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Bhai Nand Lal

Translated by
Sardar Pritpal Singh Bindra

Published by
ISBN 81-85817-18-6


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Institute of Sikh Studies
Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Kanthala,
Industrial Area Phase II
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Bhai Nand Lal Granthavli by Dr. Ganda Singh, Published by Punjabi
Universsssity, Patiala (Main Source)

Mahan Kosh, Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, Bhasha Vibhag, Punjab

Punjabi Translation of the Persian Text included in this volume is the
the memory of work of Dr. Ganda Singh. It is taken out of his book, “Bhai Nand
Late Dr. Ganda Singh Lal Granthavli,” published by Punjabi Universsssity, Patiala.

the doyen of
Sikh History & Research












colleagues on the Institute of Sikh Studies for the production of this
book which will serve as a good vade mecum to those who are interested
FOREWORD in accessing advante garde outpourings of the great Bhai Nand Lal.

Bhai Nand Lal ‘Goya’ (1633-1713), the great exegete of Sikhism, Gurdev Singh
occupies a unique place of honour and reverence among the Sikhs. His President
works form a part of approved Sikh canon and are recited in Gurdwaras. Date : June 3, 2003 Institute of Sikh Studies
Most of his writings are in Persian except a few like Jot Vigas which is Place : 6506 Horseman Trail
in Punjabi. Summerfield - NC. 27358
When Sardar Pritpal Singh of Canada proposed that his rendering USA
of Bhai Nand Lal’s works in English may be published by the Institute
of Sikh Studies, the idea was welcome as it would provide an easy
access to valuable Sikh lore to the younger generation who do not
know Persian. The Institute, therefore, accepted the proposal and Sardar
Pritpal Singh was asked to send his translation. It is an English rendering
of the Punjabi translation of Bhai Nand Lal’s verses done by renowned
scholar Dr Ganda Singh that had been published by the Punjabi
University, Patiala under the title Granthavali of Bhai Nand Lal.
It was considered apt that before publication, the script should be
seen through by an expert well versed in Persian and English. Prof.
Gurdial Singh ‘Aarif’ who is well known Persian scholar (Munshi Fazil)
and had been teaching English at Government College, Chandigarh was
requested to check its language. He has accomplished the job deftly
and has also gone through the printed proofs.
I appreciate Sardar Pritpal Singh for taking this praiseworthy
initiative and producing his scholarly lucubration. He also collected
funds to help the Institute defray its publication expenses. Prof. (Dr)
Kirpal Singh, the eminent historian and scholar of Persian, who was
Editor of the Abstracts of Sikh Studies - the journal of the Institute -
handled this project eruditely on behalf of the Institute and he was ably
assisted by Maj Gen (Dr.) Jaswant Singh who, working tirelessly,
contributed his laudable acumen to the publication of Bhai Nand Lal’s
works in Persian.
I express my sincerest thanks to all of them and my honourable i
Bhai Nand Lal ranks with the galaxy of Sufi poets of Iran like
Hafiz and Maulana Rum. He represents Sikhism in the genre of Sufi
PREFACE literature, as his verses are inspired by Gurbani. A few examples of
similarity between Bhai Nand Lal’s Gazals and those of Hafiz and
Bhai Nand Lal Goya (1633-1713 A.D.) the poet laureate of Guru Maulana Rum are noted below:
Gobind Singh (1675-1608 A.D.) was one of the greatest exponents of Bhai Nand Lal writes:
Sikhism. His works form part of Sikh canon and have been recited in Goya khamosh bash ke suda-i-ishq-i-yar
holy congregations alongwith the Sikh scripture. His most popular ode Ta aan siar ast az sar-i-khud wa namay kunem
eulogising Guru Gobind Singh viz “Nasuro Mansoor Guru Gobind Goya be silent so that secret of intense love
Singh” has been echoing in every Gurdwara and sung with devotion in may not be disclosed from our head
the congregations. Hafiz writes:
Bhai Nand Lal was a versatile genius. Besides being a poet of Badard-i-ishq basaaz khamosh sho Hafiz
eminence he was erudite scholar of Sikhism. He delved deep in Gurbani Ramuz-i-ishq mukun fash peshe ahl-i-aqul
and like Saint Paul of Christianity, codified the utterances of the Tenth Master Hafiz make harmony with intense love and be
in the form of Rehat Namah and Tankhah Namah. His study of Gurbani silent.
was very intensive and his Persian verses convey the import of Gurbani. Do not divulge enigma of love be fore the
That is why Rababis (Muslim musicians of holy hymns) often quote the sagacious people.
verses of Bhai Nand Lal to elucidate the concept contained in the Gurbani. Bhai Nand Lal writes:
How identical are their meanings can be illustrated by a few examples from Murshad-i-kamal hama ra arzoo ast
Bhai Nand Lal’s Gazals. Gair murshad kas niabad rah-i-badost
Bhai Nand Lal writes : Qadam-i-aan beh ke rah-i-khuda pemuda All desire the perfect guide (God).
may bashad Without guide nobody has found way to friend
Gurbani : Pair suhawey ton dar juldey. (God)
– Guru Granth Sahib, p. 64 Maulana Rum says:
Bhai Nand Lal : Daran zaman ke yad neahi byad may miram Har ke oo be murshade dar rah shud
Gurbani : Aakhan jiwan visrai mar jaon. Oo az golan gumrah wa dar chah shud
– Guru Granth Sahib, p. 12 Whosoever treads the way without guide
Bhai Nand Lal: Dil gar dana bawad ander kanare yar ast he is misled by imaginary wild demons and falls into well
Gurbani: Man tun jot sarup hain apna mool pachhan (For more details see Shri Lakshvir Singh of Nabha’s article in
– Guru Granth Sahib, p. 441 Tasnifat-i-Goya edited by Gyani Mahan Singh, Khalsa Tract Society,
Bhai Nand Lal : Chasham gar bina bawad har tarif didar ast Amritsar, 1963, (pp. 17-44).
Gurbani : Jehan pekhan tahan tu hi basna. It is a matter of regret that the younger generation is ignorant about
– Guru Granth Sahib, p. 181 their heritage in Persian language. How the elder generation was keen
that their children should be conversant with the works of Bhai Nand
Lal can be judged by a letter of Major General (Dr) Jaswant Singh, COMMENTS
Finance member of the Institute of Sikh Studies. He writes, “When in
school I was asked by my father to learn Persian so that I could recite Translating poetry from one language to another is extremely
verses of Bhai Nand Lal to him in his old age. I learnt Persian though difficult, if not impossible. This is truer when it comes to translating
my father died young. Therefore, I was emotionally involved in the oriental poetry into a European Language. Subtle meaning of some of
publication of this monumental work.” the words has no adequate equivalent as certain expressions defy
We express our deep sense of gratitude to Sardar Pritpal Singh description. One example will suffice to make the point: Mother
Bindra the author of the book who with zeal and devotion translated considered to be a dense shade of the Banyan tree would have to be
the complete works of Bhai Nand Lal from Punjabi to English. He spoken of as the sunshine in European context.
laboured for long time for this pioneering work. English and Punjabi English language has its limitations, but in the hands of some one
translations side by side of the complete works of Bhai Nand Lal are with love at heart for subtle and fascinating couplets i.e. the Kalaam
being published for the first time. The author also collected money for rendered by the likes of Bhai Nand Lal Goya, it becomes the language of
its publication which is commendable. poetry. Pritpal Singh Bindra, famous for his book Thus Sayeth Gurbani,
We are grateful to Prof Gurdial Singh Aarif M.A. (English), Munshi which was received by all with great enthusiasm and won him the coveted
Fazal (highest degree in Persian) and author of a couple of books in Akali Phoola Singh Award, undertook the challenge and rendered some
Urdu poetry. He acceded to my request to go through the entire script of the most fascinating couplets (Kalaam) of one of the court-poets of
from the language point of view. He diligently worked for line to line Guru Gobind Singh
editing and made several corrections. My thanks are due to Sardar It proves without doubt that a spark and love for the person
Gurdev Singh, IAS (retd.) who took keen interest in this project and of Bhai Nand Lal and his writings coupled with tremendous reverence
wrote its foreword, to Dr Kharak Singh for his occasional advice and for Guru Gobind Singh and, by his Grace, Sardar Bindra has achieved
guidance and Maj Gen Dr Jaswant Singh for arranging its production, the unachievable and rendered the beautiful Ghazals and Couplets of
publication, and diligently going through the typedscript. Bhai Sahib into English. The book will be treasured in the homes of
Kirpal Singh the Sikhs of the Guru as well as the admirers of the poetry written by
Editor Bhai Sahib.
Abstracts of Sikh Studies Sardar Pritpal Singh Bindra has done justice to whatever he
Institute of Sikh Studies selected for inclusion in this volume. My wish is that he should render
May 16, 2003 Chandigarh other writings of Bhai Nand Lal into English, which will, perhaps, form
1288, Sector 15-B a part of the next edition of Kalaam-e-Goya.
Toronto May 10, 2003 Hardev Singh
S. Hardev Singh, Artist
Toronto, Canada
COMMENTS (1633 – 1713)

Kalaam-e-Goya, the poetry of Bhai Nand Lal Goya translated Outside Guru Granth Sahib, the holy Sikh scripture (consecrated
by S. Pritpal Singh Bindra, winner of Akali Phoola Singh Book Award 1604AD), and next to the Epics and Quatrains of Bhai Gurdas (1551-
‘98 is an attempt to help the Sikh Jagat to enjoy the outpourings of the 1637AD), the Kalaam-e-Goya, the poetry of Bhai Nand Lal Goya (1633-
mystic mind of Bhai Nand Lal who chose to spend the Autumn of his 1713AD) is considered to be the most ardent by the celebrated literary
life in Anandpur Sahib living in close proximity of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. enthusiasts and the lay-zealots. He was a contemporary and the poet laureate
Sixty-one Ghazals Nineteen Rubayaats and a few Baits bring of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708AD).
the readers to perceive the transcendental mind of Bhai Sahib, which His father, Diwan Chhaju Ram, was in the employ of the court of
has no boundaries. The metaphoric universe of Ghazals through de- Prince Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Emperor Shah Jahan, at the regional
automatised psyche produces wise passiveness, mental silence and capital of Multan. When Dara Shikoh moved to Ghazni in Afghanistan,
choiceless attention in readers who get wonderstruck at the beatitude Diwan Chhaju Ram accompanied him and was appointed the chief secretary
of Goya’s expression. of the royal court. Bhai Nand Lal was born there in 1633AD when his
Bhai Nand Lal takes us to the oceanic stage of relating, father was just above the age of fifty.
responding and becoming through his Rubaiyaat and urges us to cultivate The boy Nand Lal was very brilliant and, apart from good
our own gardens of love. The language of Bhai Nand Lal’s poetry is knowledge of Persian and Arabic languages, he gained an insight into
fathomlessly strange, enigmatic and takes us to “the other kind of seeing”. the temporal and the spiritual values of life. It is said that, when a religious
It helps us to dissolve our ego through I’m. priest wanted to put a wooden necklace around his neck to initiate him
into the Vaishnav denomination, he refused to acquiesce. He wanted to
Dr. S. S. Sodhi, Ph.D. gain full religious knowledge before he would consent to the ritual. His
Halifax, Canada age at the time was seventeen (Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha specifies it as
He was still under twenty when his father died. According to
the custom prevalent, he was offered a job in the royal court, which
was much lower in rank. He wanted to take over his father’s position.
He was dismayed and, after selling all his property there, and collecting
all the money, he moved back to Multan (now in Pakistan), at his parental
Wasif Khan, the Mughal Chief at Multan had been a friend of
his father. He offered him the job of a secretary. Through his hard work
and intellectual capability, he soon took over the administration as the
principal secretary. Some accounts contend that he rose to the position
of Deputy Governor of the Province. of the points of Aurangzeb’s vengeance on Guru Jee).
There, he was married to a girl belonging to Sikh religion. he Although Guru Jee wanted Bhai Nand Lal to stay there just
was very much impressed by the thoughts and the spiritual values depicted contemplating on his literary works, his humility led him to spend most of his
in the verses in Guru Granth Sahib rendered by his wife. time serving in the Langar, the community kitchen.
In 1682AD he came on a pilgrimage to Amritsar and from there He was at Anandpur up to 1705AD when, under the deceitful
he decided to proceed to Anandpur Sahib to seek celestial enlightenment promises of the Mughal forces, Guru Jee had to abandon the place. In
at the portal of Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth Master. Aurangzeb had the melee that followed, the whole family was scattered. Nothing much
issued strict orders banning all activities pertaining to art and music. It is is known about his whereabouts till the death of Emperor Aurangzeb. It
assumed that Bhai Nand Lal moved to Anandpur to escape the appears that he rejoined his previous master, Prince Muazzam, who
Emperor’s wrath against the literary endeavour in general. had crowned himself as the Emperor under the name of Bahadur Shah.
Although Bhai Jee did create exquisite poetry, yet he did not It is said that Bhai Nand Lal was instrumental in persuading Mata Sundri
gain much prominence. A diamond remains obscured, covered in the and Mata Sahib Deva to move to Delhi after the upheaval of Anandpur
dust till it is captured by the vision of a shrewd assayer. When he Sahib. They stayed there till the last days of their lives.
presented himself at the Celestial and Temporal Court of Guru Gobind Hari Ram Gupta (History of the Sikhs) maintains that Bhai Nand
Singh, he tendered and recited his epic poem Bandgi Nama, An Ode to Lal was present at the Emperor’s Lohgarh campaign against Banda
Worship. It overwhelmed Guru Jee aesthetically and he wrote a couplet Bahadur in 1710. When Bahadur Shah died in 1712 he accompanied
at the back of the book, his son Jahandar Shah and came to Delhi. Farukh Siyar assassinated
‘Whose cup is filled with nectarous aqua, Jahandar Shah in 1713AD. Bhai Nand Lal, somehow, escaped the
‘He gets the epistle of life revealed to him.’ rage of Farukh Siyar and went to Multan. ‘There he opened a school to
And the name Zindgi Nama, The Epistle of Life, was assigned to impart higher education in Persian and Arabic. he died in 1718AD*. In
the book. 1849, on Punjab’s annexation, the British found this school functioning
He did not stay at Anandpur Sahib for a long time. It is said that on under the patronage of Nand Lal’s descendants.’
the recommendation of Guru Jee, in about 1678AD, he joined the cerebral
faculty of Prince Muazzam (later Emperor Bahadur Shah) and accompanied *According to Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha - 1705AD and Dr. Ganda
him to the South as his principal secretary. Singh - 1713AD
Emperor Aurangzeb once asked the exposition of a certain Ayat
(Couplet) from the Holy Quran. Various Mohammedan priests
expounded it but the Emperor was not convinced. The interpretation
presented by the Prince seemed very authentic and, on enquiry, the
Emperor learnt that Bhai Nand Lal, a Hindu, had explicated it. he
commented why such a learned and intelligent person had not come in
the folds of Islam as yet. Suspecting Aurangzeb’s motive, he escaped
and came back to Anandpur after about one year. (This could be one
gLjLlF Ghazals
gLjLl 1 Ghazal One
Bjn bM d gI dI ieWCf ny mY n U M ho N d ivc ilafNdf, A yearning for celestial adoration engendered my existence,
nhIN qF mY n U M ies qrF afAu u x df ko o e I sL O k nhIN sI [(1) Otherwise, I fancied not the tangibility.(1)

iknI cM g I hY Au h afXU , ijhVI Au s dI Xfd ivc gu j L r y , How creative is the life passed in his retention,
nhIN qF Blf mY n U M ies nIly gu M b d qo N kI Pfiedf [(2)
Diversely, what gain do I have under this blue dome?(2)
jdo N qU M Xfd nhIN afAu N df, qF mY N mr jFdf hF
qy r I Xfd ibnf mY n U M jIAu x df kI Pfiedf [(3) With the lack of your remembrance I wane,
And without your recollection what use is my living?(3)
my r I jfn aqy idl Au s pivqr pu r K dy crnF dI DU V
qo N ku r bfn hn, ijs ny ik mY n U M qy r f rfh ivKfieaf [(4) My heart and soul I sacrifice at the altar of that pious being,
Who revealed to me this kindly light.(4)
Au s vy l y qF afsmfn aqy jS m In qk df nfm insS f n nhIN
sI, jdo N ik dIdfr dy sO S k ny mY n U M isjdy ivc zy g idWqf [(5) Neither there was the earth, nor the sky,
When the obsession for a glimpse of yours brought me down to pay my
aY go X f mY N qy r I Xfd ibnF ijAU nhIN skdf[ obeisance.(5)
mY n U M my r y sw j n vl jfx leI Cy q I hI irhfeI iml jfvy g I [(6)(1)
Oh Goya, I can endure not, without pondering upon you,
And soon I will be liberated to converge onto my benefactor.(6)(1)
gLjLl 2 Ghazal Two
dIn aqy du n IaF sfzy Au s prI-cy h rf do s q dI PfhI ivc hn [ Both, the temporal and the heavenly worlds are in the halter of the
do v y N jhfn sfzy Xfr dy iek vfl dy mu l brfbr hn [(1) fairy-faced benefactor.
And both the domains are not worth the price of my friend’s one hair.(1)
asIN Au s sWjn dI iek BI ty Z I njS r dI qfb nhIN Jw l skdy ,
Au s dI ieWko ingfh, ijhVI Au m rF vDf dy N dI hY , sfnU M bQy r I
We can face not even one sidelong blink of the friend’s looks,
Enough is for us, his one glance, which grants us a long life.(2)
kdI qF Au h sU P I bx jFdf hY , kdI Bjn bM d gI vflf aqy kdI
msq klM d r; sfzf cflfk ipafrf nfnf rM g F df mflk hY [(3) He epitomises a Sufi, sometimes he becomes a venerator and sometimes
he is self-absorbed.
Au s dy lflF (vrgy ho T F) dI Blf kdr ibnF pR y m I dy kO x jfxy ? Clever though he is, he is multifarious.(3)
XfkU q dI kImq sfzI mo q I vsfAu x vflI aWK hI jfxdI hY [(4)
Who else can appreciate his pinkiness except a fancier?
hr iCn qy hr pl go X f sfzf hu i sS a fr idl The value of the garnet is assessed only through the vision of a gems’
Au s ipafry dI msq nrgsI aWK dI Xfd ivc ipafr df nsS f assayer.(4)
pINdf hY [(5)(2)
Through all the moments and all the winks, Goya remains alert,
To relish the vanity of the benefactor’s vision.(5)(2)
gLjLl 3 Ghazal Three
aY sfkI ! idlF nU M rM g dy x vfly nsL y ‘co N mY n M N U iek ipaflf Oh, Saqui, give me a cupful, which endows hilarity to my heart,
bKsL [ And the pious vision, enables me to pass through all the impediments.(1)
ik mY Au s rWb nU M vy K x vflI aWK nfl sfrIaF mu s L k lF hWl
kr lvF[ (1)
Proceeding to the portal of my revered one, I feel exuberant.
mY n U M qF Au s imqR ipafry dI mM i jL l vl vDidaF sdf afnM d hI The bell in the neck of the camel is tolling unnecessarily, I am not amenable
afnM d hY to an interlude.(2)
zfcI dy gl peI tWlI aY v Y N peI vjdI hY , asIN kdo N aWtkx
vfly hF [ (2) God is omnipresent; you just concentrate on going for his vision,
May there be no hurdles and rivers or coasts.(3)
rWb qF sdf hfjL r nfjL r hY [ qU M Au s dy pivqr dIdfry kr[
nf ko e I BM v r rfh ivc ru k fvt hY qy nf ko e I diraf jF kM Z f[ Why are you roaming around in the jungles and the barren lands,
(3) When the Sultan of the graciousness has created his image in your own
qU M ikAu N ipaf jM g lF jU h F ivc mfrf mfrf iPrdf hY N ,
jd ik Au s , so h ixaF dy su l qfn ny qy r IaF aWKF ivc afpxf
Wherever I look, I see nothing but the essence of his piety.
zy r f bxf riKaf hY ? (4)
Goya asks, ‘how and where I could surrender this world and the people
Au s vfihgu r U qO N ibnF ijWDr vI mY vy K df hF jd ku J njL r nhIN therein?’(5)(3)
aFAu d f ,
qF go X f, qU M hI ds,Blf mY N ies du n IaF aqy Gr bfr nU M ikvy N qy
ikWQy CzF?(5)(3)
gLjLl 4 Ghazal Four
af sfkI ! ieQy ipafly nU M rM g In Èrfb nfl Br dy , Come, Saqui, fill here the cup with colourful wine,
lfl rM g dI sL r fb df nsL f ieQy Au s rWb dI sU h bKsL d f hY [ (1) As the crimsoning wine endows the celestial glimpse.(1)

jy k r su r fhI mnsU r dy mU M h o N inkly ‘anWlhWk’ vFg ikDry ku l If the gargling of decanter announces Mansoor’s Anal-haq*,
ku l dI afvfjL pY d f kry , Then who would care for the inebriation of the wine and where is that
qF kO x aijhI sL r fb dy nS s L y dI qfb ilafvy g f? aqy ikQy hY
mental cup?(2)
aijhf idmfg df ipaflf? (2)

jhfn ivc qF aM n y H r f hY [ aY ipafry ! afpxI su M d rqf nU M ho r The world is enveloped in the darkness but, my friend, you brighten the
cmkf, aqy afpxf mu K Vf KU b drsf, ikAu N jo ieWQy dIvy dI lo V self,
hY[(3) And illuminate your semblance, as the luminescence is needed.(3)

Au s iek iCn pl nfl, jdik Au s dI Xfd afvy , sfrI Au m r kWtI Even an iota of his remembrance, expands the whole existence,
jf skdI hY ; But, only if one gets just a speck of leisure.(4)
jy iksy ko l rWb dy ÈO k leI aijhy iek pl dI ivhl qF ho v y !
(4) Both eyes of mine O Goya are the embodiment of the flowing rivers,
And every tear out of them will enliven the garden once again.(5)(4)
my r IaF do v y N aKF, go X f, iek vWzI ndI hn;
my r y hr aQrU nfl sY N kVy bfg hry Bry ho jFdy hn[ (5)(4)
(*Mansoor raised the slogan of ‘I am God’ and he was prosecuted)
gLjLl 5 Ghazal Five
rWb dy rsqy tu r n vfly pFDIaF leI jL r U r I hY ik Au n H F dy idl Travellers on celestial paths must have reverence,
ivc vI, Along with the remembrance in their hearts and the rendition on their
Au s dI Xfd ho v y aqy AnH F dy bu l H F pr vI Au s df ismrn [(1)
asF hr QF rWb dy nU r nU M mhF pu r KF dI
sM g q ivc jjL b hu M i daF vy i Kaf[ (2) At all the places, the resplendence of the God, Almighty,
We have found absorbed in the congregation of the elderly.(2)
sfzI aK Au s dy jmfl qO N ibnf aslo N nf Ku l IH ,
ikAu N jo asF sfrI Klkq ivc rWb nu U M vy i Kaf[ (3) Without his vision, the temporal eyes attain not the light,
Because we perceive the Lord among all his people.(3)
Au s dy crnF dI DU V idl nU M cfnx kr idM d I hY ,
jy qy r f ies rfh qy clx vfilaF nfl sbM S D ho v y [ (4) Our eyes are opened not, without his splendour,
And then, in all the creation, we find the Almighty.(4)
Au h kO x hY , go X f, ijs dy idl dI mu r fd pU r I nhIN ho e I,
ijs iksy ny BI afpxy mn (hAu m Y ) nU M mfr ilaf ho v y [ (5)(5)
The dust of the pious feet enlightens the heart,
Subject to your affinity with the people advancing on his path.(5)

Who is there, Goya, whose aspirations are fulfilled not,

Provided he has fully subdued his mind (ego).(6)(5)
gLjLl 6 Ghazal Six
If the heart is full of compassion, my friend, you are already in his lap.
jy idl smJ vflf ho v y , qF sWjn Au s dI glvkVI ivc hY [ And with the omnipotent vision, his glimpse all around can be intuited.(1)
aqy aWK jy k r vy K x vflI ho v y qF hr pfsy dIdfr hI dIdfr hY [
Every where is his glimpse, and without his glimpse what good is the
hr pfsy dIdfry hn, pR M q U vy K x vflI aWK ikQy hY ?
hr qrP qU r dI phfVI hY , hr pfsy nU r df BFbV hY [ (2) As every where exists (the pious mountain of) Toor and the fire of his
jy qyry kol isr hY,qF jf, jf ky isr nUM Aus dy crnF qy Dr dy,
aqy jy qy r y pfs jfn hY aqy qY n U M lo V INdI hY , qF ies nU M ku r bfn If you have a mindful head, then, go and place it at his feet.
kr dy [ (3) If you have a life to retain, advance and sacrifice it for his cause.(3)

jy qy r y pfs hWQ hY Y jf, imqR ipafry df pWlf PV lY , If you have hands, proceed and use them to hold his apparel.
aqy jy qy r y pY r F ivc tu r n dI qFG hY , qF Au s sWjn vl nU M tu r [ And if the power is still there in your feet, then progress along and
(4) approach him.(4)
kM n jy kr su x n vfly ho x qF, rWb dy nfm ibnF kd ku J ho r
If ears have the faculty of listening, why would they heed anything but
su x dy hn?
aqy jy kr jIBf bo l x vflI ho v y qF gWl gWl ivc gu J I rmL j L his name?
ho v y g I[ (5) And if the tongue is capable of oration, it will recite in each word his
hidden message,(5)
bR f hmx afpxI mU r qI df sL r DflU hY aqy mo m n Kfnkfh df[
mY N ijQy vI pR y m ipaflf izWTf hY msq ho igaf hF (6) Whereas the Brahmin is engrossed in idol-worship, the Momin (Muslim
priest) is revering the graves.
by a dbI nfl mnsU r vFg pR I q dI rfh Au q y kdm nf rKIN[ I feel intoxicated at all the places where I come across the cups of your
ies rfh qy clx vfly pFDI df pihlf kdm qF sU l I Aw u q y hu M d f veneration.(6)
hY [ (7) Stride not on the path of the love like Mansoor, This path leads the
traveller’s first step towards the sacrificial noose.(7)
jy qy r I qbIaq go X f vFg mo q I vrH f Au x vflI hY [
Like Goya, if your potentiality is to dole out pearls,
qF vI jo ku J qy r y ko l hY , afpxy sjn qo N vfr dy [ (8)(6)
Whatever you possess, you disburse in the name of your
gLjLl 7 Ghazal Seven
qy r I glI dy mM g qy nU M bfdsL f hI dI ieWCf nhIN[ The beggar along your street has no aspiration for the kingdom.
Au s nU M nfN qfN rfj dI cfh hY , nfN hI bfdsL f hI ty Z I to p I dI[ Neither he wishes to rule, nor has be a yearning for the royal crown.(1)
One, who prevails over the domain of his heart, epitomises a king.
ijs iksy ny idl df mu l k ijq ilaf,smJo Au h su l qfn ho igaf[
ijs iksy ny qy n U M lWB ilaf,smJo , Au s vrgf ho r ko e I ispfhI And the one who achieves him, is matched by no other veteran.(2)
The beggar in your avenue is the sovereign of both the worlds.
qy r I glI df iBK-mM g f do h fN jhfnfN df bfdsL f h hY [ The juvenile slave of your tresses needs no emancipation.(3)
qy r y Pu t dy vflfN dy kY d I nU M lo V Cu t kfry dI nhIN[(3)
There exists no eye, which is exalted not with your radiance,
ikhVI hY Au h aWK, ijs ivc qy r y nU r dI cmk nhIN? And there survives no bosom, which is not endowed with celestial
ikhVI hY Au h CfqI, ijs ivc rWbI KjL f ny nhIN ? (4) treasures ?(4)
Au s qo N ku r bfn ho jfn ivc hIl hu W jq nf kr, aY go X f!
Sacrifice yourself for him and make no hesitation, Goya,
ikAo u N jo sfzI rIq ivc hIl hu W jq dI ko e I QfN nhIN[ (5)(7)
Because there is no place for vacillations in our dealings.(5)(7)
gLjLl 8 Ghazal Eight
aWKfN ago N Au h nf-imhrbfn ipafrf lM G igaf, Passed through my vision, has the unkind lover,
ipafrf lM i Gaf, ik aWKfN rfhIN jfn lM G geI[ (1) And I went by expending my life through my own eyes.(1)

my r IafN afhfN df Du a F ieM n f ijL a fdf afsmfn qo N lM G igaf, The mist of my sighs surpassed such limits in the skies,
ik Au s ny afsmfn df rM g nIlf kr idWqf aqy Au s df idl sfV
That it spread blue all around and scorched its heart.(2)
idWqf[ (2)

Au s ny sfnU M afpxIa BvfN dy ieko iesL f ry nfl sL h Id kr idWqf[ He made me a martyr with just one signal through his eye brows.
pr hu x ko e I ielfj nhIN jd ik qIr kmfn qo N inkl igaf[ (3) There exists no remedy now when the arrow is already out of the bow.(3)

mY N iek pl leI vI afpxy asly nU M nf pf sikaf—nf jfx I could not achieve the knowledge of my tangibility.
sikaf ik mY N kO x hfN? Alas, all the efforts of my existence turned futile.(4)
aPso s ! my r I ijL d M g I dI rfs sB aY v y N hI clI geI (4)
Goya, the one who passes, just once, through the fancier’s street,
go X f! jy iek vfr vI ko e I ipafry dI glI vlo N lM G igaf, He desires never to proceed to the heavenly garden.(5)(8)
Au h mu V kdI bihsL q dy bfg dI sY r leI nhIN jfNdf[(5)(8)
gLjLl (9) Ghazal Nine
qy r y mu K Vy dy sfmH x y cM n vI sL r imM d f hY [ Not only the moon feels shy of confronting your face,
nhIN,sgo N jhfn df sU r j vI qy r f gu l fm hY [ (1) The sun of this world is your slave too.(1)

sfzI aWK ny isvfey rWb dy iksy nU M nhIN vy i Kaf! My eyes have witnessed nothing but God,
vfh! ikM n I sL u B fgI hY Au h aWK ijhVI ik rWb nU M vy K x vflI And how benevolent is the eye which has perceived the Almighty!(2)
We have flaunted neither our devotion nor apathy,
asF kdI afpxI BgqI aqy pfKM z dI zINg nhIN mfrdy ,
jy kr asIN gu n ihgfr hfN, qfN rWb bKsL x hfr hY [ (3) But if we have committed any sins, he grants clemency.(3)

iksy dU j y nU M asIN ho r ikQo N ilafeIey ? Why should we bring around another one,
iek df hI ies du n IafN ivc bQy r f rO l f ipaf ho i eaf hY [ (4) When there is enough babble for the unique one.(4)

rWb qo N isvfiey dU j f hrP kdI vI go X f dy bu W lH f N qy nhIN afAu N df, Goya has uttered no other word, except the Almighty,
ikAu N jo rWb bKsL x hfr hY [ (5)(9) Because the Almighty is the exonerator.(5)(9)
gLjLl 10 Ghazal Ten
sfzI mihPl ivc qfN ibnf pR I qm dy ho r iksy dI kQf khfxI In the assembly of ours, none is conversed about except the sweetheart,
nhIN hu M d I[ Without hesitation come in as no one is a stranger there.(1)
ibnfN (sL W k dy ) prdy qy aM d r lM G af, ies sM g q ivc ko e I Eprf
nhIN[ (1) Shed the eccentricity and know your own self,
As a knower of self remains not an alien to the Almighty.(2)
qfq prfeI Cw z dy aqy afpxy afp nU M jfx,
jo BI afpxy afp nU M jfx lY N df hY , Au h rWb qo N Au p rf nhIN hY [
(2) The one who strives for him, is the master of his heart,
And this needs neither a clever person nor an adherent.(3)
ijs iksy nU M rWb dI cfh hY , Au h I idl df sfihb hY !
ieh kM m nf hr iksy cfqr df hY , qy nf hI iksy dIvfny df[ (3) Oh, you the counsellor, how long are you going to narrate the parables?
This is the congregation of self-absorbed ones and there is no place for
hy nsIhq krn vfly , qU M kd qk nsIhqfN dy ikWsy su x fAu N df fiction.(4)
ieh qfN msq irM d fN dI mjls hY , ko e I ikWsy khfxIafN dI QfN Celestial treasures are bestowed only on the heartthrobs,
nhIN[(4) Why are you roaming around in the jungles, as they are never found in
the corners of the wilderness?(5)
ieh rWbI KjL f nf idlfN idafN mflkfN ko l hu M d f hY [
qU M bIafbfnfN ivc ikAu N jfNdf hY ? Au h AjfV dy KU M i jafN ivc
nhIN[(5) Go and beg this treasure of fondness of the godly lovers,
Because, even, in their temporal life, there is nothing but Celestial
ies sO L k dy KjL f ny nU M rWb dy ipafirafN pfso N mM g [ Name.(6)
ikAu N jo Au n fH dI jfn ivc isvfey ipafry (vfihgu r U ) dy mu K Vy dy
nksL f N dy ho r ku J vI nhIN[ (6) How long are you going to tattle like that, Oh, Goya, better it is to keep
kd qk qU M ies qrH f N kihM d f rhy N gf, aY go X f ! aijhIafN glWfN Emancipation is not obtainable, either at Kabah or at the place of the
qo N cu p Dfr[ idols.(7)(10)
rWb dy sL O k df aDfr kfaby jfN mM d r qy nhIN hY [(7)(10)
gLjLl 11 Ghazal Eleven
jy k r (my r f) idl Au s dI do h rI jL u l P dy PM D y ‘co N lM G jfvy g f,
qfN smJo , Au h Ku q n,cIn, mfcIn aqy KqfeI dy s L f N ‘co N lM G If the heart of mine passes through the halter of her tresses,
jfvy g f [ (1) It would deem to have gone through the countries of Khutan, China-
Machine and Khatai*.(1)
qy r y mu K Vy dI iek njL r do jhfnf dI bfdsL f hI hY ,
qy r I jL u l P df sfXf hu m f dy prfN qo N vI prH f N lM G jfvy g f[ (2)
One glance of your semblance, for me, is the sovereignty of both the
Au m r dI ies ivsL f l Drq nU M smJx qy pfAu x df jqn kr, worlds.
ikAu N jo ies Being under the shadow of your tress, far excels the spectrum of the
svy r dI hvf df mY n M U ku J pqf nhIN ik ieh ikDro N afeI qy wings of Huma**.(2)
ikDro N lM G y g I[ (3)
Optimistically, steer the capital of your life span,
Au s drvy s L dIafN njL r fN ivco N , ijs dI injI ko e I grjL nhIN, As I know not, which way the early morning breeze may come and
ies jhfn dI bfdsL f hI rO l y rWpy qo N vWD ho r ku J nhIN[ (4) go.(3)
ies Au j fV dy s ivc gu j L r n bfry qU M kI pu C df hY N ?
The sovereignty of both the worlds, is nothing but tumult,
{ieQo N } bfdsL f h ny vI gu j L r jfxf hY aqy PL k Ir ny vI gu j L r jfxf
And the holyman does not take that as the Godly benevolence.(4)
hY [ (5)

go X f dy isL a r aM i mR q vfNg ijL M d gI bKsL x vfly hn, About passing through this destitute land, what you have asked ?
sgo N , pivqrqf ivc qfN ieh amr-jIvn dy pfxI qo N vI vWD There, they all will go through, the kings as well as the indigent ones.(5)
asr rWKdy hn[ (6)(11)
The couplets of Goya, are endower of life like the immortal water.
Moreover, in piety, they, even, surpass the life rejuvenators.(6)(11)

* China and adjoining countries.

** Huma is a mythological bird which stays in the skies and any body
passing under its shadow attains kingship
gLjLl 12 Ghazal Twelve
aWj rfq nU M Au s sWjn dy mu K Vy dy dIdfr leI Au h jf skdf hY [ Tonight he may proceed to have the glimpse of the sweetheart,
Au h Au s cflfk aqy pR y m IafN dy Gfqk mfsS U L k vl jf skdf hY [ And he may advance towards that shrewd idol-breaking lover.(1)
Although, arriving at the lover’s lane is exacting,
BfNvy N pR I q dI glI ivc pu j xf aO K f hY ;
Yet, like Mansoor, passing through noose, he can achieve the goal.(2)
prM q U mnsU r vfNg sU l I Au q y kdm Dr ky Au h pu j skdf hY [ (2)

hy idl ! jy k r qU M mdrWsy jfx dI rWu c I nhIN rKdf, Oh, my mind, you may not have faculty for the school,
{qfN nf shI, Gw t o GWt } qU M nsL y - Kfny vl qfN jf skdf hY N [ (3) But, at least, you can go to the house of intoxication.(3)

jd my r f ihrdf qy r I pR I qI krky bL f g leI vI rsL k df kfrn When my heart, in your affection, has become the envy of the garden,
bx igaf hY , How can it go to the garden which has become ineffectual.(4)
qfN ieh ikvy N Pu l vfVI vl nU M jf skdf hY ? (4)
Oh my mind, when you have become an acquaintance of Godly doings,
hy idl! jd qU M rWb dy By q fN qo N vfikL P ho igaf, You, the treasure of mysteries, can retire into my bosom.(5)
qfN hy By q fN dy KjL f ny , qU M my r y sIny ivc jf skdf hY N [ (5)
When there are hundreds of gardens open in your own home,
jd Gr ivc hI jWnq dy sY N kVy bfg iKVy ho e y ho x ,
qfN,go X f! ienH f N ho r iemfrqfN vl ko e I ikvy N jf skdf hY ? O Goya, why would one go to all those temporal portals.(6)(12)
gLjLl 13 Ghazal Thirteen
qUM aKIr vyK ilaf ik Aus rWb dy ZuMzfAU ny rWb df hI rfh PiVaf[
{smJo} ies bhu-mulI afXU df nPf Aus ny prfpq kr ilaf [(1)
Behold, at last the explorer of Divine Name took the way to the Godly
ko e I bM d f vI qy r I jL u l P dy Gy r y qo N bfhr nhIN[ domain,
my r y vI dIvfny idl nU M ey h I su d f ho igaf hY [ (2)
And has earned the profit out of this precious long life.(1)
jd dI Au s dy su M d r kWd ny sfzIafN aWKfN ivc QfN bxfeI hY ,
qd qo N Au s qu r dy iPrdy srU qo N isvfiey sfzIafN ingfhfN ivc No human is outside the span of your sable tresses,
ko e I ho r nhIN jcdf! (3) And even my devout mind is affected and is going crazy.(2)
Now, when her elevated stature has created place in our vision,
lY l f dI AU T xI dy gl peI tWlI dI afvfjL su x ky my r f idl Nothing, except that strolling cypress tree, flatters our discernment.(3)
su d feI ho igaf,
Au h mjnU vfNg msq ho igaf aqy jM g l bIafbfn nU M inkl The (tolling of the bell in the neck of the) she-camel of Laila has excited
igaf[ (4) my mind,
Which has got self-absorbed like Majnu and is proceeding to the
jdo N qo N Au s dI pR I q kQf my r y idl ivc af itkI hY , wilderness.(4)
mY n U M isvfey Au s sWcI Xfd qo N ho r ku J cM g f nhIN lgdf[ (5)
Nothing suits me since the time her love story captured my heart,
sfzI mo q I-vrsfAu x vflI aWK ny po s q dy Pu W l vrgy afbdfr
mo q I rK ley , And nothing appeases me except the true tale of her love.(5)
qfN jo qU M iek iCn leI afvy N ,aqy Au h qy r y isr qo N vfr ky sWu t y
jfx[ (6) If you come for a moment I will present the pious gift,
Which our pearly eyes has preserved like the lively flowers of the
aj my r I jfn do v fN aWKfN rfhIN bfhr af rhI hY , poppies.(6)
p r Aus dy dIdfr dI vfrI qfN ikafmq dy idn qy jf peI[ (7
Today, my life is springing out of both my eyes, as the chances Of her
my r I jIB Au p r rWb dI isPq qo N ibnfN kdy ho r ko e I cIjL nhIN glimpse have vanished till the day of judgement.(7)
afAu d I[
aKL I r go X f dy idl ny ies Au m r df nL P f Kt ilaf[ (8)(13)
Except the remembrance of God, nothing comes on tongue.
At last, Goya’s heart has earned the profit out of his living.(8)(13)
gLjLl 14 Ghazal Fourteen
my r f idl sWjn dI ibR h f ivc sV igaf[ Isolated from the beloved, my heart is blistering,
my r I jfn Au s so h xy ( sfNeIN) leI sV mo e I[(1) And my being is kindling for the sake of my comely benefactor.(1)
Au s aWg nfl mY aijhf siVaf hfN,
In that inferno, I was burnt so much,
ik ijs iks ny vI su i xaf, Au h vI cnfr vfNg sV igaf[(2)
That whosoever heard, was scorched, as well, like a chanar* tree.(2)
mY N iekWlf hI pR I q dI aWg ivc nhIN siVaf,
sfrf jhfn hI ies icM g fVI nfl sV ho i eaf hY [ (3) I am not the only one amidst the fire of love,
Rather, the whole world is affected with the nettling sparks.(3)
sWjn dy ibR h f dI aWg ivc sVnf,
kImIaf vfNg iksy sPl prXo j n leI sVnf hY [(4) I bear in the blazes of the beloved’s separation,
Like the beneficial calcination of alchemy.(4)
go X f dy idl nU M sfbfsL ,
ijhVf ik sWjn dy mu K Vy dI afs ivc hI sV igaf[(5)(14) Bravo ! the heart of Goya,
Which is facing the heat, awaiting a glimpse of the beloved’s

(* Name of a tree that grows on the hills and is supposed to emit the
sparks of fire.)
gLjLl 15 Ghazal Fifteen
Au s dIafN do msq aqy su d feI aWKfN qo N ko e I bcfey [ Save me from the two wild, charming eyes,
Au s dy imsrI cWbx vfly mU M h aqy ho T fN qo N ko e I bcfey [ (1) Protect me from the Candy-like mouth and lips.(1)

aPso s hY Au s iCn pl df, ijhVf akfrQ clf igaf,[ Alas for the moment which goes away wasted,
aPso s hY sfzI axgihlI qy , aPso s hY sfzI gPL l q qy [ (2) And unfortunate is the negligence and lamentable is our laxity.(2)
ku P r aqy dIn dy JgVy qo N idl pry s L f n hY !
The heart is disillusioned by the confrontation of the religiosity and the
rWb dI drgfh dy drvfjL y pr ko e I bcfey ! (3)
sL y L K aqy gu s qfK mfsL U k fN ny sM s fr nU M lu W t ilaf[ Let me be emancipated at the portal of Almighty.(3)
mY N Au n H f N dy hQo N hI du h feI dy irhf hfN- ko e I bcfey [ (4)
Acolytes and coquettish beloveds have apprehended the world,
Au s dIafN plkfN dy KM j r hQo N And, with my hands raised, I have been wailing,(4)
go X f ikvy N cWu p rih skdf hY ? du h feI hY –ko e I bcfey [ (5)(15)
Through the arrows of her stares
How could Goya keep calm; save.(5)(15)
gLjLl 16 Ghazal Sixteen
iek msq nU M qfN lfl rM g dy jfm nfl grjL hY , The self-absorbed one desires, just a crimson cup-ful,
aqy iek iqhfey nU M TM Z y imWTy pfxI dI lo V hY [ (1) Whereas the thirsty one craves only for sweet and cold water.(1)
rWb dy BgqfN dI sM g q nU r nfl BrI peI hY [
The association with godly people is filled with celestial light,
rWb dy ZU M z fAU a fN nU M bs iesy dI hI lo V hY [ (2)
And the searchers of God need nothing else.(2)
qU M afpxI mu s kfn nfl jhfn nU M bfL g bxf idWqf hY ,
ijs ny Au s nU M vy K ilaf, Au s nU M mflI dI kI lo V hY ? (3) Just one smile of yours has transformed the world into a garden,
And one who has seen it, does not need a gardener.(3)
qy r I iek mu h Wbq BrI ingfh idl lY Au z dI hY ,
pr iPr vI mY n U M Au w s y dI lo V hY [ (4) Your one affectionate smile steals away the heart,
But, even then, I have the need of the same.(4)
go X f! qy r y ibnfN do h fN jhfnfN ivc ho r ko e I nhIN,
mY n U M qfN idl aqy dIn dI ky v l qy r y leI lo V hY [ (5)(16) Goya, there is none other than you in both the worlds,
I covet only you, for my belief and being.(5)(16)
gLjLl 17 Ghazal Seventeen
qy r I ieh aM b r vrgI kflI ju L l P mfno svy r df bu r kf hY , Your sable tresses are morning’s veil,
ijvy N ikDry svy r df sU r j kfly bdl hy T lu k igaf hY [ (1) As if the sun were enshrouded by the black clouds.(1)
jd my r f cM n svy r dI nINdr qo N Au T ky bfhr afieaf,
When the moon of mine, awakes from the morning slumber in the
qfN mfno svy r dy sU r j dy mu K Vy nU M Au s so lfanqfN pfeIafN[(2)
ambrosial hours,
jd qU M Au n INdIafN aWKfN nfl bfhr afieaf, It appears to sneer at the semblance of the sun.(2)
qfN qy r y mu K Vy nU M vy K ky svy r df sU r j sL r imM d f ho igaf[(3)
When you, with your dreamy eyes, emerged,
jd svy r df sU r j afpxy mu K Vy qo N bu r kf lfhu M d f hY , The morning sun became ashamed to see you.(3)
afpxI su B fgI afmd nfl jhfn nU M ro s L n kr idM d f hY [ (4)
When the morning sun takes away the veil from its face,
jigafsU a fN dI ijL M d gI inq df jgrfqf hY , With its auspicious advent, it endows brilliance to the universe.(4)
go X f! my r y leI ago N qo N svy r dI nINd hrfm hY [(5)(17)
The vigil through out the night is the life of spiritual seekers,
And, Goya, for me, the sleep at the early hours is a taboo.(5)(17)
gLjLl 18 Ghazal Eighteen
ieh so K L aWK my r f dIn aqy idl lY jfNdI hY [ This playful vision takes away my mind and the faith.
ieh so K L aWK mY n U M gL m fN dy Ku h ‘co N bfhr kWZdI hY [ (1) And also this benign sight takes me out of the deep rooted anxieties.(1)
Au s dI ilWt du n IafN ivc afPL q mcf idM d I hY [
The strand of her hair raises tribulations,
aqy ieh sL o K aWK du n IafN nU M ro x kfN bKL s L d I hY [ (2)
And her frolicsome glance endows merriment to the world.(2)
idl sWjn dy crnfN dI DU V ho jfvy ,
aqy ieh sL o K aWK rWb df rfh dWsx vflI ho jfvy [ (3) The dust of her feet is the enlightenment of the mind,
And the propitious sight may be the leading kindly light.(3)
ijs ny Au s sL o K aWK df iek vfr svfd cWK ilaf hY ,
Au h nrgs dy Pu l vl aWK cWu k ky kd vy K df hY [ (4) The one who has tasted the effect of that bright eye,
Does not raise his eye even to relish a rose.(4)
ijs iksy ny Au s sS o K aWK nU M iek njL r y vI vy K ilaf,
Au s dy idl df Brm dU r ho igaf[(5)(18) Goya, one who concedes to her dextrous looks,
May be once, all his apprehensions are decimated.(5)(18)
gLjLl 19 Ghazal Nineteen
ho s L ivc af, ik nvIN bhfr df smfN af igaf hY , Behold, the time for spring season is approaching,
bhfr af geI hY , Xfr af igaf hY aqy idl nU M sS F qI af geI With the spring, comes the benefactor, and the heart is at peace.(1)
The eye’s pupil holds his splendour,
aWK dI pu q lI ivc Au s df jlvf ieM n f smf cu k f hY ,
And wherever it sees, it perceives the friend’s semblance.(2)
ik Au h ijDWr vI vy K dI hY , imqR ipafry df hI mu K Vf idsdf
And the direction, in which my eye focuses, I just pursue,
ijDry my r I aWK jfNdI, mY N vI Au D r hI jfNdf hfN, kI krfN, As, in this regard, nothing else I can envisage.(3)
ies mu a fmly ivc Blf sfzy vs hI kI hY ? (3)
The friendly claimants received the news that
dfavy d fr do s qfN pfs iksy KL b r ilafNdI ik aj rfqIN Voicing Anal-haq, Mansoor is heading towards the noose.(4)
‘anlhWk(mY N rWb hI hfN)kihM d f ho i eaf mnsU r sU l I vl jf
irhf sI[(4) Tell all the flowers to bloom,
At the news which is announced by nightingale.(5)
Pu l fN nU M Kbr dy idE ik sfry iKV jfx,
ies Ku s L K brI ivc ijhVI Au s gfNAu d I bu l bu l vlo N afeI hY ( 5)
Abashed was Almighty and I remained in perplexity,
Ku d f gL Y r q krky aWz irhf aqy mY N Au N J hY r fn irhf, As there is no epilogue to your fondness.(6)
qy r y sL o k dI khfxI df ko e I aM q nhIN[(6)
Goya always embroils in your swirling tresses,
go X f qy r I ju L l P dy ku M z l df iDafn Drdf hY , Because his heart goes astray in your fondness.(7)(19)
ies leI,ik sL O k dy kfrx idl Btkdf ipaf hY [ (7)(19)
gLjLl 20 Ghazal Twenty
sKq jfn afsL k dI dvf Blf vY d kI kr skdf hY ? What can a lay-doctor prescribe to a chronic patient of love?
jd qy r IafN hI lqfN lM g VIafN hn,rfh vKfAu x vflf kI kr When your own legs are maimed, what can a guide do?(1)
skdf hY ? (1)
All her splendour is visible sans veil,
Au s df hr jlvf hr QfN ibnfN Gu M Z dy rU p mfn hY [
But, as you, yourself, are imbued in ego, what can her moon-like
qU M qfN afp hAU m Y dy prdy hy T hY N , cM n vrgf so h xf Blf kI
kry?(2) countenance do?(2)

