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1.Profile of the Company

1.1 Name of the company: ASHLAR SECURITIES PVT. LTD

ASHLAR SECURITIES PVT. LTD was founded in the year 2009 by Mr. Bharat Bansal. Ashlar
is one of the leading brokerage houses of the country that provides an exhaustive range of
services, nationwide to a substantial and diversified client.
ASHLAR SECURITIES PVT. LTD is an established & premier financial and stock broking
house with a vision to offer various financial services. Ashlar India is lead and managed by a
team of experienced professionals who have a deep and penetrating industrial, financial and
technical knowledge along with specialized skills, problems solving and teamwork abilities. The
recruits at Ashlar team have a strong academic background and expertise, ability to furnish to the
needs of clients in an objective fashion.
Registered Office: A - 38, Sector - 67, Noida 201301
Phone No: 0120-2472200
Fax: 0120-2472222
Corporate Office: 411, Arunachal Bhawan19, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi 110001,Phone No: 011-47464746
Fax No: 011-43084662

www.ashlarindia.com, www.ashlaronline.com

1.2 Nature of the Organisation

ASHLAR is reputed Stock Broking House. The company offers a complete range of pre trade,
trade and post trade service on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and the NSE (National
Stock Exchange). Whether the client come in to the companys conventionally located officers
and trades in a dedicated ambience or issue instructions over the phone, our highly trained team
and sophisticated equipment ensure smooth transactions and prompt service. ASHLAR provide
different services like:
Investment Advisory Service, Facilitation Services to Retail Investors, Corporate,Commodities
trading, Portfolio management Services.
1.21 Industry profile
Ashlar is one of Indias leading diversified financial services group, managed by a team of experienced
professionals who have a deep and penetrating industrial, financial and technical knowledge along with
specialized skills, problem solving and teamwork abilities. The recruits at Ashlar team have a strong academic
background and expertise, ability to furnish the needs of clients in an objective fashion.
There core management team is drawn from diverse specialists who continuously endeavor to generate synergies
through their strong leadership decision-making and management skills. They are a source of motivation to the
entire group.

1.22 Functional area of company

The functional area of the Ashlars Company is FINANCE in terms of trading.
Ashlars branches are conceptualized to be place where investors can come in contact with
investment opportunities in an atmosphere of convenience and comfort.

1.3 Companys Vision & Mission.

1.31 Vision
Create organization of high ethical standards, transparency, & integrity and provide an
environment of professionalism, competence, and teamwork and service excellence
1.32 Mission
To be a leading investment intermediary for transaction through both online and offline medium.
To provide one stop financial solutions to our clients by inseparable bond because they value
your trust.

1.4 Product Range / Services of the company

Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd. offered different types of products and services which are as follows:

Products in which company dealing:

a)Equity Trading
An ashlars security Pvt. Ltd. is the member of NSE & BSE in Capital Market & Derivative
Segment. Investing in stocks is inarguably the best route to long term wealth accumulation.
However, it can also be a very risky proposition due to high risk return trade- off prevalent in the
stock market. Hence, it is more appropriate to take help of an experienced and trustworthy expert
how to invest.
b) Commodity Trading
Ashlar commodity Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed name in the field of commodity trading. Ashlar
commodity Pvt. Ltd. is the member of leading commodity exchange of India MCX, NCDEX,

c) Currency Trading
Ashlar securities Pvt. Ltd. is the member of NSE/MCX-SX/USE. Deals in currency trading
useful tool for importer/exporter to hedge their position & avoid RISK.

d) IPO Investment
Initial public offering is the first sale of stock by a company to the public. Companies offering an
IPO are sometimes new, young companies, or some time companies which have been around for
many years but are finally deciding to go public.

a)Portfolio Management Services:
Ashlar securities are a registered portfolio manager with SEBI to manage portfolios on behalf
of clients with discretionary and anon discretionary rights this service is a provision
for those who may not have the right time to manage their stocks investment or require the
service of companys highly specialized professional team.
b) Margin Financing:
In the present rolling settlement scenario, Ashlar Securities understands investor need
finance for purchasing shares at very competitive interest rates.

c) Online & Offline Trading Facilities:

Ashlar Securities as a member of NSE & BSE provides both offline and online trading facilities
nationwide for trading the securities in secondary market to its clients. The Companys wide
network of outlets spread across the country facilities to executive the orders in secondary

1.5 Size (in terms of manpower & turnover) of organisation

1.51 Turnover of the Company

Annual Turnover in crs









Annual T/O in crs

Annual Trading Turnover of the Company is increasing manifolds on YOY basis. Company is on
a 45 degrees trajectory to progress with turnover increasing annually. They project the companys

turnover to increase substantially in the future due to the approach followed by the company to
educate the client first to tap the fresh potential in the market which is shown in above fig.

