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May, 2009 Assembled By Dana West

Last month, Bob Briggs discussed Rail transportation in Colorado

Our next meeting is May 9th. Thornton Mayor Erik Hansen discusses job
growth and the economy facing Thornton, Adams County and Colorado.
We will be at Gander Mountain, 9923 Grant Street, Thornton, CO from 9:15-10:45 a.m. on the
second Saturday of each month in the employee training room. If you live in Adams County or
Denver's northern suburbs, come join us for lively spirited debate and to meet Republican
movers and shakers

Directions to Gander Mountain:

Gander Mountain is a huge sporting goods store in the old Biggs, now Wal-Mart/Home Depot
shopping center just east of I-25 and south of 104th Ave. Just go in the front door, turn
left at the first aisle and follow it to the employee meeting room on the far left.

Yearly membership dues are $20, while a couple is $30. Make checks payable to NSRF. It’s $3
per person to attend the monthly meeting to pay for the provided continental breakfast.

For more information on politics or the Republican party, go to the following internet sites:

www.Examiner.com/Denver www.CompleteColorado.com http://TheMoveRight.com

www.FaceTheState.com/ www.i2i.org/ www.TonysRants.com/ www.ALineOfSight.com/

www.AdamsCountyGOP.com/ www.ColoGOP.org/ www.RNC.org/

www.PoliticalLiveWires.com www.OpinionJournal.com http://FactCheck.org

www.850koa.com/pages/MikeRosen.html www.Heritage.org/ http://Townhall.com/

The Adams County GOP needs your support! Please contact Gil Farin (303-464-9720) or Jerry
Cunningham (303-439-8228) if you can volunteer to help staff the Republican table for an
hour or more at these events. To help at Cinco de Mayo, contact Martin Mendez (720-244-
2448). Candidates are encouraged to meet and greet voters at our booth.

Upcoming Republican events we need your help at include:

Denver Civic Center Park CINCO de MAYO Sat-Sun May 9-10th

Thornton THORNTONFEST Saturday May 16th
Commerce City MEMORIAL DAY PARADE Monday May 25th
Brighton CULTURE FEST Saturday June 6th
Denver Republican Examiner

The rise of conservative blogs in Colorado by Kevin Holst

Colorado’s conservative political blogs are unquestionably rising in popularity and relevancy. Even though
liberal blogs get most of the attention from Colorado’s major news outlets, Coloradans are looking more
and more to conservative blogs for political news and opinions.

In a 5280 Magazine article from a few years ago, a contributor to a popular liberal political blog explored
the state of conservative blogs in Colorado. The article opined that conservative blogs lagged far behind
liberal blogs in popularity and relevancy. The author claimed, “For whatever reason, liberal-minded people
seem to be more engaged in local politics in the blog world than Republicans.” Fortunately, the rapid
growth of conservative blogs in recent years has changed the online landscape.

Recently, CompleteColorado.com (http://www.completecolorado.com) broke a story regarding a

controversy involving a potential gubernatorial candidate. Quickly, the Denver Post jumped on the
story. The reaction by Denver’s only major daily print newspaper provides one example of the increased
relevancy of conservative blogs.
While the story has provided the conservative blog CompleteColorado greater notoriety, other
conservative blogs are also actively contributing to the conservative discourse. After a few quick web
searches, the results provide a variety of conservative blogs that fit a range of interests.

Examples of popular conservative sites include Rocky Mountain Right

(http://www.rockymountainright.com), People’s Press Collective (http://www.peoplespresscollective.org),
Mount Virtus (http://bendegrow.com), Election Neutrality Now (http://www.electionneutralitynow.com),
Free Colorado (http://www.freecolorado.com) and Rossputin (http://rossputin.com).
In addition, a number of Colorado’s conservative politicians have developed policy blogs. For example,
former State Treasurer Mark Hillman (http://www.markhillman.com), former State Senate President John
Andrews (http://www.backboneamerica.net) and former U.S. Congressman and gubernatorial candidate
Bob Beauprez (http://www.alineofsight.com) have each developed popular and thoughtful policy blogs.

These examples are hardly a complete list of conservative blogs in Colorado, but the examples do serve
as a decent listing of the more active sites.

Over the last few years, a growing number of conservative blogs are providing relevant and timely news
and opinions to Coloradans seeking a conservative viewpoint on local politics. These conservative blogs
present online alternatives to traditional news sources, of which many conservatives have grown weary
and view as overly biased. Consequently, liberal opinion journalists can no longer justly claim that
conservative bloggers trail dramatically to liberals in Colorado’s blogosphere.