qY n U M ijs nU M ik rqf vI idl df itkfE pR f pq nhIN To you, who have not been endowed with the contentment of mind,
Au s leI ko e I sL f Nq-QfN jF iksy hvy l I dI su M d r nu W kr kI kr What good is a secluded place or a magnificent mansion?(3)
skdI hY ? (3)
Without the affection of a love-guide, how would you attain the celestial
ibnfN pR I q dy hfdI dy qM U Blf ikvy N sjn dI drgfhy phu M c skdf goal.
hYN? Without an inspiration from a mentor in you, how can an escort lead
qy r y sL O k dy jjL b y qo N ibnfN Blf rfh ivKfAu x vflf kI kr skdf you?(4)
Oh, Goya, when you embellish your eyes with the dust of the feet of the
hy go X f! jd qU M gu r u jI dI crnDU V nU M afpxy ny q R f N leI su r mfN
bxf lvy N gf, holyman,
qfN qU M rWb df jlvf vy K sky N gf, qy r y leI(ho r ko e I) su r mfN iks Only then you can perceive the Almighty; otherwise what can any
kMm?(5)(20) collyrium do?(5)(20)
gLjLl 21 Ghazal Twenty-one
cVH d y dI pO x jd Au s dIafN iltfN dy Gu M g rfN dI kM G I krdI hY The eastern breeze combing through her tresses,
qfN smJo my r y dIvfny idl leI iek ajIb jL M j Ir bxfAu d I hY [ (1) Seems like an exotic chain coiling around, encasing my agitated heart.(1)
afid smy N qo N hI asIN mnWu K dy ies ZfNcy nU M nhIN smiJaf
Since the primordial times, we presume, the human frame,
ik rWb ieh afpxy rihx leI Gr bxfNAu d f ipaf hY [ (2)
He, himself, has created for his own abode.(2)
afsS k df idl Qo V y smy N ivc hI mfsL U k bx jfNdf hY
hr Au h bM d f jo mfsL U k nfl bxfeI rKdf hY , afp isr qo N pY r fN The heart of a lover soon turns into that of the beloved,
qWk jfn bx jfNdf hY [ (3) And, from head to feet, he becomes the embodiment of the darling.(3)

ro t I dy iek tu k Vy leI qU M ikAu N hr kmIny mgr nWsdf iPrdf Just for one piece of bread, why are you roaming around, mean one ?
hYN, You know, how the urge for grabbing an iota made Adam the slave of
qU N vy i Kaf hI hY ik lo B bM d y nU M iek dfxy leI kY d I bxf idM d f greediness.(4)
Do not relate Laila’s anecdote to the distraught Goya,
aY go X f! qU M lY l f df hfl isr-iPry idl nU M nf dsIN,
As the Majnu’s narrative is fathomed only by a crazy like me.(5)(21)
ikAu i k mjnU M dI iviQaf my r y ijhy dIvfny nU M rfs afAu N dI
gLjLl 22 Ghazal Twenty-two
lo k I aTfrfN hjL f rfN sjdy qy r y pfsy krdy hn[ People pay their obeisance eighteen thousand times towards your portal,
hr vkq Au h qy r I glI dy kfaby dI prkrmf krdy hn[(1) And all the time they perform circumambulations around the Holy Kabah
of your avenue.(1)
ijQy vI Au h vy K dy hn, qy r f hI jmfl vy K dy hn[
idlF dy mihrm qy r y mu K Vy df dIdfr krdy hn[(2)
Wherever they may see, your splendour is visible,
Au n H f N afpxI jfn qy r y su M d r kWd qo N vfr idqI hY [ And those with rent heart are sufficed to have a perception of your
Au h mu r df idlfN nU N qy r I su g M D I nfl su r jIq krdy hn[(3) countenance.(2)

qy r f mu K Vf rWb df drsL n krfAu x vflf sL I sL f hY [ They have renounced their lives for your magnanimous attributes,
Au h rWb df dIdfr qy r y mu K Vy dy sL I sL y rfNhIN krdy hn[(4) And they apply your fragrance to enliven the inert ones.(3)

kfly idlfN vfly , ijnfH N dIafN aWKfN nhIN,ies gl qo N ajL f d hn, Your semblance is the epitome of godly phenomenon,
ik sU r j nU M qy r y mu K Vy dy sfmH x y ilaf KVf krdy hn[(5) And they behold the image of Almighty through your visage.(4)
Those, with raven hearts and devoid of vision, are not constrained,
qy r y sL O k ivc msq afsL k jhfn nU M rO l y nfl Br idM d y hn[
They bring round the sun to relate it to your delineation.(5)
Au h sY N kVy jfnfN qy r y vfl dI iek qfr qo N ku r bfn kr idM d y
In your fondness, the crazy enthusiasts fill the world with clamour,
jd qy r y mu K Vy dI crcf hr pfsy iCVdI hY [ And they even relinquish hundreds of lives for the sake of just one
qfN qy r y jmfl dy prdy ivc sfrf jhfn rO s L n ho jfNdf hY [ (7) strand of your hair.(6)
When the resplendence from under your veil, spreads your brilliance,
qy r y pR y m dy mqvfly go X f vfNg sdf afpxI afvfjL In every direction your splendour is deliberated on.(7)
nU M qy r I Ku s L b o nfl su r IlI bxf lY N dy hn[(8)(22)
Allured by your fondness, Goya is reflecting upon you,
Because he takes melodic sweetness from the fragrance of your
gLjLl 23 Ghazal Twenty-three
aY , ik qy r I aWKfN dI gridsL qfN idnF ivc vI nhIN, Oh, you, that your astral eyes, are not bound by the temporal domains,
afsmfn df sU r j qy r y mu K Vy dy sfmH x y rqf arQ nhIN rKdf[(1) And even the sun in the sky becomes insignificant when it faces you.(1)
mO q dy hy V I afsL k dy idl nU M PVn leI
To catch the lover’s heart, the hunting sweetheart,
qy r I jL u l P dy PM D y vrgf ho r ko e I jfl nhIN rKdf[(2)
Needs nothing but the halter of your tresses.(2)
ies bhu - mu W lI Au m r nU M , aKIr,gnImq smJ,
asfN ko e I aijhI svy r nhIN vy K I, ijs dI sL f m nf ho e I ho v y [ (3) At least, consider this life as benevolence,
As we have not come across any morning which culminates not in an
mY N kd qk afpxy idl nU M idlfsf idafN , evening.(3)
qy r f mu K Vf vy K y ibnf idl nU M cY n nhIN afAu N dI [(4)
How long may I console my mind?
ies mo q I vsfAu x vflI aWK nU M , aY go X f, Because, without your glimpse, I feel not any alleviation.(4)
ijhVI ik smu M d r bx geI hY ,
idl nU M afrfm phu M c fAu x vfly qy r y mu K Vy ibnfL afrfm Goya, the eye, which sprinkled pearls, has turned into a river,
Because there is no solace without the vision of your comforting
gLLjLl 24 Ghazal Twenty-four
jd qk qy r y jfn vDfAu x vfly lfl ho T bo l dy nhIN, Till the time your life endowing red lips speak,
sfzy drdfN dI dvf vI pY d f nhIN ho skdI[(1) There can descend no remedy for our aches.(1)

ipafsy ho T F nU M qy r y ho T fN dy aM m iR q dI lflsf hY , The thirsty lips are yearning for your nectarous lips,
sfzI qsWlI iKjL r jfN msIhf qo N BI nhIN ho skdI[(2) As they can be quenched not through Khizr (aquatic-god) or, even,
Maseeha the Saviour.(2)
sfnU M ajy h f idl df drd lgf ho i eaf hY , ik ijs df ko e I
ielfj nhIN[
jd qk asIN jfn nhIN dy idM d y afrfm nhIN ho skdf[(3) The heartache, we have gained, has no remedy,
And no contentment is there till the life is consumed.(3)
mY N afiKaf, qy r I iek ingfh bdly asIN jfn hfijL r krdy hfN,
Au s afiKaf,sfzy qu h fzy ivckfr(aijhf) sO d f nhIN ho I declared to offer my being, to gain just one of her twinkles,
skdf[(4) But she said, no bargaining can come between you and me.(4)

cM n vrgy so h ixafN dIafN gM Z fN lgIafN jL u l PfN dI lflsf ivc With an obsession to be in the interlaced tresses of the sweetheart,
mY N jFdf qfN hfN, pr my r y idl dI gM Z (qy r y bfJo N ) nhIN Ku l H d I I go, but the cluster of my heart untangles not without you.(5)
We cannot perceive the extent of the shore of desire,
jd qWk ik sfzI aWK qy r I Xfd ivc sfgr nhIN bx jfNdI,
Till the time our eyes emerge not as a sea.(6)
asIN mu r fd dI kM D qO N vfikP nhIN ho skdy [ (6)

qy r I Au z Ik ivc my r IafN aWKfN vI aM n H I afN(ictIafN) ho geIafN Goya, in your recollection, even my eyes have become bloodless,
hn, What can I do ? There is no consolation without you.(7)(24)
mY kI krfN,ikAu N ik qy r y ibnf my r I Zfrs nhIN ho skdI[(7)(24)
gLjLl 25 Ghazal Twenty-five
jy kr qU M cO D vIN df cM n -mu K Vf ivKf dy v y N qfN kI hrj ey ? What, if you show your semblance, which is quintessence of the full
jy k r, my r y cM n f! aj rfq mu K ivKf dy v y N , qfN Blf kI hrj moon?
ey?(1) Then, Oh, My Moon, what will you lose meeting me this evening?(1)
ieh sfrf jhfn qy r I jL u l P df kY d I hY ,
The whole world is the prisoner of your tresses,
iek iCn leI jy kr qU N M ies dI gM Z Ko l H dy v y N qfN kI hrj
And if you untie it, would it harm you?(2)

sfrI du n IafN qy r y ibnf aM n H y r I ho geI hY , The whole world is plunged in the darkness without you,
sU r j vfNg jy kr qU M inkl afvy N , qfN kI hrj ey ? (3) And if you appear like the sun, would it harm you?(3)

iek iCn leI af, aqy my r IafN do h fN aKfN ivc af ky bih jf, Come, may be momentarily, and posture in my vision,
hy idl ly jfx vfly , jy kr qU M aKfN ivc bih jfvy N , qfN kI hrj O, you, the filcher of my heart, if you engross my perceptions, would it
ey?(4) harm you?(4)

ies qy r y kfly iql(dy bu W q) nU M , ijhVf qy r y mu K Vy df sL u d feI hY , This black mole, which is relishing your face,
jy kr qU M ku l Ku d feI dy bdly vy c dy v y N , qfN kI hrj ey [ (5)
If you trade it for humanity, would it harm you?(5)
qU M my r IafN aWKfN ivc ipaf vsdf hY N , iPr mY N iks nU M ZU M z irhfN
hfN, You are subsisting in my vision, then, whom am I searching for?
aidK dy prdy ivco N jy kr afpxf mu K Vf ivKf dy v y N , qfN kI hrj If you advent from behind this curtain of invisibility, would it harm you?(6)
Goya is searching for you in all the directions,
go X f, hr pfsy qy r I sU h lWB irhf hY , If you make him visualise the way, would it harm you?(7)(25)
jy kr rfh Bu l y ho e y nU M rfh ivKf dy v y N , qfN kI hrj ey ? (7)(25)
gLjLl 26 Ghazal Twenty-six
kdm Au h hI cM g f hY , ijhVf rWb dy rfh qy cu i kaf jfvy , The walk, which leads to the godly avenues, is gracious,
jIBf Au h I BlI hY , ijhVI rWb dy ismrn ivc su K jfxy [ (1) And the tongue, in meditation of Celestial Name, is auspicious.(1)

ijWDr vI mY N dy K df hfN, my r IafN aWKfN ivc ku J smfAu N df nhIN, Whatever the way around me I see, it is beyond my perception,
hmy s L f N Au s dy nksL hI sfzIafN aWKfN ivc smfey rihM d y hn[(2)
As, always, his own countenance is projecting over my vision.(2)
pU r y gu r U dI bKisL s L nfl aKIr mY n U M ieh igafn ho igaf,
ik du n IafN dy lo k sdf gm aqy iPkr ivc Psy rihM d y hn[(3) Through the perfect preceptor, at last, I attained this enlightenment,
That the humankind is always drenched in the anxieties.(3)
ikM n f BfgfN vflf hY Au s idl df mflk, ijs dI afqmf rO s L n hY
aqy jo pU r f igafnvfn hY , Fortunate is that heart-owner, whose conscience is illuminated and is
aqy ijs df mWQf rWb dI drgfh qy invM d f ho v y [ (4) brimming with the knowledge,
And who, by bowing at the celestial portal, pays his obeisance.(4)
ku r bfnI leI Au s dI glI Au d fly , aY go X f,iPrdf rhu aqy sL y K I
nf mfr, Sacrifice your head (ego), Oh Goya, go and roam around his boulevard
mY n U M qfN Au s dIafN aWKfN dy iesL f ry df hu k m imlxf cfhIdf sans a boast,
As he has enlightened me for this, through just one of his winks.(5)(26)
gLjLl 27 Ghazal Twenty-seven
hjL f rfN jVfAU qL K q qy r y rfh ivc pey hn, Thousands of adorned thrones are lying on the way to you,
qy r y msqfinafN nU M qfj aqy ngIinafN dI lo V nhIN [(1) But, no crowns and the diamonds are coveted by your lovers.(1)
du n IafN aM d r hr cIjL PL n fh ho jfx vflI hY ,
Everything in this world is amenable to destruction,
pr afsL k PL n fh ho x vfly nhIN,ikAu N jo Au h pR I q dy By q fN qo N
But the lovers decay not, as they discern the attributes of adoration.(2)
jfxU hn[(2)

sfrIafN aWKfN Au s dy drsL n fN leI qIbr ho geIafN , The eyes of the entirety are yearning for his glimpse,
hjL f rfN icq Au s dy ibR h f dy iPkr ivc inGrdy jfNdy hn[(3) And the thousands of hearts are becoming frail, being alienated.(3)

XkIn rK! ik Au s dy mM g qy pfqsL f hfN dy pfqsL f h hn, In just one twinkling of the eye, he endows the kingdom of the world,
ikANo u jo sfrI du n IafN dI do l q Au h ieko njL r nfl bKsL idM d y As, you must bear in mind, his mendicants are graced with the
hn[(4) regency.(4)

aY go X f! hmy S s L f N rWb dy ipafirafN dI sM g q dI Bfl kr, Oh, Goya, you seek the audience of the devotees of the Righteous
ikAo N jo rWb dy Zu M z fAU , rb nfl ju V y ho e y hn[(5)(27)
Because the adherents of the Almighty are always clung with him.(5)(27)
gLjLl 28 Ghazal Twenty-eight
Bfvy N my r y hWQ sdf kM m ivc ru J y hu M d y hn, My hands may always be absorbed in the travails,
pr mY N kI krfN,my r f idl qfN Xfr vl do V df hY [ (1) But, what can I do, my heart stalks towards the beloved.(1)

Bfvy N ‘qU M mY n U N M nhIN vy K skdf’ dI avfjL hr vy l y idl dy kM n f Though the sound of ‘You can’t see me’ echoes into all the bearings of
ivc pY N dI hY [ his heart,
pr mU s f Py r vI rWb df dIdfr krn leI jf irhf hY [ (2)
Musa went ahead to espy the Almighty.(2)
ijs ivco N hM J U ikrn ieh Au h aWK hI nhIN,
pR y m ipaflf qfN nWkf nWkf Biraf rIhM d f hY [ (3) This is not an eye which rolls down tears,
The cup of affection is always full to the brim.(3)
idldfr aqy idl vjU d ivc ieWk imWk hn,
ijs kfrx idl hmy s L f N idldfr vl dO V df rihM d f hY [ (4) Heart-filcher and the heart are in unison in the body,
And, that is why, the heart always dashes towards the sweetheart.(4)
do n fN jhfnfN ivc Au s dI Do x PL K r nfl Au W cI ho jfNdI hY ,
jo BI mnsU r vfNg sU l I vl nU M dO V df hY [ (5) In both the domains his head remains high with pride,
who, like Mansoor, treads towards the noose?(5)
go X f ny sWjn dI Xfd ivc asl jIvn pf ilaf hY ,
hu x Au h sL r fbKfny dI glI ivc ikAu N jfvy [ (6)(28)
Goya has attained the real life in the rememberance of the sweet-heart
Why should he now visit the tavern?(6)(28)
gLjLl 29 Ghazal Twenty-nine
kO x hY ijs qy aWj so h xy df iesL k svfr hY , Who is there, who is intoxicated in the love of his sweetheart?
ies du n IafN ivc Au h bfdsL f h hY , ijs df ko e I Xfr hY [ (1) The one, who has a benefactor, is the sovereign of the world.(1)

mY M jfxdf hfN,aY sL o K mfsL U k ! ik ieh do h fN jhfnfN df KL U n Oh, you, the Mirthful One, I perceive that they will smite both the worlds,
krygI, Because, today, your exhilarated eyes are inebriated.(2)
ikAu N jo qy r I msq aWK aWj nsL y nfl BrI peI hY [ (2)
The stole of my eye is imbued red through my heart’s gore,
ijgr dy KL U n ny my r I aWK dy pWly nU M lfl kr idWqf,
sfzy dIvfny idl ivc ky h I ajb bhfr afeI hY [ (3) Which itself has endowed a strange spring-time flavour to my mind.(3)

ijs nU M mnsU r vfNg sU l I df prCfvfN prfpq hY , The one who attains the shadow of the gallows like Mansoor,
Au s nU M qfN su r g dy ibrC qU b f dI CfN dI aqy nfN hI su r g dI He neither desires for the shadow of Tooba the heavenly tree; nor aspires
lo V hY [ (4) for the heaven itself.(4)

aY dIvy ! afpxf lfl Pu l fN vrgf mu K Vf ku J icr leI ro s L n kr Oh, you the Candlewick, sparkle your pink-flowery pretence, a while,
ikAu N jo prvfny aqy bu l bu l dy idl nU M qy r y nfl ku J kM m hY [ (5) Because the sacrificing-moths and the nightingales are coming with some
errand to you.(5)
Bfvy N hr dIvfny leI sM g l bxfAu N dy hn,
pr go X f df idl qfN jL u l P dy PM D y nfl Tihr jfNdf hY ( 6)(29)
There may be chains around for all the demented ones,
But Goya just stays still in the halter of your tresses.(6)(29)
gLjLl 30 Ghazal Thirty
ko e I vI grIb prdy s IafN dy hfl dI su n vfeI nhIN krdf, Whereas the poverty stricken (mentally) with no baggage
asIN Au Q y pu j cu k y hfN, ijQy bfdsL f h vI nhIN pu W j skdf[(1) (consciousness) are heeded not,
Where the sovereigns have no approach, we have attained.(1)
hjL f rfN Au c y su r gfN nU M Au h iek aWDy jO N bdly vI nhIN KrIddy ,
ikAu N ik ienH f N ivco N ko e I BI su r g Au s ipafry dI glI qk nhIN
They don’t want to buy even a thousand high heavens for just half a
phu M c df[(2)
grain of barley,
pR y m dy vY d ny , kihM d y hn,ku J ieAu N ikhf hY Because none from them can reach the avenues of the beloved.(2)
ik prdy s IafN df drdnfk hfl isvfey rWb dy ko e I nhIN
su x df[(3) The physician of love, it is said, has so expounded,
That the maladies of the vagrants, no body except the Almighty,
jy qU M afpxy idl dI aWK dI ro s L n I cfhu M d f hY N , knows.(3)
qfN vy K ,Au s dI drgfh dI DU V qk ko e I su r mf nhIN pu j
skdf[(4) If you want to achieve the enlightenment for the vision of your heart,
Remember, that no antimony, can reach the dust of the celestial portal.(4)
imWqr dI Xfd ivc Au m r kWtI jf skdI hY ,
ikAu N jo Au s dy mu k fbly qy ko e I vI rsfiex nhIN hY [ (5)
Recollecting the friend, the life span can be expended,
sfry sM s fr dI do l q Au s dy dr dI DU V qo N vfr su t fN, As there is no other medication comparable to that.(5)
ikAu N ik jd qk Au s qo Nku r bfn nhIN hu M d f,Au s qk nhIN
pu j df[(6) All the temporal wealth, I trade for the dust of his portal,
Because, unless I sacrifice myself for him, I cannot achieve him.(6)
go X f Au s dy drvfjL y dI KL f k qo N vfrI jfNdf hY ,
ikAu N ik jd qk ko e I KL f k nhIN bxdf,afpxy mno r Q nU M nhIN pf Goya endears himself to the dust of his sanctuary,
skdf[(7)(30) (Because,) unless one eliminates the self in the dust, one cannot realise
the goal.(7)(30)
gLjLl 31 Ghazal Thirty-one
Au s dI drgfh dI mWu T I Br KL f k rsfiex bxf idM d I hY , A handful of the dust from his sanctuary turns into a medication,
hr mM g qy nU M sWqF vlfieqfN df bfdsL f h bxf idM d I hY [ (1) And converts the beggars into the sovereigns of seven realms.(1)
my r y isr leI qy r I drgfh dI DU V sY N kVy qfjfN vrgI hY ,
The dust from your portal, for me, is equivalent to seven regal crowns.
mY N gu n ihgfr ho v fNgf,jy kr my r f idl iPr qfj aqy qKq dI
I may be infested with depravity, if I become desirous of the crown and
lflsf kry [ (2)
the throne.(2)
jy kr kImafgr qfNby qo N so n f bxf lY N df,asM B nhIN ik
rWb df qflb imWtI nU M nU r Biraf sU r j bxf lvy [ (3) If a chemist can convert copper into gold, why can’t,
A seeker of the Almighty impart incandescence to the lust.(3)
go X f dy isL a r ijhVf vI idl jfn nfl su x df hY ,
Au s df idl Py r mo q IaF dI du k fn dy lflF dI kd prvfh krdf Whosoever listens, intently, to the couplets of Goya,
hY?(4)(31) He cares little for a mine teeming with the diamonds and the
gLLjLl 32 Ghazal Thirty-two
qy r y qM g mU M h vrgI ho r so h xI ko e I ÈWkr dI bo r I nhIN ho skdI, A sack full of raw-sugar is not sweeter than your modest semblance.
ies kQf qo N ,ijhVI mY N su x feI hY , ho r ko e I vDy r y cM g y r I ko e I kQf Just as there can’t be a better simile, than the one which I have
nhIN ho x I[(1)
jy k r qU M Au s dy imlfp df qflb hY qfN ivCo V y df vfkP bx,
jd qk rfh ivKfAu x vflf nf ho v y , qU M ikvy N pVfAu qk If you are seeking union with her, then get acquainted with the trait of
pu j y N gf[(2) separation.
Unless the guide is there, how can you reach the destination?(2)
plkfN vrgy hWQfN qo N aWKfN dy plU nU M Au n H f icr nf Cu z f,
jd qk ik qy r IafN afsfN dI jy b mo q IaF nfl nf Br jfvy [ (3) Abandon not the stole of your eye lashes from your hands,
Till the time the pocket of your desires is filled with the pearls.(3)
afsL k dI afs dI tihxI kdI vI Pldfr nhIN hu M d I,
jd qk ik plkfN dy aQrU a fN nfl Au s nU M pfxI nhIN imldf[(4) The branch of the tree of desires of a lover does not bear fruits,
Unless it is watered with the tears through the eye-lashes.(4)
aY , mU r K go X f, Au s dy ipafr dI zINg nf mfr,
ies rsqy Au q y Au h I pY r rK skdf hY , ijs df isr nf
Oh, Goya, the fool, don’t boast about your love,
As, only he can travel on this path who does not keep a head.(5)(32)
gLjLl 33 Ghazal Thirty-three
ho l I dy Pu l fN ny jL m fny dy bfg nU M mihk nfl Br idWqf, The (festival of) Holy blossoms and spreads its fragrance,
bM d klI vrgy ho T fN nU M su B fgI qbIaq vflf bxf idqf[(1) And it blooms the sprout of her beautiful lips.(1)
Au s ny mNINh dy pfxI vFg
The rose, the amber*, the jasmine and the reddish abeer*,
gu l fb, aM b r, mu s L k qy abIr nU M sfrIN pfsIN Kly r idWqf[(2)
All are showered like the rain on all the sides.(2)
ky s r BrI ipckfrI df ikaf kihxf?
ik Au s ny hr bd-rM g nU M vI rM g In qy su g M D q kr idWqf[(3) How to talk of the sprinkling of saffron?
It is endowing hue and fragrance to every dull being.(3)
Au s dy mu b frk hWQfN dy gu l fl iCVkx ny ,
Drq asmfn nU M lflo lfl kr idWqf[(4) The scattering of the pigment by her auspicious hands,
Is dyeing both the heaven and the earth.(4)
Au s dI ikR p f du a frf do v y N du n IaF rM g In ho geIaF,
Au s ny sL f hf vFg my r y gl ivc rM g In kpVy pvf idWqy [ (5) Through her benevolence, both the domains have become colourful,
And she has adorned me like kings with the gorgeous attire.(5)
ijs iksy ny vI Au s dy pivqR drsL n kIqy ,
Au s ny smJo Au m r dI mu r fd cM g I pf leI[(6)
Whosoever has her propitious glimpse,
sM g q dy rfhF dI DU V qo N ku r bfn ho jfvy Attains the bliss of both the worlds.(6)
bs go X f dy idl dI ey n I hI cfh hY [ (7)(33)
I should sacrifice myself for the dust of the avenues of the congregation,
That is the utmost desire of Goya.(7)(33)

* Names of two scents.

gLjLl 34 Ghazal Thirty-four
Au s dI isPq slfh df ijL k r jIB nU M bVf cM g f lgdf hY , Very soothing it is to recite his adoration through the tongue,
Au s df nfm mU M h ivc afieaF ikM n f svfd idM d f hY ? (1) As the recitation of his name endows sweetness to the lips.(1)
vfh! ikny so h xy hn qy r I To z I dy isAu ,
How charming is your chin, the epitome of an apple,
bfg ivc ajy h f imWTf qy su a fdlf my v f Blf ikQy ? (2)
In the garden, there can be found no fruit so savoury.(2)
qu h fzy dIdfr dy sdky sfzI aWK rO s L n hY ,
mY N Au s dIdfr qo N ku r bfn jfvfN,Au h ikM n f su a fdlf hY [ (3) Even a glimmer of yours has brightened my eyes,
And how charming is that splendour, I can sacrifice myself for it.(3)
qy r I jL u l P dy ku M z l ny sfzf idl Au z f ilaf hY ,
qy r y lfl ho T iesy kfrn su a fdly hn[(4) The coils of your tresses have filched my heart;
As a consequence, your pink lips, somehow, are very delectable.(4)
aY go X f qy r y isL a rF dy su a fd qo N cM g y r f
ho r ko e I su a fd nhIN ho skdf[(5)(34) Oh, Goya, the savour endowed by your couplets,
Is surpassed not by any other taste.(5)(34)
gLjLl 35 Ghazal Thirty-five
rWbI igafnvfnfN nU M Au s y df pfsf hI cM g f lgdf hY , The enlightened ones are inclined to go to her abode,
pR y m IafN leI sWjn dI glI hI su h fvxI hY [ (1) As the lover’s avenue gratifies the adherent.(1)
Au s dIafN ilWtfN ny sfrI du n IafN dy idl nU M mo h riKaf hY [
Her tresses have enchanted the whole world,
Au s dy cfhu x vflafN leI qfN Au s dy ky s hI su h fvxy hn[(2)
And for her enthusiasts, her hair is captivating.(2)
S s fnU M Au s dI glI ieM n I ipafrI hY ,
ik mY N bihsL q dy bfg nU M Au s qO N ku r bfn kr idafN[(3) I can sacrifice even the heavenly garden for her,
Because I feel enthralled in her avenue.(3)
Au s dy BfgfN Bry afAu x dI su g M D I nfl mY N su r jIq ho jfNdf hfN
ies leI sfnU M Au s dI su g M D I bVI su a fdlI lgdI hY [ (4) I attain life through the auspicious dust of her feet,
As her walking-in is the harbinger of soothing fragrance.(4)
rWb dI Xfd df ijL k r ikM n f su a fdlf hu M d f hY ,
sfirafN my i vafN nflo N ieh vDy r y su a fdlf hY [ (5) The remembrance of the Almighty is tranquillising,
And it is mellower than all the sweet fruits.(5)
jy kr qY n U M ieh ieWCf BfAu N dI hY ,
qfN qU M sfry sM s fr nU M aM i mR q bKsL n vflf bx jfNvy N gf[(6)
You may become the acqua of benevolence for the whole world,
go X f dy isL a r ihM d u s qfn ivc ajy h y my v y hn, If such an aspiration fascinates your mind.(6)
ijhVy KM z aqy du W D nflo N vI vDy r y imWTy hn[(7)(35)
Goya’s couplets are so fruitful in India,
That they deem even sweeter than the milk and sugar.(7)(35)
gLjLl 36 Ghazal Thirty-six
aY bhfr dI Psl dy BrvWitE! qu h fzI afmd dI ikR p f sdkf O, you the eye-brows of the spring, with your advent,
jhfn gu l jL f rfN nfl bihsL q dy bfg vfNg Br igaf hY [ (1) The garden of this temporal world has fully blossomed.(1)
qy r I mu s kfn jhfn nU M ijL d gI bKsL d I hY ,
Your graceful smile endows exhilarated life,
aqy ieh rhWsmeI sU P IafN dIaF aWKfN leI iek cY n qy krfr
And it pacifies and appeases the saintly-visions.(2)

rWb dy pR y m qo N ibnfN ho r ko e I pR y m pWkf nhIN Except for the love for the Almighty, no affinity is resolute,
ibnfN rWb dy ipafiraF dy ipafr qo N sB ku J nfsvfn smJ[(3) As no adoration is more lasting than the celestial veneration.(3)

ijDr vI qU M ingfh krdf hY N qU M nvIN rU h bKsL dy N df hY N To which ever side you turn your vision, you endow existence,
ieh qy r I ingfh hI hY , ijhVI hr pfsy jfnfN dI brKf krdI As it is your vision which showers existence all around.(4)
The Almighty, in every condition, is omnipresent,
rWb qfN hr hfl,hr QfN,sdf hfjL r nfjL r hY , But where is the eye which can have his glimpse?(5)
prM q U aijhI aWK ikWQy hY , ijhVI hr pfsy hI Au s df dIdfr vy K
Without the Almighty’s perception, the emancipation comes not,
ibWnf rWb dy jfnx vfilafN dy iksy ho r nU M mu k qI nhIN imlI[ As the world is already in the jaws of Death.(6)
mO q ny qfN Drq qy smy N nU M afpxI cu M j ivc PL V riKaf hY [ (6)
Remember Goya, only a man beseeching God becomes immortal,
aY gO X f,rWb df bM d f amr ho jfNdf hY , Because without adoration, there remains no other emblem.(7)(36)
ikAu N jo Au s dI bM d gI qo N ibnfN jhfn ivc ho r iksy df ko e I
insL f n nhIN[(7)(36)
gLjLl 37 Ghazal Thirty-seven
mY N Au m r dI go d I ivc jvfn qo N bu W Zf ho igaf hfN, In the lap of time, my youth has gained the agedness.
qy r I sM g q ivc Au m r dI go d ivc my r I ijL d gI ikM n I so h xI lM G I And, in your association, how graciously my life has passed!(1)
Deem the remaining breaths as auspicious,
bfkI rihM d y svfsfN nU M qU M ies qrH f N su B fgy smJ,
As it is autumn which ushered in the spring into life.(2)
ikAu N ky aL K Ir pWq-JV ny hI ies Au m r dI bhfr ilafNdI [(2)

hfN, Au s GVI nU M vI su B fgf smJ, jo rWb dI Xfd ivc gu j L r y , Propitious are the instances which advance in the remembrance of the
ikAu N jo Au m r df ihsfb lfAu x ligafN ieh njL r qo N hvf vfNg Almighty,
lG jfNdI hY [ (3) Because, while we are still enumerating, they vanish like the air.(3)

hr vkq lihrfN dy kfPly vfNg {Au m r dI ndI vgdI} rihM d I hY , The caravan of the waves is flowing like the rolling stream,
{ho sky } qfN qU M ies Au m r dI ndI co N pl Br leI pfxI df Gw u t You must suckle some breath-bequeathing water out of this life
pI lY [ (4) expanding river.(4)
qU M sY N kVy kM m aijhy kIqy hn, ijhVy qy r y kM m nhIN afAu x y [
You have revelled in many a deed transpiring into no fulfilment,
go X f qU M , aijhy kM m kr, ijhVy Py r vI qy r y kM m afAu x [(5)(37)
Goya, now, you render such services as well benefit you hereafter.(5)(37)
gLjLl 38 Ghazal Thirty-eight
sB By q F dy jfnxhfr, asF ijnH F qy r I glI df isrf viKaf hY , Oh, you the perceiver of secrets one, I have reached the limits of your
asF sB vlo N afpxI jL r U r q df mU M h mo V ilaf hY [ (1) avenue,
And now I have turned my attention away from all other directions.(1)
jd qo N sfzf qy r I glI igrdy Gu M m xf afm ho i eaf hY [
mY N sb qo N cM g y su r g dy bfg nU M Tu k rf idWqf hY [ (2)
Since the time our roaming around your approaches has enhanced,
afpxI su g M D q ilWt dy vfl nfl Au h sfzf idl aqy dIn lY I have abandoned the aspiration, even, for the most charming
igaf, paradise.(2)
ies lM m I Au m r qo N iehI ku J Kw i taf sI[(3)
With a tress imbued with fragrance, she has captured my heart and the
sfirafN nU M sdf hI qy r y mu K Vy df ku r fn jL b fnI Xfd hY , faith,
nmfjL I afN dy idlfN leI qy r y BrvWty df KL m imhrfb hY [ (4) And that is what I have earned by dint of this long life.(3)

mY N kI dsfN ik qy r y ibnfN my r y idl dI kI hflq hY ? The Quran of your semblance remains intrinsically inscribed in every
ieh Au s dIvy vfNg hY , ik ijs nU M hmy s L f N sVnf aqy ipGlxf
pY N df hY [ (5)(38)
And for the performers of the prayers, your eye-brows are the prayer-

How can I say, without you, in what condition my heart is?

It is like a candle whose destiny is burning and melting.(5)(38)
gLjLl 39 Ghazal Thirty-nine
qy r y ibnfN sfrf jhfn hY r fn ho i eaf ipaf hY , Without you the entire world is bewildered,
qy r y ivCo V y kfrn sInf kbfb ho cu i kaf hY [ (1) Without you my heart is turned into ashes.(1)

rWb df ZU M z fAU sdf ijL M d f rihM d f hY , The searcher for the Almighty remains alive forever,
Au s dI jIB qy bs Au s srb sL k qImfn df nfm rihM d f hY [ (2) And his tongue remains suffused with meditation.(2)
Au s dy su g M D q kfly iql ny du n IafN df idl lu W t ilaf,
Her black mole, strewing fragrance, has captured the heart of the world,
Au s dIafN jL u l PfN df ku P L r eImfn leI bs iek jfl hY [ (3)
And the indifdelity in her black tresses is a bait for the faith.(3)
mY M n U M afpxf sU r j vrgf mu K Vf jldI ivKf,
ikAu N jo ro rhI aWK df iehI ielfj hY [ (4) Come show me your countenance, which is scintillating like the sun,
Because, this is the only elixir for the eyes pouring down tears.(4)
Au s dy su M d r kWd kfT qo N afpxf idl ku r bfn,
jfn qfN bWs ky v l ipafry qo N vfrn leI hY [ (5) I always sacrifice my heart for her exquisite stature,
As my life is just there to be relinquished for the beloved.(5)
kfsL qU M go X f df hfl pl Br leI pu W Cdo N ,
ey h I qfN bs ieko drd-ku W Ty idl df ielfj hY [ (6)(39) Alas, you had asked for the welfare of Goya, just for an instant may be,
As that is the only medicament for his rent heart.(6)(39)
gLjLl 40 Ghazal Forty
hmy s f qU M nsL e I, sU P I aqy sfPL rhu , You may become an inebriated, a mystic or a chaste one,
qU M sfry df sfrf bM d gI ho jf,aqy mlM g irM d bx jf[(1) But turn into, an embodiment of worship and an ascetic.(1)
qU M gy Y r vl aWK cWk ky vI nf vy K ikAu N ik qU M aM n H f N hY N
Do not gaze at the strangers, as you are epitome of blindness,
qU M sfrI dI sfrI aWK ho jf,aqy sjWn vl ies nU M Ko l H I rWK[(2)
And maintain all your vision to keep it open for your friend.(2)
Au s idlfN nU M cu r f lY x vfly bfdsL f h dy kWd Au d fly cWkr kWt,
aqy Au s su g M D q jL u l P dy PL M D y df kY d I bx jf[(3) Go and circumambulate around the majestic and magnanimous captor
of the hearts,
mY N qY n M U ieh nhIN kihM d f,ik qU M mM d r jfN kfaby vl jf, And be captivated in the halter of her aromatic tresses.(3)
mY N qfN kihM d f hfN,ik ikWDr vI qU M jfvy N ,mU M h rWb vl rWK[(4)
I do not lead you to the temple or the mosque,
qU M gY r fN vl prfieaF vFg ikAu N iPrdf hY N ? But I maintain, wherever you go, you must face the Almighty.(4)
qU M qF tWu t y ho e y idl dy hfl df vfkPL k fr bx[(5)
Why are you proceeding towards the aliens like the strangers?
sdf go X f dy idl vfNg sM q o K I aqy hiraf Biraf rhu ,
You, rather, become a source of consolation for the broken hearts.(5)
qU M apxy injI svfrQfN qo N mu k q(ZU M z fAU ) ho jf{Ies qrH f N qU M
asl mno r WQ pf lvy N gf}(6)(40)
Remain contented and be pacified like the heart of Goya,
And remain aloof from temporal needs and gains.(6)(40)
gLjLl 41 Ghazal Forty-one
sfirafN dy sIny lU h y pey hn[ Hearts are kindling and the minds are ablaze,
do v y N jhfn Au s dy dIdfr leI hY r fn hn, pry s fL n hn[(1) In predicament, both the domains are yearning for your glimpse.(1)
qy r I glI dI DU V nflo N ,ijhVI idWb idR s L t I vfly afrPfN leI
The dust of your portal, which is a celestial antimony for the pious ones,
su r mf hY ,
ro N dI ho e I aWK leI ho r ko e I cM g y r f ielfj nhIN(2) Is not comparable by any cure for the tormented visions.(2)

cM n sU r j rfq idn Au s dI glI dI prkrmf krdy rihM d y hn, Both, the moon and the sun, revolve around her path,
Au s df ieh aihsfn hY ik Au h do h fN jhfnfN nU M ro s L n I bKL s L x And it is her beneficence that she equips them to oblige the universe
Xo g bxf idM d I hY [ (3) with brilliance.(3)

ijWDr vI mY N vy K df hfN,Au s dy hu s n jmfl df jlvf imldf hY [ Wherever I observe, there prevails the charm of her grace,
Au s dI ku M z ldfr jL u l P dy kfrx jhfn sdf pry s L f n aqy sL u d feI And the temporal world remains lured by her curled tresses.(4)
rihM d f hY [ (4)
The earthen stratum is laden with my pearly tears,
my r y aQrU a fN nfl Drq df KIsf po s q dy Pw u l fN dy mo q IafN nfl
But still, Goya, I am retaining my grip on the world for the sake of her
Br igaf hY [
Au s dy mu s krfNdy ho e y lfl ho T fN dI Xfd nfl go X f mY N qfN sfrf vivacious red lips.(5)(41)
jhfn sr kr ilaf hY ( 5)(41)
gLjLl 42 Ghazal Forty-two
ijs iksy ny vI qy r I ivsL y s L gWl su x I hY , Whosoever discerns your attributes,
Au h sY N kVy sKL q gmfN qo N JWt hI mu k q ho igaf[(1) He emancipates himself of hundreds of deep-rooted adversities.(1)

pU r y aqy kfiml siqgu r U df sL b d sfzy leI aM i mR q hY , Heeding to the expositions of the perfect and pious master is nectar for
ieh mu r df idlfN nU M su r jIq aqy mu k q kr idM d f hY ( 2) us,
It is like the resuscitation and deliverance of the stagnant hearts.(2)
qy r y hAu m Y dy ivKfvy N qo N rWb ko h fN dU r hY ,
jy qU M afpxy aM d r JfqI mfry N qfN hAu m y N qo N mu k q ho jfvy N (3)
The Almighty is miles away from your egoist pretence,
hy go X f! qU M afpxf hWQ ihrs aqy lflc qo N iKWc lY , But, if you implore your insight, you may be emancipated from your
qfN jo afpxy Gr dy aM d r hI Au s mhfn rWb nU M vy K sky N (4)(42) vanity.(3)

Oh, Goya, you withdraw your hands away from greediness and
So that you may espy the Almighty in your inner-self.(4)(42)
gLjLl 43 Ghazal Forty-three
af, qU M msq-cfl srU vfNg JWt pl leI bfgL dI sY r leI af[ Come, with your exhilarating and graceful gait, for a walk in the garden,
qy r y vl vy K dy vy K dy sfzIafN aWKfN pWk geIafN hn[(1) As our eyes are already vexed anticipating your arrival.(1)

my r y idl dy jL K m leI qy r I ieko mu s kfn mhrm df kM m dy N dI dY [ For my afflicted heart, even, your one smile is the salve,
qy r y ho T fN dI mu s kfn sfrIafN bImfrIaffN dI dvf hY [ (2) And one beam, out of your graceful lips, is the panacea for all the
Au s ny my r y vl iek ingfh kIqI, aqy { nfl hI} my r y idl dI rfs
lu t leI[
Au s ny afpxI iqrCI njL r nfl my r y idl dy bo J y nU M kY N cI vfNg She turned to me with just one glance of hers and pillaged my heart,
kWt idWqf[(3) And with her sharp vision picked its pocket.(3)

hy rU p jmfl dy bfg dI nv-bhfr! afpxI afmd dI bKisL s L Your auspicious footsteps have rejuvenated the spring,
nfl, And this temporal world has been transmuted into a paradise. How
qU M jhfn nU M bihsL q dy bfg vrgf bxf idWqf hY , ikhf cM g f hY gracious !(4)
ieh bL K isL s L f N krn vflf[(4)(43)
Why don’t you divert your one glance towards Goya’s miseries?
So that he can behold his glorious master in his inner-self.(5)(43)
gLjLl 44 Ghazal Forty-four
sfzf qy r y nfl sfk sbM D hY , We have a prominent relationship with you,
qy r I afmd krky sfrI du n IafN ivc Ku s L I hI Ku s L I hY [ (1) And your advent is the harbinger of happiness to the world.(1)

mY N afpxy iKVy idl aqy Ku l H y nY x fN nU M , My blooming heart and outstretched vision,

qy r I afmd dy rfh Au q y ivCf idWqf hY [ (2) All, I have spread on the way you are coming.(2)
qU M rWb dy PkIrF Au q y imhr kr,
Be benevolent to the devotees of the Almighty,
qfN jo ies du n IafN ivc qY M n U M KL S u s L I hfsl ho v y [ (3)
To savour the happiness, prevailing in the world.(3)
hmy s L f N afpxy idl nU M rWb dy pfsy lf,
qfN jo qU M sihjy hI ies pu l -isrfq {BAu j l} qo N lM G jfvy N [(4) Always put your thoughts towards the Divine avenues,
So that you can easily cross over the bridge of Siraat*.(4)
ko e I vI ies afsmfn dy hy T sO K f aqy KL s L h fl nhIN,
hy go X f, qU M ies pu r fxIN srfN qo N lM G jf[(5)(44) None is happy and contented under this firmament,
O, Goya, now you just pass through this dilapidated inn.(5)(44)

* According to the Muslim belief, a bridge that is as narrow asa hair as

sharp as the edge of a sword and crosses over the fire of hell.
gLjLl 45 Ghazal Forty-five
ijQy vI, my r I jfn !qU M jfvy N qy r f rWb rfKf ho v y , Oh, my life, wherever you go, may the Almighty protect you,
qU M my r f idl aqy eImfn lY cilaf hY N , qy r f rWb rfKf ho v y [ (1) You have taken my heart and faith; may God shelter you.(1)

bu l bu l aqy Pu l do v y N hI qy r I Au z Ik ivc hn, Both the nightingale and the flower are yearning for you,
JWt pl leI qU M my r y bfg vl af[ qy r f rWb rfKf ho v y [ (2) Come, for a moment may be, to my garden; may God bless you.(2)
afpxy lfl ho T fN qo N my r y jL K mI idl Au q y lU x iCxk,
Sprinkle salt through your reddish lips on my impaired heart,
aqy my r y kbfb ho e y sIny nU M sfV[ qy r f rWb rfKf[(3)
And let my roasted heart be burnt; may Almighty protect you.(3)
iknfN cM g f ho v y , ik qy r f Au W cf lM m f srU vrgf kWd,
my r y bfg vl JWt pl leI tihldf afvy [ qy r f rWb rfKf[(4) How charming it will be if your lofty stature,
Comes strolling into my garden; may God grace you.(4)
af, my r IafN aWKfN dI DIrI ivc af jf,
ikAo N jo qy r f Gr my r IafN ro N dIafN aWKfN ivc hY [ rWb qy r f shfeI Come, come into the pupil of my vision,
hovy[(5)(45) As your abode is in my tear-shedding eyes; may Almighty be your
gLjLl 46 Ghazal Forty-six
aY , ik qy r f mu K Vf sL m H F leI vI ro x k df kfrn hY , Whereas, O My Beloved, your semblance is a source of illumination
sL m H F dI mo q I vsfAu x vflI aWK aQrU ky r rhI hY [ (1) for the candle,
There, the pearl-shedding candle-light is scattering the tears.(1)
ijQy vI Au n H f N ko e I dIvf bfilaf hY ,
mfno Au h sL m H F dI gu l jL f r df iek Pu l hY ( 2)
Wherever the candlelight is kindled,
It becomes the illuminated flower of the garden of the candle.(2)
jd df qU M afpxy mu K Vy nU M ro s L n kIqf hY ,
sL m H F sO sO vfr qY Q o N ku r bfn jf rhI hY [ (3)
Since the time you illuminated your visage,
qy r y mu K Vy qo N ku r bfn krn leI The candlelight is sacrificing itself for you a hundred times.(3)
sL m H f N dIafN ro d IafN aKfN afpxI jfn ky r rhIafN hn[(4)
To sacrifice themselves for sake of your face,
aWj rfq qU M nf afieEN,qy r I BfrI AzIk ivc The tearful eyes of the candlelight are showering their life.(4)
smL f N dI ag vsfAu x vflI aWK ny mihPl nU M sfV su i taf[(5)
Tonight you came not and waiting for you,
go X f qVky svy r vy l y ikM n f su M d r aqy bicqR njfL r f hu M d f hY , The searing glow of candlelight scorched the multitude.(5)
ik sfrf sM s fr qfN su W qf ipaf hu M d f hY aqy sL m fN jfg rhI hu M d I
hY [ (6)(46)
Goya, how amazing and beautiful is the sight of early morning!
All the humanity is in slumber but the candlelight is still beaming.(6)(46)
gLjLl 47 Ghazal Forty-seven
hy sfkI! Au W T aqy ipafly nU M Br dy , Oh, Saki (the bartender), come and fill the cup,
qfN jo Au s dy nfl mY N apxf idmfgL rM g In kr lvfN[(1) So that I can make my reflections colourful.(1)
qy r y jL u l P df PM d f my r f idl Psf ky lY igaf sI,
The halter of your spiralling tress has trammelled my heart,
mY n M U Au s dy hr py c ivco N ieho sU h imlI hY [ (2)
Out of its each twined curl I have found this guidance.(2)
pfk dIdfr dIafN nU r I ikrnfN qo N ,
sY N kVy hjL f rfNN dIvy hr pfsy bl Au T y hn[(3) Through the brilliance of the virtuous and celestial rays,
Hundreds of thousands of the candle-lights are kindling all over.(3)
hy go X f, qU M sdf Au s dI Xfd, Au s df ismrn kr[
qfN jo qU M du n IafN dy gL m fN qo N ajL f d ho jfvy N [(4)(47) O, Goya, always retain his remembrance and meditate on him,
So that you are emancipated from all the miseries of the world.(4)(47)
gLjLl 48 Ghazal Forty-eight
jy k r qU M ÈO k nfl afpxf mn sfP kr lvy N , If you spruce your understanding with fondness,
qfN ibnfN iksy aiqkQnI dy qU M Cy q I afpxf afp pf lvy N gf[(1) Then, soon, you will, without any exaggeration, envisage your own
hAu m Y N krky jd ik qU M rWb qo N dU r ho igaf hY N ,
mnmiq nU M dU r kr dy , aqy rWb nU M jfL h rf vy K lY [(2)
Entrapped in conceit, you have gone far away from the Almighty,
If you cast off your vanity, you can behold the manifest God.(2)
pR y m -mWqy qfN sdf hI pR y m dy kWu T y hu M d y hn,
E zINgfN mfrn vfly , Au n H f N sfhmxy zINg nf mfrIN[(3)
The ones imbued with love are always love-lorn,
ienH f N pM j fN ieM d R I afN dy Bo g su a fd nU M CWz, It is futile to brag before them, O boaster.(3)
qfN jo qY M n U M sfP ipafly df su a fd af sky [ (4)
Relinquish revelling in the enjoyment of five senses.
go X f qU M sdf pU r y siqgu r dI rfh ZU M z df rhu , So that you may relish the cup full of piety.(4)
qfN jo sM s fr dI du i bDf qo N mu k q ho jfvy N [(5)(48)
If you can find your way to your preceptor,
O Goya, you will emancipate yourself from the temporal
gLjLl 49 Ghazal Forty-nine
Au s dy imlfp dI afmd dy kfrn my r y hWQo N ibR h f dI vfg zo r Cw u t Her coming for a rendezvous has eliminated the cause of separation,
geI, How long could I have gone on narrating the account of my alienation?(1)
ikQo N ku qWk ies ibR h f dI iviQaf su x fAu N dy rhIey ? (1)
Except you, there is none in and outside my vision,
qy r y ibnfN my r y do h fN ny q rfN aqy BrvWitafN ivc ho r ko e I nhIN
And nor does there exist any trace of estrangement.(2)
Au n H f N ivc ey s y leI hu x sfnU M ibrhf df ko e I insL f n nhIN
lWBdf[(2) As yet the alienation had not soiled my encounter with you,
As I had heard the criterion of reunion through separation.(3)
hH f lI ivCo V y ny qy r y imlfp nU M nhIN sI Co i haf[
asfN ivCo V y dI jL b fnI imlfp dIafN gWlfN su x IafN hn[(3) Alienation from you has so scorched my heart,
That the lightening my cries has incinerated the abode of isolation.(4)
qy r y ivCo V y nfl my r y idl nU M aijhI aWg lWgI,
ik my r y vfvy l y dI ibjlI ny ivCo V y df Gr sfV Pu k idWqf[(4) What has this isolation from you done to Goya’s thinking?
Its narration is beyond description.(5)(49)
qy r y ivCo V y ny go X f nfl kI ku J kIqf?
ieh iviQaf {ieqnI lM b I hY ik} iksy ihsfb ikqfb ivc nhIN
afAu N dI[(5)(49)
gLjLl 50 Ghazal Fifty
myry pfsoN pRym dI cfl dI gWl sux, Listen to the description of the manner of love,
qfN jo qYMnUM pRym dI gl bfq df suafd af sky[(1) So that you can relish the parleys of attachment.(1)
rWb dy ipafr ny hr iksy nUM Zfh idWqf,
The one, whom the Almighty has subjugated in love,
Auh pRym dy mfmly dI KusLI nUM gnImq smJdf hY[(2)
In the affairs of devotion, considers himself lucky.(2)
Auho dm suBfgf hY, jo Aus dI Xfd ivc gujLry,
Aouho isr krmf vflf hY jo pRym dy rfhy lg jfvy[(3) That moment is auspicious which is spent in his meditation,
And only that head is lucky which rolls for the sake of his admiration.(3)
hjfLrfN hI pRymI qlI qy jfn rKI Aus dy rfh Auqy,
pRIq dI kMD nfl ZfsxfN lfeI KVy hn[(4) Thousands, ready to sacrifice their lives, are standing in his avenue,
Supporting themselves against the wall of love.(4)
ijs nyN vI rWb dy rfh Aqy bydabI kIqI,
mnsUr vfNg Aus nUM pRym dI sUlI hI TIk PbdI hY[(5) Whosoever disobeys on his way to the Almighty,
Only the noose like Mansoor’s, suits him.(5)
suBfgf hY idl,jo rWb dy pRym nfl Biraf ipaf hY,
pRym dy Bfr nfl hI afsmfn dI ipWT Juk geI hY[(6)
Fortunate is heart, which is endowed with the celestial penchant,
jy kr qUM prym dI isqfr ‘coN inkly rfg sux lvyN, And the overwhelming regard has hunched the back of sky.(6)
qfN nyk suBfAu vfly bMdy, qUM sdf leI amr ho jfvyN[(7)
bfdsLfhF ny rfj CWz idWqy, If you heed the devoted melody emanating through the sitar*,
qfN jo pRm
y dy ByqfN qON vfikP ho skx[(8) You, the kind one, will become immortal.(7)
goXf vfNg ijs nUM vI pRm
y dI ibmfrI lWgI,
rWb dI bMdgI ibnfN Aus ny hor koeI mlHm nhIN vyKI[(9)(50) The sovereigns abandoned the kingdoms,
Just to gain insight into the secrets of love.(8)

