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Vision Statement
Prepared for:

The College Republican Federation of Virginia

Prepared by:

Restore CRFV (Brian Landrum, Rebecca Adkins, Jonah Athey, James Anderson, Tyler Williams)

January 20, 2015

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CRFV decision-making has been concentrated in the hands of a select few schools for far too long.
The federation is comprised of many unique schools, each with their own idea of what the CRFV should be.
Our objective is a representative federation that coordinates with and unites ALL member chapters.

A CRFV headed by the Restore CRFV leadership will not rest until all schools in the commonwealth are
represented and united in the federation. In addition to the chapter boxes provided by the National Committee,
we will provide CRFV-specific materials and budgetary assistance to new and existing chapters, and growing
clubs will be paired with established chapters in a club mentorship program.

Our CRFV will dedicate itself to ensuring the ongoing success of existing clubs. Bi-weekly calls will be held with
chapter leaders, to ensure not only that clubs are getting the support that they need, but also to build friendship
and camaraderie between state leadership and our member schools. The CRFV board will help recruit and
connect with students at each school in our federation.

Transparent Operation
We will publish monthly budget reports including detailed accounting of all income and expenditures. Minutes of
all CRFV board meetings will be published on the official website. A monthly conference call and Q&A session will
be held with the leadership of the various chapters, that all CRs will have the opportunity to join.

Revamped Web Presence

We plan to build a new website from the ground up, integrated with social media, that is easily updated and
maintained by future leadership. It will have easily accessible information: how to contact us, internship and job
opportunities, links to our chapters pages, and a schedule of upcoming events and political activities.

Eective Leadership
Under the CRFVs recent leadership, a record number of schools have failed to recharter. This includes
Bridgewater College, Christendom College, Radford University, Regent University, Southside Virginia Community
College, Southwest Virginia Community College, Shenandoah University, and Norfolk State University chapters.
This must never happen again. Under the leadership of Restore CRFV, no chapter will be left behind.

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Brian Landrum (University of Richmond): Chairman
Brian is a law student at the University of Richmond, where he rebuilt the UofR CR
chapter, and currently serves as its Events Chair. Previously, Brian restored the VCU
CR chapter, and served as its chairman. A dedicated and passionate volunteer for the
Republican cause, Brian has committed his time to many campaigns, including Eric
Cantor, Mitt Romney, Ken Cuccinelli, Ed Gillespie, and Barbara Comstock.
Rebecca Adkins (Germanna College): First Vice Chairwoman
Rebecca is a International Relations and Intelligence Analysis major at Germanna
College. Formerly the Recruitment Chair for the Fredericksburg Young Republicans,
Rebecca founded the Germanna College Republicans with fellow Fredericksburg
Victory intern Tyler Williams. Rebecca believes strongly in Community College
participation within the CRFV, and will use her recruiting skills to make it happen.
Jonah Athey (Liberty University): Second Vice Chairman
Jonah is a Strategic Media Communications major at Liberty University, where he
serves as 2nd Vice Chairman of the College Republicans. In addition to working with
the CRs, Jonah worked hard to bring Young Americans for Freedom to campus.
Jonah has campaigned hard for the Republican Cause, and worked for the Ken
Cuccinelli for Governor campaign.
James Anderson (George Mason University): Secretary
James is an Economics major at George Mason University, and a founding member of
the GMU College Republicans. Currently, James serves as Secretary with the GMU
CRs. Before attending college, James founded the Warren County Teen Republicans.
James has volunteered for many Republican candidates, including Mark Obenshain,
Bob McDonnell, George Allen, Mitt Romney, Ken Cuccinelli, and Ed Gillespie.


Tyler Williams (Germanna College): Treasurer

Tyler is a Political Science major at Germanna College. Together with Rebecca
Adkins, Tyler founded the Germanna College Republicans, and serves as Vice
Chairman. Previously, Tyler interned with Fredericksburg Victory, volunteering 20
hours a week, and knocking over 1,400 doors for Ken Cuccinelli in the final 8 days of
the campaign.

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Our vision is of a College Republican Federation of Virginia that is not only an able partner to the RPVs electoral
efforts, but also an excellent social environment for its students. We will work tirelessly towards that goal, by
building a CRFV that represents every school throughout the Commonwealth, both large and small. Chapters will
be encouraged to coordinate with those neighboring them, both in hosting events, and helping each other grow.
No longer will chapters feel isolated, abandoned by leaders that they have never met, or out of the loop with what
goes on behind closed doors. Our leadership will not only be heard, but it will listen, and will build a CRFV that not
only fits this vision, but yours as well.

Appointed Positions:
Communications Director
The Communications Director will manage the club Facebook and Twitter pages, and publish weekly reports on
chapter activities and events, internship opportunities, and campaign activities.
Events Director
The Events Director will design and promote CRFV events, and work with the CRFV treasurer to allocate funds
to approved events. Additionally, the Events Director will work on chapter partnership for regional socials.
The Parliamentarian will be well-versed in Roberts Rules of Order, and will ensure that meetings do not deviate
from procedure. Additionally, the Parliamentarian will be responsible for directing pre-convention debates
between election candidates.
Representative to the State Legislature
The Representative to the State Legislature will coordinate CRFV activities with members of the Virginia Senate
and House of Delegates, to ensure that the CRFV is an able partner to Republican candidates running for
election or re-election to state office.
The Club Historian will maintain official club records, and a history of the Federation, including elections past
and present, the chartering of chapters each year, and brief biographies of board members. This information
will be published on an official Wiki, for which the Historian shall serve as editor.
Congressional District Representatives (11)
The Congressional District Representatives shall be the official liaisons between the CRFV and the various
District Republican Committees. These representatives shall act as voting members of the committees, and
relay information to and from the CRFV.

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