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"Then on Friday, August 1, 2014,

around 4:00 am, I was up because of a
dream I had. It was a dream where
the Lord showed me what the enemy
was planning against me, and how he
was planning to send his agents to
attack me today."
"I had stopped evangelizing, because I
had gotten too busy with work, and
doing my own things that I didn t even
evangelize any more. As I was up I got
caught in a vision where there was a
huge demon with muscles that held
me, and no matter how much I
struggled, I couldn t free myself from
its grasp. It was so strong."
"I was aware that my body was lying
on the bed and it was my spirit going
through this. I saw that the demon that
held me was grey and a little
transparent; it was so strong and
looked like an animal. I can t describe,
it also had a very cruel looking face."
"I then began calling on the Lord Jesus
Christ to help me, and I knew the Lord
had allowed this to happen because I
had stopped evangelizing. The Lord
Jesus immediately appeared. He wore
a white robe and was surrounded by
light. The light that surrounded Him was
actually part of Him. He was light itself.
He was made of light. The light
illuminating was part of Him! He also
had two angels on His sides. As soon
as the Lord appeared, this evil spirit
disappeared! It happened so fast that I
didn t even notice when it let me go."
"The Lord was looking at me with so
much love and compassion, I found
myself on my knees saying, 'Lord
please forgive me, I will repent, I
repent right now, am going to warn
your people.'
"And the Lord said to me, 'There is a
place in hell for those who do not
"The vision ended and I was back on
my bed again."
"I was still very shaken by this when I
was caught up in the spirit again and I
found myself in hell. It was hot and
dark. There were demons everywhere
working busily. And in this section that
the Lord showed me, the demons were
tormenting people by roasting them on
frying pans!"
"There were so many people, and the
demons here were so happy roasting

people. They would even toss them up

in the pan like they were pancakes! It
was so depressing!"
"The Lord also showed me a section
with something that looked like huge
grills with red hot coal underneath. The
demons were cutting people in pieces
and putting them on the grill! It was
horrific! I saw one demon carrying the
leg of one of the souls in that place and
putting it on the grill!"
"It then approached me and wanted to
do the same to me. All this time, I was
aware of the Lord s presence with me
in hell, although I couldn t see Him. And
when this evil spirit approached me, I
said, 'The Lord Jesus brought me here
because He is showing me what this
place is like.' Then I was back on my
bed, and the vision ended."
"The Lord told me many are going to
that place, and that s why its important
to warn them. Evangelism is for every
child of God. Please don t take it
Only What's Done for Christ
Will Last
"I also wish to add something the Lord
made me experience at a different time
than this. I want to state that when a
person dies, they immediately realize
that every second spent away from
God was wasted time. The Lord made
me feel this. I was alone in my room,
and the Lord Jesus Christ made my
spirit to come out. As He did this, He
let my spirit feel the regret of every
moment spent doing anything else! He
allowed me to see moments from my
life pass before me, and they all
seemed very vague and meaningless.
All the struggles, the education, and
the words spoken felt so wasted and
as though they had not been worth it. I
am not just referring to sinful words or
acts, but am referring to every single
moment not spent with Him seeming
wasted. This whole life seemed to have
been unreal and just something like a
story that came to an end because the
spirit world became more real even
than this life we know. When Jesus
made me feel this, all I wanted was to
go back and rewrite my whole life, so I
would put Him first in everything. This
is why I now say this: nothing except
what's done for the Lord truly matters.
We must include the Lord in all we do,
and put His work first, because
everything else perishes, but He

remains forever. "

-- Rachael Mushala
These messages from the Lord
through our sister, Rachael, are very
serious and sobering. She is not the
first person to receive the revelation
that people who don't evangelize the
lost end up in hell. This was also
revealed to the Seven Colombian
Youth, whom I wrote about in
Revelation of Hell to Seven Colombian
Youths .
Evangelism is not just for evangelists
or missionaries. It is not just for your
pastor to do. Every disciple must make
disciples. For Jesus commanded us,
"Therefore go and make disciples of all
nations, baptizing them in the name of
the Father and of the Son and of the
Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey
everything I have commanded you.
And surely I am with you always, to the
very end of the age. (Mt 18:19-20,