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Dear Sunrise Families,

We return from our winter vacation full of energy! Many stories about
traveling to see relatives or visiting other places have been shared at lunch.
The bit of snow that fell on our desert floor created wonderful memories for
many of our students. Over the first ten days of school I have learned that
many Sunrise families enjoyed a fun afternoon on Mt. Lemon playing in the
In the next few weeks, current residents will receive enrollment packets. It is
critical to complete the enrollment process for each of your children who will
attend Sunrise Drive next year. The completed and returned registration
forms will determine staffing decisions for Sunrise Drive Elementary School.
The registration forms are due at Sunrise Drive on February 13th. Please
help us prepare for the 2015-2016 school year by submitting your childs
registration on time. The number of students enrolled determines the
number of teachers assigned to teach at Sunrise Drive. Please contact our
office at 209-7901 to help you with the registration process if needed.
Students are busy learning throughout their day and ask many questions.
Last Thursday, a second grade student asked, What do the teachers do
when we have early release? I explained that each Thursday is devoted to
teachers learning more about their students or learning to be better teachers.
I shared that the teachers were currently studying a book to improve how we
teach math. The student was interested in the book and asked to see it.
Upon review, the student said, The teachers have school!
Many of our early release afternoons are devoted to Data Team Meetings.
Teachers work in collaborative groups to determine goals, develop
instructional plans and assessments, and analyze student performance. The
goal of the collaborative work is to improve achievement. For example, our
first grade students are developing critical thinking and problem solving skills
as they solve word problems with precision. The first grade teachers structure
lessons so that students have opportunities to share their thinking with
others. Fourth graders are learning to construct arguments with evidence as
they solve problems. This is challenging work as fourth graders work to
verbalize and write their arguments. Second grade students in Music, Art and
PE students are developing self-regulation skills as they reflect on the effort
used in class. Our reflective conversations in Data Team Meetings help us
refine our teaching practice and our student academic performance.
Over the next few months, we have many important dates to remember:

Photos for Choir, Band, First Lego League & Student Council: January
Kindergarten Show and Tell: January 29 & February 12 at 2:00
Chinese New Year Student Performance at UA Centennial Hall: January
31 at 1:30
Chinese Immersion Information Meeting: February 5 & March 12 at

Resident Registration Due at Sunrise Drive: February 13

Spring Chinese Festival: Friday, February 20 from 6:00-7:30
Rodeo Break: February 26 & 27

We look forward to seeing you on campus or at one of our upcoming events!

Andrea Davidson