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Energy For

Achieving in Every
Area of Your Life

Dr. Barry Morguelan, M.D.
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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life

Energy Distinctions ... 3
Introduction to the Energy Video 27 min
With 14 min audio recording breathing exercise .. 5
Monthly Stay Connected to the Energy Call
Recording (40 min) ... 6
Physical Energy Exercise Video 6
History (transcript of the Introduction recording).. 7
Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series - Support Structures
available to stay connected to the energy...... 17

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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life

Energy Distinctions:
What is The Energy?
Something is vibrating everywhere. The Energy is that vibration. It is connecting
everyone and everything. Your body appreciates and utilizes The Energy and when you
have access to it, you can connect to and utilize The Energy to read your environment
more carefully and keenly to develop multiple options and opportunities, and be
successful in every important area of your life, rather than feeling stuck in your life or
What is the Matrix?
Dr. Morguelan uses this term from the movie called The Matrix to point at the retained,
habitual, ritualistic, given ways we have learned to operate. The matrix has us do
certain things in our lives that have gotten in the way of seeing and acting in ways that
are good for us The term is not to discredit the past but to say that elements of our past
behaviors have put us in spots in life that we dont want to be in again. Small amounts
of The Energy neutralize the matrix. The matrix is not going away. However, we will be
able to deal with the matrix more successfully with even small amounts of The Energy.
When you are in the Energy, life is more effortless, even when it isnt easy.
Accessing and Using The Energy?
Dr. Morguelan gives the Energy over a wide spectrum, touching multiple aspects of
what you need to be successful with the Energy. This is distinct from the traditional way
of focusing on only one aspect for many years before moving to another.
Dr. Morguelans approach lets you bring all of the aspects together at your level of
facility with the Energy to use for results in your life immediately. That is why we call it
Energy for a Successful Life. It has also been called, The Emperors Energy and A New
Life Energy. Through Individual Energy Treatment Sessions in Austin & Los Angeles, the
Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series, Monthly Stay Connection Calls, Successful
Life Group Facilitation Calls, as well as Daily Energy Practices and Support Structures, Dr.
Morguelan gives you as much energy as you can take across a broad spectrum of key
Slippery Fish:
In the beginning, staying connected to the Energy is like holding on to a slippery fish. If
you are not awake and aware around holding on to the slippery fish, it gets out of your

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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
hands. The Daily Energy Practices will support you in developing yourself to successfully
hold on to the slippery fish and remain connected to the Energy.
Entitlement vs Privilege:
The Energy is available to everyone, however, having access to this Energy has been
considered for 5,000 years to be a great gift, a gift that cant be earned or deserved or
repaid or, for that matter, it cant even be found. It finds you.
In our society there are entitlements. By contrast there are none with The Energy, nor
are there entitlements in any aspect of your relationship with the Energy i.e. no one is
entitled to receive the Energy or entitled to a certain way they receive the Energy. The
physics of the Energy, or the way it works are such that it is a gift, i.e. given as a gift and
received as a gift.
Staying Connected to The Energy:
Developing a relationship with the Energy is like any and every relationship, it requires
something from you. It requires reaching for it. It requires nurturing, acknowledging, and
engaging in the relationship. It requires appreciation and not taking it for granted. It
requires being present in the relationship, recognizing and being grateful for what you
have access to, as well as seeing the value of the relationship and clearly expressing
reverence for receiving that value.
The Energy May Test You:
Consider this ancient Chinese saying: "the way out (of the matrix) may involve going
back through the door you came in through. This is also known as: the Energy may test
you. This means that as the Energy flows into you, you might be presented with options
you thought you already dealt with and which are now reappearing.
You may have made decisions that were wrong for you in the past and yet never
learned the lessons. The physics of the Energy dictate that when you learn that lesson
the situation stops presenting itself. If you make the right choices now, it will be over. If
not, you will get more chances to choose in your best interest. Dont worry.

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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
Introduction to the Energy Video 26 min

Click Here: Watch and listen as Dr. Morgulean shares, in his own words, the history of
how he was inspired to go on a world-wide search for alternative forms of healing that
could complement western medicine.

