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Abdomen Study Guide Questions

1. Which are the limits of the Omental Bursa?

2. Which are the limits of the Petits Triangle?

3. Which structures form the superior wall of the inguinal canal?

4. Which are the limits of the Hessleback Triangle?

5. In relationship to the Hessleback Triangle, what is the definition of a direct

inguinal hernia?

6. What is the difference in the configuration of the abdominal rectal sheath

above and below thee arcuate line?

7. Which are the three arteries that arise from the celiac trunk?

8. Which arteries arise at the level of L1?

9. Which structures are irrigated by the Splenic Artery?

10.Which structures are irrigated by the Proper Hepatic Artery?

11.Which are the limits of the Quadrate Lobe of the liver?

12.Which are the parts of the Common Bile Duct?

13.How is the hepatopancreatic ampulla formed?

14.Where does the Duodenum start and end?

15.Mention 5 differences between the jujenum and the ilion.

16.Which extra peritoneal organs are irrigated by an artery that starts in the

17.Where does the irrigation of the adrenal glands come from?

18.Which structures can you find in the hepatoduodenal ligament?

19.Which structure contains the tail of the pancreas?

20.How is the portal vein formed?

21.Which is the cable-cable anastomosis at the level of the lateral anterior

thoracic wall?

22.How is the rectum divided?

23.Which artery irrigates the ampular portion of the rectum?

24.Where does the right gastro-epiploic (omental) artery come from?

25.Which are the different parts of the adrenal cortex?

26.How is the inframesocholic peritoneal cavity divided?

27.Which supramesocholic bursa contains the spleen?

28.Which are the intrahepatic biliary ductiles (inside the liver)?

29.What is the extension of the root of the mesenterion?

30.Which parts of the nephron are contained in the renal cortex?

31.Which are the structures that cover the kidney before reaching the peritoneal

32.Which are the parietal branches of the abdominal aorta?

33.Which areas of the liver are not covered by peritoneal?

34.Which are the main two arteries that can be found posterior to the pancreas?

35.Where do the celiac trunk and superior mesenteric artery anastomose?

36.Which structure drains in the lesser duodenal papilla?

37.Which abdominal organs drain in the inferior vena cava?

38.Which structures are contained in the renal sinus?

39.How are the elevations and depressions that surround the dentate line

40.Which structure in the anterior abdominal wall forms the medial umbilical

41.An ulcer in the posterior wall of the duodenal ampulla would lesion which

42.The convergence of which structures forms the base of the cecum?

43.Which artery gives the appendicular artery?

44.At what level do we find the origin of the inferior mesenteric artery?

45.How does the gastroduodenal artery end?

46.Which is the terminal branch of the inferior mesenteric artery?

47.Where do you find the drainage of the left gonadal (could also be listed as
ovarian or testicular) vein?

48.Which arteries irrigate the head of the pancreas?

49.Which arteries irrigate the fundus of the stomach?

50.Which are the limits of the Callots Triangle? (spell check)

51.Gastric arteries and gonadal arteries level?
52.Irrigation and drainage of the rectum

53.Abdominal quadrant projections which organs are in which?

54.Duodenum relationships, especially blood vessels that are close to it.
55.Structures that could be obstructed by a tumor on the head of a pancreas
56.The limits of the Hiatus of Winslow.
57.Irrigation of the stomach and where are the vessels contained (where will I
find them?) All will be covered by layers of peritoneum and I need to know
the name of those layers.
58.Entire division of the ciliac trunk and how the branches of it are further
59.Causes of biliary vomiting and causes of abilias vomiting.
60.Drainage of the kidneys (differences)
61.Difference in the levels of the kidneys.
62.Irrigation and drainage of the adrenal glands.
63.Differences between the jejunum and the Ilion.
64.Portal bypasses. Portal Cable anastomoses.
65.Strictures of the male and female urethra.
66.Different phases of the reproductive system in a male
67.Direct and indirect inguinal hernia differences.
68.Boundaries of the inguinal canal.
69.Boundaries of the hesslebeck triangle.
70.Differential diagnoses of scrotum

Inguinal hernia (hernia sack)

71.Anterior abdominal division.
72.Boundaries of the Petits Triangle.
73.Division of the liver.
74.Uterus and its parts.
Suspensory elements of the uterus
75.Portions of the fallopian tubes.
76.Layers of the scrotum.
77.Dilations of the male urethra.
78.Constitution of the floor of the pelvis
79.Constitution of semen.
80.Branches of the internal iliac artery