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MAY / JUNE 1998



A Mandate
For Continued
Jack Austin Warner of Trinidad &
Tobago was reelected by acclamation
as President of CONCACAF at the
Congress in Antigua on May 9th and
thus, will serve a further 4-year term.
Mr Warner has been President since
1990, during a time of growth and
progress within the Confederation, but
has told the member nations of CONCACAF: “It is important that we do not
rest on the achievements of the last 8
years but, more importantly, use them as
a launching pad for worthier accomplishments.”
CONCACAF’s President is also a Vice
President of FIFA and an active member
of 10 committees of FIFA, holding the
chairmanship of the FIFA World Clubs
Championship committee.
This is the President’s outlook as he
begins his new mandate:
“Our entire Confederation is being
brought more and more into world
focus. The successful Gold Cup gave
teams from each of our region the
opportunity to impress an audience of
worldwide media and TV viewers with
wonderful results against the World Cup
holders Brazil by Jamaica, Guatemala
and the United States, followed by
Mexico’s success in the Gold Cup Final.
Before the next Gold Cup is held in
2000, we shall see the FIFA
Confederations Cup in Mexico and the
FIFA Women’s World Cup in the USA;
followed by the FIFA/JVC Cup in

CONCACAF’s XXI Ordinary Congress was held in St. John’s, Antigua on May 9th

Trinidad and Tobago in 2001.
With that increasing attention being
paid to us, with that increasing exposure
to the great world of football, we must
intensify our preparations at all levels
and seek to have every member of our
family thoroughly prepared in every
area of the game over the next four
Administration. Proper planning and
execution are the sine qua non for success in any sphere of activity and thus
we must give more attention to the level
of administration within CONCACAF.
We must keep abreast of modern technological developments so as to speed
up communication among our members.
We must remember how fortunate we
are to have, within our fold, English,
Spanish and French speaking peoples,

and we must strive to improve our linguistic skills just as we strive to become
computer literate.
Promotion. The overall promotion of
our only product – football – through
marketing, advertising and public relations, is still an area of infinite possibilities at every level of activity within
CONCACAF. But for everyone to
receive the maximum benefits possible,
there must be a more aggressive and
imaginative approach.
Exchange programs between members
are worthy of consideration so that the
successful can help the less successful
and the cross-fertilization of ideas can
help everyone.
One thought, however, which must
remain paramount as we work in this
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keenly contested.Mexico MEMBER Caribbean Zone Anthony James . How better to try to give CONCACAF quality. With 2001 – and the FIFA/JVC U-17 World Cup . Trinidad W. Not only will our technical resources be strengthened as a result. Box 916 Guatemala.. When Cuba and the USA met in the second match of the Gold Cup. Trinidad Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Phone: 1-868-625-9611 Fax: 1-868-625-9609 Deputy Secretary’s Office CONCACAF/UNCAF Hea dquarters 15 avenida “A” 20-07. Conclusion. Fiscal prudence will be the lesson which our Finance Committee will try to impart on members while at the Confederation level. Warner EXCO MEMBER . for various and obvious good reasons. Thus. where the benefits and needs of each party are considered.S. we must be aware that those ahead of It simply proves that unity. we must conduct ever-more seminars and courses of the highest standards for coaches. with that increasing exposure to the great world of football. Phone: 1-502-361-6996 Fax: 1-502-361-5577 Deputy Secretary’s Office CFU Headquarters 131 Eastern Main