14 min Breathing Exercise

When youre doing breathing exercises, turn your phone off.
You also want to make sure that no ones going to bother
you for a while. Then, you just make it quiet and make it dark.

Now, some people say, Well, can I do breathing exercises and meditation?
Ive treated lot of meditation teachers, very, very famous meditation teachers.
Everybody says, just like in every religion that Ive ever treated, they all say that
this augments their faith. This augments their practice. This allows them to
meditate in a different way or in a more specific way for their own practice.
There is no conflict with energy with anything else. The energy is going to
augment whatever aspect, whatever direction you want to go. Well dim the
lights right now and well do a breathing exercise.
You can do it in your car. I do it outside surgery sometimes if its quiet and theres a lot
of noise going on. If theres noise, fine. Ill just find some place where I can go in a
different direction and Ill say, Leave me alone for a while and come back in 10
minutes or 15 minutes.

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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
Monthly Stay Connected to the Energy Call Recording (40 min)
The Monthly Call is a potent and rich opportunity for anyone who has ever
been treated or attended the Lecture or DVD Series. People call in from all
over the world once a month to discuss how they are successfully incorporating the
Energy into their work, relationships, and everywhere else. There is an
extremely informative discussion and unique topic which Dr. B leads.
People have described this call as a huge Energy lift that holds them
in good stead for a long time afterwards. There is a charge for these calls.

Physical Energy Exercise: This Energy is not passive it is active. That means action
activates the Energy. Even a small step outward toward your goal will activate enough
Energy to open up a matrix barrier in front of you. When you enroll in the Energy for a
Successful Life Lecture Series, Physical Energy Exercises are one of the four core
methods Dr. Morguelan makes available, to you to remain connected to the Energy.
Every time you perform one of the four practices you receive more
Energy, so you are free to repeat any of the four practices
throughout the day if you want more Energy. Doing the Energy
exercises Dr. Morguelan gives you, like the one below.

Stand next to a chair that you can hold onto if you need to. Then extend your left arm
out in front of you while lifting your extended left leg behind you.
Balance on your right leg and foot. Do this exercise for thirty seconds, increasing to one
minute. Then switch to extending your right arm in front of you and right leg behind you,
while balancing on your left leg and foot. Do this exercise for thirty seconds, increasing
to one minute. Then go take on an activity that requires some intricacy or detail.

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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life

History (transcript of the Introduction recording)

Dr. Barry Morguelan is a double board certified Gastroeterologist and Internal Medicine
doctor trained at UCLA and now practicing in Los Angeles.
Throughout his time as a Western doctor, he has been profoundly interested in cutting
edge techniques that would more efficiently treat, heal and prevent disease. Through
The Morguelan Energy Institute, Dr. Morguelan, affectionately known as Dr. B, has
supported world leaders, entrepreneurs, health-care professionals, scientists, politicians,
teachers, moms, dads and many more, achieve their goals in every area of life
including health, emotions, career, finances, romantic relationships, family and much
You will be inspired as you read about how his search took him to China where he was
introduced to a select group of people who resolved multiple illnesses without drugs or
surgery, and how he was invited by this elite group to undergo rigorous training in an
over five-thousand year-old system of Energy treatments referred to as the Grow
Younger treatments.
Dr. Morguelan now delivers these Energy Treatments through individual treatment
sessions and the Energy For a Successful Life Lecture Series. He is still an actively
practicing medical doctor in Los Angeles.
Dr. Morgulean Shares His Story:
I am really happy that you are reading this because I wanted to start my introduction to
this Energy for a Successful program by sharing something very unique, something that
isnt part of our average everyday action, however, it could be.
Its part of the actions that come in the background of our lives. Then, we get busy
leading our life and, in the background, there's these thoughts about certain things and
we wonder if were ever going to get to focus on them.
Sometimes, we decide that these things cant be as important as what I'm doing
now, however, they hang on us. They still sustain as being something were interested
With this Energy, you start to get this interest and increased ability to maybe focus on
that thing that every once in a while talks to you and says, You know, you might want
to do this. This might be appropriate for you. This might be something interesting for you
in addition to what you're doing now.