Colorado’s conservative blogs are unmistakably on the rise.

Adams County Lincoln Day Dinner
2009 APRIL 27
By blogger Paul Prosise at http://TheMoveRight.com
*** Updated 4/29/2009 ***

This last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend my first political event, other than the Tea Party, and I had
mixed feelings and expectations going into it. This event

State Rep. David Balmer and Brian T Campbell

was for the Adams County GOP, mainly a get together for
the local and state politicians and their constituents, as well
as being a fundraiser for the Republican efforts in their
county and the state of Colorado.

At first I was probably one of the first non-volunteers to

arrive to the event, my eagerness to cover the event got the
better of me. Of course my name wasn‟t on the list, and I somehow got wrangled into paying $50 for the meal,
even though I was initially told I could get in free. ***note/update, I was refunded the money last night, did
apologize for the confusion.*** It was the typical banquet, items for raffle were lined down the hallway, as
well as several tables for the local politicians, where they were able to stump a little, in hopes of gaining the
GOP‟s support for the upcoming elections.

One of my main goals in going to the event was to follow up on the success of the Tea Parties, and to see how,
if any of the momentum was being carried over. So I started talking with the volunteers to get their impressions
of the event. Of the ten I spoke with, not one was at the tea party. All stating that they wanted to go, but all had
to work. A common sentiment, I‟m finding, from most hard working Americans in this area. (by the way, I feel
if the Tea Party was on a weekend, instead of a weekday, the numbers would have been tripled) I had one guy
tell me that he thought it was a stupid thing to do, and that no
good can come of it.

He continued to say that, he chickened out in going to it, but

wouldn‟t have gone because, “the people that went don‟t
understand what the original Tea Party was about. The first one
was about Civil Disobedience, and this one was just about
screaming at a building.” Personally that person is an idiot.
He‟s totally missing the point.

I continued to talk with the volunteers; I asked the

question several times, “What’s wrong with the Republicans?” Several responses were, “Nothing at all, the
media does whatever it can to give us a bad name.” “The GOP is a good organization, but the country is steeped
in hero [Obama] worship.” “The countries mindset has shifted, and we’re really behind the 8-ball.” “We need to
educate the people why the GOP, is really on their side.”

All very interesting comments, but I do agree most with the idea that the mindset of America is shifting, and the
GOP may be a little behind the times. I asked one volunteer why there is no Facebook or Twitter or MySpace
for the Adams County, his answer was that it‟s not needed. The political campaigns shouldn‟t be run on
technology. This was a trend at this party. But I will point out that the sentiment of rejecting technology did in
fact come from the older generation.

However, when talking with the younger GOPers, they acknowledged, that they are trying to catch up to
technology. And even today, www.adamscountygop.com is not up to par. Supposedly, the new launch, was
supposed to be launch that night, and if what‟s up and running
now is it… Well let‟s just say, they‟ve got a lot of work to do.

My outlook on this event did start to turn when I got to meet

some of the local and state politicians, notably, Brian T
Campbell, the organizer of the Denver Tea Party. I had a good
conversation with Bob Beauprez, by the way I picked up his
book, The Return to Values: A Conservative Looks At His
Party. Tom Tancredo, was there, which the banter of Bob and
Tom was quite amusing and made for a good night.

Brian Campbell speaks with Robert Goad and Dana West

As the dinner got started, everyone took their seats, and I realized that I was not actually given one. So I stood
for a while without one, but it worked out, I was able to get close up eaves dropping of many conversations.
With a majority resting on the utter frustration of the local, state and national GOP, and the very clear shift
away from their values. One notable business man said, “I didn‟t give thousands of dollars for these centrist,
who posed as Conservatives, to go up to Capitol hill and screw us out of our money. They‟ve managed to raise
taxes, I‟m pissed off.” He continued, “These RINOs
[republicans in name only], had better wake up if they know
what‟s best for them. What, do they think the Tea Parties were
a fluke? These, A#$***** had better get their thumbs out their
butts and listen to what we have to say.”