Road Arouca. is our greatest strength and is the pillar upon which this Confederation’s strength will be built. We have a bright future. But it was even more delightful to see both teams shake hands and congratulate each other at the final whistle. but we shall expect those who benefit from our courses of activity and study to return home and pass on the lessons to others – so that the pool of knowledge is constantly flowing outwards.Jamaica MEMBER Central Zone Sergio Torres . is that we must be ready to communicate our ideas. “With that increasing attention being paid to us. Zona 13 P.Caribbean Zone Jack Austin Warner EXCO MEMBER . too. FIFA REPRESENTATIVES FIFA Vice President . Guatemala C. I urge members of CONCACAF to give thought to these and other ways in which we can earn a place as a major football Confederation. Sports Medicine.Guatemala MEMBER North Zone Hugo Kiese . in return. 17th Floor New York. we shall ensure that we teach our members about money management and wean them away from grandiose schemes.Y. let us examine the prospect of staging a CONCACAF U-17 tournament this year. our plans and our objectives to those who can help us. at the U-17 world championship? How better to begin focussing our attention on the most vital aspect of CONCACAF’s future. we must redouble our efforts to close the gap between the world’s best and ourselves. to accelerate program’s for the progress of women’s football. even in diversity.El Salvador GENERAL SECRETARY Chuck Blazer .Barbados VICE PRESIDENT Central Zone Rafael Salguero . The coming years will be a period of prosperity for FIFA and ultimately for its Confederations and members. we shall better financial resources with which to do it.almost on our doorstep. VICE PRESIDENT Caribbean Zone Lisle Austin . the youth of the region? It is time. referees and sports medical officers.S.A. Thus.EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESIDENT Jack Austin Warner . N. while we have much to do. we shall establish a Reserve Fund – based on an approved percentage of all income – in order to insulate our Confederation from any future financial crises in an ever-changing world.U.and. Officiating.Trinidad & Tobago VICE PRESIDENT North Zone Alan Rothenberg . Notwithstanding the success of the USA. But. 10022. in terms of development. While the technical aspects of our football has shown some improvement over the last eight years. not just quantity.Central Zone Isaac Sasso Sasso Mandate (continued from page 1) area. at best. at worst. Thus. was a delight to watch.”.A. . Phone: 1-809-646-5753 Fax: 1-809-646-4076 CONCACAF NEWS Published in the Office of the General Secretary Editor Carlos Giron Art Director Michael Maselli Photography ALL SPORT MEXICO Translation Victoria Rospigliosi . we must – and shall – focus a great deal of effort on three technical aspects in the coming years: Coaching. in terms of finance and in terms of human relations.Posloncec Production Nino Bussani Miguel Rivera Competition. With the Centre of Excellence as the physical base for much of our activity.Jack A. us are also seeking ways and means of advancement. it was the first time they met at that level in 49 years. we must intensify our preparations at all levels and seek to have every member of our family thoroughly prepared in every area of the game over the next four years. and total neglect. The game. Technical.. Finance. Long term relationships with sponsors must be developed as a partnership.U.I. women’s football in CONCACAF has been given token attention. to ask how our activities can help them in their business.O. U-15 next year and U-16 at the turn of the century. USA Phone: 1-212-308-0044 Fax: 1-212-308-1851 CONCACAF Office of the President Edward and Oxford Street Port of Spain.A.North Zone Chuck Blazer CONCACAF HEADQUARTERS CONCACAF Office of the General Secretary Trump Tower 725 Fifth Avenue. in terms of competition.