1.52 Manpower of the company

Ashlar has over 300 employees which are working in different departments of the company.
These different departments include business management which further divides in two groups,
regional head and branch head. Further departments divided in RMS (Risk Management
System), research, operations, B2C (business to customer) further divided into different heads
like KYC(know your customer),compliance, customer care and sales and IT(information

1.6 Organisation structure of the company

Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd using LINE STUCTURE

This is the kind of structure that has a specific line of command. The approvals and orders in this
kind of structure come from top to bottom in a line. ASHLAR SECURITIES PVT.LTD using
this type of structure because there is clarity in the structure of authority and responsibility, it is
the simplest kind of organisational structure.

1.7 Market Share & Position of the company in the industry


Ashlars Securities Pvt. Ltd covers only 5% of the total market share of the broking business in

Ashlar is number 3 in NSDL (National securities Depository Ltd) in year 2012-2013.
NSDL, the first and largest depository in India, established in august 1996 and promoted by
institutions of national stature responsible for economic development of the country.NSDL works
to support the investors and brokers in the capital market of the country. The companies who
grab the no.1 and no.2 position was ARIHANT CAPITAL MARKET and R.K GLOBAL.

1.8 Present leadership

Present leader: Mr. Kamlender Shukla
Sales & marketing manager
Ashlar securities Pvt. Ltd.

Other people interacted: Mr. Akshit wadhwa

Chief branch manager
Ashlar securities Pvt. Ltd

1.9 Source of data collection

Secondary data: Data is collected by following sources:


2.1 SWOT Analysis of the Company

Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd. Uses BCG MATRIX MODEL for their SWOT analysis.

BCG MATRIX is an early (1970) strategic portfolio management tool created by the Boston
Consulting Group.

The idea behind it is that to ensure long term value creation, a company should have a portfolio
of product that contains both high growth product in need of cash inputs and low growth product
that generate a lot of cash.

a)Star (High growth, High market share)

Star use large amount of cash. Stars are leaders in the business; this is why they should also
generate large amount of cash.
Stars are frequently roughly in balance on net cash flow. However, any attempt should be made
to hold your market share in stars, because the rewards will be cash cows if market share is kept.
b)Question Mark (High growth, Low market share)
Question mark have the worst cash characteristics of all, because they have high cash demand
and generate low returns, because of their low market share.
If the market share remains unchanged, question marks will simply absorb great amount of cash.
c)Cash Cows (Low growth, High market share)
Profits and cash generation should be high, because of low growth; investments which are
needed should below.
Cash cows are often the stars of yesterday and they are the foundation of the company.
d)Dogs (Low growth, Low market share)
Avoid and minimize the number of dogs in a company.
Watch out for expensive rescue plan.
Dog must deliver cash, otherwise they must be liquidated.

These are the following strengths of the Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd.
a) Broad product range

Ashlar has many products like equity, derivatives, mutual fund, portfolio management services,
commodity, and life insurance. Which are basic products in product there is also products like
gold which is different from any other firms In future it also concentrates on personal loan. Thus
having these much broad product range in its market and very good product features, it becomes
strength which enhances them to be ahead in their field.

b) Customer Orientation
Ashlar securities Pvt. Ltd is always ready to sort out the problem of its customers. It takes care
about their investment in share market. It shows the customer orientation of Ashlar securities
Pvt. Ltd and in better way its punch line proofs its customer orientation.

c) Efficient and Skilled Manpower

As Ashlar securities Pvt. Ltd in such a field where they need to do an excellent analysis of the
market and provide the best services to the customer because stock market is such a field where
doing a prediction requires a good range of expertise knowledge and skill to analyze the market.
Today they are one of the best investment market players in the field broking. The credit of this
goes to the efficient and skilled manpower. Its 50 member research/advisory team comprises of
experienced fundamental and technical analysts, sector specialist, derivative strategist and
commodity analyst who are constantly looking for new trading ideas/Investment opportunities.

