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Positive Thinking
When you think positive you generate certain positive vibrations of thought and then you start
working on it. Similarly when you start with a negative vibration of thought, you start creating
negative vibrations and you start working towards it.
Everything starts with a thought - negative or positive. So think positive about your future and
even if you are going through a bad patch...think positive that "YES" it will be resolved soon. So
the mind starts working towards methods of trying to resolve the situation.
Now on the other hand if you have a problem at hand and you are "Depressed" you keep on
thinking "negative" and get into the vicious circle of thinking only negative - so how can the mind
get to resolve the problem. You yourself are responsible for your mind to think "positive" or
"negative". Basically saying that you yourself are responsible your either making or ruining
yourself. Have that WILL POWER to give up your bad vices and go ahead "JUST DO IT" like Nike
See the tremendous pleasures you will achieve by overcoming your bad vices. It is just like a
ladder, you start climbing it gradually from the step one. If you yourself are a subject of your bad
vices and are not able to overcome it, how in the future will you be able to overcome much bigger
obstacles. Have you ever thought! You will be the head of a family tomorrow, a role model for
your children to follow, a respectable member of a society.
Give it a task to do some serious thinking!
God bless you
Avinash Sharma
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The Body - A Temple

What is the real definition of a Brahmin i.e. not the kind we have
these days. A real Brahmin break it up Brahma ji - the creator of
this world.
A Brahmin is and has to be the greatest devote of GOD, having full
faith in him and total surrender to his lotus feel. That is why we
have Brahmins to take care of our temples.
His job description:
1) To help people who visit a temple and introduce them to God
and request him to reduce their suffering if any.
2) To teach good things from the holy books i.e. teacher,
philosopher and guide.
3) To give prasad such as fruits, food etc. to all the people who visit
the temple.
4) To give you a glimpse of your past and future.
5) He has no worries, no desires and has all the powers in the
Now you have to just try to be a little close, to be like a Brahmin at
least. Clean up your body and soul. Make it a temple, so that God
comes in it to live there and you act as a Brahmin to take care of
this temple, so that no evil can come near you.
How can you - eat non - veg food in a temple
How can you - drink alcohol, smoke and take drugs in the temple
How can you - have bad thoughts in the temple.
How can you make a temple a graveyard of animals?
So the moment you leave all these vices God He will reside in you
and no evil can ever come near you.
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Interpersonal Relationships
Today I would like to give you a small brief of how to upgrade yourself. Just as we need
to upgrade our computers that were 386, 486, Pentium 1, 2, 3.
Same way we need to upgrade our life by doing good deeds as well as our education. In
whatever field you have interest, try to spend time to upgrade yourself.
Please try to spend time to upgrade yourself. As mentioned earlier, you are in a queue of
6 billion people. If you do not upgrade yourself you will be going backwards in line. So
you have to be always trying to get ahead - Just like we all do in the bus queue or any
other line.
Similarly when you start doing good deeds - keep it up and keep increasing it throughout
your life. Good deeds are not only donating money, but also good thoughts, good
gestures, good work. So you accumulate a good credit balance in your account. If you do
any bad, it will be debited from your account immediately and the credit balance of good
gradually starts diminishing. So if you have a debit balance in your account - well you
know what happens! The theory of this life is so easy, but people have made it so
complicated because they look for immediate pleasures without realizing the harm it can
bring to them, their parents, their society. Look ahead; look at your future. There is only
one way. You can either brighten it or tarnish it. The choice is yours! Follow the
philosophy of simple living and high thinking!
Don't we say - not to keep unnecessary data in your computers, it occupies space.
Similarly don't clutter your mind with unnecessary things. Be focused to your goal delete the unwanted data . Then you have done two things upgraded your computer and
deleted the unwanted data - won't your computer work faster !!
I receive a lot of mails that people are depressed because of their family problems or
relatives or friends in school / college.
I also received a mail from a Turkish girl studying in USA. She takes drugs/smokes/has
illicit sex. She has no time to think about which culture she belongs, whether she should
follow Christianity or Islam. You see when you sail in two boats what happens is you
drown. You have to recognize yourself with one boat - one culture, that makes your boat
sail through to the shore. Otherwise you can only drown.
Now as mentioned earlier - keep your TV antenna powerful and understand that just as
GOD sends his messages. In a similar way EVIL also sends his messages.
But the Evil's messages are very easy and attractive and we follow that faster.
These are just like the computer virus. Some of them give results immediately and some
take time, but eventually the result is the same.
Now if your antenna of the mind is powerful, you can understand that a particular relative
or friend is not saying bad. It is the evil who wants you to get excited, angry and make
you take a wrong decision. If you ignore it and do not feel it is your friend, relative
or family member saying all these things and it is not his fault. Then imagine what will
happen. You will rise in life. As you will not be upset, angry and you will be like the lotus
flower, living in the dirty water but still above all.
Just imagine, if we all can do that how much peace and harmony there will be. You will
not allow the bad / evil planets to work on you to give you the bad effect. Anger,
depression, tension are like poison in your body. They work on your body negatively and
bring down the resistance of your immune system This results in blood pressure, heart

problems etc. Take a deep breath , go for a walk, do meditation, listen to good music just divert your way into something different. Also try to analyze the person /situation it that person or situation worth what is doing to your life. There has to be a way out - but
you are not thinking hard or let us put it that you are making yourself so weak and just
becoming a subject of the evil to work on you.
Life is precious - it is a gift of God to you. Preserve it as it is not replaceable like other
material things. Therefore it becomes your duty to keep your body not just clean from
outside but from the inside too! All our life is spent on collecting precious things and
preserving it. We forget what we have and how we can preserve that.
Whatever may happen in life - don't leave your faith in god, your prayers, your good
Then when you need HIM the most - HE will come in some form - have that
CONFIDENCE and you can never go wrong.
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God's Gift - Love