” said CONCACAF President Jack Warner.” The UNCAF Cup.A.S. holding the chairmanship of the FIFA World Clubs Championship Committee. as Gold Cup champions.Gold Cup 2000. CONCACAF’s President is also a Vice President of FIFA and an active member of 10 committees of FIFA.year term CONCACAF formally reelected Jack Austin Warner of Trinidad & Tobago as its President at the Congress in Antigua on May 9th. the retiring President of the United States Soccer Federation and Chairman of the 1994 World Cup Organizing Committee. Hugo E. This group will play a Wednesday-through-Sunday round robin tournament in a site to be determined. Caribbean Zone. will provide its top three countries to the Gold Cup. The 12 competitors will consist of nine CONCACAF nations and three invited guests. as the venue nation. Warner said. He replaces Jim Fleming of Canada. Gen. Member of the FIFA Executive Committee. Brazil vs Jamaica in the 1998 CONCACAF Gold Cup It is expected that the guest nations will be the co-hosts of the 2002 World Cup. the two Shell Caribbean Cup runners-up and Canada. Vice President. more importantly. was elected Member. “and the early decisions we are now making will ensure that 2000 is yet another vital marker in the progress of this Confederation. Central Zone. Elected into the office of Vice President. is expanded to twelve teams The first CONCACAF Gold Cup of the new millennium will be played in the United States in February 2000 and will be increased to 12 teams. Sites in the USA for the Gold Cup itself have also to be decided. will qualify automatically. “It is important that we do not rest on the achievements of the last 8 years but.. “All other CONCACAF nations must go through strenuous qualifying stages. Mr. use them as a launching pad for worthier accomplishments. From the Caribbean. the Shell Caribbean Cup winners of 1998 and 1999 will qualify. and the USA. an increase of two teams from the recent highly successful Gold Cup when the sole invited guest was Brazil. North Zone. Daniel Bali-Castillo of Honduras submitted a letter withdrawing his candidacy . Central America’s principal competition. “The 1998 CONCACAF Gold Cup established itself as a major international tournament. and Lisle Austin of Barbados. Warner was the only nomination for the post he has occupied through the last 8 years of dramatic developments in CONCACAF soccer. with the traditional invitation to a South American country going to Colombia. Kiese. The final two places will come from a qualifying group of the fourth-placed UNCAF country.” Mr. to the post of Member. it was announced by CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer. President of Mexico’s First Division league and a Vice President of the Mexican Soccer Federation. Also elected was Sergio Torres of El Salvador. hosted by U. There will be four groups of three teams each with the top two qualifying for the quarterfinals Also returned to office unopposed were Isaac Sasso Sasso of Costa Rica. Japan and South Korea. “Mexico.” said Mr Blazer. North Zone. was Alan Rothenberg.” Jack Warner Reelected to a new four .

Their opponents at Giants Stadium will be the Caribbean All-Stars. Ernie Stewart. followed by Yugoslavia on June 3rd. wins the South Group.” . in Kingston. Gregg Berhalter. Then. Joel Sanchez. Olimpia will square off with Necaxa of Mexico. Luis Garcia. Eddie Pope. 1-0. has chosen a 23-player roster to start full/time training camp in preparation for World Cup ‘98. Roy Wegerle. 1-0. Changes. 6. in Gold Cup ‘98. on May 7th in Italy. German Villa. is one of the two most impressive performances of the US National Team in their World Cup preparation round of matches. Then on May 10th. and Scotland on the 30th at RFK Stadium in Washington D. (Defenders) 4. Alexi Lalas. This the 23-men roster selected by coach Lapuente: (Goalkeepers) 1. 5.” Thirty two players from 12 different Caribbean countries have been chosen for the all . 3. Mexico defeated Estonia 6–0. 13. Duilio Davino.” said the US head coach. Jamaica is the first team from the English-speaking Caribbean to qualify for the World Cup and the first to qualify from the region since Haiti in 1974. Paulo Cesar Chavez. 12. Zague and Benjamin Galindo. JAMAICA TIES THEN WINS. Steve Sampson. at a date and time that will be announced shortly.” will make its last appearance before the World Cup with a Caribbean celebration game at Giants Stadium. 3-2. and Pele’s former team. Out: Veterans Carlos Hermosillo. 22. (Forwards) Brian McBride. This victory. Oscar Perez. may still be made until June 2nd. THE UNITED STATES SCORES IMPRESSIVE WIN OVER AUSTRIA Cup Winners Cup finals pairing decided Platense of Honduras drew 0-0 with Municipal of Guatemala in the final game of the South Group of the CONCACAF Cup Winners Cup. Mike Burns. “We were a lot better than we were against Brazil. 21. Cobi Jones. 3-0 April 22 at Vienna. 15. MEXICO LOSES THEN WINS BIG. the team now known throughout the world as the “Reggae Boyz.Star selection game under coach Keith Look Loy of Trinidad and Tobago MEXICO SELECTS FINAL WORLD CUP ROSTER In a move that clearly signals a slant towards youth. Santos. This was the first in a series of preparatory matches in Europe that the Mexican team has scheduled. 