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Special Report: Equipment, Products, Systems & Services for:

Oil/Gas Health, Safety,

Security, Environment
Cyber attack protection for networks
EDR-810 Secure Routers help protect automation networks from cyber attacks.
The Gigabit-performance design features built-in managed switch. Integration of security and networking function into this single device protects against security threats posed
by malicious hackers, worms, and viruses, according to the manufacturer.
The new routers with integrated switch serve and help secure such remote access or
remote feld assets monitoring as oil and gas distributed control systems, as well as PLC/
SCADA systems. They create an electronic security perimeter to protect critical cyber assets. To secure Ethernet feldbus networks using Modbus TCP, the system performs deep
Modbus TCP protocol package inspection using PacketGuard technology.
In these remote locations and circumstances, EDR-810 unlike nonindustrial frewalls
that malfunction within harsh environments withstands such hazards as high EMC interference and -40 to +165F.
This industrial-grade 8+2G secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN and managed L2
switching functions allows effcient data transmission with network and critical devices
protection from cyber attacks. Firewall policies can control network traffc between different trust zones. Network Address Translation shields the internal LAN from unauthorized
outside host activity. This is a more secure architecture than just NAT alone.
EDR-810-2GSFP-VPN also adds Virtual Private Networking to provide users with secure
communication tunnels when accessing a private network from the public Internet.

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Wireless, transportable gas detection

Tenacious Work Gear for oilfeld

Fixed, semi-fxed, or transportable use in light

and heavy environments is yours with SmartWireless Site Sentinel stand-alone gas detection systems.
The wireless, battery-powered designs
safely, comprehensively, and fexibly monitor for dangerous toxic and combustible
gases via new-to-market wireless network
innovations. These include toxic and infrared hydrocarbon combustible gas detectors,
controllers, remote HMIs, solar panels, or alarm and signaling stations.
Each fexible and expandable system can include up to 32 detectors and
any combination of wired/wireless devices.

Worker protection and ability to manage the

elements are delivered by Tenacious Work
Highlights in free 2014 Workbook are ProFlex task-specifc gloves, knee pads and supports along with TREX ice traction and insoles,
Chill-its cooling products for heat stress, and
SHAX portable work shelters.
CORE Performance Work Wear FR and performance work wear as well as SKULLERZ head
protection are highlighted. N-Ferno warming
products for cold stress plus GloWear Hi-Vis apparel are showcased along
with Squids lanyards plus Arsenal tool and gear storage systems.

Detcon-GMI: The Woodlands TX

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Ergodyne: St. Paul MN

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Gastech 2014, Korea

PennWell Topsides Conference, Galveston
PennWell Subsea Tieback Forum, San Antonio
In this issue: 2013 Product & Service Highlights
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60 Years of Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment:

a new contemporary look and feel but always, always All Products All The Time.
I am very pleased to place in your hands
or on your computer possibly your Mobile
App (see Page 14 if interested?) our newly redesigned OG&PE.
Its newly updated to help celebrate our six
decades of equipment, product, system, and service news heritage first brought to the oil industry in 1954.
We are particularly grateful (heck, I am especially grateful after 42 years!) to our parent publication Oil & Gas Journal and PennWell Corporation for creating our all-products brand.
An overview of OG&PE, name change, format
changes and all appears on Page 12-13.
It reflects The Boyle, Lauinger, and Biolchini
families vision and trust in OG&PE to tell you
Whats New every day on OGPE.com and in
our monthly editions as well as a variety of
digital media products.
This particular edition is classic OG&PE with
our special report on Health, Safety, Security,
Environmental. It also includes new developments for oil and gas, products for upstream,
midstream, downstream beyond HSSE, and
Part 1 of our annual Review & Highlights of
innovations announced last year.

Besides our special report we

are proud to announce new product developments and literature
on them. These include and are
well worth reading: temporary
road mats from recycled tires, a
224-page steam fluids flow measuring guide, as
well as an online guide to valve materials selection and of course much more.
This issue will be also distributed in Seoul Korea at Gastech as well as two PennWell events:
Topsides Conference in Galveston and Subsea
Tieback Forum in San Antonio.
As I consider our 60 years of publishing, I
must mention and thank a group of brand-new
OG&PE advertisers: NETZSCH Pumps and S.
Himmelstein & Company (starting last month)
as well as Akron Electric, Rosedale Products,
Ingersoll-Rand, and New York Blower which
celebrates 100+ years in the fan business and
Workrite Uniform. Thanks for your tangible
support as we enter another decade.
J.B. Avants, Publisher & Editor
jba@pennwell com / 918 832 9351 / OGPE com

Rosedale High-Capacity
Bag or Cartridge Filtration

Rosedale manufactures standard or custom

high-capacity ltration systems. They are
designed to meet all applicable codes and
tested to meet the highest standards.
Go to www.rosedaleproducts.com for
more on our housings, bags, and cartridges.

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Art Director, Clark Bell
Digital Marketing Manager Nick Erdogan
Audience Development Mgr, Ron Kalusha

Rosedale self-contained
offshore ltration skid

Rosedale Filtration Products

3730 W. Liberty Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Tel 800-821-5373 or 734-665-8201 / Fax 734-665-2214
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Akron Electric
High Pressure Equipment
New York Blower
Rosedale Products

Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment is free to qualified professionals engaged in
the design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of oil, gas,
and petrochemical
operations and facilities.

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HSSE special report

NFPA 2112, 70E light

FR knit shirts

New oxygen analyzers


Safety showers, eye

washes added to line

TrueComfort FR knit
shirts are lighter weight
garments for workers exposed to potential hazards
of flash fire and arc flash.
They meet NFPA 2112
and 70E (HRC2) standards
as 5.5-oz 100% cotton garments. TrueComfort comes
in various styles and options that include Henley, Polo, mock turtleneck, long turtleneck, and
long sleeve tee navy, grey, khaki, and orange.
Complete FR shirts information is yours free.

OxyDetect oxygen
monitors launch this
gas analysis technology companys entrance into the life
safety market.
The safe area monitors utilize advanced nondepleting paramagnetic technology with Hummingbird Paracube
Micro paramagnetic sensor. They accurately
monitor oxygen levels without sensor deterioration that affects electrochemical sensors.

Expansion and diversification of this spray nozzle manufacturers line

is announced: FSP Tech
safety showers and eye
wash units.
Representing the product line expands the
spray nozzle firms ability to assist compliance
with safety standards and
regulations wherever hazardous materials are
handled and safety showers are required. The
newly represented products will be marketed
through a new trading name The Safety Shower People and website.

National Safety Apparel:

Cleveland OH
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IR window/ultrasound
port combination
CAP-4-US detects electrical faults before running
into failure as a combination infrared window/
ultrasound port.
Protected by an unconditional lifetime warranty,
models easily install to
help find failure points in
such critical electrical assets as transformers and
switchears often caused by gradual degradation of equipment. Industrial-grade CAP-4US meets OSHA NFPA 70E requirements for arc
flash safety.

Servomex Gas Detection

Servomex Group Ltd.
East Sussex United Kingdom
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Safety system software

SafeGuard Profiler
LOPA and SIL-verification/validation
aid plant safety system
design and evaluation.
The design and analysis tool speeds and simplifies safety system engineering and design. As Safety Integrity Level
lifecycle software, SafeGuard Profiler conducts
successful engineering failure analysis, SIL determination, SIL verification/validation, and SIL
optimization or other related tasks.

ACM Facility Safety: Calgary Canada

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IRISS Incorporated: Bradenton FL

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High, low pressure leak

detection for pipelines

Combustion gas,
emission analyzers
Regulatory and maintenance functions are
served by this new E8500
portable combustion analyzer.
On boilers, burners, engines, turbines, or other
combustion applications, the instruments assist EPA compliance level emissions monitoring
and testing.
They feature wireless communications with
computer or other Windows devices plus electrochemical sensors for O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2,
and H2S. Analyzer NDIR sensors are for CO2,
CxHy, and high CO along with capabilities for
low NOx and True NOx.

monitoring systems are announced for high and
low-pressure environments.
In combination with
their makers actuators,
the new system quickly and effectively detects and isolates liquid
or gas pipeline leaks
to ensure safe, smooth
operation. ELBS-20 is specifically designed to
monitor integrity of gas and fluid pipelines. It
can be used in conjunction with any type valve
actuator and a wide range or pressure sensors.
It immediately commands actuators to initiate
fail-safe position in case of failure.