a) After sales services

The company has disadvantages at the point of after sales services. This so because, when
investors are provided with their software and password, they need operate their account on their
own but at the time of some problem like password block up etc. They need the backoffice
assistance. So, this area of customer services should be a weakness point for the company.
b) Software problems
Most of the companies provide single software contains all the services, while Ashlar Securities
Pvt. Ltd has different software for different service. That creates uneasiness for the client.
Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd is a leading player in the market. It has the strengths which gives it the
opportunities of becoming the market leader by having the maximum market share. The growth
of this industry is also good opportunity for Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd. Right now the market
coverage is only 2 to 3 % in India by this market. So Ashlar Securities has good opportunity to
tap the growing market.

a) Emerging new technology

The new technologies which are coming in the market should be speedily accepted by the
company so that it can be provided to the customers and can achieve a product differentiation by
way of seedy services. For instance, in terminal if it takes time to make a trade, it may happen
that the price at which the customer wants to buy may go away, but if it is having a very good
new technology that makes the trade at a time the price fluctuates, it becomes advantageous to
the customer. So by, accepting the new technology immediately, gives good opportunity to the
b) Untapped market

The company as a broking firm is having very good opportunity in the field of online trading as
the market is in growing stage and most of the market is untapped. Moreover, SEBI, the
governing body is also promoting online processes as they want to make the stock market
completely automated, so they are also moving towards it and making some of the necessary
steps a compulsory requirement.

Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd has the threats of accessibility, advice & technology of its competitors.
Its competitors are also gaining the facility of the modern Technology and that presents the cloud
of threats in front of Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd.
a)Price war
The main threat exist is the cost of competitors. Even if Ashlar is best cost provider in its field,
they have threat of the prices of the competitors like the sub-brokers and other retail brokers who
make the cost competitiveness.

b) Substitute products
The substitute products like investment through banks, post office, insurance companies, mutual
fund companies, foreign exchange market are threat for the company.3.
c) Computer literacy in the prospect investors
This means that if investors who are not having knowledge to operate the computer cannot
become active customers of the company. So, when, these kinds of investors are there, it
becomes difficult for the company to sell product. Thus, this forms threat to the company.



1. Customer orientation.

1. Problem of password block.

2. Easily gold purchasing power.

2. Back office assistance.

3. Skilled manpower.

3. Software problem.

4. Technical analyst.

4. Uneasiness for the client.

5. New trading ideas.


Personal loan.
Investment opportunities.
Maximum market share.
New technology opportunities in
the field of online trading.

1. Price war.
2. Substitute Products.
3. Lack of Knowledge of

2.2 Best practices/USPs that the company follows

2.21 Finance
a) One of the lowest transaction charges of depository services in the country.
b) Less Brokerage rate in comparison of other broking firms.
2.22 Marketing
a) Free account opening.
b) Daily trading calls based technical analysis.
c) Instant account opening.
d) Support in client acquisition.
2.23 IT
a) Ashlars launched desktop, Web, mobile versions of trading software.
b) Provide SHILPI BACKOFFICE software.
c) Implemented advanced risk management system(RMS) protocol.
2.24 CRM
a) Ashlars allocate dedicated relationship managers to help understand individual needs better.
b) Ashlars helps the clients to restructure their portfolio based on sound research.
2.25 HRM
a) No work pressure for employee.
b) Provide authority to manage the portfolio of the clients.

2.3 Variations & Deviations in practices followed by company

2.31 Marketing
The company is providing different pricing policies to different customer.
Eg. Unlimited trading scheme for high class customers and freedom trading scheme for middle
or low class customer. Theoretically we studied that, to create new product in a company a team
goes through several development process step i.e. Generating, screening, testing, business
analysis, product development, commercialization and product launch etc.
While, Ashlars follows only 4 basic steps to launch their product i.e. planning, market survey,
promotion and finally product launch.
2.32 HRM
Ashlars are not providing any kind of incentives & benefits to their employees except basic
salary. Theoretically we studied that there should be flexible work schedule in an organization, so
that employee will never frustrated with his work.
While, in ashlars there is no flexible work schedule for employees.
Company is providing online ledger to their customer so that they are able to seeing their buying
and selling on daily basis.