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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
This is what happened to me over 25 years ago. I was walking down the aisles of the
hospital at UCLA. I'm an internist and a gastroenterologist, and I have two medical
offices in Los Angeles. I was fascinated by the new technology in those days and still
am because its so wonderful what it does for patients.
However, as I was walking down the aisle in the hospital at UCLA, I was really happy
that the patients were getting better. You have to understand the hospital is not
necessarily a place thats like Disneyland. Its a lot of people complaining and a lot of
people with needs and worries and concerns and theres not a lot of happy people in
hospitals. Some people get a little bit better. Some people get a lot better. Some
people have to go there in long term care.
I was looking in on all the people there and, although my patients were doing well and I
was discharging them, I was wondering just in the back of my mind like those thoughts I
was telling you about.
I thought:
What would it be like if people didnt have to go through this whole thing? What if they
didnt have to go to the hospital? What if they didnt have to go through these
What if you can actually stay vital your whole life and actually ward off illnesses and
actually become so that you are more able and stronger every day and more capable
so that hospital wasnt part of what everybody has to deal with or illnesses and actually
being stronger and being healthier, being more able would be what you would be
dealing with and taking on more and more of your life?
When I went to the hospital, I would always have to say things like, you may have to
take a break because you have to heal here.
In the back of my mind I was thinking. What if you didnt have to go through that
whole healing period? What if you're always healing in advance? What if you're
already preparing like an Olympic star always preparing for life like you're in the life
Olympics and you're always getting stronger and more able to perform in all the things
that you're doing?
This just kept crossing my mind and it wouldnt leave me alone. I just kept thinking about
it. It was that day in the hospital that was one of those moments and I recognized it and
I said, This is really where I want to devote my life. It was in that moment that I realized
that there is some chance for humanity to actually go in a different direction, the
direction of getting stronger all the time rather than down and have to work your way
back up.

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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
I didnt tell anybody about it. No. Nobody, just myself. Who was there to tell? All the
Western doctors were totally uninterested. Theyre all fine with todays surgery schedule
and who gets cut and sewn and who gets drugged because they're all worried about
all the different protocols in the hospital as they should be at that stage of medical
There's a machinery of life that takes on its own life and becomes this situation you just
show up in and there's a certain number of hours you spend in it and then you come
back and do your own time. That can be your job. That can be your family. It can be
For me, I decided that in addition to showing up every day and being perfect for the
patients and taking care of everybody with Western medicine, I was still going to go on
this quest and look for places that might have something that would be an adjunct to
medicine, something that would allow me to really help people in advance of ever
getting sick.
I looked all up and down California. There was some things that were interesting then
but you have to remember, this was 25 years ago. It was a period where people hadnt
created anything that is integrative or alternative as has progressed since then as far as
medicine goes.
Then, I went looking through the Southwest. It was this wonderful quest. There was all this
great stuff, however, you can't bring peace pipes or big sweat lodges back to UCLA.
Its just not going to happen.
Then I went to Central America on treks throughout the jungle. In each place, it was
really fascinating but you have to understand I was just driven by that idea. There was
no confirmation out here. There was nobody saying, Yeah. The thing you're looking for
really exists. We think we have that.
I always had to feather the conversation in with either doctors or I would go to these
small communities in Central America with their local doctor, their barefoot doctor or
their shaman and see what they were doing. There was a lot of things that were out
there that were great, however, they were not things which you could bring back or
things that you would stop using penicillin for.
There was some places in Central America where they burned all these herbs in a big
pile and everybody would breathe them. Again, we can't have bonfires inside buildings
like this because there's smoke detectors. We couldnt use all those herbs and burn
them in peoples rooms nor was there any proof that that would take over and change
anybodys lifestyle either from an illness or actually allow people to be more able,

