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Guidelines for preparing a written report for Students


Each paper should have a clear structure based around a 3 point framework:

Introduction should discuss why a particular subject was chosen, outline the
main goals of the work, including a hypothesis that will be proven or falsified
by the work itself.

Main content should discuss the main topic of the work by providing valid
data, commented by the author. Main focus should be put on original
comments and opinions of the author based on the sources provided.

Summary should gather all the arguments presented in the main part and
provide a clear answer to goals and questions in the introduction.

All data provided by the Author must be accompanied by an annotation of the

source. This is especially important for tables, pictures and graphs, including
ones downloaded from the Internet.

If the Author makes an original compilation of data, based on a number of

sources, than a annotation should state:
Source: Own research, based on: Source1, Source2, Source3,

Editorial requirements:

Paper format: A4 (single sided),

Font: Times New Roman, Arial or Courier,
Size of base font: 12 points,
Spacing: 1,5 line,

Top: 2,5 cm,

Bottom: 2,5 cm,
Left: 3 cm,
Right: 2 cm,

Utilise justification (align the text to both margins),

Each page should be numbered at the bottom of the page.

Formal requirements:

Title page (enclosed)

Table of contents (after the title page)
Table of figures (diagrams, photographs etc.) at the end.

Academic sources
All academic work should be accompanied by a wide variety of sources, that

validate claims presented by the authors.

Academic sources include: edited books, papers, articles and webpages.
Blogs and social media should be used with caution as content presented there is

not reviewed nor validated.

Wiki portals such as Wikipedia are not considered a valid academic source.
Every claim presented in the work should be accompanied by an annotation.
5 Annotations
The standard for Department of International Marketing and Retailing is the APA

In- text citations and sources are made using the author-date method (Author,

Year) for example (Jones, 2008)

You can read more on APA format here:
Bibliography should be placed at the end of the paper and follow the APA
standard. More on the issue here:

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