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1.0 Life in the clouds

On the highest of all mountains grows one of the most precious of the Olvar (Plants). This strange and hard to
recognize plant is one of the most powerful tools any healer can have. The small and oddly white plant called
Tyr-fira is not known to most people, and only a few scholarly elves have ever heard about it. Its unique
power restores life to anyone, even if they have been dead for days. Of the few that know of its existence,
many have died searching for it on the highest of peaks, the only place they can be found. One of these
scholars is Elrond.

The half-elf from Rivendell has always known of Tyr-fira, but has made sure to keep it a secret, as not to set
many a fool to his death trying to retrieve a plant or two from the highest of Misty Mountain’s peaks. He
himself on various occasions has nearly lost his life retrieving this plant, in hopes that one day, he might use

1.1 Loss of life

Irandur has been for a long time one of Elrond’s dear friends.
The son of a Dúnadan ranger and a Silvan elf from near the sea
of Rhûn, this kind hearted animist has lived in Everwind for
nearly 100 years, having opted for mortality. He has in the
meantime, married a beautiful Woodwoman and fathered 3
children. His powers in the healing nature have earned him a
name in the small village of Everwind. Many an injured
Dúnadan, injured fighting orcs, or a woodman, injured when a
tree fell on him, have come to Everwind to receive the healing
touch of the healer.

Two weeks ago, when his son and two daughters were traveling
to the halls of the elf king, they were ambushed and attacked by orcs. The bodies were found, mutilated and
quite dead, but they were brought back to the distressed father. Certain that he could put life back into their
bodies, he used his magic to preserve their bodies and reconstruct them. But with all his magical prowess, he
was not able to restore life into them. He quickly began to despair, refusing to heal anyone else until his
children were restored to life.

A friend of his Kildar, a Silvan elf ranger, remembered stories of the life giving plant, from Elrond. Without
consulting him, for fear of sending the half elf on a foolish journey to the peaks, he crossed over the
mountains to confer with Elrond. After talking with Elrond about the deaths and Irandur’s desperation, Kildar
was sent to find some Tyr-fira. He used an old map that Elrond had made ages ago, a trail that led nearly to
the top of the world, to a place Elrond was certain the some of the plants could be found.

One more week has passed, and Kildar has not returned. It is the high of winter, and temperatures are an
extreme in such high altitudes. If Kildar survived the ascent, its very doubtful he survived the conditions up

Others are after the magical plant. An evil elf pursuing the secret of life, wild bandits intent on making quick
money, and the ever present orcs, and a strange troll that leads them. All of these beings are traversing the
trail in the clouds to find the Tyr-fira.
1.2 The NPCs

These are the main characters that the players will meet in Rivendell, The Misty Mountains, and Everwind.

Eanur, the evil elf

Eanur is one of those few elves left in Arda that actually came from Valinor. Having traveled over in the first
age along with many of the other Noldor, he was a devote follower of Feanor. After the loss of much life to
Morgoth’s raving armies, he began to lose his faith in everything. His disbelief grew even more when he was
not able to ponder why the Valar did not come over to Beleriand and help the elves. This, alongside of a
growing want for power, led the elf to turn from his former life. He refused to join the Valarian host in the
final battle of the first age. He refused to recognize the help the men had given to them. And in all, he refused
to return to Valinor, blaming the Valar for all of the problems. During the second age, he wandered much of
Middle Earth, in search of new runes and new ways to use ancient powers. His powers grew quickly. But with
the rise of Sauron’s power, he quickly hid himself for the remainder of that age. Starting the third age, he
began to wander again, this time searching for the secret of life giving. His ultimate desire was to be able to
create life, and thus, in his idea, creating a race of beings far more superior than any existing ones. His search
has led him to the strange plant called Tyr-fira.

In the last few years, he has been able to infiltrate himself into Rivendell, and has tried, to no avail, to get the
location of these plants from Elrond, who distrusts the dark elf. With the commotion that Kildar has raised,
though, he has managed to find a way to get the information so desired.

