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Bhava Lord Sambandha

We often need to identify the relationship between

two lords to determine whether or not the people
ruled by those Bhavas will have an inimical or
amicable relationships
See the following dictum from the classicsJataka Tattva 3.H.6: When there is enmity
between the lords of the 1st and 10th house or when
the 10th lord is placed in the 6th house either from
the lagna or the lagna lord, the father will prove as
enemy to the native.
Jataka Tattva 3.H.9: If the lords of the 5th and the
1st are mutually inimical, of if the lord of the 5th
occupies the 6th house and be aspected by the lagna
lord, the natives son will be inimical towards him.

One needs to reflect over these statements and

determine whether or not some of the conditions are
possible? For instance can the lagna lord and the 5th
lord ever be inimical towards each other? Similarly
can the lord and the 7th lord ever be friendly? When
we start questioning the obvious, the knowledge will
dawn on us. We will start understanding the true
purport of these statement.
Although we may like to believe that all the lagnas are
equally created and all have the same changes of
getting good and bad pertaining to various Bhava

results, it is not so. Different Lagnas are hardwired to

experience more positive results in certain area than
the others. Similarly, more negative results in certain
other areas. One simple rule is to look the the 6th
lord. The native will always have some or other
challenges pertaining to the natural significations of
the 6th lord. Is the the nature of things! The root of all
the conflicts in this life is in the 6th house, so why
would you leave out the natural significations of the
6th lord?
Take the example of Taurus and Sagittarius Lagna
where 6th lord is Venus. These people will have some
or other problems pertaining to Venus related matters
- relationship, marriage, sex etc. Because when Venus
gets strong, it will also bring forth some of the
functional nature. For Taurus Lagna, Venus is the
Lagna lord, but does the native gets spared from the
6th lordship of Venus? In fact, the Lagna lordship
causes the native to be baffled and troubled very easily
due to these relationship matters as Lagna is
something, which the native identifies very intimately,
it is very personal, very own. It is likely that such
native need to fight in the matters of relationship!
And the fight it not casual, it is something that the
native wants to win under any circumstances.
However, for Sagittarius, things are a bit different
because Jupiter is inimical to Venus. Jupiter and
Venus are actually mutual enemies, through they
don't fight with physical weapons, but with their wit!
Sagittarius Lagna people don't get too personal in the

challenges pertaining to relationship matters, but

keep some distance and have a kind of escapist
attitude. For this Lagna, Venus is also the 11th lord, so
Venus has the ability to boost income. But with each
gain, there is also some struggle.
One should understand these natural propensities of
different lagnas before moving ahead with the
prediction based on placement of Grahas in different
bhavas, Bhava lords in different bhavas or various
yogas and aspects. If you know palmistry, you will
appreciate this fact as before going into Chieromancy
(study of lines) one needs to study Chierognomy
(study of structure of hands).
Having know the importance of the understanding of
different lagnas, lets see the relationship of Lagnesha
with various bhava lords for different lagnas.

Lagna and Kendra: We often say that placemnet of

the Lagna lord in a Kendra is a blessing as this makes
the native action oriented. The Kendra brings much
support in life to manifest the karma, however, is that
smooth always? The results are different for different
Lagnas. For each Lagna, there are 4 kendras, inclusive
of the Lagna. Among this four, Lagna is always a
supportive Kendra. However, among the remaining 3,
only 1 is friend Kendra and the remaining 2 are
inimical Kendra. Among these 2 inimical Kendras,
7th is always inimical.

For Odd signs, the 4th Kendra is always friendly while

10th is always inimical. On the other hand, for even
signs, the 10th Kendra is always friendly while 4th is
However, there are some exceptions. For instance for
Ar Lagna, 10H although is ruled by inimical Saturn, it
is the exaltation sign. On the other hand, 4th is ruled
by a friend but is its debilitation sign.
When the Lagna lord is placed in a friendly Kendra,
the native is supported by many from outside. While
when it is placed in an inimical Kendra, the native has
to face many obstacles which he has to overcome to
attain success. But success is promised in all cases. It
is also true that when the lagna lord is placed in a
inimical Kendra, the native is willing to put that extra
effort always, thus making him highly enterprising. In
the friendly Kendra, the supportive environment can
make the native complascent.
Lagna and the Kona: For all the Lagnas, the Konas
5th and the 9th are friends. Hence, it is not possible
for Lagnesha to be placed in an inimical sign in a
Kona. This is why, one can't be inimical towards one's
past and future. These are the 3 important houses that
determine our past, present and future and has a
strong say on which part of life should we attain
happiness and success.
Lagna and the 2nd/ 12th House: For Even sign
Lagnas, these lords are mutual friends. Hence for

