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17 November


MTV Asia has a new member in its family and his
name is Aiman Asmawar. NIKI CHEONG speaks to
the industrial design student, aeronautical engineer
wannabe and aspiring entertainer, about his win at
the MTV Asia VJ Hunt Malaysia competition.
AIMAN Asmawar may barely been 20 but when asked about his
dreams, he talks about being the first man to land on Mars. Then
again, with the way he seems to have persevered over the past few
years to get to where he is today, he may very well reach even that
Growing up in a family of four, Aiman travelled a lot. Born in Johor
Baru, Aiman spent his formative years in Beijing, China, before
returning for a couple of years to Kuala Lumpur. After that, he headed to the United States and lived there for a few years. This was
before he even turned 12. When he returned to Malaysia for good, he
spent the next few years in four different schools as his parents
moved a lot because of his dads job.
My life was not balanced because of all these different places and
different schools, he explained. But it gave me a chance to see what
Malaysia is all about, and I learnt to communicate wisely. Because he
had to make new friends all the time, he learned that communication
was the biggest key to interacting with people.
It is no wonder then that he is so articulate, open-minded and confident when he speaks, perhaps exactly what the people at MTV were
looking for. Oh, and it has to be stated here for the record that the camera absolutely loves Aiman his photos speak for themselves.
Hes got the whole package, said Brian Tiong, Vice-President of
Network Marketing, MTV Networks Asia. He looks good on screen
and he can hold (the interest of) a crowd.
The second year industrial design student at Limkokwing
University College of Creative Technology won himself a Nokia
mobile phone, RM3,000 worth of DiGi prepaid time as well as
a three-month contract with MTV Asia.
I hope that when I go on screen, I can just be who I am
and show everyone that Malaysians are also able to do
the job, the small-framed winner said. I just feel very
proud at the moment.
Aiman is hoping that this opportunity will open
other doors for him, entertainment wise. He has
spent the past few years trying to make it as a
dancer having performed at various corporate
and public functions around the country.
He will also take this as a chance to grab as
many work offers as he can get, even if it means
putting his studies on hold.
I dont mind delaying my studies, he said.
Why not? This is something I want to do.
Besides, you can always come back to your
studies, even when youre 30 or 40, but how
many opportunities do you get to be an MTV
In the mean time however, hes just waiting
for the network to tell him which show he will
be hosting, and when. He is still thinking about
all his dreams, and believes that he can pull it
all off at the same time.
It may be stressful, and Ill have to work
hard, he explained. But if its something
that I enjoy doing, Im sure itll be ok.
Sounds like wise words from a dreamer
whos got his feet firmly on the ground.

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