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Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
stronger and taking on more and being more able to live a successful life as I had
Remember, that was my real goal.
Central America was fascinating. South America was wonderful. Everybody should go
there to see some of the natural wonders that are there. Some of the crystal caves and
some of the crystals that you can find there are so huge. Yes, there is a feeling that you
could sustain. Yes, you could take back some of these heavy crystals with you and put
them in your room.
However, the total direct effect on getting what I wanted to accomplish really wasnt
there. It wasnt like I could make sure that you're going to get this particular result just by
having this huge crystal in your room. Its beautiful and it definitely has a wonderful
effect in terms of enjoyment and coalesces some things in the environment but I had to
keep going.
This is a number of years I kept searching. Then, finally, I decided I had to go to Europe.
In Europe, everybody here I'm sure has been to Europe by now. If you haven't been,
then you must go. In each one of the major countries there that I went to, there was
something fascinating about outside of Western medicine, something that they had
that would offer that would make you really interested in trying to apply that to our
A couple of things like England had its specific things. In Italy, of course, their biggest
contribution which no one listened to for years and now finally people are starting to
listen to it is that they have lifestyle. They really decided that you have to live this kind of
lifestyle if youre Italian.
They proved finally that it is right that if you have this more relaxed lifestyle all the time, if
you somehow were able to go through life with actually less stress with or without the
wine, you do better in life if you had all these different times during the day where you
are balanced.
Then, in France they had aroma therapy. I would talk to the doctors and we worked on
endoscopy and surgery and afterwards we would always discuss, Okay, what else is
really available for people? What can we do to get people back on track or even stay
on track so they dont get off-track ever?
In France, they said, Well, we have cheeses. They had all these different kinds of
cheese that they thought were medicinal or used for certain things. If youve ever been
there, you know that you can have cheese with anything in France, even cheese with
chocolate which is unusual but you can have that. The cheeses were fantastic. Then, of

10 | P a g e M E I w w w . e n e r g y f o r s u c c e s s . o r g

Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
course, they had a bad run in the United States when we were against all fat.
Remember that?
Then, we come back now that some fats are okay and really those cheeses may have
been okay for you or certain ones and the French people just continued having a
better lifestyle with their cheeses and still living as long we were. There's your proof.
However, it didnt prove anything that I really wanted to find. Here Ive gone a number
of years. You would think I would be saying to myself, Oh, you just had an idea and
thats you and so really, who are you to keep looking for this?
I never had that voice. Actually, what happened is as I went along, my thoughts were
always like, Well, these people are well-meaning and theyre trying. Its just they
haven't developed what I'm looking for yet.
I always said to myself that I haven't looked everywhere. You know when you say, Ive
done everything I can for this project. Ive looked everywhere, then your boss or some
other person goes, Everywhere? Youll go, Okay. Okay. I haven't gone everywhere.
Okay. Have you done everything? No. Everything? No. I haven't done
everything. I never ever lost that verve that still its a possibility that there was a chance
that this existed.
I finally said, Well, Im going to go to China. This caused a little bit of kerfuffle with
people in the medical community and with the people at Los Angeles Airport because I
kept going back and forth to China. I wanted to see what was going on there in terms
of their medical system. They, at that time, were just recovering from Mao Tse-Tung.
Mao was a person who came in and really revolutionized the whole country of China
which if you can imagine, its a huge thing, huge.
The way he did it was there was with some harsh rules that came down. One of them
was that they had to get rid of certain types of books in libraries and the whole system
had changed on a lot of things.
When I was over there studying and teaching endoscopy, Western medicine, it was
really interesting and the doctors were very grateful for that and the way they say
thank you is they say is there anything I can do for you, and I said, yes. I knew from
some of the books I had seen that there was what they called traditional medicine
and I said I wanted to know more about that.
The doctors said, What weve got left is this traditional hospital that is nearby. If you
want, you can go over there and see it but its just a small and not as important type of
medical care that were focusing on here in the PRC. Peoples Republic of China, it
was called.

