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Zac Brown

Smith Per 10
Kite Runner Essay
Brothers from different mothers is a phrase that describes Hassan and
Amirs relationship in the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. This phrase comes alive
in a passage in chapter 2 where Amir recalls his past life in Afghanistan. This
relationship between Hassan and Amir brings a theme of friendship and
togetherness. They pretty much were brothers considering that they fed from the
same breast, took their first steps together, and spoke their first words together.
These moments are all special in a babies life but are more special when you share
them with your best friend.
Hassan and Amir grew up together and neither of them grew up having a
mother. Baba hired a nurse to breastfeed both Amir and Hassan. Ali mentions to
the boys how there is a special brotherhood between people who feed from the
same breast. Then Amir said, Hassan and I fed from the same breasts. Them
feeding from the same breasts made them more than friends, like Baba had
suggested. This brotherhood between Amir and Hassan is what makes their
relationship special. Them feeding from the same breast brings a sense of
togetherness because it is something that they both share. This is not the only
thing these bros have done together growing up.

Today every parent wants to get their child's first steps caught on camera
because it is like moving up the ladder of becoming an adult. In the case of Amir
and Hassan both shared this moment of accomplishment, becoming, literally, one
step closer to adulthood together. Amir recalls,We took our first steps on the
same lawn in the same yard. Both Amir and Hassan can now say that they both
took a step towards becoming an adult together. By starting to walk at the same
time, they had a sense of togetherness that made their friendship even stronger.
This is a big part of the book because with no prior knowledge of who Amir and
Hassan were the reader could easily mistake them for brothers. Hosseini uses
quotes like the one above to portray the boys relationship which is a driving force
of the novel. Another way in which the brotherly relationship between Amir and
When they both started speaking their friendship was solidified in their
first words. And, under the same roof, we spoke our first words. Mine was Baba.
His was Amir. My name. For Hassan to have his first word be Amir was the true
start to their friendship. Baba is a figure that Amir looks up to and admires.
Hassan, sadly, is illiterate but Amir is lucky and has an education. With Hassan
being illiterate and Amir's love for reading Amir would always read to Hassan like a
father reads to a son. This suggests that Amir is like a father figure to Hassan but
it is their friendship that makes it even more special. Hassan looks up to Amir

which makes them even better friends. It even says that Hassan always listened to
Amir, like how Amir listens to Baba, once again suggesting a father figure. Amir
and Hassan loved to play with each other,with toys such as slingshots, which implies
that Amir is a friend too and not just a role-model to Hassan.