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Kr 23 FULL-BAND TRACKS ae GUIDE TO LEARNING - BLUES GUITAR JOHN GANAPES (Othor Hal Leonare books by John Ganapes: Blues You Can Use HL00695007 Blues You Can Use Guitar Chords HLoos9s082 ISBN 0-7935-799b-1 HAL*LEONARD CORPORATION Inemation! Copyright Secured AS TABLE OF CONTENTS Page How to Use This Book site riassensssaeer eo Tuning Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Playing the pentatonic scales along the neck; Using partial chord forms in rhythm playing; Using notes from chords in lead lines 9 “Chord-on Bleu” Rhythm part 13 “Chord-on Bleu” Lead part 15 Blues runs; More partial chords (fragments) in rhythm parts; More notes from chords in lead melodies....... 0... 16 “Drivin” Blues” Rhythm part a 3) 20 “Drivin” Blues” Lead part . . ce 22 One-position runs; Sixth and ninth chord combinations; One-position runs in the lead. i 24 “Cheap Runs” Rhythm part... 28 “Cheap Runs” Lead part bane 3p 30 Pentatonic scales on single strings and string pairs; Variation of the spread rhythm; Chord punctuation in lead guitar solos... ..« 32 “Blues a la Chord” Rhythm part ce 35 “Blues a la Chord” Lead part......... 210 37 String-bending technique and exercises: Syncopated shuffle rhythm and embellishing chords; Jump-style shuffle 39 “Jumpin’ Blues” Rhythm part eee 2 ‘Jumpin’ Blues” Lead part naa 44 Single-string tremolo, pedal tone, and string skipping; Minor blues, use of the *VI chord, and codas; Double-string bends and reverse bends . 46 Big Bends” Rhythm part 50 Big Bends” Lead part. 52 Intervals of a third over the whole fingerboard; More sixth and ninth chord combinations and altering the ninth; Tremolo in a guitar solo... 54 “True Trem Blues” Rhythm part . 57 “True Trem Blues” Lead part... weenie 39 Intervals of a sixth over the whole fingerboard; Blues-rock rhythm guitar styles; Double-stop tremolo . 62 “Tremblin’ Tremolo” Rhythm part - 64 “Tremblin’ Tremolo” Lead part . . = 66 Audio Track 34 34 56 5-6 78 TR 9-10 9-10 12 u-12 14-15 14-15 16-17 16-17