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APRIL 2001


4 April (Giants Cup)
Quarterfinals, first leg
Arnett Gardens FC v D.C. United (Kingston, Jamaica)
CD Saprissa v Columbus Crew (San Jose, Costa Rica)
4-8 April (Copa Caribe)
Group I Preliminary Round
Guyana (Guyana, Cuba. Dominica, Saint-Martin)
4-8 April (Copa Caribe)
Group II Preliminary Round
Martinique (Martinique, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Cayman
Islands, British Virgin Islands)
4-8 April (Copa Caribe)
Group V Preliminary Round
Suriname (Suriname, Barbados, Grenada, Aruba)

The USA defeated Mexico 2:0 in frosty Columbus, Ohio (Photo © Tony Quinn, SoccerPixUSA)

A pair of quality wins has sent the USA to the top of the table in the
final round of FC qualifying for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
Facing the traditional giant of the Confederation on the opening
matchday 28 February, the USA took full advantage of their homefield advantage and defeated Mexico 2:0 in frosty Columbus, Ohio.
Two second-half goals, from Josh Wolff and Earnie Stewart, gave the
USA the full points.
A month later Bruce Arena's charges traveled to San Pedro Sula,
where a wonderful 86th-minute free kick from Clint Mathis gave a
depleted U.S. side a surprising 2:1 away victory. Missing three first-choice performers,
the USA midfield and defense shackled an in-form Honduras side.
Honduras opened their final round account with a vital away point in Costa Rica,
though a stoppage time goal from the home side left Honduras thinking the could have
taken the full complement.
Costa Rica rebounded from that disappointment on home soil to send Trinidad &
Tobago to their second defeat in two matches - both away from home - in a 3:0 victory
in Alajuela.
T&T was also forced to travel to open the round, falling to an early goal from
Tyrone Marshall in Jamaica, as the Reggae Boyz maintained their nearly six-year
unbeaten streak in "The Office" - otherwise known as the National Stadium.
But Jamaica too had to hit the road for their second match, heading to the lair of the
giant, the colossal Estadio Guillermo Cañedo (Azteca) in Mexico. Though the home
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10-14 April (Copa Caribe)
Group III Preliminary Round
Haiti (Haiti, Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia, US Virgin Islands)
11 April (Giants Cup)
Quarterfinals, return leg
D.C. United v Arnett Gardens FC (Washington, D.C. USA)
Columbus Crew v CD Saprissa (Columbus, Ohio USA)
18-22 April (Under-17 Junior Competition)
FC GROUP A FINAL ROUND, St. Louis, Missouri
(USA, Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica)
25 April (WC2002)
Jamaica v Honduras, Kingston, National Stadium (19:30)
25 April (WC2002)
Trinidad & Tobago v Mexico,
Port-of-Spain, Queen’s Park Oval (16:00)
25 April (WC2002)
USA v Costa Rica,
Kansas City, Missouri, Arrowhead Stadium (18:30)
2-6 May (Under-17 Junior Competition)
FC GROUP B FINAL ROUND, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
(Honduras, Costa Rica, Haiti, Mexico)

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the newsletter for the Football Confederation.
Look for a new edition every month with the latest on the
Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football.