E Instruments: Langhorne PA
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BIFFI ITALIA Srl: Fiorenzuola dArda Italy

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BETE Ltd.: East Sussex United Kingdom

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Hazmat kits identify

unknown chemicals
You can quickly and accurately identify unknown liquid and airborne components with
Gastec Hazmat Kits.
They are designed for accurate detection of
widely varying chemical agents many with
lower detection limits than other kits can reportedly identify.
As lightweight ergonomic designs, the kits
come in a rugged, watertight Pelican case to
keep equipment safe and dry with easy transport for immediate onsite evaluation.
All components needed to detect potentially
hazardous chemical are included without
requirement of calibration or electrical power.

Nextteq LLC: Tampa FL

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Tier II engine rebuilds

for offshore compliance
This power-generation provider is rebuilding
Tier I engines
to meet Tier II
hazardous emissions standards.
It will make them
leading offshore
The rebuilt engines come with a Tier II EIAPP
certificate and have been ABS certified. And,
the firm declares we can deliver them at a lower cost than new engines in weeks rather
than months.

Worldwide Power Products:

Houston TX
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January/February 2014


HSSE special report

NEMO Pumps for Drilling Mud

Pre-congured, reliable solution

Sturdy, oileld design skids with lifting aperatures
High solids and viscous product handing capability
Integrally sealed stators, no need for o-rings or gaskets
Designed to prevent accumulated solids near shaft seal
Heavy duty bearings for demanding applications
Connecting rod with low angularity during operation
results in longer pump life
Electrical and mechanical speed variation options
Dual clean-out ports in pump suction housing
simplifies maintenance

NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC

Tel: 610-363-8010
email: pumps@netzsch.com

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The Right Torque Solution Now

Will Save A Lot of Headaches Later.
Measuring and applying correct torque to
equipment can prevent costly breakdowns
and improve efficiencies in all types of
drilling operations, such as:
torque monitoring and/or calibration of
make-up/breakout machines,
top drive torque measurement and control,
in-line measurment of torque as PMI
of motors, pumps, compressors and more,
load distribution and balancing for
winches and hoists, and
measure actuation torque for valves.
Weve made a variety of torque transmitters
for drilling operations for over 50 years.
All Himmelstein torque measurement
devices ship with an ISO 17025 accredited
calibration. Contact us to learn how our
experience and solutions can help you.
Because of its extremely high immunity to
noise interference, high safety margins,
and maintenance-free design, the MCRT
39000X has been certified by both ABS and
DNV to become a standard for oil field use.




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January/February 2014

Safety harnesses serve rigs, feld

Miller AirCore Oil & Gas Harnesses are new to the market in five
styles for drilling or service rig workers as well as other oilfield jobs.
Designed to keep workers safe when positioning pipe or performing
routine rig setup, maintenance, or tear-down Miller AirCore is rated
to 400-lb capacity. It meets OSHA 1926.502, ANSI A10.32, ANSI Z359.1,
and CSA Z259.10-12 requirements.
The new harnesses are also designed for worker comfort to encourage them being worn properly for increased compliance, safety, and

Honeywell Safety Products: Franklin PA

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Optical gas imaging protects

offshore oil & gas assets
GF320 Optical Gas Imaging Cameras detect hydrocarbon leaks
to safeguard offshore assets.
Operations that involve fugitive hydrocarbon emission detection benefit via OGIs broader area scan plus faster operation and monitoring than contactdesigned sniffers, its declared. GF320 detects emissions at greater, safer distances to protect
operators in preventive maintenance of offshore facilities, pipelines, and tanks.
The real-time infrared instruments take advantage of plane array detector and optical systems tuned to very narrow specrtal infrared ranges. This enables the camera to image infrared
energy absorbed by hydrocarbon gas leaks. Those images are processed and enhanced by
FLIR high senstivity mode to clearly show gas presence against stationary backgrounds. Gases
detected appear on-screen as smoke plumes.

FLIR Systems: Meer Belgium

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Tempered-water decontamination,
emergency wash safety response
Haws Integrated Model 8710 combination shower and eye/face
wash delivers tempered water for flushing in emergency situations in all
weather conditions.
Its design includes chemically resistant waterproof coating, tempering system, AXION response eye/face wash and showerhead, plus
alarm. This combination shower and eye/face wash is CSA certified to
meet ANSI Z358.1
Haws Integrated safety response systems provide tempered water
for large-scale decontamination and emergency wash installations.
Theyre designed for arctic to desert, high altitude to offshore, or mobile to stationary applications and to ensure continuous regulatory compliance.

Haws Corporation: Sparks NV

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Variable area fowmeters for hazardous areas

H250 M40 Variable Area Flowmeters are now globally approved with 30+
Ex-approvals for hazardous area applicability including oil and gas. They
handle intrinsically safe and explosionproof installations with one device.
The meters, with stainless steel housing, can be used in any suitable application that requires intrinsically safe or nonincendive wiring strategies as
well as for dust-ignition or explosionproof installations. They are offered with
Ex d/XP enclosure to specifically accommodate oil and gas applications.
All available indicator variants can be supplied with all available approvals. These include with pure mechanical flow indicators so devices are easily
upgraded with one or two limit switches, 4 to 20mA signal output with HART, graphical LCD
with totalizer and pulse output, or with a digital, bus-powered communication interface according to FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA standard. This can be accomplished onsite without interrupting a process, notes H250 M40s manufacturer.

KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH: Duisburg Germany

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HSSE special report

Recycled tires become rig mats, temporary roads to access oil and gas sites
OWS Eco-Flex Roads are recycled rubber solutions: waste tires converted into rig mats for temporary road access to oil and gas worksites. Each
14-ft x 7-ft, 6-in. x 4.5-in. mat weighs 1,250 KG. They deliver a 190 ton/sq m load bearing capacity to help movement into and out of locations.
The reusable for-purchase or for short/long-term rental mats also make certain the land on which they are used is immediately available without
restoration since it was not dug
nor any filling done.
With OWS Eco-Flex, roads are
quickly and easily made: Simply
lay the mats on any level surface
using a forklift, JCB, crane, or
similar lifting equipment. Very little manpower is required, typically four workes including forklift
operator. Roads are immediately
ready for use once placed on the
Average life of well maintained
mats is said to be 20 years. Besides oil and gas sites, the products can serve as heavy-duty
flooring for warehouses, vehicle
crossings, or to make permanent
roads at difficult high altitudes or
in soft surface areas.

Months turn into years,

years turn into decades...
but every single day,
you can count on
New York Blower.

OWS Eco-Flex Division

OWS Technical Services:
Maharashtra India
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Sturdy tension
fabric buildings
Rigid frame engineering and tension fabric construction combine to
offer tension fabric buildings.
They incorporate structural
steel beams instead of open web
trusses as portable or stationary
facilities in a number of oil and
gas operations.
Unlike traditional hollow-tube,
open web truss fabric designs,
these buildings offer solid structural beams that are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside the tube.
Structural steel frames also offering engineering advantages for
relocation by towing or crane.

Nothing beats the reliability of fans and blowers from The New York
Blower Company. For the past 125 years, weve been manufacturing
products that perform time and time again. Plus, we carry one of the
most complete lines of fans and blowers in the industry. But thats not
all. We also custom engineer solutions, provide shopping reliability
you can count on, and back it up with an industry leading warranty.
And with our very own Research Center and AMCA-registered
laboratory, were poised to lead the way for years to come.
For product details or custom solutions
visit nyb.com or call 800.208.7918.

