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YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) 2011-2012 Lance http://www.

x.com (covered under GNU GPL License) - see YUMI-Copying
Background of YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer):
YUMI is an easy to use installer script created using NSIS. YUMI's purpose is to
help automate the creation of a bootable USB Flash Drive that can be used to bo
ot multiple Linux based distributions (one at a time).
The end result should be a bootable USB Flash drive that will get you up and run
ning with your chosen Live Distributions, all without having to do the research
and perform the steps by hand.
My work consists of creating/maintaining the YUMI scripts, initial creation and
continued maintenance of the menu entries, adding suggested entries, and testing
to make sure the distributions boot.
How YUMI Works:
YUMI utilizes a Syslinux MBR to make the chosen drive bootable. Distributions ar
e extracted using 7zip to the multiboot folder on the USB device, and a custom s
yslinux.cfg file along with distro independant configuration files are used to b
oot each distribution. Grub4DOS grub.exe may also be used to boot ISO files dire
Credits, Resources, and Third Party Tools used:
* Created with NSIS Installer 1995-2012 Contributors http://nsis.sourceforge.net
(needed to compile the YUMI.nsi script)
* Syslinux 1994-2012 H. Peter Anvin http://syslinux.zytor.com (unmodified binary
* grub.exe Grub4DOS the Gna! people http://www.gnu.org/software/grub (unmodified
binary used) : Official Grub4DOS link: http://gna.org/projects/grub4dos/
* 7-Zip is 1991-2012 Igor Pavlovis http://7-zip.org (unmodified binaries were use
* Fat32format.exe Tom Thornhill Ridgecorp Consultants http://www.ridgecrop.demon
.co.uk (unmodified binary used)
Additional instructions for MultiBootISOs can be found HERE: http://www.pendrive
01/05/12 Version Added Mandriva 2011 and Ubuntu 12.04 entry. Corrected
some broken links. Updated sources.
01/05/12 Version Wildcard CentOS entry. Added Debian KDE, LXDE, XFCE en
tries. Fixed Fedora 16 KDE menu entry removal bug. Fixed Kaspersky Rescue Disk e
ntry to prevent hanging at scanning for pata_qdi. Added Back to Main Menu option
for Directly Bootable ISOs.
12/15/11 Version Updated to support Pinguy OS 11.04.1. Added Racy Puppy
. Switch to syslinux 4.05.
11/30/11 Version Correct issue with incorrect Ubuntu Server 11.10 downl
oad link. Updated to support Linux Mint 12 and Parted Magic 20111124.
11/17/11 Version Added OpenSUSE 12.1 entries. Fixed bug with removing D
r.Web Live entry.
11/13/11 Version Added Zorin Linux entry.
11/03/11 Version Reduced size limit for Windows ISOs - 300MB. Updated t
o support Fedora 16 distributions.
10/26/11 Version Updated to support 32/64 bit LTR 10.04.3 Ubuntu and Ku
buntu, CentOS 64bit, and latest stable Clonezilla.
10/14/11 Version Updated to support Trinity Rescue Kit 3.4 build 372, a
nd Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu 11.10 64 bit.
10/14/11 Version Updated to support Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu,

Lubuntu 11.10.
10/10/11 Version Updated to support new WifiWay, Knoppix, TinyCore, and
Redo Backup. Fix broken Dr.Web entry.
09/15/11 Version Updated Partition Wizard 7 and SystemRescueCD entries.
Added Dr.Web Live CD.
08/27/11 Version Added Bodhi and CAELinux (Computer Aided Engineering)
Linux entries. Updated to support Lucid Puppy 5.2.8, Wary Puppy 5.1.3, and Ultim
ate Boot CD 5.1.1.
08/23/11 Version Allow selection of either CD or DVD Linux Mint 11 ISOs
, Update to support Backtrack 5 R1, and XBMC.
08/01/11 Version Warn that a MULTIBOOT Label is created. Added CentOS,
and Rescatux entries.
07/24/11 Version Fixed Puppy Linux to allow saving. Added DRBL (Diskles
s Remote Boot in Linux).
07/03/11 Version Fixed Porteus Entry.
06/22/11 Version Fix System Rescue CD Entry and wildcard it's ISO.
06/17/11 Version Correct puppy cfg file. Moved RIP Linux to system tool
s. Added Saline OS, and Peppermint 2 menu entries.
06/13/11 Version Added Porteus Linux entry. Rename TEMP to TEMPYUMI.
06/08/11 Version Fixed wildcard issues. You must browse to and select t
he distro you wish to use if it's entry is wildcarded.
06/02/11 Version Fixed incomplete operation when adding Fedora 15 GNOME
06/02/11 Version Added Linux Mint Debian, Sn0wL1nuX 11 64bit, all Fedor
a 15 32/64bit, and all OpenSUSE 11.4 32/64bit entries. Updated Redo Backup entry
05/27/11 Version Added Linux Mint 11 and Wary Puppy 5.1.2 entries. Upda
ted HDT 5.0, Partition Wizard 6, Offline NT Password and Recovery, Puppy Linux 5
.2.5 entries. Fixed detection of OpenSUSE.
05/25/11 Version Added Pinguy OS 11.04 and Sn0wL1nuX 11 entries. Update
d to support to Fedora 15. Switch to use new Syslinux 4.04.
05/22/11 Version Added Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu amd64 and missing 10.04
LTS entries.
05/20/11 Version Added Fedora 14 entry.
05/14/11 Version Added ability to Uninstall Items, Added BackTrack 5 an
d WifiWay entries.
05/04/11 Version Added OpenSUSE 11.4, G Data Antivirus. Added Ubuntu, X
ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu 11.04. Updated Gparted and Parted Magic entries to sup
port latest versions.
04/14/11 Version Added Kon-Boot entry, fixed Edubuntu config.
04/03/11 Version Added Acronis Rescue CD entry, fixed Memtest entry, co
py Ophcrack tables to root directory of USB, updated Easus Disk Copy entry. Corr
ected grammar error.
03/28/11 Version Added Crunchbang entry.
03/25/11 Version Removed Wildcard from HDT (Hardware Detection Tool) en
try. Updated DBAN entry to support newest version.
03/24/11 Version Corrected HDT (Hardware Detection Tool) entry.
03/23/11 Version Corrected WifiWay links, fixed Redo Backup config menu
03/22/11 Version Added WifiWay entry.
03/18/11 Version Added DBAN(must use version 1.0.7), and Try an Unliste
d ISO (from memory) Entries. Fixed Windows Vista/7 Entries to resolve the boot e
rror after finishing install (make sure to remove the usb device after first reb
03/17/11 Version Added Ultimate Boot CD, and Backtrack 4 RC2 Entries. U
pdated to support GParted Added capability to "Try an Unlisted ISO" (as
many as you want). Removed ISOFiles folder creation, now you can simply run YUM
I from where you store your ISOs and it will autodetect them.
03/15/11 Version Fixed FreeDOS entry. Added to check if old MultibootIS
Os tool was used on the drive, if so prompt to format.

03/13/11 Version Initial ALPHA Release.