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Argyle Private

About Us
Your clients need legal solutions tailored to
their individual circumstances.
This is where Argyle Private by Rockwell
Olivier can help.

Key Points

We work closely with industry

advisers to assist them with their
private client relationships
We provide a whole of client
solution, providing the full suite of
private client services
We draw on decades of providing
tailored advice
We also service international clients

Through Argyle Private, our specialised

private client service, we provide tailored
legal solutions to individuals and families on
all aspects of their personal and business
affairs including taxation, superannuation,
estate planning, trusts, litigation,
employment, and family law.

How can we help financial


Knowing how to identify tax issues for

your clients
Obtaining advice for your clients on
uncertain issues
Planning strategies for your clients
Documentation to establish trusts and
self-managed superannuation funds
Putting your plans for your clients into
action with you
Providing sign-off when its important for
your client
Accessing our international connections
Tailored solutions for tailored needs

In addition, we can help enhance your

business and your skills with these
specialised services:

Providing expertise to discussion

Access to our expert conference and
motivational speakers
Joint hosting an education session for
your clients and contacts
Training and teaching the skills that
make a difference
Putting our knowledge into your hands
to enhance your client skills

We know that close

and effective client
(relationships) matter
to you and we offer
services that draw on
our significant
knowledge and our

Heres a sample of what we offer to achieve

your objectives:

Tax advice on structures and technical

issues, including overseas assets and
investment visas

Establishment of self-managed
superannuation funds to take control of
your clients retirement planning

Executive services agreements, advice,

policy drafting, and representation in
litigation or alternative dispute
resolution to resolve employment issues

Division 7A compliant loan agreements

ensure that a loan from a company to a
shareholder (or associate of a
shareholder) is not taxed as a dividend
in the shareholders or associates

Sale and purchase agreements effect

the change in legal ownership of
anything (a business, an asset, a right)
and its terms are vital to determine the
tax consequences for both buyer and

Family trust deeds enable your clients

to provide for their spouse, children or
anyone else now and in the future in a
tax efficient manner and in a way that
complies with the current tax law and
provides flexibility to accommodate
potential changes in the law

Applications for private rulings to obtain

certainty on how the ATO will apply a
provision in the tax law as it relates to
your clients circumstances

Assistance in dealing with the ATO on

rulings, objections, reviews and audits
with strategic planning and dialogue to
obtain the best outcome for your clients

Nationally Accredited Family Law

Specialists to guide your clients in their
family law matters

Our services at a glance

Estate planning
Property solutions
Family law

Areas of
Do you need many different aspects of
your clients private affairs attended to?
Argyle Private provides a full service
suite of advice to our clients.

We recognise that the constantly changing
tax landscape in Australia poses significant
challenges to both individuals and
businesses. Thats why we offer
comprehensive domestic and international
taxation advice in the areas of income tax,
payroll tax, capital gains tax (CGT), fringe
benefits tax (FBT), stamp duty,
superannuation, and GST.
Our specialist advisers can assist your
clients to make sense of the extraordinary
complexity of the Australian taxation system
and to structure their business and personal
affairs to achieve significant tax efficiencies.
We advise individuals and families on all
aspects of their personal and business
affairs where tax can affect personal wealth.

A trust is a secure way to achieve asset
protection and tax flexibility between, for
example, family members. It can be used
on its own or together as part of a business
or family wealth structure. The terms of a
trust deed should be carefully tailored to
ensure that it does exactly what your clients
want. Decisions concerning the settlor,
appointor, trustee and beneficiaries of a
trust are also particularly important. Any
subsequent amendments to trust deeds
should be made with care to manage any
capital gains tax and stamp duty liabilities.
Here at Rockwell Olivier we can provide
your clients with the proper advice to
establish family and other trusts to give
them the best asset protection and tax

We know super because weve been there
throughout superannuations modern life. Our
people have written trust deeds for governments
and individuals; weve been involved in shaping
the law and in reshaping what to do to meet the
law. Weve appeared in court in cases that have
developed the modern law of superannuation. But
our proudest moments are in what we do to affect
and support a persons future through their super.
In 2007, our team developed the bare trust
structure as a new product for our clients, which
enables self-managed superannuation funds to
borrow money in order to acquire property.