9-20 May (UNCAF Copa de Naciones)
Honduras (Estadio Nacional, Tegucigalpa; Estadio Olimpico
Metropolitano, San Pedro Sula; Estadio Excelsior, Puerto Cortes;
Estadio Nilmo Edwards, La Ceiba)

2001 SEMIFINAL WINNERS 28. which eliminated Alianza FC in their preliminary round series.04. Estadio Saprissa (A: 20000) COSTA RICA . Columbus Crew Stadium (A:24329) USA .04.April 2001 FIRST GIANTS CUP QUARTERFINALS SET PAGE 2 CD Saprissa also drew in the second leg.on the third matchday (25 April). before hosting the return engagement in Washington one week later.02.03.Gerald NEIL 63' R: Urvin FANEIJTE (ANT) SERIES D 07. Uwaldo PEREZ 65' R: Roberto MORENO (PAN) 14.CSD MUNICIPAL 14. Rodrigo CORDERO 93' . Cornel CHIN-SUE 89' .2001: CSD COMUNICACIONES . travel to Jamaica to face Arnett Gardens FC in Kingston in the first leg of their quarterfinal matchup.03.HONDURAS 2:2 (0:1) Rolando FONSECA 70'.2001 WINNER SERIES 1 v WINNER SERIES 2 WINNER SERIES 3 v WINNER SERIES 4 FINAL 29. Columbus. with the first legs of each set to be played on 4 April.CONFEDERATION NEWS .03.CF AMERICA TBD.Martin MACHON 15' R: Walter RIVERA (SLV) (CSD Comunicaciones win on aggregate 5:1) SERIES C 07. Estadio Mateo Flores CSD COMUNICACIONES . 77'. Guatemalan powers CSD Comunicaciones and CSD Municipal completed their passage after big first-leg victories.04.TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 3:0 (0:0) Steven BRYCE 46'.C. Comunicaciones drew 1:1 with CD Motagua of Honduras in the capital city of Tegucigalpa after winning 4:0 in Guatemala. Gerald NEIL 60'.Rodinei MARTINS 19' R: Vivian GONZALEZ (HON) (CSD Municipal win on aggregate 4:2) (World Cup Qualifying.ARNETT GARDENS FC 11. Columbus Crew Stadium (20:00) COLUMBUS CREW . 89' R: KIM Jung Koo (KOR) 25. continued from Page 1) crowd might have been far from convinced.Regillio REINGOUD 32' R: Mervin LEE (ATG) (Arnett Gardens win on aggregate 6:2) SERIES 2 TBD. and the return matches in both ties on 11 April.2001: Columbus. hosts Columbus Crew of the USA at Estadio Saprissa in the first leg of their quarterfinal series.2001: Cd. Kingston. San Pedro Sula. Andre Kamperveen Stadion SV TRANSVAAL . a resumption of a battle with has highlighted the USA's last two World Cup qualification campaigns. CD Saprissa of Costa Rica.The USA faces Central American bogey side Costa Rica in Kansas City.2001: Cd. Jamaica.C.2001: Kingston.Mario ACEVEDO 12'. Suriname.Earnie STEWART 32'. Both matches were played in Costa Rica after the recent earthquakes left the Salvadoran club's stadium unsuitable.CSD COMUNICACIONES SERIES B 07.04. Earnie STEWART 87' R: Rodolfo SIBRIAN (SLV) 28.2001: San Jose. San Jose.ALIANZA FC 0:0 R: Marcio CARRANZA (HON) (CD Saprissa win on aggregate 5:1) QUARTERFINALS SERIES 1 04.CSD COMUNICACIONES 1:1 (1:1) Hector CARBALLO 42' .03. Estadio Saprissa (20:00) CD SAPRISSA .2001.2001: CSD MUNICIPAL .2001: CF AMERICA . Paramaribo.2001. after a 5:1 thrashing in the first leg.COLUMBUS CREW 11.. which all but eliminated last season's Honduras champion. Estadio Guillermo Cañedo (Azteca) (A: 80000) MEXICO . D. a scoreless draw with Alianza FC of El Salvador. Missouri on the same day.TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 1:0 (1:0) Tyrone MARSHALL 17' R: Carlos BATRES (GUA) 28. Columbus Crew will play host to the return match in their first-ever appearance in continental club competition. Estadio Saprissa ALIANZA FC .2001.Jose Luis PINEDA 2'.. Andre VIEIRA 68'. Donovan SMITH 88'. The third match sees Honduras traveling to Jamaica suddenly in need of points . USA COSTA RICA MEXICO JAMAICA HONDURAS P 2 2 2 2 2 W 2 1 1 1 0 D 0 1 0 0 1 L 0 0 1 1 1 F:A 4:1 5:2 4:2 1:4 3:4 PTS 6 4 3 3 1 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 2 0 0 2 0:4 0 SERIES 4 04.MEXICO 2:0 (0:0) Josh WOLFF 47'.2001: San Miguel. winners of the 1998 FC Champions Cup. Tony Spaulding Sports Complex (15:00) ARNETT GARDENS FC . Tony Spaulding Sports Complex ARNETT GARDENS FC .2001. Mexico let little doubt they were still well in the thick of the race for the three FC berths in Korea/Japan 2002.F.03. 