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Basic Layout has the main image on one side of A4 and the article being set

on the other side thus allowing an easier reading experience for the
audience so they dont have to skim through. Also the article title takes
bigger space to make it clear for the audience. Layout is the organisation of
the pages. Layout is the organisation of the page.
Colours follow the
colour scheme of the
magazine through the
text being in black but
Dizzee Rascal is wearing
red in the main image.

Image/ Text

By line


Connotation is that Dizzee Rascal is

rebellious just like the subculture of
rap music. And that Dizzee Rascal
came from the bottom as the article
title has been altered from Rags to
riches to Tags thus showing a rap
spin towards the phrase hence
implying he is ghetto. Connotation is
the inferences made to the image.
Branding has been
applied as the
colour scheme is
sustained. It also
brands Dizzee
Rascal as being
ghetto through him
tagging on a wall
hence giving an
impression to the
target audience.
Branding is the

Denotation is that
Dizzee Rascal tags
and is suspicious of
people watching.
Denotation is the
obvious sight in the

Design has been made use of through the title

being imaged as it is on the wall where dizzee
rascal is tagging. Design is the overall aesthetic
of what is presented.

Font (type & size) varies the title of the article is bolder
and bigger to gain the attention of the audience to that
particular text. The article text is smaller so the whole
of the article can fit on the page. A sans serif font is use
as it is easily readable and looks appropriate. Font is
the chosen typeface of the text.

Drop Cap



Use of Space has been applied as the article

title takes a big part of the page and the
main image follows across the pages but
text is still readable.

Column Width is wide enough to

make it clear where the paragraphs
of the article are but close enough
that it doesnt waste space thus
making use of the space on the page
efficiently. The spacing of the

Overall Impression is clear for the audience it gives

the ghetto aesthetic through the mise-en-scene in
the picture and the article title using slang of Tags
meaning graffiti. Thus identifying the genre of rap
to a mainly rock target audience of the magazine.
Mise-en-scene is the theory of how everything in
the shot is there for a reason. In this case the
medium-long shot of Dizzee Rascal being
suspicious showing his rebellious nature against
vandalism. Medium-long-shot is how Dizzee Rascal
Main Image is of DIzzee Rascal,
which follows the two pages on
the double page, spread. It
focuses on who the article is
about and from the front cover.
Hence when readers are flicking
through they would know who
the article is about without
reading any of it. Main image is
the biggest image on the page.

By line is used as the article write is identified so people who are fans of
the writer would know but may shy away if its a writer theyre not a fan
of. Plus it ensures credit is made for the writer. By line is the writer of
the articles line of text.

Image/ Text Integration, Image is set in the

background and the text is layered above so
people can see the text and thus read it. The
article text is positioned in an area where there
are paler colours so the dark text is more
recognisable. Image / Text integration is how
the these two elements are placed are merged
together on the page.

Drop Cap has been used to

make it clear for people
where the paragraph starts
and follow a convention of
how articles are laid out. Drop
is the large letter at the start
of article to make it clear
where the article starts.

Language is informal for example in the article title

the writer has used tags. This clearly identifies the
rap genre also the terminology of slang would apply
direct address to the target audience of rap
listeners. The language is also relatable to the
audience, as they would expect this type of
language for the genre of the music. Is the way the
text is worded. Target audience is the intended
group of the text. In this case the target audience of
Dizzee Rascal would be British Male Youths (16-21)