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I. Rationale
The follow-up program is designed to monitor the progress of students who
have been counseled, subjected to placement and have graduated. This will enable
the guidance counselor identify the effectiveness of the intervention used in helping
the students. The follow-up of graduates will help the school evaluate the progress
of the MCE students in living up with the thrust of the school.
II. Objectives
1. To help the students in the different areas of concern and conduct follow up of
2. To follow up MCE graduates and implement tracer study to ascertain the
status of the graduates.
3. To help the students in determining the areas in life where they need to make
III. Activities
A. Follow up of students enrolled
a. Follow up of students who were counseled, those with disciplinary problems
and those who were referred by teachers.
b. Follow up of students with scholastic problems.
c. Conduct interview of graduates who come to the office for visit.
d. Coordinate with the alumnae association in conducting tracer study.
B. Procedures \strategies
A. Follow up of students enrolled
a. The Counselor issues a call slip to the students thru the Deans office. The call
slip includes the schedule of follow-up counseling.
b. The Deans secretary gives this to the students.
c. The students see the counselor on the designated time.
d. The counselor conducts the follow-up sessions.
C. Follow-up of graduates
a. The counselor prepares proposal for a tracer study.
b. The counselor coordinates with the alumnae association for the directory of

c. The counselor conduct the tracer study to monitor the progress of the
d. The counselor submits the result of the study to the administration, the Dean,
and the Faculty.
IV. Tools

Follow-up letters
Cumulative records
Summary of interviews
Directory of graduates

V. Evaluation
The program will be evaluated using the following method
1. Feedback from the survey done.
2. Feedback from the students enrolled who were given follow-up.

I. Rationale
The focuses of the guidance and counseling services is to provide the
clientele functional counseling service. Counseling is a goal oriented relationship
between professionally trained competent counselor and an individual seeking help.
The counseling service aimed to help students not only to establish and maintain
positive outlook in life, but also to assist students to be responsible, productive, and
cooperative individuals.
II. Objectives

To help students in making good decisions in life.

To guide students to the process of self-discovery.
To guide students to realize their abilities and potentials.
To help students use his potentials to the fullest in planning his present and
future endeavors.
5. To share information on relevant topics that could help students understand
the problems and intricacies in life.
III. Methodology
A. The counseling services offered o students are the following


Social-Personal counseling
Career development counseling
Educational counseling
Routine counseling
Group counseling

B. Procedures
a. For referred cases
1. A Teacher or School Personnel fills up the referral form in the office.
2. The counselor calls for the student for conference. A call slip will be
submitted to the faculty assistant for this purpose.
3. The counselor conducts the counseling session with the students.
4. A slip indicating the time that counselee reported to the office and the time
the session ended is presented to the teacher or the School Personnel who
did the referral.
5. Counselor writes the summary of the findings.
6. A conference is conducted with the teacher who did the referral.
7. Follow up is done to ensure improvement.
b. Individual routine interview
1. The Guidance office prepares the routine interview forms and the individual
inventory forms.
2. The Advisers\Level coordinators assist in the distribution of the inventory
forms to their respective students.
3. An announcement is posted on the bulletin board for the schedule of routine
4. Routine counseling and interpretation of test result are done during the
c. Group counseling

The counselor identifies students with common problems and concerns.

Counselor plans schedules of session.
Counselor meets the students for group counseling.
After the sessions the Counselor conducts follow up to assess the students
5. Group counseling may also in the form of the following:
a. Family counseling
b. Peer facilitators training
c. Group conflict resolution
d. Classroom sessions and orientation

d. Career counseling
1. The counselor prepares career program for the students.
2. Activities are coordinated with the year Level Coordinators.
3. The counselor invites speakers to enlighten the students on he career
vocation they have chosen.
4. Evaluation of the program is conducted.

IV. Materials Resources and Tools


Referral forms
Call slip
Routine interview schedule forms
Psychological test

V. Evaluation
The program will be evaluated through feedback questionnaire.