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RULE #1: Above all things, this game is supposed to be FUN, the point is to have a good time!

Join the Game

To join a game, you must first be registered as a user with TheHappyZork. If you are not yet registered, visit the
registration page to sign up – it's quick, easy, and free! Once you have logged in, visit the assassins page, find
the game you wish to join, and click "join this game."
NOTE: Both these steps MUST be completed in full to successfully join a game -- registering with
TheHappyZork alone is not enough!
Once you click on the assassins link, submit the following information:

• Full name and room number. This info will only be given to the person(s) assigned as your assassin
so they have the necessary information to track you down. Providing false or misleading
information in an effort to throw your assassin off the scent is not acceptable; the game admins will
remove you from the game.
• Choose an alias. While your assassin will receive your full name, you don't want it to be viewed by
everyone (or your target will know who you are!). Choose an alias that will be viewed by all others;
it can be anything from Smooth Stalker to George W. Bush – be creative!
Once this step is completed, all you have to do is wait until the game commences and you receive your target
information via email – you're ready to start stalking! Throughout the game, you'll be able to navigate all game
features from the assassins tab once you're logged in to TheHappyZork.

Report Elimination of Target

If you eliminate your target – You must log on to TheHappyZork and list your target as dead. To do this, click
the link provided in your targeting email, log in, and find the link "report my target as dead." Once you complete
the details of the elimination, an email will be sent to the target you eliminated. Once the eliminated target logs in
and verifies the kill, you will be emailed with your new target information.
If you are eliminated – If your assassin kills you, the assassin must log in to TheHappyZork and report the kill.
Once the report is made, you will receive an email requesting your confirmation. Please confirm quickly; the
game administrator has the ability to arbitrarily mark you dead, but it moves the game along much faster if you
take responsibility for your own death.
If you were reported as eliminated, but dispute the claim – If you've been marked as eliminated, and you claim
you weren't, follow the same link as above but click "no", rather than "yes." Any information to put in the
description box will be emailed to the game administrators, who will decide your fate.

In this game, you are expected to assassinate your current target within 24 hours or face possible termination. For
an assassination attempt to be successful, the following conditions must be satisfied:

1. The assassination must NOT be visibly witnessed by any West Lag resident other than the assassin
and the target (even if the witness is not participating in the game).
o It counts as "visibly witnessing" the assassination if someone sees the assassin the
instant the trigger is pulled OR if someone sees the water gun the instant the
trigger is pulled OR if someone sees the water as it travels through the air. If
someone sees the target as they are killed, WITHOUT seeing the assassin, gun, or
water, then they did not “visibly witness” the assassination.
o It is prohibited to use physical force to remove witnesses from the kill scene (use
brains not brawn!)
2. The water must hit the target, or any piece of the target's clothing.
3. The assassin must use a standard-issue water gun, which will be distributed to assassins before the
start of the game.
4. The target must have BOTH feet outside of the following SAFE ZONES:
o the target's own dorm room
o a bathroom or shower inside West Lag
o the target's current classroom (only while that class is in session or within 10
minutes before or after)
o inside Lakeside Dining during meal hours
ƒ breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner at Lakeside are all safe
ƒ after official meal hours end, Lakeside dining is not safe even if
you are still eating
ƒ Late Nite is fair game!
5. It is prohibited to use physical force to remove an assassin from a safe zone.
6. It is prohibited to take an assassin's gun when the assassin is touching it.
7. The assassination must not occur during, or within 10 minutes before or after, a house or hall
meeting, unless the victim is outside the walls of West Lag.
8. The assassin must not be neutralized when the assassination occurs.
When you kill someone, you must go to www.thehappyzork.com (or click on the link in your targeting
email) and report the asssasination. Both the assassin and target must verify the kill. Disputes will be
handled by the administrator. (See details in above section)

Once you assasinate someone, you will be assigned his/her target, but you can ask them who their target is and
begin to pursue them before receiving official confirmation. However, you still have to confirm your kill.
Example: You kill Target A and find that A was supposed to kill Target B. This makes Target B your new
target. You walk down the hall on your way back to confirm your kill and see Target B foolishly reading in the
lounge by himself. Feel free to eliminate Target B. But report your kill to TheHappyZork as soon as possible.
Just to be clear, you will not be notified who is trying to assassinate you!


At any time, if your target shoots you before you successfully assassinate him/her, you are NEUTRALIZED.
When you are neutralized, you cannot kill anyone for 60 MINUTES.

Your target may not neutralize you while you are already neutralized. However, your target may re-neutralize you
after the 60 minutes has expired.

If you attempt to exploit the neutralization rules by shooting everyone in a blind attempt to neutralize your
assassin, you will be marked for termination. IE, if you try to neutralize more 2 people in one day, you will be
marked for termination.


If you fail to assassinate your target within 24 hours after your target was assigned, your name will be passed on
to one of the elite invincible super-soaking commandos known as TERMINATORS. You will not be warned if a
Terminator has been assigned to you. Terminators cannot be neutralized, and they can shoot you with any type of
water gun, even in front of witnesses.

Terminators may kill you anywhere, even in safe zones i.e. if you are shot by a Terminator, you are dead.

Terminators can terminate you with any water dispensing devices (water baloon, hose, cup of water, etc.)

Table 1: Conditions under which you may be terminated

Why the Terminators are After You How to Save Yourself from Termination
You failed to assassinate your target
within 24 hours after the game started Assassinate your target ASAP.
or since your last kill.
You attempted to neutralize a large
number of people to avoid Beg for mercy.

Assassins who have been eliminated from the game may apply to become a Terminator. Each terminator will be
assigned one target at a time. However, one assassin may be targeted by several terminators.
When only two assassins remain, the terminators will be called off.

Assassins who do not assassinate their target within 72 hours will be automatically removed from the game.


When only two assassins remain in the game, they will be assigned each other as targets. Terminators will be
dispatched if there is no winner within 72 hours.

The standard assassination and neutralization rules continue to apply, with one exception: If both assassins shoot
each other at the same time (or cannot come to an agreement as to who was hit first), they are both neutralized.
Ties are not allowed.


• Lying about your participation in the game is grounds for automatic elimination.

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