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Jenison High School

World History 2 Syllabus

Mr. Johnson

Room 203

@johnsquared1829 | jjohnson@jpsonline.org | http://mr-johnson.us

616.457.8454 Ext. 3303

Course Description:
Successful completion of World History 1 (.5 credits) is required in order to receive a high school diploma in Michigan.

Students will explore major topics in World History since the Enlightenment Era. Using historical documents
and first-hand accounts students will investigate changing relationships between religions, governments,
cultures, and people over this broad period of time. Using lecture, discussion, simulations, projects, and
written assignments, strong emphasis will be placed on developing students ability to evaluate, analyze and
synthesize information from various sources so that they are better prepared for adulthood and responsible


Students will be expected to access the textbook electronically via the internet at home. Follow the steps
below for access:
1. Send an email to Mr. Johnson requesting your username and password
2. Go to www.pearsonsuccessnet.com
(Please Note: FireFox or Safari work best with the site. Internet Explorer DOES NOT work well!)
If internet access is not available at home, or if the student simply prefers to have a printed textbook, a
textbook can be issued to them upon request.Textbooks remain school property but are the responsibility of
the student. Damage or loss may result in fines or other consequences.


In addition to the textbook, MANY resources will be available at http://mr-johnson.us. Agendas, activities
and objectives are posted there daily. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to check there often to see check for
assignments or additional learning resources!

Getting Help

Communicating with me is absolutely vital! I cant help if I dont know there is a problem!
Please feel free to contact me through email, twitter or phone with any questions or concerns
I am available to help individual students or small groups after school until 4:00 pm nearly every day of
the week. (Meetings and appointments do come up, though, so its a good idea let me know when after
school help is needed)
Information and resources are also available anytime at http://mr-johnson.us.

Sign up for Text message reminders!

Parents & students are encouraged to subscribe to Remind - a free service that allows
teachers to send text and email reminders to groups of students.
For text reminders:

text @wh-remind to 81010

For email reminders: send an email to wh-remind@mail.remind.com

For more details visit http://remind.com or contact Mr. Johnson

Late Work Policy

Completing assignments is essential to success in my class. So is turning them in on time! In order to

guarantee that learning still takes place, assignments turned in after their due-date will still be corrected and
returned to the student. However, late assignments will receive no higher than a 60%.
Excused absences will result in the extension of due dates by one day for every school day missed.
It is the responsibility of the student to find out if assignments and due-dates have been missed by
checking PowerSchool or http://mr-johnson.us

Grading Scale

92.5 - 100


89.5 - 92.4


86.5 - 89.4

76.5 - 78.4

82.5 - 86.4



79.5 - 82.4


Marking period (9-week) grades are comprised of

weighted categories as follows:

Homework 20% of Final Grade

66.5 - 69.4

72.5 - 76.4


69.5 - 72.4


59.5 - 62.4

62.5 - 66.4

Semester (Course) Grades will be calculated as follows:

1st Marking Period 44% of Semester Grade

In-Class Work/Participation

20% of Final Grade

2nd Marking Period 44% of Semester Grade


20% of Final Grade

Final Exam 12% of Semester Grade


40% of Final Grade

*All tests & quizzes MUST be completed in order to earn credit for this class.

School Policies
Any and all district and/or school policies outlined by the Jenison Public Schools Board of Education will be adhered
to by the teacher and students. Please visit http://jpsonline.org for more information.

Cheating and Plagiarism

Just dont do it! There are a multitude of reasons why, including the fact that it is a violation of school policy, it can be
considered a violation of the law in some cases, and in many colleges and universities it is grounds for expulsion.
Academic dishonesty will not only result in disciplinary action, but also undermines the learning process.