Like Goya, whosoever suffered from the malady of love,

Except the meditation of the Almighty, he toiled for no other
gLjLl 51 Ghazal Fifty-one
Au s pfk prvhdgfr ny mY n M U ies leI pY d f kIqf hY , The Almighty has endowed life to me for the purpose,
ik imWtI dy ies srIr ivco N rWb dy nfm ibnf ho r ku J nf That out of this mortal body, comes nothing but his name.(1)
inkly [ (1)
In separation from you, the lovers’ condition is like that of
qy r I ju d feI ivc pR I qvfnf dy jfn aqy idl dI ieh hflq hY ,
The flowers of poppy the hearts of which are stained and the chests are
ik po s q dy Pu l vfNg Au n H f N df ijgr dfgdfr hY aqy sInf lIro
torn apart.(2)

rWb dI Xfd qo N ibnf smy N nU M mo q ikhf igaf hY , Inert is the time, which is spent without meditation on you,
jd qk sfnU M qy r I Cqr Cfieaf nsIb hY , sfnU M ko e I zr nhIN[(3) But, so long as your protection is there, there is no apprehension.(3)

qy r I Kfqr bfdsL f hfN ny qKL q aqy qfj CWz idWqy , For your sake, the emperors have relinquished their thrones,
mu K Vy qo N bu r kf cu k ikAu N ik sfrf jg miraf ipaf hY [ (4) Please, unveil yourself, as the whole universe is getting deadbeaten.(4)

aY ik qy r I drgfh dI DU V sM s fr nU M qM d ru s qI bKsL x vflI hY , Listen, the dust of your portal rejuvenates the world,
qU M drd dy mfry prdy s IafN dy hfl Au q y qrs Kf[(5) And, please, be compassionate to the seeking travellers who come in
ieh du n IafN hI hY , jo do h fN jhfnfN nU M brbfd kr idM d I hY ,
dfrf vI imWtI ivc rl igaf, aqy kfrM U vI mfiraf igaf[(6)
Temporal entity is the one, which is tarnishing both the worlds,
qy r y ibnfN my r I aK hmy s L f N ieAu N mo q I ky r dI rihM d I hY , Dara was reduced to the dust, and Karoon was annihilated too.(6)
ijvy N aM g U r dy gu W iCafN ivcO N dfxy izgdy rihM d y hn[(7)(51)
Without you my eyes always keep on pouring the pearly tears,
O, Goya as the grapes pour out of the bunches.(7)(51)
gLjLl 52 Ghazal Fifty-two
mY N nhIN jfxdf, ik mY N kO x hfN , ‘Who am I?’ I know not,
asIN Au s rWb dy bM d y hfN,aqy Au h hr QfN my r f rfKf hY [ (1) But we are his subjects and he is our protector.(1)

rWb dy mihrm isvfie rWb dy nfm dy ho r ko e I sL b d mU M h o N nhIN The adherents of the Almighty, meditate only on his name,
And except the reflections upon his name, nothing is deliberated.(2)
Au s dy ismrn qo N ibnfN ho r sWB ku J PjL U l vfd-ivvfd hY [ (2)

sfzy y pU r y siqgu r U bM d gI PrmfAu N dy hn, My perfect preceptor pronounces the benediction,

vfh! ikM n f mu b firk hY Au h bo l jo Au s dy hfl df mihrm bxfNdf Charming is the exposition which makes me his confidant.(3)(52)
gLjLl 53 Ghazal Fifty-three
jd rWb hr hflq ivc hfjL r nfjL r hY , When the Almighty exists in all the postures,
qfN qU M ho r ikAu N hWQ pY r ipaf mfrdf iPrdf hY N ?(1) Why are you indulging in other undertakings?(1)

rWb dI isPq slfh kr,aY my r I jfn! ho r ku J n khu , Oh my life, do nothing but praise the Lord,
nfm jpx vflf bM d f bx jf, Au s dy hfl df mihrm bx jf[(2) And becoming his worshipper, procure his benefaction.(2)
rWb dI Xfd qo N Cu W t ijhVf dm vI gu j L f iraf,
All the time passed without reflecting upon him,
kfml lo k fN dIafN njL r fN ivc Au h brbfd igaf[(3)
According to the impeccable ones, is just calamitous.(3)
ijQy vI qU M vy K y N , Au s qo N ibnfN ho r ko e I nhIN,
aY n imlfp ivc qU M ikAu N gfPL l hu M d f hY N ?(4) Wherever you see, there is nothing but himself,
Just at the time of union, why do you become oblivious.(4)
go X f,qU M rWb dy nfm qo N ibnfN ho r ku J nf khu ,
ikAu N jo bfkI sB gWl-bfq Qo Q I hY [ (5)(53) Goya, don’t articulate a word except the name of the Almighty,
As all the rest of the tattle is just specious.(5)(53)
gLjLl 54 Ghazal Fifty-four
asfN hr rWb dy bM d y nU M hI rWb smiJaf hY , All the Divine ones, we appraise as the Almighty,
aqy afpxy afp nU M asfN ienfH N bM i dafN df bM d f smiJaf hY [ (1) And consider ourselves to be the serfs of those souls.(1)

sfzIafN aWKfN dIafN pu q lIafN nU M su r my N dI ko e I lo V nhIN, The pupils of our eyes need no antimony,
ikAu N jo asfN rWb dy bM i dafN dy rfh dI DU V nU M hI su r mf
As we have savoured the dust of the feet of the pious ones.(2)
smiJaf hY [ (2)

hr GVI asI afpxf isr sjdy leI Drq Au q y rKdy hfN, All the times, we keep our heads bowed on the ground for prostration,
ikAu N jo asfN apxy Xfr dy mu K Vy nU M rWb df nU r smiJaf hY [ (3) As we value our benefactor’s semblance as the Celestial illumination.(3)

PkIrfN ny bfdsL f hfN nU M bfdsL f hI bKsL I hY , The sovereigns are endowed with sovereignty by the hermits,
ies leI Au s dI glI dy PL k Ir nU M asIN bfdsL f h smJ ilaf And, consequently, we regard the hermits of his avenue as the
hY[(4) sovereigns.(4)

sfnU M ! ay go X f, mu l k aqy mfl dI ko e I cfh nhIN, Oh, Goya, we have no longing for the sovereignty and the prosperity,
ies leI, ik asIN qy r I ju L l P dy sfXy nU M hu m f df pr smJ ilaf Because we deem your tresses as the cover under the wings of

* Huma is a mythological bird, which stays in the skies, and any body
passing under his shadow attains kingdom.
gLjLl 55 Ghazal Fifty-five
mY N afpxI aWK dI pu q lI ivc Au s idl hrn vfly nU M vy i Kaf hY , In the pupils of my eyes I have seen the filcher of my heart
ijWDr vI mY N ingfh dO V feI, mY N afpxf sjn hI vy i Kaf hY [ (1) And, now, towards any side I look, I come across my benefactor only.(1)

mY N kfaby aqy mM d r do h fN QfvfN dI prkrmf kIqI hY I have circumambulated both, the Kabah and the Temple,
mY n M qfN hr QfN qy r y ibnf ko e I nhIN idisaf[(2) But I have encountered none other than yourself.(2)
ijQy vI mY N inscy vjo N njL r kIqI
In your search, I turned my vision to all the perimeters,
apxy idl dy Gr aM d r rWb hI rWb vy i Kaf hY [ (3)
But in the abode of my heart I found nothing but the dwelling of the
qy r I glI ivc mM g x df kM m bfdsL f hI nflo N cM g y r f hY , Almighty.(3)
mY N do h fN jhfnfN dI nfiebI injI svfrQ nU M CWzx ivc vy K I hY ( 4)
Begging at your portal is more auspicious than the sovereignty,
my r y kM n I, go X f pihly idn qo N hI ieh avfjL peI, Because, the supremacy of both the domains, I have seen in the desertion
ik jhfn dy aM q nU M mY N ies dy afid ivco N hI ilaf hY [ (5)(55) of personal interest.(4)

Goya, it resounded in my ears since the primal times,

I have envisaged the epilogue of the world right in its prologue.(5)(55)
gLjLl 56 Ghazal Fifty-six
imWqr ipafry qo N asIN isvf Au s dy ho r ko e I cfh nhIN rKdy , From our benefactor we desire nothing but himself,
asI apxy isr drd df ko e I ielfj nhIN krdy [ (1) And we ask not for any relief from the ailments of our senses.(1)
asIN Au s nrgsI sWjn dy hWQo N bImfr hf, ijs df nrgs vI
We are lovesick of that Nargasi (flowery) companion, whose slave
gu l fm hY ,
asIN iKjL r aqy msIhf dI cfh nhIN rKdy { (2) Nargis, the flower herself is,
And we crave not for Masiha (the Christ) and Khizar (the Prophet).(2)
ijQy vI asfN vy i Kaf,qy r f jlfl hI vy i Kaf hY ,
asIN do s q dy jmfl qo N Cw u t ho r ko e I qmfsL f nhIN vy K dy [ (3) All around, wherever we looked, we got fascinated by your glamour,
And except the elegance of our patron, we need no other spectacle.(3)
apxy sjn dy hM u i dafN, asIN ho r iksy nU M nhIN vy K dy asfN,
asIN iksy ho r dy sfhmxy aWK vI nhIN pu t dy [ (4) When our companion is with us, we behold none else,
And in the presence of others we never even open our eyes.(4)
asIN BM b t vfNg dIvy dy ichry qo N apxIN jfn vfr idM d y hfN
pr bu l bu l vfNg aY v y N PL j L U l kU k fN nhIN mfrdy [ (5)
We sacrifice our life like a moth on the candle;
But do not wail in vain like a nightingale. (5)
go X f,cu W p rhu , ik sjn dy pR y m dy su d f nU M ,
jd qk BI sfzf isr kfiem hY , afpxy isro N nhIN
kWZfNgy [ (6)(56) Goya! Remain silent, because the passion for the lover,
We keep in our minds as long as the mind remains alive.(6)(56)
gLjLl 57 Ghazal Fifty-seven
asIN rWb dI Xfd ivc sdf ijL M d f rihM d y hfN, We remain alive eternally by recollecting the Almighty,
asIN sdf hI Au s dy ieihsfn kfrx sL r msfr hfN[(1) As we are, for ever, indebted to his compassion.(1)

afpf ivKfAu N x vfly nU M Bjn bM d gI mnjL U r nhIN hu M d I, The egoist revels in no meditation,
Au h rWb qfN sdf mflk hY aqy asIN Au s dy bM d y hfN(2) (Not realising) that the Almighty is the master and we are his slaves.(2)
imWtI dy pu q ilafN ivc Au s dI pivqrqf hY ,
In this effigy of dust, his own accomplishment lies,
asfN qfN pfk prvrdgfr nU M vy K ilaf hY [ (3)
And through this we realise the provider of all.(3)
asfN qfN Au s bfdsL f h dy crnfN qy afpxf isr rWK idWqf hY ,
aqy do h fN jhfnfN lo k prlo k qo N afpxy hWQ Do ley hn[(4) I have laid my head at the feet of that Great King,
And have sought redemption from both, the temporal and the celestial
hr iek aWK ivc Au s dy nU r qo N ibnfN ku J vI nhIN, domains.(4)
iesy leI asfN rWb dy bM i dafN dI sM g q ZU M z I hY [ (5)
In all the visions, there is nothing but his light,
jd qo N asfN Au s df pWlf PiVaf hY , And that is why I have sought the company of the sublime beings.(5)
asIN Au s dy crnfN dI DU V df ikxkf ho gey hfN[(6)
Since the time I have attached myself to him,
go X f kO x hY , rWb df nfm-ly v f,
I have earned the graceful touch of his feet.(6)
asIN qfN jhfn dy sU r j vfNg cmky hfN[(7)(57)

Who is Goya? Just a worshipper of the Godly name.

And (on his account) we have glittered like the sun.(7)(57)
gLjLl 58 Ghazal Fifty-eight
asIN qfN pR I q dy bM d y hfN, rWb nU M nhIN isafxdy , We are simply the affectionate people, who know not the Celestial
gflfH N nhIN jfxdy , asIsfN nhIN pCfxdy [ (1) being,
We distinguish not between slander and blessings.(1)
asIN Au s ipafry dy dIvfny hfN, jo sfzf mqvflf hY ,
asIN bfdsL f h nU M nhIN jfxdy PL k Ir nhIN isafxdy [ (2)
We are ecstatic about that lover, who is equally frantic about us,
sWcI gl qfN ieh hY ik qy r y ibnfN ieQy ho r ko e I nhIN, We recognise neither the sovereigns nor the hermits.(2)
sfnU M qfN my r qy r df Prk smJ nhIN afAu N df[(3)
The truth is that, here, none else than you endures,
pR I q dy mfrg Au q y isr pY r bx igaf aqy pY r isr bx gey , As we cannot make difference between yours and ours.(3)
ieh kihM d f qfN hfN, pr asIN isr qy pY r nU M nhIN pihcfxdy [ (4)
On a pilgrimage of love, the feet and the head have interchanged,
asIN vI,go X f vfNg,afid idn qo N hI msq hfN, Although I expound like this, in fact, the feet and the head are
Bjn bM d gI aqy pfKM z dy asU l fN df sfnU M ku J pqf nhIN[(5)(58) indistinguishable.(4)

Like Goya, we have been inebriated since the primal day,

The criteria for the prayers and the hypocrisy are not known to us.(5)(58)
gLjLl 59 Ghazal Fifty-nine
jd vI asI ipafry vl njL r cWu k ky vy K dy hfN, Whenever we lift our eyelids to have the glimpse of our affectionate
qfN mo q I vrH f Au x vflIafN do h fN aWKfN dy diraf vgf idM d y one,
hfN[(1) The pearl-dropping eyes pour like a flowing river.(1)

ijQy vI asfN vy i Kaf hY , sWjn df mu K Vf hI vy i Kaf hY , Wherever we glance, we come across our benefactor’s semblance,
asIN kdo N prfieafN vl vy K x vfly hfN?(2)
As we never care to look at the strangers.(2)
hy BjnIk mhfqmf,mY n U M so h ixafN nU M vy K x qo N nf ro k ,
asIN qfN afpxI njL r so h ixafN dy mu K Vy vl lfeI bY T y hfN(3) O you, the recounting devotee, hinder me not from beholding the pretty
asfN qy r y mu K Vy dI kQf qO N Cu W t ho r ko e I Ku r fk nhIN KfDI, As I have focused my sight on the visage of my beloved.(3)
pR y m dy rfh Au q y iesy nU M bfr bfr du h rfNdy hfN[(4)
Except heeding the narration through your countenance, I have relished
go X f,asIN ipafry dI qkxI nfl hI msq ho gey hfN, nothing as the food for thought,
asIN Blf iPr ikAu N By q BrI sL r fb dI cfh rKIey [ (5)(59) And on the way to your abode, I have repeated it again and again.(4)

Goya ! we have got enchanted with the vision of the beloved,

Why should we, then, long for mysterious wine.(5)(59)
Ghazal Sixty gLjLl 60
In my vision, there is none but my self-righteous sovereign, my r IafN aWKfN ivc my r y Ku d -psM d bfdsL f h qo N ibnfN ho r ko e I nhIN
Because his auspicious stature soothes my eyes.(1) smfAu N df,
my r IafN aWKfN nU M Au s df vz-BfgI kWd TIk jWc igaf hY [ (1)
When he showers nectar through his petal like lips,
It seems he is rejuvenating the deceased ones through his smile.(2) jd Au h afpxy klI vrgy qM g mU M h qo N aM i mR q vrH f Au N df hY ,
qfN mfno sfry mu r idafN nU M Au h afpxI mu s kfn nfl jIAu N df kr
idM d f hY [ (2)
For a glimpse of yours, my eyes have become a heavenly spring,
Please turn around and come, my afflicted life is ready for sacrifice for qy r y dIdfr leI my r IafN aWKfN csL m y df so R q bx geIafN,
you.(3) af my r y jfnI, ik my r I drd-BrI jfn qy Q o N ku r bfn[(3)

If you peep into my inner most, self, You will find nothing there but jy k r qU M ikDry my r y aM d rly ivc JfqI mfry N qfN qY n M U afpxy ibnfN
yourself. Au s ivc ho r ku J nhIN njL r afey g f,
As every particle of my body recounts you alone. (4) ikAu N jo my r y bM d bM d ivc qy r y ibnfN ho r iksy df ijL k r nhIN[(4)

Goya, I am just a handful of dust, but my innermost self is brimming go X f! mY N qfN imWtI dI iek mu W T hfN, my r f aM d rlf Au s dy nU r
with his edification, dIafN ikrnfN nfl Biraf ipaf hY [
iesy leI my r f ho s L m M d idl Au s dy Au d fly sdf Gu M m df rihM d f hY [ (5)
And that is why my conscious mind is always meandering around
gLjLl 61 Ghazal Sixty-one
jy kr qU M vPfdfr ho jfvy N qfN ho r ko e I vI by v Pf nhIN, If you become faithful, none can there be disloyal,
smfN Au h hY , ik qU M smy N isr hu i sL a fr ho jfvy N [(1) And the opportune moment is that you enhance alertness.(1)
jy kr qy r y ko l jfn hY , qfN ipafry dy kdmf qo N vfr dy ,
If you are endowed with life, then sacrifice it at the portal of the
afpxf idl idldfr nU M dy dy , qfN jo qU M afp idldfr ho jfvy N [(2)
pR I q df pY N zf bVf lM m f hY , pY r fN nfl nhIN qu i raf jfxf[ And, by relinquishing your heart, become a benefactor yourself.(2)
afpxy isr nU M pY r bxf lY qfN jo Au s ipafry dy rfh qy tu r
skyN[(3) The avenues of the love are unending, and beyond the tread,
Turn your head into your feet and take them to the sanctuary of the
sfry lo k fN dI gWl bfq apxI sU J bU J anu s fr hY , lover.(3)
qU M afpxy ho T mItI rWK qfN jo Au s dy By q fN qo N jfxU ho sky [ (4)
The people’s utterance is the prerogative of their individual reflections,
go X f, afpxf dIvfnf idl Au s imhr dI afs vy c df hY You just keep your deliberations secured to know your confidant.(4)
ik sL f ied qU M , KrIdfr bx jfvy N [(5)(61)
Goya trades his frantic heart in the hope,
That, perhaps you may become a procurer.(5)(61)

(* A stringed musical instrument)

rubfeIaF Quatrains
rubfeI 1 One
qy r Y ÈO k S kfrx hr iek,isr dy pY r IN qu i raf, In the fondness for you, every one came rolling over his head,
aqy Au s ny nO v fN asmfnfN qy afpxf JM z f gz ilaf[ And established his sovereignty over all the nine domains.
Au s df afAu x f vI mu b firk ho i eaf qy jfxf vI su B fgf,
His arrival was auspicious and the departure was propitious too,
go X f, ijs ny rWb df rfh pihcfx ilaf[(1)
And, thus, Goya, he is the one who found the true way.(1)

rubfeI 2 Two
hr Au h aWK ijsny rWb nU M nf pCfixaf, mfno aM n H I hY ,
Au s ny ies kImqI afXU nU M axgihlI ivc hI gvf idWqf[ The eye, which recognises not the Almighty, is unenlightened,
Au h ro N df ho i eaf afieaf aqy sDrfN nfl leI mr igaf, And expends this precious life just in oblivion.
aPL s o s , ik Au s ny ies afAu x jfx ivc afpxf ku J nf Weeping, he emanates, and departs with obscured aspirations.
svfiraf[(2) Alas, he, in his coming and going, accomplishes naught.(2)
rubfeI 3 Three
ieh qy r I aWK ipafry sWjn df Gr hY ; This eye of yours is the domicile of my patron,
ieh hsqI df qÉq sWcy pfqsL f h df sM G fsn hY [ And the throne of this entity is the abode of true sovereign.
ihrsfN hvsfN df hr bM d f Au s rWb qk nhIN pu W j skdf, Through passions and sensuality, this goal can’t be reached,
ikAu N jo ieh rsqf qfN rWb dy sU r my BgqfN df hY [ (3) As these paths are sanctified for the dauntless devotees of Divinity.(3)

rubfeI 4 Four
Every heart, which is one with the beloved,
hr Au h idl ijhVf isWDf hI pR I qm bx igaf,
XkIn jfxo , ik Au h iblku l pR I qm df hI rU p bx igaf[ Believe me, has become the embodiment of his sweetheart.
iek jw L r f vI Au s dI rihmq aqy bKL i sL s L qo N KflI nhIN, Not, even, an iota remains out of his benevolence and the compassion,
icqR k fr afpxy icqrfN dy rM g fN ivc hI lu i kaf ho i eaf hY [ (4) Because the painter is always submerged in his painting.(4)
rubfeI 5 Five
ieh afAu x f jfxf iek dm Br qo N vD nhIN hu M d f, To emanate and to forsake, is a matter of a few moments,
ijQy vI asIN ingfh du V fNdy hfN,isvfey afpxy dy ho r ko e I nhIN And we just look around and espy nothing but self.
hu M d f[ But why should we observe others?
asIN iksy dU j y vl ikvy N njL r pWu t ky vy K skdy hfN, As neither there has been, nor will there ever be anybody without you.(5)
ikAu N jo qy r y ibnf sfzy aWgy ipWCy ko e I vI nhIN hu M d f[(5)

rubfeI 6 Every person who is the seeker of the Almighty,
hr Au s bM d y df, ijhVf rWb df qflb hu M d f hY , Has a status and is endowed with eminence in both the domains,
do h fN jhfnF ivc Au s df mrqbf sWB qo N Au c y r f hu M d f hY [ But Goya does not barter even a grain for them,
go X f do h fN jhfnF nU M Au h iek jO N dy bdly lY lY d y hn, As your Majnu, does not care about Laila?(6)
qy r f mjnU M kdo N lY l f df pR y m I bxdf hY [ (6)
rubfeI 7 Seven
sM s fr ivc jd Ku u d f dy Bgq afAu N dy hn, When the Divine adherents come into this world,
Au h Bw u l VfN nU M rfh dWsx afAu N dy hn[ They come to enlighten the stray ones.
go X f jy kr qy r I aWK rWb dI qfNG vflI ho v y , Goya! If you are longing for the vision of the Almighty,
(qfN smJ)ik rWb dy Bgq rWb nU M vKfAu x leI afAu N dy hn[(7) (Deem that), the devotees of the Almighty are coming to show the kindly

rubfeI 8 Eight
sfzy Drm ivc ÊY r fN dI pU j f nhIN krdy ,
Au h iek ho È ivc rihM d y hn,aqy msqI nhIN krdy [ In our faith, the people revere not the outsiders,
Au h iek dm leI vI rWb dI Xfd qo N gfPl nhIN rihM d y , They remain conscious and lose not their senses.
nfly Au h Au c feI nIcfeI dIafN glF nhIN krdy [ (8) Not for a moment, they become oblivious of God,
And discriminate not between high and low.(8)
rubfeI 9 Nine
jy k r rWqf Br vI rWb df ÈO k ho v y qfN, If you have an iota of love for the Almighty,
Au h hjL f rfN pfqsL f hIafN nflo N cM g y r f hY [ It is better than a thousand sovereignties.
go X f! afpxy siq gu r U df bM d f hY , Goya, in reality, is the slave of his true preceptor,
ies ilKq leI iksy gvfhI dI lo V nhIN[(9) And this annotation needs no testimony.(9)

rubfeI 10 Ten
Every being in the world yearns for enrichment,
hr mnWu K ies jhfn ivc vDxf Pu l xf cfhu M d f hY ,
And covets horses, camels, elephants and gold.
Au h Go V y , AU T ,hfQI aqy so n f lo c df hY [
hr afdmI afpxy leI ku J nf ku J lo c df hY , Whereas all others crave for one thing or the other,
prM q U go X f qf rWb pfso N ky v l rWb dI Xfd hI lo c df hY [ (10) Goya begs of Almighty just his own divine remembrance.(10)
rubfeI 11 Eleven
isr qo N pY r fN qk Au h nU u r nfl Br igaf, He is thoroughly imbued with resplendence,
Au h sL I sL f ijs ivc ko e I qR y V nhIN [ And shines like the mirror with no crevice.
XkIn jfx, ik Au h axgihlfN qo N dU r rihM d f hY , He remains aloof from the ignorant, be sure,
Au h qfN afrP dy idl ivc pR g t hu M d f hY [ (11) And takes advent in the heart of the knower of Ultimate Reality.(11)

rubfeI 12 Twelve
ieh bhu - mWu l I Au m r ijhVI jfieaf ho jFdI hY ,
This life is invaluable, which is dissipated,
ieh Au j fV Gr ikvy N afbfd ho skdf hY ?
And how can this dilapidated house, be restored?
jd qk pU r f siqgu r U shfieqf nhIN krdf,
go X f!qy r f gL m F-Biraf idl ikvy N pR s M n ho skdf hY [ (12) Not unless the perfect preceptor endows succour.
Goya, how can your agonised heart, be ameliorated?(12)
rubfeI 13 Thirteen
jL f lm df idl sfnU M mfrn df ierfdf rKdf hY , The cruel one is determined to annihilate me,
my r f mjL l U m idl rWb vl afs lfeI bY T f hY [ But my tormented being is relying on the Almighty,
Au h ies iPL k r ivc hY , ik sfzy nfl kI kry ? He is in grief, how to proceed
asIN ies icM q f ivc hfN ik rWb kI krdf hY ? (13) We are in despondency, what the Almighty will do?(13)

rubfeI 14 Fourteen
jo ku J asfN Au m r df Pl prfpq kIqf hY ,
The fruit of life, which we have secured is?
do h fN jhfnfN ivc asfN Ku d f dI Xfd hfsl kIqI hY [
ieh sfzI hsqI qfN iek vzI blf sI, The recollection of the Almighty in both the domains.
jd asIN afpxy afpy qo N gu j L r gey , asfN rWb nU M pf ilaf[(14) The endowment of life is a great evil,
When we get deliverance from it, we achieve the Almighty.(14)
rubfeI 15 Fifteen
qy r y drvfjL y dI DU V qo N sfnU M su r mf prfpq ho i eaf hY , We secure an antimony through the dust of your portal,
ijs dI bdo l q asIN vDy Pu l y hfN[ By dint of which we have prospered.
asIN kdI gL Y r agy mWQf nhIN ty k dy , We never bow to the deviators,
sfnU M qfN afpxy idl dy Gr ivc hI rWb dy insL f n iml gey As in the abode of our heart, Almighty’s emblem is lying.(15)

rubfeI 16 Sixteen
Goya! It is the Celestial remembrance, which has brought the cue of his
go X f! sfnM U rWb dI Xfd qo N Au s dI so imlI hY ,
ieh nw k o nWk Biraf ipaflf Blf sfnU M ikQo N prfpq ho i eaf hY ?
isvfie rWb dy qflb dy hr iksy dI iksmq ivc Otherwise, Where from could we get this cup filled to the brim.
ieh du r lB do l q nhIN hu M d I,ijhVI ik sfnU M prfpq ho e I hY [ (16) Except seekers of the Almighty, none is destined,
To obtain this fortune, which we have succeeded in gaining.(16)
rubfeI 17 Seventeen
go X f qU M kd qk ies nfsL m fn sM s fr ivc rhy N gf? Goya! How long is your stay going to persist in this mortal inn,
ijhVf kdI jL r U r I ho jfNdf hY aqy kdI inrDfrq[ Which seems sometimes at its tethers, and sometimes asserting forever.
kd qk asIN ku W iqafN vfNg hWzIafN Au p r lVdy rhfNgy ? How long are we going to fight like dogs over the bones,
S s fnU M du n IafN df vI pqf hY aqy du n IafdfrfN df vI[ (17) As we know well the world and the dwellers therein too.(17)

rubfeI 18 Eighteen
Goya! if you want to see his resplendence,
go X f! jy kr qU M Au s dy jlvy nU M vy K xf cfhu M d f hY N ?
jy kr qU M afpxI ihrs hvs qo N BWjx dI ieWCf rWKdf hY N ? If you want to escape your trait of egoism,
ieM n H f N jfL h rfN aWKfN nfl nf vy K ,ikAu N ik ieh qfN qy r y leI ru k fvt Be careful, these corporeal eyes are a hindrance in your way.
hn[ Behold without such vision, if you want to perceive.(18)
qU M ibnfN aWKfN dy vy K , jo ku J vI qU M vy K xf cfhu M d f hY N [(18)
rubfeI 19 Nineteen
rWb qfN hr QfN mO j U d hY , qU M iks nU M ZU M Z df hY N ? What are you searching for ? The Almighty is omnipresent.
R r Wb df my l qfN qy r f mno r Q hY , qU M ikDr Btkdf ipaf hY N ? Why are you roaming around if your aim is to seek the Almighty.
ieh do v y N jhfn qy r I mflkI dy icM n H hn, Both the domains are the emblem of your rich dominance,
arQfq qU M afpxy bo l rWb dI jL b fn rfhIN hI bo l df hY N [(19) And whatever you articulates, is the true explication of the Divinity.(19)
aY hvf! mM y r I imWtI sjn dy drvfjy qo N nf Au V feIN, O, you, the breeze, don’t blow away my dust from the portal of my
nhIN qfN vY r I BM z I kry g f,ik ieh hr QfeIN hY [ (1) benefactor,
The adversary may, otherwise, allege that I am everywhere.(1)
Au s ipafry qo N ibnfN kfaby aqy bu q Kfny ivc ho r ko e I nhIN hY ,
pWQrfN dy By q kfrx aWg do rM g I ikvy N ho skdI hY ? (2)
Except that beloved, there is nobody else at the Kabah and the Temple
of Idols,
afsmfn Drq dy sfhmxy ies leI mWQf ty k df hY ,
ik rWb dy Bgq ies Au p r iek do pl leI rWb df ismrn krn How can the sparks produced through (the striking of) the stones be
leI bY T dy hn[(3) dissimilar?(2)

klp ibR C dI Cfvy N qfN qY M n U M idl dIafN mu r fdfN imldIafN hn, The sky bends to pay obeisance to the earth,
pr rWb dy bM i dafN dI CfN hy T qU M N rWb nU M prfpq kr lvy N gf[(4) Because the devotees of the Almighty spend a few moments there in

Under the shade of the tree of Tooba*, the desires are fulfilled,
But under the shelter of the godly men, the Almighty is obtainable.(4)

* A tree in paradise
ijLMdgI nfmF Zindgi Nama
Au h Drq aqy afkfsL df mfilk hY , aqy He is the sustainer of the heaven and the earth,
mnu W K aqy jfndfrfN nU M ijL M d gI bKsL x vflf hY [ (1) And endows existence to both the humans and the animals.(1)
Au s dy rfh dI DU V sfzIafN aWKfN leI su r mf hY [
The dust of his avenues is the collyrium for our eyes,
Au h hr bfdsL f h aqy PL k Ir df mfn vDfAu x vflf hY [ (2)
He is the enhancer of the dignity of all; the rulers and the mendicants.(2)
jo ko e I BI sdf Au s dI Xfd ivc rihM d f hY ,
Au h rWb dI Xfd dI hI pry r nf krdf hY [ (3) The one who remains imbuedwith his remembrance,
stimulates the recollection of the Almighty.(3)
jy kr qU M rWb dI Xfd ivc sdf msq rhy N ,
qfN qU M , hy my r I jfn! pU r n mnu W K bx jfvy N [(4) If you ever remain infused with his recollection,
Then, Oh My Life, you will become a perfect man.(4)
bdlfN hy T sU r j{dI qrH f N} lu i kaf ho i eaf hY [
bdWlfN ipCo N afpxf pU r n cM d rmf vrgf mu K Vf ivKf[(5) Hiding you are (like) the sun, behind the clouds,
Come, from behind the clouds, and reveal your moon-like semblance.(5)
ieh qy r f cM n iek bWdl hY , Au s ivc sU r j lu i kaf ho i eaf hY ,
rWb dI BgqI Xfd rWK, ieh hI jIvn df Pl hY [ (6)
This, body of yours, epitomises clouds, behind which the sun is hiding.
Retain the remembrance of the Almighty, this only is the purport of the
ijhVf vI rWb dy By q fN qo N vfikP ho igaf, The one who attains the truth behind the divine secrets,
iCn iCn isvfie rWb qo N ho r ko e I Au s df mM q v nhIN rihM d f[(7) Not even an iota, except the Almighty, remains his motive.(7)

sWc kI hY ? Asu pfk prvrdgfr dI Xfd hY [ The ultimate truth? It is the recollection of the Almighty.
imWtI dI hr mu T Blf Au s dI kdr kI jfx skdI hY [ (8)
What virtues of his can this handful of dust realize?(8)
jy k r qy n U M Bly pu r KfN dI sM g q nsIb ho jfvy ,
qfN hy imqr! qy n U M amr dO l q prfpq ho jfvy g I[[(9) If you achieve the company of the pious ones,
Then, Oh My Friend, you procure the blissful eternity.(9)
ieh dO l q Au s rWb dy bM i dafN dI sy v f ivc hY ,
hr mM g qf aqy bfdsL f h Au s qo N ku r bfn jfNdf hY [ (10) This fortune consists in the service of the Almighty’s humanity,
As all the beggars, as well as the rulers, dedicate themselves to his
BfeI! qU M Au n H f N df su B fv igR h x kr, path.(10)
aqy sdf Au n H f dI glI dI hI prkrmf krdf rhu [ (11)
O, My Brother, you embrace their (the pious ones’) temperament,
jo ko e I Au n H F dy kU c y Au d fly iPrdf irhf, And remain in obeisance to their boulevard.(11)
do h fN jhfnfN ivc Au s ny sU r j aqy cM d vrgI ro s L n I pR f pq kr
The one who has been circumambulating their portals,
Attains the enlightenment of the sun and the moon.(12)
Bjn bM d gI hI amr KL j L f nf hY , As the remembrance and supplication are the eternal treasurer,
qfN qy qU M bM d gI kr,Bjn kr, ismrn kr[(13) You, must participate in prayers, recitations and meditations.(13)

bM d gI dy jIvn ivc sfrI bfdsL f hI qy r I hY , Through the enchantment of worship, all the sovereignty is yours,
cM n qo N lY ky pfqfl qk qy r f hI rfj hY [ (14)
And from the moon to the inferno, all over spreads your supremacy.(14)
ijhVf vI Au s rWb qo N gL f Pl rihaf, smJo , Au h mU r K hY ,
Bfvy N Au h mM g qf ho v y , aqy BfNvy N bfdsL f h su l qfn[(15) The one who is ignorant of the Almighty, he remains imbecile,
May he be a beggar or a king.(15)
rWb df ipafr sB nflo N Au c y r I vsqU hY ,
Au s df sfXf sfzy isrfN qy mfno qfj hY [ (16) The godly love is the supreme entity,
And the shelter under him is like the crown for us.(16)
rWb dy ipafr qo N rWb dI Xfd df Bfv hY ,
ikAu N ik Au s dI jfdU vrgI njL r sfzy leI rsfiex vfNg hY [ (17) The godly remembrance, epitomises the godly love,
Because his charming vision is the divine medication for us.(17)
rWb df pry m sfzI afqmf df jIvn hY [
Au s df ismrn sfzy prm eImfn dI pU M j I hY [ (18)
The godly love is the life of our souls,
And his worship is the wealth of our ultimate belief.(18)
Èu k rvfr vfly idn pfk prhy Ë gfr mu s lmfn, On Fridays, the chaste and sober Muslims,
rwb dI nmfË leI iekwTy huMdy hn [ (19) Get together to pay their obeisance.(19)

iesy qrRF sfzy Drm ivc sfD sMg iq ivc (rw b dy ipafry ju V dy Analogically, in our religion, all congregate in the company of the holy.
hn) And they get imbued with the godly hue.(20)
aqy vfihgu r U dy pR y m ivc rM g mfxdy hn [(20)
Twice a month we come around,
mhIny ivc do vfr Au s , To gather for specific recollection of the Provider.(21)
prvrdgfr dI Au c y c I Xfd iekw T y hu M s y hn [(21)
That congregation is auspicious which is devoted to the Almighty,
Au h sM q sM i g su B fgf hY , jo rw b leI ho v y ,
And that gathering is laudable which eliminates heart-aches.(22)
Au h sqsM i g su B fgf hY ik mn ivc blfvF dU r krn leI hY [(21)

Au h sM q sM i g su B fgf hY , jo rw b dI Xfd leI ho v Y , That congregation is meritorious which remains in the recollection of
Au h sM q sM i g su B fgf hY , ijs sI nINvsq Au q y ho v y [ (23) the Almighty.
That congregation is commendable whose foundations are
Au h iekw T BY V f hY , ijQy ÈY q fnI dy kM m ho x , unpretentious.(23)
ijs qo N aw g y pCqfvf lgdf ho v y [(24)
That congregation is inauspicious, in which deceptiveness commands,
And which leads to the repentance in the days to come.(24)
ieh lo k aqy prlo k iek JU T I khfxI hn, The heaven and the earth are false entities,
ieh do v y N lo k Au s rWb dy bo h l ivco N iek dfxf hn[(25) They both are just an iota in the magnanimity of the Almighty.(25)

ieh do v y N jhfn sWcy rWb dy hu k m ivc hn, Both the worlds are in the command of the Almighty,
vlI aqy nQI Au s scy rWb qo N sdky jfNdy hn[(26) And both, the Valies (the benefactor) and, the Nabis (the Seers) sacrifice
themselves unto him.(26)
ijhVf vI rWb dI Xfd ivc pWkf siQq ho jfNdf hY ,
jd qk rWb kfiem hY , Au h vI amr ho jfNdf hY [ 27)
The one who attains solidarity through the recollection of the Almighty,
ieh do v y N lo k Au s rWbI nU r dy jL W ry hn; He attains eternity along the celestial existence.(27)
ieh cM n sU r j do v y N Au s dI cfkrI ivc msL f lcI hn[(28)
Both these domains are particles of his resplendence,
du n IafN dI prfpqI inrI isrpIV hY : And both the sun and the moon go round as his torch bearers.(28)
jy ko e I vI rWb qo N gL f PL l ho i eaf,Au h jfN bld hY jfN Ko q f[(29)
The worldly achievement is nothing but turmoil,
Au s rWb qo N iek pl Br leI vI avy s ly rih xf mfno sO mO q fN The one who becomes oblivious of Divine existence is either a bull
brfbr hY [ (thick-headed) or an ass (fool).(29)
R r Wb dy igafn vfilafN leI qfN Au s dI Xfd hI asl ijL d gI
hY [ (30)
To remain in neglect of the Almighty, even, for a moment, implies a
hundred deaths.
To the ones with the celestial enlightenment, godly reminiscence is the
real life.(30)
hr Au h iCn jo Au s dI Xfd ivc gu j L r df hY , Every moment that passes in his remembrance,
Au s dI jVH rWb nfl sdf kfiem rihM d I hY [ (31) Has roots bonded with the Almighty.(31)

jo BI rWb dy sfhmxy mWQf ty k x vflf hY , Who-so-ever pays his obeisance at his portal,
rWb ny Au s df isdk eImfn pWkf bxf idWqf[(32)
gets spirit of sacrifice and faith fortified by the Almighty.(32)
isr qfN rWb nU M m Qf ty k x leI pY d f kIqf hY ,
ieh hI {sM s fr dI} hr isr drdI dI dvf hY [ (33) The head is blessed to pay homage,
And this is the only remedy for all the headaches.(33)
ies leI qY n U M hr vy l y rWb aWgy isr Ju k fAu x f cfhIdf hY ,
rWb nU M jfnx vflf qfN iCM n pl leI vI Au s qo N gL f PL l nhIN That is why you must always pay your obeisance before the Almighty.
rihM d f[(34) The one with enlightenment, not even for a moment remains oblivious
of him.(34)
jo vI Au s qo N gL f Pl irhf,Au h ikvy N aklmM d ikhf jf skdf hY ,
jo vI gfL P L l ho i eaf, smJo Au h mU r K aqy Au j Wz hY [ (35) The one who remains unaware, cannot he be adjudged as wise
Any one who lingers on as insensible, is follish and ignorant.(35)
igafnvfn pu r sL hf hU ivc nhIN pY N df,
Au s dI Au m r dI prfpqI bWs iehI rWb dI Xfd hu M d I hY [ (36)
A person with knowledge does not dither,
As only the godly achievements, he considers to be his life’s savings.(36)
nrm qy iemfndfr bs Au h I hu M d f hY , Only that one is compassionate and honest,
jo iek iCn pl leI vI Au s qo N gfPL l nf rhy [ (37) Who does not remain unaware of him, even for an instant.(37)

rWb qo N gfPL l rihxf,aqy sM s frI By s Au p r mo h q ho x f ku P r It is infidelity to remain oblivious of the Almighty,

brfbr hY [ (38)
And to linger on in the love of temporal existence.(38)
hy mO l vI!qU M hI ds! rWb qo N gfPL l rih ky ieh sM s fr aqy ies df
By K arQfq rM g rs qy Bo g kI arQ rKdy hn? {Bfv rWb qo N What good are the world and its temporal attire for which
ibnfN ienL f N df ku J BI mU l nhIN pY N df} (39) Currently, Oh Maulvi (Muslim Clergy), you have forsaken the
sM s fr dy rM g rs Bo g fN vflf jIvn nfsL v fn hY ,
ies dI mflkI aqy ipafr vflf bM d f hO l f hu M d f hY [ (40) These worldly enjoyments are subject to mortality,
The one, endowed with them, is shallow.(40)
dIn aqy du n IafN Au s dy rWb dy bM d y hn,
ieh Au s dy aihsfn hy T fN hn[(41) The faithful and the mundane, both belong to him,
And both are subject to his obligation.(41)
rWb dy Au n H f N BgqfN dI sM g q df ikw z F vWzf aihsfn hY
jo Au s dy sWcy ipafr dI isiKaf lY N dy rihM d y hn[(42)
How magnanimous is the company of the God’s devotees,
As they always strive to attain celestial enlightenment!(42)
Au s dI Xfd isdk eImfn df srmfieaf hu M d f hY ; His remembrance is the wealth of faith.
hr iBKfrI Au s dI Xfd nfl bfdsL f h hu M d f hY [ (43) Every beggar is knighted through his recollection.(43)