83'. Paulo WANCHOPE 80'. Estadio Nacional Tiburcio Carias: CD MOTAGUA .ARNETT GARDENS FC 1:1 (1:0) Bennie KEJANSIE 31' . Rolando FONSECA 60'. Jared BORGUETTI 83'.SV TRANSVAAL 5:1 (1:1) Denton SHEDDEN 15'. The dates.2001: San Jose. Estadio Juan Francisco Barraza CD AGUILA .04. Milton NUÑEZ 85' R: Ali Mohammed BUJSAIM (UAE) .CD AGUILA 1:1 (0:1) Selvin PONCIANO 74' . Mexico D. Alajuela.2001.03.CD SAPRISSA SEMIFINALS 27. Estadio Saprissa CD SAPRISSA .2001: CD GUADALAJARA . PRELIMINARY ROUND SERIES A 04.03. Kingston. 17'.2001. Ohio. Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto (A: 17500) COSTA RICA . Walter CENTENO 87' R: Hugo CASTILLO (GUA) 08.2001.2001.C.02.S. Arnett Gardens traveled to SV Transvaal and captured a 1:1 draw. Guatemala. United of the USA.CD MOTAGUA 4:0 (3:0) Luis TORRES 16'. winning 4:0 with two early goals and two late goals.03. to draw into third place in the table on goal differential. 68'.02.04. Guatemala. sites and kickoff times for the first two quarterfinals in the inaugural FC Giants Cup have been decided.C.03. Tegucigalpa. soil in the semifinal round.2001. National Stadium (A:34000) JAMAICA . 32' 41'.CD SAPRISSA 1:5 (1:1) Alejandro LARREA 45' . Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores (20:00) CSD MUNICIPAL . 87' R: Mauricio NAVARRO (CAN) 28.2001: San Jose. UNITED .JAMAICA 4:0 (2:0) Antonio DeNIGRIS 15'. Estadio Olimpico (A: 45000) HONDURAS . Martin MACHON 48' pen R: Olger MEJIA (CRC) SERIES 3 TBD.USA 1:2 (0:1) Julio Cesar de LEON 59' . Clint MATHIS 86' R: Fredy BURGOS (GUA) 28. T&T defeated Mexico 1:0 in a semifinal round in Port-ofSpain. before returning home to complete a heavy win on aggregate with a 5:1 victory in Kingston after the Surinamese side had two players sent off.D.and heading to a place where they suffered a 1:3 reversal in the semifinal round.2001: Washington.and for a little revenge .CD GUADALAJARA TBD. UNITED 11. Mexico heads to Trinidad & Tobago looks to maintain their form .CSD MUNICIPAL 1:3 (0:1) Marcio SAMPAIO 72' .Jeaustin CAMPOS 33'. RFK Stadium (19:30) D.03. Municipal collected their pass after a 1:1 home draw with El Salvador's CD Aguila at the Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores in Guatemala following a 3:1 win away a week earlier. Costa Rica will be looking to repeat their draw won on U.03. D.

where both goals were also scored through penalties. UNITED .Keith KELLY 60'.2001: JAMAICA . their fourth in a row. Canada and Costa Rica will each be making their fifth trip to the World Youth Championship.COSTA RICA (19:00) 06. which had participated in two of the last three.COSTA RICA (15:00). HONDURAS .Michael-Lee CELESTINE 65' GUATEMALA .CANADA (14:00). The two teams join Canada and Jamaica.2001 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO .2001: EL SALVADOR .COSTA RICA 1:1 (0:1) Kyle MARTINO 53' .C. 78'.CONFEDERATION NEWS .2001: MEXICO .05. matching Canada. The winner of each four-team round-robin will advance to the FIFA U-17 World Championship. team to win the Confederation's premier club competition since its inception in 1962. LA Galaxy defeating CD Olimpia of Honduras 3:2 in the final Sunday afternoon at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Landon DONOVAN 14'. UNITED 1:1 (4:2 pens) Greg VANNEY 29' pen . who were the top two in the Group A tournament in Victoria. Honduras 02. but both had easily punched their tickets for Argentina after rampaging wins on the first days. his second goal of the final.2001 (A: 3317) MEXICO . to be held in Trinidad & Tobago from 14-30 September. 80'. Bobby CONVEY 12'. gave the USA their second FC Champions' Cup title.HONDURAS 2:0 (2:0) Uzziel LOZANO 14'. were surprisingly eliminated by the two winners in Canada. For the second consecutive match. USA . Missouri USA. with Costa Rica.01. 