Bob Beauprez signing his book,

So I piped in at that moment and asked what would happen if they don‟t listen. “They‟ll face me. I‟ve given
thousands of dollars to the GOP. They‟ll start to face other people that are fed up with this nation going to hell
in a hand basket. We‟ve moved so far away from the morals and values that the majority of the US was founded
on, that I‟m not sure we can ever come back from that.” ***My feeling about this guy was that he’s full of
himself. I was told by one GOP organizer, after I posted this article, that no one in Adams County give
thousands to the ADCO GOP, on a regular basis, which confirms that guys just a blowhard trying to pump
himself up at the event.***

I did ask Bob Beauprez how we can turn the country around, “Well, the country should read my book, I’ve
outlined many values that we need to turn back to. And Agenda For America, is what I call it. Fiscal Discipline,
Security of our Borders, a commitment to the US Economic Dominance. Those kinds of things…. The Tea
Parties are an excellent case for the politicians to start listening to the people, and the people are screaming for
them to return to the values that made this country what it is today”

There were many other highlights to the evening. The three people that I took notice of were, Dan Caplis, the
keynote speaker, Senator Shawn Mitchell and Senator Josh Penry. Caplis, who I will support for Senator,
should he run, made an amazing speech. I‟ll give highlights of that is a later article.

Sen. Mitchell was a great Master of Ceremonies, funny witty and seems to be a strict conservative. Then Sen.
Penry who I had a few moments with, a charming man, devoted to the conservative causes, and unapologetic
for his stances. I asked him if he was able to come out and see the crowds on the 15th, he said that regrettably
no, “I was in the budgetary cut meetings during that time. It was great though, we could hear the crowd, which
was impressive since those are marble walls that the sound has to go through, but I was going over one line of
contention. Right then, we heard the crowd get really loud, I turned to the other guys and said, „See, I think they
want us to cut this line.”

He assured me that if I need anything, I can give him a call… “I mean that.” I put this here, because I want it
documented… (Actually I do need a job Sen. Penry, so if you can help…) but I digress.

Overall it was a great night. Once my initial frustrations subsided and I spoke with reasonable people and
politician, I enjoyed myself. I was able to meet some great people that love their city and love this country, and
only want the best for her.

I‟m going to give you a list of local people not just politicians that I was in contact and that you should take
note of. There were other politicians that I’m going to list, one either I just didn’t meet them, but sadly there a
few that were jerks and wouldn’t even give me the time of day.

 Probably the most ambitious of the group was Brian Thornton, who will be running for Thornton City
Council. Find his business and contact info at www.educationmediahouse.com

 Greg Burt, helps with Government Relations, he gave me the opportunity to come out to the event, and I look
forward to working with him in the future. Find him on www.linkedin.com/ingregburt/
 Brian T Campbell Sr., Organizer of the Tea Parties, but even more importantly, he‟s running as a candidate
for the US House CD-7. Find him at www.briantcampbellsr.com He‟ll have a tough race, but I‟ll support
him in any way he needs. He‟ll be trying to dethrone Perlmutter, and frankly that guy has to
go. Dan Caplis, the LDD keynote speaker

 Dan Caplis, if he runs

 Dana West of Thornton Circle R, who is a leader of the Small Donor
Committee, 303.725.0718
 Ryan Frazier, he didn‟t bother showing up, he sent a messenger
boy…. that was disappointing. http://www.frazierforcolorado.com
 Senator Shawn Mitchell, website
 Senator Josh Penry, website
 Bob Beauprez, http://www.bobbeauprez.com/

Look forward to several other articles that will stem from this event.

Economy & Trade

Highway to the Danger Zone: Piloting the economy to disaster

If Obama gets his way, our economy would be considered too fragile for membership in the European

By Rich Sokol, Contributing Editor at http://www.alineofsight.com

In the 1980s movie "Top Gun", Tom Cruise plays a charismatic but reckless military pilot bent on "pushing the
envelope" beyond anything his predecessors had done. He has incredible innate talent as a pilot, but repeatedly
violates safety protocols in an effort to become a legend. One time, he pushes too far. The plane crashes, and his
best friend is killed. Cruise's character learns from the mistake, but it is too late to bring back his friend.

Today, we have a charismatic but reckless President also pushing the envelope. But it is the US economy being
piloted, not a jet. And Obama isn‟t just putting himself and a friend at risk. All of us, and our children for
generations to come, will be paying the price for Obama‟s recklessness. And like a plane crash, once it's
occurred it‟s going to be very hard to undo.

Obama likes to brag that he is a new kind of Democrat. The old party leaders were known as "Tax and Spend"
Democrats. Obama has changed the mantra. He is now the “Borrow and Spend” Democrat. And the
recklessness of how much he is spending is heart-stopping – literally.

To pay for spending, government must either tax its citizens or borrow the necessary funds. Either way, we end
up paying – either now, in the form of taxes, or later, when the debt comes due. But if the government can
borrow for a long enough period, the debt won't come due until we're no longer around. Not a bad trick. The
problem is, our children will be the ones who have to pay off our debts. Not a very fair deal for them.

Our government has been at this game for a long time. But in the past, the debt inherited by each generation was
manageable. This is about to change.