Legacy Building Solutions:

South Haven MN
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New York Blower MAS Air Systems Mechanovent

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January/February 2014


products & services

Rotary lobe pump design has servicein-place metal lobe + replaceable liner
TORNADO T2 rotary lobe pumps reverse the entire materials concept
of conventional designs by comprising a metal lobe with a replaceable
rubber liner more like progressive cavity configurations.
Full Service in Place delivered by this pump replaces traditional
Maintenance in Place. Timing gears are replaced with a timing belt to
eliminate draining and changing oil required to lubricate timing gears.
Completely free access to the pump chamber is provided along with
a front-loaded cartridge seal integrated with the rotor. This allows quick
and easy service. T2 also makes it possible to replace the lobes and mechanical seals in less than half the time it takes with conventional rotary
lobe types.

NETZSCH Pumps North America LLC: Exton PA

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Scale inhibitor trailers help remediate

against crystallization of mineral scales
ScaleStop scale inhibitor equipment and mobile trailers safely remediate against mineral scales crystallization in oil and gas wells or equipment.
The trailers and process are compact for movement from site to site.
Fracturing fluid is treated on-site using a custom header prior to being
blended with other fracing compounds for proper mixing. The injection
method is a metered, controlled, and supervised process.
ScaleStop works to inhibit mineral scale crystallization. Left untreated
it will agglomerate and form larger scale particles which can plug and
foul formations, tubulars, and downstream vessels.

Bosque Systems LLC: Fort Worth TX

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Level, fow, pressure, temp NEMA 4X

feld-mount meters out
Vantageview NEMA 4X field-mounted
meters are on the market for demanding,
wet or dirty-environment applications that
do not require agency approvals.
Announced for use in virtually any industrial process that involves level, flow, pressure, or temperature, the new
line features SafeTouch through-window buttons for operation without
removing the cover. Vantageview comes in 4 to 20 mA loop-powered and
pulse input models powered by the output loop, DC, or battery.
The new meters offer functionality and features of their makers ProtEX
explosionproof design in an injection-molded plastic, NEMA 4X (IP65)
enclosure. They provide large, dual-line displays to clearly view critical
process variables at a distance even in direct sunlight.

Precision Digital Corporation: Holliston MA

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January/February 2014

Redesigned, improved thermal mass

fow meter and temp transmitter
Redesigned, improved, and more robust FT2A Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter is on the market for harsh industrial
environments including oil and gas.
The instruments broadened communications options include BACnet
MS/TP as well as RS485 Modbus, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, or Ethernet
Modbus TCP. Improved FT2A View software allows you to easily adjust
meter configurations, evaluate alarm conditions, collect process data,
plus view measurements from PC or control station. A standard USB port
enables you to gain direct meter-to-PC connections.

Fox Thermal Instruments: Marina CA

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Gas chromatography options add

refning, drilling operation usability
New TRACE 1300 Gas Chromatography options are offered to conserve helium, permit simultaneous use of multiple detectors, automate
sampling gas workflows, and perform photometric detection.
They aid refinery QA/QC to analyze incoming crude product, process
streams, or finished product as well as environmental drilling or refining monitoring. TRACE 1300 and recently released ISQ single quadrupole GC-MS systems can now be controlled by Dionex Chromeleon chromatography data systems to streamline the path from samples to results.

Thermo Fisher Scientifc: San Jose CA

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224-page steam fuids

fow measuring catalog
Flow Measurement Catalog: First for Steam
Solutions is this free 224-page, 8th edition for
steam and related fluids. and supervised process.
Its expansive presentation of steam, liquid, and
gas-applicable flowmeters emphasizes EMCO
Flow Systems metering in 1/2 to 80-in. pipe sizes
at flow pressures to 5,000 psig and flow temperatures to 842F. In 40+ sections, the literature highlights inline vortex, insertion vortex and turbine, as well as variable area
products and numerous steam-related solutions provided.

Spirax Sarco: Blythewood SC

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New products & services

PEEK-based seals qualifed as backup ring in downhole drilling application


Meldin 5000 seals have been selected for packing kit backup rings for a downhole drilling application. Based on polyetheretherketone (PEEK),
Meldin 5000 is part of the Meldin HT product family which includes other high performance, polymer-based custom thermoplastic solutions.
The backup ring parts are used in a hydraulic drilling jar that helps free and move drill pipe components in the event they become stuck in a formation. The jars operate onshore and
offshore or in ultra-hot boreholes for
HPHT conditions including 500F.
and thousands of pounds of pressure.
There the backup ring parts provide outstanding durability via superior thermal resistance combined
with strong mechanical properties
and chemical resistance.
Complete Meldin 500 seals information is yours free for the asking.

Saint-Gobain Seals Group:

Garden Grove CA
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Nitrile Dipped Dorsal
Impact-Reducing Gloves

// FR //

Top-mount pulser,
centralizer are new
Two new tools have been brought
out to support measurement-whiledrilling technology in directional
Top Mount Pulser withstands the
harsh lost circulation material environment by providing strong, consistent pulses, according the its manufacturer.
TMP offers outstanding resistance
to vibration with protected wiring to
handle extreme environments. Its
said to all but eliminate LCM issues,
freeing up the critical downhole end.
Models are operational at 175C.
Integrated SureMate Centralizer
is also introduced to eliminate the
uphole threaded end, replacing it
with a plug-in snubber. This allows
the centralizer to integrate into the
downhole end of the MWD tool. It
also shortens the tool string plus
simplifies on-bank workflow by establishing a more secure and foolproof connection.
Both newly introduced tools are
engineered to improve MWD data
acquisition while reducing downtime. Additional Top Mount Pulser

Tolteq Group LLC:

Cedar Park TX
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FR Zip-Front
Hooded Fleece


We know one things for sure this place aint for the
faint of heart. There may not be another workzone on
the planet with more rigorous demands from the elements or the job. Our line of oil and gas safety work gear
will help you roll out the barrels in epic style, so you
get the most bang for your buck and you have the best
chance to pop out the other side of the pipeline productive
and unscathed. Because at the end of the day, is the beginning of the next and we want you in it. To view the full oil
and gas collection, visit www.ergodyne.com.

Cooling Towel



WWW.ERGODYNE.COM // 800 225-8238

Tool Lanyard Heavy-duty,
Triple-Locking Carabiner

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January/February 2014


New products & services

Valve metals, elastomers

online selection guide

Ethernet modem gives

ultra-long connectivity

Portable 0 capable
Tier 3 generators debut

Quickly and easily determine which metals

or elastomers are suggested as suitable for
valves with this new
DeZURIK Online
Material Selection
It is an especially
useful resource for valves involved with specific corrosive media, pressures, and temperatures.
The guide covers 700+ corrosive media and
the most common metals and elastomers used
on valves for a broad range of applications. It
includes guidelines for both elastomers and
metals to explain the myriad of considerations
required when selecting valve materials for a
specific application.

ELPRO 450U-E licensed wireless Ethernet

modem delivers long-range communications
to extend Ethernet networks in difficult-toreach locations including oil and gas.
It offers 60MHz to 5.8GHz to help extend
end-to-end network connectivity. 450U-E easily integrates with its makers product line to
connect remote sensors, actuators, and instrumentation, as well as monitoring and control
system programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, and supervisory control
and data acquisition.
The wireless Ethernet modem uses dynamic
network optimization and intelligent routing.
It also operates in an extended temperature
range to meet demanding environments plus
provides secure industry standard encryption.

Cold Package Tier 3

Generators are on the
market to withstand extreme cold.
Models employ either electric or hydraulic radiator shutters.
These reduce or eliminate overcooling or
overheating to protect
computerized generator functions. With the
electrical variation, shutters open and close in
response to thermostat temperature drops to
prevent freezing air from entering the engine
when temps are cool enough to keep the engine operating without additional airflow.