Estate planning
Your clients should decide who benefits from their
assets, at what time and under what terms. Ideally,
estate planning should aim to ensure that assets
pass to chosen beneficiaries in exactly the way
they intend while legitimately minimising tax for
those beneficiaries, and without leaving a legacy of
family disputes.
Having no estate plan or having the wrong estate
plan may detrimentally affect your clients and their
assets, and may result in a distribution of their
wealth in a manner contrary to your wishes.

Property solutions
Argyle Private has a strong and innovative property
solutions team to assist clients in buying, selling
and financing real estate assets. Our diversity and
experience allow us to support clients with advice
relating to property development including planning
and environmental law, easements required by
authorities, restrictions on use, covenants on title,
and related matters.
Were recognised for our ability to carry out our
clients' objectives relating to residential property in
NSW, the ACT, Victoria, Queensland, Western
Australia, and South Australia in a timely and
efficient manner. The property solutions team
advises investors, developers and property owners
on all aspects of residential property business.

Family law
The Argyle Private team provides specialist family
law advice and representation across all aspects of
family law, including mediated and negotiated

settlements, advice on issues relating to

marriage, children, divorce, domestic
partnerships, and spousal and child
Well provide your clients with clear legal
advice. We aim to resolve disputes
efficiently and effectively, whether by
negotiation, collaborative law practice or
through Family Court action. Were mindful
of costs and will discuss fees up front.
We appreciate the emotive and sensitive
nature of family and relationship law
disputes and we're committed to the
protection of our clients' long-term interests
and those of their families. Our view is that
litigation should only be undertaken once all
avenues of negotiated settlement have
been exhausted.

Workplace relations is about the most
important aspect of business: investing in
people. The law in this area is continually
changing. Employees and employers must
be aware of potential changes to their
working conditions. That's where we come
Argyle Privates employment team advises
and represents employees on a range of
employment and workplace related issues.
We work with our clients to understand their
situation so that we can provide informed
advice to achieve the best possible
We offer quality expertise on all aspects of
workplace and employment law, applying
the most relevant solutions, from
recruitment through to executive service
agreements and termination of employment.

We understand that there may be times
when personal disputes end up in court.
Our litigation and dispute resolution team is
ready to assist your clients to resolve
disputes in matters involving property,
employment, estates and probate, and
family law. We have qualified mediators on
staff along with our team of determined
litigators to help you achieve the outcome
your clients need.

Executive Summary
Rockwell Olivier is an Australian-based firm owned
by an ASX-listed parent company (ILH Group
Limited). Our corporate structure is just the first in
a list of many ways we differ from your typical law
firm. We do business the way you do business:
with accountability to staff, clients, and
shareholders alike.
Rockwell Oliviers mission is simple: to facilitate
achievement. Your achievement. In a way that has
real, tangible value to you.

Based in Australia with a reach into the Asia

Pacific region, we have your local, national
or international legal needs covered. We
provide local solutions on a regional scale.
If youre ready for a change you'll find our
commercial and entrepreneurial approach
refreshing in the legal services market.
As well as private client services, we deliver
business transactions and advisory,
litigation and dispute resolution, insolvency
and restructuring, taxation, and workplace
and employment services.

For our clients and affiliated firms, the Rockwell

Olivier growth strategy will achieve co-ordinated
local, national and international service offerings
and private client solutions across key industries.
Argyle Private is a specialised offering by Rockwell
Olivier, focusing on servicing private clients and
their advisers.

Additional services

Great minds (dont)

think alike.

Rockwell Olivier presents a new and exciting legal

services offering by way of its flexible approach
and philosophy.

We know that close

and effective client
matter to you and
we offer services
that draw on our
knowledge and our

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