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1. Describe an experience where you did something tough? How did you handle it?

At ALCOA, one of my projects involved working in the Ti cast furnace room. Ti cast is
an area of ALCOA that cast titanium aerospace parts. Virginia Power Company sends
23,000 KV through high transmission lines and is converted to 4,160 V by ALCOAs
transformer. It is then sent to a power supply that converts 4,160 V to 70 V dc. Current
from the positive terminal of the power supply flows through a hard bus to a crucible via
the bus clamps in the furnace. A stinger, which carries a long ingot, is connected to the
negative terminal of the power supply via 4 water-cooled leads and a hard bus. An arc is
generated when the ingot comes very close to the crucible. The power supply supplies
26,000 amps of arcing current to melt the ingot. The stinger then retracts and goes to its
original position. The melted metal is then poured into a mold.
What was tough about the project is that a problem occurred where the ingot was not
melting fully into the crucible.
Identified potential problems and their solutions
1. Using a resistance monitoring system, resistance check in order to ensure that
there is no low resistance path to ground. This is caused by metal splashing onto
areas that create a ground.
2. Checked the temperature of the water cooled leads. Since they are all connected in
series with one another, it was found that the last two leads were much hotter than
the others.
It turned out to be metal splashing causing an unintended path to ground and therefore I
had maintenance clean the furnace area of metal splashing to fix the issue.
2. Why are you doing electrical engineering?
Engineering I believe is a perfect outlet for imagination. It provides me with the ability to
share my ideas to the world and to share my curiosity in how things work. With this, I
strive to create innovations, improve living standards and make them more accessible to
the world. Also factors such as interest, availability in the job market, potential growth,
and to close the minority achievement gap have guided my desire in a profession in this
field. The latest census projections show that people of color will be the majority in the
United States by the year 2040 yet there is no indication of the minority gap being closed.

3. Why do you want to work for Boeing?

Boeing is among the largest global aircraft manufacturers. It is also one
thing to work for a company and another thing to work for a company that tries its best to
work closely to your needs. The fact that Boeing not only provides one with a full time
job, but also opens the door to unparalleled mentoring and training opportunities makes it
the perfect platform for improving technological productivity while developing excellent
leadership skills. Boeing also gives me a great to make a positive impact on the growing
economy today.

4. Describe a close deadline that you were not able to make? How did you handle it?
At Alcoa, I served as project manager for the renovation of the Howmet engineering
rooms. New employees were being moved from Alcoa research drive to the main facility.
My manager required me to have desks furniture, whiteboards removed from the rooms
as well as the walls being painted and the installation of proxy card readers. It turned out
that I was able to complete everything except the proxy card readers by the given
I created a spreadsheet that identified the exact order and times I wanted each task
completed such as the furniture, desk and whiteboards out within 4 days, the walls
painted and dried for another 3 days, and the carpet steam cleaned. I explained to my
manager that due to having issues with agreeing a quote with the contractor and an
adequate payment system from Alcoa, it could not be completed within the two weeks
deadline given. I told my manager that everything but the proxy card readers would be
completed by the deadline.
My manager extended the deadline to have the proxy card readers installed and also said
it was okay to have it delayed since it had no effect on the new employees moving into
their new offices.

5. Describe a time when you were working on a team project and you had to

motivate your teammates to accomplish their tasks. What was the situation? What
role did you play? What was the outcome?
In my engineering design class, I was team leader of my group. We were required to
create a hovercraft that is able to hover above the ground through a course and exit
successfully. On the day before the hovercraft competition where all teams with
successful hovercrafts are required to join, one of my teammates was testing the fans on
our hovercraft. He mistakenly put a pencil in between one of the fans and it damaged the
fan allowing the hovercraft to become immobile. All of the other teammates were very
disappointed due to the fact that its 2 am and the competition is in 8 hours.
As team leader, I took the initiative to motivate the team. I told them we couldnt give up
as we are very close to winning the competition. I told them that we could find materials
such as tape and glue to fix the fan. We went around the area and found tape and glue and
by 5am, we were able to get the fan to run at 50% of its initial power.
Although we did not win the competition, our hovercraft was able to hover around the
course and we were proud that despite the minor setback and with alittle encouragement,
anything is possible.

6. Tell me about a time when you had to meet multiple deadlines. What was the
situation? What did you do? How did you handle this situation and what was the
I worked on 2 projects at Alcoa that had deadlines that were within two days of each
other. The first project required me to lockout/tag out and verify lift tables that were used
throughout the plant for the development of the aerospace parts that go through processes
such as Waxing where the aerospace part is molded and carved with the use of wax.
Lockout/tagout/verify requires me to identify potential energy sources of the equipment
that can prove to be fatal to any maintenance employee when working on a broken-down
equipment. Things such as gravity, electrical supply and pneumatics are taken into
consideration. The other project required me to use a arc flash software to calculate the
level of risk and personal protective equipment level needed for maintenance to work on
transformers throughout the plant. The transformers had default calculation that was more
or less inaccurate. Both projects had multiple equipments to attend to with similar
I prioritized which project must be completed first by looking at the level of threat each
project would impact if delayed for a longer time. I worked on the lockout.tagout/verify

project first because the equipments were being used by not only maintenance
employees but other workers who have no working knowledge about the equipment if
there is a potential breakdown. Working on a transformer requires a certain level of
security which trained professionals are given. I explained this concept to my manager
and he agreed with the way I thought about it and he extended the deadline or the other
I was able to complete both project on time with the new deadline given to the other

7. Describe a situation where you worked in teams and did not get along with a
person. How did you handle it?
In my engineering design class, I am required to work in teams with engineers of
different backgrounds, which includes electrical engineering, chemical engineering,
mechanical engineering etc. We worked on creating the hovercraft and split the load of
work amongst ourselves such as the pro engineering design of the hovercraft, circuitry,
writing the technical paper, calculations of what fans/batteries to use and programming of
the hovercraft to move. I worked on the pro engineering design of the project and another
teammate I worked with who I did not get along with well worked on the calculations of
the fans and batteries to use. I did not get along with him so well because he was always
late in meeting with the milestones I created for the whole team throughout the semester.

I went up to him and asked him whether he has any problems going on outside of school
and if there is anything I can do to help him. I asked him if the work is too much for him
and whether he required another person to help him out. I also asked how his time
management skills were outside of class. I got to understand what his problems were and
it appeared that since he is a freshman, he was still adjusting to the academic stress load
of his classes. As leader of the group, I gave him advice on how to improve his time
management skills, good tutoring centers on campus to help him with homework as well
as introducing him to upperclassman who I was familiar with since he was also and
electrical engineer.
He made incredible improvements to the attitude and work ethic he displayed to the
project and was finally able to finish his work within the allotted milestones I created.