11 | P a g e M E I w w w . e n e r g y f o r s u c c e s s . o r g

Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
I was interested so they introduced me to the other hospital and I went there with my
free time, I would go over and learn all these wonderful things that they had to offer
which was wonderful things about acupuncture which we werent doing in the United
States at that time, wonderful things about herbology.
Just like in UCLA we would walk down the aisles of the hospital seeing the patients and
then we would go down to the pharmacy. However, this pharmacy was not like the
UCLA Hospital pharmacy.
This pharmacy looked like a scene out of a Harry Potter movie with all these tall chests
with little drawers with things inside those drawers that were not what we would say, up
to FDA standards as far as cleanliness.
Sometimes you would look inside and thered be moss that came from the north side of
a specific mountain, or swallows saliva thats been scraped from the nest. Its dried
and they said, were going to boil it and its going to do this, this and this. You can
read about this in Chinese books on herbology. It does have an effect. It has an effect.
Whether its the effect you want or whether its studied or not but it will have an effect if
you take some of these things.
Then, in other drawers there were certain kinds of insects that were ground up and all
these things we boiled in the morning. It smelled terrible. That was when I realized why
they had huge windows that were always open.
Since that time, its really amazing I have such an ability to drink extremely bad tasting
things ever since I worked there. Now when people hand me something and ask me,
What does this taste like?, and I say, Its not that bad. They go, It tastes terrible.
What are you talking
While I was in China, I noticed that they are very sensitive to your face because
remember my Mandarin Chinese wasnt that great at that time. It was something I was
working on. We used English and translators. However, they knew, by looking at my
face, that there was something more I was looking for and since they wanted to thank
me for helping them, they asked me what they could do for me.
I said I was looking in the library and reading about these old, old, old doctors who
could treat people at a distance without touching them. I really wanted to find out
about those things.
I got some of these ideas when I saw that movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
where they had people running up the side of walls, walking on the tips of bamboo
trees, and flying through the air. I wondered, whats that about. Is that real? Does that
actually happen?

12 | P a g e M E I w w w . e n e r g y f o r s u c c e s s . o r g

Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
Anybody whos ever done research knows its a very strict model in the world whats
called research. You have to absolutely follow specific rules about making something
happen a certain way and it has to be able to be proven. Then, other people in the
university have to be able to prove it. Then, other universities have to be able to prove
Then, somebody else in another part of the world has to be able to prove it. Then,
finally, it will get published. Thats research and thats how things are really well done.
When I said, What about these guys? Has anything been researched on this, they said,
No, however, It doesnt matter. Theyre not here anymore. Theyre gone. Theyre gone
since Mao changed everything.
Mao came and he threw them all out. Theyre up in the jungles or in the high mountains
and in the monasteries and you just cant see them plus its just a very, very strict kind of
training program. Its much worse than the training programs that youre familiar with.
There was training programs in Shanghai and other places if you wanted to learn
certain types of kung fu or different types of tai chi, very, very exciting to do those things
in early on but I wanted to know about this healing thing.
They said, after a year or two of my complaining back and forth when I came back
from the United States, they said, Okay, well take you.
One guy took me way outside the city and then another guy handed me off to another
person who handed me off to another person. Finally, Im riding up on this small
motorcycle behind somebody riding on the back. Then, finally I reach this clearing near
this area in one of the mountains in China. Thats where they were doing the thing that I
had always, always in the back of my mind been looking for. It took years to actually
finally see it.
When I saw it the first time, of course it was almost like it was a moment of is this real. I
was pinching myself and just getting closer and then wondering is this really real? I
asked, Can I take a picture? They said, Okay, okay. You can.
You have to recognize when I was there, it was the same situation as always in China.
Im this person up here with a baseball hat on. Then, all the Chinese people are out
here wearing these government issues suits. Wherever I was, even in this camp, I stood
out. It wasnt like I was going to hide.
They really didnt let the photographs come too much but they actually let me take a
lot of notes. I took a lot of notes and, I got to come back another couple of times and
watch until, to make a long story short, they finally said that they would train me.