Au h idn rfq Au s dI bM d gI ivc Ku s L rihM d y hn, Day and night, they remain happy in his prayers,
Au s dI bM d gI hI asl bM d gI hY aqy Au s dI Xfd hI asl Xfd
As his worship is the real worship and his recollection is the real
bfdsL f hq aqy drvy s L I kI hY ? smJ lY ik
ieh mnWKF aqy rU h fN dy pY d f krn vfly Au s rWb dI Xfd hY [ (45) What is the reigning and what is the hermitage? Bear in mind,
It is to reminisce the procreator of the humanity and the spirituality.(45)
jy kr Au s dI Xfd qy r I jfn dI imWqr bx jfvy ,
qfN do v y N jhfn qy r y hu k m hy T fN ho jfx[(46) If his remembrance becomes the pal of your living,
Then both the worlds will come under your command.(46)
Au s dI Xfd ivc hI vWzI vizafeI hY ,
qU M Au s dI Xfd kr, bs Au s dI Xfd kr[(47) His recollection is the greatest honour,
You remember him and just go on contemplating upon him.(47)
jy k r qY n M U vizafeI cfhIdI hY qfN bM d gI kr,
nhIN qfN aKL I r qY n M U sL r imM d f ho x f pvy g f[(48)
If you want to achieve magnificence, partake in worship,
Failing which, at last you will be dishonoured.(48)
sL r m kr,ku J sL r m kr, qU M sL r m kr, Be ashamed, be ashamed, be ashamed,
afpxy ies pWQr vrgy idl nU M nrm kr[(49) Your stone-like heart? Make it receptive.(49)

nrmI df Bfv inmrqf hY ; Resiliency exemplifies humility,

ieh hI hr iksy dy drd dI vY d gI hY [ (50)
And this is the ultimate prescription for all the afflictions.(50)
sWc dy Bgq Ku d -pR s WqI (hAu m Y ) ikvy N kr skdy hn?
Au c y isrfN vfly invfnfN dI ikvy N lflsf kr skdy hn?(51) How can the men with godly devotion become self-promotional?
How can the high-headed ones, yearn for the lowliness?(51)
ieh hAU m Y iek gM d f iqpkf hY ;
ijs ny qy r I mu W T Br imWtI ivc QfN bxf rKI hY [ (52) The self-promotionality is an unholy trait,
Which creates its place in earthly being.(52)
ieh hAu m Y N qy r I mU r Kqf df Kfsf hY ;
sWc dI pU j f qy r y eImfn dI rfs hY [ (53) This self-promotion is the characteristic of your imprudence.
The truthful devotion should be the capital of your faith.(53)
qy r f srIr qfN hvf,imtI, aqy aWg df bixaf ho i eaf hY ,
qU M qfN pfxI df iek kqrf hY , qy ieh nU r Au s rWb vlo N hY [ (54)
Your body is a blend of air, earth and fire.
You are just a drop of water and the resplendence is godly
qy r f ihrdf rU p I Gr rWb dy nU r nfl rO s L n hY Your conscious heart is brimful with godly brilliance.
qU M iek Pu l sI, hu x gu l sL n bx igaf hY [ (55) You were just a flower but have turned into a flower-garden.(55)

apxy ies gu l sL n aM d r qU M sY r kr, Roam around in this landscape of yours,

pfk pivqR pM C I vfNg Au s ivc Au z frIafN lf[(56)
And, like a virtuous bird, soar through.(56)
Au s dI iek iek nu W kr ivc lKfN bihsL q I bfg hn,
ieh do v y N jhfn Au s y dy isWty dy dfxy hn[(57) There exist in each corner of that (landscape), thousands of celestial
Au s pfk pivqR pM C I df co g f rWb dI Xfd hY , And both these domains are the grains from the same ear.(57)
Au s dI Xfd, bs Au s dI Xfd,hfN Au s y dI Xfd[(58)
Celestial recollection is the food for that pious bird,
ijhVf vI rWb dI Xfd vl lWgf ho i eaf hY , His remembrance is its recollection, and its reminiscence.(58)
Au s dy rfh dI DU V sfzy ny q R f N df su r mf hY [ (59)
Whosoever is imbued with the recollection of the Almighty,
jy kr qY n M U rWb dI Xfd prfpq ho jfey , The dust of his avenues is collyrium for our eyes.(59)
qfN, hy idl! smJ ik qy r I hr mu s L k l df hl ho igaf[(60)
If you gain the celestial remembrance,
Then, O My Mind, consider, all your adversities
hr mu s L k l df hWl bWs iehI rWb dI Xfd hY , The solution for all the ills is in the godly recollection,
rWb dI Xfd krn vflf rWb dI hI jL f q hu N df hY [ (61) As the godly recollector is the embodiment of godly existence.(61)

asl ivc rWb qo N ibnf ko e I BI ho r cIjL prvfn nhIN hY , In fact, without the Almighty, nothing is acceptable,
hy my r y mn! aijhf kO x hY , ijhVf isr qO N pY r fN qk rWb df nU r
O, My Mind, who is there which is not imbued with godly light
qU M Au s mhfn nU r dI iek ikrx hY N , isr qo N pY r fN qk nU r ho jf[
icM q f nU M CWz dy aqy sdf leI srU r ivc rhu [ (63) As you are a ray of that great splendour, you must become its glitter,
And relinquishing the anxieties, ever remain in exhilaration.(63)
kd qk qU M gm dI sdIvI kY d ivc ipaf rhy N gf?
gm nU M Cz,rWb dI Xfd kr aqy sdf slfmq rhu [ (64) How long will you continue in this ever-lasting confinement?
Renounce the worries, recollect the Almighty and subsist for ever.(64)
gL m kI hY ? Au s rWb dI Xfd qo N gL P lq,
Ku s L I kI hY , Au s aprm apfr dI Xfd[(65) What is an affliction? It is the ignorance of the divinity.
And what is happiness? It is the recollection of the Infinite One.(65)
jfxdf hY N ik Au s aprm apfr dy kI arQ hn?
aprm apfr Au h hY , ijhVf jnm mrn ivc nhI afAu N df[ (66)
Do you know what is the purport of the Infinite One?
The Infinite One is the one who is immune from transmigration.(66)
hr pu r sL aqy iesqR I nU M Au s y dI hI Du n smfeI ho e I hY [ Every man and woman is imbued with his adoration,
do h fN jhfnfN ivc ieh Au s y df hI rO l f rWpf hY [ (67) And, in both the domains, all rumpus is for him.(67)

vlIaf (sM q fN) dI rsnf Au q y Au s df itkfxf hY , His domain is either in the eloquence of the valis (the saints)
jfN Au s jIv dy ihrdy aM d r, ijQy idn rfq Au s dI Xfd riM h M d I
Or in the hearts of the ones who think of him day and night.(68)

Au s (rWb nU M Xfd krn vfly ) dI aWK gY r Au p r Ku l H d I hI nhIN[ His (devotee’s) vision does not capture the strangers,
Au s df kqrf ibnf sfgr dI idsL f dy ho r iksy pfsy N ru V H d f hI His drop does not flow in any direction except towards the godly sea.(69)
The celestial human is the possessor of both the domains,
rWb df bM d f do h fN jhfnfN df mfilk hY , Because, except the truthful Omnipresence, he does not see any
ikAu N jo Au h rWb dy Au s mhfn sWc-srU p qo N ibnfN ho r iksy nU M body.(70)
nhIN vy K df[(70)
Both, the heaven and the earth, are destructible,
ieh lo k prlo k do v y N nfsL v fn hn; And except his realization, rest is all ignorance.(71)
Au s dI Xfd qO N Cu t bfkI sB ku J by s mJI hY [ (71)
Remember him, as far as possible, recall him,
Au s dI Xfd kr; ijQo N qk qy r y pfso N ho sky Au s nU M Xfd rWK[
afpxy (ihrdy rU p I) Gr nU M rWb dI Xfd nfl afbfd kr[(72) And treasure your abode by retaining his recognition.(72)
qy r f ieh ihrdf rWb df hI Gr hY , Your heart is the domicile of the Almighty.
mY N kI afKfN, rWb ny hI ieAu N ikhf hY [ (73) What can I say, God himself has expounded like this.(73)

qy r f sfQI aqy qy r I hfN nfl hfN imlfx vflf qfN bfdsL f h hY , Your companion and your yes-man is a sovereign,
pr qU M qfN hr mM d y cM g y mgr svfrQ leI nsdf iPL r df hY [ (74)
But you are following all the virtuous and the lowly-ones for
aPL s o s qy r y Au W qy , qy r I jfn Au q y aqy qy r y hfl Au W qy ,
aPL s o s hY qy r I ies axgihlI Aw u q y aqy qy r I cfl Au W qy [ (75)
Sorry for you, your life and your stipulations,
ijhVf vI Au s dy dIdfr df qflb ho igaf, And regretable is your obliviousness and gait.(75)
Au s dIafN njL r fN ivc sB ku J Au s y df srU p hO igaf[76)
Whosoever longed for his vision,
hr icqR ivc Au h icqR k fr hI Jlkdf hY , In his perception, all depicted his embodiment.(76)
prM q U ies By q nU M mnmu K nhIN jfx skdf[(77)
In every painting, the painter radiates,
jy kr qU M rWb dy pR y m df sbk pVH n f hY qfN But a heretic cannot unravel the mystery.(77)
rWb dI Xfd kr,qU M bs rWb dI Xfd kr{(78)
If you covet for the guidance in the love of the Almighty,
Then remember him and just recollect him.(78)
hy BfeI! kI qY n U M pqf hY rWb dI Xfd kI hM u d I hY , O Brother, do you know what the remembrance of the Almighty is;
aqy ienH f N sfry idlfN aM d r kO x vsdf hY ? (79) And who dwells in all these hearts?(79)

jd sBnf idlfN ivc Au h hI vsdf hY , When he abides in all the hearts,

idl df Gr Au s df itkfxf aqy pnfh hY [ (80)
Then every heart is his abode and shelter.(80)
jd qY n U M pqf lg igaf, ik sfry idlfN ivc rWb vsdf hY ,
qfN qy hr idl dI iejL q krnf qy r f mno r Q ho x f cfhIdf hY [ (81) When you have perceived that he resides in all the hearts,
To revere all the hearts should become your ideal.(81)
iehI rWb dI Xfd hY , ho r ko e I Xfd nhIN,
ijs iksy nU M aijhf iPkr nhIN,Au h Ku s L nhIN hY [ (82) Remembrance of the Almighty is the only remembrance,
And the one, who bears not this in mind, feels not gratified.(82)
rWb dy igafnvfnfN dI ijL d gI rWb df ismrn hY ,
hAu N mY ivc visaf mnu W K rWb qo N dU r hY [ (83) The aim of the celestially knowledgeable is the godly awareness,
And the one imbued with ego, remains detached from the Almighty.(83)
hy go X f! qy r I hsqI hI kI hY ? iek mu T imWtI qo N vWD nhIN,
aqy Au h vI afpxy bWs nhI (ieh srIr vI qfN afpxy bWs O, Goya, What is your entity? Just a handful of dust,
nhIN)(84) And that too is beyond your control.(84)
rWb ny bhWqr iPrky pY d f kIqy hn, The Almighty has created seventy-two clans,
ijnH f N ivco N Au s ny nfjI iPrkf Au W cqm cu i xaf[(85) And among those he gave prominence to the Naji*.(85)
nfjI(ijhVy jnm mrn qo N rihq ho gey ho x )iPrky nU M qU M ibnf iksy
And the clan of Najis, you may regard,
sL W k dy bhWqrfN iPrikafN dI pnfh smJ[(86)
As the shelter for all the seventy-two clans.(86)
ienH f N df hr iek bM d f pivWqr hY ,
so h xf,ny k -su B fAu aqy ny k qbIaq vflf hY [ (87) Each and every one of them is a pious person,
And he is handsome, kind-hearted and of amiable-natured.(87)
ienH f N nM U rWb dI Xfd qo N ibnfN ko e I cIjL cM g I nhIN lgdI,
bM d gI qy pfT ibnf Au n H f N dI ho r ko e I mrXfdf nhIN[(88) They don’t relish any thing but the remembrance of the Almighty,
And they have no other criteria except the celestial recollection and
Au n H f N dy sL b dfN ivco N KM z qy imsL r I JVdI hY , prayers.(88)
Au n H f dy hr vfl qo N aM i mR q dI brKf hu M d I hY [ 89)
Their eloquence is laced with sugar and candies,
Au h eIrKf,vY Y r ivro D qo N atM k hn,
And through every one of their hair, the nectar flows.(89)
Ah kdI mM d f krm nhIN krdy [ (90)
They are devoid of jealousy and enmity, and are above malice,
And they never indulge in bad deeds.(90)

(*The ones emancipated from the bondage of life and death.)

Au h hr iek df mfn siqkfr krdy hn, They revere and respect every body,
Au h inrDn nU M Dnvfn bxf idM d y hn[(91) And create the affluent out of the indigent.(91)
Au h mu r dy nU M aM i mR q bKsL d y hn,
They endow nectar to the lifeless ones,
Au h hr mu r Jfey ho e y idl nU M nvIN jfn bKL s L d y hn[(92)
And confer existence to the waning hearts.(92)
Au h hr sWu k I lkV nU M hrI BrI bxf idM d y hn,
Au h bU nU M vI ksqU r I bxf idM d y hn[(93) They bring greenery into the dehydrated woods,
And convert the stink into aroma.(93)
injI isPL q fN ivc ieh sfry Bly lo k hn,
R r Wb dI jL f q dy Zu M z fAU hn, afp vI Au h rWb vrgy hI hn[(94) Individually, they all are very tender-hearted,
Always pursue the godly nature, and epitomise the Almighty.(94)
ielm aqy adb Au n H f N dy su B fAu ivcO N pR g t hu M d f hY ,
Au n H f df mu K Vf nU r fnI sU r j qo N rO s L n hu M d f hY [ (95) Learning and literature, seek through their temperament,
And their semblance gets resplendence from the spiritual Sun.(95)
Au n H f N df pM Q grIb inmfixafN dI kO m hY ;
do v y N jhfn ienH f N dy sL r DflU hn[(96)
Their realm is the kingdom of the humble ones,
And both the domains are their adherents.(96)
ieh mskInf dI kO m ,rWb dy bM i dafN dI kO m hY [ It is a nation of the submissive-ones, and the children of God,
ieh sB ku J nfs ho jfx vflf hY , pr Au h rWb sdf aibnfsL I As all is subject to eradication except God who is stable for ever.(97)
hY [ (97)
Their company has turned dust into elixir,
Au n H f N dI sM g q ny imtI nU M BI aksIr idWqf[
And their benevolence has affected all the hearts.(98)
Au n H f N dI imhr ny hr idl qy asr kIqf[(98)

jo vI iek vfr vI Au n fN dI sM g q ivc bY Y T jfNdf hY , The one who gets once into their assembly,
iPr Au h ikafmq dy idn dI kd icM q f krdf hY ? (99) Never endures distress till, even, the doom’s day.(99)

ijs nU M sY N kVy sflfN dI Au m r ivc ku J prfpq nf ho i eaf, The one who could not achieve resplendence throughout his life,
Au n H f N dI sM g q ‘c Au h sU r j vfNg cmk ipaf[(100)` Radiates like the sun through their company.(100)

asIN Au n H f N dy aihsfnmM d hfN, We are indebted to them,

Au n H f N dy aihsfn dy bM d y hfN[(101 As we are bounden by their benevolence.(101)
my r y ijhy lKfN Au n H f N qo N ku r bfn hn,
Thousands like me sacrifice themselves for them,
mY N jo ku J vI Au n H f N dI isPq ivc afKfN, Qo V f hY [ (102)
And whatever I may say in their praise is paltry.(102)
Au n H f N dI Èfn kihx qo N bfhr hY , Their glory is beyond description,
Au n H f N df jIv-jfmf Do x qo N pfk hY [ (103) As their temporal attire, is virtuous needing no dousing.(103)
XkIn rK! afKr ieh du n IafN kd qk hY ?
Keep faith on them; after all how long is this world going to last?
aKIr qy r f sbM D qfN rWb nfl hI ho x f hY [ (104)
At the end your emancipation will be through the Almighty only.(104)
hu x qU M iPr mu W Z qo N Au s sL f h dIafN kQf khfxIafN kr[
ies rfh dy ivKfAu x vfly dy ipWCy ipWCy qu r [(105) Now you constantly relate the anecdotes of the Celestial majesty,
And follow the one who is leading on this path.(105)
qfN jo qY n M U Au m rf dI mu r fd iml jfvy ,
aqy Au s mhfn pR B U dI pR I qI dI rfs pR f pq ho v y [ (106) So that you may achieve your life-long aspirations,
And relish the love of that magnanimous majesty.(106)
iek mU r K vI Au Q y idl vflf ho jfNdf hY ,
diraf ivc zu W ibaf ho i eaf vI kM Z y qy pu W j jfNdf hY [ (107) Even an imbecile one acquires the courage there,
And the drowning one reaches the shore.(107)
ijs nU M rWb dI Xfd prfpq ho jfNdI hY ,
Au h qu C vI pU r f igafnvfn bx jfNdf hY [ (108)
Whosoever is endowed with the recollection of the Almighty,
Even that benighted one achieves the ability to seek knowledge.(108)
ijhVf rWb(dI Xfd) qo N pl Br vI gL f Pl nhIN, The one who is not unaware of godly existence, even for moment,
Au s dy isr Au q y smJo adb-siqkfr df qfj riKaf ho i eaf Deem that one honoured with the crown of reverence.(109)
hY [ (109)
This affluence is not in the destiny of every one,
ieh do l q hr iksy nU M nsIb nhIN,
Their remedy lies with none else than the celestial healer.(110)
Au n H f N dy drd df ielfj isvfey rWb vY d dy ko e I nhIN[(110)

hr drd df dfrU rWb dI Xfd hY , Every ailment has its cure in godly remembrance,
ijs hfl ivc rWb rWKy , Au h I TIk hY [ (111) And the posture he keeps one in, one must accept.(111)

sB dI ieWCf pU r n siqgu r dI prfpqI hY , The pursuit of truth is to realize the perfect preceptor,
ibnfN gu r U dy ko e I rWb qk nhIN phu M c skdf[(112) As, without the preceptor, none can achieve the Almighty.(112)

pfNDIafN leI ikny hI rfh hn, (Seeking) travellers have countless avenues,
Au n H f N nU M kfPly dy rfh dI lo V nhIN hY [ (113) But they need not follow the way of the caravan (holy congregation).(113)
Au h hr dm rWb dy ismrn leI qqpr rihM d y hn,
They always remain vigilantly aware of the remembrance of God.
afp rWb dy mnjL U r hn aqy rWb dy drsL k hn[(114)
Themselves, they are accepted as they toil for the vision.(114)
pU r n siqgu r U EhI aqy EhI ho skdf hY , He is the perfect preceptor and only He can be,
ijs dI bfxI ivco N rWb dI su g M D I spsL t mihkdI ho v y [ (115) From whose expositions, the celestial fragrance radiates.(115)

ko e I vI Au n H f N dy sfmH x y jL W ry vfNg afNAu d f hY , Any one who presents himself just as an iota before him,
Au h Cy q I hI sU r j vfNg nU r dI brKf krn vflf bx jfNdf
Instantly, starts showering resplendence like the sun.(116)

ijL d gI Au h I hY ijhVI ibnfN iksy hIl hu W jq dy That life is worth which passes without hesitation,
Au s rWb dI Xfd ivc gu j L r y [ (117) In the recollection of the Almighty.(117)

hAu m Y krnf mU r KfN df kM m hY , The egoism is the domain of the fools,

rWb dI BgqI eImfn vfilafN df Kfsf hY [ (118) And the worship of the Almighty is the criterion of the believers.(118)

hr iek dm dI axgihlI iek vWzI mO q hY , Negligence, even during the spell of one breath, is like the death.
rWb do j L K dy sL Y q fn qO N bcfeI rWKy [ (119) May God save (us) from the clutches of the Satan of the hell.(119)
ijhVf Au s dI Xfd ivc idn rfq msq riM h M d f hY ,
One who remains permeated with his remembrance day and night,
(Au s nU M pqf hY ik)ieh{rWb dI Xfd} mfl sM q fN dI hWt qO N hI
(He knows) this commodity is available only at the shop of the godly
pR f pq hu M d f hY [ (120))
Au n H f N dI drgfh df sB qo N nIvfN bM d f vI Even the humblest person at their shrine,
ies jhfn dy vWzy qo N vWzy pqvM i qaF nflo N cM g y r f hY [ (121) Is more prominent than any distinguished one in this world.(121)

Au n H f N dy rfhfN qo N keIN isafxy ku r bfn (jfNdy ) hn, Many discerning ones sacrifice themselves upon their avenues,
Au n H f N dy rfhfN dI DU V my r IafN aWKfN leI su r mf hY [ (122)
And the dust of their avenues is collyrium for my eyes.(122)
qU M vI, hy brKu r dfr! afpxy afp nU M iesy qrH f N smJ,
qfN jo my r I jfn! qU M iek ibby k I pu r sL bx jfvy N )123) You, O My Obedient One, deliberate upon yourself like this,
So that, My Cherished One, you may become a discerning sage.(123)
ienH f N sfihbfN dy bhu q sy v k aqy bM d y hn,
bM d y df kM m qfN bM d gI krnf hY [ (124) These holy ones have many men as the servers,
As it is a person’s prerogative to render invocations.(124)
ies leI qY n M U cfhIdf hY ik Au n H f N df sy v k bx jfvy N ,
pr kdI vI Au n H f N leI Bfr nf bxy [ (125) Therefore, it is imperative for you to become their attendant,
And never be a burden upon them.(125)
BfNvy rWb qk phu M c fAu x vflf Au n H f N ibnf ho r ko e I nhIN hu M d f,
pr aijhI gWl krnf vI(Au n H f N leI) do s L hY [ (126)
Although there can be none else to lead you to the Almighty,
But, even, to think in such terms is profanity.(126)
mY N vy i Kaf ik ienH f N idlfN dy mihrmfN dI I have perceived that the company of these confidants of hearts,
sM g q dI bKisL s L dy sdky jL W rf vI jhfn df sU r j bx Make a speck, earn sun-like resplendence.(127)
Who is the man of God? The one who acknowledges the Almighty,
idl vflf bM d f kO x hY ijhVf rWb nU M pCfxdf ho v y ,
And whose semblance depicts the godly splendour.(128)
aqy ijs dy mu K Vy qo N rWb df nU r brsdf ho v y [ (128)

Au n H f N dI sM g q qY n M U rWb df ipafr bKsL d I hY , Their association lends you the affection of the Almighty,
Au n H f N dI sM g q rWb dI ikqfb qo N qY n U M sbk idM d I hY ( 129) And their alliance provides you with the lesson from the holy book.(129)

Au h qfN jL W ry nU M cmkdf sU r j bxf idM d y hn[ They endow an iota with the brilliance of the sun,
imWtI nU M sWc dI rO s L n I nfl nU r fnI bxf idM d y hn[(130) And turn the dust luminous with light of truthfulness.(130)

qy r I aWK qfN imWtI dI hY , pr Au s ivc nU r rWb df hY , Your eye is made of dust, but in it dwells the godly brilliance.
Au s ivc cfry idsL f N aqy nO - asmfn mO j U d hn[(131) And therein lodge all the four directions and the nine heavens.(131)
Au n H f N dI sy v f rWb dI bM d gI hY ,
Their service is the epitome of the worship of the Almighty,
ikAu N ik Au h Au s srb-sL k qImfn nU M prvfn hY [ (132)
As that is acceptable to the omnipotent entity.(132)
qU M vI bM d gI kr qfN jo Au s (rWb) agy prvfn ho v Ny , You may also revel in his worship so that you too are embraced.
Au s dI kdr hr mU r K ikvy N smJ skdf hY ? (133) How can every mindless person grasp his worth?(133)

idn rfq df bs ieko kM m Au s dI Xfd hI ho x f cfhIdf hY , To recollect him day and night, should be your only motive.
iek iCn leI vI Au s dI Xfd ibnfN nhIN rihxf cfhIdf[(134)
One must not remain without his remembrance, even for a moment.(134)
Au n H f N dy ny q R rWb dy dIdfr nfl ro s L n hn,
Au h Bfvy N iBKfrI dy By K ivc ho x , pr Au h bfdsL f h hu M d y hn[(135) Their eyes are glittering with the vision of the Almighty,
And they may be in the guise of the beggars, but they are the
pfqsL f hI Au h I hI hY ijhVI sdf kfiem rhy , sovereigns.(135)
aqy rWb dI pfk pivqR jfq vfNg hI kfiem rhy [ (136)
That kingdom is that, which persists for ever,
Au n H f N dI rhu rIqI drvy s L f N vflI hu M d I hY , And remains invariable and pious like the celestial entity.(136)
Au h rWb dI aM È hu M d y hn aqy sB nfl Au n H f N dI apxq hu M d I
hY[(137) They are the embodiment of piety.
They are the godly offspring and form the fraternity of all.(137)
Au h hr iBKfrI nU M ieWjL q mrqbf bKsL d y hn,
inrsM d y h Au h dO l q bKsL d y hn[(138)
They endow honour to all the supplicants,
And, without doubt, they hand out (celestial) wealth.(138)
qu C bM i dafN nU M Au h pU r n igafnvfn bxf idM d y hn, They turn the paltry ones into the absolute enlightened ones,
by i dlfN nU M Au h idlfN dy mflk bxf idM d y hn[(139) And endow the heart-felt sincerity to the ones with no compassion.(139)

afpxy aM d ro N Au h hAu m Y bfhr kWZ mfrdy hn, They get rid of the ego in their inner most,
Au h sWc dy bIj idlfN dy Ky q fN ivc bIjdy hn[(140)
And sow the seeds of truth in the fields of hearts.(140)
Au h afpxy afp nU M aslo N qWu C smJdy hn,
Au h idn rfq rWb dy ismrn ivc lIn rihM d y hn[(141) They deem themselves as fundamentally humble,
And whole day remain absorbed in the worship of the Almighty.(141)
rWb dy bM i dafN(sM q fN) dI isPq ikQo N qk krfN?
jy kr Au n H f N dIafN hjL f rfN isPL q fN ivco N iek vI ibafn kr skfN How far could one go on complimenting the godly beings?
qfN BI cM g f hY [ (142) I will be lucky if I could relate just one out of thousands.(142)

qU M vI aijhf gu r mu K ipafry ZU M z ,ikhVy ipafry ? You, as well, toil to search for some apostles; which ones?
ijhVy sdf ijAU N dy hn[ dU j y qfN mo i eafN smfn hn[(143) The ones who are dynamic as the rest are all just deadbeat.(143)
kI qY M n U M ijAu x dy arQfN df pqf hY ?
Do you know the meanings of living?
(af dWsfN)ijAu x f Au h I su B fgf hY ijhVf Au s rWb dI Xfd ivc
Only that living is worth, which is spent in the recollection of the
jIaf jfvy [ (144)
afrP lo k rWb dy By q Bry igafn krky hI ijL M d f hn, The pious ones exist through the mystic knowledge of the Almighty,
do h fN jhfnfN dI inhmq Au s dy Gr ivc hY [ (145) As the bounty of both the domains is available in his abode.(145)
jIvn df arQ hI rWb dI Xfd hY [
The essence of living is the realization of the godly remembrance,
iesy krky hI sM q fN df jIvn hY [ (146)
And that is what the saintly beings are.(146)
Au n H f N df ijL k r hr bo l dI jIBf Au p r hY ,
do v y N jhfn Au s rWQ dy mfrg dy ZM U z fAU hn[(147) Their recollection is pronounced by all the dynamic tongues,
And both the worlds are running to seek the divine path.(147)
sfry Au s jlfl vfly rWb df ismrn krdy hn,
qfN qy su B fgf hY aijhf ismrn aqy sL u B hY ajy h I crcf[(148) All worship the glorious Almighty,
And auspicious is that reverence and propitious is that report.(148)
jy k r sWc dI gWl bfq aqy crcf krnI ho v y ,
qfN ieh Au s srb sL k qImfn bfry hI ho skdf hY [ (149) If you toil to deliberate on and discuss the truth,
It can be directed only towards that Omnipotent.(149)
ny k Au m r nU M ajy h f (Bjn bM d gI df) srmfieaf
Au n H F (sM q fN) dI sM g q ivco N dI nsIb ho i eaf[(150)
The virtuous age has secured such wealth,
Only through the fraternity of holy congregation.(150)
They adore only such play and nothing else pleases them,
Au n H f N nU M aijhI rfs hI mnjL U r hY , ho r ku J vI Au n fN nU M cM g f nhIN As, except to utter the truth, nothing more to say is their trait.(151)
sWc dy sL b dfN qo N ibnfN ho r ku J kihxf Au n H f N df ny m hI In the Hindvi language they are called Sadh-sangat, (the holy
nhIN[(151) congregation).
O, Maulvi, (the Muslim Priest), in fact it is all their description.(152)
ihM d vI bo l I ivc Au n fN df nfm sfD-sM g q hY ,
hy mo l vI!ieh sB Au n H f N dI hI qfrIP hY [ (152)
Their company is accessible only through the benevolence of the
Au n H f N dI sM g q dI pR f pqI pR m fqmf dI ikrpf qo N hu M d I hY , Almighty,
ieQy ies dI ikrpf qo N iek pu r sL df Bfg pR g t ho jfNdf hY [ (153) And due to his compassion, man’s destiny becomes apparent.(153)

ijs iksy nU M ieh amr Dn prfpq ho igaf, Any one who is blessed with such an eternal wealth,
mfno Au s dI Au m r dI afXU afsS S f vM q ho geI[(154) Deem that his life expectation has secured optimism.(154)

ieh sWB(do l q aqy Amr) nfsL v fn hY , aqy Au h aibnfsL I hn, All these are destructible except those ones, who are imperishable,
Au n Nf nU M qU M pivqr pR y m dy ipafly Br Br dy x vflf sfkI And consider them to be the comrades who provide you with the cups
full of pious love.(155)
jo ku J vI mO j U d idsdf hY , ieh Au n H f N dI sM g q krky hI hY ,
Au n H f N dI imhr krky ieh sB afbfdI aqy Ku s L h flI hY [ (156) Whatever is apparent is due to their company,
And owing to their benevolence, the advancement and the bliss prevails
ieh sB afbfdI rWb dI imhr krky hY , All this inhabitation is the result of divine compassion,
iCn Br leI vI Au s rWb nU M ivsrnf mO q aqy du W K smfn hY [ (157) And to forget him, even for a moment, is like seeking the demise and
Au n H f N dI sM g q ies ijL d gI dI prfpqI hY ,
ijL M d gI,ey h I ijL M d gI hY , ijhVI Au s dI bM d gI hY [ (158)
Their association is the accomplishment of this life,
As the life is only that, which is expended in his worship.(158)
jy k r qU M cfhu M d f hY N ik rWb df Bgq bxy N ,
qfN Au s pU r n pu r K df igafnvfn bx[(159)
If you want to attain reverence for the Almighty,
Au n H f N dI sM g q qy r y leI kImIaf hY , Acquire the knowledge of that perfect being.(159)
qfN jo , jo vI qU M cfhy N , Au h Au i cq ho v y [ (160)
Their fraternity is the alchemy for you,
ieh ijhVy sfry jIAu N dy jfgdy hn, So that whatever you desire, becomes proper.(160)
ieh ky v l Au n H f N (gu r mu K fN) dI sM g q sdkf hY [ (161)
All those you find hale and hearty,
Au n H f N dI ijL d gI Au n H f N dI sM g q dI bL K isL s L sdkf hY , subsist on account of their (holy) audience.(161)
Au n H f N dI sM g q rWb dI rihmq dI dlIl hY [ (162)
Their lives are due to the benevolence of the congregation,
And their association is the proof of godly generosity.(162)
hr iksy nU M Au n H f N dI sM g q dI lo V hY , Every one needs their companionship,
qfN jo afpxy idl ivco N mo q IafN dI lVI Ko l L skx[(163) To enable himself to unravel the pearly chains from his heart.(163)

hy anjfx! qU M ( bhu - mWu l y ) KjL f ny df mflk hY N , O you the Unaware One, you are the holder of a precious treasure,
pr aPso s ik qY n U M Au s gu p q KL j L f ny df pqf hI nhIN[(164)
But, alas, you have no perception of those hidden riches.(164)
Au s KjL f ny df qY n U M ikvy N pqf lgy ,
ik jM d ry aM d r ikho ijhf mfl mqf ipaf hY [ (165) How can you discover that treasure and know
What commodities lie under that lock?(165)
ies leI qy r y vfsqy jL r U r I hY ik aijhy KjL f ny dI ku M j I ZU M z y N ,
qfN jo qY n U M gu p q KjL f ny df sfP pqf lg jfvy [ (166) For this purpose, you must go and search for the cache’s key,
So that you can discover the realities of the hidden hoard.(166)
qU M rWb dy nfm dI ku M j I nfl ies jM d ry nU M Ko l ,
ies Cu p y ho e y KjfL n y dI po Q I ivco N sbk pVH [ (167) Open that lock with the celestial key,
To enable yourself to learn the lessons from the hidden book.(167)
ieh nfm dI ku M j I Au n H f N sM q fN ko l hu M d I hY ,
ieh ku M j I jL K mI idlfN aqy jfnfN dI mlL m hY [ (168)
The key of the divine name is held by the pious ones,
And it acts as the salve for the afflicted hearts and the lives.(168)
jd ieh ku M j I iksy dy hWQ lg jfvy , When such key comes in the possession of an individual,
qfN,jo ko e I vI ho v y , Au h KjL f ny df mflk bx jfNdf hY [ (169) Whosoever he may be, he becomes the master of the treasure.(169)

jd KjL f nf ZU M z x vfly nU M KjL f nf iml igaf qfN, When the searcher of the wealth discovers the treasure,
smJo Au h sfry iPkrfN aM d y i sS a fN qo N mu k q ho igaf[(170)
Deem him emancipated from all the worries and misgivings.(170)
ijs nU M afpxy sWjn ipafry dI glI df rfh iml igaf,
hy my r y do s q, Au h vI smJ ik rWb dy ipafirafN ivc sL f ml ho The one who found the way to the beloved’s avenue,
igaf[(171) Regard him, O My Friend, as unified with the godly enthusiasts.(171)

Au n H f N dI sM g q ny jL W ry nU M cM n bxf idWqf, Their affiliation has turned an iota into a moon,

Au n H f N dI sM g q ny hr iBKfrI nU M bfdsL f h kr idWqf[(172) And has transformed every beggar into a sovereign.(172)

Au n H f N dy icrqR Au q y rWb dI imhr ho v y , May their character be impressed with the divine kindness,
Au n H f N dy mfipafN aqy aO l fd Au q y vI {rWb dI imhr ho v y } [(173) So also their ancestors, and the progeny may be blessed.(173)
ijs iksy vI Au n H f N dy drsL n kr ley , mfno Au s ny rWb nU M vy K
Anyone who had their glimpse, believe him to have had the celestial
aqy smJo Au s ny sWcI pR I qI dy bfg ivco N sB qo N su M d r Pu W l qo V
ilaf[(174) And consider him having picked up the exquisite flower from the garden
of true passion.(174)
Au n H f N dI sM g q rWbI igafn dy bfg co N su M d r Pu l qo V nf hY , Their association is the epitome of plucking the flowers from the garden
Au n H f N dy drsL n krnf rWb df dIdfr krnf hY [ (175) of the celestial knowledge,
And to have their glimpse is equivalent to the vision of the Almighty.(175)
rWb dy drsL n df ibafn krnf mu s L k l hY ,
Au s dI sL k qI aQvf pR i kR q I hI Au s df pqf idM d I hY [ (176)
It is arduous to describe the vision of the godly image,
His domination, as well as the creation, reveal his entity.(176)
Au s dI ikrpf nfl mY N rWb dy drsL n kIqy hn,
Au n H f N dI ikrpf nfl mY N rWbI igafn dy bfg ivco N Pu l cu i xaf
hY[(177) Through their generosity I have had the vision of the Almighty,
And through their beneficence, I have picked up the flowers from the
rWb dy drsL n krnf iek pivqR Bfv rKdf hY , divine garden.(177)
mY N qfN ku J vI nhIN, ieh sB ku J Au s dI sU K m jL f q hI hY [ (178)
To have a godly glimpse is a holy thought;
ijs ny ies pU r n aKWr nU M smJ ilaf, I am just a nonentity and every where his mysterious entity prevails.(178)
mfno Au s ny Cu p y KjL f ny df itkfxf lWB ilaf[(179)
One who has appreciated this perfect word,
rWb dI hkIkq aiq dI so h xI sU r q hY ,
Deem him to have discovered the hidden treasure.(179)
rWb dI sU r q rWb dy bM i dafN dI sU r q hY [ (180)
The divine revelation is an enchanting entity,
And godly entity is the embodiment of the godly beings.(180)
Au h sM g q ivc vI iekfNq ivc hu M d y hn, They remain in seclusion even in the congregation,
sBnF dIaF jIBF qy Au n H f N df js hu M d f hY [ (181) But in each one’s eloquence, their adoration prevails.(181)

ies By q qo N Au h hI vfikP ho skdf hY , Only that one can appreciate the enigma,
ijhVf cfAu sihq Au s dI pR I qI dy gu x gfAu N df hY [ (182)
Who, with fondness, narrates the bounty of his affection.(182)
rWb df sL O k ijs dy gly df hfr hu M d f hY ,
Au h nfcIjL vI isafxf qy mu d Wbr bx jfNdf hY [ (183) One who has the affinity to the Almighty as a garland around his neck,
Even that lowly one attains wisdom and prominence.(183)
jd rWb df sL O k qy r f shfeI ho v y ,
qfN jL W rf vI cmkdy sU r j brfbr bx jfNdf hY [ (184) When the passion for the Almighty is your shelter,
Even, an iota is transmuted into the radiating sun.(184)
Au n fH N dy bcnfN qo N sWc dy aM i mR q dI brKf hu M d I hY ,
Au n H f N dy drsL n f nfl aWKfN nU M TM Z pY N dI hY [ (185) Through their expositions, the nectar of truth is showered,
And their glimpse, furnishes the eyes with serenity.(185)
Au h idn rfq rWb df ismrn krdy rihM d y hn,
S s M s frI By K ivc Au h pU r n pu r K hn[(186)
Day and night, they revel in pious recollection,
And, even in the guise of worldly garb, they are impeccable beings.(186)
Au h ies sB ku J dy hu M d y ho e y BI su q M q r hn[ In spite of all this, they are sovereigns,
hr hfl ivc Au h rWb dI rjf ivc Ku s L hn[(187) And they remain contented in all circumstances.(187)

Au n fN df By K du i nafvI hY , pr rhu rIq Drm vflI hY [ Their guise is worldly but their conventions are righteous,
Au n H F jy h f sM s fr ivc ho r ko e I nhIN idsdf[(188)
And none else like them is apparent in the whole world.(188)
Au h rWb dI Xfd ivc prpWk aqy prbIn hn,
Au h sWc nU M smJdy , sWc nU M hI ipafr krdy qy sWc dI hI afrfDnf They are determined and adept in their godly recollection,
krdy hn[(189) And they comprehend the truth, adore it and worship it as well.(189)

Au h Bfvy N isr qo N pY r fN qk du i nafvI By K ivc idsdy hn, Although they remain in worldly pretence from head to feet,
pr Au n H f N nU M qU M kdI aWDy pl leI vI gfPL l nhIN dy K y N gf[(190) You will never find them negligent of the Almighty, for a moment
Au n H f N df srIr Bfvy N mWu T I Br imWtI df hY ,
pr Au n H f N nU M pfk rWb ny pfk pivqR bxfieaf hY [ (191) Their body may be a handful of dust,
But the virtuous Almighty has endowed them with piety.(191)
ieh imWtI df srIr Au s dI Xfd nfl pivWqr hY ,
ikAu N ik Au h pR m fqmf vlO N imlI nINh (hsqI) df pR g tfvf
And this body of dust becomes the embodiment of godliness through
his recollection,
Because they are the manifestation of the divine endowment.(192)
Au n H f N dI rIqI rWb dI idldfrI krnf hY ,
Au n H f N dI rIqI sdf rWb nfl py R m krnf hY [ (193) Their conviction ‘is to seek the celestial vision,
And their protocol is, forever, to adore the Almighty.(193)
hr iksy nU M aijhy Bfg ikvy N nsIb ho skdy hn?
amr dO l q qfN Au n H f N dI sM g q ivc hY [ (194)
How can every one have such a fortune?
The eternal wealth is in their company only.(194)
ieh sWB ku J Au n H f N dI sM g q qo N hY ,
do h fN jhfnfN dI dO l q Au n H f N dI vizafeI ivc hY [ (195)
All this is acquired through their audience,
Au n H f N dI sM g q bhu q PL f iedf bKL s L d I hY , And the wealth of both the domains is in their acclaim.(195)
imWtI dy srIr dI KjU r sWc df Pl ilafAu N dI hY [ (196)
Their association endows extreme benefits,
ajy h I sM g q Py r qY n U M kd imly g I? The date-plam of their earthly frame, bears the fruits of truth.(196)
ajy h I sM g q qY n U M mnu K qf bKsL d I hY [ (197)
When would you again have access to such a congregation?
mnu K qf df Bfv rWb nfl my l hY , As only such a congregation endows you with the compassion.(197)
ibnfN rWb dy ijL k r qo N sWB nflo N tu W txf hY [ (198)
The aim of the humanity is to seek association with the Almighty,
As without the acknowledgement of the Almighty, it is severance from
jd mWnu K df idl Au s rWb dy ismrn dy rfh pY igaf, When the human heart takes its way to the godly avenue,
qfN Au h Au m r aqy afqmf dI prfpqI qo N vfikPL ho igaf[(199) It gets awareness of its temporal entity and spiritual attainment.(199)
Au s df ies Gu M m dy ho e y afsmfn nflo N vfsqf jfNdf irhf (arQfq
He gets emancipated from earthly and heavenly transmigration,
Au h jnm mrn qo N rihq ho igaf)[ jigafsU a fN vfNg Au h sM s fr
And, like the seekers, he is liberated from the worldly attachments.(200)
qo N ivrkq ho igaf(200)

ijs iksy ny afpxy idl nU M rWb dI Xfd nfl rM g ilaf, The one who tinged his heart with the godly hue,
do h fN jhfnfN ivc Au s dI mihmf ho x lgI[(201) He earned the acclaims in both the worlds.(201)

Au s dy srIr aM d r sU r j cmk ipaf, The sun, beamed in his inner most,

rWb dy BgqF dI sM g q ivc Au s ny sWc prfpq kr ilaf[(202) As he secured the truth in the association of the godly adherents.(202)

Au s ny idn rfq rWb df nfm iDafieaf, Day and night, he recollected the name of the Almighty,
rWb df ijL k r hI Au s df shfeI ho i eaf[(203) And the divine appellation persisted as his comfort.(203)
rWb dy ismrn ny ijs iksy dI shfieqf kIqI,
Whosoever was facilitated though divine meditation,
Au s df Au j iVaf ho i eaf Gr sWc dI pR f pqI nfl afbfd ho
igaf[(204) His deserted abode regained rejuvenation through the truthfulness.(204)
rWb dI Xfd iek bhu q vWzf Dn hY , The godly remembrance is an enormous wealth,
aijhf Dn S s M s fr dy KjL f inafN,mfl aqy cfNdI qo N ikvy N iml And it surpasses all the treasures, commodities and silver.(205)
skdf hY ? (205)
Whosoever aspires for the Almighty, the Almighty adores him,
ijs iksy ny rWb dI ieCf kIqI ,rWb ny Au s nU M cfihaf,
And, consequently, the godly love affects him as prominent elixir.(206)
rWb df pry m sB qo N cM g I rsfiex hY [ (206)

ies srIr dy mno r Q df jO h r rWb dI Xfd hY , The purpose of this body’s aspiration is the recollection of the Almighty,
prM q U Au h gu r mu K fN dI jIBfN Au q y vsdf hY [ (207) However, it dwells in the eloquence of the holy men.(207)

pfrsfeI Au h I hI iksy kM m dI hY , ijhVI sWc leI ho v y , Only that holiness is worth, which is rendered for the truthfulness,
Au h pfqsL f hI iks kM m ,ijhVI ibarQ ho v y [ (208) What worth is that sovereignty which is meaningless?(208)

irM d aqy pfrsf do v y N dI cfhvfn hn, Both, the drunkard and the teetotaller, are aspirants,
vy K Iey , Au h pfrbR h m prmy s L r iks nU M cfhu M d f hY [ (209) See, for whom that Celestial Being craves.(209)
bM d f qfN hI hu M d f hY jy k r Au h bM d gI leI hY ,
The human is that one who yearns for worship,
ibnfN rWb dy ijL k r dy sB sL r imM d gI hY [ (210)
As, without the godly pontification, it is all dishonour.(210)
prM q U jL f hrf qo r qy Au h hI shI hY , However, apparently only that one is befitting,
ijs ny pU r n siqgu r U nU M prfpq kr ilaf hY [ (211) Who has achieved the absolute preceptor.(211)

dIn aqy du n IafN do v y N hI Au s rWb dy afigafkfr hn, Both, the temporal and the celestial worlds are obedient to the Almighty,
do v y N jhfn Au s rWb dy dIdfr dy cfhvfn hn[(212) And both the domains are aspiring for a glimpse of the Almighty.(212)
ijs iksy df pR y m rWb dy nfm nfl ho jfNdf hY ,
Whose affection is directed towards the Almighty,
asl ivc Au h pU r n jigafsU bx jfNdf hY [ (213)
Authentically, he becomes a seeker of the knowledge.(213)
rWb dy jigafsU rWb df ismrn krdy hn[
rWb df jigafsU sB nU M su M d r bxf idM d f hY [ (214) The celestial seekers delve into the worship of the Almighty,
And the godly aspirant showers resplendence upon all.(214)
sWc qfN ieh hY ik qU M rWb df bM d f bixaf rhu ,
by a db (mnmu K ) rWb qo N sdf sL r msfr hu M d f hY [ (215) The reality is that you must linger on as a man of God,
A disrespectful one faces perpetual celestial humiliation.(215)
Au m r Au h I cM g I hY , jo rWb dI Xfd ivc gu j L r y ,
Au h Au m r iks kM m ,jo ajfeIN gu j L r jfey ?(216) That age is auspicious which is expended in the godly remembrance,
Otherwise what good is that time, which is spent vainly?(216)
bM d f bM d gI leI pY d f ho i eaf hY , Man is born to worship,
Bjn bM d gI hI ijL d gI df ieWko ielfj hY [ (217) And meditation and reminiscing are eternal remedies.(217)

S s u B fgI hY Au h aWK ijs ny ipafry df mu K Vf vy K ilaf, Fortunate is the eye, which has attained vision of the lover’s
do h fN jhfnfN dI aWK dI pu q lI Au s dy vl hI lgI ho e I hY ( 218)
As the pupils of both the domains are always directed towards him.(218)
ieh jhfn aqy Au h jhfn sWc nfl BrpU r hn,
pr rWb (siq) dy Bgq ies du n IafN ivc ivrly hI hn[(219)
Both, this world and that world, are permeated with truth,
jo ko e I rWb nfl iek imk ho igaf, But true godly beings are rare on this earth.(219)
Au s df js rU m aqy hbsL dy s L f N qk PL Y l igaf[(220)
The one who has become one with the Almighty,
rWb dy srU p ivc smf jfxf hI rWb df pR y m hY , Is admired throughout the countries of Rome and Habash.(220)
rWb dy pR y m ivc hI bM d y nU M sdIvI sWu K hY [ (221)
To blend with the entity of the Almighty is the godly affection,
Au h sfihb dy rM g ivc mfn siqkfr vflf hY , And in the fondness for God, there lies the eternal bliss.(221)
asIN bM d gI dy rM g ivc Au s dI sL r n leI hY [ (222)
Under the shade of the Master, he is worthy and respectable,
And we, under the shade of worship, are seeking his shelter.(222)
Au h sfihb dy rM g ivc sM s fr df bfdsL f h hY , He, in the footsteps of the Master, is the sovereign of the universe,
asIN bM d gI dy rM g ivc Au s dy sfmH x y iBKfrI hfN[(223) And under the shade of the worship, while meeting him, we remain just
the supplicants.(223)
Au h sfihb dy rM g ivc sfzI ipR q pflxf krdf hY ,
bM d y nU M bM d gI nfl hI Au s df pqf lgdf hY [ (224)
He, in the guise of the Master, helps us all to subsist,
And through the worship alone we come to know of him.(224)
Au m rfN Br Au h aijhI dO l q nU M ZU M z dy rhy ,
sflF bWDI Au h aijhI sM g q dy ieCfvfn rhy [ (225)
Throughout the ages they strove for such (godly) fortunes,
ijs iksy nU M Au s dO l q df iek jL r f vI prfpq ho igaf, And spent all their lives aspiring for such company.(225)
Au h sihjy hI iek vicqR sU r j bx igaf[(226)
One who attains just an iota of such (divine) affluence,
Au s rWb (sWc) qo N ibnfN sB gPL l q hY , Ultimately epitomizes a radiating Sun.(226)
Au s rWb dI Xfd BfgfN (vfilafN)df vWzf srmfieaf hY [ (227)
Except that celestial entity, all is dereliction.
rWb dy drsL n qfN prfpq hu M d y hn; And the godly recollection is the wealthy possession of the blessed
jy kr gu r mu K fN dI sM g q df asr ho jfvy [ (228)

The glimpses of the godly vision are gained,

Only if the congregation of the holy men affects one.(228)
jy kr sWc df iek hrP vI idl ivc Gr kr jfey , Even if one word of truth secures abode in the heart,
qfN Au s dy vflfN dI hr jVH qk sWc hI sWc smf jfNdf hY [ (229) Then, through the root of each hair, the veracity will prevail.(229)

jo ko e I vI afpxy afp nU M rWb dy rfh ilafAu N df hY , Whosoever puts himself on the godly path,
Au s dy mu K Vy qo N rWb df nU r vrR d f hY [ (230)
Gets the celestial resplendence on his face.(230)
ieh sB imhr aqy bKisL s L Au n H f N dI sM g q dI hY ,
rWb dy ipafirafN dI sM g q iek vWzI dO l q hY [ (231) It is all the benevolence of their association,
As the divine company is a magnanimous treasure.(231)
ko e I vI Au n H f N gu r mu K fN dI avsQf qo N vfkPL nhIN,
hr Co t y mo t y dI Au Q o N qk phu M c nhIN[(232) Nobody knows the state of those holy men,
Because not all and sundry can get an access to them.(232)
vy K x ivc Au h rWb dI jL f q df rU p hn,
asl ivc Au h do h fN jhfnfN leI pnfh hn[(233) Apparently they seem to be the embodiment of the Almighty,
But, in fact, they are the sanctuary for both the domains.(233)
Au h afpxf ikWqf krdy ho e y vI ikrq qo N afjL f d hn,
Au h afpxI afXU rWb dI Xfd ivc lM G fNdy hn[(234)
In spite of performing their jobs, they are not restrained by their work.
As they expend their ages in the remembrance of the Almighty.(234)
Au h afpxy afp nU M kIVI smfn smJdy hn, They consider themselves to be as humble as an ant,
asl ivc BfNvy N Au h iBafnk hfQI nflo N vI jL o r vfly hn[(235) Although, they possess the might of the dreaded elephant.(235)

jo ku J vI qU M vy K df hY N , ieh sB Au n H f N qy hY r fn hn, Whatever you observe around, gets overwhelmed by them,

Au n H f N dI sL f n iemiqhfn qo N vzy r I hY [ (236)
As their splendour is beyond any scrutiny.(236)
rWb dy ipafirafN dI sM g q iek vWzI bKisL s L hY ,
aijhI dO l q aqy ny k bKL q I nU M ko e I icM q f, gm nhIN[(237) The congregation of the godly lovers is a superb blessing,
And such wealth and generosity cannot be affected by any worries or
Au h afp bhu q Au c y r y aqy vzy r y hn, qy ijs ny vI sorrows.(237)
Au n H f N dI sM g q kIqI, Au s ny hr QfN vizafeI pfeI[(238)
They, themselves, are lofty and magnanimous,
ijs iksy ny afpxy asly nU M pCfx ilaf, And whosoever revels in their company, is highly acclaimed.(238)
smJo Au s ny bM d gI df mfrg PV ilaf[(239)
Deem one who has recognised his roots,
ieh DrqI aqy asmfn rWb nfl BrpU r hn, to have attained the path of the worship.(239)
pr ieh sM s fr hr pfsy BWjf iPrdf hY ik Au h rWb ikQy hY [ (240)
Both this earth and the heaven are diffused with the pious existence,
But this temporal world is running around to find ‘where God, Almighty
jy k r aWKfN rWb dy dIdfr qy lWg jfx, If the eyes get focussed on the godly vision,
iPr jo ku J vI qy n U M idsy g f,Au h rWb df drsL n hI ho v y g f[(241) Whatever becomes visible, it is celestial glimpse.(241)

ijs ny Au n H f N(gu r mu K fN) nU M vy K ilaf, smJo Au s ny rWb dy drsL n Whosoever saw them (the holy-men), deem, he had godly glimpse,
kr ley ,
And he had perceived the way to worship.(242)
aqy Au s ny bM d gI df rfh anu B v kr ilaf[(242)

ieh akfl pu r K dI py R m rIqI ajb rM g ilafAu N dI hY , This affection for the Almighty affects in strange ways,
ajy h I pR y m f-BgqI dy aM g aM g ivco N rWb dy nU r dI brKf hu M d I As, through each element of such fondness, godly splendour is
hY [ (243) showered.(243)

