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Liceo de Monterrey

High School III/IV

Computer Science

4 Bimester 2014
Exam Guide

Hardware: It referes to the electronic equipment,
computer or device, that while contected to
computer network, stores, references and serve
Software: It's the software and programs in
charge of handling clients requesting content,
normally through the use of the HTTP and/or
HTTPS protocol.

Web Pages
A web page it's a document made available through a web
server, a web page it's uniquely identified by an URL
The page that displays a book or item for sale on Amazon it's a
The login screen at liceo.itslearning.com it's a webpage

Webpages can be static documents or be dynamically

generated by CGI scripts and other server side
Webpages have to be written in HTML or XHTML

Uniform Resource Locator
It's a character string the uniquely references a
resource within a location in the WWW

Internet vs WWW
Although normally when we refer to a web site or a web
page to as being on Internet we are using the term
correctly it would more appropriate to say, it's on the
Internet it's the global, massive network of networks,
that allows the connection and the exchange of
information to any computer connected to it
World Wide Web referes to the computers and devices
connected to the Internet that share and exchange
information using the HTTP protocol

Search Engine
It's a computer software which's purpose it's to search
information on the WWW.
Most of the search engines have a software called
crawler in charge of exploring the content of public
informaion available on the WWW
The crawler would provide the necesarry information
to the engine for it to classify it and index it in a way
it would be easy to find information.
Search engine examples: Google, Yahoo, Bing,

It's an algorithm used by Google's search engine
that ranks a web page base on the quantity and
quality of links refering to it; under the
assumption that the
most relevant and
important site and
pages are most
likely those that are
referer to the most.

CGI vs Client Side Scripting

Common Gateway Interface
Are programs, running on a web server that are in charge or
processing client request and transform the response of the request
into a webpage.

Client Side Scripting

Referes to the computer programs and code delivered by a web
server to a client with the intencion of being executed on the client
itself rather than in the server side.

Cascade Style Sheets

It's a language used for describing the look and formatting of a
document written in a markup language.

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

Web 1.0

Web 2.0



Content classification

Site defined Taxonomy

End-user defined

Content presentation

Static web pages

Highly dynamic

Single large investment at

the beginning

Continuos investment

Content creation

Project funding

Control System
It's a devices or set of devices that manages,
monitors and control other devices; normally the
system has a single specific objective.
Traffic light system
Parking lot
Automatic badge controlled access system