62'. British Columbia in early March. Honduras from 2-6 May. the USA has appeared in a World Youth finals on seven occasions. The Group B qualifier will be played in San Pedro Sula.04.C.HAITI (17:00) HONDURAS . Brad DAVIS 91' .U-17 JUNIOR COMPETITION GROUP A . The two teams drew 1:1 on the final day of competition.COSTA RICA 1:8 (1:3) Joaquin ALVAREZ 6'.03. Both teams already won a large prize in winning their semifinal matches.COSTA RICA (17:00).Carey TALLEY 33' R: Kevin STOTT (USA) SEMIFINALS PACHUCA CF . Of the four qualifiers for Argentina 2001. Jamaica has never qualified for the finals at the U-20 level. United from the penalty spot 4:2 after a 1:1 draw in regulation time . which has participated in nine of 12 FIFA World Youth Championships.03.MEXICO (17:00) .JAMAICA (19:00) 20.JOE PUBLIC FC 1:0 (0:0) Gabriel CABALLERO 73' pen R: Kevin STOTT (USA) PAGE 3 FC REPRESENTATIVES FOR FIFA WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP The USA and Costa Rica rounded out the FC's four representatives to the 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship in convincing fashion in the Group B qualifying tournament in Tunapuna.2001: CANADA .03.GUATEMALA 5:0 (4:0) Conor CASEY 9'.S.CANADA 0:0 Canada Jamaica Mexico Honduras P 3 3 3 3 W 2 1 1 0 D 1 2 1 0 L 0 0 1 3 F:A 2:0 3:2 3:2 1:5 PTS 7 5 4 0 GROUP B 18.2001.D. St. 85' 22. Erick SCOTT 78'.REAL CD ESPAÑA 0:0 (5:3 pen) R: Peter PRENDERGAST (JAM) 16. Mexico and the host.April 2001 LOS ANGELES GALAXY: 2000 FC CHAMPIONS Ezra Hendrickson's strike after a wonderful movement in the 78th minute.USA 1:5 (0:3) DaMarcus BEASLEY 13'.Marco ETCHEVERRY 48' pen R: J.C.Luis Diego ARNAEZ 74' pen R: Mauricio NAVARRO (CAN) LOS ANGELES GALAXY . The first tournament will is set for 18-22 April in St. 40'. Robert LIMA 51' .Jose Luis LOPEZ 11'.03. Galaxy survived a penalty shootout. HONDURAS .04.MEXICO 1:0 (1:0) Julian DeGUZMAN 20' 04. both teams battling back from a goal down.LOS ANGELES GALAXY 2:3 (1:2) Danilo TOSELLO 34' pen. for Costa Rican. United won in 1998. Rafael MARQUEZ 30' JAMAICA .S. ROBLES (MEX) QUARTERFINALS 17.Ezra HENDRICKSON 36'.CANADA (19:00) 22. hammering Pachuca CF behind a hat trick from Denilson Costa. each earning berths in the FIFA Club World Championship later this year in Spain. and Honduras.Joel FAJARDO 41' TRINIDAD & TOBAGO .2001: HAITI .04.2001 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO . Brad DAVIS 74' 20. 78' CANADA . after D.CD OLIMPIA 0:1 (0:0) Robert LIMA 86' R: Carlos BATRES (GUA) PACHUCA CF . club D. Ben OLSEN 92' .02-06. Jamaica and the host country.GUATEMALA 0:0 Costa Rica United States Trinidad & Tobago Guatemala P 3 3 3 3 W 2 2 0 0 D 1 1 1 1 L 0 0 2 2 F:A 12:2 11:2 1:8 1:13 PTS 7 7 1 1 FIELDS NOW SET FOR FINAL FC UNDER-17 QUALIFYING TOURNAMENTS The final eight teams are now known for the two final qualifying tournaments in the FC Under-17 Junior Competition. Louis.EL SALVADOR (17:00).2001.2001 (A: 5000) MEXICO .HONDURAS 1:0 (1:0) Julian de GUZMAN 8 02. Louis. FC FINAL QUALIFYING TOURNAMENTS .05. El Salvador. San Pedro Sula.02. Galaxy became just the second U.EL SALVADOR (16:00) GROUP B . FC FINAL QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT GROUP A 28. 19'.18-22.LD ALAJUELENSE 2:1 (1:0) Carey TALLEY 15'. Mexico. Jace PETERS 88' og Sent off: Thor JOHNSON (TRI) 41' USA .2001 (A: 4833) HONDURAS .CD OLIMPIA 0:4 (0:1) Denilson COSTA 35'.01.JAMAICA 1:1 (1:0) Luis PEREZ 46+ . Winston PARKS 43'. each hanging heavy defeats on Guatemala and Trinidad & Tobago. 78'. 58'. Alex PINEDA CHACON 49' R: Carlos BATRES (GUA) LOS ANGELES GALAXY . as the Confederation's teams in Argentina from 17 June . defeating fellow U. 2000 FC CHAMPIONS CUP FINAL ROUND FINAL CD OLIMPIA . 89 og .2001: MEXICO . Missouri USA 18.JAMAICA (17:00).04.2001 CD TOLUCA . Omar ARELLANO 38' .05. Bobby CONVEY 47'.Craig GORDON 62 CANADA .05.8 July. DaMarcus BEASLEY 30'.C.JAMAICA 1:2 (1:0) Kevin SAMBULA 8' . Haiti. USA .COSTA RICA 0:3 (0:0) Winston PARKS 51'.03.J.2001 D. Warren GRANADOS 44'. Trinidad.HAITI (19:00) 04. Olimpia meanwhile continued their domination of Mexican clubs.2001 USA . Cobi JONES 39' R: Peter PRENDERGAST (JAM) THIRD-PLACE MATCH Pedro PINEDA 14' . Hendrickson's strike finished off a pulsating match. USA . Erick SCOTT 47'. their best finish a fourth-place showing in 1989.