Au h ies mfXf df sfihb hY , ieh Au s y df hI rU p hY , He is the master of this illusion as it is his own image,
S s iqkfr aqy isjidafN sihq Au s y dI bM d gI sdf so B dI hY [ (244) And through the supplication and obeisance only his worship becomes
Au h hI sfihb df rU p hY qy Au s y df hI hu k m hY ,
isr qo N pY r fN qk dI bM d gI hI Au s qo N hY [ (245) He himself is the embodiment of the Almighty,
And his meditation flows through the entire human body.(245)
sfihb sfihbfN nfl hI sdf so B df hY ,
bM d y dI bM d gI vI sdf kfiem rihM d I hY [ (246)
The masters attain honour through the Master,
Consequently the human being should persist in worship.(246)
sfihbfN df su B fv sfihbI (vizafeI)krnf hY , The master’s trait should be the admiration of the Master,
bM d y dI bM d gI ivc hI bsM q dI ru q hY [ (247) As only through the godly achievements, the Spring is savoured.(247)

sfihbfN dI vizafeI sdIvI hu M d I hY , The Master’s praises are eternal,

bM d y dI bM d gI vI sdf kfiem rihM d I hY [ (248)
And the man’s meditation remains dynamic for ever.(248)
qU M ies leI Au s qo N mU M h Py r ilaf hY ( ku r fhy pY igaf hY N )
ik mfXf dI KL f qr qU M rWb qo N mU M h mo V ilaf hY [ (249) You have turned your back on the Master,
Because under illusion you have renounced him.(249)
du n IafN dI dO l q sdf rfihx vflI nhIN,
(ies leI)qU M iCn pl leI qF rWb vl afpxy afp nU M mo V [(250) The temporal wealth is transient,
And, therefore, may be momentarily, divert your attention to the
jd qy r f idl rWb dI Xfd vl Ju i kaf, Almighty.(250)
iPr Au h pfk prvrdgfr qY M Q o N kd vK hY ? [(251)
When your heart is permeated through the remembrance of the
jy qU M rWb dy Au c iDafn qo N by p rvfh irhf, Almighty,
qfN hy ho s L vfly , qy r f qy rWb df my l ikhf(qU M ikQy aqy Au h
How can That All-provider stay alienated from you.(251)
ikQy ) ?(252)
If you remain oblivious of the celestial consciousness,
O, the benighted one, what alliance prevails between you and him?(252)
Au s dI Xfd do h fN jhfnfN dy drdfN dI dvfeI hY , His recollection is the remedy for the agonies of both the worlds,
Au s dI Xfd hr Bu W lV nU M rfq dWsx vflI hY [ (253) And his remembrance is kindly light for all the forgetful ones.(253)

Au s dI Xfd sBnfN leI jL r U r I hY , Reflecting upon his name is imperative for all,
Au s dI Xfd nU M Bu l jfx vflf do s L I hY [ (254)
And reprehensible is one who disregards him.(254)
hy akfl pu r K! ies bM d y nU M aijhI ihM m q bL K L s L ,
qfN jo ieh Au m r qy r I Xfd ivc BlI gu Ë fry [ (255) O, Almighty, endow this man with such vigour,
That he expends his life imbued with your worship.(255)
Au m r EhI hI hY , jo rWb dI Xfd ivc gu j L r y ,
jo ies qo N ibnfN gu j L r y , ibarQ hY [ (256) That life is worth, which elapses in remembrance of the Almighty,
And the one passed without him is just dissipation.(256)
rWb dI Xfd nflo N ho r ko e I mno r Q cM g y r f nhIN,
rWb dI Xfd ibnfN sfzf icWq pR s M n nhIN ho skdf[(257) There is no purpose nobler than the recollection of the Almighty,
As, without reminiscing God, our mind cannot be satisfied.(257)
rWb dI Xfd ivc sdIvI Ku s L I hu M d I hY ,
ikM n y cM g y Bfg hn ik ieh sfnU M rfh ivKfAu N dI hY [ (258)
There is eternal happiness in the recollection of the Almighty,
And how lucky we are that this is leading us on a kindly way!(258)
Bfvy N Au h rWb(sWc) sfirafN idlfN ivc vsdf hY , Although the Almighty abides in all the hearts,
iPr iek igafnvfn hI isdk eImfn df bM d f hu M d f hY [ (259) Yet only a discerning one becomes resolutely faithful.(259)

igafnvfn dI aWK hI rWb dy dIdfr dy Xo g hY , Perception of the learned one only is worthy of Gods’ vision,
igafnvfn df idl hI rWb dy By q fN qo N vfkP hu M d f hY [ (260)
As only an erudite person person can perceive his mysteries.(260)
qM U sdf rWb dy BgqfN dI sM g q kr,
qfN jo qU M Au s dI brkq sdkf mu k q ho jfvy N [(261) Always remain in the assembly of the holy ones,
So that you can achieve emancipation through his benevolence.(261)
jo ku J vI ieh idsdf hY , iehH Au n H f N dI sM g q krky hY ,
ikAu N jo ieh srIr aqy jfn sB Au s y dI afqmf hY [ (262) Whatever is visible, it is through their audience,
As this body and the soul, are all his being.(262)
aWK dIafN pu q lIafN Au n H f N dI ies sM g q kfrn dI ro s L n hn,
my r y srIr dI imWtI ies kfrn sfrI gu l jL f r bx geI[(263) The pupils of the eyes are glittering due to their association,
And, through their assembly, the dust of my body has turned into a
vWz BfgI hY Au h sM g q,ijs ny imtI nU M aksIr bxf idWqf, flower-garden.(263)
aqy hr nfcIjL nU M sU J vfn bxf idqf[(264)
Blessed is that congregation, which has transformed the dust into elixir,
And every humble one into an intelligent one.(264)
hr pl iCn ijhVf Au s dI Xfd ivc gu j L r df hY , Every minute and instant, which one spends in reminiscing him,
Au s leI mo q I, lfl aqy jvfhr bx jfNdf hY [ (265) For him it is turned into a pearl, a garnet and a diamond.(265)

ieh sM s fr dy lfl jvfhr sB nfsL v fn hn, All these worldly diamonds and garnets are destructible,
rWb dI Xfd hI bM d y leI bhu - mWu l I hu M d I hY [ (266)
Only the godly recollection is the most precious for the human
kI qY n U M pqf hY ? ik rWb dy BgqfN dI kI rhu rIqI hY ,
Au h jnm mrn dI kY d qo N sdf mu k q hn[(267)
Do you know, what the attributes of the godly adherents are?
Au h pl Br vI rWb dI Xfd qo N ibnfN nhIN gu Ë frdy , They are emancipated from the bondage of life and death.(267)
Au h afpxy su M d r (Xfd df) JM z y nU M nO v fN afsmfnfN Epr Ju l fNAu d y
hn[(268) They cannot survive without the worship; not for a moment even,
And they wave their divine flag all over the nine regions.(268)
Au h sfrI rcI ho e I iÈsL t I df Blf mM g dy hn,
ies sfrI sjfvt nU M su M d rqf bKsL x vfly hn[(269) They aspire for the welfare of the whole universe,
And endow resplendence to all the embellishments.(269)
rWb dy BgqfN leI rWb df nfm hI gihxf hY ,
rWb dy BgqfN dI aWK rWb dy nU r nfl mo q IafN BrI hY [ (270)
For the godly adherents, the divine remembrance is the adornment,
Because the eyes of the godly devotees are filled with the pearls of
celestial splendour.(270)
Au n H f N dy bcn amr jIvn df pfT hn, Their discourses are the means of worship for eternal life,
Au n H f N dI jIB Au p r rWb dI Xfd rihM d I hY [ (271) And on their tongues, always remains the recollection of the
Au n H f N df bcn rWbI hu k m df drjf rKdy hn,
Au n H f N df iek svfs vI rWb dI Xfd ibnfN nhIN inkldf[(272)
Their articulations epitomise the celestial authority,
And, even, one breath of theirs does not transpire without godly
ieh sfry ( rWb dy ipafry ) rWb dy drsL n fN dy mu s L q fk hn,
ieh du n I su h fvf bfg rWb dI hI Pu l vfVI hY [ (273) reflection.(272)

ijhVf vI rWb dy BgqfN df do s q imqR bixaf, They all aspire for the godly glimpse,
smJo Au s df prCfvfN hu m f pM C I dy prfN nflo N vI vDy r y su B fgf As this world is the Almighty’s flower-garden.(273)
hu M d f hY [
(kihM d y hn,hu m f pM C I df prCfvfN ijs Au q y pY jfvy Au h bfdsL f h The shadow of the one who won the fraternity of the godly devotees,
bx jfNdf hY ) [(274) Is of those more auspicious than the shade under the spread-wings of
the bird Huma.(274)
rWb dI Xfd smJo afpxf afpf (Ku d I) Czxf hY ,
rWb dy iDafn qo N ibnf hr dU j I cIjL (dy bM D n)qo N mu k q ho x f
Deem the godly recollection as the surrender of the self, and
hY [ (275)
Except celestial love in the heart, as liberation from all others
afpxy afp qo N mu k q ho x f hI aslI mu k qI hY , (attachments).(275)
afpxy idl nU M rWb dI pR I qI ivc bM n H x f hI mu k qI hY [ (276)
To get the emancipation from one’s own self, is the real deliverance,
And to submit the mind in the godly love is the real deliverance.(276)
ijs iksy ny rWb nfl idl lf ilaf, Deem the one who fell in love with the Almighty,
Au h smJo no v fN qfilafN vfly afsmfn nU M vI CflfN mfr ky tWp As leaping through all the nine heavenly domains.(277)
The company of the devotees with hearts engrossed in celestial love,
rWb nfl idl-ju V y aijhy BgqfN dI sM g q,
Is an elixir; but how can that be your destiny?(278)
smJo rsfien hY , pr ieh qY n U M ikQo N nsIb?(278)

dIn aqy du n IafN do v y N hY r fn hn, Both, the heaven and the earth, are in predicament,
ies hWdo N vWD hY r fnI kfrn pry s L f n hn[(279) And being in a dilemma, they are perplexed.(279)

jd iksy nU M aijhI pivWqR aqy rWbI ieWCf hY , Any one who possesses godly and pious aspiration,
Au s df gu r U aM q R I v igafn df mflk hY [ (280) Must receive eternal knowledge from his holy guide.(280)

rWb nfl iml cu k y gu r mu K ipafry qY n U M Au s nfl imlf idM d y hn, The celestially enlightened ones lead you to meet God,
Au h amr dO l q prfpq krdy hn[(281) As they have secured the nectar of immortality.(281)
iek igafnvfn leI ey h I iek amr prfpqI hY ,
This is the eternal achievement for an enlightened one,
ieh kQn afm msL h U r hY , ies nU M sB jfxdy hn[(282)
This fact is well-known and acclaimed universally.(282)
igafnvfn, phM u c y ho e y aqy Au s sL h u nfl iml cu k y pry m I, The self-realised, enlightened, and affectionate devotees,
sdf Au s df nfm hI jpdy hn[(283) Forever meditate upon his name.(283)

rWb df nfm jpxf hI Au n H f N dI bM d gI hY , To recount the godly name is their worship,

rWb dI amr dO l q Au s y df rfh drsfNdI hY [ (284)
And eternal prosperity leads to his path.(284)
jd amr dO l q afpxf mu K Vf ivKfvy ,
qU M rWb df ho igaf aqy rWb qy r f ho igaf[(285) When the eternal prosperity displays its semblance,
Deem that, you belong to the Almighty and the Almighty belongs to
jy kr idl qy rWb df prCfvfN pY jfvy , you.(285)
qfN idl dy pY r ivco N ,smJo , ivCo V y df kM z f inkl igaf[(286)
If the heart is silhouetted by the godly shadow,
ivCo V y df kM z f jd idl dy pY r qo N inkl igaf, Deem that the thorn of the separation is eliminated from the core of the
qfN idl df mM d r rWb nfl vs igaf[(287) heart.(286)

Au s pfxI dy kqry vfNg,ijhVf sfgr ivc jf izWgf, When the thorn of the separation goes out of the core of the heart,
S s fgr bx igaf,(rWb dy crnI ZiTafN nU M } rWb df imlfp ho
The heart’s chamber is inhabited by the Almighty’s existence.(287)
Like the drop of water which falls into the river,
And submerges into the water, (the godly beings) seek the godly
jd kqrf sfgr nfl rl igaf, Once when the drop amalgamates into the river,
Au s ipCo N Au h Au s qo N aWz nhIN ho skdf[(289) It does not remain subject to separation.(289)

kqrf jd diraf vl nU M vg dO i Vaf, When the drop flows towards the river,
vWKrf ho ky Au s nU M afpxy iek kqrf hO x df pqf lWgf[(290)
It perceives the value of its independent identity.(290)
pr jd kqry nU M ieh amr imlfp prfpq ho igaf,
qfN vfsqv ivc Au s dI mu r fd pU r I ho geI[(291) But when the drop accomplishes the eternal fusion,
In reality, its desire is fulfilled.(291)
kqry ny ikhf, mY N Bfvy N iek pfxI df kqrf sfN,
pr mY sfgr dI cO i Vqx nU M ikvy N imx ilaf hF[(292) Then the drop declares, ‘Although I was just a drop of water,
Yet see how much I have assessed the magnitude of the sea.’(292)
jy mY n U M sfgr ny aiq ikR p f sihq afpxy nfl imlf ilaf,
jy Au s ny ivq qo N bfhrf mY n U M afpxy nfl imlf ilaf hY [ (293) If the river, very kindly, has accepted (drop) me,
It has merged me into its own self.(293)
qy Au h sfgr dI cO i Vqx ivco N iek lihr vfNg Au i Taf,
lihr bx igaf,qy lihr bx ky Au s ny sfgr nU M pR x fm
Then it (drop) emerged out of the vastness of the river accompanying
the waves,
And in form of a wave, it supplicated the river.(294)
ey s y qrH f N hr bM d f jo rWb nfl iml igaf, Similary, the human-being who blends with the Almighty,
bM d gI dy mfrg Au p r pU r n ho igaf[(295) Achieves perfection in the avenues of worship.(295)

lihr aqy sfgr asl ivc Bfvy N ieko hn, The wave and the river, although, seem amalgamated into one,
iPr vI lihr aqy sfgr ivc bVf PL r k hY [ (296)
Still variation in between the river and the wave is conspicuous.(296)
mY N qfN iek lihr hfN, qU M anM q sfgr hY N ,
my r y aqy qy r y ivc qfN Drq aqy afkfsL vflf PL r k hY [ (297) I am just a wave but you are unfathomable sea,
And there is as much divergence between us as between the sky and
mY N qfN ku J vI nhIN,ieh sB ku J qy r I hI bKisL s L hY , the earth.(297)
mY N vI qfN qy r I pivWqr pR i kqI dI hI iek lihr hfN[(298)
Although I am obscure, I am endowed with your benevolence,
qY n U M mhfN pu r KfN dI sM g q dI lo V hY , Because I am still a wave in your pious creation.(298)
qY n U M sB qo N pihlfN iesy dI lo V hY [ (299)
You need the congregation of the holy men,
Au h pU r n kfdr ku d rq rfhIN idsdf hY , Above all, you just secure them (i.e. waves).(299)
isrjn-hfr afp afpxI ku d rq ivc vsdf hY [ (300)
The perfect creator appears in his creation,
As the creator dwells in his own creation.(300)
kfdr aqy ku d rq iek imk ho e y ho e y hn, The creation and the creator are fused into one,
mhfN pu r K rWb qo N ibnfN sB mfl iqafg idM d y hn[(301) And the pious ones, forsake all in their entirety, except the Almighty,
qfN qy qY n U M vI,hy my r y do s q! ieh inrnf krnf cfhIdf hY ,
ik rWb kO x hY aqy qM U kO x hY N ?[(302)
Then, you too, O My Friend, will have to decide,
Who the Almighty is and who you are.(302)
jy qy r f Au s rWb dI jL f q nfl my l ho igaf hY ,
qfN ibnfN bM d gI dy ho r ko e I bcn nf kih[(303)
If you have got blended with that divine entity,
ieh sB ku J Au s y dI bM d gI dI bdO l q hY , Except his worship, utter no other word.(303)
ibnfN bM d gI ijL M d gI {ky v l}sL r imM d gI hY [ (304)
As, all there is, it is due to meditation upon him,
rWb ny vI bM d gI leI Prmfieaf hY , Without his worship, the life remains a dishonour.(304)
jo ko e I vI Au s df bM d f ho igaf, Au h sO K f ho igaf[(305)
The Almighty, too, has proclaimed (for us) to revel in the worship
ijs ny vI mM U h o N ikhf mY N rWb hfN, And any one who becomes his devotee, achieves the bliss.(305)
sL r H f ny Au s nU M mnsU r vfNg sU l I qy cVH f idWqf[(306)
Who so ever claimed, ‘I am the Almighty,’
Sharah* put him like Mansoor on the gallows.(306)

(* Islamic code of religious conduct.)

rWb dI msqI asl ivc sdf hI ho s L ivc rihxf hY , Infusion in the godly ecstasy, keeps one conscious,
igafnvfnfN leI nINd vI jfgrqf hY [ (307) And for the enlightened ones, even sleeping is realization.(307)

asl ivc by a db nU M afpxI krnI df Pl imldf hY , In actuality, the disobedience is repaid for its doings,
ikAu N ik adb hI sfirafN nU M rfh ivKfAu x vflf hY [ (308)
But it is the submission, which leads to the kindly light.(308)
jy k r qU M isr qo N pY r fN qWk rWb df rU p ho igaf hY N ,
aqy jy Au s lfsfnI pU r n pu r K dy nfl iml igaf hY N [(309) If you have epitomised the Almighty from head to feet,
And want to merge into that unique entity,(309)
qfN iPr bM d gI df rfh PV,
Au s y df bM d f ho jf aqy afpxf rfh PVI rWK[(310) Adopt the way of worship,
Become his serf and keep walking in your avenue.(310)
hr hflq ivc rWb nU M hfjL r vy K ,
Au s nU M hfjL r nfjL r jfx,Au s nU M sb ku J vy K irhf smJ[(311) Under all circumstances regard him as present,
And deem him omnipresent, and as observing all.(311)
rWb dy rfh qy siqkfr qo N Cu t ko e I isiKaf nhIN,
Au s rWb dy ZU M z fAU leI hu k m ivc rihx qo N ibnfN nhIN
On the route to the Almighty, there is no other lesson except to adore
And for the godly searchers, there is no way except to remain in his
rWb dy ZU M z fE sdf siqkfr sihq rihM d y hn, The seekers of the Almighty forever remain in submission,
rWb dI Xfd ivc sdf siqkfr BrpU r ivcrdy hn[(313) And they always sojourn and stroll around in respect.(313)

sqkfr-hIn nU M Au n H f N dy rfh df kI pqf? What does an impertinent one know about his way,
by - adb rWb nU M kdI nhIN vy K skdf[(314)
As the disrespectful one can never envisage the Almighty?(314)
sqkfrhIn nU M kdI vI rWb df rfh nhIN lWBdf,
ko e I vI Bu l V rWb qk nhIN pu j sikaf[(315) A disrespectful one can never find the godly avenue,
And no forgetful one has ever found the righteous way.(315)
sqkfr hI rWb df rfh-ivKfAU hY ,
sqkfr hIn rWb dI imhr qo N vfNJf rihM d f hY [ (316) Only respectfulness shows the way to the divine domain,
And the disrespectful one remains devoid of the celestial
sqkfr hIn rWb df rfh ikvy N jfx skdf hY , benevolence.(316)
jo rWb dy kihr kfrn iDrkfiraf jfNdf hY [ (317)
How can a disrespectful one realize the godly avenue,
jy kr qU M rWb dy BgqfN dI Cqr Cfieaf hy T kdI jfey N , Because he is condemned through the divine curse ?(317)
qfN qY n U M Au Q y sqkfr dI isiKaf imly g I[(318)
If you take protection under the umbrella of the devotees of the God,
You will be imparted respectful assignments.(318)
sqkfr hIn ieQy af ky sqkfr dI isiKaf dy x vfly bx jfNdy The disrespectful ones approach this place and become the teachers of
hn, honour.
ieQy af ky bu i Jaf ho i eaf dIvf vI jhfn nU M ro s L n krn lg jfNdf Here, even an extinguished lamp endows light to the world.(319)
hY [ (319)
Oh, My Almighty, shower the knowledge upon every impertinent one,
hy vfihgu r U ! qU M hr by a db nU M adb bL K sL ,
qfN jo Au h afpxI afXU qy r I Xfd ivc lM G f sky [ (320) So that he may expend his life in your recollection.(320)

hy jIv! jy k r qY n U M rWb dI Xfd df su a fd af jfvy , O, Being if you relish the taste of godly reminiscence,
qfN, hy Bly pu r sL , qU M amr ho jfey N gf[(321) O you the Virtuous One, you will become immortal.(321)

ies imWtI dy srIr nU M ies leI siQr jfx, Deem this body of dust as everlasting,
ikAu N jo Au s df pR y m Au s jfn dI gVH I ivc af itikaf hY [ (322) Because his love has taken abode in this fortress.(322)

rWb df pR y m aqy cfE afqmf df jIvn hY , The godly fondness and enthusiasm are breath for the soul,
Au s dI Xfd isdk eImfn dI pu M j I hY [ (323)
And his remembrance is the treasure of faith and belief.(323)
rWb df cfE hr idl ivc ikvy N Gr kr skdf hY ,
Au h imtI dy srIr ivc ikvy N pnfh lY skdf hY ? (324) See, how the godly yearning dwells in each heart,
And how can he take lodging in the house of dust.(324)
pr jd rWb dy ÈO k ny qy r I shfieqf kIqI, But when the fondness for the Almighty comes to your rescue,
qF iPr sdIvI dO l q,smJo , qy r y hWQ lg geI[(325) Deem the everlasting wealth falling in your hands.(325)

Au s dy rfhfN dI DU V aWKfN leI su r mf hY , The dust of his avenues is collyrium for your eyes,
igafnvfnfN leI ieh DU V qfj qKq nflo N vI vDy r y mWu l dI
And, for the enlightened ones, such dust is superior to the royal
hY [ (326)
sWcy igafnvfnfN dI rIqI anu s fr
ies du n IafN dI dO l q itkx vflI cIjL nhIN[(327) In the light of truthful consciousness,
The temporal wealth is not a perpetual commodity.(327)
rWb df ismrn qy r y leI sdf jL r U r I hY ,
rWb df ismrn qY n U M siQr bxfAu N df hY [ (328) The meditation upon the Almighty is ever imperative for you,
As the godly worship keeps you dispassionate.(328)
afrPL f N dI apxq rWbI igafn nfl hu M d I hY ,
rWbI igafn dI prpqI Au n H f N dI jfn ivc smfeI hu M d I hY [ (329) The enlightened ones are imbued with the celestial knowledge,
And the yearning for the godly awareness is strewn in their blood.(329)
rWb dy pR y m df afsrf siQr hY ,
Au N j BFvy N hr cVH f Au nU M Au q rfAu hY [ (330)
The shelter of the godly affection is resolute,
Though every rise has its downfall.(330)
rWb dy sL O k df kmfl sdIvI hY ,
kfsL rWb dy sL O k df iek ikxkf hI prfpq ho jfvy ?(331) The fondness for the Almighty’s wonders is eternal,
Alas! an iota of his affection could be gained!(331)
ijs iksy nU M { ieh sL O k df ikxkf} prfpq ho igaf, Au h amr ho
The one who achieves (even an iota), becomes immortal,
asl ivc Au s dI afsL f pU r n ho geI[(332)
As, verily, his aspirations are fulfilled.(332)
jd Au s dI Au m Id Pl afeI,
rWb dy sL O k df iek ikxkf Au s dy idl ivc vs igaf[(333) When his expectations bear fruit,
A speck of the godly fondness inhabits his heart,(333)
Au s dy vfl vfl co N aM i mR q co N df hY ,
jhfn Au s dI su g M D I nfl jIAu N Au T df hY [ (334) The nectar drips from each one of his hair,
And the whole world rejuvenates through the aroma.(334)
BfgfN vflf hY Au h bM d f ijs nU M ik rWb prfpq ho igaf,
aqy ijs ny rWb qo N ibnfN hr cIjL qo N mU M h mo V ilaf[(335) Fortunate is the man who achieves the Almighty,
And renounces everything except him.(335)
du n IafN dy By s ivc rihM d y ho e y vI Au h du n IafN qo N alo p hY ,
rWb dI jL f q vfNg Au h vI Cu i paf rihM d f hY [ (336)
In spite of subsisting in the worldly guise, he is imperceptible,
And, like the godly-being, he likes to remain obscured.(336)
Apparently he may seem to be a slave in the handful of dust,
bfhro N Bfvy N Au h mWu T Br imWtI dI kY d ivc idsdf hY , But, internally, he remains permeated by the company of the
pr aM d ro N Au h sdf prmfqmf dy sM g vsdf hY [ (337) Almighty.(337)
bfhro N Bfvy N Au h iesqR I qy bWcy dy mo h ivc idsdf hY ,
Visibly he seems to be engrossed in the love of wife and child,
pr asl ivc Au h sdf afpxy rWb nfl rihM d f hY [ (338)
But, in reality, he always remains bonded with the Almighty(338)
bfhro N Au h Bfvy N lb lo B vl Ju i kaf idsy ,
pr Au s df aM d rlf rWb dI Xfd nfl pivqR rihM d f hY [ (339) Seemingly, he appears to be absorbed in greed and voracity,
But his innermost remains chaste with the godly reminiscence.(339)
bfhro N Bfvy N Au h AU T fN Go i VafN vl iDafn dy irhf idsy ,
pr Au s df aM d rlf sM s fr dI Kp KM z qo N inafrf rihM d f hY [ (340) Presumably, his attention is diverted towards the camels and the horses,
But, his inner self is indifferent to the worldly affairs.(340)
jL f hfrf qfN Bfvy N Au h so n y cfNdI vl Ju i kaf idsy ,
pr aM d ro N Au h jl Ql df mflk hu M d f hY [ (341) Overtly, he may have an inclination to gold and silver,
But, in fact, he abounds (celestially) in water and land.(341)
hO l I hO l I Au s df aM d rlf pR g t ho jfNdf hY ,
asl ivc Au h su g M D I dI sM d U k VI bx jfNdf hY [ (342)
Slowly and steadily his innermost becomes apparent,
He develops like the box of sweet aromas.(342)
Au s df aM d rlf bfhrlf iek smfn ho jfNdf hY ,
do v y N jhfn Au s dy hu k m nU M pflx vfly ho jfNdy hn[(343) Internally and outwardly he achieves harmony,
And both the domains become obedient to his commands.(343)
Au s dy idl ivc aqy jIB pr sdf rWb dI Xfd rihM d I hY ,
Au s dI jIB idl bx jfNdI hY aqy idl jIB bx jfNdf hY [ 344)
Both his heart and his tongue, are strewn with divine retention.
The heart is transformed into a tongue and the tongue into a heart.(344)
rWb nfl imly ho e y sM q fN ny ieAu N PL r mfieaf hY ,
ik rWb dy bM d y Au s dI bM d gI ivc sO K y aqy Ku s L rihM d y hn[(345)
The divinely accomplished ones have expounded,
Au s sWcy pfqsL f h dI mflkI aqy vizafeI mM n I pR m M n I hY [ That godly beings remain happy and prosperous in celestial
ies rfh qy clx vfly pfNDI nU M my r I nmskfr hY [ (346) recollection.(345)

ies rfh df mu s fiPr afpxy aWzy qy pu j igaf, The dominance and prominence of the True Being is honourable.
aqy Au s df idl Au m r dI prfpqI qo N vfkPL ho igaf[(347) I pay my obeisance to the travellers proceeding on this path.(346)

rWb dy bM i daf nU M qfN Au s dI bM d gI dI hI lo V hY , The way-farer progressing on this course, has reached the destination,
rWb dI bM d gI dy sL O k df ipaflf sdf Clkdf rihM d f hY [ (348)
And his mind has achieved the awareness of his conquests.(347)

The godly beings just need his reminiscence,

As the cup of godly fondness, when full, always overflows.(348)
Au s sWcy prvdgfr nU M hI mflkI so B dI hY , The dominance is the prerogative of the True Lord,
Au s scy pfqsL f h ny hI ies imtI dI mu T nU M rO x k bKL s L I hY [ (349) And that Lord has endowed brightness to this, handful of dust.(349)

rWb dI Xfd dy cfAu ny Au s nU M vizafeI bKL s L I , The passion for the divine remembrance bestowed upon him the honour,
rWb dy ÈO o N k ny Au s nU M mfn siqkfr bKisL a f aqy Au s nU M sfry By q fN
And the godly fondness enlightens him on all the secrets.(350)
qo N jfxU kIqf[(350)

imWtI dI mWu T I rWb dI Xfd nfl cmk Au T I, Then this handful of dust sparkled through his recollection,
Au s dy idl ivc rWb dI Xfd df cfAu TfTfN mfrn lg And in his heart the divine love radiated.(351)
Let us sacrifice ourselves for that Accomplished All-powerful being who,
ku r bfn jfeIey Au s srb smrQ kfdr qO , ijs ny , With a drop of water, transforms this dust into a glittering sun.(352)
pfxI dy iek kqry qo N ies imWtI nU M sU r j vfNg cmkf
idWqf[(352) Let us sacrifice ourselves for the dust which became luminous,
And, which was endowed with such a benediction.(353)
ku r bfn jfeIey , Au s imWtI qo N ijhVI pR k fsL m fn ho geI,
aqy ijs nU M aijhIafN brkqfN prfpq ho e IafN[(353)
Applause, for the nature, which bears the godly fruits,
And which has bestowed the power of eloquence upon this handful of
vfh vfh Au s dI ku d rq qo N ijhVI sWc df Pl ilafAu N dI hY ,
aqy ijs ny mu W TI Br imWtI nU M bo l x dI dfq bKL s L I [(354) dust.(354)
rWb dI Xfd hI ies ijL M d gI dI prfpqI hY , The divine reminiscence is the accomplishment of this life,
ku r bfn jfeIey Au s aWK qo N ijhVI sc qy mo h q hu M d I hY [ (355) And we adore the vision, which is captivated by the veracity.(355)

ikWzf su B fgf hY Au h idl, ijs dy aM d r rWb df cfAu hY , How auspicious is the heart, wherein lies the fondness for the Almighty!
vfsqv ivc Au h rWb dy pR y m df DfrnI ho jfNdf hY [ (356)
In fact it becomes paradigm of godly affection.(356)
su B fgf hY Au h ijs ny Au s sWcy rfh qy prxfm kIqY ,
Fortunate is the head which paid the obeisance on the righteous path,
aqy jo KU M z I vfNg cfAu dI gy N d nU M lY Bijaf[(357)
And, like the pole-stick, took away the ball of kindness.(357)
su B fgy hn Au h hWQ ijnH f N ny Au s dI isPL q sL l fGf ilKI,
su B fgy hn Au h pY r , ijhVy Au s dI glI ivco N lM G y [ (358) Felicitous are the hands which transcribed his admirations,
And propitious are the feet, which passed through his avenues.(358)
BlI hY Au h jIB jo Au s df nfm jpdI hY ,
Blf hY Au h ihrdf jO Au s df iDafn Drdf hY [ (359) Virtuous is the tongue, which revels in his name,
And tender is the heart which remains in his meditation.(359)
sfzy srIr dy aM g aM g ivc Au h vsdf hY ,
Au s dy sL O k dI Du n hr nr nfrI dy isr ivc smfeI ho e I hY [ (360) He dwells in all the parts of our body,
And the affection for him is permeated through each male and female
sfrIafN KfihÈF aqy ieWCfvF Au s sWcy vl lfeIafN ho e IafN hn, All the desires and aspirations are directed towards him,
Au s df cfAu ro m ro m ivc smfieaf ho i eaf hY [ (361) And euphoria for him is enshrined in every hair.(361)

jy qU M cfhu M d f hY N ,ik rWbI igafn df mflk ho jfey N , If you want that you may hold the celestial knowledge,
qfN qU M afpxI jfn Au s pR I qm qo N vfr dy , qfN jo qU M Au s pR I qm df
Sacrifice your life and unify your existence with his being.(362)
rU p ho jfvy N [(362)

jo ku J qy r y ko l hY , Au s sWcy pR I qm qo N vfr dy , Sacrifice for the True Lord, whatever you possess,
Au s dy dsqrKL f n qo N pl Br leI tu k Vy cu x [(363) And for a moment pick your crumbs from his dining-place.(363)

Au s dy sWcy igafn dI jy pU r I pU r I cfh ho jfvy , When you are satisfied with the awareness of his true knowledge,
qfN qy r f mno r Q avWsL prfpq ho jfvy [ (364) Obviously, your objectives are fulfilled.(364)

jd rWbI igafn df sU r j afpxy nU r df iek jL r f vI bKL s L dy v y , When the sun of the celestial cognisance confers just a speck of its
qfN qY n U M Au m r PL l prfpq ho jfvy [ (365) resplendence,
You achieve the fruit for your whole life,(365)
qy r f nfm jhfn ivc Au W cf qy ro s L n ho jfvy g f,
rWbI igafn df sL O k qy n U M hr-mn ipafrf bxf dy v y g f[(366)
Your entity, then, exhilarates and glitters,
And the godly eagerness earns you adorability of the people.(366)
ijs iksy nU M rWbI igafn df cfAu pY d f ho igaf, Whosoever develops the godly affection,
qfN Au s dI ku M j I nfl idlfN dy jM d ry Ku l H gey [ (367) Through his key all the locks are undone.(367)

qUM vI afpxy idl dy jMdry nUM KolH aqy, You, as well, open the lock of your heart,
ies Cu p y ho e y KjL f ny ivco N anM q DM n pR f pq kr[(368)
And from this hidden treasure acquire untold amount of the wealth.(368)
Au s ivc any k fN lfl aqy jvfhr hn,
qy r y mfl ivc any k fN sL f hI mo q I hn[(369) Therein, there is abundance of pearls and diamonds,
And in your lot, many royal gems are writ.(369)
jo ku J vI qU M iPr cfhy N gf, hy vzy mrqby vfly ,
qY n U M ies ibaM q KjL f ny ivco N prfpq ho jfvy g f[(370) O you the Honourable One, whatever you may desire,
It will be available to you from this infinite treasure.(370)
qfN qy qU M rWb dy cfhvfnfN nU M bu l f,
qfN jo qU M Au n fN pfso N aijhf ÈO k prfpq kr sky N [(371) Go, and gather round the godly enthusiasts,
So that you can acquire such celestial fondness.(371)
jy kr qy n U M rWb df sWcf ÈO k qy cfAu prfpq ho igaf,
qfN ienH f N dI sM g q dI bKisL s L qY n U M jL r U r asr kry g I[(372)
If you perceive the true attachment for the Almighty,
The benevolence of their company will enliven you.(372)
Bfvy N sfry idlfN ivc rWb qo N isvf ho r ku J nhI, Although nothing dwells in all the hearts except the Almighty,
pr sWcy igafnvfnfN dI afpxI ivsL y s L Aw u c I pdvI hY [ (373) Yet the truly enlightened ones have their unique lofty status.(373)

rWb dy hfl df igafnvfnfN qo N ibnf ho r ko e I vfikPL nhIN, Godly state is not discerned by any one except the knowing ones,
afrP isvf Au s rWb dy jfp dy ho r ko e I bo l nhIN bo l dy [ (374)
And the illuminated ones do not utter anything except reciting his
bfdsL f hfN ny afpxf rfj Bfg iqafg idWqf,
aqy Au h iBKfrIafN vfNg glI glI GM u m dy iPrdy rhy [ (375)
Even the kings relinquished their sovereignties,
ik Au s rWb dI sWcI Xfd krdy rihx, And went round like mendicants through the streets.(375)
aqy do h fN jhfnfN dy jnm mrn qo N mu k q ho jfx[(376)
To enable themselves to remain imbued with the godly remembrance,
jy k r ies mfrg df jfxU iml jfey , And to attain emancipation from the cycle of birth and death.(376)
qfN rfj kfj dy mno r Q pU r y ho jfx[(377)
If one meets a guide on such a path,
jy sfry lsL k r rWb dy qflb ho jfx, Then all the purposes of sovereignty are fulfilled.(377)
qfN sc mu c Au h sWcy igafnvfn ho jfx[(378)
If all the (armed) forces become the seekers of the Almighty,
As a matter of fact, they all will achieve edification.(378)
jy k r ies mfrg df pfNDI iml jfey , If the traveller discovers a guide on that Path,
qfN Au h ies bfdsL f hI qo N ikAu N mU M h mo V y ? (379) Why should he decline to accept this sovereignty.(379)

sWc df bIj jy idl dI Ky q I ivc bIj lY x , If the seed of truth is sowed into the garden of the heart,
qfN idlfN qo N Brm df prdf Au T jfvy [ (380)
Then the veil of ignorance is lifted away from the core.(380)
jy kr rWb df ismrn Au n H f N dy idlfN ivc itk jfvy ,
Au h jVfAU qKq qy pWkI qrH f N bR f jmfn ho jfx[(381) If the godly meditation lodges in their hearts,
They possess the diamond-studded eternal throne.(381)
Ao u n fN dy ro m ro m ivco N sWc dI su g M D I afAu N dI hY [
hr ko e I Au n fN dI sM g q dI sM u g DI nfl su r jIq ho jfNdf hY [ (382) Through their every hair, the aroma of the truthfulness is emitted,
And every one is invigorated by the fragrance of their company.(382)
jy kr pU r n siqgu r U ny Au n H f N nU M Qhu pqf idWqf hu M d f, qfN rWb df
nfm Au n H f N dy srIrfN qo N bfhr nf hM u d f(Bfv, Au n fH N nU M rWb dI Their bodies would not renounce the divine name,
prfpqI afpxy ihrdy rU p I Gr ivc hI ho jfNdI)[(383) Had the reverend preceptor shown them the way.(383)
ijM d gI df aM i mR q ihrdy rU p I Gr ivc hI hY ,
The life’s nectar is retained in the inner most of the heart,
pr ibnfN siqgu r U dy du n IafN nU M pqf nhIN lgdf[(384)
But, without the preceptor, the world cannot know it.(384)
jd ik Au h sWcf pfqsL f h(qy r I)sL f hrg qo N vI ny V y hY , That true entity is nearer to you than your own aorta,
qfN hy axjfx! qU M jM g l by l y ikAu N BO N df iPrdf hY N ?(385) Why are, you, the Ignorant One, roaming around in the jungles.(385)

jd ies mfrg qo N jfxU qy r f rfh ivKfvf bx jfvy , When the torchbearer of this road becomes your avenue-leader,
qfN qY n U M sM g q ivc hI ey k fNq prfpq ho jfvy g f[(386)
You will attain the solitude inside the congregation itself.(386)
jo ku J vI Au n H f N pfs hu M d f hY ,
Au h sB ku J ieko vfr hI iqafg idM d y hn[(387) Whatever they possess,
They abdicate just in an instant.(387)
Au h pU r n igafnvfn dy ipCy tu r dy hn,
qfN ik Au h scy rWb nU M prfpq kr lY x [(388) They follow the perfect knowledgeable one,
So that they can achieve the true being.(388)
pU r n sM q qY n U M vI pU r n sM q bxf idM d f hY ,
aqy qy r IafN sfrIafN ieCfvfN nM U pU r f kr idM d f hY [ (389) An absolute preceptor converts you into a perfect saint,
And fulfils all your aspirations.(389)
sWc qfN ieh hY ik rWb df rfh PL V ,
qfN jo qU M vI sU r j vfNg cmk pvy N [(390)
The truthful criterion is that you embrace the divine attribute,
So that you, too, can shower resplendence like the Sun.(390)
sWcf rWb qy r y idl aM d r qy r I idldfrI krdf hY , The true God provides you sweetheartedness,
pU r f siqgu r U qy r I shfieqf krdf hY [ (391) And the perfect preceptor helps towards that.(391)

jy k r qY n U M ies rfh df jfxU iml jfvy , If you come in contact with a leader on this path,
qfN qY n U M afpxy aM d r hI hr prkfr df mfl mqfa iml
Through your insight alone, you can find all the commodities.(392)
jfvy [ (392)

ijs iksy nU M pU r f siqgu r U iml igaf, One who comes across the perfect preceptor,
Au s ny sWcy igafn df qfj Au s dy isr qy rWK idWqf[(393) The latter puts the crown of true wisdom upon his head.(393)

sWcf aqy pU r f gu r U rWb dy By q fN qo N jfxU krvf idM d f hY , The true and the perfect preceptor unravels the godly mysteries,
aqy jigafsU amr dO l q prfpq kr lY N df hY [ (394) And the seeker achieves the celestial wealth.(394)

do N vy N jhfn Au s dy hu k m dy bM d y hn, Both the worlds are under his command,

do v y N jhfn Au s qo N vfrI jfNdy hn[(395) And both the worlds are devoted to him.(395)
asl aihsfn rWb df sWcf igafn hY ,
The true obligation is the truthful godly thought,
igafnvfnfN nU M amr dO l q afpxf mU M h vKfAu N dI hY [ (396)
And to the enlightened ones, the eternal truth is revealed.(396)
jd Au s ny afpxf pR B U pCfx ilaf, When one recognises one’s Almighty,
qfN smJo Au s ny amr jIvn dI pU M j I prfpq kr leI[(397) Deem him as the one who captures the celestial riches.(397)

Au h qfN qy r y idl aM d r vsdf hY , pr qU M bfhr nsdf hY N [ He dwells in your heart but you are searching around,
Au h qfN qy r y Gr ivc hY , pr qU M hWj leI dO V df iPL r df hY N [(398)
And he dwells in your abode but you are running towards Mecca, the
Muslim Holy Place.(398)
jd Au h qy r y ro m ro m qo N pR g t hu M d f hY ,
qfN qU M Au s nU M lWBx leI bfhr ikQy jfNdf hY N ?(399)
He is depicted through every hair of yours,
qy r y ihrdy rU p I Gr aM d r rWb df nU r ieAu N cmkdf hY , Where are you running outside in his search.(399)
ijvy N nU r fnI cM d rmfN afkfsL Au p r cmkdf hY [ (400)
In your divine heart, celestial resplendence is shining,
qy r IafN hM J U a fN BrIafN aWKfN ivco N vy K x vflf qfN Au h hI hY , Just as the glittering moon is shining in the sky.(400)
aqy qy r I jIB Au p r rWb df hu k m bo l df hY [ (401)
Through your tear-filled eyes, only he is worth beholding,
qy r f ieh srIr rWb dy nU r nfl ro s L n hY , And your eloquence proclaims the godly command.(401)
sfrf sM s fr rWb dy nU r nfl ro s L n hY [ (402)
Your body is resplendent with the godly brilliance,
And even the whole universe is glittering with his magnificence.(402)
pr qU M afpxy (aM d rly ) hfl qo N vfikPL nhIN,
idn rfq qU M afpxy krmfN krky hI hY r fn hY N [(403) But you are not aware of your own self,
And remain in predicament on account of your actions.(403)
pU r n siqgu r U qY n U M rWb df jfxkfr bxf idM d f hY ,
Au h ivCo V y dy jL K m dI pIVf dI mlH m pWtI krdf hY [ (404)
The perfect preceptor can endow you with godly realisation,
As he effects the dressings upon the impairments of the (celestial)
qF jo qU M vI rWb dy my l IafN ivco N ho jfvy N ,
qy qU M idl df mflk ho jfvy N ,ny k su B fAu vflf ho jfvy N [(405) segregation,(404)

qU M Au m rfN bWDI rWb dI qlfsL ivc hY r fn hu M d f irhf, So that you may join the fraternity of godly compatriots,
iesy leI qU M sdf pry s L f n hu M d f irhf[(406) Enabling yourself to secure your heart and embracing kind
qy r I hI kI gWl hY ? sfrf sM s fr hI Au s leI hY r fn hY ,
ieh asmfn aqy co Q f afkfsL , sB pry s L f n hn[(407)
All your life you remained in the search of the Almighty,
ieh afsmfn Au s dy Au d fly ies leI Gu M m df hY , And that kept you in dilemma through out.(406)
ikAu N jo Au h rWb dy cfAu nfl ny k su B fv hY [ (408)
Not only you but the whole world is in perplexity,
And so are the heaven above and all the four regions.(407)

The heaven above is revolving around him in an ecstasy,

Because, due to celestial fondness, it has attained kind heartedness.(408)
sfry sM s fr dy lo k Au s leI hY r fn pry s L f n hn, The people of the world, are in amazement about him,
ijvy N PL k Ir Au s nU M glI glI lBWdy iPrdy hn[(409) Just like the mendicants who roam around in the streets in search for
do h fN jhfnfN df bfdsL f h idl ivc vsdf hY
pr ieh(srIr)imWtI aqy pfxI nfl ilbiVaf ho i eaf hY [ (410)
The sovereign of both the worlds is in the heart,
But the body is smeared with the dust and water.(410)
jd qy r y idl ivc rWb dy sWcy srU p ny afpxf afkfr bWDf,
qfN hy sWcy rWb dy Bgq, qy r I sfrI jL f q Au s y dy cfAu df rU p bx
geI[(411) When the true godly entity established its place in your heart,
O My True Celestial Devotee, your whole being was elated through his
sWcy df srU p hI sWcy dy nfm df insL f n hY , fondness.(411)
sWc dy ipafly ’ co N aM i mR q pI[(412)
The entity of the true one is the mark of true name,
Au h ijs nU M mY N Gr Gr ZU M z df irhf, Relish the true nectar from the love of the true one.(412)
mY N acfink Au s nM U afpxy Gr dy K ilaf[(413)
The one whom I have been searching at various abodes,
ieh ikrpf sWcy qy pU r y siqgu r U dI hY ,
Suddenly I found at my own abode.(413)
jo ku J mY n U M cfhIdf hY , Au s qo N prfpq ho jfNdf hY { (414)
This is the benevolence of the true and perfect preceptor,
Whatever I desire, I gain from him.(414)
idl dI ieh mu r fd ibnF Au s qo N iksy dI pU r I nhIN ho e I, But for him, the inner aspirations are not fulfilled,
hr iBKfrI nU M sL f hI dO l q prfpq nhIN hu M d I[(415) As every beggar cannot acquire the royal riches.(415)

gu r U qo N ibnfN ho r iksy df jfp nf kr, Except the preceptor, bring not any name on your tongue,
pU r f siqgu r U hI sWcy rWb df pqf dy skdf hY [ (416)
Because, only the perfect mentor leads you to the Almighty.(416)
hr vsqU dy mu r sL d Bfvy N any k fN hn,
prM q U pU r f siqgu r U kdo N iksy nU M imldf hY ? (417) Although every entity may have many preceptors,
But the perfect mentor is rarely accessible.(417)
Au s pivWqr prmfqmf ny idl dI kfmnf pU r I kr idWqI,
Au s ny tWu t y ho e y idl nU M afrfm bKisL a f[(418) That Almighty, the pious one has fulfilled my ambitions,
And endowed consolation to the detached heart.(418)
pU r f siqgu r U hI rWb dI asl prfpqI hY ,
ikAu N jo Au h hI idl aqy jfn nU M su K bKsL x vflf hY [ (419) The attainment of the perfect preceptor is the divine achievement,
As he is the one who procures solace for the mind and the body.(419)
pihlfN qF, hy idl, qU M afpxy afpy nU M imtf dy ,
qfN jo Au s dI glI ivc qY n U M sWcf rfh iml jfey [ (420)
Above all, O My Mind, you liquidate your own SELF,
So that you can proceed on his avenue of veracity.(420)
jy k r qU M pU r n siqgu r U qo N jfxU ho jfey N , If you get the acquainted with the true mentor,
qfN sihjy hI qU M ies idl df mflk bx jfey N [(421) You will, easily, master your mind.(421)

ijs iksy ny afpxy afp nU M nhIN imtfieaf, The one who did not relinquish his ego,
rWb ny Au s nU M afpxy By q fN qo N jfxU N nhIN kIqf[(422)
He was not acquainted with the mysteries of the Almighty.(422)
jo ku J vI hY , Au h Gr ivc hI hY ,
qU M idl dI Ky q I dI sY r kr,igafn df dfxf iesy ivc hY [ (423) Whatever there is, it is in your own abode,
Roam around in the meadow of your heart as the seed of knowledge is
jd pU r n siqgu r U qy r f rfh ivKfAU ho v y , lying there.(423)
qfN qU M afpxy rWb qo N {pU r I qrH f N} vfkPL ho jfvy N gf[(424)
If the perfect preceptor becomes your path-leader,
jy k r qy r f idl qY n U M rWb vl pry r lvy , You will attain the true knowledge of the Almighty.(424)
qfN qy r y ro m ro m ivco N rWb {dy nfm} dI brKf ho x lg pvy [ (425)
If your mind leads you on the celestial path,
qfN iPr iesy du n IafN ivc qy r I mu r fd pU r I ho jfvy , Every hair of yours will shower the godly name,(425)
qU M jL m fny dy gL m fN aqy aM d y i sL a fN Au q y imWtI pf[(426)
In this very world your wish will be gratified,
And you just disregard worries and the misgivings of the world.(426)
qy r y srIr qo N bfhr ko e I vsqU nhIN, Nothing is beyond your body,
qU M iCn pl leI afpxy afp nU M pCfx {qfN shI}(427) Just try to recognise yourself for a moment.(427)

jy kr qU M ieh jfx lvy N ik qU M kO x hY N ,qy rWb kO x hY , If you acknowledge who you are and who the Almighty is ,
qNf qY n U M rWb dI sWcI dfq sdf leI prfpq ho jfvy [ (428)
The true benevolence of the Almighty will be yours forever.(428)
mY N kO x hu M d f hfN? ky v l EprI imWtI dI iek mWu T df iek ikxkf,
ieh sB dfq mY n U M afpxy mu r sL d qo N nsIb ho e I hY [ (429) Who am I? Just a speck out of handful of ostensible dust,
All this bounty has come to me through my preceptor.(429)
DM n hY pU r n siqgu r U , ijs ny apfr ikR p f nfl,
ies mu W TI nU M Au h pivqr nfm bKisL a f[(430) And exalted is that preceptor through whose benevolence,
This handful of dust has been endowed with the pious godly name.(430)
vfh vfh Au s pU r n siqgu r U dy , ijs ny
sfzy vrgy aM n H y idlfN nU M Drq afkfsL qy ro s L n kr idWqf[(431) Salute to that impeccable preceptor, who,
Enlightened us, the oblivious hearts, by according temporal and celestial
DM n hY siqgu r U , ijs ny idl nU M cfAu bKisL a f, resplendence.(431)
DM n hY siqgu u r U , ijs ny idl dy bM D n qo V idWqy [ (432)
Admirable is the preceptor, who grants ecstasy to the mind,
And meritorious is the preceptor, who got the heart liberated from
DM n hY siqgu r U ijs ny rWb qo N jfxU N krvf idWqf, Praiseworthy is the preceptor who imparted the divine acquaintance,
R r M j aqy gL m fN qo N mu k q kr idqf[(433) And emancipated the heart from sorrows and adversity.(433)

