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This review is from: A Gift to My Children: A Father's Lessons for Life and Inve

sting (Hardcover)
'A Gift for My Chidren: A Father's Lessons for a Life & Investing',
by Jim Rogers
What follows is just my quick list of interesting takeaways from the book, 'A Gi
ft to My Children: 'A Father's Lessons for Life & Investing', by American invest
or extraordinaire Jim Rogers, now based in Singapore, who is acknowledged by Tim
e as 'The Indiana Jones of Finance'.
Frankly, all the stuff from the book has nothing much to do with finance &/or in
They are essentially pearls of wisdom from his world of "hard knocks", which Jim
wants to share with his two beautiful daughters, respectively nicknamed in Chin
ese as 'Happy' (7) & 'Babe Bee' (2).
* Swim your own races
- do not let others do your thinking for you;
- rely on your own intelligence;
- it's important to decide for yourself what's important to you and what you wan
t before you turn to others;
- if anyone laughs at your idea, view it as a sign of potential success;
- be who you are; be original; be bold;
- above all, be ethical;
- save ~ you must avoid the trap of spending $ willy nilly simply because you ca
* Focus on what you like
- Age is irrelevant when you are passionate about a goal;
- when you find something that interests you, just do it!
- The quickest way to success is to do what you like and give your best;
- Dedicate yourself to what you feel passionate about;
- Try as many things as you can, then pursue the one about which you're passiona
* Good habits for life
- Be a self-starter;
- Attention to details is what separates success from failure;
- However trivial it may seem, you must research and check each and ever piece o
f information you need to make a decision... Only through meticulous research wi
ll you obtain the knowledge necessary for success... it requires abundant work a
nd diligence...
- There is no such thing as "enough". No finish line!

- Live your life with a dream;

- If you continue to be passionate and work hard at what you truly love to do, y
ou eventually find that dream;
* Uncommon Sense
- Always consider alternative interpretations;
- Seek out multiple perspectives on the same story will always help you figure o
ut the truth;
* Your education ~ Let the world be a part of your perspective PART 1
- Do not rely on books; go and see the world;
- Experience life as they do; see the world from the ground up. By observing ord
inary life... you will forever be stumbling upon experiences that will raise imp
ortant question in your mind ;
- Understand the significance of BRICs;
- Be open to people who are different whether at home or abroad;
- Keep an open mind and be a world citizen;
- Be eager to move if you see opportunities;
* Your education ~ Learn philosophy and learn to think PART 2
- Philosophy will teach you how to think for yourself;
- You must learn to think at a profound level if you want to understand yourself
and what's important to you. You must know yourself if you want to accomplish a
nything in life...;
- To think outside the established framework, to examine things independently th
is is true philosophy...;
- Draw conclusions from your observations as well as on the basis of logic;
- As an investor, look for the bull and the bear;
* Your education ~ Learn history PART 3
- An interest in history, politics, and economics will help you see the world wi
th clearer perspectives;
- Nothing is really new: what is happening now has happened before and will happ
en again;
* Your education ~ Learn languages (make sure that Mandarin is one of them) PART
- Mandarin will be the next global language;
- Pay attention to the major changes taking place in the world now, especially C

* Know thyself by understanding your weaknesses and acknowledging your mistakes

- Know who you are;
- To be a successful investor you really need to understand psychology, history,
and philosophy;
* Recognise change and embrace it
- Everything changes. Everything;
- Embrace the principle of supply and demand;
- Change can be a catalyst;
- Adapt or die;
* Look to the future
- Read the newspapers, but think differently;
- Pay attention to what everyone else neglects;
- If you are looking for success, be quick to start something new, something tha
t no one else has tried;
- The more certain something is, the less likely it is to be profitable;
- Do not think in terms of what you wish (ergo, wishful thinking versus willful
- Know when not to do anything;
* Lady Luck smiles on those who continue in their efforts
- Do your homework'
- If you let vanity and self-importance (ego) take over, you will lose all that
you have achieved;
- Never let yourself become arrogant. Study hard. The more you learn, the more y
ou will realise how little you know - armed with this humility, you will never l
ose sight of the distance between self-confidence and self-importance;
- Do not stop when you are working towards your dream;
* Epilogue
- The devil of life is always in the details;
- Anything that is a must-see, must-try, must-read, must almost certainly be avo
ided, especially if it is popular;
- Use good manners no matter where you are or whom you meet;
- Learn to do as much arithmetic and figures as possible in your head;
- Take care of yourself;
- Learn to stay calm;

- Once you do get to know and understand yourself, remember who you are and stay
with it;
- Don't be greedy;