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People v.

Damaso, 212 SCRA 457, PC officers sent to verify the presence of CPP/NPA
members in Dagupan City, reached a house suspected to be rented by a rebel. Outside
the house, they saw one Luz Tanciangco (who turned out to be a helper of the accused).
The PC officers told Luz that they already knew that she was a member of the NPA,
and requested that they be allowed to look around. Luz consented. Inside the house,
the team found subversive materials and firearms, which Luz identified as belonging to
the accused. The Court held that the constitutional right against unreasonable searches
and seizures, being a personal one, cannot be waived by anyone except the person
whose t rights are invaded, or one who is authorized to do so in his behalf. Here, there
was no evidence that Luz was authorized to open the house of the accused in his
absence. Accordingly, the search, as well as the seizure, was declared illegal.