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Kerzner Project Management

Maturity Model


January 13, 2014
Authored by: No H. Morales

Kerzner Project Management Maturity Model


Kerzner Project Management Maturity Model | 1/13/2014

In any organization, the project management that is involved may not always run as efficient as its
expected. Although the quality of the product or service can be an indicator of a problem, it does not
however provide enough information to address the issue. For this reason, an evaluation can be performed
and determine the project managements maturity level. Using characteristics such as communication,
visibility, consistency and control, Dr. Harold Kerzner developed the Kerzner Project Management
Maturity Model. The function of this model is to asses a companys performance and state of its process in
five different levels, as see in Figure 1:

common language

common process
singular methodology

benchmarking, and
continuous improvement


Dr. Harold Kerzner has been widely-known and recognized as an expert in project management strategies
and best practices. His method, which is aligned closely with the PMBOK Guide was a product of many
years of research and an extensive work with prominent companies around the world. Dr. Kerzner believes
that project management excellence comes from four critical components:

effective communications,
effective cooperation,
effective teamwork and


With this in mind, KPM3 is significantly more behavioral than quantitative (IIL, 2014).

The Assessment and Objective

The assessment consists of a series of 183 multiple-choice questions that bring forth an honest look at the
project management in the organization. It provides with a score that can be compared to other
competitors. The throughout analysis of these results along with active recommendations can help the
organization prioritize their strategy to improve their project management within the organization.

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Kerzner Project Management Maturity Model | 1/13/2014

With all the information that is provided to the company or organization that uses this assessment, it is
more likely for the company to succeed after applying the principles learned. The goal is to be classified as
a continuous improvements, which is the level 5 of the KPM3. This will most likely result is a comfortable
environment and the maturity desired can be achieved quickly. However, the main focus of this method is
that people manage projects; people manage tools; tools manage neither people nor projects (Kerzner,

Kerzner Project Management Maturity Model | 1/13/2014