DeZURIK: Sartell MN
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Eaton: Pleasanton CA
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Compact 3-wire current transducers

Open board digital temp controllers

In a compact, space-saving case are new DT 3-wire current transducers that use a common point for both power supply and output signal
plus are factory calibrated for a single current range. The instruments
and three-wire method are offered to keep costs in check for projects
where many sensors are needed. They output 0 to 5 or 0 to 10-v DC
proportional to DC current and powered by 24-v DC factory calibrated.

5R7-570(A) open board electronic temperature controllers are RoHS

compliant with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide precise control to thermoelectric modules (Peltier). The H-bridge temperature
control provides seamless transition between heating and cooling to eliminate dead spots. Green LED for heat, blue LED for cooling indicate mode.
Simultaneous illumination notes load circuit is off due to an open sensor.

NK Techologies: San Jose CA

For FREE Information Select #31 at ogpe.hotims.com

Oven Industries Incorporated: Mechanicsburg PA

For FREE Information Select #32 at ogpe.hotims.com

Print, download welding fller metals catalogs

We can handle YOUR


Two new filler metals catalogs are now available in print or for
The new Hobart catalog includes products currently branded as TriMark by Hobart alongside other of the companys products. It also
features aluminum products formerly branded as MAXAL.
The second catalog is McKay by Hobart. It features stainless steel
and hardfacing wires. Each piece of literature includes specifications
and product comparisons on tubular wires (metal-cored and fluxcored), solid wires, and stick electrodes for welding carbon and low alloy steels, stainless steels,
and aluminum as well as options for hardfacing.

Hobart Brothers Company: Troy OH

For FREE Literature Select #255 at ogpe.hotims.com

3 new large enclosures with 2 confgurations

Count on our proven valves,
fittings & tubing for ALL your
oil, gas & petrochem needs

High Pressure


HiPOur Name is High Pressure

To find out more, call 814-838-2028
for visit www.HighPressure.com
For FREE Information Select #411 at ogpe.hotims.com

January/February 2014

Three J Series non-metallic enclosures are on the market with two

configurations: 20x20, 24x20, 24x24.
Each model features hinged lockable pull latch plus new three-point
latch as well as ETL certification to NEMA Type 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13,
and IP66 per IEC60529.
Their chemically resistant fiberglass reinforced composite formulation offers long product life, UV resistance via patented SolarGuard,
and protection against UV degradation. UL94-5V flame resistance is
also incorporated along with channel gaskets to ensure seal location. Integral mounting flange
is an additional feature for structural integrity. All enclosures are built industrially tough but are
easily modified, declares the maker.

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures: Belding MI

For FREE Information Select #33 at ogpe.hotims.com

New products & services

SS added to fluid ends,

well stimulation pumps
Stainless steel fluid ends are newly added to
Cat XD well stimulation pumps and fluid ends.
They are compatible with all Cat XD series
components to improve corrosion resistance,
reduce cracking incidents due to corrosion,
and improve overall durability. Reduced maintenance intervals and lower ownerhip/operating costs are an added stainless steel benefit.
The fluid ends will be available in the first
quarter of this year. Additional specifics on
them as well as XD well stimulation pumps are
yours free for the asking.

Caterpillar Global Petroleum:

Houston TX
For FREE Information Select #34 at ogpe.hotims.com

New production surface

multiphase flowmeter
Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter is
introduced for onshore and offshore. Its designed to help operators obtain flow rate measurement in production and permanent monitoring.
Using full gamma spectroscopy for high accuracy, its engineered to serve wider applications
than conventional metering systems in such
flow conditions as heavy oil or wet gas.

Schlumberger: Houston TX
For FREE Information Select #35 at ogpe.hotims.com

I.S. sounders come in

aluminum enclosures
IS-D105 alarm horn sounders and IS-DL105
combination devices are intrinsically safe and
feature aluminum enclosures.
The alarm horn produces up to 105dB(A) at
1 m in a choice of 49 tones and two additional remotely selectable alarm stages. It can be
combined with an beacon which is offered in
six high LED intensities. Models are approved
to IECEx and ATEX standards for Zone 0. The
IP66 sealed marine-grade aluminum enclosure
delivers onshore and offshore protection.

E2S Warning Signals LLC: Houston TX

For FREE Information Select #36 at ogpe.hotims.com

Want Free Product/Service Information or Literature? Click the link

Hands-free UV-A
light source for MPI
Light LED Inspection Kits are especially suited for
magnetic particle inspection.
They help NDT
inspectors easily detect fluoroescent flaws
in ferrous materials.
The new portable kits feature compact,
batter y-operated inspection lamp with two ultrahigh-intensity UV-A (365 nm) LEDs
plus a three-LED white light assembly
for visible illumination in dark work
areas. An adjustable strap lets you
wear EagleEye on a hardhat or directly on your head for hands-free work.
Full light source data are free.

Spectronics Corporation:
Westbury NY
FREE Info Select #37 at ogpe.hotims.com

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January/February 2014





N e w L o o k . M o r e p r o d u c t a n d s e r v i c e i n f o t h a n e v e r.

New print size

5,000 increase in circulation

Enhanced mobile app

10x frequency in 2014

(Jan/Feb and Jul/Aug issues combined)

New and improved Petro Buyers Guide at


Visit www.OGPE.com for free product information


t w i t t e r. c o m / O G P E

New products & services

New pressure-reducing regulators

155-MBTU/hr direct-fred radiant heat

PGR Pressure-Reducing Regulators are newly introduced in five different body sizes as high accuracy, pressure loaded, pilot-operated designs.
The final control regulator for burner and natural gas applications comprises an internal pressure
balancing piston-cylinder. It provides high flow capacity with performance to meet or exceed other
pressure loaded or pilot-operated designs, declares
the manufacturer.
Models are currently available in 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3, and
4-in. bodies with more sizes to follow. They can be
ordered in four basic materials with multiple trim
material combinations.
PGR can be configured for -70 to +250F. operation and outlet pressure set points between 2 in. WC and 200 psig depending upon body/cover and dome/diaphragm material combinations.
Complete pressure reducing regulators information is free.

HDR 155 direct-fired radiant heaters are

unaffected by the elements so heat is easily
directed exactly where needed.
Models deliver 155-MBTU/hr (45 kW) input to heat workspaces, workers, and such
objects as equipment or other structures from
approximately 15 ft away. Since infrared heat
radiates directly from HDR 15s disc, it doesnt
rely on warming the surrounding air like convection heating so it produces quick, intense heat. Exhaust gases are
directed upward so heat is clean, dry, and healthy.
This heater uses an oil flame to heat its stainless steel disc to approximately 1,700F./926C. Design comprises three concentric cones. The inner cone contains the flame; center core protects the outermost surface
from heat; the external cone is constructed of high-temperature-painted
carbon steel. The air stream is split between the inner cone to support
the flame and center cone to provide cooling air for the heaters surface.

Cashco Incorporated: Ellsworth KS

For FREE Information Select #38 at ogpe.hotims.com

Wacker Neuson: Norton Shores MI

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Surface prep abrasive

blast pot trailers
Enhanced safety and maintenance features
are announced for this new abrasive blast
pot trailer.
For surface preparation, models feature electronic self-adjusting brakes
and declared 50 state and Canada DOT compliant light packages. Other
design advantages include enclosed modular wiring harness replaceable
in sections plus upgraded 7,000 capacity drop jack.

Marco Group: Davenport IA

For FREE Information Select #39 at ogpe.hotims.com

Reels fow path is re-engineered

1195 reels are announced with re-engineered
flow path: maximum full-flow fluid-path plus
increased 1,000-psi operational rating.
Models now come standard equipped with
an in-line swivel and remodeled low profile
outlet riser. These features are said to offer
superior full-flow characteristics and an improved operating pressure range.
The reels offer sturdy one-piece, all welded
A frame base for stability. Theyre designed
to handle 50 to 125 ft of 2-in. hose ID for
increased volume delivery applications. Models also have an in-line electroless nickel plated steel NPT swivel. It is anchored to a new machined
from solid billet aluminum bearing assembly. This ensures swivel to axle
concentricity, proper swivel alignment, and improved seal life.