these lagnas association of these lords can give high

class dhanayoga. For the odd sign lagnas, they are
mutual enemies, so their association will need
external support such as influence of other benefics,
or dhanakaraka Jupiter to give rise to a strong Dhana
12th house is just the reverse of the 2nd house i.e., for
odd signs, the 12th house is friendly while for even
signs, the 12th house is inimical. When the Lagnesha
is placed in the 12th house, the native can develop
high spirituality and also become spendthrift. When
do you expect good results and when bad? For Aries
Lagna, Mars's placement in the 12th- is that good for
spirituality? Will that make the person spendthrift?
When the Lagna is placed in a friendly 12th, the native
will be protected from financial distress and will
calmly move towards the path of renunciation. While
Lagnesha in inimical 12th gives spirituality but after
much struggle in life; after the native loses all that he
loves! Also, the native is heavily troubled by financial
Lagna and the 3rd / 11th House: The Lagna and
the 3rd always have inimical relationship. It can be
mutually inimical or only one sided depends on
different lagnas. For instance for Cancer Lagna, the
Lagna lord Moon is friendly towards 3rd lord
Mercury, while the 3rd lord Mercury is inimical
towards the Lagna. Now we know there is always
some kind of competition with siblings which is called

siblings rivalry and need some extra support to have

amicable relationship between the siblings.
Like the 3rd house, the 11th house can never be
friendly towards the Lagna. 11th is the house of elder
siblings and perhaps is also the cause of siblings
rivalry. However, most classics say that the placement
of the Lagna lord in in the 11th house give very good
results, perhaps because, the 11th is the house of gain.
The point here is, the gain comes after putting much
effort. i.e., the native becomes successful with his self
effort and he is not much helped by others. The good
results usually accrue if there is beneficial aspects.
Lagna and the 6th/ 8th house: For odd signs, the
6th house is always inimical while for even signs, the
6th house is friendly. Now when the Lagna lord is
placed in the 6th house in a friendly sign, should it be
treated equally to when it is placed in an inimical
sign? No, thinking logically, the results are bound to
be different. We are aware that Lagna lord placed in
the 6th house can give excruciating intelligence i.e.,
the native is a Dhimantah! Will it be true if the Lagna
lord is placed in an inimical sign? Even if the answer
is yes, the native with such combination has to fight
many battles as the lagna lord has gone to the house
of its enemy. How about fighting diseases?
8th house is opposite of 6th house i.e., for odd signs,
the 8th house is always friendly while for even signs,
the 8th house is inimical. Thus for odd signs, the
placement of the Lagnesha in the 8th house can give

all the best qualities of the 8th house i.e., research

mindedness, understanding of high philosophy of life
and death, increase if longevity etc. However, when
the Lagnesha is placed in inimical 8th house, say for
Cancer Lagna, Moon in Aquarius, the native suffers
reduction in longevity, many diseases and many
financial difficulties. The whole life, the native lives in
some kind of fear or anxiety!

Now coming back to the dictum of Jataka Tattva, how

can the Lagnesha and 5th lord be mutually inimical?
Here, we realize that the relationship mentioned here
are not naisargika sambandha but tatkalika
sambandha. In tatkalika sambandha, the Graha B
becomes inimical towards Graha A, when Graha B is
placed in 5th to 9th or conjoined with Graha A.
Among 5th to 9th 6th/8th relationship is worse. The
5th, 7th and 9th are not inimical as the Lagnesha and
the 5th lords are natural friends. Also, conjunction
will make their relationship much stronger.
Concluding my thoughts, when we analyze a
horoscope, we need to look carefully at the natural
propensities of different Lagnas and the natural
sambandha of the Lagna lord (or other houses) with
the other houses.