winners of the UEFA Cup in 2000. CD Olimpia of Honduras.” .HEADQUARTERS Office of the General Secretary Chuck Blazer 725 Fifth Avenue. FIFA Director of Development. Galatasaray SK of Turkey. All the group matches will be played at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.net RECENT ELECTIONS Montserrat Football Association PRESIDENT: Vincent Cassell 1st VICE PRESIDENT: James White 2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Clement Pollidore EXECUTIVE MEMBERS: Nigel Osborne. (P): 011-502-369-8129 (F) 011-502-365-7866 uncafsec@terra. The championship is slated to take place in the late August/early September time frame and will feature 12 nations playing a format of three groups of four teams in round robin play during the approximate 17-day schedule. Nivel. FIFA CLUB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP DRAW ANNOUNCED Los Angeles Galaxy of the USA were drawn into the glamour group as the schedule was set for the 2001 FIFA Club World Championship at the tournament draw held 6 March in La Coruña. Apartamento 500 Cd. winners of the 2000 CAF Champions League. Marabella and Couva in Trinidad and Bacolet. winners of the 2000 Copa Libertadores.” said Walter Gagg. Zona 15 Vista Hermosa II. were drawn into Group B. Four stadia . The top two finishers in each group as well as the two best third-place finishers advance to the quarter-finals. “This is the smallest country FIFA has ever given a world championship.are being built for the event. Guatemala..D. GRENADA PHONE: +1-473/440-9903 FAX: +1-473/440-9973 CANADA TO HOST FIFA WOMEN’S U-19 CHAMPIONSHIP FIFA has announced the Canadian Soccer Association will host the inaugural FIFA U-19 Women’s World Championship in 2002. Los Angeles Galaxy were drawn into Group C. M. Trump Tower. has undergone a complete renovation. and what we have seen does make us very happy that the tournament will be a full success. the Hasely Crawford National Stadium in Port-ofSpain. and Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia. Guatemala. “We are satisfied to a large extent with the progress. The winners of the 2000 FC Champions Cup held last month in their home city. also played in Madrid at Estadio Vicente Calderon. NY. Spain. HONDURAS Grenada Football Federation Scott Street St. The FC’s other representative. They will face SE Palmeiras of Brazil. which will host opening and final matches.net Office of the Deputy General Secretary Harold Taylor CFU Headquarters 131 Eastern Main Rd. C. Edo. winners of the 2000 Asian Champions Cup.A.net Office of the Deputy General Secretary Oscar Thamar UNCAF Headquarters 2a Calle 25-80. along with Real Madrid CF of Spain. FIFA VISIT U-17 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP VENUES IN T&T A FIFA inspection team visited the five stadia to be used for the 2001 FIFA Under-17 World Championship. George’s. The fifth. Maria del Alma 5o Nivel. Arouca. the 2000 UEFA Champions League winners. Tobago . Kenneth Lee Saint Lucia Football Association PRESIDENT: Mark Louis VICE PRESIDENT: Alfred Emmanuel Guyana Football Federation GENERAL SECRETARY: George R. and Hearts of Oak from Ghana. Lomas del Mayab Avenida Republica de Costa Rica Calle Islas de la Bahia Edificio Comercial Lomas Del Mayab 3er.C. 17 y 18 Apartado Postal 827 TEGUCIGALPA.D. Jubilo Iwata of Japan. Trinidad WI (P): 1-809-646-5753 (F): 1-809-646-4076 cfu@wow. 14-30 September in Trinidad & Tobago. who captured the 2000 Asian Super Cup. NY 10022 (P): 1-212-308-0044 (F): 1-212-308-1851 mail@concacaf. Rutherford ADDRESS CHANGES Federación Nacional Autonoma de Fútbol de Honduras Col. No.in Arima.