Coxreels: Tempe AZ
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Online all the time

While asking for products & services information or free literature check out online products, company & industry news,
videos, Petro Buyers Guide, plus Twitter feeds and archived data.
If it has to do with products, its in here and/or at OGPE.com

All Products All The Time

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January/February 2014



OG&PE: Established 1954

Oil & Gas Equipment / Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment / OGPE.com:

Six Decades of New Petroleum

Product & Service News Excellence

round Thanksgiving-time 1954, Oil & Gas Journal launched its

first brand expansion with Oil & Gas Equipment from Petroleum Publishing Company (now PennWell) in Tulsa Oklahoma.
Already thoroughly covering the oil industry more than any other publication, OGJ consistently addressed emerging developments. Each advancement and news story integrally involved equipment and services
to find and produce oil and gas. Long before someone assigned a k
in fracing, hydraulic fracturing was first used in southwest Kansas Hugoton field by Stanolind Oil (1947). Fracings evolution and controversy today reiterate the oil industrys risk-taking vision and focus to
aggressively develop hydrocarbons and the special equipment, processes, and careful application it involves.
That same year, 43 miles outside Morgan City Louisiana, the first offshore well was drilled in 20 ft of water in contrast to nearly 2-miledeep developments underway today.
Weekly Oil & Gas Journal published an Equipment & Literature
column featuring new products and services. The large influx of information on those timely topics prompted O&GEs creation to fill the oil
industry need for more and more product information.
In November of 54 Oil & Gas Equipment published for the first time.
In a front-page letter from Founding Editor Earl A. Seaton, it was de-


January/February 2014

clared the new monthly publications sole mission is to keep you informed on equipment and to help you understand the mechanical principles which make equipment work for you.
That same year, a barrel of oil brought $21 while a gallon of gasoline
cost 21 versus todays $92 a barrel for WTI, $106 a barrel for Brent, and
approximately $3.23 a gallon at the pump.
From its beginning as OGJs all-products expansion, O&GE covered
immerging developments for drilling, production, field processing,
pipeline, refining, and the newest segment of oil and gas operations
The new ventures Publisher Mitchell Tucker offered the magazine at
no charge to those involved in design, specification, and purchase of
equipment and services.
Oil & Gas Equipment emphasized PETROCHANICS in both its
product editorial announcements and advertising how a piece of
equipment or type of service functions and works as well as its specific application.
July 1969 marked the addition of the work Petrochem to the magazines title as this chemistry began to have marked influence on oil and
gas processing. Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment was the new name
of oil industrys only all-products-and-services magazine.
From its first edition, reader service and response were a unique
OG&PE benefit. It was determined early-on that subscribers want information the opportunity to ask for free information and/or literature
on those of interest. From the paper, perforated, tipped-in reader service

OG&PE: Established 1954

card mailed (slowly) through global postal services OG&PE established itself as the place to read about products and deliver information
on editorials and advertising.
As this 60th year of continuous publication begins, OG&PE and
its array of electronic, digital media are its strength. We are industryregarded as the primary source of Whats New in onshore and offshore upstream, midstream, and downstream products. Our methods of
response have changed dramatically with the digital age, yet our intent
remains to be the single, most complete single source of oil and gas
product news.
With addition of OGPE.com, weekly e-Newsletters, online Petro Buyers Guide, social media platforms, daily posts and pushes of industry
news, mobile apps OG&PE prides itself as PennWells second longest
publishing media. From its earliest days associated with and created
by Oil & Gas Journal OG&PE now joins some 44 other PennWell
brands. These crisscross and intersect expansive power generation, fire,
advanced technology, and dental industries.
OG&PEs 60th year is an appropriate time to redesign, freshen, and
update our look and feel for our worldwide audience and to add
5,000 additional subscribers. The results of these significant efforts
and innovations are intended to effectively reinforce the most positive
OG&PE subscriber experience and provide sound ROI for advertisers.
We trust as our mission to report on and announce whats new moves
into a new decade, you will continue to look to the OG&PE brand. We
intend to help you discover upstream, midstream, and downstream designs and innovations.
OG&PE, like many of you, has acquired and incorporated new technical terms, new locations, and new ways of doing business these 60
years: Alyeska, MWD, LWD, oil sands, Bakken, and such myriad shale
plays Marcellus, and Eagle Ford and the controversies and often-times
politics even lawsuits involving each.
You, our OG&PE reader, are our highly valued customer. We are


here to serve you with the most accurate and applicable products and
services information. Our clients, companies advertising in both print
and online, are equally valued for their investment and support of our
brand as we commence another decade.
Behind the scenes at OG&PE / OGPE.com are countless dedicated,
talented, diligent PennWell employees focused on making certain our
customers and our clients receive the best possible media experience
and benefit.
In the highly respected and reputable PennWell publishing heritage
and tradition we welcome all opportunities to move forward as the
leader in oil and gas product news and eagerly anticipate our next
60 years.
During this year OG&PE will celebrate its anniversary in print and
digitally. We hope you will be a part of this occasion with your participation.
Likewise, many of you will hear about our upcoming EquipPix photo
contest. We invite pictures of what you do in the oil patch, where you
do it, and of course the equipment/services involved. Winning entries
will be featured in our April Offshore Technology Conference edition.
The #1 winner will appear on the front-page of April. All photos will be
considered for another of our new 60th-year features: Photo of the Day.
This new offering on OGPE.com will highlight and focus on visuals tying directly to oil and gas equipment where and how its used by
you in day-to-day operations.
You will also see us at upcoming conferences and exhibitions, most
notably the annual Offshore Technology Conference at PennWell Petroleum Groups center-of-the-tradeshow exhibit. Well also participate
as media sponsors and exhibitors in the International Liquid Terminals
annual tradeshow as well as Texas A&Ms Turbomachinery & Pump Users Exhibition. We will also fly the OG&PE colors around the world in
conjunction with PennWells Petroleum Group exhibition participation.
We hope to see you and meet you soon.
your marketing partner

your marketing partner


media kit 2014

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m o r e

L e a d s .

m o r e

t r a f f i c .

m o r e

S a l e s .

m o r e

p r o f i t .

m o r e

L e a d s .

m o r e

t r a f f i c .

m o r e

S a l e s .

m o r e

p r o f i t .

January/February 2014



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2013 review & highlights


Equipment, Products, Systems & Services: 2013 Review & Highlights

Oil flter mobile website
for feet maintenance

Non-sparking torque
wrenches for Ex zones

Mixers serve larger,

deeper drilling mud tanks

Fleet managers: Identify oil filter maintenance

cost reductions with new Time Release Technology Value Calculator.
The mobile app gives access to valuable information to reduce fleet maintenance costs associated with
oil-change intervals and
to extend oils useful life.
Its designed to help managers better understand
current maintenance costs
associated with oil changes.
TRT can also help determine potential fleet savings
by effectively using Luberfiner heavy-duty filtration products.

Non-sparking torque wrenches made of copper-beryllium eliminate spark risks where explosive atmospheres may be present.
The nonmagnetic, corrosion-resistant tools tighten bolts, nuts,
valves, or other
assemblies in Ex Zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, and 22.
With click mechanism to turn clockwise
and counterclockwise, the wrenches deliver 22
to 120-ft/lb (30 to 160 Nm) clockwise torque.
They feature a 1/2-in. square drive and 18
1/4-in.-long lever handle.

Chemineer Mud Mixers are designed for larger and deeper mud tanks.
They comprise highefficiency gearboxes
specifically designed
for agitator service.
technology enhances
mixing while propretary analysis software
is available to evaluate
plus ensure proper
impeller selection for
specific drilling mud mixing conditions. Complete mud mixers information is yours free.

Luber-fner / FRAM Filtration:

Albion IL
For FREE Information Select #43 at ogpe.hotims.com

30-in. adjustable wrench

delivers power, leverage
CHANNELLOCK 30-in. 830 Adjustable
Wrench delivers power and leverage as well as
jaw capacity up to 3 in.
Chrome Vanadium
Steel for durability,
803 provides a reinforced joint with
a 1.5-in. thickness
and 6.3-in. width
plus premium support behind its 12-lb steel structure for oil
and gas, fleet maintenance, and rigging tasks.

