a domestic cat, most
women just love to fucking adore cats by the way so go figure that one out, projection much?
Women tend to be more Machiavellian in nature than men by default, the presiding theory in
red pill philosophy is that men evolved to have a genetic advantage physically, making them
more violent and physically dominant whereas women evolved to be non-violent due to weak
muscles and small stature but use their adeptness in Machiavellianism to have men fight for
them on their behalf, giving them a far wider psychological skill set resulting in de facto mental
If shes a beautiful Machiavellian she can use her beauty to captivate a man and exploit him by
controlling his desires and thus facilitate her Machiavellianism upon him. Think of the guy as a
bear who loves honey, the queen bee leads the bear to a seemingly empty bee hive full of
honey, the bear puts his paws in to eat the honey and an army of bees come out to sting him.
Now the queen bee can dictate to the bear how he must behave because he tasted her honey
and she has an army of bees to punish him if he does not comply.
Gold diggers are a societal acknowledgement of womens inherent tendency to manipulatively
use men as resource providers, gold diggers are essentially people with the ability to use others
for their worth rather than value them for who they are (read: they prioritize what that
person can do for them over forming an emotional bond with another human) for a
Machiavellian, these things are synonymous, who a person is being tied in with what theyre
worth, they dont identify who a person is and what they can do for the manipulator in question
as separate components.

For example a Machiavellian wouldnt think along the lines of: John is great, I like John because
hes a decent guy and form any sort of emotional bond, itd be more along the lines of John is
a great negotiator, if I win his favor he can negotiate on behalf of me in hypothetical situation
X, if I cant win John over then I have no need for John and I should cut my losses. thus any
emotional bond that appears to be forming is superficial and is for the purpose of using John
later on, its not actually out of admiration or desire for John, but its a manipulation to turn
John into a useable tool.
Machiavellianism directed at one person for an extended period of time is inherently a form of
abuse as it robs one of their agencies, it creates an invisible prison of sorts, and a person thinks
theyre free but theyre so trained to behave in ways specific to the desires of another that
theyre actually enslaved. Machiavellianism can be used benevolently by people like parents and
such, but in dark triad individuals it tends to be used for destructively selfish purposes,
hedonism and profit.
Machiavellianism can be present in either gender; however as baseline women tend to have a
much more pronounced proficiency in the skill set and utilize it far more auspiciously. Mans
physical advantage is outlawed by the legal system; womans mental advantage is not thus
giving them the overall edge in modern developed societies. A womans logic being inherently
based upon her emotional state only helps to facilitate and foster her Machiavellianism because
her lack of consistency makes her seem more complex than she actually is. Not even she
understands half the bullshit she pulls off sometimes.
The sheer amount of beta behavior by men at large in society is indicative that many men lack
Machiavellian traits/capabilities to a level which serves them any sort of utility, dark triad men
and women are proficient Machiavellians and can run rings around the average person, making
them jump through all kinds of mental hoops and subjecting them to all kinds of tests and
power plays out of mere entertainment or to ascertain control over a situation. Machiavellianism
is inherently in and of itself the most logical part of the dark triad persona which runs counter
to the inherently delusive nature of the triad's narcissistic component.
Dark triad men who are abusive and have women pining for them, wanting to fulfill their every
whim do so by emotionally addicting said women. Their very presence causes said women to
have rushes of dopamine/serotonin/cortical/oxytocin (and probably other chemical shit I dont
know about) and its this cocktail of an emotional rollercoaster (better simplified as: DRAMA)
which causes women to form an addiction to said man, by associating the systematic release of
these neurotransmitters and hormones with the company of a specific man who acts as the
stimulus for these releases they become biochemically addicted and thus dependent upon him.

The stimulus is the dark triad man himself because if hes absent for long enough then the
chemical process stops and she has withdrawals from the cycle which leads her to start
proclaiming shit like needing him despite the small little fact that hes an abusive asshole
mental abuse can be chemically addictive to women.
Dark triad individuals tend to pull people in with narcissism, they control them with
Machiavellianism and then they addict them with the emotional rollercoaster previously
described. The final element of the triad complements Machiavellianism quite brilliantly in how
it aids in forming emotional addictions to the manipulator, that element is psychopathy.
- Psychopathy
Psychopathy is the reason you cannot train yourself to be a dark triad person, psychopathy is
how your brain connects your behavioral choices to your sense of guilt/remorse, which are
essentially the bodys way of morally provoking you to cease immoral activity.
Psychopathy defined in relation to the dark triad is the inherent ability for the dark triad
individual to not give a fuck about doing immoral or terrible things because they feel no
empathy, guilt or remorse when doing bad things this is perceived as a skill of sorts in the
ruggedness of the oft unfair modern world but is medically defined as a mental disorder.
Commonly new and naive followers of red pill philosophy think hey I can do that too via
stoicism/zen meditation,

but the difference between stoicism and psychopathy is that stoicism is the suppression and
self-control of emotions released by performing an action or released by the potential for an
action to occur that elicit strong feelings such as suspense, eagerness or anxiety, whereas a
psychopath neurologically has very weak connections between the emotional center of their
brain and the part of their brain responsible for behavior, this means they actually feel nothing
or very little (dependent on the individuals brain) when doing something immoral and thus
have nothing to actually suppress.
This isnt a question of desensitization for them but more of an inability to feel and thus by
extension of that inability they are not limited by guilt which would normally follow from such
an action.
This lack of ability to feel guilt or fear actions to their consequences is a great source of the
dark triads power (the power of fearlessness) its this ability to ruthlessly exploit people

that addicts women to dark triad men specifically, the psychopathy is very closely linked with
the Machiavellian component, however the sheer unpredictability and audaciousness of the
psychopathic element is what addicts women to these individuals.
The constant highs and lows psychopathy generates is the drama that women thrive off of,
psychopathy is the delivery system of the Machiavellian core, the spontaneity, the
audaciousness, the guile, its the crme da la crme of a tactical plan, however when
psychopathy gets out of control and manifests by itself (say the dark triad person loses their
temper), its completely illogical and separate from the Machiavellian element, perhaps utilizing
elements of Machiavellianism but not actually being pre-meditated in nature, you may know
this as someone going batshit crazy.
Psychopathy is a clinical condition, the people who are afflicted with psychopathy have
abnormal neurological structures, short of going and getting yourself brain damage no amount
of self-determination will result in ascertaining psychopathy, sure you can mimic a psychopath
and pretend you are one and even fool others you are one, but neurologically you will not be
one you will still have to deal, introspectively, with the emotional consequences of your
actions, something an actual dark triad individual does not. Hence your efforts will make you an
imitation, not an actualization of that which you strive and lust to become.
Dark triad people are very powerful and dangerous individuals, they are harmful both to society
and themselves as by nature of their personalities they are extremely unstable individuals, the
fact of the matter is they tend to inherently not give a fuck about their negative
aspects/weaknesses, even if they are self-aware enough to realize what the negative aspects of
themselves are. Rather perversely, they appear to be at peace with their deepest faults even if
they verbalize the contrary.
Dark triad individuals cannot be fixed (most dont want to be fixed as theyre addicted to their
own power) and they cannot be fully emulated. Due to the psychopathic element of the triad, a
person cannot be trained to become dark triad as this element in particular appears to be
something that is gained either genetically or in the development stages of brain formation in
With training one can become borderline dark triad which is far healthier than to be a natural
who is essentially an extremist that is clinically dark triad.