Eanur is a tall elf, nearly 7 feet tall. He is well built, strong and powerful. He has long black hair and a very
imposing presence. He is usually clad in dark clothing, black and green garbs, but never covers his head with
anything. A powerful magician who has an extreme fear of death, very unusual for an elf, that has nothing to
fear with death. He wields his long sword (+30 magical, man slaying) just as easily as he does his magic. His
underclothing provide him with near plate (AT18) protection, while only hindering as normal clothing. A
head band also enhances his magical abilities. It is made out of black eog, and is an essence (x3) multiplier.
He has a loud and clear voice that could easily frighten anyone. This voice of his gives him the ability to
influence others easily (+70 to influence rolls). A very good warrior, and powerful mage, he is nearly
unbeatable, but should he die, he will explode in a black fire ball, certainly harming anyone unfortunate to be
near him.

Kildar, the ranger

Kildar is a Silvan elf from Mirkwood. Having gone through Everwind many times, his frequent stops at the
inn that Irandur runs have made him a well known face there. Having run many errands in the past for
Irandur, the elf had just recently, put his eyes on Irandur’s lovely daughter, Sylcia, the oldest. His friendship
with Irandur and his love for Sylcia has made him go after the legendary plant.

Kildar is a normal Silvan elf, 6 foot, 143 lbs. He has light orange/sand hair that reaches his shoulders and light
blue eyes. He is most fond of the bow he constructed from strange woods found deep in Mirkwood. It has an
extremely long range (175 feet) and is very good precise (+15 non magical). He also wears light gray boots
passed on to him by a human friend long ago that not only conceal his movement and make him silent, but
also refuse to let its wearers fall or slip (no failure in MM) in any condition. He is not aware of this trait and
thinks he only has good luck. He is also very musical. He always carries with him a flute.
Irandur, the half elf healer

This once kind man has now turned himself into an ugly looking man. After the death of his 3 children, he has
refused to heal anyone else, not being able to bring his own children back to life. He has not cleaned himself
since the incident and looks very unkempt. He does not talk to anyone save his wife. Because of this all, fewer
people are frequenting the inn, running business low for the couple. Only the revival of his children will be
able to change his state.

Irandur has taken on his fathers side. He is a large man, 6 foot 2 inches and weighing a little over 220 lbs. His
size hides his strength though, as he is not very strong. Before the incident, Irandur was an extremely gentle
man. Some say he was able to tame wild boars and wild bears. This incident has left him irresponsive and
floating in his own world. He uses mainly long flowing red and green robes, that have now become dirty and
rather colorless. His carries with him a staff that was made just for healers. It enhances the power (x10) of any
animist with a pure heart. It also allows the user to cast any animist spell once a day, up to level 10.

Rhu`tag, Dunlending warrior

This cunning, yet greedy warrior from the nearby trollshaws leads a crazy band of thieves and brigands. Their
only intent is to make quick money at nil cost. Although a strong man, nearly 6 feet tall, he is a coward.
Although his loud voice seems tough, at the sight of numbers or strength, he will flee. He, of course, refuses
to accept that he is a coward, and will sometimes do foolish acts with his men to prove it. He leads 12 other
Dunledings, much more valiant than their leader. Rhu`tag has been following the group secretly for some
while and after skirting Rivendell (he has a terrible fear of elves), he will follow them anywhere, waiting for
the right time to strike.

Rhu’tag’s favorite weapon is a large spiked club (+15 non magical) that he carries with him at all times. He is
also very good with ropes, being able to quickly make efficient knots and able to lasso anything moving or
not. He covers himself with the skin of a bear he swears he killed with his own hands, although a closer look
will reveal several indications that the bear was defeated by many men, with swords.