Obama just released his budget projections for the next 10 years. Let's look at some numbers prepared by the
non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, and compare Obama's proposal to the past:

Inflation Adjusted
Year US Government Debt Per US Resident
(2007 dollars)
1949 $214 billion $1,436 $10,345
1959 $235 billion $1,320 $7,605
1969 $278 billion $1,372 $6,400
1979 $640 billion $2,844 $6,966
1989 $2.2 trillion $8,876 $13,546
1999 $3.6 trillion $13,320 $16,246
2000 $3.4 trillion $12,082 $14,445
2008 $5.8 trillion $19,086 $18,675
2019 est $17.3 trillion $51,087 $44,105

Source: Congressional Budget Office March 2009 “CBO‟s Estimate of the President‟s Budget” for historical
and projected debt levels, as well as projected inflation levels. “Per US Resident” calculated by author using US
Census Bureau data and projections. Inflation adjustments use CBO projections and calculations by author.

Some definitions:

US Government Debt is debt issued by the US Government held only by the public. The public includes
investors, US banks, and foreign central banks. This number does not include intra-government borrowings
(chiefly debt issued to the Social Security Administration as the government borrows and spends all the Social
Security reserves).

“Per US Resident” is the amount of debt divided by the US population, as estimated by the Census Bureau.

“Inflation Adjusted” adjusts the “Per US Resident” amount to negate the effects of inflation. This is the best
way to compare levels over time.

What Does This All Mean?

Think of this from the perspective of a child being born in each given year.

The proportionate share of debt owed by a child born in 1949 was $10,345 (in current dollars). A child born
right before George W Bush took office owed $14,445. A child born last year, right before Obama took office,
owed $18,675.

A child born a few years after Obama leaves office – if Obama gets his way - will owe $44,105 in US
Government debt the day he is delivered. Is it fair of us to burden that child with this level of debt? Especially
when that child had no say in whether or not we accumulated that debt? It might make the child want to stay in
the womb.

Some Obama fans have argued the following in support of his spending plans:

1. Bush spent a lot of money too

That‟s true. But as the above chart shows, Bush was a minor leaguer compared to Obama. During the Bush
years, debt per person went up $4,230, or 29%. Not good, but not catastrophic. Overall debt levels per person
were still within eyesight in 2008 of where they were in 1949, almost 60 years before.

Obama brings spending to a whole new level. Debt per person is projected to go up $25,430 or 136% during the
Obama reign. Obama is the debt champion.

2. Government needs to spend because of the current economic crisis

An argument can be made that the government should spend large sums now to stimulate the economy out of
the current recession. Maybe. But Obama proposes budgets that average almost a $900 billion deficit beginning
in 2011, well after the current recession should be over. Obama‟s spending and debt levels rise ominously every
year for the next 10 years, not just for the next year or two. Today‟s crisis cannot justify large deficits 5 and 10
years from now.


We‟ve just looked at the debt levels relative to the number of people in our country. But we can also look at the
debt levels relative to the size of our economy. The larger our economy, the greater debt levels we can
comfortably manage.

Think of it this way. If you or I were to borrow $1 million, it would put a strain on our finances. But if Bill
Gates were to borrow $1 million, he wouldn‟t even notice it. Bill Gates is a lot wealthier than you or I, so he can
comfortably take on more debt than average folk. The same is true of an economy.

The chief measurement of the size of our economy is Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”). Let‟s look at our
federal government debt levels relative to GDP over time, with the 2019 estimates for debt and GDP again
provided by the Congressional Budget Office:

Year US Government Debt Debt % of GDP

1949 $214 billion 79%
1959 $235 billion 48%
1969 $278 billion 29%
1979 $640 billion 26%
1989 $2.2 trillion 41%
1999 $3.6 trillion 40%
2000 $3.4 trillion 35%
2008 $5.8 trillion 41%
2019 est $17.3 trillion 82%

The US Government took on tremendous debt during the 1940s to finance our war effort in WWII. Excluding
that anomaly, our level of government debt in relation to the size of our economy has been fairly stable. It‟s
been 25% - 40% of GDP for the last 40+ years. This debt level has been much lower than in Europe. I believe it
is a chief reason our economy has grown so much faster than Europe‟s over the last 50 years.

Again, all this is about to change. The Congressional Budget Office projects that under Obama‟s budget plan,
government debt levels relative to the size of our economy is about to skyrocket.

It begs the question: How much public debt can our economy support before it implodes? We don‟t know. We
just witnessed the implosion of many individual institutions and homeowners who carried too much debt. Could
the same happen to our economy as a whole? Yes, but where the tipping point remains is an unknown. Thus
common sense dictates we should be more cautious.

