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07 07


Outfits: Calvin Klein Jeans, Paul Smith,

Armani Exchange and Forever 21
Stylist: Rebecca Fang
Hair: Ming
Makeup: Nicole

7 July 2006

Old blood, new blood

WHEN Channel [V] VJs Sarah Tan and Dominic
Lau stepped into the studio for the photo
shoot, they were asked to mess about with
each other because we wanted
shots that are
more natural and
Soon, they were
saying horrible
things to each
You're too tall for
a human, Sarah
exclaimed. Dominic
quickly retorted: Do
you know that you're
not that pretty at all?
No one was offended,
though. It was one of
those you-had-to-bethere moments. The way
they were grinning at
each other and mucking
about, you could tell that
they weren't serious.
Nevertheless, the insults
kept coming and the conversation ended with a simple, Just because you're
new... from Sarah and Just
because you're a veteran...
from Dominic.
Ah, it's so refreshing to see
two people from two different
generations (not age-wise,
mind you, Dominic is 25, while
Sarah is only 26) of Channel [V]
VJs having such good fun.
Sarah is the veteran, having
made her debut on the channel
four years ago, while Dominic
only came in last September.
The first time we met, she just
walked past me like I was part of
the crew, Dominic said during the
Then, with a more serious face, he
added: We weren't introduced. I
think we only met properly when we
were both getting our makeup done.
Chatting to the two, it was evident
that nothing much has changed in
their line of work over the past few
years. When Dominic talked about how
nervous he was, sweating and shaking,

on his first day, Sarah was quick to make him

feel better by telling her own story.
I was a wreck! she exclaimed. My first
time in the studio, I'm sure we did about 20
takes just to get the first line intro. We were in
the studio from 10am to 11pm. The crew actually started celebrating the day we managed
to finish shooting while it was still daylight.
The two have more in common, too. The
great thing about being a VJ is getting the
opportunity to meet various international
stars. However, the downside is that one tends
to assume one knows more about these people than they actually do. Both Sarah and
Dominic have found themselves in this situation.
Early on, I got to interview Linkin Park.
Everyone knows who they are, right? Chester
and all, so I did no research, Sarah explained.
Then I meet them and there were four
guys, and I only knew one of their names!
She managed to get away with it by just
shoving her mike in a general direction and
wait for someone to respond to her question.
Dominic wasn't so lucky.
I walked into the room where Damon
Albarn and Jamie Hewlett (of the Gorillaz)
were and had no idea who was who, Dominic
So, he introduced himself and turned to
Jamie, saying, Nice to meet you, Damon.
There was no getting out of that one.
The thing that really sets them apart is how
famous they are.
While Dominic laments that no one knows
who he is (Every time I read out a dedication,
it's always 'And hi to VJ Paula, Sarah, Maya,
Joey...' What about me? Even JP gets mentioned!), Sarah obviously doesn't have that
That, however, can be problematic, such as
the time when she was out shooting in public
and had a fan come up to her.
There was this mother with her son, and
she came up to me asking for an autograph. I
asked her to wait for a while as I was in the
middle of shooting. So she waited, but it took
a few takes. By the fifth take, she just stormed
off, swearing at me.
Dominic, however, has not experienced anything like this just yet, but it's a matter of time
before he gets more popular.
In the mean time, have the oldies been giving him lots of advice?
Well, when I went for one of my first interviews, Paula sent me an SMS telling me not to
be nervous, and stuff. Everyone's been really




7 July 2006

GENERATIONS come and go, but the memories stay forever.

Long-time fans of music videos would probably have tuned into MTV and
Channel [V] from the moment Astro began broadcasting.
However, one of the most exciting things about watching these channels,
besides the music videos, are the VJs themselves.
The thing about VJs is that they are in a very strange position. In essence,
they are like music journalists doing research, interviews and then presenting everything to the audience.
On the other hand, they are also television personalities some even
celebrities and they are also role models and best friends to the thousands
or millions watching them.
But, like with everything, there is a certain lifespan for these VJs and we,
the audience, get the honour (however unfortunate some may be) to bid
these people goodbye and welcome new ones into the fold.
After all, if the public doesnt like the VJ, he or she has no career.
Malaysians will realise that we are soon moving into generation four of


Name: Sarah Tan

Date of Birth: August 1
Place of Birth: Britain
Nationality: British
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Shows: Popparazzi (Monday to
Thursdays; 6pm), Remote Control
(Sundays; noon), The Ticket
(Wednesdays; 8pm) and Billboard
US Countdown (Mondays; 7pm)

Channel [V] VJs well, the four generations since the music channel was
available to us, that is. Okay, three and a half.
The early days are a murky memory, but many would recall the selfdeclared stud-muffin (Hard on the outside, but soft in the inside, he once
said) Trey Farley.
However, most will remember more fondly our own Asha Gill in the late
1990s, together with Adrian Da Silva. The two helmed the channel for several
years before the fabulous foursome that captured the hearts of most of Asia
appeared. Yes, we're talking about Cindy Burbridge, Amanda Griffith, Paula
Malai Ali and Sarah Tan.
Now, we're in the midst of a new generation booming with the introduction of Maya Karin, Joey G and Dominic Lau last year. More recently, a new
face was brought in JP.
However, Paula and Sarah dont seem to be going anywhere anytime soon,
and why should they? The fans love them and really, at the end of the day,
that's what it's all about.


Name: Dominic Lau

Date of Birth: May 3
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Nationality: British
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Shows: Arcade (Thursdays;
8.15pm), Popparazzi (Monday to
Thursdays; 6pm) and Remote
Control (Sundays; noon)