Channellock Incorporated:
Meadville PA
For FREE Information Select #44 at ogpe.hotims.com

CS Unitec Incorporated: Norwalk CT

For FREE Information Select #46 at ogpe.hotims.com

Chemineer Incorporated: Dayton OH

For FREE Information Select #49 at ogpe.hotims.com

Composite mats give

oilfeld ground protection
DURA-BASE Advanced-Composite Mats deliver ground protection at oil and gas sites.
They withstand in
excess of 600-psi
bearing loads.
Tough formulation makes these
mats 50% lighter
than wood types.
These heavy-duty working platforms are for
use in any weather or terrain for ground stabilization for temporary roadways or work-site
padding as heavy-duty working platforms.
Mat composition minimizes the need for aggregate or gravel, prevents soil disturbance and
road dust, plus enhances worker safety.

Newpark Mats and Integrated

Services, Newpark Resources:
Lafayette LA
For FREE Information Select #47 at ogpe.hotims.com

BOP/hydrostatic units
serve backup, testing
A variety of Blowout Preventer hydrostatic
test units are available for fast, reliable BOP,
hose, manifold valve system, and riser line hydrostatic testing.
All-electric, stainless steel
efficiently serve
drilling rigs via
explosionproof design.
The model shown offers triple hydrostatic
test up to 30,000 psi. One side can also be used
as an immediate backup.

Clover Tool Company: Houston TX

For FREE Information Select #50 at ogpe.hotims.com

Mobile temporary liquid

storage tanks available

Industrobot is storage
tank cleaning system

Lifters install/remove
blind, weld neck fanges

Large above-ground storage tank cleaning is

achieved via patent pending Industrobot H5
cleaning tool.
It is a collection of
several commonly used
products and processes
designed for large ASTs
materials or environments for workers.
In applications and
studies, the design cleans faster and in fewer
hours than manned teams.

TITAN Flange Lifters make blind and weld

neck flange installation and removal easy.
Four sizes are built to handle
1/2 to 11 1/16-in. flange thicknesses and 3/4 to 4-in. bolts.
They weigh 21, 37 1/4, 19 5/8,
and 45 7/8 lb. and are 1,000,
2,000, 1000, and 5,000-lb loadrated respectively. Each lifter is
load tested and Magnetic Particle Inspected.
Free TITAN operating instructions, selection
guide, and product video when you click
the company name from the link below.

HydroTec MB mobile temporary storage

tanks meet exploration company needs for
above-ground temporary liquid storage.
In 4,700 to more
than 42,700-bbl capacities, tanks can
be constructed on
site in as little as 2
to 4 days. The reusable vertical capacity designs are preengineered for use with a dome or cover.
HydroTec MB features a chime panel epoxycoated composition with gaskets as a frame, plus
single or double-covered 40-mil form-fit LLDPE
liner bolted to it.

Gearench: Clifton TX
For FREE Information Select #48 at ogpe.hotims.com

CST Storage: Lenexa KS

For FREE Information Select #51 at ogpe.hotims.com

Offshore Cleaning Systems:

Abbeville LA
For FREE Information Select #45 at ogpe.hotims.com

January/February 2014


ne t w
on the lastest NEWS from the
social community!





Join OGPE on social media for the latest updates and discussions
on oil and gas products and news.

2013 review & highlights

Light hydrocarbon
real-time analyzers

Offshore water injection

dissolved oxygen noted

Oil rig-applicable
sensors, switches chart

SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan Analyzers are

designed for light hydrocarbon gas analysis.
As real-time optical instruments, SpectraScan utilizes the
Precise field-proven
optical bench for continuous C1-C5+ light
hydrocarbon analysis.
Its measurement technology uses NIR/IR absorption spectroscopy with spectral scanning.
This is coupled with chemometric-based data
processing to deliver high accuracy, low cross
sensitivity, and very fast response speed. No
separation columns and valves are required.

Accurately measure dissolved oxygen for offshore water injection and EOR with 4401 OXY
Optical Oxygen Analyzers.
Without membranes
to foul or electrolyte
to poison or fail the
instruments aid in necessary careful water
quality monitoring to
protect reservoirs and
processing equipment.
For long-term stability, 4401s sensor does
not react with a process. It is unaffected by liquid stream flow or pressure.

A free 11x17-inch wall chart points out and

summarizes a line of sensors and switches
for oil rigs.
Some 20+ rig locations are cited to be served
by 32 series of Honeywell Sensing and Control
specialties. These include crown block, power
generation unit, drilling cab, drawworks, top
drive, BOP, mud tank/reservoir, traveling block.
Pressure sensors, load cells, MICRO SWITCH
limit switches, torque shafts, operator controls,
and Limitless wireless solutions are presented.

Servomex Group Ltd.:

East Sussex United Kingdom
For FREE Information Select #53 at ogpe.hotims.com

Adjustable 6-position
flex head on new ratchet
120XP Flex Head Ratchets offer all the features of the makers standard tool plus adjustable flex head with six positons for additional clearance and improved access.
The 1/4 and 3/8in. tools have longer reach handles
and 60-tooth gear
that alternately engages double-stacked pawls to produce 120
positions and 3 swing arc.
The ratchets teardrop-shaped head has a low
profile plus flush-mounted on/off switch for
improved tight space access.

GearWrench, Apex Tool Group:

Sparks MD
For FREE Information Select #54 at ogpe.hotims.com

Particulate filtration,
coalesing diesel filters
BDF1 & BDF2 bulk diesel filters combine
particulate filtration with continuous, coalescing filtration.
The 16-gpm / 61 L/min and
32-gpm / 121 L/min series
meets rigorous diesel cleanlinness requirements of Tier IV
high pressure, common rail injection diesel engines, worldwide.
Both models combine their manufacturers
proven KL3 particulate filter with its patentpending ICF coalescing filter.
Flow rates are said to be especially applicable for single-pass fuel dispensing or tank
kidney loop systems on either suction or pressure side. A key BDF feature: fully synthetic,
coalescing media technology.

Schroeder Industries:
Leetsdale PA
For FREE Information Select #55 at ogpe.hotims.com

AMETEK OBrien, Barben Analyzer

Technology: St. Louis MO
For FREE Information Select #56 at ogpe.hotims.com

Hose assembly asset ID

plus tracking process is
now mobile
PTS: Parker Tracking
the hose assembly replacement process.
With millions of recorded assets, PTS fully
achieves asset identification and tracking.
Now launched is additional convenience and
accessibility with PTS Mobile. It initiates a replacement order directly at the point and time
of need from your smartphone.
Complete details on both the hose assembly
tracking system and its mobility are yours free.

Parker Hannifin Hose Products:

Wickliffe OH
For FREE Information Select #57 at ogpe.hotims.com

Corrosion barriers for

GRE internal
liner placing
DL-Ring corrosion barrier systems help you place
GRE internal liners inside any
shoulder-to-shoulder premium
thread without need for a special coupling.
The patent-pending connection technology permits the lining to accommodate any proprietary premium connection.
DL-Ring is wireline abrasion and chemically corrosion-resistant in controlled lab testing and in more than 75,000 ft of downhole

Duoline Technologies:
Gilmer TX
For FREE Information Select #58 at ogpe.hotims.com


Honeywell Sensing and Control:

Golden Valley MN
For FREE Information Select #257 at ogpe.hotims.com

Fire suppression tutorial,

extinguishing agent data
Fire Suppression Systems 101 is a free 10page tutorial on the prevention and suppression of fire, emphasizing Aero-K Aerosol Extinguishing Agent.
To help define
overall fire suppression
the tutorials 17
describe and/or
illustrate differences between passive and active fire protection systems. Its offered to help you allow for
a balanced fire protection plant to be implemented, specifically designed for oil and gas
applications and operations.
The extinguishing agent and a variety of Aero-K devices are made to be electrically, thermally, or manually activated.