9. Juergen Sommer. due to injuries or other reasons. David Wagner. Marcelino Bernal. during the CONCACAF Congress. the deadline by which the final 22-men rosters must be submitted to FIFA. David Oteo. Oswaldo Sanchez. too. Brian Maisonneuve. in a friendly match on May 6th . Alberto Garcia Aspe. This result means Olimpia. MetroStars vice president and general manager Charlie Stillitano said: “We are delighted to be able to host such a game and be part of the tribute to Jamaica’s success story. 2. Luis Hernandez. Preki Radsalvijevic. on May 9th. Jorge Campos. The United States has three matches scheduled in May: Macedonia on the 16th at San Jose. Manuel Lapuente. Isaac Terrazas. In: Jorge Campos and striker Luis Garcia. (Strikers) 16. Thomas Dooley. Claudio Suarez. (Defenders) Jeff Agoos. The Scotland match is the US National Team’s World Cup ‘98 “Send-off Match. 20. We are very pleased. (Midfielders) 10. 7. along with the US win over Brazil. Jaime Ordiales. Braulio Luna. Marcelo Balboa. (midfielders) Chad Deering. Franke Hedjuk. Claudio Reyna. Mexico National Team coach. Jamaica beat Brazilian club. drawn from all the other countries of the Caribbean and chosen after a selection game in Antigua on May 9. Mexico is now set to take on Ireland on May 23rd. 8. Ricardo Pelaez. in England. to include this game as one of our international games for our season ticket holders. Mexico lost two matches against South American clubs Boca Juniors of Argentina and Universidad Catolica of Chile. New Jersey on Sunday May 31. 17.Road to France ‘98 Jamaica to play at Giants Stadium May 31 Jamaica. “This was our best performance in ages.“This is a wonderful opportunity for this area’s many Caribbean fans to give Jamaica a rousing send off to France – as well as to enjoy the new attention paid to Caribbean soccer since Jamaica’s qualification. Jamaica drew a 0-0 tie with Manchester City. Cuauhtemoc Blanco. Pavel Pardo. with three goals from Luis Hernandez. Mexico lost to Bolonia of the Italian “Serie A”. 14. 19. and goalkeeper Adolfo Rios. The United States beat Austria.” said CONCACAF President Jack Warner.” This is the roster that travelled to Vienna:(Goalkeepers) Kasey Keller. 11. Francisco Palencia.C. Salvador Carmona. also of Honduras. Kuwait on the 24th in Portland.

Egypt. The choice of Mexico as host will also give CONCACAF a second participant. a sports medicine department. Joao Havelange CONCACAF's Centre of Excellence has been named the Dr. CONCACAF’s Centre of Excellence named After Dr. Joao Havelange Center is a comprehensive. Brazil. at the opening ceremony of the sports complex in Trinidad & Tobago. Havelange’s involvement -his leadership. Jack Warner.” Dr. Bolivia. auditorium. a full sized practice field. African champion. runners up to Mexico in Los Angeles in February. one team from UEFA (to be appointed by UEFA). Asian champion. two mini-fields. Dr. will also compete. for someone who is leaving CONCACAF much. an indoor field and a 50-bed residence. Center of Excellence opening in Trindad The FIFA Confederations Cup will be played in Mexico in the first two weeks of January. . training and learning facility for use by CONCACAF members. state of the art. The Dr. Mexico had already qualified as CONCACAF Gold Cup champion.22 of 33 have entered the long and difficult Olympic qualifying rounds. Previous FIFA Confederations Cups were played in Saudi Arabia but Mexico’s candidacy was put forward at recent FIFA meetings by CONCACAF President Jack Warner. The USA therefore automatically becomes one of the six countries attempting to win one of the two available places in the Olympic finals. The other participants are: Saudi Arabia. Thus far.Mexico Selected to Host FIFA’s Confederations Cup FIFA President Dr. It will have a soccer stadium with 6. Each of CONCACAF’s three zones will provide 4 teams for the semifinal round of 12 which will then produce the other five countries competing with the host nation for the journey to Sydney. to be determined at the Oceania Cup in Brisbane in September 1998. now the USA. Joao Havelange Centre of Excellence in honor of the retiring FIFA President. FIFA Confederations’ Cup defending champion. and the Oceania champion. The announcement was made by the President of CONCACAF. This is the least we can do for someone who has served football as he has served. a position he has held since he was elected at the 39th Congress in Frankfurt in 1974. therefore. this dream could not have been possible without Dr. his love and understanding. Today. Shortly I intend to ask the Government of Trinidad & Tobago to name the roadway outside. Additional facilities include a gymnasium. 1999. Joao Havelange unveils the bust erected in his honor. two thirds of the CONCACAF countries . Joao Havelange Boulevard. library and recreational areas. giving CONCACAF the honor of staging yet another major world tournament. swimming pool. his motivation. Havelange will retire this year from his post of President of FIFA. much better today than it was yesterday. runner-up South America. his technical expertise. The US to host Olympic qualifying competition The United States has been chosen as the host country for the final CONCACAF qualifying round for the Sydney Olympics of 2000. CONCACAF President Jack Warner said: "This facility. we have decided to name the facility in his honor.000 seats.