This life as a human being , we have been given as a gift of God.
This life is given to us after great difficulties that we had to go
through in our past births, as we first go through the life of every
other living being and then God gives us a life in the form of this
body and a brain.
God gives us the basic requirements like Sun / Water / Air free of
cost. The beautiful nature around us. We have no time to thank
God for all these things. The only thing today all care about is
money. Money has become GOD for all. They will do anything and
everything for money - good, bad, evil, unethical deeds to get
money. We have no time to thank God, appreciate him for what a
beautiful ready made world he gave us. We think as if it was our
birth right to have all these things. Just think for a moment if you
just have to pay for all these things!
Today our society, parents see us only with our academic
qualifications and not our other potential talents or skills we may
have which are never allowed to sprout. You should try to bring out
your potential to the maximum . Never feel you are a failure. There
is spark in everyone, waiting to be lighted.
How do you spark this light within you? Channelize your energies
into good. You are the future of tomorrow. Make your parents,
nation, society be proud of you. Remember you only live once!
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Life is Precious - Look Ahead

Do not waste your precious life for momentary pleasures! Look
ahead look at your future.
The first nail in the coffin of the British Empire started in South
Africa when they kicked out Mahatma Gandhi from the train. He got
us Freedom with non-violence. His power was to keep fast and
pray. Whenever he went on fast and prayers the British would
agree to his terms. He made his body a temple where God itself
dwelled. Such was the power of a lean man!
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Fear is lack of Faith in God:

If you have faith in God you will never ever have fear of anything in
this world . They say if you do good thing. E.g. if you speak the
truth all the time. After sometime it will be that whatever you speak
comes true.
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Blessings :
By forgiving someone for what he has done bad to you. One does
not become lower but rises above the other person. The other
person will definitely be ashamed of himself sooner or later. His
conscious will prick him and not allow him to rest. He will be
restless and even sometimes, will not get proper sleep.
Blessings of elders is very important. Even though at times you fell
bad about the person. Sometimes at least, I will always ask for
blessing from people who do not like me. So when I bow down their
soul automatically give me blessings, as they have no choice left.
Such were the advantages of blessings that LORD KRISHNA
taught to the week and meek Pandavas, who were to fight the evil
at time of Mahabharat.
Before the War was about to begin Lord Krishna told all 5
Pandavas to go to their enemy's side and take blessings from their
Guru and Great grand Uncle Bishma Pitama. What were the
blessings given by them automatically and instantly it came out
"VIJAYA BHAVA" (May you be blessed with victory). So that is how
you can win over your enemies. As mentioned earlier when you
have poison for someone, talk it over, forgive him. It would look low
to you that you are bowing down, but actually you will be the winner
in the long run.
The Evil planet of the other person will feel you have come for
blessing and instant relief will be given to you. This is in context to
my earlier statement when we were talking about Mars planet also.
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The Youth today by Gita

Hi! I am Gita. My nationality is Indian. I was born and lived in a
Midde East country. Now I study in the United States in a college
upstate New York. I am very impressed with your site on astrology,
basically the good teachings which you give the youth. I would like
youth to come forward to share their views on a chat page, so that
we can learn from each other's experiences.
I thought this was a great opportunity to tell you about what
happened yesterday. It was a weekend and we were all invited to a
party in which everybody was almost wearing negligible clothes
and only bed sheets around them. It is called a 'bedsheet party'. I
was rather horrified seeing this and just wrapped a bed sheet over
the clothes I was wearing. A guy came up to me and asked me if I
would like to have a beer - then only I would be able to enjoy the
party. I said "NO". I just watched these jerks and wondered how
stupid youth in USA could get! There are so many things in this
world one can do to have fun, so I left the party after a while. The
next day I enjoyed playing football, basketball, ping-pong,
swimming etc.
My friends many a time ask me " G... why don't you buy us
cigarettes you are such a good friend and so generous". My
response to them is "because I am your friend I will not buy you
cigarettes - because I know it is bad for your health". "If ever you
want anything good I have no hesitation to buy you".
I am new to this college here in New York. I have four years
college life to go and I have decided I have to change the scenario
in this college and I am sure I can do it! In the school in Boston, I
graduated I received an award from the Student's council,
Teacher's council and the Headmaster's award. I feel good not for
myself that I got these awards but that I made my parents proud of
My feeling the next day after the party: I felt so good about myself,
I was able to overcome so many evil things which probably in
today's world are called TRENDY. To ruin your life - Is this what is
being trendy all about ! You can be like the beautiful lotus flower
and living in the slush and still above them.
My parents trust me so much, how can I betray their trust. I am
proud of being an Indian and would like to follow my culture and
the teachings, in whichever part of the world I am. Don't you feel
the same? Tell me!
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