Peripheral Manufacturing Inc.:

Denver CO
For FREE Literature Select #258 at ogpe.hotims.com

Alloy tubing serves

broad subsea line uses
Welded, welded and drawn, and seamless
stainless steel nickel,
and specialty alloy tubing handle broad subsea
operating temperatures
and pressures.
They are engineered for
such applications as capillary tubing, chemical injection lines, control lines,
flying leads, hydraulic
lines, electrical lines, or tubing encapsulating
conductor (TEC) lines.
Tubing is available as straight lengths up to
90 ft and coils up to 80,000 ft.

RathGibson: North Branch NJ

For FREE Information Select #59 at ogpe.hotims.com
January/February 2014


2013 review & highlights

On-site electrical fracing

power system, method

Sturdy construction
mats for oil, gas demand

Pipeline volumetric gas

flow measuring systems

A system and method provides electrical

power to fracturing operations along with an
electrically powered frac pump system.
technology allows
use of electrical
power to deliver
frac fluids to wellbores. It eliminates diesel-fired prime movers with their associated emissions, eco-footprint, maintenance,
and manpower issues.
The electrical power source is a gas turbinegenerator. It electrically powers the entire system including blenders and auxiliary equipment.

STRUXURE Construction Mats are strong and

durable for oil and gas rig sites, access roads,
work platforms, swamp access, difficult terrain,
and environmentally sensitive areas.
Of patented Recycled Structural
formula, they do not
gain weight, warp,
or lose strength
when wet nor do
they leach or contain toxic materials. STRUXURE is declared impervious to rot, fungus, insects, and moisture.
It also resists abrasion and tread wear.

Measure volumetric gas flow through pipelines

with SYS/FTBG-100 gas turbine and transmitter systems.
Theyre designed for
movement, gas flow
monitoring on process
units, or energy consumption/conservation
Systems comprise DC
or AC (optional) power, pulse and analog output, optional hi or low alarms, plus hybrid ceramic bearings.
Standard calibration includes a calculated Kfactor for gas derived from a 10-point NIST calibration for water.

Evolution Well Services:

Calgary Canada
For FREE Information Select #61 at ogpe.hotims.com

Well wastewater turned

into distilled water, salt
Watervap ZLD (zero liquid discharge) process reduces oil and gas well waste water to
distilled water and a pile of dry salt.
Performed on-site,
it is said to be sixtimes more effective than traditional
methods and two to
three-times more cost
effective than other
ZLD and a thermal patented process for water treatment recover distilled water from oil
and gas operations more than 63,000 gpd.
Operators can use the clean water and dry salts
to frac their next well, its declared.

Watervap LLC: Marble Hills GA

For FREE Information Select #62 at ogpe.hotims.com

Current API 610 / ISO

13709 centrifugal pumps
This free 20-page brochure presents PumpWorks 610 to exclusively manufacture current edition API 610 /
ISO 13709 centrifugal
It declares: Because
all our pumps are made
and tested in the USA,
we can offer considerably shorter delivery
times than our competitors. Models are presented for all API 610
applications in refining, petrochem, gas or oil
processing, offshore (platform) installation,
plus hydrocarbon and crude oil pipeline.

PumpWorks 610: Houston TX

For FREE Information Select #260 at ogpe.hotims.com

AXION Intl. Holdings Incorporated:

Lexington MA
For FREE Information Select #63 at ogpe.hotims.com

Solar pumps inject

remote well chemicals
Solar D chemical injection pumps feed a
wide variety of production chemicals into remote oil and gas wells where theres no electrical power.
Operating with maximum chemical containment, models deliver
precise, consistent chemical injection rates at up
to 1,200 psi. Sealless
eliminates chemical leaks
and offers wide chemical
compatibility. Models also
help reduce field service and downtime.

Neptune Chemical Pump Company:

North Wales PA
For FREE Information Select #64 at ogpe.hotims.com

Tools control corrosion

scaling, paraffin in wells


OMEGA Engineering:
Stamford CT
For FREE Information Select #66 at ogpe.hotims.com

Communication platform
suite streamlines EFM
Streamline information delivery across your
oil and gas supply chain with KEP-ServerEX
communication platforms EFM suite.
It automatically
polls a pipelines
flow computers to
collect EFM data.
It also manages
real-time data from
RTUs, PLCs, or other sources.
EFM data are formatted properly and stored
locally for input to such flow analysis and accounting solutions as FLOWCAL and PGAS via
KEPServerEx EFM Exporter.

Kepware Technologies: Portland ME

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Dual-deck shale shakers

OptiFlow-plus controls oil and gas well corrosion, scaling, and paraffin. It continuously
treats crude oil
and gas production fluids rising
to the surface in
artificial lift.
Patented and patent-pending, the 12-in.-long
tool and system are designed to all but eliminate corrosion and scale deposition as they
control paraffin buildup and wellbore friction,
declares its manufacturer.
OptiFlow-plus is designed to improve overall
daily oil production by as much as 10%; gas
productivity by as much as 25%.
Complete information is yours free.

MD-2 dual-deck shale shakers provide optimal solids control when combined with DURAFLO composite screens.
The combination
is declared to provide nearly double
the capacity of a
singledeck shaker.
These onshore
and offshore mid-range designs offer small
footprint for space-restricted locations.
Models use proven design of the offshoresuited MD-3 triple-deck shaker and utilize design elements from the onshore MONGOOSE
PRO shale shaker.
Complete MD-2 specifics are yours free.

RFG Petro Systems LLC:

Sarasota FL
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M-I SWACO, Schlumberger:

Houston TX
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The Petroleum Industry

Youve Been Seeking!

Joseph Hilyards timely book provides a

broad perspective on the oil and gas industry,
with primary focus on the United States. It
takes the reader on a tour of the operations
used to fnd and evaluate resources, and then
to produce, store, and deliver oil and gas.

332 Pages / Hardcover / 2012

ISBN 978-1-59370-254-0
Price $79.00 US

Understand the latest technologies used

in challenging environments, such as
ultra deepwater, shale formations, and
tar sands

Expand your knowledge in other areas

of the oil and gas industry

Gain insight into the workings of the

global oil and gas markets

Learn about the range of products made

from oil and gas





2013 review & highlights

Large-diameter hose

Rotating subsea cutters

assist diver safety

Hydraulic jacks safely

lift, lower casing strings

are designed for 8, 10,
and 12-in. hose.
Made from aircraft 6061T aluminum, the hose
shank is anodized to military specification Type
3 for highest corrosion
resistant hard coat available, reports the maker.
Three-part segment
binding secures the hose
onto the shank and offers 200-psi wp. Nuts
and bolts which attach segment bindings are
coated and recessed for long service plus protection from abrasion, rubbing, and dragging.
Matching 8, 10, and 12-in., connecting sleeves
are also anodized.

SHARC: Subsea Hydraulic Abrasive Rotating

Cutter is developed to increase diver safety
and reduce job times up to 60%.
Models increase diver
safety as they eliminate
the need for hand jetting and time spent under water. SHARC can be
deployed by its makers
240-ft, four-point DSV
avoid higher cost of larger spreads.
The rotating cutters
make clean, even cuts on 2-in. and larger pipe.
They hande up to 3-in.-thick walls with multiple strings and cut any size caisson or jacket
leg from surface or subsea to 500 ft.

Casinjac hydraulic jacks safely and efficiently lift and lower

heavy casing or tubing strings.
Mounted on a wellhead, they
provide an accurate means of
free pointing a pipe string and
applying necessary lifting force
to facilitate parting the pipe.
Casinjac rigs-up-and-down in
minutes to deliver 125 to 500ton lift capabilities for 8 5/8 to
36-in. maximum pipe sizes. It
jacks a pipe ssring up and removes joints of
pipe until the load is within the safe pull-force
of a workover or drilling.