Consider this. Obama wants the US economy to be more like Europe‟s, despite the fact that Europe has a much
lower standard of living than the US. The European Union requires new member countries to have debt to GDP
ratios under 60% - and that includes all government debt of a nation, both federal and local. If Obama gets his
way, our economy would be considered too fragile for membership in the European Union!

How‟s that for irony!

If our debt levels get to 82% of GDP, as projected under Obama‟s budget plan, the United States will have the
economic balance sheet of a third world nation. Why are we going down this path?

Unfortunately, this is not a movie. It is all too real. As many homeowners have discovered, climbing out from a
mountain of debt is almost impossible. What‟s true for a homeowner is also true for a country.

Let‟s hope Pilot Obama and co-pilots Pelosi and Reid learn to be less reckless with our money before we crash
and burn. We need to exit the Highway To The Danger Zone.
April 30, 2009
Face The State Staff Report
By allegedly abusing Senate rules, Democrats undermined a Republican motion that could have effectively killed a
controversial bill Wednesday.
Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, sought to lay over House Bill 1299, a measure proposing to award Colorado's nine
electoral votes to future presidential candidates who win a national majority of the popular vote. Since the
legislative session officially ends May 6, Kopp’s motion would have killed the bill. Democrats generally favor the
bill, with Republicans opposed.
Sen. Linda Newell, D-Littleton, was chairing the committee of the whole at the time, and she recognized Kopp who
motioned to lay the bill over. In the middle of the vote on Kopp's motion, however, Majority Leader Brandon
Shaffer, D-Longmont, interrupted to ask for a “no” vote and make a substitute motion. Schaffer's move violates
Senate rules because a motion to lay over legislation is non-debatable while taking the vote. Republicans were
upset by the Schaffer's move.
Sen. Ted Harvey, R-Highlands Ranch, pointed out the violation and upbraided Democrats for breaking rules to
push their agenda. Kopp, however, said he wasn’t expecting his motion to pass, but was upset by abuse of the
process. “It was a motion made to do two things: one, highlight the fact that this bill has been languishing on the
Senate calendar for a month and to remind the majority that the minority is still here paying attention,” Kopp said.
A bill's lack of movement in either chamber may be a sign that it lacks support. Kopp speculated that Democrats
might not have the votes to pass the HB 1299, and he said the bill's sponsor, Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver, has been
working his Senate colleagues for votes.
Under the nation's current electoral college system, each state is awarded a specific number of electoral college
votes based on its representation in Congress. In almost every state, the presidential candidate garnering a
plurality of the popular vote receives all of the state's electoral votes. Most candidates focus their campaigns on
swing states, like Colorado, or large states in order to bolster blocks of electoral votes. Critics maintain that the
process leads campaigns to ignore solidly blue or red states they feel they believe will solidly fall in one camp or
Under HB 1299's language, the redesign of the system would only become effective if a critical mass of other states,
enough to represent 270 of the nation's 538 total electoral votes, decided to do the same. Participating states
would then pledge to put their electoral votes toward the candidate that wins the national popular vote. Without
achieving this support, Colorado would continue allocating its votes as it does currently, in a winner-take-all

Capitalism vs. Socialism

An economics professor at Texas Tech said he had never failed a single student before but had, once, failed an
entire class. That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich,
a great equalizer. The professor then said ok, we will have an experiment in this class on socialism.
All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would
receive an A. After the first test the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard
were upset and the students who studied little were happy. But, as the second test rolled around, the students who
studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too; so they

studied little.. The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around the average
was an F.
The scores never increased as bickering, blame, name calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study
for the benefit of anyone else. All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would
also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great; but when government takes all
the reward away; no one will try or want to succeed.
Could not be any simpler than that....

Our June 13th speaker will be Republican State Chairman Dick Wadhams. For July 11th , August 8th,
September 12th, and October 10th, we have scheduled a slate of candidates running for city, county, and state
office. We’re also working on setting up a candidate debate at the Forum later this year.

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Basic Principles of the G.O.P. (The only Party for all of the People)

1. Protect the rights of the individual

2. Protect the free enterprise system
3. Reduce government to the lowest practical
4. Endorse and practice fiscal responsibility
5. Embrace technology
6. Recruit, recruit, recruit

Tuesday, May 19th 7am Adams County Republican

Hispanic Assembly breakfast at Rosita's Mexican
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Tuesday, June 2nd 11:30am Adams County

Republican Women (Trumpeteers) at
City Buffet 106th & Melody in Northglenn.

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