13 | P a g e M E I w w w . e n e r g y f o r s u c c e s s . o r g

Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
I exceled very quickly because this has been something Ive been looking for my whole
life. I didnt know that it was even going to exist so its like, How much time do I have to
learn this? Every single moment that I was there, I was like this big sponge. I would suck
up all the information.
I advanced so quickly that there was a time towards one of my trips there when I was
asked to see the grandmaster. This wasnt something that happens all the time
because he was so important. Im just this person whos trying to understand this whole
discipline and Im so grateful that I can actually participate with it and use it.
Its a 5,000-year-old discipline, and hes the repository of this Energy thats been passed
down century after century after century from one grandmaster to the next. You see
the difference and Im wondering what am I going to say talking to him. What kind of
conversation am I going to have?
When I got there, he was sitting at the far end with a cup of tea but he wasnt drinking it.
I sat down to the perfunctory bells and all the important things. Then, he looked to me
and says, You know why we decided to bring you here and teach you?
That was his first statement. That was hello. Immediately, I was clear from Western
medicine that I should demonstrate something that would show that I mirrored and hes
teaching me and maybe I should knock something off the wall with the Energy or I
should do some act that Id learned, some gymnastic thing that Id learned using the
I had a lot of ideas but this all happened like flashing through my head in a moment. Its
a foreign place. Its a foreign room. Youre not necessarily comfortable. You got to
come up with the right answer because you experience this Zen moment that youre
either going to come up with a right answer. I was thinking that this probably was my
one chance to be this close to a person of this importance. What am I going to say?
At that moment, I realized I was too much in my brain as far as ideas. All of them
seemed worthy and then I just dropped down into my heart, and in my heart, there was
only one answer I really dont know. I really don't know why he decided to allow me to
be trained. So after what seemed to be a long-long pause, I said, I don't know. Im
He said, Correct answer. And I went, Ahhhhh. Then, he says, Im going to tell you,
and then he actually started telling me about my own life!
While he was talking to me, I noticed that I got hotter and hotter and hotter and I kept
taking off my different layers of garments because Im just sweating so much until

14 | P a g e M E I w w w . e n e r g y f o r s u c c e s s . o r g

Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
finally, I was down to just a t-shirt and I was still sweating as hes telling me about my life.
It was almost like a Lotus blossom and the blossom kept opening up, opening up as he
was talking to me about my life.
One of the things he said to me was, In your childhood, when you were about five
years old, why did you stop healing people with magic?
Id never shared that with anybody. It was something I just submerged a long time ago
and then I went on this other Western doctor path because I thought that will be a
great thing to do. You see what Im saying.
That was probably what was in the back of my brain at one time when I was walking in
the hospital that stimulated my, Why dont you look for this? Why dont you look for
this? It was coming back. That is what I was saying earlier. In your own life, you may
have ideas that tickle you and maybe you want to listen to them a little bit after this
Energy transmission today and you might start to relive certain parts of your own life as
you move forward.
He said, Youve done well. You can now go back and treat people anywhere but you
just make sure that they make good use of the Energy. I went back and treated all
kinds of people.
In the beginning, I would just tell people who were ill and not getting well fast enough
with Western medicine. I would ask them, Would you like to try something different?
And then I would just turn out the lights and use the Energy transmission of the vibration
and time after time after time, everybody got better from all kinds of things.
Eventually I decided to broaden this out and see who else I could treat and what kind
of people it would work on. I mean I was going to be scientific about it. I made a
journal. I said Im going to treat all ethnicities, every single type of person I can find
wherever they come from, every religion. It worked on everybody.
Everybody got a benefit.
Athletes loved it. Theyre the ones who said to me, Doc, we know what this is. Youre
putting us into the zone. Were getting in the zone and we get to stay there. It worked
in basketball games and golf and tennis. Everybodys sports acumen really improved.
In business, people used it to become more creative and sharp. I treated people who
wanted to become writers. They were able to get to write for Hollywood and then they
became very successful in that. Other people wrote plays. People have written music
and become very successful with that.