Harrington Incorporated: Erie PA

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Chet Morrison Contractors:

Houma LA
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Ultrasonic flow meters

designed for LNG
Daniel 3818 Liquid
Flow Meters are
designed to reduce flow measurement uncertainty in liquefied
natural gas applications. Among broad offshore and marine
applications served are custody transfer, fiscal
metering, line balancing, check metering, allocation measuring, or tank loading/unloading.
Meters are engineered to deliver higher accuracy than static measurements since they
measure LNG volume dynamically.

Daniel Emerson Process

Management: Houston TX
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Single well, well pad

automating RTU offered
Totalflow XRC Remote Terminal units
automate operations of
a single well, or an entire wellpad.
You can specify this
RTU with built-in, fieldproven applications for
site automation and optimization of Intermit
or Plunger Lift wells. You can also program PLC
software function blocks to customize system
operation. A choice of Totalflow intput-output
(TFIO) modules are offered for analog, digital,
and pulse IO.

ABB Incorporated: Bartlesville OK

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Dust-free dry drilling

mud additives mixer
Vortex Dust-Free Speed Mixing Systems mix
mud additives especially barite into an
active mud system.
Models mix as fast as
1-ton/min into an active mud system with
little to no dusting. Vortex safely and effectively handles moving mud
additives in dry bulk
Each system includes
one or two Vortex
Shear/Mixers, or mixoing eductors linked
to an 80-psi-rated receiving vessel. Its also
equipped with a patented V-Slide device to
help bridge and prevent rat-holing of dry product at the bottom of the vessel.

Alfa Laval Incorporated: Kenosha WI

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Online all the time

While asking for products information
or free literature check out online
products, company and industry news,
Petro Buyers Guide, videos, Twitter
feeds, and archived data.
If it has to do with products, its in
here and/or at OGPE.com

All Products All The Time


Casinjac Inc. Superior Fabrication:

Elk City OK
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Centrifugal pumps
serve LACT oil transfer
811 Series ANSI centrifugal pumps completely transfer oil from a tanker to a storage
tank as well as transload product from a tanker
to a railcar.
Pump LACT capabilities
accommodate automatic
measure, sample,
and transfer of oil
from a lease location into the oilfield, into a pipeline where its transferred to a
terminal or end user.
811 have two-times the wear area between
the case and impeller of other closed-impelller
designs, the maker declares.

Griswold Pump Company:

Grand Terrace CA
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Centrifugal pumps
serve LACT oil transfer
flaw detection systems utilize guided
wave technology to
perform long-range
pipe and pipeline
The guided-wave-technology-based package
comprises advanced software, portable batteryoperated acquisition unit, touchscreen laptop,
plus compact probes with bands and bladders
for various pipe diameters.
UltraWave LRT helps inspect and localize
areas of potential degradation including corrosion and metal loss. Combined with guided
wave its an inspection for unpiggable pipes.

Olympus NDT: Waltham MA

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Expand Your
in Other Industry Areas
Our nontechnical series is tailored for energy industry professionals, especially
those who lack technical training in an area, providing a basic understanding of
the industry in a simple, easy-to-understand language.
Whether you need quick information for a new assignment or just want to expand
your knowledge in other areas of the industry, we have your nontechnical needs
covered. Best of all, our books and videos ft easily into your budget!
Many topics to choose from, including:
Basic petroleum
Natural gas
Financial management
Petroleum production
Geology & exploration
Petroleum refning

Order Today!

Well logging

Visit our website for

complete listings!

1-800-752-9764 (toll free)

Advertiser Product & Service followup

Pipeline pumps for LACT

unit operation

Flange spray defector

when PPE isnt enough

Worlds largest outsize,

heavy air cargo transporter

NETZSCH Pipeline Pumps ensure efficient,

reliable LACT unit operation in harsh conditions.They function at up to 1,080 psi and flow
rates up to 2,200-gpm with special designs to
3,000-psi. Low speed operation with lower
shear and reduced NPSHr are provided along
with low pulsation, steady flow in direction
proportion to speed. Models are available in
materials for widest range of API gravities.

PETOL Flange Spray Deflectors minimize

spray when breaking flange sets. Designed for
use when Personal Protective Equipment isnt
enough PETOL directs spray in a known direction plus helps protect from chemical exposure and burns. Models come in sizes to work
up to 45-in. OD flanges in low point breaks,
hot bolting, blinding, as well as draining deflection and/or guiding.

Unique solutions to your most demanding and

complex outsize and heavyweight air cargo
are provided by this worlds largest transporter. Cargo that once took weeks to move
by land and sea now reaches its destinations
to over 1,150 airports globally securely
within hours anywhere in the world via
this transporters fleet of cargo carrying freighters plus Engineering & Logistics Centre.

NETZSCH Pumps North America LLC

Exton PA
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Clifton TX
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Russian Federation
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Valves, fttings tubing

for oil, gas pressures

The High Pressure

Regulator for on/off tasks

Total purifcation solution

for H2S and Hg removal

Count on HiPs proven valves, fittings, and

tubing to handle your oil, gas, and petrochem
pressures from 10,000 to 150,000 psi. For
over 50 years, HiP continues to deliver quality,
dependable products and services to customers across the globe.

Kimrays High Pressure Regulators offer

equal percentage trim plus equal percentage
trim for throttling. For on/off service, models
deliver shut off at full rated upstream pressure
with only 30-psi maximum diaphragm pressure
required. They comprise steel body material.

High Pressure Equipment Company

Erie PA
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Kimray Incorporated
Oklahoma City OK
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From initial system design to managed media

disposal, M-I SWACO provides a complete
package of tailored purification services
dedicated to delivering a safe, relaible hydrocarbon stream for the life of your process.
SULFATREAT and SELECT products remove
more contaminants to tighter specifications
with engineered-media technology, providing
a simple, robust purification solution.

Proven wheeled rod

guide couplings

Easy & safe blind, weld

neck installation/removal

Used successfully for more than 27 years by

90% of major oil and gas companies Oilfield Improvements Wheeled Rod Guide
Couplings serve deviated, directional, and
horizontal wells. They reduce wear and prolong sucker rod and tubing service life as they
centralize the rod string in tubing.

PETOL Flange Lifters easily and safely install

or remove blind and weld neck flanges. They
dont require a lifting eye, are load tested, and
of Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). Four sizes handle 1/2 to 11 1/16-in. flange thicknesses
as well as 3/4 to 4-in. bolt sizes.

Oilfield Improvements Incorporated

Broken Arrow OK
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Clifton TX
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High-performance X-ray
fuorescence analyzers

Flow Rate/Totalizer are

perfect fowmeter match

XL-PMI series, powered by Thermo Fisher

Scientific, are newly introduced Positive Material Identification Analyzers. They offer
one of the fastest and most accurate ways to
analyze alloy grades in a broad range of petrochemical to power generation to aerospace applications. GEs XL-PMI analyzers are designed
to protect your assets while maximizing quality assurance. XL-PMIs development furthers
GEs commitment to being a leader in the NDT.

PD6830 ProtEX-RTP Flow Rate/Totalizer is

the perfect match for pulse flowmeters. It offers automatic rate, total, and grand total unit
conversions as well as on-board data logging
plus RS-485 with Modbus. The instruments
operate from -40 to +75C. and accept most
pulse inputs. They are designed Ex-proof, IP68,
and NEMA 4X with 4-20 mA and pulse outputs.
SafeTouch thru-glass buttons are also incorporated for the battery, DC, or output loop-powered models.

General Electric,
Measurement & Control
Billerica MA
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Precision Digital Corporation

Holliston MA
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A Schlumberger Company
Chesterfeld MO
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2014 OG&PE / OGPE.com

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March: Maintenance & Plant Operations
Product & Business Profiles
April: Drilling, Production 45th OTC
May: Pipeline, Storage, Filtration, Separation
June: Flow Measurement, Control, Metering,
July/August: Prime Movers Pumps,
Compressors, Engines, Motors
September: Instrumentation
October: Valves & Actuators / Software
Product & Business Profiles
November: Midstream Refining,
Petrochem, Gas Processing
December: Natural Gas Drilling, Production,
Pipeline, Processing
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