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American Cinematographer Manual 10th Edition

The American Society of Cinematographers publishers of American

Cinematographer magazine will soon be publishing the highly-anticipated
10th edition of the American Cinematographer Manual
Known as the Filmmakers bible, for several generations, one of
the worlds most widely used cinema reference books will be more
comprehensive than ever moving into the digital side of image
capture. The editing of the 10th AC Manual was overseen by
Michael Goi, ASC, former ASC President. He is a key speaker on
issues involving technology and the history of cinema. See
attached table of contents for more information.


This edition of the AC Manual will be available in a limited run of
2,500 hardbound copies and in an estimated run of 25,000 printon-demand softbound copies and ebook formats for the iPad and
Kindle. Previous editions of AC Manual have exceeded 90,000
copies sold worldwide. Our estimated distribution time for this
edition will be 3 5 years.
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American Cinematographer Manual 10th edition Table of Contents

George Turner

Origins of the American Society of Cinematographers

Responsibilities of the Cinematographer
Summary of Formats
Tak Miyagishima
Basic Digital Concepts
Marty Ollstein
Evaluating Digital Motion Picture Cameras
Rob Hummel
Low-Cost Options For Digital Cinematography
M. David Mullen, ASC
Putting the Image on Film
Rob Hummel
Comparisons of 1.85, Anamorphic and Super 35 Film Formats Rob Hummel
Anamorphic Cinematography
John Hora, ASC
Exposure Meters
Jim Branch
Iain A. Neil
Camera Filters
Ira Tiffen
Camera-Stabilizing Systems
Colin Green - Previsualization Society
3D Stereoscopic Cinematography
Rob Hummel
Day-for-Night, Infrared and Ultraviolet Cinematography
Dr. Rod Ryan
Aerial Cinematography
Jon Kranhouse
Underwater Cinematography
Pete Romano, ASC
Arctic and Tropical Cinematography
Filming Television and Computer Displays
Bill Hogan and Steve Irwin
Digital Post Production for Feature Films
Glenn Kennel and Sarah Priestnall
The ASC Color Decision List (CDL)
David Reisner and Josh Pines
Academy Color Encoding Sytem (ACES)
AMPAS Science and Technology Council
The Cinematographer and the Laboratory
Rob Hummel
Emulsion Testing
Steven Poster, ASC
Finding Your Own Printer Light
Richard Crudo, ASC
Adjusting Printer Lights to Match Sample Clips
Bill Taylor, ASC
Cinemagic of the Optical Printer
Linwood G. Dunn, ASC
Motion-Control Cinematography
Richard Edlund, ASC
Green Screen and Blue Screen Photography
Bill Taylor, ASC
Travelling Mattes
Bill Taylor, ASC
Photographing Miniatures
Dennis Muren, ASC
In-Camera Compositing of Miniatures
Dan Curry
Light Sources, Luminaires and Lighting Filters
LED Lighting For Motion Picture Production
Frieder Hochheim
Digital Glossary
Levie Isaacks, ASC and Marty Ollstein
Film and Digital Camera Section
Jon Fauer, ASC and M. David Mullen, ASC
Safety on the Set
Kent H. Jorgensen and Vince Matta
Film Camera Prep
Marty Ollstein, Michael Hofstein and Tom Fraser
Digital Camera Prep
Marty Ollstein
Camera -Support Systems
Frank Kay, Kent H. Jorgensen and Andy Romanoff
Quick Picture Monitor Set-up
Lou Levinson
Handheld Apps for Production
Taz Goldstein
Also including over a 100 charts for depth-of-field, field-of-view,
formulas, film stocks, footage tables, shutter speeds, T-stop compensation,
color balancing, etc.