Glub, Troll warrior

A troll with brains, a lethal combination. Although much small than normal trolls, only 7 feet and a half in
height and weighing 370 lbs, it’s his ability to actually think rationally that has made him on of the Witch-
kings favorite tools. He is very quick (AG 99) for a troll and not a foe to be taken lightly. He commands a
small yet deadly force of orcs that scouts the Misty Mountains regularly, keeping track of all that pass
through, and getting rid of those no deemed worthy of passing through. Glub is no shy troll. He can fluently
speak many languages, including most elfish languages, which he learned from torturing his elfish prisoners.
One flaw though, he sings. Glub will at any chance he can, try to show off his singing ability. He is a
horrendous singer, making even the orcs under him run. He will sing loudly in battle and should he be asked
to sing by anyone, enemy or friend, he will waste 4 to 6 rounds doing so.

He uses a large two handed sword forged long ago in Numenor, indication of some of his victims. Its na orc-
slayer and troll-slayer (+20) but enjoys frightening his subjects with its odd glow. He wears a white dragon
plate armor that does not encumber. It is too large for a normal man to wear. He leads a squad of 20 orcs and
3 wargs that call themselves the “Singing Death”, much to the orc’s disgust.
1.3 Maps of the Glimmering caves and the Mountain Pass (See below).

1.31 Glimmering caves

These caves were found by Elrond many years ago. They are the only site that he knows of that has the Tyr-
fira plant. They grow deep within the cave, feeding off the sunlight that reflects back and forth in the cavern,
off the ice frozen on the walls.

1. This small room is solid ice except for a small part in the rear. It gives the impression that the room doesn’t
even exist. A very careful look at –70 will reveal that it is only an ice covering. In the far back ground, a body
can be seen. Chopping through the ice will take at the very least an hour unless they have something that can
melt the ice (fire, spells, items). Should they get through, the find the perfectly frozen body of a Noldor elf,
covered in a oddly white cloak. A long sword lays on top of him and a shield besides him. A small pouch lays
on the left side. Inside are 12 seeds of Tyr-fira, which would be a fortune for anyone, should they know how
to use them. No one will recognize them as the seeds though. The long sword is of ancient make, made out of
transparent eog (+30) reducing all Defensive bonuses by 40 and delivering an E cold critical to any
successful hit. The shield is +20 magical and deflects any heat attack completely. The cloak is a light white
cloak that keeps the wearer warm at all times, and at the same time protecting him like if it was a set of plate
armor. Wrapped around the hilt of the sword is a parchment written in Quenya that reads:

My dear, I have grown weary of this world

I long to join you in the halls
I have left within these caves a legacy
A source of life given to us by the lord
In happiness I leave this realm
My life for others
2. This small room contains the Tyr-fira plants. They grow from the sides of the wall, growing outwards.
They seem to have no roots, only clinging to the walls by sheer cold. They look like ice formations, and
anyone not learned in plants or herbs, will not recognize them. Very harsh treatment will shatter the plant,
rendering it useless. Tyr-fira restores life to anyone at any time. The plant seems to melt in the mouth of the
person, and drain down into him or her, restoring life nearly immediately. It will restore the person to the state
in which he was prior to death. Kildar has already taken 4 of these plants with him and if he was not found
before, he is in here now, with a broken leg.

3. A solid sheet of ice covers the cavern, making entrance impossible without a source of heat. The map given
to them by Elrond clearly indicates this as the entrance of the cave. Should the players decide to hack through
the ice, it will take 3 hours minimum, and the loud noise has a chance (10%) each 5 minutes of causing an
avalanche, causing 3 D crush criticals on anyone near there at the moment.

4. This small trail leads up to the cavern. Like the rest of the mountain, it requires a light maneuver every 5
minutes or risk slipping off the side.

5. The mountain falls off steeply. Anyone caught in an avalanche or anyone who slips due to a bad maneuver,
will fall 150 feet to the next drop and take 10 E crush criticals (I.E. he’s dead).

1.32 The Mountain Pass

This handy map will be given to the players by Elrond to help finding the caves. It will show clearly where to
break off the main trail and head to the caves.

