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Describe an incident when a moment of forgetfulness got you into trouble.

The morning sun shone persistently on my still-shut eyelids. Annoyed, I rolled on to the right
side of my mattress. Wondering about the time, I stretched out my arm to grasp the little, round
alarm clock on my bedside table. I forced open my eyes, focused them on the numbers ... and
Leaping out of my bed, I swung open the wardrobe door. Throwing my school uniform on the
bed, I dashed to the bathroom. Halfway, I spun around and grabbed my school bag, deciding not
to brush my teeth. Soon, I had shoved my feet into my shoes and pounced onto my bicycle. My
parents stood motionless, staring at me as I whizzed past.
As my bicycle raced on, I noticed a group of schoolgirls looking my way with great interest.
Well, well! Obviously, I was still attractive even with uncombed hair. My heart was pounding
furiously in my chest as I whirred past a few cars on the road. The drivers seemed to stare with
disbelief that one could pedal so swiftly. In no time, I reached the school gate, which was just
about to be closed.
Without bothering to explain myself to the priggish duo on guard duty, I hopped off my bike and
dashed off. After locking my precious iron steed at the shed, I sprinted to the school hall. As I
burst into the hall, I braked to change direction and made a beeline for the back of my class.
Screeching to a halt, I took my place behind my classmates.
In the whole gathering of students, I seemed to be the centre of attraction. It did not matter much
to me at the moment for I was used to being looked at. However, to say the least, I was a little
surprised when everyone stopped staring blankly at me and started to giggle.
Suddenly, the whole hall was filled with roars and bellows of laughter. Smiling at my audience, I
decided to take a bow.
Then, I noticed that the bottom half of my trousers were the wrong color. My line of vision
moved upwards, revealing that the rest of my pants were also the wrong color, and so was my
shirt. At first, even my powerful brain could not figure it out.
"Daniel! Why on earth are you in pajamas?" my friend blurted out amidst the hollers of laughter.
The feeling of sheer horror swept through my entire frame. My mouth was stuck open in an "0"
shape for a few long seconds. My mind was filled only with shock as darkness mercifully started
to engulf me.
Once again. I awoke with lights playing on my eyelids. At first I had little memory of what had
happened, but one look at the group of people peering down at me brought the whole incident
back to mind. The young boys were all clad in white uniforms and grinning quite lunatically at
me. In. the high corner of the room, I saw a red crescent. Then the horrible little squirts started to
call out for their seniors. Outside, I heard freshgales of laughter. The brats were chortling. I was
still clad in pajamas. Not knowing what else to do, I feigned unconsciousness again ...

Describe an occasion when you were caught in a rainstorm.

"Argh!" screamed my friend as the water balloon hit her full in the face. She stood in shock for a
moment before charging after me, laughing and yelling out threats.
We were at our annual class party and having the time of our lives. This year, we had decided on
the picnic at the beach. After eating, we had all sorts of games and competitions. I could not
remember when I had last enjoyed myself so much.
However, all good things must come to an end, and as it neared evening, we started preparing to
leave. I was supposed to walk the short distance to my aunt's house after the party. About
halfway there, I remembered that I had left a T-shirt on the beach. I debated whether or not to
return for it as I could see dark clouds heading my way. However, the shirt was an old favorite of
mine and I was so wet from the water balloons that a little more water would not make a
The beach was now deserted. I looked around for my T-shirt but it was nowhere to be found.
Finally, after minutes of fruitless search, I gave up. The sky was dark, with thick thunderclouds
and it had begun to drizzle. I started heading back.
Then, suddenly, with a loud crash of thunder, the heavens burst and torrents of rain came pouring
down. Holding my backpack over my head in an effort to ward off the relentless blows of the
rain, I scanned the area for a place of refuge.
Finally spotting a tiny shack at a distance, I dashed for it. I reached it at last and darted in,
drenched to the bone and shivering from head to toe. As I shook out my hair, I mentally kicked
myself for getting into this situation.
Wondering when the rain would stop, I stared out at it, dejectedly. As I gazed, however, my
feelings of dejection turned into awe. The black clouds hung low. The sea was turbulent, with
powerful waves crashing onto the shore. On the left, where jagged boulders stood in the sea, the
waves threw themselves on them, sending up sprays of sea water high into the air. Gust after gust
of howling wind blew through the trees. Lightning streaked across the sky, time and again,
lighting up the whole scene for a split second each time.
I stood transfixed, captivated by the power and violence of the storm. It was beautiful, scary and
magnificent at the same time. I felt I had to be part of it, to be at one with nature.
I ran out and stood in the middle of the storm, reveling in the stinging rain and chilling wind,
thrilling to the sounds of the thunder and the crashing waves, and relishing the magnificence of


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