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Lie Detection and Interrogation Reviewer 5

1. He introduced the symptomatic question or myth to

disclose whether or not an outside issue is bothering the subject.
A. Dick Arther C. John Reid
B. Leonard Keeler D. Cleve Backster
Ans. D
2. Manufactured the first commercial polygraph instrument
for Leonard Keeler.
A. Associated Press Inc. C. Associated Manufacturing Inc.
B. Associated Research Inc. D. Associated Detection Inc.
Ans. B
3. The name of the first manufactured polygraph instrument.
A. Keeler polygraph instrument C. Larson polygraph instrument
B. Associated Detecting instrument D. Marston polygraph instrument
Ans. A
4. If a subject looked down and moved his toe in a circular motion while
being interrogated, he was taugh to be deceptive.This ancient
deception detection is known as
A. Nervous behaviorism C. The ordeal of rice
B. The ordeal of the sacred donkey D. The sacred ass
Ans. A
5. If the suspect's tongue was not burned,he was judged innocent.
If the suspect's tongue was burned,he was judged guilty.This ancient deteception detection is known
A. The hot iron test C. The ordeal of the hot iron
B. Bear the hot iron test D. The ember test
Ans. C
6. What company is the leader in the manufacture of polygraph?
A. Lafayette instrument company C. Stoelting
B. Axciton D. Limestone
Ans. A
7.Where is the largest polygraph market in the world?
A. Russia C. U.S.A
B. Ukraine D. Georgia
Ans. B
8. Depending on the complexity of the case and the number of issues being tested a polygraph
examination generally takes
A. 1-2 hours C. 2-3 hours
B. 3-4 hours D. 4-5 hours
Ans. C
9. What is the longest phase of the polygraph examination?
Ans. Pre-test interview

10.Who is the most prominent polygraph examiner of all time?

A. Leonarde Keeler B. John Larson
B. William Marston D. Cleve Backster
Ans. A
Remember the ff: lie detection and interrogation