15 | P a g e M E I w w w . e n e r g y f o r s u c c e s s . o r g

Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
This Energy has so many capacities and so many roads that it could go down for
people because this Energy vibration is like a spectrum. Its not just one vibration. There
are so many different levels inside the whole spectrum.
When you see white light and then you break it with a crystal or with a prism, you can
see all the colors and, if you go in the internet, you can see how many colors that
actually exist in the world. It will show you that there are a lot more than youre really
aware of.
Then theres sound vibrations and theres life vibrations. Then, theres vibrations you
cant hear. Theres a graph of all that if you ever want to check that out.
The fact is theres a lot of things happening all the time and, when it comes down to
understanding what this Energy is, the best way to understand it, for me, is that it is this
vibration that actually has this huge effect of taking you and putting you up to a level
where youre actually at your best self and youre actually returned to that place
where you would love to feel more often.
In the old days in China, this Energy was called Get Younger Treatment because people
always felt like they got younger. Another name for it besides the Emperors Treatment
which is where this Energy was really strictly kept for in the ancient days, it was also
called New Life Energy because people would say, I feel like I have a new life. This
thing was bothering their leg and their shoulder and their tuberculosis, whatever, its
They would say things like - I think I want to take on something new, or lets go have a
relationship! Lets go create a business. Lets travel. Lets play a sport. Lets get in shape.
All those things got impacted with this Energy.
So I really welcome you as we transmit the Energy today, as we allow you to keep
getting all the different vibrations that are associated with today and all the course
material thats going to come afterwards is going to get more and more strong each
Youre going to start to notice that you have certain things happening and go ahead
and enjoy those and enjoy the exercises that will augment this vibrational Energy in your
body and in your life.
You can talk to other people when youre on the group calls. You can hear about all
the different people because everyones at a different stage of using the Energy. Thats
okay because life is this long evolving process. Some people feel like life is evolving
process that goes on and on and on and on and on for a long time more than we

16 | P a g e M E I w w w . e n e r g y f o r s u c c e s s . o r g

Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life

You dont get to say which way the wind is coming from, but you do get to adjust your
sails and keep going. The power of The Energy allows you to stay in there, keep
adjusting and succeed. Dr. Barry Morguelan, M.D.
This World-Class Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series provides you with support
structures that give you direct access to a five-thousand year-old Chinese Energy
System that profoundly supports you in achieving in EVERY area of your life.
This Energy Source can:

Provide you with a greater sense of peace, happiness and well-being.

Give you an experience of effortlessness in the process of working towards
fulfilling on your goals in every important area of your life.
Increase your ability to succeed in every important area of your life: health,
family, romantic relationship, career, business, or finances.

The Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series sessions are delivered by Dr. Morguelan in
person in Austin Texas or by streaming DVD in the comfort of your own home.
During each session Dr. Morguelan will connect you to a sacred, ancient and core
Energy that is from a 5,000-year-old Chinese Energy system considered to be an
essential source for many practices that have developed over the years. This Energy will
become available to you for your use in developing yourself to have a more success.
Each Lecture Series Includes Three lectures on exciting topics that provide you with
information and a vibration of Energy that is new, powerful and relevant to your life
and succeeding towards your individual goals.

Trained Facilitators who will support you to reach your goals.

Daily Group Facilitation Calls.
Simple support structures that make connecting with and holding onto The
Energy completely possible.
Practices like Energy journaling, Energy exercises, Goal Setting in The Energy, and
taking actions on your Energy goals.

17 | P a g e M E I w w w . e n e r g y f o r s u c c e s s . o r g

Energy For A Successful Life

Achieving in Every Area of Your Life
Although Dr. Morguelan is a Western medical doctor, the Stay Connected to The
Energy Lecture Series material, Breathing Exercises, and daily practices like Energy
Journaling, Physical Energy Exercises, Goal Setting in The Energy, and taking actions on
your Energy goals to reinvest your Energy gains, are from this sacred Chinese system.
This Series is not psychotherapy nor is it any type of Western medical program. You are
advised to consult the health care professional of your choice regarding all matters
concerning your health.
If you do choose to apply to receive The Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series it will
give your life a new kind of meaning. You will experience a huge expansion in your
ability to experience achievement in EVERY area of your life, as well as connect with
and love yourself and other people.
Included are extremely talented and committed facilitators to personally work with you
every single week...for you individually!!!!!
Plus, to get the full benefit of the Energy transmission and to accomplish your goals for
the entire period of your course Dr. Morguelan has created easy access to fabulous
one hour group calls available to you EVERY DAY where people from all over the world
share their miracles using this extremely powerful Energy to accomplish previously only
imagined victories in business health relationships Arts and Sciences And sports!

Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series

Option 1: Ascension Into The Energy for a full three months
$900 or 3 payments of $300 Click Here
Option 2: Twelve Month Intensive Energy Jedi Training Course
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"We love Dr. B. His mind and heart are connected and he is truly a gift. He has done the
work with us and we so appreciate it. It is like nothing we have ever experienced, and
we hope you check him out and take advantage of the unique opportunity that he is
offering here." - Sage and Tony Robbins

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