DM n hY siqgu r U ijhVf lfpqf rWb dy nfm Splendid is the preceptor who, by the grace of the concealed One,
dy sdky amr jIvn bKsL d f hY [ (434)
Bestows upon us an eternal life.(434)
DM n hY Au h pU r n siqgu r U , ijsny iek pfxI dy
kqry nU M cM n vfNg ro s L n kr idWqf[(435) Glorious is that preceptor who has transformed,
Just a drop of water into the radiating moon.(435)
DM n hY Au h siqgu r U aqy DM n hn Au s dIafN bL K isL s L f N,
ijs qo N my r y ijhy lWKfN ku r bfn jfNdy hn[(436) Marvellous is that preceptor, and fabulous is his benevolence,
And for him, millions like me sacrific themselves.(436)
Au s df nfm Drq aqy afkfsL ivc smfieaf ho i eaf hY ,
Au s qo N hr sL r DflU dI kfmnf pU r I hu M d I hY [ (437) His name is infused into both, the earth and the heaven,
And through him every devotee gets his desires fulfilled.(437)
ijhVf vI Au s dy bcn su x ky pR s M n -icq ho i eaf,
Au h smJo sdf leI rWb dy snmu K ho igaf[(438)
One who feels satisfied listening to his expositions,
May be deemed gaining the presence of the Almighty forever.(438)
rWb sdf Au s dy hjL U r rihM d f hY , The Almighty forever stays as his protector,
rWb df ismrn sdf Au s dy ihrdy ivc rihM d f hY [ (439) And the divine meditation always prevails upon his mind.(439)

jy kr qY n U M rb dy snmU K ho x dI cfh hY , If you are desirous of communicating with the Almighty,

qF qU M pU r n siqgu r U dy snmu K ho [ (440)
Seek the audience of the ideal preceptor.(440)
pU r n siqgu r U rWb df hI rU p hu M d f hY ,
pU r n siqgu r U dy drsL n jfn aqy idl nU M TM z pfNAu N dy hn[(441) The absolute preceptor is the epitome of the Almighty,
The glimpse of the impeccable preceptor soothes the soul and the
pU r n siqgu r U rWb df hI rU p hu M d f hY , mind.(441)
ijs ny Au s qo N mU M h mo i Vaf, Au h rWd ho igaf[(442)
The exemplary preceptor in reality is the embodiment of the Almighty,
pU r n siqgu r U sWc qo N Cu W t ho r ku J nhIN kihM d f, And the one who declines him, is discarded.(442)
Au s qo N ibnfN ies aiDafqmk Bfv dy mo q I nU M iksy nf
ivinH a fN[(443) The flawless preceptor does not promote anything but the Almighty,
And without him no one has ever threaded this divine pearl.(443)
M m Y N Au s dy aihsfnfN df sL u k r ikQo N ku qk krfN?
jo ku J my r I jIB qy afAu N df hY Au h I gL n Imq hY [ (444)
How far can I go on thanking for his benevolence?
Whatever my eloquence gets, I deem it my good luck.(444)
jd rWb ny idl nU M gM d gI qo N sfPL kr idWqf, When the Almighty got my mind rid of profanity,
qfN pU r n siqgu r U ny ies nU M bu W DI bKL s L I [(445) The unblemished preceptor impressed upon it the intelligence,(445)

nhIN qfN rWb df sWcf rfh ikvy N lBdf, Otherwise how could I seek the true kindly light,
aqy sWc dI pu s qk ‘co N sbk ikQo N imldf?[(446)
And how could I seek the true lesson from the book of veracity?(446)
ieh sB ku J jd gu r U dI ikrpf kr ky hY ,
qfN jo gu r U nU M nhIN jfxdf,Au h mnmu K hY [ (447) When all this I have attained through the preceptor,
Any one who does not recognise the preceptor, is an apostate.(447)
pU r n siqgu r U idl dy ro g dU r krdf hY [
qy r y idl dI kfmnf idl ivc hI pU r I kr idM d f hY [ (448) The perfect preceptor removes all afflictions of the mind,
And all the desires prevailing in your heart are fulfilled.(448)
jd pU r n siqgu r U ny idl dI nfVI bu J leI
qfN ijM L d gI ny Au m r dI prfpqI smJ leI[(449) When the inviolate preceptor discerns your pulse,
Your life deems it as an absolute achievement.(449)
pU r n siqgu r U sdkf Au m r nU M sdIvI jIvn imldf hY ,
Au s dI ikrpf nfl idl dI mflkI prfpq hu M d I hY [ (450)
Through the flawless preceptor, the eternity is awarded to the life,
And through his benevolence mastery over the mind is attained.(450)
ieh jIv Au s y dI prfpqI leI hI jnimaf hY , The being is born to achieve him;
aqy Au s y dy ivCo V y ivc dIvfnf ho i eaf iPrdf hY [ (451) And now, feeling alienated, he is roaming around insane.(451)

ieh sWcf sO d f sWc dI du k fn qy hI hu M d f hY , This commodity of truth is available at a shop of truth,

pU r n siqgu r U rWb df icM n H hu M d f hY [ (452)
The unblemished preceptor is a celestial symbol.(452)
pU r n siqgu r U qY n U M pivqR q f bKL s L d f hY ,
aqy qY n U M so g dy KU h co N kWZ lY N df hY [ (453) The perfect preceptor endows you with the piety,
And takes you out of the dungeon of afflictions.(453)
pU r n siqgu r U idl dy rM g dU r krdf hY ,
ijs nfl idl dI kfmnf idl ivc hI prfpq ho jfNdI hY [ (454) The inviolate preceptor erases the mind’s tinge,
And consequently the heartfelt desires get gratified within the heart.(454)
sM q dI sM g q ajb dO l q hY ,
ieh sB sM g q dy afsry hI hY [ (455) The enlightened one’s company is a unique treasure,
And through the pious congregation, it is accessible.(455)
hy my r y ajL I jL , my r I gWl su x ,
qfN jo qY n M U jfn aqy srIr df By q pqf lg jfvy [ (456)
O My Cherished One, heed me,
So that you can distinguish between the body and the soul.(456)
qU M rWb dy BgqfN dy Zu M z fAU a fN df sWjn bx jf, You become the confidant of the devotees of the Almighty,
rWb dy jfp qo N ibnfN ho r ko e I sL b d jIB qy nf ilaf[(457) And, in your eloquence, don’t recount any word except the divine
qU M imWtI ho jf[ rWb dy BgqfN (dy rfh) dI Du V ho rhu ,
qU M ies ho C I du n IafN leI icM q fqu r nf ho [ (458)
You epitomise yourself as dust, spread in the avenues of the godly
jy kr qU M pR y m dI sL f n vflI pu s qk pVH lvy N ,
qfN qU M pR y m dI pu s qk df srnfvfN bx jfey N [(459) And don’t be worried about this shallow world.(458)

rWb df pR y m qY n U M rWb df hI rU p bxf idM d f hY , If you perceive the anecdotes extoling the love,
aqy do h fN jhfnfN ivc Au W cf aqy isr kZ bxf idM d f hY [ (460} Then you become the title of the book of adoration.(459)

hy rWb jI!mM y r y ies idl nU M pR y m df rfh dWs, The godly affection bestows upon you the celestial embodiment,
aqy afpxy ivsL y s L pR y m dy cfAu df rs bKL s L [ (461) And makes you to expend life with a head held high in both the
qfN jo qy r I Xfd ivc my r f idn rfq gu j L r y ,
qU M mY n U M iPL k rfN aqy gL m fN dI kY d qo N mu k qI bKL s L [ (462)
O, My Almighty, Lead my mind to the avenues of affection,
And endow me with the passion to grace your unique love,(461)

So that all my days and the nights are passed in your recollection,
Enable me to relinquish the slavery of the worries and sorrows.(462)
qU M aijhI dO l q bKsL jo sdIvI ho v y , Endow me with such a wealth, as is eternal,
aqy aijhI sM g q bKsS jo gL m fN nU M dU r krn vflI ho v y [ (463) And bless me with a congregation that eliminates all my adversities.(463)

qU M aijhI nIaq bKL s L jo sWc dI pu j frI ho v y , Bestow upon me intentions, which beseech the truth,
aqy aijhI ihM m q bL K L s L , jo rWb dy rfh qy jfn vfrn vflI
And grant me the courage to sacrifice myself for the godly domains.(464)
ho v y [ (464)

jo ku J BI ko l hY , qy r y rfh Au q y ku r bfn kr dy v F, Whatever is in my possession, I may sacrifice for you,

jfn aqy idl rWb dy rfh Au q y ku r bfn kr dy v F[(465) And lay down my life and mind on your righteous path.(465)

my r y ny q R f N nU M drsL n fN df su a fd bL K L s L , Endow my eyes, with discernment of your glimpse,

my r y idl nU M By q fN df KL j L f nf bL K L s L [ (466) And grant to my mind the treasure of your mysteries.(466)

sfzy ies lWTy ho e y idl nU M cfAu bKL s L , Accord to our mean hearts the fondness for you,
sfzy gly nU M bM d gI df ptf bL K L s L [ (467) And around our necks, set the collars of meditation.(467)
sfzy ivCo V y nU M imlfp dI cfh bL K L s L ,
Equip our alienation with the spirit of tryst,
sfzy srIr dI pWq-JV qy ikrpf kr[(468)
And be benevolent to our lives heading towards the autumn.(468)
sfzy hr iek vfl nU M jIB kr dy x dI ikrpf kr, Turn each of our hair into a tongue,
qF jo asIN svfs svfs rWb dI isPL q slfh krIey [ (469) So that we can extol the Almighty in our each breath.(469)

rWb dI isPL q kihx su x n qo N pry hY , The praise of the Almighty is beyond any attempt,
sWcy pfqsL f h dI ieh kQf glI glI (su x INdI) hY [ (470)
And this anecdote of the True King is widespread in all the avenues.(470)
kI qY n U M pqf hY ik ies glI df kI Bfv hY ?
Au s dI isPq slfh khu ho r ku J nf khu [ ey h I jIvn hY [ (471) Do you know what the significance of this avenue is?
Nothing else but him exalt and that is the real living.(471)
Au s dI bM d gI ivc ijAU N xf sB qo N Au W qm hY ,
Bfvy N ko e I isr qo N pY r fN qk vI mfilk ikAu N nf ho v y [ (472) To subsist in his worship is the ideal living,
May a personbe through and through an overlord.(472)
jy kr Au h siq srU p vfihgu r U ihM m q bKL s L y ,
qfN bM d y nU M Au s dI bM d gI sdky kmfl prfpq ho jfvy [ (473) When he, the embodiment of truth, endows courage,
The man, through worship, achieves perfection.(473)
bM d gI bM d f ho x df kmfl hY ,
bM d gI hI ijL d gI df insL f n hY [ (474)
The worship is the wonder of manliness,
And the worship is the emblem of life.(474)
bM d y dI ijM L d gI ey h bM d gI hI hY , Man’s life is only in the worship,
ieh rWb dI bM d gI hI asl ijL M d gI hY [ (475) And this worship is the true life of the man.(475)

jy k r qY n U M ijL d gI dy insL f n dI lo V hY , If you desire to achieve an emblem for your life,

qfN qy r y leI rWb dI bM d gI krnf hI Au i cq hY [ (476)
The meditation upon the Almighty is the only way.(476)
ijQo N qk ho sky qU M sy v k bx,sfihb nf ho ,
bM d y nU M bM d gI ibnfN iksy ho r vsqU dI qlfsL nhIN hu M d I[(477) Don’t try to domineer, rather toil to become a server,
And except veneration, there is nothing more to explore.(477)
imWtI df ieh srIr rWb dI bM d gI krky hI pivWqR hY ,
bM d gI ibnF ho r sB sL r imM d gI {df kfrx} hI hn[(478) This body of dust is virtuous through the adoration for the Almighty,
As, except godly reverence, rest is all dishonour.(478)
qU M bM d gI kr, qfN jo (Au s dI drgfhy ) kbU l ho v y N
aqy hAu m Y N aqy mnmu K fN dy cfly CWz[(479) You prevail in worship to get acceptance,
Rather than adopting the criteria of the egoists and the apostates.(479)
{ieh bM d gI} idlfN dy mflkfN nU M cM g I lgdI hY ,
iesy bM d gI kfrx qy r f mrqbf Au w c f hM u d f hY [ (480)
(This worship) behoves the hearty people.
Through that worship your status is enhanced.(480)
pU r n siqgu r U ny ieh Pu r mfieaf hY , The perfect preceptor has expounded as such,
Au s ny qy r y ies idl nU M rWb dI Xfd nfl afbfd kr idWqf He has enliven your heart with the godly recollection.(481)
hY [ (481)
Inscribe in your heart the commands of the inviolate preceptor,
qU M pU r n siqgu r U dy ies hu k m nU M idl ivc AWu k r lY ,
So that you can hold your head high in both the worlds.(482)
qfN jo qy r f isr do h fN jhfnfN ivc Au W cf ho v y [ (482)

ieh (hu k m) qy r y qfNby dy srIr nU M ku M d n bxf dy N df hY , This command will turn your body of copper into gold,
ieh ku M d n rWb dI Xfd qo N prfpq hu M d f hY [ (483) And this gold is achieved through the evocation of the Almighty.(483)

ieh ( mfXf rU p I) so n f nfsL v fn hY , aqy sY N kVy afPL q fN df BM v r This mundane gold is destructible and harbinger of many predicaments,
hY [ But the remembrance infused with (celestial) gold is infinite.(484)
siqsrU p vfihgu r U dI jL f q vfNg ieh(bM d gI rU p I) so n f siQr
hY [ (484) The true riches are in the dust under the pious feet,
And this is so real a wealth that it cannot be decimated.(485)
sWcI dO l q prvfn ho e y gu r mu K fN dI crnDU V ivc hY ,
ieh ajy h I sWcI dO l q hY , ijsnU M ko e I hfnI nhIN[(485)
Every spring is followed by autumn, this you have observed,
Though the spring comes too often in this world.(486)
qU M vy i Kaf hY hr bhfr pWq-JV nU M ilafAu N dI hY ( aM q nU M hr Pl
JV jfNdf hY ) ,
Au N j Bfvy N ies sM s fr ivc inq bhfr afAu N dI hY [ (486)
pr ieh(bM d gI rU p I) bhfr prlo qk hrI BrI riM h dI hY , But this spring (of worship) remains prevalent till the doom’s day,
hy akfl pu r K! (ies bhfr nU M ) BY V I njL r nf lgy [ (487) O My Almighty, may it not be affected by malevolent looks.(487)

ijs iksy nM U rWb dy BgqfN dI crn DU V df su r mf iml igaf, Whosoever is blessed with the collyrium of the dust from under the
XkIn jfx,ik Au s dy mu K Vy qy rWbI nU r cmkx lg ipaf[(488)
pious feet,
Believe me, the godly resplendence starts emanating from his
rWbI igafnvfn Bfvy N ies sM s fr ivc hI ivcrdf hY ,
pr asl ivc (aM q f-krn qo N ) Au h rWb df hI Zu M Z fAU hu M d f visage.(488)
hY [ (489)
Although the celestial knower is prevailing in this temporal world,
Au h svfs svfs rWb df ismrn krdf hY , In fact he is, him self, in search of godly consciousness.(489)
Au s dI sL f n ivc Au s y dy nfm dI qu k hr dm pVH d f hY [ (490)
Every breath of his is permeated with divine recollection,
Au h svfs svfs afpxy idl nU M rWb dy iDafn ivc lfeI rKdy And anecdotes of his glorious name are always in his eloquence.(490)
Au h rWb dI Xfd rU p I su g M D I nfl afpxI bu W DI nU M su g M D q krdy Through every breath of his, he puts his mind upon the Almighty,
And with the godly aroma he keeps his heart suffused with celestial
Au h hr dm rWb nfl ju i Vaf rihM d f hY ,
Au s nU M ies jIvn df sWcf Pl prfpq ho jfNdf hY [ (492)
He always remains linked with the Almighty,
And, consequently, he obtains the true fruit of his life.(492)
ies jIvn df Pl gu r U ko l hY , The fruit of this life comes through the preceptor,
rWb df jfp Au s dI rsnf Au q y rihM d f hY [ (493) On whose eloquence, the godly name predominates all the time.(493)

siqgu r U rWb df(sfiKafq) dIdfr hu M d f hY , The perfect preceptor mirrors the absolute Almighty,
ies leI qU M Au s dI rsnf qo N rWb dy By q su x [(494)
Therefore, you must toil to get divine mysteries unravelled through
pU r n siqgu r U rWb df hI rU p srU p hu M d f hY
Au s dI mU r q sdf idl ivc vsdI hY [ (495)
The absolute preceptor is the embodiment of the Almighty,
Au s dI mU r q jd iksy idl ivc vs jfNdI hY , His reflections always remain lodged in our hearts.(495)
qfN rWb df ieko aKWr Au s dy idl ivc Gr kr lY N df hY [ (496)
When his image inhabits any individual heart,
mY N ienfN mo q IafN dy dfinafN nU M ies leI pro i eaf hY , Then only the godly name abides in his mind.(496)
ik ieh qrqIb aigafq idlfN nU M (rWb dy By q fN qo N ) vfkPL kr
dy v y [ (497) I have strung all these beads in this wreath,
So that this measure may impart (awareness) to the ignorant ones.(497)
(ieh grM Q ) ipafly vfNg ijL M d gI dy aM i mR q nfl Biraf ho i eaf
hY ,
Like the cup, this book is brimful with the nectarous existence,
ies leI ies df nfm ‘ijL d gI nfmf’ ho igaf[(498)
And, therefore, it is assigned the name of The Epistle of Life.(498)
ies dy klfm ivco N rWbI igafn dI su g M D I afAu N dI hY , Its text sprinkles the aroma of divine cognisance,
ies nfl iek sM s fr dy idl dI gM Z Ku l H jfNdI hY [ (499) And through this the temporal clusters are unfolded.(499)

ijhVf vI ies nU M rWb dI mihr aqy ikR p f sihq pVH d f hY , One who reads it through the godly benevolence and compassion,
Au h igafnvfnfN ivc siqkfr pfAu N df hY [ (500)
Achieves honours among the enlightened ones.(500)
ies (gR M Q ) ivc pivqR rWbI igafnvfnfN df vrnx hY ,
ieh vrnx bWu D I aqy sU J nU M ro s L n krdf hY [ (501) In it, there is the narration of celestial scholars,
Which enlightens the intellect and the understanding.(501)
hy jfxkfr! ies ivc ibnf rWb dI bM d gI dy ,
ho r ko e I dU j f aKWr drj nhIN[(502) Oh, you the Seeker, in it, except reverence for the Almighty,
There is no mention of any other word.(502)
rWb dI Xfd cfnxy idlfN dI pU M j I hY ,
rWb dI Xfd qo N Cu t bfkI sB ku J ivafrQ hY [ (503) The godly remembrance is the wealth of enlightened minds,
And except the divine reminiscence, rest is all futile.(503)
rWb dI Xfd qo N Cu t ho r ko e I dU j f hrPL nf pVH ,
rWb dI Xfd, hfN rWb dI Xfd, bWs rWb dI Xfd[(504)
Except the evocation to the Almighty, do not perceive any hearsay,
Only the godly retention, only the godly retention and only the godly
hy akfl pu r K! hr mu r Jfey ho e y idl nU M hiraf kr, O My Almighty, endow verdancy to all the putrefied minds,
hr ku m lfey ihrdy nU M hiraf kr[(505) And grant verdure to the decaying hearts.(505)

hy afkfl pu r K! ies bM d y (sy v k) df shfeI ho , O My Almighty, be the protector of this being,

hr sL r imM d y idl nU M su r KrU kr[(506)
And bestow redemption on every disconcerted heart.(506)
hy akfl pu r K! go X f dy idl ivc pry m dI cfh bKsL ,
go X f dI jIB pu r afpxy cfAu df iek ikxkf bL K sL [ (507) O My Almighty, bestow upon Goya’s heart the fondness for devotion.
And sprinkle your affection on the eloquence of Goya, may be just an
qfN jo rWb dI Xfd qo N Cu t ho r dU j f ko e I ismrn nf kry , iota,(507)
qfN jo rWb dy pR y m qo N ibnfN ho r dU j f ko e I sbk nf pVy H [ (508)
So that, except the recollection of the Almighty, he may not indulge in
qfN jo ibnf rWWb dy ismrn dy ho r dU j f ko e I nfm nf lvy , any other worship,
qfN jo ibnfN rWb dy iDafn dy ho r dU j f ko e I sL b d nfN khy [ (509) And also he may not learn any other lesson apart from celestial
{hy akfl pu r K! my r IafN}aWKfN nU M rWb dy dIdfr nfl nU r o nU r kr
dy ,
So that he may not indulge in any other deification,
{my r y } ivco N rWb qo N ibnfN sB ku J dU r kr dy [ (510)
So that he may not recount any other word except God.,(509)

O Almighty, illuminate my eyes with the divine resplendence.

Eliminate all that there is in my heart except the Almighty.(510)
gMjnfmf Ganj Naama
Panegyrical Discourse
vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r The Almighty is Omnipresent

gu r U go i bM d go p fl gu r pU r n nfrfiexih[ Guru Nanak, the perfect mentor, is the sustainer of the earth and inhabitant
gu r idafl smrWQ gu r gu r nfnk piqq Au D frxih[
of all hearts.
He is kind and potent, and redeemer of sinners
my r f idl aqy jfn hr svy r aqy sL f m,
my r f isr aqy mWQf isdk aqy sPfeI nfl
afpxy gu r U qo N ku r bfn jfvy , My mind and being, at down and dusk,
inmrqf sfihq lWKfN vfr ku r bfn ho v y [ (1) (2) My head and forehead, in all reverence,(1)

ikAu N jo Au s ny mnu W KfN ivco N dy v qy pR g t kIqy hn, Serve as offering to their perfect preceptor,
Au s ny imWtI dy jIvF dy mfn siqkfr vDf idWqy [ (3) Thousands of times in humility;(2)

Au s dy siqkfry ho e y sfry hI Au s dy crnfN dI DU V hn Because he has produced the gods out of the humans,
S s fry dy v I-dy v qy Au s qo N ku r bfn hn[(4) And bestowed honours upon these mortals of dust.(3)
Bfvy N hjL f rfN sU r j cM n pey cmkx,
All the acclaimed ones are just the dust of his feet,
pr Au s gu r U qo N ibnfN sfrf jhfn Go r aM n y r f hY [ (5)
And all the gods and the goddesses pay tribute to him.(4)
pfk pivqR mu r sL d rWb df hI nU r hY ,
iesy kfrx Au h my r y idl ivc visaf hY (6) May there be thousands of Suns and Moons glittering,
But without that preceptor, the whole universe remains in darkness.(5)

The pious and ideal preceptor is the embodiment of godly resplendence,

And, consequently, he keeps on predominating my heart.(6)
Au h mnu W K ijhVy Au s nU M Xfd nhIN krdy , The being that does not meditate upon him,
S s mJo ik Au n H f N afpxI jfn aqy idl df Pl ajfeIN gvf May be deemed to have wasted the fruit of his life.(7)
Upon these fields swarming with shoddy fruits,
ies ssqy PlfN nfl Bry Ky q nU M
When he accords satiated vision from a distance,(8)
jd Au h dU r o N rWj ky vy K df hY , (8)

qfN Au s nU M vy K x ivc afnM d prfpq hu M d f hY He feels contented just by looking at them,

aqy Au h Au n fN PlfN nU M qo V n leI nsdf hY [ (9) And races towards them to pluck the fruits.(9)

pr Au s Ky q ‘co N Au s nU M ko e I PL l prfpq nhIN hu M d f But, he gets no fruits from that garden,

aqy Au h Py r Bu K f iqhfieaf aqy kM m jL o r mu V jfNdf hY [ (10) And returns all hungry, thirsty and tired.(10)

siqgu r qo N ibnfN sB ku J iesy qrH f N smJ, And, without the preceptor, deem all the play,
ijvy N ik JfVF aqy kM i zafN nfl Biraf ho i eaf Ky q ho v y [ (11) As if all the fields were strewn with the thorny bushes.(11)
pihlI pfqsL f hI
First Guru - Guru Nanak Dev Jee
(In Prose)
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r
The Almighty is the Truth
The Almighty is Omnipresent
Au s df nfm nfnk pfqsL f h hY qy Au h sWcy Drm vflf hY [ Sovereign Nanak is his name and he is pervaded with righteousness,
Au s ijhf ho r ko e I drvy s L sM s fr ivc nhIN afieaf[(13) No other holy-man, as distinctive as he, has ever been in the world.(13)

Au s dI PkIrI, drvy s L I df isr Au W cf krdI hY , His detachment enhances the pride of the saintliness,
Au s dy sfmH x y sB df kM m jfn vfrnf hY ( 14)
And it becomes every body’s mission to sacrifice life for him.(14)
kI Kfs aqy kI afm, kI PirsL q y qy kI rWbI drgfh dy drsL k ,
sfry hI Au s dI DU V dy jfck hn[(15) The seekers of the Almighty and common on-lookers,
All are toiling for the (divine) dust sprinkled by him.(15)
jd rWb afp Au s dI Au s qiq krdf hY , qfN mY N kI isPq krfN?
Au s dI isPq dy rfh qy mY ikvy N clfN?(16) When the Almighty himself eulogises him, what tribute can I render,
And how can I expound his worthiness?(16)
rU h fN dI du n IafN dy lKfN hI (PirsL q y ) Au s dy mu r Id hn,
ies jhfn dy lWKfN lo k Au s dy mu r Id hn[(17) Thousands from the domain of the spirits are his disciples,
And so are the millions from the temporal world.(17)
aiDafqmk sM s fr dy sfry dy v qy Au s qo N ku r bfn jfNdy hn,
rU h fnI sM s fr dy sfry PirsL q y Au s dy crnfN qy ZihM d y hn[(18)
All Gods from the metaphysical world pay tribute to him,
And all the angels from the spiritual universe bow at his feet.(18)
ies jhfn dy sfry lo k Au s dy bxfey dy v qy hn, All the humans of the world become god-like through him,
Au s df dIdfr hy T fN Au p r sB QfeIN pR k fsL m fn hY [ (19) His image is evident both in the nether and the upper domains.(19)

Au s dI sM g q ivc bY T x vfly sB igafnvfn hn, All in his congregation are knowledgeable,

Au h rWb dI jL f q dI isPL q sL l fGf krx vfly hn(20)
And they rejoice in appreciating the magnanimity of the Almighty.(20)
Au n H F df mfn siqkfr, sQfn aqy mrqbf aqy nfm insS f n rihM d I
du n IafN qk siQq hY , Au h pfk prvdgfr Au n H f N nU M dU i jafN nflo N Their respect, abode, honour and standard
Au c y r f drjL f bKsL d f hY [ (21) Triumph forever; and God endows to them a position higher than
jd do h fN jhfnfN dy mu r sL d ny afpxIafN any k fN
bL L K L i sL s L f N du a frf Au s nU M sM b o D n kIqf [(22) When the Lord of both the worlds addressed,
Him through his benevolence,(22)
qfN Au s ny ikhf ik mY N qy r f bM d f hfN, qy r f gu l fm hfN,
aqy qy r y afm qy KL f s sB bM i dafN dy crnfN dI DU V hfN[(23) He responded, ‘I am your man, I am your slave,
And I am the dust from the feet of both, the high and the low.’(23)
iPr jd Au s nU M ies qrfN sM b o D n kIqf igaf,
qfN bfr bfr iehI Au q r afieaf[(24)
The same way, when he was approached again,
He repeatedly responded with similar reply,(24)
ik mY qy r y ivc (vsdf hfN)aqy qy r y ibnfN ho r ko e I dU j f That I am in you and there is none other like you,
nhIN(idsdf), Whatever I wish, I perform and that is always just.(25)
jo ku J mY N cfhu M d f hfN,Au h krdf hfN aqy Au h I iensfP dI gWl
hY [ (25) Show the world the way of meditation by Me,
And, by dint of My compliments, make them all virtuous.(26)
my r y ismrn df rfh ies jhfn nU M ivKf,
aqy my r I kIqI isPL q nfl sB nU M pivqR kr dy [ (26)
At all the places I am your benefactor and sustainer,
sB QfN mY qy r f do s q aqy qy r I pnfh hfN, I am your helper and I regard you well.(27)
mY N qy r I shfieqf krn vflf hfN,mY N qY M n U M cfhu x vflf hfN[(27)
Who so ever will esteem you high,
ijhVf vI qy r y nfm nU M Au W cf smJy g f, He will, through his mind and soul, acclaim me.(28)
Au h idl jfn nfl my r I isPL q sL l fGf kry g f[(28)
Display to me your lofty self,
mY n U M iPr afpxI aprm afpfr jfq ivKf, And convert my enigmas into simple ones.(29)
my r y aO K y smy N nU M sO K f bxf dy [ (29)
Go to the world, and lead with my kindly light,
qU M sM s fr ivc af aqy rfh-ivKfAu x vflf bx,
Because, without me, this temporal world has no significance.(30)
ikAu N jo my r y ibnf ies jhfn dI jO N Br vI kImq nhIN[(30)
asl ivc jd mY N rfh ivKfAu x vflf hfN, In fact, I show you the way,
qfN qU M ies jhfn df pM D afpxy o pY r fN nfl mu k f[(31) And you go and cover the paths on your own feet,(31)

ijs iksy nU M mY N cfhu M d f hfN aqy Au s nU M rfh ivKfAu N df hfN , Whomsoever I adore, I enlighten him with the avenues,
qy r y kfrx Au s dy idl ivc Ku s L I ilafAu N df hfN{32)
And through you I create happiness in him.(32)
qy ijs nU M mY N kro p nfl ku r fhy pf idafN,
Au h qy r I isWiKaf nfl BI rWb qk nhIN pWu j skdf[(33) And the one whom I put on sordid routes,
Doesn’t regain the Almighty through your guidance even.(33)
ieh sM s fr my r y ibnfN ku r fhy ipaf ho i eaf hY ,
my r y jfxU , jfdU g r bx gey hn[(34) Without me, this universe is proceeding on a dissolute course,
My confidants have turned into magicians.(34)
Au h mu r idafN nU M su r jIq kr idM d y hn,
aqy jIvM i dafN nU M jfno N mfr idM d y hn[(35) They are revelling in reviving the dead,
And are annihilating the loving ones.(35)
Au h aWg nU M pfxI vfNg bxf idM d y hn,
aqy pfxI nU M aWg nfl bu J fNAu d y hn[(36)
They are transforming fire into water,
And then extinguish water with fire.(36)
jo ku J Au h cfhu M d y hn, Au h I krdy hn, They proceed the way they desire,
Au h sB ku J sfmfn Au q y jfdU krn vfly hn[(37) And entangle all the belongings with their magic.(37)

Au n H f N dy rfh nU M my r I vl mO V , You go, and turn their paths towards me,

qfN jo Au h my r y bcn gR i hx kr skx[(38)
So that they can adopt my sermons.(38)
ibnfN my r y ismrn dy Au h iksy jfdU vl nhIN jfx,
ibnfN my r y drvfjL y dy Au h iksy ho r pfsy nhIN jfx [ (39) They may not turn towards any magic instead of remembering me,
And except my portal they may not go to any other side.(39)
ikAu N jo Au h nrkfN qo N CWu t gey hn,
nhIN qfN Au h hWQI bWDI iksy ho r pfsy jfxgy [ (40) As this way they are saved from the hell,
Otherwise, with tied hands, they fall flat.(40)
ieh sfrf jhfn, iek isry qo N lY ky dU j y isry qk,
sWdf dy irhf hY sfrf sM s fr jL u l m kr irhf hY [ (41) From one end to the other, the whole world,
Is wailing and revelling in cruelty.(41)
my r y kfrx Au h gL m I aqy Ku s L I nhIN jfxdy ,
my r y ibnfN Au h sfry hY r fn pry s L f n hn[(42)
Due to me, they don’t distinguish between good and bad,
And without me, they all are in predicament.(42)
Au h iekWqR hu M d y hn,aqy qfirafN qo N , They get together and, with the stars,
hrKL so g dy idn igxdy hn[(43) They count their joys and sorrows.(43)

Au h iPr mM d y BfgfN nU M pqrI ivc ilKdy hn, Unfortunately they write their good and bad fate in their horoscopes,
Au h iPr kdI pihlfN qy kdI ipCo N ajy h f kihM d y hn[(44)
And, at the end, sooner or later, they pronounce,(44)
Au h rWb dy ismrn ivc siQr aqy prpWk nhIN,
Au n H f N sB dI gWl bfq by h flfN vflI hu M d I hY [ (45) They are not solemn and stable in divine rememberance
And their conversation becomes distressing.(45)
Au n H f N sBnfN df mU M h my r y vl Bvf dy ,
qfN jo my r y ismrn qo N ibnfN ho r iksy nU M imqR nf smJx[(46) Divert all their intentions towards me,
So that. except remembering me, they befriend none else,(46)
qfN ik mY N Au n H f N dy kM m (jIvn ivhfr) TIk kr idaNf,
aqy Au n H f N dI mno ibrqI (Drm dI) lo nfl sM v fr idafN[(47) So that I may let them run their life missions smoothly,
And reform their righteousness through my resplendence.(47)
mY N qY n M U ies leI pY d f kIqf hY ,
qfN jo qU M sfry jhfn nU M rfh ivKfAu x vflf bx jfvy N [(48)
I have manifested you,
So that you may become the kindly light for the whole universe.(48)
Au n fN dy ihridafN ivcO N dU e I df mo h kWZ dy , Eradicate their affection towards duality,
Au n fN sfirafN nU M sWcf mfrg ivKf dy [ (49) And show them all the virtuous course.’(49)

pfqsL f h(nfnk)ny ikhf, mY ies dy kI lfiek hfN, The true preceptor responded, ‘How am I worthy,
ik sBnfN dy idlfN nU M isWDy pfsy mO V idafN[(50)
That I may motivate all the hearts towards righteousness?(50)
mY N ikQy qy aijhf kmfl ikQy ?
M m Y N ingu n f ikQy aqy qy r y ( rWb dy ) srU p dI sL f n sL o k q ikqy ? (51) What am I and how lofty is the aim?
Me, just a humble person, and there, you are in all the glory.(51)
prM q U qy r f hu k m isr mWQy qy hY ,
mY N iek iCn pl leI vI Au s qo N gL f PL l nhIN rhfNgf[(52) But still your command is my honour,
And I will never be neglectful; not for moment even.(52)
qU M hI sB df rfh ivKfAU aqy hfdI hY N ,
qU M hI rfh vKfAu x vflf hY N aqy sB dy idlfN nU M (afpxI vl) You are enlightener and great teacher,
mo V x vflf hY N (53) You show the righteous path and direct all the minds.’(53)
dU j I pfqsL f hI
Second Guru - Guru Angad Dev Jee
(In Prose.54)
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r
The Almighty is Truth
The Almighty is Omnipresent
gu r U aM g d hY Au h jo do h fN jhfnfN df mu r sL d hY ,
ENkfr dI bKisL s L nfl Au h gu n ihgfrfN leI rihmq hY [ (55) Guru Angad is the one who is the preceptor of both the worlds.
Through the grace of One Supreme Being, he is benevolent to the sinful
do jhfn qfN kI, Au s dIafN bKisS s L f N nfl ones.(55)
lKfN jhfn hI sPl hu M d y hn[(56)
Not to talk of two domains, through his kindness,
Au s df srIr bKL i sL M d rWb dI imhr df BM z fr hY ,
Au h rWb qo N hI afieaf aqy rWb ivc smf jfNdf hY [ (57) Thousands of other domains are flourishing.(56)

Au h sdf jL f hrf vI qy gu p q vI prgt hY , His manifestation is the magnanimity of the

Au h sdf aM d r bfhr sB QfN mO j U d hY [ (58) Almighty,
He descends from the Almighty and then blends into the Almighty.(57)
Au s dI isPq krn vflf rWb sWcy dI isPq krn vflf hY ,
Au s dI jL f q dy v iqafN dI pu s qk df iek vrkf hY [ (59) He is manifested in both, apparent and obscure,
And he ever prevails both internally and externally.(58)
Au s dI isPq snf do h fN jhfnfN dI jL b fn vI nhIN kr skdI,
Au s dy sfmH x y afqmf df vy h Vf vI qM g hY y [ (60)
One, who exalts him, is the true admirer of the Almighty,
As his being comes straight from the celestial book.(59)

His celestial appreciation cannot be done even by both the worlds,

And for his demeanour even the celestial extent is not enough.(60)
ies leI cM g f iehI hY ik asIN Au s dI vizafeI qo N Au s dI It is, therefore, better if, through his magnanimity,
bL K L i sL s L We gain his generosity and through that earn his command.(61)
aqy Au s dI imhr aqy sKL f vq qo N rWb df hu k m prfpq
krIey [ (61) Our head may always pay obeisance at his feet,
And both, our body and our mind, sacrifice themselves for him.(62)
sfzf isr sdf Au s dy crnfN qy rhy ;
sfzf idl aqy jfn Au s qo N ku r bfn hu M d f rhy [ (62)
Third Guru - Guru Amar Das Jee
qIjI pfqsL f hI (In Prose.63)
(vfrqk - 63) The Almighty is the Truth
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r The Almighty is Omnipresent

gu r U amrdfs Au s mhfn Grfxy ivco N hY , Lineage of Guru Amar Das is pre-eminent,

ijs dI hsqI nU M rWb dy PL j L l aqy krm qo N simgR I imlI hY [ (64) and has been blessed with the boon of grace and benevolence.(64)

isPL q sL l fGf krky Au h sB qo N Au c y r f hY , In view of the acclaims and honours, he is the loftierst of all,
Au h rWb sWc dy afsn qy cO k VI mfrI bY T f hY [ (65)
As he has occupied the celestially resolute seat.(65)
Au s dy bcnfN dy nU r nfl ieh sM s fr jgmgf irhf hY ,
aqy Au s dy iensfPL nfl ieh DrqI aqy du n IafN bfg bixaf Through his expositions, this world is radiating,
ho i eaf hY [ (66) And through his justice the earth and the world are turned into a celestial
aWsI hjL f r lo k feI qfN kI, do v y N jhfn hI Au s dy gu l fm hn, Not just thousands of us, even both the domains have become his slaves,
Au s dI vizafeI aqy imhr igxqI qo N bfhr hY [ (67) As his magnanimity and kindness are beyond description.(67)

cO Q I pfqsL f hI Fourth Guru - Guru Ram Das Jee

The Almighty is the Truth
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r
The Almighty is Omnipresent
gu r U rfmdfs,ijhVf sfrI lo k feI dI pU M j I hY ,
aqy isdk sPfeI dy rfj df rKvflf hY [ (69) Guru Ram Das, is a treasure for the whole humanity,
and is the protector of truthful domain,(69)
Au s ivc rfj aqy jo g do n fN dy icM n H hn,
Au h qfj vfilafN (bfdsL f hfN) df BI qfjdfr (bfdsL f h)hY [ (70) He embraces both, the temporal and the celestial, emblems.
He is the emperor of the ones who support the crowns.(70)
Au s dI Au s qq krn qo N iqnfN lo k fN dI jIBf asmrQ hY ,
Au s dy bcnfN qo N cO h fN vy d fN aqy Cy sL s L q rfN dy mo q I ikrdy To enumerate his honours, the inhabitants of all the three domains feel
hn[(71) humble.
From his eloquence, the pearls of four Vedas and six Shastras pour
rWb ny Au s nU M afpxy Kfs inkt-vrqIafN ivco N cu i xaf hY ,
aqy Au s afpxIafN injI pivqr rU h fN qo N vI Au W icaf kIqf
hY [ (72)
The Almighty has chosen him out of his prominent confederates,
And has elevated his honour much higher than his other pious souls.(72)
kI vWzy aqy kI Co t y , kI bfdsL f h aqy kI PL k Ir , Not to talk of high and low and the sovereigns and the mendicants,
sfry hI sWcy idl nfl Au s nU M mWQf ty k x vfly hn[(73) All pay their obeisance to him from the core of their hearts.(73)

pM j vIN pfqsL f hI Fifth Guru - Guru Arjan Dev Jee

(vfrqk - 74)
(In Prose.74)
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r
The Almighty is the Truth
gu r U arjn bKL i sL s L aqy vizafeI df rU p hY , The Almighty is Omnipresent
rbI sL f n dI aslIaq df ZU M z xhfrf hY [ (75)
Guru Arjan is the embodiment of benevolence and compassion,
Au s df vjU d sfrf rWb dI rihmq df Jlkfrf hY , And he is the searcher of the reality of the celestial superiority.(75)
aqy sdIvI ny k gu x fN nU M vDfAu x vflf hY [ (76)
His semblance renders the glimpse of divine benevolence,
do jhfn kI,lKfN hI Au s dy mu r Id hn, And he is the enhancer of the immortal traits.(76)
sfry hI Au s dI imhr dy aM i mR q rU p I Gu W t pIx vfly hn[(77)
Not to talk of two domains, thousands are his votaries,
rWbI ivcfr vflI bfxI Au s y qo N Au q rdI hY ,
And all of them relish the nectar of his benevolence.(77)
isdk Bro s y vfly igafn BrpU r ly K BI Au s y dy hI hn[(78)
The celestial verses radiate through him,
And all the enlightening discourses as well pertain to him.(78)
rWbI igafn go s t nU M Au s y qo N cmk dmk prfpq hY , Through him come the godly sermons,
rWbI hu s n nU M Au s y qo N inKfr aqy Ky V f afAu N df hY [ (79) And the celestial grace attains its resplendence.(79)

Cy v IN pfqsL f hI Sixth Guru - Guru Hargobind Sahib

(vfrqk - 80) (In Prose.80)
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r
The Almighty is the Truth
gu r U hir go i bM d , bKisL s L df rU p sI, The Almighty is Omnipresent
ijs sdkf mM d BfgI aqy mu r Jfey ho e y lo k vI (drgfhy ) prvfn ho
gey [ (81) Guru Hargobind was the embodiment of benevolence,
Through whom the unfortunate and withered ones got emancipation.(81)
Au s dI bKisL s L aqy imhr pWQr gIitafN nflo N vI vDy r y
(by i hsfb) hY , The number of his benefactions is much greater than all the pebbles,
Au s dI sL f n sL o k q rWb dI sL f n sL O k q hY [ (82) And his resplendence is the brilliance of the Almighty.(82)

Au s df vjU d rWb dIafN rihmqfN df rU p hY , His entity epitomises the godly compassion,
Au h rWb dy dU j y ivÈy È inkt-vrqIaF qO N bhu q agy r y hY [ (83)
And he is far ahead of all the divine adherents.(83)
Au h drvy s L I aqy bfdsL f hI do h fN krky pR i sD hY ,
sfry Co t y vWzy Au s dy hu k m ivc hn[(84) He is renowned through his saintliness as well as regality,
And all, high and low, remain under his obligation.(84)
Au s dy nU r nfl do v y N jhfn ro s L n hn, Both the domains are resplendent through his radiance,
Au s dy drsL n fN dI imhr dy sfry ipafsy hn](85) And everybody is longing for the benefaction of his glimpse.(85)

sqvIN pfqsL f hI Seventh Guru - Guru Har Rai Jee

(vfrqk - 86)
(In Prose. 86)
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r
The Almighty is the Truth
gu r U krqf hir rfie sWc dy pflxhfrf vI hY aqy sWc df DfrnI The Almighty is Omnipresent
vI hY ,
gu r U krqf hir rfie su l qfn vI hY aqy drvy s L vI hY [(87) Guru Har Rai nourishes truth, and adheres to veracity,
And Guru Har Rai is a sovereign as well as a preceptor.(87)
gu r U krqf hir rfie do h fN jhfnfN df bKL i sL s krn vflf hY ,
gu r U krqf hir rfie lo k prlo k do h fN jhfnfN df srdfr hY [ (88) Guru Har Rai is benevolent to both the worlds,
And Guru Har Rai is the forerunner of the lives heretofore and
rWb gu r U krqf hir rfie dIafN bKisL s L f N dI isPq krn vflf hY , hereafter.(88)
sfry Kfs lo k gu r U krqf hir rfie kr ky sPl hu M d y hn[(89)
The Creator gratifies in applauding the generosities of Guru Har Rai,
gu r U krqf hir rfie dI bfxI sWc dI pfqsL f h hY ,
And all the humanity succeeds in its ventures due to Guru Har Rai.(89)
gu r U krqf hir rfie nO N qbkfN (afsmfnfN)nU M hu k m dy x vflf
hY [ (90)
Guru Har Rai’s expositions are the sovereignty of truthfulness,
And Guru Har Rai articulates commands to all the heavens.(90)
gu r U krqf hir rfie bfgL I afN qy isr-iPirafN df isr klm Guru Har Rai is the annihilator of the rebellious and the arrogant,
krn vflf hY , But Guru Har Rai is the benefactor and the shelter of the weak and the
gu r U krqf hir rfie kmjL o r fN aqy inafsirafN df Xfr aqy destitute.(91)
afsrf hY [ (91)
Eighth Guru - Guru Har Kishan Jee
aTvIN pfqsL f hI
(In Prose. 92)
(vfrqk - 92)
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r The Almighty is the Truth
The Almighty is Omnipresent
gu r U hir iksL n imhr aqy bKL i sL s L df rU p hY ,
R r Wb df afpxy sfry Kfs inkt vrqIafN ivco N sB qO N vWD Guru Har Kishan is the manifestation of kindness and benevolence,
slfihaf ho i eaf hY [ (93) And, he is the most admired of God’s nearest adherents.(93)

rWb dy aqy Au s dy ivckfr ky v l iek pWqy df prdf hY , The separating distance between him and the Almighty is just as much
Au s dI ho N d sfrI dI sfrI rWb dIafN imhrfN bKL s L s L f N hn[(94) as the thickness of a leaf.
All of his entity is due to the divine compassion.(94)
S s fry hI Au s dIafN pflxhfr rWbI imhrfN dy svflI hn,
DrqI aqy jL m fnf sB Au s dy hu k mfN nM U pflx vfly hn[(95)
All are the seekers of his celestially sustaining kindness,
Au s y dI imhr kr ky do v y N jhfn sPl hu M d y hn And the earth and the time, all carryout on his orders.(95)
Au s dI imhr krky hr ikxky ivc sU r j dI cmk af jfNdI
hY [ (96) Both the worlds succeed under his generosity,
And due to his goodwill, even an iota attains sun-like splendour.(96)
sfirafN Kfs ipafirafN leI Au s dI rWiKaf vWzI inafmq hY , For all who adore him, his shelter is a blessing,
pfqfl qNo N lY ky afsmfn qWk sfry hI Au s dy afigafkfr And all the beings, from heaven to earth, obey him.(97)
Ninth Guru - Guru Tegh Bahadur
nO v IN pfqsL f hI
(In Prose. 98)
(vfrqk - 98)
The Almighty is the Truth
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r
The Almighty is Omnipresent
gu r U qy g bhfdr isr qo N pY r F qk
vizaFeIaF qy AU c feIaF df ÉËfnf hY , Guru Tegh Bahadur is the epitome of the treasure of compliments and
aqy Au h rw b dI Èfno ÈO k q dI mihÌl dI rO n k vDfAu x vflf hY . honours.
(99) And he embellishes the godly court with splendour.(99)

sWc dIafN ikrnfN Au s dy pivWqr vjU d sdkf rO s L n hn, The rays of truthfulness sparkle through his entity,
do v y N jhfn Au s dI imhr dI bKL s S s S nfl ro s S n hn[(100) And both the domains are illuminated due to his kindness.(100)
rWb ny sfry co x vy N pqvM i qafN ivco N Au s nU M cu i xaf,
From all his honourable ones, he designated him,
Au s ny Au s df Bfxf mM n x nU M sB qo N cM g f anu B v kIqf[(101)
As he had acquiesced to his command as fait-accompli(101)
Au s df ru q bf sfirafN prvfn vWizafN ivc apfr vWzf kIqf,
aqy Au s nM U afpxI ikrpf nfl do h fN jhfnfN df pU j nIk His honour among all the chosen ones is the highest,
bxfieaf[(102) And, through his generosity, he has denoted him as worship-worthy in
both the worlds.(102)
sBnfN df hWQ Au s dIafN bL K L i sL L s L f N dy pWly qy hY , All have their attachment with his beneficence,
Au s df sWcf bl igafn dy nU r qo N Au c y r f hY [ (103) And his true strength emanates from the radiance of the celestial
dsvIN pfqsL f hI
(vfrqk - 104) Tenth Guru - Guru Gobind Singh Jee
vfihgu r U jIE sq vfihgu r U jIE hfjL r nfjL r
(In Prose.104)
(grIbfN df rfKf) gu r U go i bM d isM G —rWb dI riKaf ivc gu r U The Almighty is the Truth
go i bM d isM G -rWb vlo N prvfx gu r U go i bM d isM G [(105) The Almighty is Omnipresent

gu r U go i bM d isM G sWc df KL j L f nf hY , The defender and the protected is Guru Gobind Singh,
gu r U go i bM d isM G smU h nU r dI imhr hY ( 106) Embraced by the Almighty is Guru Gobind Singh.(105)

gu r U go i bM d isM G sWc dy jfnx hfirafN leI sWc hY , The godly treasure is Guru Gobind Singh,
gu r U go i bM d isM G bfdsL f hfN df bfdsL f h hY [ (107) Splendour of celestial kindness is Guru Gobind Singh.(106)
gu r U go i bM d isM G do h fN jhfnfN df bfdsL f h hY ,
Guru Gobind Singh is the kindly light for the seekers of truth,
gu r U go i bM d isM G du s mL n dI jfn nU M kbjL kr lY x vflf hY [ (108)
Guru Gobind Singh is the sovereign of the sovereigns.(107)

Guru Gobind Singh is the monarch of both the worlds.