Central America 2 against Winner of Mexican Champion vs. which runs from September to December. followed by the Finals contest. Winner of Cruz Azul vs. is made by invitation only to ensure competition between each country’s most popular teams. including the final. August 16th. Cruz Azul of Mexico. Central America 3. First round. scheduled for August 11th . Winner of Leon vs. Thursday. National league runners up. The defending champion.. Central America 2. the Mexican league champion and the American league champion are automatically qualified. (48 games in total. Paraguay and Uruguay. Leon. 12 per group). Mexican Champion. The 16-teams. August 11th. Caribbean team. August 14 th. Tuesday. The winners of each group advance to the semifinals. Colorado Rapids from MLS and Leon New continental tournament kicks off in September Copa Merconorte. Merconorte will be played simultaneously with Copa Mercosur. These are the groupings as determined by a draw held in Miami: Group A: Deportivo Cali from the Mexican First Division will play a one game qualifying match. have been divided into four groups that will play a home-and-home roundrobin against each other. Rest Day. All stages. Friday. August 13th. will include the participation of three Mexican and two American clubs. has been drawn as follows: Eight teams will enter the tournament. will face strong international competition at CONCACAF’s Champions Cup and the new international Copa Merconorte. Cruz Azul (Defending Champion) vs. DC United (US Champion) vs. There will be three teams from Central America. Chile. August 12th. Participation in the tournament. (Colombia) Emelec Sporting Cristal (Ecuador) (Peru) Guadalajara (Mexico) Group B: Nacional de Medellin (Colombia) El Nacional Universitario (Ecuador) (Peru) America (Mexico) Group C: DC United Millonarios Alianza Lima Barcelona (USA) (Colombia) (Peru) (Ecuador) Group D: Fabian Estay and his club. Rapids. Winner of DC United vs. CONCACAF’s premier club competition. Losers of semifinals meet for the Third Place match. one from the Caribbean and one from either Mexico or the United States. Los Angeles Galaxy The Strongest Caracas Cruz Azul (USA) (Bolivia) (Venezuela) (Mexico) .Champions Cup Tournament Takes Shape The competition structure for the 1998 Champions Cup tournament. The other five participants must compete in qualifying rounds.16th at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Mexico’s Toluca. Caribbean team against Winner of Central America 1 vs. Winner of Colorado Rapids vs. Wednesday. and Central America 1 vs. a new international tournament sanctioned by both CONMEBOL and CONCACAF. consist of home-and-home games. a CONMEBOL competition that brings together teams from Brazil. Semifinals. Argentina. representing seven countries. and Central America 3 vs. Finals and Third Place match. Sunday.