1. The small bridge crosses the river. Normally it would be a normal traverse, but in the high of winter, all
players should roll a medium maneuver or slip off the bridge. A small lake, frigid and freezing, will soften
their fall, but give them an A cold crit every round they remain in the water.
2. Rivendell

3. Everwind

4. The Glimmering caves. The trail to reach it is short and goes along side the mountain. Every 5 minutes the
players should make a light maneuver roll or slip off the side and into death.

5. This is where the trails meet. There is a good chance that on their way out from the caves, the players are
attacked by the Dunledings (50%), Glub and the orcs (30%) and Eanur (70%) should any two or all three
appear to contest the ownership of the herb, a most interesting fight will occur, where Eanur might help the
players, but the bandits and the orcs will attack everyone and anyone. Should Glub start to sing in battle (75%
chance) Rhu’tag will take off running, while his men stay and fight. The space is tight and slippery.

6. The main trail that crosses the Misty Mountains is heavily covered in snow during this time of the year. No
one travels this trail during this time. Any or all of the groups that are after them that did not confront them
when they come out of the secret trail will confront them in a similar fashion at the feet of the mountains on
the other side, nearly 5 miles from Everwind. There is much more room there though.

1.4 The Task

The players will be hired by Elrond at 15gp each to go into the mountains and
retrieve this special plant that Elrond will not talk about. The players will have
no clue, and unless either one is a specialist in herbs, will not recognize the
plant as Tyr-fira.

1.41 Starting the players

Should any of the players be elves, it is very simple. Elrond knows of them
somehow and calls for them. Should none of the players be elves, they might
be passing through Rivendell and asked by Elrond to fetch the herbs at a
substantial reward, and a free stay in Rivendell whenever they pass through.

1.42 The Aids

The only real aid here will be the heat, as the severe cold might hinder anyone,
especially humans. Kildar will be of special aid if they find him on time.
Kildar might be found coming back to Rivendell already with the herb (roll 1-15) in which case he will urge
them to go to Everwind with him, in a battle near the secret trail against some random opponent (16-50) still
having not gotten the herb, In the glimmering caves (51-75) having broken his leg in an accident and managed
to get into the caves before they froze over, or captured by Glub and his orcs (76-100) and will be with them
when they attack the players. He is good in the mountains and will do anything to get the herb and the life of
the woman he loves back.

1.43. The Obstacles

Although many odd and strange beasts inhabit the Misty Mountains, the real foe is the cold. Temperatures can
drop to as far as –50 F during the day, doubling at night. Players should make sure they have adequate
equipment, or freeze on their first night. Also, some drakes make their home in the high peaks, as well as the
Great Eagles, which are known to help when in need.
1.44 The Rewards

Other than the rewards that Elrond has already offered, some players might get a part of the Tyr-fira for
themselves. That in itself is a fortune. Should the players find the body of Tyr-fira in the ice, his items are
priceless and well worth any trouble. They will also get the eternal thanks of Irandur and his family, as well as
Kildar. They will offer their help whenever possible. Should any of the players be animist, Irandur might even
give his staff as a present.

1.5 Encounters

The only real encounters have to do with the bandits, the orcs and Eanur. Each of them is after the plant for
one reason or another. Should all of these groups attack at once, the players will receive the help of the Great
Eagles, whom Elrond has enlisted as well, and will help the players 5 rounds after the battle has started. They
will attack Eanur first, as they recognize him. They will then attack the orcs, and lastly, the Dunledings.
Should Rhu’tag see the Eagles, he will also flee, but be captured by one of the eagles.

1.6 NPC stats

Name Lvl hits AT DB Sh Gr Pri OB Sec OB MM Notes

Eanur 23 139 Pl/18 40 N N ls 99 lb 95 25 Noldor Mage

Kildar 7 97 Rl/12 15 N N lb 135 ss 72 10 Silvan Ranger
Irandur 9 67 No/2 20 N N st 59 ss 25 15 Half-elf animist
Rhu'tag 5 78 Rl/12 10 N Y cl 98 ropes 10 Dunlen. Scout
Glub 16 195 Pl/20 20 N N ths 131 ax 112 15 Uruk Warrior