Guru Gobind Singh is the annihilator of the enemies.(108)
gu r U go i bM d isM G rWbI nU r dI bKL i sL s L krn vflf hY [ Guru Gobind Singh is the shower of divine light.
gu r U go i bM d isM G rWbI rmjL f N nU M Ko l x vflf hY [ (109) Guru Gobind Singh is unraveller of celestial secrets.(109)
gu r U go i bM d isM G prdy ivc lu k IafN gWlfN df igafnvfn hY ,
Guru Gobind Singh discerns the obscured phenomena.
gu r U go i bM d isM G bKisL s L f N vrsfAu x vflf bdWl hY [ (110)
Guru Gobind Singh is the cloud of auspicious showers.(110)
gu r U go i bM d isM G prvfn aqy hr-mn-ipafrf hY ,
gu r U go i bM d isM G rWb nfl ju i Vaf ho i eaf hY aqy jo V n vflf Popularly accepted is Guru Gobind Singh.
hY [ (111) Guru Gobind Singh is united with and is a means to unite men with the
gu r U go i bM d isM G jL m fny nU M jfn bKsL x vflf hY ,
gu r U go i bM d isM G rWb dI imhr df smu M d r hY [ (112) Guru Gobind Singh is endower of existence to the world.
Guru Gobind Singh is the ocean of godly kindness.(112)
gu r U go i bM d isM G rWb df ipafrf hY ,
gu r U go i bM d isM G rWb df qflb hY qy lo k fN df chy q f hY [ (113) Guru Gobind Singh is cherished by the Almighty.
Guru Gobind Singh is in the divine quest and a favourite of the
gu r U go i bM d isM G qlvfr df DnI hY ,
gu r U go i bM d isM G jfn aqy idl leI aM i mR q hY [ (114)

Guru Gobind Singh is an adept in swordsmanship.

Guru Gobind Singh is nectar for the life and the soul.(114)
gu r U go i bM d isM G qfjfN df mflk hY , Guru Gobind Singh is the master of the crowns.
gu r U go i bM d isM G rWb dy sfey df prCfvfN hY [ (115) Guru Gobind Singh is the reflection of the celestial shadow.(115)
gu r U go i bM d isM G hr KjL f ny df KjL f ncI hY
Guru Gobind Singh is the treasurer of all wealth.
gu r U go i bM d isM G hr du K drd nU M dU r krn vflf hY [ (116)
Guru Gobind Singh decimates all agonies.(116)
gu r U go i bM d isM G do h fN jhfnfN df hfkm hY ,
do h fN jhfnfN ivc gu r U go i bM d isM G dy brfbr df ho r ko e I nhIN Guru Gobind Singh is the sovereign of both the worlds.
hY [ (117) In both the realms there is none as good as Guru Gobind Singh.(117)

rWb afp gu r U go i bM d isM G df ZfzI hY , The Almighty, himself, is the minstrel of Guru Gobind Singh.
gu r U go i bM d isM G srvo q m gu x fN df DfrnI hY [ (118) Guru Gobind Singh manifests ideal traits.(118)

rWb dy Kfs bM d y gu r U go i bM d isM G dy crnfN ivc hn, The prominent godly adherents pay obeisance at the feet of Guru Gobind
rWb dy pfk inktvrdI gu r U go i bM d isM G dI afigaf ivc Singh.
The divine followers remain under the command of Guru Gobind
rWb dy prvfn bM d y gu r U go i bM d isM G dy sL l fGfkfr hn,
jfn aqy idl leI gu r U go i bM d isM G (amfn) bKL s L x vfly
hn[(120) The celestially accepted ones applaud Guru Gobind Singh.
The mind and the body are divinely directed by Guru Gobind Singh.(120)
lfmkfn-anM q gu r U go i bM d isM G dy crn cu M m df hY , The infinite one kisses the feet of Guru Gobind Singh.
do h fN jhfnfN qy gu r U go i bM d isM G df ngfrf vjdf hY [ (121) Victory-drums of Guru Gobind Singh are beaten in both dominions.(121)

iqM n y lo k gu r U go i bM d isM G dI afigaf ivc hn, All the three realms are in obedience to Guru Gobind Singh.
cfry KfxIafN gu r U go i bM d isM G dIafN mu h rbM d hn[(122)
All the four corners are under the supremacy of Guru Gobind
sfrf jhfn gu r U go i bM d isM G df gu l fm hY ,
gu r U go i bM d isM G df jo s L du s L m nfN nU M mfr mu k Au x vflf hY [ (123)
The whole universe is a slave of Guru Gobind Singh.
gu r U go i bM d isM G idl df sfÌ aqy vY r Bfv qo N KflI hY , The valour of Guru Gobind Singh is the eradicator of enemies.(123)
gu r U go i bM d isM G afp sWc hY aqy sWc df sL I sL f hY [ (124)
Guru Gobind Singh is plain-hearted and above malice.
gu r U go i bM d isM G sWc df sWcf anu B vI hY , Guru Gobind Singh is the truth and the mirror of truthfulness.(124)
drvy s L gu r U go i bM d isM G pfqsL f h hY [ (125)
The truthfulness of Guru Gobind Singh is pragmatic.
gu r U go i bM d isM G bKL i sL s L f N krn vflf hY , The pious Guru Gobind Singh is the sovereign.(125)
gu r U go i bM d isM G dO l qfN qy inafmqfN dy x vflf hY [ (126)
Guru Gobind Singh showers the benevolence,
Guru Gobind Singh endows the riches and the boons.(126)
gu r U go i bM d isM G sKIafN dI vI sKI hY , Guru Gobind Singh is the most charitable.
gu r U go i bM d isM G rihm krn vfilafN leI vI rihm hY [ (127) Guru Gobind Singh is kind to kind-hearted ones.(127)

gu r U go i bM d isM G inafmqfN dy x vfilafN nU M vI inafmqfN bKL s L d f Guru Gobind Singh endows boons to the endowers of blessings.
hY ,
Guru Gobind Singh is the most sensitive observer.(128)
gu r U go i bM d isM G anu B vIafN df vI anu B vI hY [ (128)

gu r U go i bM d isM G sdIvI qy siQr rihx vflf hY , Guru Gobind Singh remains forever and is resolute.
gu r U go i bM d isM G ny k qy vzy BfgfN vflf hY [ (129) Guru Gobind Singh is compassionate and auspicious.(129)

gu r U go i bM d isM G srbsL k qI mfn vfihgu r U dI imhr hY , Guru Gobind Singh is the embodiment of the omnipotent Almighty.
gu r U go i o b M d isM G rWb dy nU r dI ikrnfN BrI rO s L n I hY [ (130) Guru Gobind Singh is the ray of godly luminosity.(130)

gu r U go i bM d isM G df nfm su x n vfly , Those who listen to to the name of Guru Gobind Singh,
gu r U go i bM d isM G dI bKL i sL s L nfl rWb nU M vy K x vfly ho jfNdy Through the benevolence of Guru Gobind Singh, get godly vision.(131)
Those who praise the entity of Guru Gobind Singh,
gu r U go i bM d isM G dI jL f q dI isPL q sL l fGf krn vfly ,
Achieve the benevolence and generosity of Guru Gobind Singh.(132)
gu r U go i bM d isM G dIafN brkqfN aqy bKL i sL s L f N nU M pR f pq kr lY N dy
gu r U go i bM d isM G dy gu x fN dy ilKxhfry , The narrators of the merits of Guru Gobind Singh,
gu r U go i bM d isM G dI ikrpf aqy imhr nfl nfmvrI pfAu N dy Through the kindness of Guru Gobind Singh attain eminence.(133)
The ones who perceive the glimpse of Guru Gobind Singh,
gu r U go i bM d isM G dy mu K Vy dy drsL n krn vfly ,
Feel exhilarated in the avenues of Guru Gobind Singh.(134)
gu r U go i bM d isM G dI glI ivc Au s dI pR I qI ivc msq ho jfNdy
Those who revere the dust at the feet of Guru Gobind Singh,
gu r U go i bM d isM G dy crnfN dI DU V nU M cu M m x vfly , Through the bounties of Guru Gobind Singh, are accepted.(135)
gu r U go i bM d isM G dIafN inafmqfN kfrn prvfn ho jfNdy
hn[(135) Guru Gobind Singh is adept in all the pursuits.
Guru Gobind Singh is the shelter for the destitute.(136)
gu r U go i bM d isM G hr kfrj dy smWrQ hn,
gu r U go i bM d isM G inafsirafN dy afsrf hn[(136) Guru Gobind Singh is a devotee as well as worthy of veneration.
Guru Gobind Singh is the embodiment of kindness and
gu r U go i bM d isM G pu j frI aqy pU j nIk hn, magnanimity.(137)
gu r U go i o b M d isM G imhr aqy bL K L i sL s L df srU p hn[(137)
Guru Gobind Singh is the chief of the leaders.
gu r U go i bM d isM G srdfrfN dy qfj hn,
rWb pR f pqI leI gu r U go i bM d isM G sB qo N cM g f vsIlf (pO V I) Guru Gobind Singh is the magnificent resource for godly attainment.(138)
sfry pivqR PL i rsS q y gu r U go i bM d isM G dy qfibaf hn, All the angels are in attendance to Guru Gobind Singh,
aqy gu r U go i bM d isM G dIafN bKL s L s L f N dI isPq krn vfly And are the admirers of the beneficence of Guru Gobind Singh.(139)
Even the pious procreator of the world attends upon Guru Gobind Singh.
jgq dI pivqR jnmdfqf gu r U go i bM d isM G dI sy v f ivc rihM d I hY ,
She serves and facilitates Guru Gobind Singh.(140)
aqy gu r U go i bM d isM G dI tihlx, sy v fdfr, hY [ (140)

gu r U go i bM d isM G dy sfmH x y ku d rq dI kI kdr hY ? Even the nature is subordinate to Guru Gobind Singh.
Au h vI gu r U go i bM d isM G dI bM d gI ivc bWDI rihxf cfhu M d I It desires to remain imbued with veneration of Guru Gobind Singh.(141)
hY [ (141)
All the seven heavens are the dust of the feet of Guru Gobind Singh,
sWqy afsmfn gu r U go i bM d isM G dy crnfN dI DU V hn, And are efficient and clever servers of Guru Gobind Singh.(142)
aqy gu r U go i bM d isM G dy cu s q clfk cfkr hn[(142)
The lofty celestial throne is obedient to Guru Gobind Singh.
afkfsL df Au c y r f qL K L q gu r U go i bM d isM G dy hy T hY , Guru Gobind Singh will prevail till the eternity.(143)
gu r U go i bM d isM G anM q ivc ivcrdy hn[(143)
The honour and merits of Guru Gobind Singh are the loftiest,
gu r U go i bM d isM G dI kdr kImq sB qo N Au c y r I hY ,
As Guru Gobind Singh retains an eternal throne.(144)
gu r U go i bM d isM G aibnfsL I isM G fsn dy mflk hn[(144)
gu r U go i bM d isM G sdkf ieh sM s fr rO s L n hY , Due to Guru Gobind Singh, this world is enlightened.
gu r go i bM d isM G sdkf jfn aqy idl gu l jL f r hY [ (145) Through the kindness of Guru Gobind Singh both, the mind and the
soul, bloom.(145)
gu r U go i bM d isM G df mrqbf idn idn vDdf hY ,
gu r U go i bM d isM G qKq aqy asQfn dI sL o B f hn[(146)
The status of Guru Gobind Singh enhances day by day.
Guru Gobind Singh is the honour of the place of regality.(146)
gu r U go i bM d isM G do h fN jhfnfN dy siqgu r U hn,
gu r U go i bM d isM G hr aWK dI rO s L n I hn[(147)
Guru Gobind Singh is truly the preceptor of both the worlds.
sfrf sM s fr gu r U go i bM d isM G dy hu k m ivc hY , Guru Gobind Singh endows the light of discernment to all the
gu r U go i bM d isM G dI sB qo N vWzI sL f n hY [ (148) visions.(147)

do v y N du n IafN gu r U go i bM d isM G df kbIlf hn, The whole universe is under the command of Guru Gobind Singh,
sfry lo k gu r U go i bM d isM G df pWlf PVnhfry hn[(149) And the splendour of Guru Gobind Singh is magnificent.(148)

gu r U go i bM d isM G bKL i sL s L f N krn vfly sÉI hn, Both the domains are in the lineage of Guru Gobind Singh.
gu r U go i bM d isM G hr dr dy Ko l x hfry (hr QfN dy ivjeI )
All the people are holding the apparel of Guru Gobind Singh.(149)
Guru Gobind Singh is liberal in bestowing benevolence.
Guru Gobind Singh is the opener of all the portals.(150)
gu r U go i bM d isM G imhrfN nfl BrpU r hn, Guru Gobind Singh is brimful with compassion.
gu r go i bM d isM G sdfcfr ivc prIpU r x hn[(151) Guru Gobind Singh retains the absolute character.(151)

gu r U go i bM d isM G hr srIr ivc dI rU h hn, Guru Gobind Singh is the eternal soul of all the beings.
gu r U go i bM d isM G hr aWK ivclf nU r hn[(152)
Guru Gobind Singh is the internal glow of each vision.(152)
sfry hI gu r U go i bM d isM G dy { dr qo N } ro j L I prfpq krn vfly hn,
gu r U go i bM d isM G rWb dI imhr dy bWdl vrsfAu x vfly hn[(153) All earn the sustenance from the portal of Guru Gobind Singh.
Guru Gobind Singh showers the clouds of godly kindness.(153)
sqfeI{vlfieqfN} gu r U go i bM d isM G dy iBKfrI hn,
sWqy sM s fr gu r U go i bM d isM G qo N ku r bfn hn[(154) Twenty-seven continents are begging of Guru Gobind Singh.
And all the seven regions sacrifice themselves for Guru Gobind
pM j y ieM d ry gu r U go i bM d isM G dy gu x fN nU M sL o B f dy x vfly hn, Singh.(154)
aqy gu r U go i bM d isM G dy mihlfN dy JfVU - brdfr hn[(155)
All the five elements pay tributes to Guru Gobind Singh,
do h fN jhfnfN Au q y gu r U go i bM d isM G {dI imhr} df hWQ hY , And they remain the servers of the household of Guru Gobind
sfry PL i rsL q y aqy dy v qy gu r U go i bM d isM G sfmH x y qu C hn[(156)

Benevolent hand of Guru Gobind Singh is over both the realms.

All the gods and the angels remain humble in the presence of Guru
Gobind Singh.(156)
{nM d } lfl gu r U go i bM d isM G {dy dr} df iek gu l fm kU k r hY , (Nand) Lal is a slave-dog at the portal of Guru Gobind Singh.
Au h gu r U go i bM d isM G dy nfm dy dL f g vflf hY [ (157) He is endowed with the sign of a stamp of Guru Gobind Singh.(!57)

Au h gu r U go i bM d isM G dy ku W iqafN qo N vI nIc hY , His status is lower than that of the dogs of Guru Gobind Singh.
Au h gu r U go i o b M d isM G dy dsqrKfn qO N Bo r y cu g x vflf hY [ (158)
He is the one who takes the leftover from the dinner of Guru Gobind
ieh (dfs) gu r U go i bM d isM G dy crnfN dI pivWqr DU V I dI bKL i sL s L
df jfck hY [ (159)
This slave aspires for the reward from Guru Gobind Singh,
{rWb kry } ies (nM d lfl) dI jfn gu r U go i bM d isM G qo N ku r bfn Which is the dust from the pious feet of Guru Gobind Singh.(159)
ho v y ,
{rWb kry } Au s df sIs gu r go i bM d isM G dy crnfN qy itikaf May his life be sacrificed for Guru Gobind Singh,
rhy [ (160) And may his head rest at the feet of Guru Gobind Singh.(160)
joiq ibgfs Jote Bigas
(mUl PfrsI) (English)
Splendour of the Light
gu r U nfnk nrfiex df srU p hY , Guru Nanak is the embodiment of the Almighty
inrsM d y h Au h inM r jn aqy inM r kfr df rU p hY [ (1) No doubt, he is immaculate and formless.(1)

rWb ny Au s nU M afpxI biKL s L s L dy nU r qo N Au q pM n kIqf hY , The Almighty has manifested him through his benevolence and splendour.
sfrf sM s fr vzy r IafN bKisL s L f N Au s qo N prfpq krdf hY [ (2)
And the whole universe gains great blessings through him.(2)
rWb ny Au s nU M hr cu x y ho e y qo N Au c y r f cu i xaf hY ,
rWb ny Au s nU M hr Au c y r y asQfn qo N Au c y r f ibTfieaf hY [ (3) The Almighty has adopted him from the chosen ones,
And he has established him much higher than the highest ones.(3)
rWb ny afp Au s nU M do h fN jhfnfN df mu r sL d (siqgu r U ) krfr
idWqf, The Almighty, himself, has designated him as the preceptor of the universe.
by s L k gu r U nfnk prlo k dI mu k qI aqy bKisL s L f N dI rihmq hY [ (4) Without any doubt he is the emancipator and the quintessence of
rWb ny Au s nU M lo k prlo k df sL i hnsL f h kih ky sM b o D n kIqf,
Au s qo N (gu r U qo N ) jfckfN nU M bjL u r gI df so m f imldf hY [ (5) The Almighty has honoured him as a supreme sovereign,
And from him, the seekers achieve source of the reverence.(5)
rWb ny afp Au s (gu r U ) dy Au c y sM G fsn nU M sjfieaf,
rWb ny Au s nU M hr ny k I nfl vizafieaf[(6)
The Almighty, himself, has established him on a high pedestal.
The Almighty has endowed him with all sorts of virtues.(6)
rWb ny sfry Kfs prvfnq inktvrqIafN nU M Au s dy crnfN nfl The Almighty has directed all his adherents towards his feet,
lfieaf, As his victory flag reaches the heavenly heights.(7)
Au s df Piqh dy icM n H vflf JM z f asmfn nfl gWlfN krdf hY [ (7)
The throne of his sovereignty is invariable,
Au s dI pfqsL f eI df qKL q sdf siQr rihx vflf hY ,
And the crown of his high magnificence prevail forever.(8)
Au s dI Au c y r I sL f n df qfj sdf kfiem rihx vflf hY [ (8)

rWb ny Au s nU M vWzI vizafeI aqy sKL f vq bKsL I hY , He has been bestowed with generosity and distinction.
Au s dy kfrx hr ngr aqy dy s L sL o B nIk hY [ (9) Through him all the cities and inhabitation get prominence.(9)

Au h (gu r U nfnk) afpxy pihly ho gu j L r y avqfrfN qo N vI pihlF df He is the forerunner of all the incarnations,
hY [ And in his virtues, he is matchless.(10)
gu r U nfnk kdr kImq qo N sB nflo N vzmWu l f hY [ (10)
Thousands of Brahmas revel in his adoration,
hjL f rfN bR h mf gu r U nfnk dI Au s qiq krdy hn, As his magnificence is greater than that of all the great ones.(11)
sfry vizWikafN dI sL f n nflo N gu r U nfnk dI sL f n vzy r I hY [ (11)
Thousands of Ishars and Indras pay their obeisance at his feet.
hjL f rfN eIsL r aqy ieM d r gu r U nfnk dy crnfN ivc hn,
His status is loftier that that of the lofty ones.(12)
sfry vizWikafN nflo N gu r U nfnk df asQfn Au c y r f hY [ (12)
hjL f rfN DrU vrgy aqy hjL f rNf ibsL n vrgy , aqy iesy qrH f N, There are thousands upon thousands of Dhrus and Vishnus,
any k fN rfm rfjy aqy any k fN kfhn ikR È n[(13) And plenty of Ramas and Krishnas.(13)

hjL f rfN dy v I dy v iqafN aqy hjL f rfN go r KfN vrgy , There are thousands of gods and goddesses and numerous like Gorakhs,
gu r U nfnk dy crnfN qo N afpxI jfn vfrdy hn[(14)
And they all sacrifice themselves at his feet.(14)
hjL f rfN afsmfn aqy hjL f rfN afkfsL , hjL f rfN Drq aqy hjL f rfN
pfqfl, aqy hjL f rfN ggnfN dI ku r sI[(15) Thousands of heavens and thousands of skies,
Thousands of worlds, hells, and paradises,(15)
aqy hjL f rfN qKL q , gu r u nfnk dy crnfN ivc afpxy idl-jfn nU M
{aWKfN vfNg} vCfAu N dy hn[(16) Thousands of couches and thousands of thrones,
lay themselves at his feet with humility.(16)
hjL f rfN ienH f N lo k F aqy hjL f rfN dy v lo k fN nU M U ,
hjL f rfN rWb dy rU p dy dy s S F L aqy hjL f rfN sWcKM z fN,(17) Thousands of people and thousands of demigods,
Thousands godly incarnations and the heavens,(17)
aQvf hjL f rfN vfsIafN aqy hjL f rfN vfisafN nU M ,
aqy hjL f rfN jL m InfN aqy hjL f rfN jL m finafN nU M , (18)
Thousands of inhabitants at thousands of places,
Thousands of earths and thousands of ages,(18)
rWb ny gu r U nfnk dy crnfN ivc sy v kfN vM f g su W t idWqf hY , All are bequeathed by God to Guru Nanak as the servers,
vfry vfry jfeIey rWb dI aijhI imhr aqy bKisL s L qo N [(19) And we are gratified by such divine benefaction.(19)

do v y N jhfn gu r U nfnk sdkf rO s L n hn, Both the realms are glorious due to him,
rWb ny Au s nU M sfry pqvM i qafN nflo N vzy r f bxfieaf hY [ (20)
And the Almighty has infused more resplendence into him than any of
his ancestry.(20)
hjL f rfN afdm aqy hjL f rfN hWvf aQvf hjL f rfN dy v I dy v qy gu r U ,
nfnk dy crnfN qo N bilhfrI jfNdy hn[(21)
Thousands of Adams and thousands of Eves,
hjL f rfN sL i hnsL f h gu r U nfnk dy hjL U r I gu l fm hn, And thousands of deities sacrifice themselves at his feet.(21)
hjL f rfN sU r j cM d rmfN gu r U nfnk nU M inAu N inAu N slfmfN krdy
hn[(22) Thousands of Emperors act as his servers,
Thousands of suns and moons convey to him their humble greetings.(22)
nfnk vI Au h I hY aqy aM g d vI Au h I hY ,
bKisL s L aqy vzI vizafeI df mflk amr dfs vI Au h I hY [ (23) Nanak is him, him is also Angad,
And his embodiment, too, is Amar Das, the benevolent.(23)
Au h I rfmdfs aqy Au h I arju n hY ,
sB qo N vWzf aqy cM g y r f hirgo i bM d vI Au h I hY [ (24)
Him is Ram Das and him is Arjun,
And supreme and kind Hargobind is him too.(24)
Au h I hirrfie krqf gu r U hY , ijs nU M Him is the creator Guru Har Rai,
hr sL Y dI isD pWu T sfP pR g t ho jfNdI hY [ (25) To whom all the noble and the base are evident.(25)

Au h I isr-kWZ hirikS s L n hY , Him is Harkishan the lofty one,

ijs qo N hr hfjqmM d dI mu r fd pU r I hu M d I hY [ (26)
By whom every body’s wishes are fulfilled.(26)
Au h I qy g bhfdr hY [
ijs dy nU r qo N gu r U go i bM d isM G pR g t ho i eaf hY [ (27) Him is Guru Tegh Bahadur,
From whose resplendence Guru Gobind Singh was born.(27)
Au h I gu r U go i bM d isM G hY qy Au h I nfnk gu r U hY ,
Au s dy sL b d jvfhrfq aqy mfnk mo q I hn[(28) Him is Guru Gobind Singh and him is Guru Nanak,
Whose discourses are like the pearls and diamonds.(28)
Au s df sL b d jO h r hY , ijs nU M sWc dI pfn idWqI hY ,
Au s df Èbd mfixk hY , ijs nU M sWc dI cmk bKL s L I hY [ (29) His words are the essence which is laced with truth.
His word is diamond which has been radiated with truth.(29)
Au h hr pivqR bcn qo N vI vDy r y pivqR hY ,
Au h cfr KfxIafN aqy Cy drsL n fN nflo N vI vDy r y Au c f hY [ (30)
He is purer than the purest sermons.
He is above all the Shastras and Philosophies.(30)
Cy pfsy hI Au s dI afigaf dy pflx krn vfly hn, In all the six directions, bearers of his commands prevail,
sfrI pfqsL f hI Au s dy kfrx sdf rO s L n rihM d I hY [ (31) And, due to him the whole domain remains glorious.(31)

Au s dI bfdsL f hI df ngfrf do h fN jhfnfN ivc vjdf hY , The drums of his sovereignty are beaten in both the worlds,
Au s dI Ku d feI du n IafN dI sL f n hY [ (32)
And his godliness is the matter of pride for the humanity.(32)
Au s df Au W cf isqfrf do h fN du n IafN nU M rO s L n krdf hY ,
Au s df Au W cf isqfrf du s L m nfN nU M sfV idM d f hY [ (33) His lofty star endows light to both the worlds,
And his towering star sets the enemies ablaze.(33)
DrqI hy T lI mWCI qo N lY ky Au c y r y anM q dI sImf qk,
sfrI lo k feI Au s dy pivWqr nfm dI idl jfn qo N sy v k hY [ (34) From the deep down fish to the heavenly extremity,
whole creation revers his pious name heart and soul.(34)
bfdsL f h aqy dy v qy Au s dI bM d gI ivc ismrn krdy hn,
Au s df Drm hr Drm nflo N vDy r y vzBfgI aqy ny k hY [ (35) All the temporal and celestial beings revel in his remembrance,
And his creed is more fortunate than any other belief.(35)
kI lWKfN kY s r qy kI lWKfN Kfkfn (mM g o l dy bfdsL f h)
kI axigxq iksrf(nO s L I rvf) qy kI by s L u m fr kfAU s ,
What are many Kaiser1 and what are thousands of Khakans2?
What are numerous Kisras3 and what are several Kaoos4?(36)

(1. Title of Roman Emperor; 2. Title of Emperors of China and Turkey;

3. A king of Iran. 4. A King of Iran – also called Kaikaoos.)
(eIrfn dy bfdsL f h), qy kI PL Y r o N (imsr dy bfdsL f h) qy kI Various are the Foors1, and so are Faghfoors2,
Au W cy mrqibafN vfly PL g PL U r (cIn dy bfdsL f h), They all are just the dust of his feet.(38)
ieh sfry Au s dy crnfN dI DU V hn[
ieh sfry As dy crnfN dy sy v k aqy gu l fm hn[ They all are his servers and slaves,
ieh sfry Au s dy dY v I hu k mfN dI pflxf krn vfly hn
And they all carry out to his celestial commands.(39)
kI ierfn df su l qfn qy kI KL u q n df KL f n, aqy
kI qU r fn df dfrf aqy kI Xmu n df bfdsL f h,
kI rU s dI jL f r aqy kI ihM d u s qfn df su l qfn, What is the Tzar3 of Russia and the Sultan of Hind,
kI dWKx dy hfkm qy kI vzBfgy rfE—(36,37,38,39.40,) And what are the rulers of the South and prestigious Raos4,(40)

pU r b qo N lY ky pWCm qk dy srdfr aqy bfdsL f h Au s dy pivqR From East to West, all the Chiefs and the Kings,
hu k mfN dI jfn pflxf krdy hn[(41) Survive observing and serving his sacred orders.(41)

hjL f rfN ikAU m rs aqy jmsL y d (prfqn eIrn dy bfdsL f h, aqy Thousands of Kioomers5 and Jamsheds6,
jL f r(rU s dy bfdsL f h)Au s dI sy v f ivc iqafr gL u l fmfN vfNg KlO q y Remain with their loins girded up at his service.(42)

1. Name of an ancient king of Kanuj (Iran).

2. Title of Chinese Kings
3. Title of Russian Emperors
4. Title of Indian Rajput rulers
5-6. Iranian rulers.
hjL f rF ru s qm vrgy aqy hjL f rF sfm (ru s qm df bfbf) aqy Thousands like Rustam1, Saam2 and Isfand Yar3,
hËfrF asM P L M d -Xfr(gsqfsp df pu q Wr, ijs nU M ru s qm ny qIr Are his serfs.(43)
nfl aM i nH a F kr ky mfr idWqf sI) vrgy Au s dy gu l fm hn[(43)
Thousands of rivers like Ganges and Jamuna,
hjL f rfN jmnf aqy hjL f rfN gM g f vrgy diraf,
With reverence bend their heads in obeisance.(44)
siqkfr nfl Au s dy crnf ivc sIs invfAu N dy hn[(44)

kI ieM d rfidk aqy kI bR h mfidk, Not to speak of Indras and Brahmas,

kI rfmfidk aqy kI ikR s L n idk-(45) And not to speak of Ramas and Krishnas,(45)

sfry hI afpxI jL b fn nfl Au s dI Au s qq krn qo N asmrQ hn, They all are helpless in adoring him,
aqy sfry hI Au s dI imhr aqy bKisL s L dy jfck hn[(46) And they all are toiling for his benevolence.(46)

hr dIp ivc hr idsL f vl Au s df zM k f vWj irhf hY , In each continent, in each direction he is obeyed,
hr dy s L aqy rfj ivc Au s df nfm siqkfiraf jfNdf hY [ (47) And in each country, his name is exalted.(47)
hr KM z aqy hr bR i hmM z ivc Au s dIafN gWlfN hu M d IafN hn,
In each region and in each domain he is remembered,
sfry sWc dy Au p fsL k Au s dI afigaf df pflx krdy hn[(48)
And the true believers bow to his orders.(48)

1. A brave wrestler of Iran

2. Grandfather of Rustam
3. Name of a king of Iran
pfqfl qo N lY ky sqvy N afsmfn qk sfry y Au s dy hu k m nU M mM n x vfly From the temporal world to the seventh heaven all are his subjects,
hn, From moon down to the fish below the earth, all are his servers.(49)
cM d rmf qo N lY ky DrqI dy hy T lI mWCI qk sfry hI Au s dy sy v k aqy
cfkr hn[(49) His benevolence and kindness are numerous.
His miracles and his antics are celestial.(50)
Au s dIafN bKL i sL s L f N aqy imhrfN by s L u m fr hn,
Au s dI krfmfq aqy Au s dy co j dY v I hn[(50)
The tongues get tied extolling his compassion.
Au s dI isPL q Au s iqq krn qo N jIBfN gU M g IafN hn, His praise is boundless and beyond description.(51)
Au s dI isPq dI gWl krn dI nf ko e I hWd hY aqy nf iksy nU M
mjfl[(51) Kindness is his character and beauty is his nature.
He is renowned for his generosity and known for his bounties.(52)
Au h su B fAu krky sKL I hY , su h Wpx Au s dI KL s lq ivc hY ,
Au h sKfvqfN krky jfixaf jfNdf hY , Au h su g fqfN krky Xfd He forgives all the guilt and is a guarantee for all the humanity.
riM h df hY [ (52) He is the sea of bravery and the sun in the righteous path.(53)

Au h sfrI Klkq dy gu n fhfN dI mu a fPI cfhu x vflf hY , Au h sfrI He is emancipator of the people and saviour of all.
lo k feI df jL f mn hY [ Through his touch, even the dark clouds shine.(54)
Au h sU r mqfeI df smu M d r hY , Au h isWDy mfrg df sU r j hY [ (53)

Au h afm jnqf df mu k qI-dfqf hY aqy Au h sfry lo k fN leI

amfnq hY ,
Au s hI Co h sdkf kfly bdl cmk Au T dy hn[(54)
Au h bKisL s L f N df aiqaM q hY aqy inafmqfN df vWzf smU h hY ,
Au h PY j L f N dI bhu q fq hY aqy sKL f vq dI AWu Q y bs hY [ (55) He is bountiful in kindness and a treasure of generosity.
He is full of charity and there is no limit to his largesse.(55)
Au h akl iensfP dy JM z y nU Ju l fAu x vflf hY ,
Au h ivsL v fsL dy ny q R f N nU M cmkfAu N x vflf hY [ (56)
He flies the banner of justice and good sense,
And he makes the eyes of trustworthiness gleam.(56)
Au h Au W cy mihlfN vflf hY , Au W cIafN hvy l IafN vflf hY ,
Au h afdqfN df sKL I hY , nY x -nksL f N df sfAU hY [ (57)
He dwells in the lofty palaces and prominent mansions,
pivWqr hY Au s dI drgfh aqy Eu c y r f hY Au s df iKqfb, He possesses considerate habits and urbane nature.(57)
hjL f rfN cM n sU r j Au s dy mM g qy hn[(58)
Chaste is his temple and ethical his designation,
Au s dy drjy Au W cy hn, aqy Au h vzI Et hY , And thousands of suns and moons are his beseeching beggars.(58)
cM g y aqy BY V y By q fN nU M jfnx vflf hY [ (59)
His status is high, he is a great protection,
vK vK KM z fN nU M pivWqr krn vflf aqy bKL i sL s L f N df dfqf , And he identifies good from bad.(59)
mrqibafN nU M Au W icafN krn vflf aqy PL j L l fN df smU h hY [ (60)
He is the purifier of different domains and bestower of grace.
He keeps the stature high and is full of goodwill.(60)
sL r fPqfN ivc vzy r f, KslqfN ivc sBnf vlo N sL l fGf Xo g He surpasses in nobility and earns appreciation from all;
ny k afdqfN krky siqkfr Xo g aqy rU p ivc sL o B nIk[(61) Earns respect through his kind habits and is immaculate in looks.(61)
Au s df hu s n kfml rWb dy jfh jlfl df Gy r f hY ,
His semblance is the depiction of the godly splendour.
Au s dI sL f n sL O k q sdIvI aqy aibnfsL I vizafeI hY [ (62)
His pomp and show remains forever and his greatness is eternal.(62)
Au h isPqfN krky su M d r hY , isPqfN ivc sM p U r n hY ,
Au h gu n fhfN df jfmfn (bKsL x vflf) hY aqy jgq df pWK pU r n Due to his qualities he is beautiful and he is perfect to earn acclaim.
vflf hY [ (63) He forgives the vices and supports the world.(63)

qbIaq krky Au h sKI hY , Au h bKisL s L aqy sKfvq df mflk hY , By nature he is benevolent and the master of compassion,
sfry PirsL q y Au s dy sfmH x y sIs Ju k fAu N dy hn[(64) All the angels bow their heads before him.(64)

Au h Drq, akfsL aqy arsL f N df mflk hY , He owns all, the earth, the sky and the heavens,
Au h Drq dy any r y vy h Vy nU M rO s L n krn vflf hY [ (65) And he endows light to the zones under the darkness.(65)
Au h aslo N sfAU p xy aqy bjL u r gI dI rO s L n I hY ,
He, in reality, is the light of graciousness and maturity.
Au h vkfr aqy vizafeI df mflk hY [ (66)
He possesses dignity, and is majestic.(66)
He is the guardian of amenities and distinctions.
Au h PjL I lqf aqy vizafeIafN df vflI hY , He is the cache of beneficence and bounties.(67)
Au h bKisL s L f N aqy inafmqfN df smU h hY [ (67)
He is the climax of magnanimity and wisdom.
Au h sKfvqfN aqy dfnfeIafN df aiqaM q hY [
He is the power of the intellectuals and the impeccable ones.(68)
Au h kfmlfN aqy inpM u n ivakqIafN dI bhu q fq hY [ (68)

Au h By t fN aqy su g fqfN df smU h aqy kmfl srfP hY , He is the treasure of offerings and highly judicious,
Au h inmfixafN dI afjjL I prvfn kr lY x vflf hY [ (69) And he accepts the supplications of the humble ones.(69)

Au h bjL u r gfN aqy bfdsL f hfN df PKr aqy sfAU a fN df srdfr hY , He is pride of the elderly and the kings and the leader of the amiable
Au h PËIlqfN dI bhu q fq aqy su G V su j fn pu r KfN df pR q IinD ones.
hY [ (70) He abounds in greatness and represents the virtuous ones.(70)

Au s dy nU r qo N du n IafN ny su M d rqf,su h Wpx aqy sL f n pR f pq kIqI hY , From his resplendence, the world has attained beauty, handsomeness
Au s dI bKisL s L qO N ies sM s fr aqy sM s fr vfsIafN ny lfB pR f pq and prominence,
kIqf hY [ (71)
And its inhabitants have gained the benefits.(71)
Au s dy hWQ ivc do mo q I sU r j vfNg cmkdy hn,
iek imhr vflf hY aqy dU j f kihr aqy gjL b df insL f n hY [ (72) In his hands, two pearls sparkle like the sun;
One represents the kindness and the other is the sign of affliction.(72)
pihly kfrx ieh jhfn sWc df prdrsL k hY , Due to the former, this world symbolizes the truth,
aqy dU j f sfry aM n y H r y aqy jL u l m nU M nfsL krn hfrf hY [ (73) And the latter annihilates the ignorance and the cruelty.(73)

Au s ny sfry aM n H y r y aqy jL u l m nU M dU r kr idWqf He has eradicated all the ignorance and the brutality,
Au s sdkf sfrI du n IafN su g M D I aqy srU r nfl Br jfNdI hY [ (74)
And due to him, the whole world is abounding with aroma and
Au s df mu K Vf ajL l I nU r nfl rO s L n hY ,
Au s df vjU d rWb dy nU r sdkf aibnfsL I hY [ (75)
His semblance is radiating godly resplendence.
kI vWzy aqy kI Co t y , sfry hI Au s dy dr qy His existence is eternal through the celestial grandeur.(75)
isr invfie gu l fm aqy no k r hn[(76)
All the high and the low, are paying obeisance at his portal,
kI bfdsL f h aqy kI drvy s L , sfry Au s qo N lfB prfpq krdy hn, And are humble servers and slaves.(76)
kI arsL I aqy kI PrsL I jIv, sfry Au s dy sdkf siqkfr pfNAu d y
hn[(77) All, the kings and the preceptors, capitalize the benefits,
And all the celestial and human bodies achieve respect through him.(77)
kI bu W Zy aqy kI nWZy , sfry Au s qo N kfmnf pU r I krdy hn,
kI isafxy aqy kI axjfx, sfry Au s dy sdkf pu M n hfsl krdy
All, the young and the old, fulfil their desires through him,
And so do all the wise and the ignorent obtain virtue.(78)
klju g ivc Au s ny iPr siqju g ku J ies qrH f N lY afNdf hY , He has so engendered Satyug (the Age of Truth) in Kalyug (the Age of
ik Co t y vWzy sfry hI sWc dy Au p fsL k bx gey hn[(79) Darkness),
That all, the high and the low have become the zealots of veracity.(79)
sfrf JU T aqy kU V dU r ho igaf hY ,
kflI bo l I rfq nU r ho ky cmk Au W TI hY [ (80)
All the falsity and perjury have been eradicated,
And the darkness of the night has attained the splendour.(80)
Au s ny jhfn nU M dy v fN aqy dY q fN qo N pfk kr idWqf hY ,
Au s ny ies DrqI qo N sfrf aM n H y r f aqy jL u l m Do idWqf hY [ (81)
He has emancipated the world from the gods and demons,
Au s dy sdkf sM s fr dI rfq rO s L n ho geI hY , And has eliminated all the ignorance and the barbarity from this earth.(81)
Au s dy kfrn sM s fr ivc ko e I jL f lm nhIN irhf[(82)
Through him the temporal night has started sparkling,
Au s dI rfey aqy smJ nfl iek du n IafN sj geI hY , And due to him no merciless person has been allowed to survive.(82)
Au s dy sdky hI hr akl dI dy g Au b flf KfNdI hY [ (83)
Through his advice and understanding the world has been graced,
Au s df pfk qn sfrf aWKfN hI aWKfN hY , And through him every mind is brimming with intellect.(83)
Au s dIafN aWKfN sfmH x y sfrf aWgf ipWCf pR W qK idsdf hY [ (84)
His whole quantum is laced with discerning eyes,
And everything around him has become evident.(84)
sfrI du n IafN df By q Au s qy jL f hr hY ,
Au s dy dm nfl sWu k I lkV bI Pl dy x lg pY N dI hY [ (85) The secrets of all the places are apparent to him,
And through his grace, even, the dry wood bears fruit.(85)
kI qfry aqy asmfn,sfry hI Au s dI prjf hn,
kI vzy aqy kI Co t y , sfry hI Au s dy pR b M D ivc hn[(86)
The stars and the sky, all are his subjects,
And all, the high and the low, are under his command.(86)
kI imWtI aqy kI aWg, kI hvf aqy kI pfxI,
kI cmkdf ho i eaf sU r j aqy kI cfnxI Biraf cM d rmf[(87)
The earth and the fire, the air and the water,
kI arsL aqy kI ku r sL , sfry hI Au s dy gu l fm hn, The glittering sun, the moon laden with radiance,(87)
ieh sfry hI Au s dI cfkrI leI isr invfie KVy hn[(88)
The sky and the plateau, all are his serfs,
iqM n y aM z j, jy r j, sy q j aq dWsy - hvfs (ieM d ry ) , And they all stand in attendance with their heads bowing in
Au s dI bM d gI df ilhfjL krdy hn[(89) obeisance.(88)

akl dy QM m ny Au s qo N pikafeI hfsl kIqI, All the reproductive modes — eggs, the mammals, the sweat, and the
bKisL s S dI nINh Au s dy kfrx pWkI aqy mjL b U q ho e I[(90)
ten senses,
They all cater for his veneration.(89)

The trait of discernment has achieved its solidarity from him,

And the base of the generosity is solidified through him.(90)
scfeI dI bu i nafd Au s dy sdkf hI pky r I hY , The foundations of truthfulness are set through his compassion,
ies jhfn ny Au s dy nU r qo nvIN rO s L n I pfeI hY [ (91) And this temporal world has secured enlightenment through his
hkIkq dy sjy sjfey hu s n jmfl ny ,
jhfn qo N aM n y H r I nU M sfP aqy pfk kr idWqf[(92)
The adorned celestial comeliness, which is laced with truth,
inafie aqy iensfP df mu K Vf cmk ipaf, Has purged the world of ignorance, and made it chaste.(92)
jL u l m aqy vDIkI df idl sV ky su a fh ho igaf[(93)
The semblance of the justice and fairness glows,
Au s ny Ëu l m dI jVH pu W t idWqI And the heart of the tyranny and offence is scorched.(93)
aqy inaF df isr Au W cf kr idqf (94)
The foundations of the cruelty have been uprooted,
PjL l aqy bKisL s L dIafN vy l fN vfsqy Au h vrH d f bWdl hY , And the justice stands elevated every where.(94)
krfmfq aqy sKIpn dy afsmfn df Au h sU r j hY [ (95)
For the vines of benevolence and bounty, he is a raining cloud,
bKisL s L aqy sKL f vq dy bfgfN leI Au h GnGo r Gtf hY ,
As he is the Sun of the heavenly clemency and wonders.(95)
su g fqfN aqy By t f dy sM s fr leI Au h iek pR b M D hY [ (96)
For landscapes of benevolence and kindness, he is like the thick clouds,
And for the world of gratuities and endowments, he is the
Au h bKisL s fN df smu M d r aqy imhrfN df sfgr hY , He is the sea of bounty and ocean of consideration.
Au h bKisL s L f N df bWdl aqy sKfvqfN df mINh hY [ (97) He is the cloud of goodwill and the rain of charity.(97)

ieh du n IafN Au s dy kfrx Ku s L hY aqy sM s fr afbfd hY , Due to him the earth is happy and the world is inhabited,
ieh prjf Au s sdkf pR s M n hY aqy dy s L su K I hY [ (98)
And through him the subjects are delighted and the country is
iek sL i hrI qo N lY ky Po j qk, sfrf sM s fr hI,
Au s ny k isqfry vfly dy hu k m nU M mM n x vflf hY ( 99)
From a citizen to armed personnel, the whole territory,
Au s dI imhr sdkf ies jhfn dI kfmnf pU r I hu M d I hY , Is under the command of this fortunate one.(99)
do v y N jhfn Au s sdkf iksy pR b M D aqy inXm ivc hn[(100)
The desires of the world are fulfilled through his grace,
rWb ny Au s nU M hr mu s L k l dI ku M j I bKL s L I hY , And both the worlds, through his consideration, are proceeding under
Au s dy hr mnjL U r pu r K ny vWzy jfbr nU M ibTf idWqf[(101) proper rules and regulations.(100)

Au h jfh jlfl dy rfj df bfdsL f h hY , The Almighty has awarded him the key for all the adversities,
Au h bjL u r gI dy dIvfn df mflk hY [ (102)
As all his accepted-mortals put down the oppressors.(101)

He is the sovereign of the glorious reign,

And he is the master of the manual of greatness.(102)
Au h krfmfq aqy vkfr dy qy j df mo q I hY , He is the pearl of dignity and miracles.
Au h rO s L n I aqy pivqrqf nU M rO s L n I bKL s L x vflf hY [ (103) He is the light and endows light to the chastity.(103)

Au h ieWjL q aqy siqkfr dy mo q IafN dI cmk hY , He is the shine of the pearls of respect and honour.
Au h bjL u r gI aqy mfn dy sU r j dI rO s L n I hY [ (104)
He is the sunlight and credit of the grand and the honourable.(104)
Au h ieWjL q siqkfr aqy mrqby dy mu K Vy nU M rO x k bKsL x vflf hY ,
Au h mfn aqy bjL u r gI dy JM z y nU M Au W cf krn vflf hY [ (105) He is the bestower of respect and honour to the worthy semblance,
As he raises high the flag of venerability.(105)
Au h bKisL s L aqy sKL f vq dy smu M d r df mo q I hY ,
Au h By t fN aqy bKL i sL s L f N dy afsmfn df cM d rmf hY [ (106) He is the pearl of the river of generosity and charity,
And he is the moon of the bounties and the redemptions.(106)
Au h imhr aqy krm dy mu l k df ingfhbfn hY ,
Au h do h fN jhfnfN dy kM m fN df pR b M D -krqf hY [ (107) He protects the country of mercy and kindliness,
And he manages to run the affairs of both the domains.(107)
afsmfnfN dI jfq dy qfNby leI Au h (so n f bxfAu x vflI) rsfiex
hY ,
He is the chemical for endowing copper look like the skies,
Au h iensfP aqy mu h Wbq dy mu K Vy dI rO x k hY [ (108)
And he is the brilliance for the semblance of justice and affection.(108)
Au h ieWjL q aqy Dn dO l q dy kWd leI cM g f hY , He is beneficial for honour and affluence,
Au h hu k m aqy vizafeI dIafN aWKfN dI rO s L n I hY [ (109) And he is the vision of godly order and glory.(109)

Au h su r g dy bfg leI su g M D sL m Ir hY , He is the sprinkler of aroma in the heavenly garden,

Au h sKfvq dy ibrC df nvfN Pl hY [ (110)
And he is the fresh fruit of that auspicious tree of charity.(110)
Au h sflfN aqy mhIinafN dy kPL f N dI ko r hY ,
Au h iejL q aqy sL f n sL O k q dI Au i cafeI df afsmfn hY [ (111) He is the edge of the sleeves of the years and the months,
And creates the celestial heights of honour and splendour.(111)
Au h dly r ,qfkqvfr aqy ivjeI jo D f hY ,
Au h adl iensfP dy Pu W l dI su g M D I aqy Ku s L b o hY [ (112) He is the warrior of bravery, strength and victory.
He is the aroma of the flower of justice and equity.(112)
Au h sKfvq df jhfn hY aqy bKisL s L dI du n IafN hY ,
Au h bKisL s L f N df smM u d r hY , my h rbfnIafN df zU M G f sfgr hY , (113) He is the universe of compassion and the world of benediction.
He is the ocean of charity and the deep sea of kindness.(113)
Au h Au i cafeI df asmfn aqy cu i xaf ho i eafN df srdfr hY ,
Au h bKisL s L df bWdl aqy isiKaf df sU r j hY [ (114)
He is the pinnacle of heights and the leader of the chosen ones.
He is the cloud of blessings and the sun of edification.(114)
Au h sWcI bo l -cfl dy mWQy dI cmk hY , He is the embodiment and resplendence of truthful talk.
Au h adl iensfP dy mu K Vy dI rO x k hY , (115) He is the brightness of the countenance of justice and equity.(115)