His professional accomplishments include being a member of the CONCACAF Executive Committee for 13 years. CD Guadalajara defeated CF Regios 4-1. 3-0. competitions and other direct benefits for our member countries. Since then. IFS Inc. Bean. Werner Fricker (USA) CONCACAF shines in Dallas Cup youth tournament Colijes. The hero himself was executed during the reign of the dictator Duvalier. FIFA Commissary for Olympic and World Cup Qualifying tournaments. Dr Gerard Bean of Bermuda. CA San Lorenzo of Argentina defeated EC Vitoria of Brazil. The extension is for the period 20022006 and significantly increases revenues to CONCACAF. "Our increasing revenues will mean a bright and secure future for the game throughout the Confederation as we continue to use the majority of our budget in programs. will be inducted into the CONCACAF Hall of Fame at the CONCACAF Congress in Antigua on May 9. IFS Inc. the Sub-16 entry for El Salvador in the XIX Dallas Cup Youth Tournament. 3-0 to earn the Under-14 division title. By profession an optometrist. and General Secretary of the Costa Rican Soccer Federation Past inductees into the Hall of Fame: 1992 Dr. CONCACAF has signed an extension of the agreement with its marketing partners. Moya Fernandez joined CONCACAF in 1966 as Secretary and Member of the Referees Commission of our Confederation in 1966. Finally. Costa Rica’s LD Alajuense was runner up to FC Augsburg of Germany in the Under-19 final. losing 1-0. A proposal to issue a set of stamps to commemorate the goal and the goalscorer is working its way through the Haitian Government as a result of the efforts by Joe’s brother. and Jorge Julio Moya Fernandez of Costa Rica. is a company specializing in football activities throughout the Americas. Brazil. Joaquin Soria Terrazas (Mexico) 1994 Javier Arriaga (Mexico). . 5-4. USA . In 1977 he was awarded the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by H. the international tournament included the participation of teams from Western and Eastern Europe. IFS retains the TV. "The hard work which has gone into making CONCACAF events meaningful is now beginning to pay off. expenses. 1996 Guillermo Canedo (Mexico).the one by Joe Gaetjens which gave the USA victory over England in the 1950 World Cup in Belo Horizonte.M. his homeland was Haiti. CF Monterrey of Mexico defeated Alta Loma of the USA. Dr Bean. a member and eventually President of the Bermuda Olympic Association (1971 to 1987) and a member of the FIFA Medical Committee and FIFA Board of Appeals. including FIFA Referee’s Instructor. Florida based. South America. to win the Super Group trophy. In addition to CONCACAF teams. George Abrahams (Jamaica). he has served in various capacities. Miami. Jorge Moya elected into Hall of Fame Two CONCACAF luminaries elected into Hall of Fame.casted by a select panel of soccer writers from within our Confederation: Antonio Carbajal (Mexico) Marcelo Balboa (United States) Gilberto Yearwood (Honduras) Bruce Wilson (Canada) Gustavo Pena (Mexico) Ramon Ramirez (Mexico) Jorge Gonzalez (El Salvador) Tab Ramos (United States) Julio Cesar Dely Valdes (Panama) Hugo Sanchez (Mexico) Hernan Medford (Costa Rica) CONCACAF and IFS sign extention agreement As a continuing sign of the growth and importance of soccer in the region. Manchester United’s Under-12 team took home their cup beating Academia Venezolana of Venezuela. was President of the Bermuda Football Association for an unprecedented 18 years before stepping down in 1987. It would be a double-celebration within CONCACAF for although Gaetjens scored the goal for the USA. GA.The Queen. Mr.Dr. 4-3. Jean Pierre Gaetjens of Marrietta.Haiti double celebration Efforts are being made to commemorate the most surprising goal in World Cup history . marketing and merchandising rights to CONCACAF’s Gold Cup. Joao Havelange (Brazil) Gene Edwards (USA)." said CONCACAF President Jack Warner of Trinidad and Tobago. the Middle East and Oceania. CONCACAF Team of the Century This is the CONCACAF “Team of the Century” according to a voting -sponsored by Mastercard ." Under the contract. on penalty kicks. played from the 5th to the 12th of this month. Kurt Lamm (USA). won their division title on an allCONCACAF final defeating Los Delfines (The Dolphins) of Mexico on penalty kicks. In the allMexican Under-17 final.