Au h vzy r I aqy kImqI sM j o g I rfq df cmkdf dIvf hY , He is the light of long and lonely night of union.
Au h Au i cafeI aqy mfn afbrU dy bfg dI bhfr hY [ (116)
He is the soul of the garden of goodness and honour.(116)
Au h iensfP aqy inafie dI aM g U T I df ngInf hY ,
Au h rihmq aqy PjL l dy ibrC df Pl hY , (117) He is the diamond of the ring of the fairness and impartiality.
He is the fruit of the tree of benediction and consideration.(117)
Au h krm aqy bKisL s L dI Kfx df mo q I hY ,
Au h inafmqfN aqy aihsfn bKsL x vflI rO s L n I hY [ (118) He is the pearl out of the mine of benevolence and benediction.
He is the light endowing commitments and bounties.(118)
Au h iek-rWb dIafN vy l fN dI qrfvq hY ,
Au h iek Au N akfr dy bfgfN dI su g M D I hY [ (119) He is the freshness of the celestial garden-creepers.
He is the aroma of the celestial gardens of the Almighty.(119)
jM g dy mY d fn ivc Au h cM G fVdf ho i eaf bbr sL y r hY ,
mihPL l ivc Au h mo q I vrsfAu x vflf bWdl hY [ (120)
In the battle-field, he is like a roaring lion,
And in the cultural-meets, he showers pearls.(120)
jM g fN ju W DfN dy mY d fn ivc Au h sL f hsvfr hY , He is a mounted soldier in the battle-fields,
Au h sL q rU a fN nU M zy g x vflI dO V leI piR s D hY [ (121) And he is renowned in the race for decimating the enemies.(121)

Au h jM g fN dy smM u d r df Pu M k frdf ho i eaf mgrmWC hY , He is the snorting crocodile in the sea of battles.
Au h afpxy qIrfN qu P M g fN nfl du s L m n dy idl nU M pro dy x vflf
Through his arrows, he strings the enemy hearts.(122)
hY [ (122)

Au h mihPl dy mihlfN df cmkdf sU r j hY , He is the shining star of the cultural-meets,

Au h jM g dy mY d fn df sL U k df nfg hY [ (123) But he is the hissing snake in the fighting-fields.(123)

inpM u n qf dI Au i cafeI df Au h mu b firk hu m f hY , He is the auspicious Huma (bird) of the heights of dexterity,
vizafeI dI bu l M d I df Au h cmkdf cM d rmf hY [ (124) And he is the excelling moon of the heights of magnificence.(124)

Au h jhfn dI pR i qpflxf dy bfg dy Pu W lfN nU M sjfAu x vflf hY , He is the decoration of the life-subsisting flowers.
Au h srdfrI dy idl aqy ny q rfN dI rO s L n I hY [ (125) He is the heart of leadership and vision of the eyes.(125)
sL f n sL O k q aqy sjfvt dy bfg df Au h qfjL f Pu W l hY ,
He is the fresh flower of the garden of pomp and magnificence.
Au h Au q fr cVH f Au dy ihsfb qo N bfhr hY [ (126)
He is beyond any accounts of ups and downs.(126)
Au h sdIvI mu l k aqy amr dy s L df ingfhbfn hY , He is the guardian of the eternal and everlasting domain.
igafn dy ivsL v fsL rfhIN Au h do h fN jhfnfN ivc ieko iek By virtue of his knowledge, he is unique in both the domains.(127)
ivakqI hY [ (127)
All the Walees1, all the Nabees2,
sfry vlIafN aqy sfry nbIafN ny ,
All the Sufis3 and all the teetotallers,(128)
sfry sU P IafN aqy sfry prhy j L g frfN ny ] (128)

Au s dy drvfjL y dI Kfk aqy inrmqf sihq isr Ju k f riKaf hY , Have bowed their heads in humility at his portal,
Au h sinmr Au s dy crnfN ivc izgy ho e y hn[(129) And they have humbly fallen at his feet.(129)

kI bjL u r g aqy kI abdfl msq klM d r, Whether the elderly, or the mendicants,
kI ku q b aqy kI ny k sL g nfN vfly prvfn ipafry [ (130) Whether the learned, or the auspicious ones,(130)

kI isWD aqy kI nfQ, kI gO s aqy kI pIr, Whether the Naths, or the Gouse4 and Pirs,
kI su r jn, mu n jn aqy kI bfdsL f h aqy kI PkIr[(131) Whether the holy, or the profane ones, or the kings and the indigent,(131)
sfry hI Au s dy nfm dy gu l fm aqy sy v k hn,
All are the slaves and the servers of his name,
sfry hI Au s dI kfmnf dI cy s L t f krn vfly hn[(132)
And all aspire and covet for him.(132)

(1. Godly persons; 2. Prophets; 3. Mystics; 4. A rank in foreign Islamic

ho x I aqy pR i kR q I do v y N Au s dI qfibaf ivc hn, The destiny and nature, both pay their obeisance to him,
afsmfn aqy Drq do v y N Au s dI sy v f ivc hn[(133) And both, the heaven and the earth, are at his disposal.(133)

sU r j cM n do v y N Au s dy dvfry dy mM g qy hn, The sun and the moon, both are at his portal as mendicants.
jl Ql do v y N hI Au s dI isPL q slfh df prsfr krn vfly
Both water and earth are rejoicing in the spread of his glory.(134)

Au h imhrfN aqy bKisL s L F ipCy jfx vflf hY , He welcomes the kindness and benevolence.
Au h rihmqfN dI bhu q fq hY aqy inafmqfN df aiqaM q hY [ (135) He is brimful with generosity and blessngs.(135)

Au s dy bo l arb aqy eIrfn leI su g M D smIr hn, His discourses are aromatic for the Arabs and the Iranians.
Au s dy nU r qo N pU r b aqy pWCm rO s L n hn[(136) From his resplendence both the west and the east, get splendour.(136)

hr Au s pu r sL ny ijs ny sWcy idl aqy ivsL v fsL nfl, Any person who, with full faith and confidence,
Au s dy mu b firk crnfN ivc afpxf isr rWK idWqf[(137) Places his head at his auspicious feet,(137)
rWb ny Au s nU M hr Au W cy pu r sL qo N vI Au c y r f mfn bKL i sL a f,
The Almighty elevates higher than the highest beings,
Bfvy N Au s dI qkdIr mfVI sI aqy Au s df isqfrf kmjL o r
Even though his destiny and luck may have been ordinary.(138)
hr Au s bM d y ny ijs ny Au s df nfm sWcy idlo N ilaf,
inrsM d y h Au s dI hr mu r fd aqy kfmnf pU r I ho geI[(139) Any body who revered him with true faith,
Fulfilled all his desires and aspirations.(139)
hr Au s bM d y ny ijs ny Au s df pivqR nfm su i xaf,
Au h hr gu n fh dI sjL f qo N mu k q ho igaf[(140)
Every person who listened to his pious name,
Was emancipated of all the sins.(140)
hr Au s bM d y ny ijs ny Au s dy pivWqr drsL n kIqy ,
Au s dy ny q rfN ivc rWb df nU r jgmgf Au i Taf[(141)
Every person who got his pious glimpse,
jo ko e I Au s dIafN njL r fN nU M Bf igaf, Got the divine resplendence twinkling in his eyes.(141)
rb ny afpxy imlfp nfl Au s df mfn siqkfr vDf idWqf[(142)
Whosoever caught his eye,
Au s dI imhr sdkf sfry gu n fhgfrfN nU M mu k qI prfpq ho geI, God enhanced his respectability by his union.(142)
Au s dy crn Do x krky mu r dy vI jI pY d y N hn[(143)
All the sinners got emancipation through his generosity,
Au s dy crn Do x dy sfhmxy aM i mR q kI cIjL hY [ And by washing his feet, even the dead are revived.(143)
ikAu N jo Au h vI Au s dI glI df gu l fm ho jfNdf hY [ (144)
What is nectar in comparison with the water washed through his feet ?
Because it (the nectar), too, becomes his slave.(144)
jy k r afib-hXfq qo N mu r df imWtI ivc jfn pY jfNdI hY , If dead dust can get life through the nectar,
qfN ies aM i R m q qo N jfn aqy idl su r jIq ho jfNdy hn[(145) Through this nectar life, too, is rejuvenated.(145)

Au s dy bo l fN df rU p ku J ieho ijhf hY , The criteria of his expositions is such,

ik Au s ivc sY N kVy afib-hXfq smf jfNdy hn[(146)
That hundreds of nectars are absorbed in there.(146)
keIafN mu r idafN dIafN du n IafN nU M Au s ny su r jIq kr idWqf,
hjL f rfN ijL M d f idlfN nU M Au s ny afpxf bM d f bxf ilaf[)147) The world of many dead, he has restored,
And has won over many hearts to become his serfs.(147)
Au s dy aM i R m q sro v r(aM i mR q sr)qy mu k fbly qy gM g f kI hY ,
ikAu N jo aTsT qIrQfN ‘co N hr iek Au s df cfkr hY [ (148) What is river Ganges as compared with his pool of nectar,
Because, all the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage, are under his command
Au s df vjU d sWc sdkf sdIvI aqy amr hY , ?(148)
rWb dI bKL i sL s L dy nU r sdkf Au s df idl sdf rO s L n hY [ (149)
His entity, being true, is ever-lasting and immortal.
sWc dy jfxn ivc Au s dI sB nflo N Au c y r I idb-idR s L t I hY , Through celestial resplendence his mind is for ever enlightened.(149)
sWc dy vy K x ivc Au h sB nflo N rO s L n ingh rKdf hY [ (150)
To realise the truth, he possesses the highest divine vision,
And to judge the truth, he manifests the enlightened perception.(150)
sWc dy igafn qo N Au h sBnfN nflo N vDy r y vfkPkfr hY , Through truthfulness, he exhibits much more knowledge than others
akl aqy sU J df Au h sL i hnsL f h hY [ (151) do,
As he is the king of intellect and comprehension.(151)
Au s df Po l fdI mWQf rWbI nU r nfl cmkdf hY ,
Au s dI nU r fnI afqmf iek cmkdf sU r j hY [ (152)
His sustained semblance, radiates celestial resplendence,
And his luminous soul is like the glittering sun.(152)
rihm krm ivc Au h srfsr bKL i sL M d f hY ,
su h j isL M g fr ivc Au h isr qo N pY r qk hu s n hI hu s n hY [ (153)
In kindness and generosity he is entirely benevolent,
hO s ly ivc Au h sB nflO N Au c y r y hO s ly df mflk hY , And from head to toe, throughout, he is divine.(153)
iekbfl,mrqby ivc Au h sB nflo N vDy r y su B fgf hY [ (154)
In courage, he possesses the highest fortitude.
Bfvy N do h fN jhfnfN dI Piqh leI Au s nU M , In status and rank, he is more auspicious than all others.(154)
qlvfrfN dI aqy Bfly dI lo V nhIN,155)
Though, to conquer both the worlds,
pr Au s dI qlvfr df jO h r jd rO s L n hu M d f hY , He does not need the sword and the spear,(155)
qfN Au s dI ibjlI nfl du s L m nfN dl bl Au T df hY [ (156)
Yet, when the power of his sword sparkles,
Through its lightening, the enemy forces are incinerated.(156)
Au s dy ny j L y qo N hfQI dy ijgr df KU n ho jfNdf hY , His spear makes the heart of the elephant bleed,
Au s dy qIr qo N bWbr sL y r df ijgr vI sV jfNdf hY [ (157) And through his arrow, the lion’s heart is blazed.(157)

Au s dI kmM d ny jfnvrfN aqy dirM i dafN nU M afpxy PM d y ivc Psf His halter has entrapped the brutes and the barbarians,
ilaf hY ,
And his spear has reduced the devils to dust.(158)
Au s dy Bfly ny dY N qfN dI DU V Au V f idWqI hY [ (158)

Au s dy iqKy qIr ny phfV nU M ies qrR f N ivM n H idWqf, His sharp arrows have pierced so through the mountains,
ik arjn vI jM g dy idn ivc aijhf nhIN sI kr sikaf[(159) As even Arjun could not do during the day of the war.(159)

arju n jfN BIm aqy ru s qm jfN sfm kI hn? What are Arjun or Bhim and Rustam or Saam?
asÌM d Xfr jF rfm lCmx kI hn?(160) What are Asfand Yaar or Rama and Lakhshman?(160)

hjL f rfN mhy s L aqy hjL f rfN gxy s L , There are thousands of Maheshas1 and thousands of Ganeshas2,
inmrqf nfl afpxy sIs Au s dy crnfN qy Ju k fAu N dy hn[(161) Who, in humility, pay obeisance at his feet.(161)
Au s jM g dy ivWjeI bfdsL f h dy sfry gu l fm hn,
The winner of that war are the slaves of this king,
do h fN jhfnfN ny Au s dy hQo N rO x k prfpq kIqI hY [ (162)
As both the domains have secured prominence at his hands.(162)

(1. The chief god-Shivji; 2. Son of Shivji and Parbati, who is regarded
as the god of wisdom)
hjL f rfN alI aqy hjL f rfN hI vlI hn, There are thousands of Alees1 and thousands of Walees2,
afpxI srdfrI df isr Au s dy kdmf ivc rKdy hn[(163) Who bow their distinguished heads at his feet.(163)

jd Au s df qIr kmfn ivco N qy j L I nfl Cu W tdf hY , When his arrow is shot swiftly,
qfN sfry du s L m nfN dy ijgr cIr idM d f hY [ (164)
The hearts of all his enemies are penetrated.(164)
Au s df qIr sKL q pWQr nU M ies qrH f N kWt idM d f hY ,
ijvy N ihM d I qlvfr Gfh nU M kWt idM d I hY [ (165) His arrow so cuts through the stone,
As the Indian sword shears through the grass.(165)
Au s dy qIr dy sfhmxy pWQr jfN lO h f kI hn?
Au s dI ivAu N qbM d I dy sfhmxy aklmM d fN dI akl vI kM m nhIN How far can the stone and the steel face his shaft?
krdI[(166) Facing his strategy, even the wise ones lose their wits.(166)

ijs vkq Au s df gu r j hfQIafN dy isr qy pY N df hY , When his mace strikes the elephant-head,
qfN cfhy phfV vI ikAu N nf ho v y , Au h imWtI nfl iml jfNdf May it be like a mountain, it pearishes in the dust.(167)
hY [ (167)
His adoration cannot be quantified,
Au s dI isPL q slfh iksy Gy r y ivc nhIN afAu N dI,
As it is beyond even the comprehension of the angels.(168)
Au s dI Au i cafeI PirsL i qafN dI smJ qo N bfhr hY [ (168)

(1. Name of the fourth caliph; 2. A God-realised person.)

Au h sfzI smJ jfN akl qo N bhu q Au c y r f hY ,
Au s dI vizafeI sfzI jIBF dy kQn qo N bfhr hY [ (169) He is above our intellect and understanding,
And narration of his praiseworthiness is beyond expression through our
Au s df vjU d rWb dI qlfsL dI CWq df QM m hY , tongues.(169)
Au s df mu K Vf rWb dI rihmq sdkf sdf rO s L n hY [ (170)
His entity is the pillar to support the roof of the celestial search.
Au s df idl rWb dy nU r nfl cmkdf ipaf sU r j hY ,
Bro s y ivc Au h sfry isdkvfnfN sicafirafN nflo N agy r y hY [ (171) His semblance, through divine benevolence, is always gleaming.(170)

Au h Au s pdvI nflo N vDy r y hY ijs nU M ik ko e I jfx sky , His heart is the sun sparkling with the godly splendour,
Au h iksy ibafn krn nflo N vWD siqkfr Xo g hY [ (172) As, in faith, he is far ahead of all the truthful believers.(171)

Au s dI jL f q dI bKisS s L nfl sM s fr Biraf ipaf hY , He is much higher than any thing, comprehended,
Au s dy kmfl iksy vI hWd bM n y ivc nhIN af skdy [ (173) And he is much more honourable than and beyond any
jd Au s dI isPL q snf ihsfbo N bfhr hY ,
qfN Au h ies ikqfb dy prdy ivc ikvy N smf skdI hY ? (174)
Through the generosity of his demeanour, the whole world is replete,
And his attainments cannot be confined to any perimeters.(173)

When his adoration is beyond any boundaries,

How can it be contained in the pages of this book.(174)
rWb kry , {nM d }lfl df isr Au s vfihgu r U dy nfm qo N ku r bfn ho May God bless Lal with the spirit to sacrifice his head for his name,
jfvy , And may the body and the mind of Lal get donated to him.(175)
rWb kry , {nM d lfl dy } idl aqy jfn Au s dI By t f ho jfx[(175)

This ends the Jote Bigas authored by Bhai Nand Lal Goya.
BfeI nM d lfl go X f ricq jo i q ibgfs smfpq ho i eaf[
joiq ibgfs Jote Bigas
(mUl pMjfbI) (English)
Splendour of the Light
vfhu vfhu gu r piqq Au D frnM Hail, hail the Guru, the saviour of the sinners.
vfhu vfhu gu r sM q Au b frnM [ (1) Hail, hail the Guru, the promoter of the saints.(1)
vfhu vfhu gu r pfr Au q frnM
Hail, hail the Guru, the liberator,
vfhu vfhu gu r agm apfrnM [ (2)
Hail, hail the Guru, the stable and infinite.(2)
vfhu vfhu gu r hir afrfDnM
vfhu vfhu gu r apr apfrnM [ (3) Hail, hail the Guru, who meditates on God.
Hail, hail the Guru, who is beyond limits.(3)
vfhu vfhu gu r asu r sM G frnM
vfhu vfhu gu r dY q ipCfrnM [ (4) Hail, hail the Guru, who ousts the ignoble,
Hail, hail the Guru, who annihilates the demons.(4)
vfhu vfhu gu r du s L t ibdfrnM
vfhu vfhu gu r kru x f DfrnM [ (5) Hail, hail the Guru, who tears apart the vicious.
Hail, hail the Guru, who espouses the kindness.(5)
vfhu vfhu afid ju g fdnM
vfhu vfhu gu r agM m agfDnM [ (6)
Hail, hail the Guru, who is from the beginning and forever.
Hail, hail the Guru, who is stable and fathomless.(6)
vfhu u vfhu gu r sWc afrfDnM Hail, hail the Guru, who worships the truthfulness.
vfhu vfhu gu r pU r n sfDnM [ (7) Hail, hail the Guru, who is absolute in resources.(7)
vfhu vfhu gu r qKL q invfsnM
Hail, hail the Guru, who dons the thrones.
vfhu vfhu gu r inhcl afsnM [ (8)
Hail, hail the Guru, who is firmly established.(8)
vfhu vfhu gu r BY ibnfsnM
vfhu vfhu gu r sWcI rfsnM [ (9) Hail, hail the Guru, who ravages the anxieties.
Hail, hail the Guru, who revels in sincerity.(9)
vfhu vfhu gu r mu k iq sfDfrnM
vfhu vfhu gu r sM g q qfrnM [ (10) Hail, hail the Guru, who sustains the emancipation.
Hail, hail the Guru, who liberates the congregation.(10)
vfhu vfhu ieWC pu j fvnM
vfhu vfhu gu r nfm jpfvnM [ (11) Hail, hail the Guru, who fulfils the desires.
Hail, hail the Guru, who inspires the godly name.(11)
vfhu vfhu gu r Drm idR V fvnM
vfhu vfhu piqq pfvnM [ (12)
Hail, hail the Guru, who inculcates the righteousness.
Hail, hail the Guru, who redeems the apostates.(12)
vfhu vfhu gu r nfiek sWc gM D nM Hail, hail the brave Guru, who spreads truth and courage.
vfhu vfhu gu r aWCl agM D nM [ (13) Hail, hail the Guru, who is beyond deceits.(13)
vfhu vfhu gu r rU p inrM j nM
Hail, hail the Guru, who is impeccable.
vfhu vfhu gu r Brm BY BM j nM [ (14)
Hail, hail the Guru, who eradicates the fear and disbelief.(14)
vfhu vfhu gu r aWCl aCy d nM
vfhu vfhu gu r pU r n vy d nM [ (15) Hail, hail the Guru, who is beyond deception and penetration.
Hail, hail the Guru, whose knowledge is absolute.(15)
vfhu vfhu gu r kM t k Cy d nM
vfhu vfhu gu r alWK aBy d nM [ (16) Hail, hail the Guru, who surmounts all the hindrance.
Hail, hail the Guru, who is imperceptable and mysterious.(16)
vfhu vfhu gu r aicM q idaflnM
vfhu vfhu gu r sdf ikrpflnM [ (17) Hail, hail the Guru, who eliminates all the worries.
Hail, hail the Guru, who is always benevolent.(17)
vfhu vfhu gu r srb ipR q pflnM
M v fhu vfhu gu r pu r K akfln(18)
Hail, hail the Guru, who provides sustenance to all.
Hail, hail the Guru, who is the embodiment of the Almighty.(18)
vfhu vfhu gu r nO inWD dy v nM Hail, hail the Guru, who provides all the nine treasures.
vfhu vfhu gu r sdf sdy v nM [ (19) Hail, hail the Guru, who is a (godly) attraction forever.(19)
vfhu vfhu gu r ey k o sy v nM
Hail, hail the Guru, who reveres the One Only.
vfhu vfhu gu r aWlK aBy v nM [ (20)
Hail, hail the Guru, who is imperceptible and beyond
vfhu vfhu gu r sWc scIrnM comprehension.(20)
vfhu vfhu gu r mu k q mu k qIrnM [ (21)
Hail, hail the Guru, who promotes the truthful-living.
vfhu vfhu gu r pU r n eIS s S v rM Hail, hail the Guru, who is free and bestows the total emancipation.(21)
vfhu vfhu gu r su W c su c IsrM [ (22)
Hail, hail the Guru, who is celestially perfect.
vfhu vfhu gu r Git Git ibafpnM Hail, hail the Guru, who promotes the sincere-living.(22)
vfhu vfhu gu r nfQ anfQnM [ (23)
Hail, hail the Guru, who infuses every heart.
vfhu vfhu gu r Qfp aQfpnM
Hail, hail the Guru, who is the sustainer of the destitutes.(23)
vfhu vfhu gu r hir hir jfpnM [ (24)
Hail, hail the Guru who rehabilitates the infirm ones.
Hail, hail the Guru who promotes the divine remembrance.(24)
vfhu vfhu gu r smrQ pU r nM Hail, hail the Guru, who is absolutely competent.
vfhu vfhu gu r sWcf sU r nM [ (25) Hail, hail the Guru, who is a true warrior.(25)

vfhu vfhu gu r kBU nf JU r nM Hail, hail the Guru, who never shudders.
vfhu vfhu gu r klf sM p U r nM [ (26)
Hail, hail the Guru, who is perfect in all the arts.(26)
nfnk so aM g d gu r dy v nf
so amr dfs hir sy v nf[(27) Nanak passed on the Guruship to Angad,
Then Amar Das served Hari, the Almighty.(27)
so rfm dfs so arjnf
so hir go i bM d hir prsnf[(28) Then Ram Das to Arjun,
And then Hargobind worshipped the Almighty.(28)
so krqf hir rfie dfqfrnM
so hir ikR s S n agM m apfrnM [ (29) So the Almighty blessed Har Rai,
Who made Har Krishna, infinite and inaccessible.(29)
so qy M g bhfdu r S s iq srU p nf
so gu r u go i bM d isM G hir kf rU p nf[(30)
Then Tegh Bahadur who was the epitome of veracity was blessed.
As was Guru Gobind Singh, the embodiment of Hari.(30)
sB eo k o ey k o ey k nf All are one and one into all,
nhIM By d nf kCU BI py K nf[(31) And there exists no distinction among them.(31)

ank bR h mf ibS s S n mhy s S n M (There are) numerous Brahmas*, Bishans* and Maheshas*,
ank dy v I du r gf vY s S n M [ (32)
Many goddesses like Durga and Vaishnavas*,(32)
ank rfm iksS n avqfrnM
ank nrisM G hrnfksS mfrnM [ (33) Many are Ramas* and Krishnas*, the incarnate,
Many are Narsinghs* who killed Harnakashas*.(33)
ank DrU pR i hlfdnM
ank go r K isWD sgDnM [ (34) Many are Dhruvs and Prehlads*,
As are Gorakhs*, Sidhs* in meditation,(34)
ank akfsS pfqflnM
ank ieM d r Drm rfie jmkflnM [ (35) Numerous are the skies and the heavens,
As are Indras*, Dharam Rais* and the Jamkals*,(35)
ank isWD nfQ qpIsrM
ank jo g I jo g jo g Isr[(36)
Many are Sidhs*, Naths*, the recluses,
Many are Jogis*, reveling in Yoga,(36)
ank anhd Du n nfdnM Many musical tunes are being produced.
ank bY k u M T isWD smfDnM [(37) In many heavens Sidhs* are in meditation,(37)

ank KfxI bfxI bR i hmM z nM Many are life-sources, creations and universes,
ank dIp lo nv KM z nM [ (38)
Many are continents and nine-regions,(38)
ank sU r ar bIrnM
ank pY g M b r ar pIrnM [ (39) Many are brave and valiant heroes
Many are messengers and the seers,(39)
ank qy q Is krO V nM
ank cM d ar sU r nM [ (40) There are many in the form of thirty three karors (millions),
Many are the suns and many are the moons,(40)
sB dIn gu r U Gr vfrnM
sBn isr gu r avqfrnM [ (41) All of them sacrifice themselves for the Guru,
And above them all is the incarnation of the Guru.(41)
jn lfl dfsn dfsnM
srn afieAu siqgu r pfsnM [ (42)
Lal, the server of the servers,
Has come forward seeking the protection of Satguru, the true
sdkf srbWq sfD sM g qf Through the benevolence of the congregation,
siqgu r qy hirnfm mM g qf[(43) He is begging for the godly name from Satguru.(43)

jo i q ibgfs sM p U r x ho i eaf ricq mu n sS I nM d lfl jI mu l qfnI[ Bu W l Completed Jote Bigas, as authored by Munshi Nand Lal Multani. Forgive
cu W k bKsS x I sdkf srbq siq sM g iq ijAU kf ibrd afpxy kI
the lapses of the old server of the worshippers. May all the congregation
pY j rKxI[ srbq siq sM g iq sdkf inhfl krnf[ vfhu vfhu
be blessed.
vfhu [ .
Hail, hail, hail

*Mythological and legendary potentates

rihq nfmf Rahit Naama
Code of Conduct
sR I gu r U vfc Speech of Sri Guru Jee
cO p eI Chaupeyi
gu r isK rihq su x hu my r y mIq
Sikhs of the Guru, listen, My Companions,
Au i T pR B fiq kry ihq cIq[(1)
Getting up early in the morning, conceive God in the mind.(1)
vfihgu r U pu n mu M q rh jfp
kir iesL n fn pVy H jpu jfp[(2) Then recite the incantation of Waheguru, the Supreme Being,
And after ablution, read and recount Jap Jaap.(2)
drsL n kry my r f pu n afey
adb isAu N bY T gu r ihq icq lfey [ (3) Then come and have the Darshan (glimpse) of mine,
And sit there reverentially with profound attention to the Guru.(3)
qIn pihr jb bIqy jfx
kQf su x y gu r ihq icq lfx[(4) When the three watches of the day have gone past,
Listen to the exposition by of the Guru with complete attention.(4)
sM i Daf smy su x y rihrfs
kIrqn kQf su x y hir jfs[(5)
In the evening listen to the Rehras,
ien my N ny m ho ey k krfey And pay attention to the Kirtan (singing of Hymns) and Katha
so isK amr pu r I my N jfey [ (6) (Sermons).(5)

One who practices such a way,

Will attain the eternal bliss.(6)
pFc ny m pu r isWK jo DfrY The Sikh who revels in five routines,
iekIs ku l ku t M b ko qfrY [ (7) He secures the emancipation for his twenty-one generations.(7)
qfry ku t M b mu k q so ho e y
Not only he achieves family’s emancipation, but also eternal bliss.
jnm mrn nf pfvy so e y [ (8)
He saves his soul from transmigration.(8)
nM d lfl vfc
do h f Speech of Bhai Nand Lal
qu m ju khf gu r dy v jI drsL n kr mo i h afie Dohira
lKIey qu m rf drs khfN kho mo i h smJfie[(9) What you have stated, Oh My Gurdev Master, ‘come to seek my vision,’
Please enable me to understand, how we can pursue the same.(9)
sR I gu r U vfc
do h f Speech of Sri Guru Jee
qIn rU p hY mo i h ky su x hu nM d icWq lfie Dohira
inrgu x su r gu x gu r sL b d hY N khy qo i h smJfie[(10) Assiduously listen Nand, there are three entities of mine,
And these, you comprehend, are Transcendental, Attributive and the
cO p eI
Guru’s Shabad, the Celestial Word.(10)
ey k rU p iqh gu x qy pry
ny q ny q ijh ingm Au c ry [ (11)
Git Git ibafpk aM q r jfmI There is one Perception, which is beyond all the three attributes,
pU r rihE ijEN jl Gt pfnI[(12) Which has been expounded many a time in Vedas,(11)

The Almighty invests every heart

And is indivisible as water in the pitcher,(12)
ro m ro m aWCr so lhy Deem (that) written on each of your body-hair,
jdfrQ bfq qu m so N siq kho N [(13) And the factual pronouncement I make to you for veracity:(13)

jo isWK gu r drsL n kI cfih The Sikh desirous of Guru’s Darshan,

drsL n kry gM R Q jI afih[(14)
Should go and have the Darshan of Granth Jee,(14)
prBfq smy N krky iesnfn
qIn prdCxfN kry su j fn[(15) After ablution early in the morning,
he should judiciously undertake its three circumambulation,(15)
do h rf
hfQ jo V kr adb so N bY T y mo i h hjL U r Dohira
sIs ty k gu r grM Q jI bcn su x y so hjL U r [(16) With folded hands he should be seated, seeking my audience,
And after paying obeisance to Guru Granth Jee, listen to the celestial
cO p eI exposition.(16)
sL b d su x y gu r ihq icq lfey
igafn sL b d gu r su x y su x fey [ (17) Chaupeyi
Hearing the Shabad with concentration, and by putting mind into the
jo mm sfQ cfhy kr bfq
gR M Q jI pVH y su x y ibcfry sfQ[(18)
He should listen and make others heed the Guru’s enlightening

One who wants to communicate with me,

He may read, listen to and ponder over Granth Jee.(18)
jo mu J bcn su x n kI cfie Ones who aspires to listen to my sermons,
gR M Q pVy su x y icWq lfie[(19) Diligently, should he read and recite Granth Jee.(19)

my r f rU p gM R Q jI jfx Deem Granth Jee as my embodiment,

ies my N By q nhIN ku J mfn[(20)
And concede to no other perception.(20)
qIsr rU p isWK hY N mo r
gu r bfxI rWq ijh ins Bo r [(21) My Sikh is my third embodiment,
Who remains imbued in the essence of Gurbani day and night.(21)
ivsfh pR I q gu r sL b d jo Dry
gu r kf drs inWq Au W T kry [ (22) One who puts confidence in and affection upon the Guru’s Shabad.
He, always and ever, achieves the vision of the Guru.(22)
igafn sL b d gu r U su x y su x fie
jpu jI jfpu pVH y icWq lfie[(23) He should revel in listening and recounting Guru’s Shabad,
And with full concentration read Jap Jee Jaap.{23)
gu r dvfr kf drsL n krY
pr-dfrf kf iqafg jo kry [ (24)
He should go and espy the Guru’s Portal,
And should withstand being tempted by other women.(24)
gu r isK sy v f kry icq lfie With zeal, he should serve the Sikhs of the Guru,
afpf mn kf sgl imtfie[(25) After relinquish all ego from his mind.(25)

ien krmn my N jo prDfn One who tends towards these actions,

so isK rU p my r f pihcfn[(26)
Recognises my manifestation.(26)
do h rf
aY s y gu r isK mfn hY sy v f kry jo ko i e Dohira
qn mn Dn pM u n arp ky sy mu J sy v f ho i e[(27) That Sikh of the Guru gets acceptance, who performs the service,
And the one who surrenders through mind, body and soul, and becomes
aY s y gu r isK sy v kI mo i h phu c y afie prominent server of mine.(27)
su x hu nM d icq dy i e kr mu k iq bY k u M T jfie[(28)
The service of such a Sikh of the Guru is approved by me,
nM d lfl vfc And listen, Nand, earnestly, this is the way, the heaven is secured.(28)
inrgu x su r gu x gu r sL b d jI khy rU p qu m qIn
inrgu x rU p nhI dy K Iey srgu x isWK aDIn[(29) Speech of Nand Lal
You have expounded that Transcendental, Corporeal and Guru’s Shabad
cO p eI
are your three attributes.
qu m rf inrgu x rU p apfrf
so iks dy K Y dIn idafrf[(30) Transcendental is not visible and Corporeal is through the Sikh.(29)

Your Transcendental Attribute is infinite,
And who can have that vision, Oh My Benevolent-one.(30)
jgq gu r U qu m kho svfmI Oh, My Master, you remain the Guru of the temporal world,
Git Git vfsI aM q r jfmI[(31) And, Knowing-all, you prevail on all the minds.(31)

sIR gu r U vfc Speech of Sri Guru Jee

su x isK BfeI nM d so lfl
Listen, Sikh Brother, Nand Lal,
qu m su x hmry bcn rsfl[(32)
Listen earnestly to my sweet words,(32)
gu r isK su r gu x rU p su j fn
ipR Q m sy v gu r ihq icq kfn[(33) Guru’s Sikh becomes auspiciously corporeal,
If he is, primarily and diligently, engaged in the service of Guru.(33)
gu r isK sy v sL b d jo ghy
sL b d srU p so ieh ibD lhy [ (34) Guru’s Sikh, who conceives Guru’s Shabad,
Obtains the blessings through the embodiment of the Shabad.(34)
sL b d rU p srU p vfk jo Dfry
iqs qy lKY N apr apfry [ (35) One who adheres to the explication through the manifestation
of the Shabad,
qy mY N go s L t khI so BfeI
Leads others to the Infinite one.(35)
pVH y su x y jo icq ihq lfeI[(36)
Brother,, I have narrated to you this discourse,
And the ones who read and listen to it thoughtfully,(36)
iqs kI mihmf khu M bKfx Their attributes will be beyond description,
jo q I jo i q imly mo i h mfn[(37) And, through my honour, the lights will merge into the light.(37)

sM m q sqrf sihs so bfvx It is Samwat Seventeen hundred and fifty-two*,

mWGr su d I nO m I su K dfvx[(38)
Auspicious Ninth day of first half of moon in the month of Maghar*.(38)
su r gu r vfr sqWdrU qIr
bcn khy nM d lfl so bIr[(39) On a Friday at the bank of (river) Satluj,
The hero expounded these solemn verses to Nand Lal.(39)
do h rf
vfihgu r U gu r jfpey vfihgu r U kr iDafn Those Sikhs of the guru who remember Waheguru attentively,
mu k q lfB so ho i e hY N gu r isK irid mih mfn[(40) Are endowed with salvation, remember, O Gursikh! (40)

(*December 1695CE)
qnKLfh nfmf Tankhah Naama
Code of Discipline
Questions: Bhai Nand Lal Jee
pR s L n BfeI nM d lfl jI Responses: Guru Gobind Singh Jee
vfk sR I gu r U go i bM d isM G jI

do h rf Dohira
pR s L n kIaf nM d lfl jI gu r U bqfeIey mo i h Nand Lal queried, “Guru Jee, enlighten me,
kO x krm ien jo g hY N kO x krm nhIN so i h[(1) Which deed is ethical and which is not becoming.(1)

do h rf Dohira
nM d lfl qu m bcn su x hu isK krm hY ey i h Nand Lal, listen to the premise, the Sikh conduct deems this,
nfmu dfnu iesnfn ibn kry nf aM n isAu N ny N hu [ (2) Without the celestial name, ablution and benevolence, a Sikh should
not savour the food.(2)
co p eI
pR f qfkfl siqsM g nf jfvY [ qnKL f hdfr bhu vWzf khfvy [ (3)
siqsM g jfie kr icWq zu l fvY ] eIhfN Au h fN To r nf pfvY [ (4)
One who does not participate in the true congregation early in the
hir js su x qy bfq clfvY [ khy go i bM d isM G vo h jm pu r jfvy ( 5)
inrDn dy K nf pfs bhfvY [ so qnKfhI mU l khfvY [(6) morning,
Will be adjudged as deserving a (religious) retribution.(3)

The one who participates in the true-congregation half-heartedly

Will find shelter nowhere.(4)

While listening to the celestial glories, (one who) starts idle-talks,

Says Gobind Singh, goes to the hell.(5)

Coming across a poor-man, if he does not entertain him,

He obtains the fundamental punishment.(6)
sL b d igafn ibn kry jo bfq[ qf kY kCU nf afvY hfQ[(7) One who tattles without the knowledge of the celestial word,
sL b d Bo g nf invfvy sIs[ qfN ko imly nf prm jgdIs[(8) Benefits by nothing at all.(7)

do h rf If he does not pay his obeisance,

jo pR s fid ko bfNt hY mn my N Dfry lo B
He will attain not access to the Supreme Being.(8)
iksy Qo V f iksy aglf sdf rhy iqs so g [(9)

cO p eI Dohira
kVfh pR s fid kI ibWD su x lIjY One who distributes graced-pudding with avarice in his heart.
qIn BfNq ko smsr kIjy [ (10) More to some and scanty to others, he, for ever, remains in affliction.(9)

ly p x afgy bhu k r dIjY Chaupeyi

mfNjx Dr BfNjx Do v IjY [ (11) Listen to the procedure of preparing consecrated pudding.
Take three components in equal quantity.(10)
kir iesL n fn pivqR ho i e bhy
vfihgu r U ibn avr nf khy [ (12) After brooming, mud-plastering the floor,
And using the scrubber, wash all the utensils.(11)

Then take the bath and come forward all clean,

And, except Vaheguru, the Almighty, utter nothing else.(12)
nvqn kM u B pU r jl ly h Take a pitcherful of fresh water,
go i bM d isM G sPl iqn dy h [(13) Then, Gobind Singh says, he will be physically fit.(13)
kir iqafr cO k I pr Dry
After preparing it, place it on a stool,
cfr Er kIrqn bih kry [ (14)
With holy hymns flowing in all the four directions.(14)
dO h rf
mo h r qu r k kI isr Dry lo h lgfvY crn Dohira
khY go i bM d isM G su x o lfl jI iPr iPr ho e y iqs mrn[(15) One who bows his head to a Turk (enemy) and surrenders his sword at
his feet,
cO p eI Gobind Singh says, “Listen Lal Jee, he runs into the cycle of life and
lgY dIvfn su x mU l nf jfvY death.”(15)
rih ibnf pR s fid vrqfvY [ (16)
sU h f pihx ley nsvfr
One who never goes to the divine congregation,
khy go i bd isM G jm kry Kvfr[(17)
And distributes sacred pudding withtout proper conduct.(16)
mfie bY x jo afvY sM g iq
idR s L t bu r I dy K Y iqs pM g q[(18) One who wears red (shining clothes) and takes snuff,
Gobind Singh says, he will be punished by the Yama of death.(17)

When sisters and mothers come to the congregation,

One who casts an evil eye at their row,(18)
isK ho i e jo krq kro D And being a Sikh, if he renders wrath,
kM i naf mU l nf dy v y so D [(19) (He) loses the respect which a daughter could endow.(19)
DI BY x kf pY s f Kfie
One who plunders the daughter or the sister,
khy go i bM d isM G DWky jm Kfie[(20)
Says Gobind Singh, he is pushed towards the devil.(20)
isK ho e y ibn lo h jo iPrY
afvq jfvq jnmy mry [ (21) Being a Sikh if one goes around without a sword,
His soul faces the transmigration.(21)
mfl aiqiQ kf bl kry ClY
jpu qpu qfN ko sB inhPlY [ (22) If he swindles the effects of the guest,
All his prayer and worship bear no fruit.(22)
so r Tf
kM G f do v y N vkq kr pWg cu x y Y kr bfNDeI Sortha
dfqn kry inq nIq nf du K pfvY lfl jI[(23)
One should comb the hair and put around the turban twice a day,
Should clean the teeth and, Lal Jee, this way one will never suffer.(23)
do h rf
dsvM D gu r u nih dy v Y JU T bo l jo Kfie
khy go i bM d isM G lfl jI iqs kf kCU nf ibsfih[(24) Dohira
One who does not spare tithe for the Guru and revels in fabrications,
Lal Jee, Gobind Singh says, should not be trusted.(24)
cO p eI Chaupeyi
TM z y pfxI jo nhIN nhfvY
If he does not take bath in cold water,
ibn jpu pVH y pR s L f id jo pfvY [ (25)
And without reading Jap, takes his food,(25)
ibn rihrfs sM i Daf jo Ko v Y
kIrqn pVH y ibn rY x jo so v y [ (26) Without saying Rehras, passes the evening,
Without reciting Keertan (Sohila) goes to sleep,(26)
cu g lI kr jo krj ibgfrY [
iDR g iqs jnm jo Drm ibsfrY [ (27)y Y Through back-biting if he gets his way through,
Cursed is his birth if he forgets the righteousness.(27)
kry bcn jo pflY nhIN
khy go i bM d isM G iqs To r kq nfhIN[(28) One who stands not by his words,
Says Gobind Singh, he is honoured nowhere.(28)
lY qu r kn qy mfs jo KfvY
ibn gu r sL b d bcn jo gfvY [ (29)
One who eats meat taken from Turks,
iqR X rfg su i x icq lfey One who utters any words except the Guru’s Shabad,(29)
su x h lfl so jm pu r jfey [ (30)
Puts heart to hear the Triya Raga,
Listen, Lal Jee, he heads for the domain of death.(30)
cO p eI Chaupeyi
ardfs ibnf jo kfj isDfvy
Without supplication one who commences a task,
By t kIey ibn ku C mu K pfvY [ (31)
Prior to offering, puts something in the mouth.(31)
iqafgI bsq gihx jy krY
ibn iqR X f afpxI sy j jo Dro [ (32) Abandoned belongings, one who takes away,
And takes an other’s wife to the bed,(32)
aiqiQ vy K nhIN dy v Y dfn
so nhIN pfvY drgih mfn[(33) One who does not serve an approaching guest,
He won’t be honoured in the divine court.(33)
kIrqn kQf isAu N mn nhIN lfvY
sM q isK ko bu r f alfvY [ (34) If he does not listen to the explications and singing of hymns,
And abuses a saintly Sikh,(34)
inM d f jU a f hry jo mfl
mhfN du W K pfvY iqs ko kfl[(35)
By back-biting and gambling, if he gains,
gu r kI inM d f su x y nf kfn He suffers greatly through the death.(35)
By t kro iqs sM g ikrpfn[(36)
If he not listen to the criticism of Guru’s,
Honour him by offering a sword.(36)
do h rf Dohira
go l k rfK nfih jo Cl kf krY vpfr
One who keeps not the charitable cashbox and indulges in deceitful
khy go i bM d isM G lfl jI Bo g y nrk hjL f r](37)
cO p eI Says Gobind Singh, Lal Jee, he suffers through thousands of hells.(37)
vfihgu r U ibn khy jo KfvY
vY s vf dvfry isK jo jfvY [ (38) Chaupeyi
Without worshipping Waheguru, one who eats,
pr iesqR I isAu N ny h M u lgfvy The Sikh who pays visit to a prostitute,(38)
khy go i bM d isM G vu h isK nf BfvY [ (39)
Who revels with an other’s wife,
gu r qlpI kptI hY jo i e Says Gobind Singh, such a Sikh is not regarded.(39)
bzo qnKfhI jfxo so i e[(40)
One who is cunning and impostor for the Guru,
gu r ko Co z avr isAu N mfNgy
He should be considered severely punishable.(40)
rfqrI so e y qy V hie nfNgy [ (41)

ngn ho i e kr Bo g jo kry Abandoning the Guru, one who goes to beg others,
ngn ho i e jl mWjx kry [ (42) And sleeps at night without anything on,(41)

Unclothed one who revels in sex,

And all naked cleans his teeth,(42)
do h rf Dohira
ngn ho i e bfhr iPrY ngn sIs jo Kfie
One who goes around naked or eats bare headed,
ngn pR s fid jo bfNteI qnKL f hI bzf khfie[(43)
Or gives out sacred pudding in a naked state is adjudged as a big
cO p eI offender.(43)
Kflsf so i e jo inM d f iqafgy
Kflsf so i e lVy ho i e afgY [ (44) Chaupeyi
Khalsa is the one, who renounces calumny,
Kflsf so i e jo pM c ko mfrY Khalsa is the one who volunteers to contend in the first rank.(44)
Kflsf so i e krm ky sfVY [ (45)
Khalsa is the one who annuls the five vices.
Kflsf so i e mfn jo iqafgY Khalsa is the one who burns the (effect of) the (previous) actions.(45)
Kflsf so i e jo prqR I af qy BfgY [ (46)
Khalsa is the one who relinquishes the ego.
Kflsf so i e pridR s L i t ko iqafgy
Khalsa is the one who keeps away from another’s wife.(46)
Kflsf so i e nfm rq lfgY [ (47)Y

Kflsf so i e gu r bfxI ihq lfie Khalsa is the one who does not imitate the others’ viewpoint.
Kflsf so i e sfr mu M i h Kfih[(48) Khalsa is the one who is infused with the divine name.(47)

Khalsa is the one who puts his heart into Gurbani.

Khalsa is the one who can eat the steel.(48)
do h rf
KL l k Kfilk kI jfx ky KL l k du K fvY nfih
Regarding the creation as that of the Creator, one should not exploit the
KL l k du K Y nM d lfl jI Kfilk ko p Y qfih[(49)
CO p eI If creation is put in agony, Lal Jee, the Creator is enraged.(49)
Kflsf so i e inrDn ko pflY
Kflsf so i e du s L t ko gfly [ (50) Chaupeyi
Khalsa is the one who looks after the poor.
Kflsf so i e nfm jp krY Khalsa is the one who annihilates the the evil-doers.(50)
Kflsf so i e mly C pr cVH Y [ (51)
Khalsa is the one who remembers the divine name.
Kflsf so i e nfm isAu N jo V y Khalsa is the one who invades the barbarians.(51)
Kflsf so i e bM D n ko qo V y [ (52)
Khalsa is the one who is permeated with the celestial entity.
Kflsf so i e jo cVy H qu r M g
Kflsf so i e jo kry inq jM g [(53) Khalsa is the one who destroys the bondage.(52)

Kflsf so i e sL s qr ko DfrY Khalsa is the one who rides the horse.

Kflsf so i e du s S t ko mfrY [ (54) Khalsa is the one who is ever ready for righteous war.(53)

Khalsa is the one who adorns the arms.

Khalsa is the one who exterminates the vicious.(54)
do h rf
do h I iPry akfl kI inM d f krY nf ko i e
bn prbq sB Bjy N gy iqR h jgq my N so i e[(55) Outcry prevails for the Almighty and the slander fosters no one.
The hills and forests in all the three domains (of creation) will remember
cO p eI him.(55)
su x o nM d lfl ey h O sfc
prgt krfAU N afpxy rfj[(56) Chaupeyi
Listen, Nand Lal, this is the veracity,
cfr brn iek brn krfAU N Through which (I) reveal my sovereignty.(56)
vfihgu r U kf jfp jpfAu U [ (57)
All the four castes, (I) blend into one caste,
cVY H N qu r M g Au V fvY N bfj
And popularise the worship of Waheguru.(57)
qu r k dy K kr jfvY N Bfj[(58)

svf lfK sy ey k lVfAU N They will mount the horse and fly the falcon,
cVY H isM G iqs mu k q krfAU N [(59) Seeing them as such, Turks (enemies) will flee.(58)

JU l x ny j L y hsqI sfjy
du a fr du a fr pr nO b q bfjy [ (60) (I will) make the one combat a hundred and twenty-five thousand.
The Sikh proceeding thus, (I will) get emancipated.(59)

The spears wave and the elephants are decorated,

At every door the victory drums beat.(60)
svf lfK jb Du K Y plIqf When a hundred and twenty-five thousands fire-works sparkle,
qb Kflsf Au d Y asq lo jIqf[(61) Then assume that, Khalsa has attained victory.(61)

do h rf Dohira
rfj kry g h Kflsf afkI rhy nf ko i e
The Khalsa will rule and the rebels will be eliminated,
KL v fr ho i e sB imly N gy bcy sL r n jo ho i e[(62)
All will be obliged to join and only those who surrender will survive.(62)
bcn hY sR I gu r U jI kf ik jo ko e I isK df by t f ho e y aO r mo n f ho i e
jfvY This is the directive of Guru, that if the son of a Sikh shaves the head,
iqs kI jVH su W kI, aO r jo mo n f isK ho i e jfvY iqs kI jVH hrI[ His posterity will be ruined, and if a shaven one becomes Sikh, his
descendants will flourish.

ieiq sR I qnKL f h nfmf sM p U r nM [ This concludes the Code of punishment